Orihime in Hiding-A Fanfic

Hey everyone, Ms.Mandi here with an awesome fanfic that I think you guys will all enjoy. It’s about Orihime *retch* but we won’t hold that against the writer…it’s good nonetheless. This is the first of many chapters >.< 26 to be exact. But it is well worth the read. Enjoy!!

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The rest of the story 

Chapter 1- Playing House

It was nearly three o’clock by the time Orihime and Renji reached the small town of Brooklyn, Michigan. She smiled at the name.

Michigan. She liked the sound of it.

She liked Ohio, too, but it sounded too much like a greeting. Michigan, on the map, looked like a hand, a friendly hand waving her welcome. She’d told Renji so, but he hadn’t been amused. He hadn’t been amused by much after the long plane ride.

Plus, he was grumpy because there’d been issues about his tattoos, and hair, before they left Japan. Steps were taken…

The taxi driver looked tiredly to them as he parked and turned in the seat. “Longest fare of my life.” His hand was extended to Renji. “A hundred and fifty-three, buddy.”

Renji scowled, flipping through his wallet for the money. American money. Bunch of ugly guys, he thought, frowning at the men on the dollar bills. He handed the driver two bills of large denomination and opened the door. He got out and stretched.

Man, that had been a long-ass ride. The muggy air was thick, heavier than what he thought it would be for April. He stepped away for Orihime to get out of the taxi and looked back in the open passenger window. “Get out and help us carry our stuff in.”

After a bit of grumbling the taxi driver obliged.

“Oh, I’ll take that,” Orihime said, reaching for the suitcase the driver took out when he opened the trunk.

Renji moved the hand she extended. “You will not. You’re carrying this,” he said, handing her the small cosmetic bag she’d brought. “That’s all.”

The driver gave him a weary look and brought the rest of the luggage out of the trunk. He gave the long thin case holding Renji’s sword a curious look. “What the hell you got here?”

Renji snatched it from him. “Golf clubs.” He slung it over his shoulder by the strap and took Orihime’s suitcases and started for the modest two-story house across the small yard.

“Ooh, we’re almost out of town,” Orihime said as they made their way up the walk. She paused on the cement porch to look at the bushy pink and yellow flowers running the length of the house front. “So pretty. Look, Renji.”

“I see them.” He put the bags down to fish the key out of his pocket. Damn jeans, he thought. Not nearly enough room to put anything in. He grinned. Not nearly enough room for anything.

The taxi driver dropped the other two suitcases on the porch. “Welcome to …” He thought for a moment. “Brooklyn.”

“Thank you!” Orihime called as he turned and left back to the taxi. Her elbow nearly cuffed Renji as she waved.

He found the key and unlocked the door. He looked inside and gave the living room a quick glance. No one. He nodded, then turned back to see Orihime crowding him in the doorway. He tried to get out of the way, but the top of her bright reddish-brown head bumped his chin as he straightened, nearly making him bite his tongue.

This was going to be a long assignment.

“I need to look around fist,” he said as she stood in the room, smiling at the sparse furnishings.

“Sofa, chair, love seat,” she said slowly. He looked to her quickly. “That’s what a little sofa is called,” she said.

He nodded. “Stay here and don’t let anyone in.”

“Uh-huh.” When he disappeared down the small hall at the opposite end of the living room, she turned for a better look. She liked the idea of a love seat, but she’d like it more if it were Ichigo escorting her to America. She sighed. It was necessary for him and Rukia to stay in Soul Society to make preparations for the Winter War. Renji had been chosen to protect her while she hid out.

She smiled. Actually, Rukia had told her that when she’d first been kidnapped by Aizen, Renji had volunteered to come rescue her. It had been a nice gesture, even if it did result in a much larger rescue party.

She sat down in the hunter green upholstered chair, and then tried the coffee brown sofa, smiling. She’d just popped up and plopping into the love seat when Renji came back in the room.

“Comfy furniture,” she said, practicing her English, and wishing she could master languages as quickly as a shinigami could. Renji’s accent was far less noticeable.

He nodded, rubbing his forehead where the make-up covering his tattoos was starting to itch.

No. Not make-up. Camouflage. That was a more tolerable term. Why couldn’t Ikkaku have gotten this assignment instead of him?

“Come on upstairs. You can have the larger bedroom.” He grabbed her luggage and nodded to the staircase that was kitty-corner from the living room.

“What color is it?”

He frowned. “I don’t remember.” He followed her up the staircase, a little distracted by the swish of her hips in the pink and yellow flowered skirt as she ascended. “Yellow, I think.”

She turned the corner at the landing on the second floor.

“Keep going,” he said, pausing as she did. “Down the hall, right at the bathroom.”


She peeked into the first bedroom to her left, nodding at the light teal walls, and continued on to the bathroom at the end of the short hall. She only glimpsed into it, satisfied with the roominess, and the yellow wallpaper with a frilly green fern pattern splayed over it.

“Look at the size of that tub,” she said, eyes on the claw footed bathtub by the shower stall.

“Yup.” He nodded to the doorway to her right. “Your room, Orihime.”

She went in, smiling at the walls painted a dusty rose color. She sighed, eyeing the bed with a matching spread. “This isn’t yellow, Renji.”

“Would you rather have the blue room?” He hoped not.

“No; I’m just saying it’s not yellow.”

He set her bags down. “Well, get comfortable. Soul Society already had the utilities hooked up, so we’ve got a phone working here.” He watched her sit on the bed and bounce testily, giggling. “I’m checking out the garage. We’re supposed to have a car.”


He sighed and turned down the hall.

Outside in the small backyard he took a better look around. The houses on either side of the house were nearly identical to theirs.

Theirs? Oh, shit, that sounded awful, even in his own mind.

The houses weren’t too visible, hidden by mature oak trees and chest high hedges of shakily trimmed greenery. A small round picnic table was centered around an umbrella stand that was devoid of a canopy, and a defunct-looking gas grill was nearby.

He moved on to the garage, which was little more than a large shed, with no poured cement floor. Yup, Soul Society has spent mega-bucks on this set up, he thought. He lifted the manual garage door, hoping there’d be something of a floor inside. There was not.

As the afternoon sun stretched in he realized there was also no car. Where was the mid-size non-descript American model he’d been promised?

The garage was bare. A simple clay dirt floor and three walls. He flicked the light switch at the side of the gaping door opening. Nothing. No power.

Yeah. Welcome to Brooklyn.

When he got to the house Orihime was in the small kitchen, rummaging around in the refrigerator, which Renji was pleased to see was a full-size model. But empty.

“We’ll have to do some grocery shopping first,” she said, backing away as he opened the refrigerator door wider to investigate.

“We’ll have to wait until we get a car.”

“There’s no car?”

The skepticism in her tone was barely there, but with his mood, Renji assumed she’d be comparing his chaperoning abilities to that dandelion-head she kept pining over. “I’m sure it’s just an oversight. If one doesn’t show up by tomorrow, I’ll contact Soul Society.”

“Oh. Okay.” She leaned over to look into one cabinet in the lower cupboards, then another.

He looked away from her bent form to the phone on a stand where the kitchen was divided from the living room by a short wall. He picked it up, relived to find there was actually a dial tone. He knew they had to be low-tech on this assignment, but a landline phone was the minimal.

“I’m ordering a pizza, Orihime.”

“Oh, good. Could you call me Inoue, so I can get used to it before school Monday?” She pegged her big brown eyes on him.

He nodded, looking around in the phone stand’s shelves for a phone book.  He found one, a very thin directory that listed the surrounding towns also. Damn small, he thought.

“What do you want on the pizza?”

Well there’s chapter 1 for you guys, hope you liked it. If you’d like to check other fics by this author check out her link below.


Until next time, have a great weekend!


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