Naruto Shippuuden 132 Breakdown. Blah, blah, blah…

Well… look what we have here.<_<

Alas, it seems that awesomeness cannot last forever and I am afraid in the case of our latest Naruto episode, there is a lot left to be desired.

Now, I am not saying it was bad, in fact it wasn’t bad at all, but after coming from such an great episode last week, it just doesn’t measure up in comparison at all.

Sruck in the middle. Sometimes, you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Stuck in the middle. Sometimes, you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Actually, to be completely fair, things actually got off to a good start with a reasonable degree of action and a fairly good pace. It looked so promising and there wasn’t any lack of action. This episode also stuck more closely to the manga as well, for those of you who are purists, however in my opinion that is one of its downfalls.

All-in-all, it just didn’t feel special in any way and even writing this breakdown felt like more of a chore than something I would have actually been excited about. I guess the inspiration was just sucked clean out of me, so don’t be surprised if this write-up is shorter and less enthusiastic than the ones you have read before.

That's a lot of cooking oil. O_o

And now we move on to the next step in our cooking lesson. Remember to preheat your oven to at least 3000 degrees Celsius if you want to ensure the meat is roasted to perfection. O_o

To start with, Jiraiya once again shows that he is no rookie when it comes to jutsu and he certainly knows how to put on a show. Whether it’s combination jutsu or simply an over-sized Rasengan, he definitely isn’t short on tricks.

However he quickly realizes that Pein is also has a few tricks up his own sleeve that he is more than willing to demonstrate.

And, borrowing another line from DBZ... Spirit Bomb!!!!! (This is not a pokeball) <_<

*cough* copyright infringement in progress *cough*. And, borrowing another line from DBZ... Spirit Bomb!!!!! (No, this is not a Pokeball) <_<

After attempting a few attacks, it soon becomes obvious to Jiraiya that his attacks are all being guarded perfectly, which soon raises his suspicions as to the nature of Pein’s senses.

After that, our trio of heroes decide it is high time to make a tactical retreat to weight their options. Unfortunately, this is where everything goes downhill and the episode sinks like concrete donkey in the pacific ocean.

Gone is the brisk pace and intense battle sequence, gone is the humor and wit that kept us so thoroughly entertained in the previous episode. All that is left is a braincell killing dose monotony that almost put me to sleep well watching.

And believe me, I really could have used some shuteye as well. <_<


Dammit, this wouldn't be necessary if Orochimaru *cough* I mean Michal Jackson was still alive. <_<

After a lot of talking, and I mean a lot, we finally get back to a reasonable moment of action again. Now, I can’t really complain, because this scene does stick rather closely to the manga and the explanations are necessary to form the basis of understanding Pein’s abilities regarding his eyes, but it still felt unnecessarily drawn out.

After buying himself some time to prepare their plan of action, Ma and Pa toad set of a sound based genjutsu that has them both singing a duet, although singing is hardly the term one could use in this instance.

Is it just me, or did it sound more like a troop of enraged space monkeys rather than an elderly couple singing together? O_o

High fives all around!!!!

High fives all around for epic toad hairstyles!!!!!!!

Anyway, regardless of what it sounded like, it obviously did the job and after managing to distract or otherwise occupy each body, our trio manages to trap all three of them in a genjutsu that imprisons their psyche, thus paralyzing them. After that, it seems to be the end for Pein, and Jiraiya even makes a note of reminding his former pupil not to underestimate his opponents.

After that, we meet an old friend again (quite literally) as we, once again, are subjected to yet another flashback repeat. I swear this must be the third time we have seen this exact same flashback.

Someone save us all!!!!

*Dies dramatically while reciting gloomy poem of hopelessness and despair.* X__X

And, take two!!! Or was that three? Dammit, I lost count!!! >_<

And, take two!!! Or was that three? Dammit, I lost count!!! >_<

*Reincarnates to finish breakdown*

Unfortunately, despite the seemingly hopeful end to a long battle, such a promise of peace is short lived and a counterattack quickly relieves Jiraiya of one of his arms. (hopefully he is right handed).

Gah, I thought something was missing! O_o

Gah!!! I knew it felt like something was missing!!! O_o

After that, we see a debut appearance from all six of Pein’s bodies, including the recently revised three that Jiraiya had just dispatched.

And so the conclusion to our very overdrawn and tiring episode finally arrives and not a moment too soon, as Jiraiya faces off against the six paths of Pein. The bright side to all of this is that the next episode at least promises to be quite good if the preview is anything to go by.

Lets just hope we are not disappointing. In the meantime…

We are.... the Ginyu Force!!!! *cough* I mean, the Six Paths of Pein, of course!!!!

We are.... the Ginyu Force!!!! *cough* I mean, the Six Paths of Pein, of course!!!!

Disclaimer: No Dragon Ball Z characters or techniques were ripped off copied in the making of this episode. All creepy similarities are purely coincidental . <_<

Thanks again to all our readers. I hope you enjoyed the episode more than I did. We have a big moment arriving int he upcoming chapter, so get your Kleenex tissues ready.

*cough* That’s if it doesn’t dawdle *cough*

Here is last weeks winners of the caption contest.

truepain: FREE PORN!!!! WHERE?!?!

truepain: FREE PORN!!!! WHERE?!?!

I gotta hand it to truepain, that caption was definitely a winner. ^ ^

And now for this weeks screen. Lets see what you can come up for this one.

*Insert caption here*

*Insert caption here*

Thanks once again.

Hopefully there will be something more inspiring to write about next time. And who better to see us off than the Ginyu Force!?!?! XD

Bye Guys! See you again next time! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on October 25, 2009.

35 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 132 Breakdown. Blah, blah, blah…”

  1. First!
    Great breakdown.

  2. 1st

  3. 2nd

  4. second!!! i won, yes!

  5. 3rd, damn!

  6. Caption-
    This week on Jiraiya Springer….

  7. LOL!!! good one Mandi. ^ ^

  8. reallly great breakdown wayyyyyyyyyys better than the episode

    Caption :

    WTF ???

  9. Caption

    2 frogmons + 1 half human half frog = disaster

  10. Caption:
    Caution:When using sage mode, please use earplugs** as the two great sages may cause deafness…
    **(Earplugs sold separately)

  11. if pain was as gay as the ginyu force, naruto would really suck… still, their pose was pretty unexpected the first time i saw it.

  12. Great breakdown Tenrai and nice catch on the DBZ references. 😉

    I found this episode to be alright too. Fair amount of action but the arguing, flashback, and explanations were boring ass hell. Still, I enjoyed the episode enough especially the ending. Poor Jiraiya. Deva Path is definitely the coolest of the 6 bodies of Pain. ^(0_0)^

    @Mandi: LMAO!!! XD

    Caption: What do you mean we look like Yoda’s family?

  13. @super: Yoda not they do look like yes? your caption had me scrolling up to make sure it wasn’t true…lol

    do they have the preview for next episode out yet…whenever i see the episode it ends without showing me…. -_-

  14. CAPTION:
    Now you know what Malcolm felt like…

  15. great breakdown tenrai this one was a great opening to the end of the fight tho still to blablish. caption: baka youre the only one who would fall that easy on that trap(free porn on a pipe line)

  16. Ok guys! The news you have been waiting for…Sasuke versus Itachi. this is from a reliable source I’ve used in writing anime breakdowns. It reads from bottom to top:

    Season 6, Episode 9 – Airs: 11/26/2009
    Activate, Amaterasu
    After successfully breaking out of Itachi’s Tsukiyomi, Sasuke gains the upper hand on his weakened brother. With no other alternative, Itachi activates his second Mangekyo ability, Amaterasu, a black flame said to burn forever.
    Episode Overview Read Reviews
    Never Rated

    Season 6, Episode 8 – Airs: 11/19/2009
    End of Vicissitudes! Brothers Reunion (2)
    Itachi reveals to Sasuke that Madara is the second culprit behind the Uchiha massacre, as well as the history of the Mangekyo Sharingan and the first two Uchiha to obtain it: Madara and his brother. One question still remains: Why did Itachi really spare Sasuke’s life?
    Episode Overview Read Reviews
    Never Rated

    Season 6, Episode 7 – Airs: 11/19/2009
    End of Vicissitudes! Brothers Reunion (1)
    Sasuke’s long awaited battle with Itachi begins with the Uchiha brothers throwing genjutsu after genjutsu at each other. Sasuke seems to have Itachi cornered and asks him a few questions of the Uchiha massacre. Is Itachi not the only one involved in the Uchiha massacre? And does Sasuke still not possess enough hatred to defeat Itachi?

    **by the way…the bottom two are actually one episode. Episode 7/8 on 11/19 will be a one hour episode of Sasuke and Itachi going at it with genjutsu**

  17. CAPTION:

    And I thought dealing with Naruto’s tirades was bad enough…

  18. CAPTION:

    they may look ugly (well sound ugly as well >_> )BUT THEY PWN!!!!

  19. Dang, you should have posted the Japanese version, for that Ginyu force video. 😦

    Dragonball Kai’s Japanese version is VERY epic.

  20. Awesome breakdown tenrai. I lmao at the spirit bomb and ginyu force refereces.


    Ahh! Family moments, you gota lovem!


    Dammit! I knew i should have summened picachu

  23. CAPTION:

    Tsunade? You didn’t tell me that this mission would involve becoming deaf…

  24. thanx penny…i like the foot note you left.. 😉 awesome news for the next couple of weeks to come…its finally picking up with the anime…

  25. CAPTION:
    F*ck it! I am summoning Clucky!
    *Poof* Cocka-motherf*cking-doo!

    for those who dunno im referring to

  26. CAPTION:
    and Jiraiya quickly learnt that not all threesomes are fun

  27. Tenrai!!! Remove that Ginyu Force video and post the following one instead!!!
    The new version is EPIC!!


  28. Ginyu Force… hahahaha! nice… 😀

  29. @SCHY

    Alright. lol! Let me take a look.^ ^

  30. @ 2cool2live: Lmao at the abridged reference. 😉

    I can’t wait till next episode! even tho im macho, and tough, there comes a time when every man must shed a tear. that time is is f****** NOW!!! (well, next episode anyway)


    Are those stink lines coming off you two? Cos it kinda reeks 😦

  31. Well shippuuden 133 is out:

    DONT LEAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. To be honest I am not an emotional type at all but it felt really sad watching the new episode.

  33. the new episode is great. really emotional.

    more importantly though, sasuke vs itachi next week!!!!!!!!

  34. Itachi vs Sasuke? That would be even more sadder. 😦

  35. caption:
    LSD: it can make you see and hear just about everything

    is it too late?

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