Bleach 379 breakdown + Bleach 380 spoilers

Hello peoples of WRA!
This is Scorpion Legacy filling in as the bleach breakdown writer this week. This chapter of bleach was filled with some interesting developments about Ichigo and his new mask.

SON OF A MOTHER F*#%ING B#*CH!  Why do they have to make the mouth hole so sharp!  I need to have orihime heal my tongue.

SON OF A MOTHER F*#%ING B#*CH! Why do they have to make the mouth hole so sharp! I need to have orihime heal my tongue.

Well, I have to say that the Halloween color page in this chapter of bleach looked super mega balls to the wall awesome and I just had to put it as the main page and side bar link.  Last time on Dragon ball Bleach we left off with Ichigo seemingly forcing Yammy to the ground with one swift blow, but as in typical bleach fashion it will not stay that way for long. But before the awesome comeback of Yammy aka Mr. Steroids, Rukia and Ichigo finally realize that Ichigo’s mask has different markings.

Ichigo likes to stay in fasion and change his mask unlike some more crappy super heros *Ahem, Batman* .

Ichigo likes to stay in fasion and change his mask unlike some more crappy super heros *Ahem, Batman* .

So we learn that Ichigo feels that his mask was heavier than before.  A long time ago ichigo’s hollow side said that if Ichigo was to fall that he would take over and Ichigo would no longer be “king” of his own world.  I wonder if Ichigo’s power has been cut down now that he has lost that fight and almost died.   I want to know what the people think about Ichigo’s new mask.

SURPRISE! It's Mother F*mce_markeramp;ing JAWS on steroids that is about to eat Ichigo like a candy bar.  If only Ichigo had a gun and a scuba tank on him he could end this fight.

SURPRISE! It's Mother F*&#ing JAWS on steroids and is about to eat Ichigo like a candy bar. If only Ichigo had a gun and a scuba tank on him he could end this fight.

Yammy is back and he is hungry for more…literally, he attempts to eat Ichigo. So Ichigo has lost a shit load of power after his last fight or Yammy really is espada zero.

Rock it's what's for breakfast.

Rock it's what's for breakfast.

Even though most of the Ichigo vs Yammy was just Ichgio getting his ass kicked there was one part of the Ichigo vs Yammy fight that I wanted to point out. When Ichigo was getting knoked back by Yammy it looked as if hollow Ichigo was in control from the look of his one eye.

There is something evil in your eyes.

There is something evil in your eyes.

After all of that Ichigo attempts to go Hollow form but it ends in total fail. Now the only reason I could find for Ichigo’s fail would be that his hollow form now controls all the power and Ichigo is no longer “king” of his own power. Now what I want to know is why was that horned hollow form so different from the hollow form that seemed to have high intelligence…I want the Ichigo with a split personality back, not some mindless evil power devil lmao.

So the mask failed...I wonder if Ichigo's mask will change again?  Let's hope the next mask is green and the next arc is a musical like this....

So the mask failed...I wonder if Ichigo's mask will change again? Let's hope the next mask is green and the next arc is a musical like this....

Last but not least we have the OG captains bust onto the battlefield and beat the crap out of Yammy then strike a gangsta pose.

Will Yammy get heart burn? Will Ichigo get a new mask in time for halloween? Find out next time on dragon ball bleach!

Will Yammy get heart burn? Will Ichigo get a new mask in time for halloween? Find out next time on dragon ball bleach!

Until next time,
Scorpion Legacy


~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on October 26, 2009.

35 Responses to “Bleach 379 breakdown + Bleach 380 spoilers”

  1. First …

  2. SECOND!!! XD

  3. I was hoping this would happen. Everybody knew that both Byakuya & Kenpachi weren’t given a high enough Espada to fight, seeing as how they’re the baddest caps around, besides Shunsui, Ukitake, & Yamamoto … so Tite just let them both fight the 0.

  4. hah mines better you suck =P

    nah im joking great breakdown Scorpian, better than mine ofc ^_^

  5. I went to go read it again and noticed on page 11 … what’s going on with Yammy’s legs ?

  6. LOL, Dragon Ball Bleach and The Mask! Great Breakdown Scrop and funny as usual! XD

    I don’t think Ichigo lost his power I believe it’s just that Yammy is living up to his # and position of the 0 Espada. Ichigo was having trouble with #4 until he turned full hollow so now that’s he’s back to normal it’d make sense if his attacks could only cut Yammy. His mask may be so new that he has to learn to control its usage and fight the inner hollow all over again. Now that’s a fight I would love to see.

    Kenpachi and Byakuya are true OGs and are going to mess Yammy up especially with Ichigo helping out. They already cut off his leg no problem. 😉

  7. Good work Scorp, it was funny and educational, but mostly FUNNY! Yaaaaay Funny! (yeah i stole that line from Fairly OddParents, so what >_>)

    I think the Hollow is stronger than Ichigo right now, but they’ll end up fighting again. I think Yammy is actually stronger than the other Espada, since he called all of them trash compared to him. But here’s the funny part, I think Yammy making fun of them is right. C’mon, they treated Yammy like crap (yeah I’m talking about you Grimmjow).

  8. once again thanks scorp for the breakdown. why is it that bleach is the only one without a break unless its like golden week or something?… anyways back to the breakdown before i jinx it….i hope ichigo lets us in his mind to see what happened with that fight with ulquorra. i see kenpachi saying something to ichigo like you can’t handles his big dummy or something…lol its only a matter of time b4 these two captains kick yammy…i wonder wheres yachiru? she’s probably with orihime and the others…i cant wait for captain unohana to fight…

  9. About ichigos mask, i really think it depends on the ‘form’ of his inner hollow, just as any other hollow, it may change form when it becomes stronger, (like menos, gillians…vasto lorde) im not saying it is going through this steps, but it changes when it grows, and that is reflected directly on ichigo’s mask, now, i think this is the first tim the mask changes scince he has control of it, so this being his first change, he has to still get used to his new hollow form, i really belive this new mask is stronger than the last, scince it was the one that defeated ulq without making any effort, compared to his last hollow transformation which battled the other vizards while he was learning how to control his powers, i really see some difference there.

    A confrontation between ichigo and his inner hollow “which i dont think it changed on form (it just shows on the outside)” i find it very unlikely, at least not to fight again for the “kings position” that’s of course if ichigo doesn’t go rampage again, like showing that violent all out attitude of his inner self.

  10. hey i hope im not mistaken but, didnt Hichigo say for ichigo to see him again befor he dies to gain control , cause if he did im pretty sure somthing bad is gonna happen

  11. totaly agree with Noom on ichigos mask he just has to adapt to it oh and great breakdown scorp awesomeness has always

  12. great breakdown!! YOSH!!! kenpachi is here!!! he rocks X_X muhahahahahaha

    he is gonna pwn yammy to dust muahahahahah

  13. oh noes BONO !!!!!!!

  14. Great breakdown!!! I like your theory on whats happening with Ichiigos mask. His inner hallow is probably gaining much more power especially after his recent fight with Ulqu…(watever his name is,#4! 🙂 Ichigo is probably just slightly more hallow now then he is shinigami. I think its safe to say that we are gonna see some inner battles between Ichigo and his hallow so he can regain is humanity. Ichigos gonna go through this whole ” I gotta stop him, he made me hurt my friends” bit and completely pwn his hallow!! Let me stop rambling and get back to class!!!!

  15. When i first read this manga, i don’t think that Ichigo’s “inner hollow” has anything to do with this scenario, but then again i suppose this is quite possible. ‘Reverse Ichigo’ [my name for strawberry’s inner hollow] did once make mention that the second he let down his guard…like dying against Ulquiorra…the ‘horse would knock him off’. Interesting theory guys.


    I figured that it was Yammy who did it. Kinda like Barragan, with his respira, i figured Yammy just had the ability to absorb people’s reiatsu. Think about it: First time he and Ulquiorra were introduced, what did he do? Suck everyone’s soul. What did he complain about? How gross it tasted. Then later in the story [after Orihime was “kidnapped”] he talked about ‘eating’ and taking a nap. See were i’m going with this?


    This could make sense as to how Renji, Chad, and Rukia didn’t last long against him. Kinda reminds me of Dragon Ball GT [terrible series i know, but you’ll see what i’m talking about in a second], when the dragons began exit thier respective dragon balls, the very first dragon that Goku and Pan fought was this stupid guy. Though winning at first, the good guys realzied that the longer they fought the ‘stronger’ the enemey became, when in reality he was sapping thier power.

    that’s what I think is happing. And i think that would be a fairly legitmate ability that can make him the ‘strongest’ espada…though i cringe at this since Starrk, Ulquiorra, and Grimmjaw were just f*ckin’ awesome, but that’s not were talking about today.

    fun breakdown scorp! props

  16. wow enrique that was very well thought out

  17. That is a great theory. It makes sense now that I think about it. If Ichigo was having problems controlling his inner hollow he wouldnt have been able to put on his mask at all, however, he put his mask on then attacked. He only had trouble forming the mask after he had encountered Yammi. WOW enrique! You swayed my opinion on whats going on!

  18. Hey!

    Great Post Scorp! I like the way you do breakdowns. Humor, like me! I wish I could do posts on here, but, sadly, WRA has too many writers at the moment. 😦

    But, anyways, the chapter was epic! It had all the stuff you want a Manga chapter to have. Also, I saw an earlier comment. It asked why Yamy had like 6 legs. And, I was wondering that myself. Just wonderin’

    Btw, you said you were subbing this week as the Bleach Manga Writer. So, who’s goin to be the author? Was it someone from WoM? I kinda forget things sometimes…

  19. Ichigo’s new mask is lame! a plain ol’ X design? COME ON! thats like sooo already used a billion other times… geez… His last mask markings were BAD ASS, now… they are totally NOT cool in any way. I was kinda disappointed, to tell the truth. He deserves to get his butt kicked by Yammy with a lame mask like that!

  20. Interesting theory enrique, if that’s the case, i guess he could control his power perfectly, because we didnt saw him use any technique to absorb that power

  21. @bb umm i actually think his mask might be forming into the one with horns like when he had the hole in his chest so it is gradually getting better and also its not an ”X” its two lines coming down the side of his face lol maybe a 2nd look at the pic might clarify it 4 u

    …chick chicky boom chick chicky boom \dance

  22. @Noom:i agree with that. i mean i recognize that my theory has a big hole in it too. on the page that Yammy gets ahold of Ichigo, he’s got this surprised look and says something along the lines: “Huh, i guess you can’t use that mask thing again”

    so it maybe that ichigo just can’t hack the new power just yet, or that whole reverse ichigo concept is taking over. i like to think it’s either the former or the idea that i came up with.

    but knowing kubo, it’s probably something that we just aren’t expecting.

  23. Well now that the mask has been covered let’s talk about how awesome Aizen is. *gets booed off the stage*

    What? He’s strong, fast, has a superior power, and intelligent. He’s cold, calculating, merciless, and mysterious! He’s the perfect antagonist! Plus, he looks badass whenever he strikes down an opponent without any trouble at all.

  24. i just had an idea i mean i thought . i absolutely love how kenpachi actually pwns all opponets by his “strange but freaking awesome ” style ” cut me if you can bastards!!!!!” lolz . and then Shlab’s them .
    i forgot his damn name . the captain who beat stark
    he v.s kenpachi . who wins O_O
    i wonder what kenpachi reaction would be . oh so im under “rules” awesome . ill just pwn you with my extra super special super saying 3 mode O_O
    sorry im going crazy but ken-chan pwns all X_X
    if kisuke doesnt show up soon he may as well become my fav

  25. Great break down….Kenpachi FT-WHOLEENTIRE-W!!! Cut Yammy’s leg off with out removing the eye patch. Yammy’s about to go down like a porno star (or Stark).

  26. bleach is out on this website

    no need to thank lol

    great how unahana is going back but i think that it would be better if inoue goes back instead or aswell because she can save hirori but then again i dont know about the division captains abilities and she bankia considering her zanpaktou’s belly in shikia form accelrates the healing process of the people instead the stomach so i wonder what the bankia form will be??

  27. blah worthless chapter if u ask me, does anyone else hate how the captains keep getting stronger i mean kenpachi beat that other guy but now there acting as if they can easily beat down this strongest espada i just really hope they get there azzs beated for some reason,.

  28. AWESOME !!! i loved ichigo’s face on the first panel ^_^

  29. @ahsan: Sorry dude but no F’in way could kenpachi beat kyouraku Shunsui. First of Kenny wouldn’t understand that he was trapped in Shunsui’s Shikai, and even if Shunsui told him, kenny would ignore his rules thinking they wouldn’t actually matter. To bad that they do for kenny. On top of that Kyouraku is actually the best swordsman of all the captains(yes its somewhere in the manga i just don’t remember who stated it). Kenny might like getting cut up, but since his near death experience with the 5th espada, i don’t think kenny would last long under Shunsui’s Shikai. Oh and not to mention, that stark even had a really tough time landing a single blow on shunsui during the fight… and he had a damn gun.

  30. Oh and about the manga this week… friggin cock teased… again. I wanna see Unahana tear sh.t up. Everybody is afraid of her and i want to know why ;_;. Then again i also want to see 3 captains fighting yammy… that looks interesting… since none of their fighting styles compliment each other.

  31. Pretty good chapter. I completely agree Fear the captain’s power levels are real sketchy. Just a few moments ago Kenpachi was having trouble with the 5th Espada now he’s cutting the 0 Espada’s leg off and doesn’t even get hurt by his punch. o_O

    Ichigo barely manages to graze the 0 Espada with his new mask on! The power levels are just random to me in this manga but I’m used to that by now. Lol, Kenpachi owns all he even tried to kill Ichigo! XD Byakuya is still an arrogant prick though. -_-

  32. dude isnt byakuya supposed to be the best captain

    and kenchan beat shunsui anytime X_X

    he cut yammy’s leg off in one go 😛

  33. Stupid new chapter!
    Plot is not moving at all for past 3 months.
    I were hoping that there will be fight between Yami and Unohana…but again those Kenpachi and Byakuya.

    God! I hope Byaukuya will get killed!

  34. i kinda liked this chapter. my only beef was bringing Unohana with Ichigo back to Karakura [it makes a ton of sence, since there are no kido based healers…minus kira, but c’mon…so bring her along would be a nice way to heal eveyone back again.] i wanna see some dead shinigami. We need a higher level drama: “Hordes of badguys left with only a few weakened shinigami to hold the ramparts.” That’s the shit i wanna see.

  35. Shunsui’s the best captiain, easily.

    Then Kenpachi, Then Byakuya. but Byakuya’smore badass. i can easily imagine him in a suit, doing that scene in Pulp Fiction.

    “There’s this passage i got memorized.”

    but shunsui would still kill him easily.

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