One Piece Chapter 562 IS OUT + 561 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! ^(@_@)^

-One Piece 561 Breakdown Below-


YOSH!!! Welcome back ONE PIECE and LOVERS…

One Piece lovers that is!!! ^(0_0)^ Sorry this breakdown is out later than usual but this week has been a little hectic. After a week long break Oda delivers wonderfully and I sucked it up like an addict savoring the drug he was denied for too long. Oh God and it felt good… Enough about my addiction though let’s get to this breakdown. ^_^

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP! Seems like forever huh?


Since the PX’s started popping up again I thought I’d remind everyone how tough these robotic bastards are. AMV by Foksboro. BOPP by Hyrohiku bringing Enel back but in Centaur form! The drawing style itself is badass whether or not yo like the character props to the artist.

Now on to the breakdown!

Who else thinks the monkey got that broken arm trying to take Luffy's bananas without permission?

Who else thinks the monkey got that broken arm trying to take Luffy's bananas without permission?

Oda has gone back to his spontaneous cover stories and in this one he covers the frivolous adventure of Monkey D. Luffy and his new friends. Monkeys…how ironic. 😛



The action kicks off immediately in the main story and it’s Luffy running around like a chicken who doesn’t want his head cut off. Way to be unique Luffy I have feeling the headless chicken gets the short end of the stick anyway…>_> He’s smart enough to realize that he doesn’t have the time to deal with someone as strong as Mihawk so he tries to get the hell out of there. Note that he said he doesn’t have time not that he couldn’t beat him, but of course Luffy thinks he can kick anyone’s ass 😉

Mihawk you're doing more damage to yourself than Luffy here...

Mihawk, you're doing more damage to yourself than Luffy here...

Luffy’s speed is amazing as always moving quickly but to no avail as Mihawk’s incredible swordsmanship is put to work, sending a slash in between fighting men to get a direct hit on Luffy. I believe what Mihawk said by range is not only his attack range but his eye sight. You see how he kind of zooms in to pinpoint on Luffy like a hawk’s eye.

Awww, poor Mihawk eveyone's picking on his mom today. XD

Awww, poor Mihawk eveyone's picking on his mom today. XD

The battle continues between the two even though two insects buzzed in Mihawk’s ear but are quickly disposed of…and brave bugs they were until they got pwned. Mihawk looks to cool with that sword now I want to see him and Cloud Strife duke it out! Luffy using his crazy dexterity manages to avoid Mihawk’s attacks. Mihawk really is going for the kill showing no mercy and Luffy realizes it when he’s about to shoot his Gomu Gomu No Jet Bazooka. Understanding that he is about get his arm sliced off he redirects the attack at the ground sending cement flying up in the air. Btw, when did Luffy go into Gear Second? If anyone can answer that for me you get a prize…it will be intangible. 🙂

That deserves more than a "Whoops" dammit!

That deserves more than a "Whoops" dammit!

The next thing to happen is an absolute WTF moment for me. Wasting no time Mihawk takes the initiative slicing at Luffy but only cuts air…or so you’d think. Luffy and everyone else including us readers see what that slice really did. IT CUT THE FUCKING GLACIER IN HALF!!! O_O We’ve seen him cut ships but he can cut glaciers in half too!? WTF do you know how big that glacier was!? DO YOU REALLY!? T_T What the hell, did he do that attack on Luffy just to rile him up because on the page before that he notices Luffy is to calm for his liking. Well in the process of him trying to rile Luffy up he took out a few Marine ships with that attack. Good job Mihawk you fail…or did he? What if he did it on purpose knowing Luffy would dodge the swing and cut the glacier to help out the pirates. Ohhh…that’d be interesting.

Crocodile got screwed over...literally...O_O

Crocodile got screwed over...literally...O_O

The scene cuts from that battle and goes over to Crocodile vs. Jozu (starring as the puppet) and Doflaming (the puppet master). Still don’t know what this asshole’s DF is! >_< Crocodile doesn’t take shit from Doflamingo and refuses to join his side by saying SABLES BITCH! Unfortunately that Sables swept up some of the prisoners with it, fortunately for Luffy Buggy was one of those prisoners. Caught in a pinch Luffy uses his greatest defensive maneuver yet…Gomu Gomu No Jet Substitute!

Lol, you couldn't have said it any better Buggy. ;)

Lol, you couldn't have said it any better Buggy. 😉

LMFAO!!! XD That’s the best defensive maneuver he’s done since Gomu Gomu No Baka and Gomu Gomu No Octopus! XD Ah I digress, poor Buggy is used as a substitute but he holds up pretty well. Like Enel has Luffy as a natural enemy does this make Buggy Mihawk’s natural enemy?

I know I'm not the only one to pick up on the similarities between the stories. -_-

I know I'm not the only one to pick up on the similarities between the stories. -_-

After Buggy is quickly and might I add hilariously disposed of Marco decides he’s to lazy to assist Luffy so he sends in Vista, 5th Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, to fend off Mihawk. I don’t think that’s going to last long… Before Mihawk fades into the back story he talks about an ability Luffy has that is greater than any ability in the whole ocean. The ability to turn those around him into his allies which I believe is better than any kind of Haki including ‘King’s Disposition’. Did it work on you Mihawk are you an ally of Luffy? o_O

Oprah vs. Dr. Phil...the war was so massive the final attack wiped out all human memory of their ever being a war. It was written down in Oprah's diary though. o_O

Oprah vs. Dr. Phil...the war was so massive the final attack wiped out all human memory of their ever being a war. It was written down in Oprah's diary though. o_O

Mr. Narrator jumps in and starts babbling about current events and after he shuts up (thank you for your hard work Mr. Narrator ><) it is announced that preparations for the plan are now complete. Finally we get to see what these plans are! Too bad the rest of the world can’t see it because Sengoku orders all visual Den-Den Mushi’s to be cut. Whatever they’re about to do they don’t want the rest of the world to see it. I believe Sengoku describes it as a “tragedy”. In the end he plans to cover it up with the word “victory” to tell the rest of the world and that will be enough for them to know.

Well we're f**ked! ~_~

Well we're f**ked! ~_~

The plans are swung into motion and from the Bay Shore there appears the government’s human weapons blocking off all retreat. The pirates are now trapped inside the Bay and it looks like we’ll have a slaughter on our hand. The PX’s appearance is only the beginning of the plan though. What is Sengoku planning on doing that he doesn’t want the rest of the world to know about? Whatever it is Senju from the comments section has a good idea on what Blackbeard may have planned,

“Ok, I think I got what Blackbeard will announce. He will put up a backup broadcast of the war to show everyone the evil of the WG ruining their rep.” (Senju07)

Now even if this isn’t correct Senju it was a good of enough theory to make it up here so be proud of that! 😀 Alright back to the plan I have my own idea which is the first option but maybe you all have something better.

Here’s this week’s demotivational poster and prediction for next week! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Hawkins PosterArtwork by Maevachan

Winner of last week’s prediction contest and this week’s prediction!

Of course Chuck Norris won he knew the script a week ago! o_O I won’t even try guessing the cover page at this point. Next week the war will be entering its drawing down phase and the execution of Ace will commence. Whitebeard will order all his men to rush the platform and have his stronger pirates hold of the Pacifistas. The Marines will waste no time in taking advantage of the chaos and start to slaughter the pirates. Luffy will finally reach the platform right before the blade swings down. End! ^(0_0)^


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  1. First! And now, I’m no longer sure if WB is gonna die. I’m leaning towards Ace takin the ax

  2. 2ND!!

  3. Hah! another one Super! and the first on the new post no less. My legion grows…

    that being said I’ll post something more insightful or thought provoking at a later time.

  4. 3rd…its been a while since i’ve been in top 5..
    *bathes in glory of top 5*

    anyways… this was a good chapter/breakdown. i remember earlier saying something about buggy vs mihawk but that was joking…

    here it is..its from a couple weeks ago..560 i think..
    ************************************************************** funny match up to me would be captain buggy vs mihawk… the guy who can’t get cut, and the world best swordsman at the moment….( i think we all know zoro’s gonna beat him)

    shinobimadness said this on October 6, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    anyways back to the chapter…. i wasn’t expecting the marines to release px’s just yet, but i do see alot of casualties from weaker pirates but not their captains. there seems to be about 7-10 of them so that would take about 1/2 of wb’s commanders right off the top, plus marco,diamondjaws, and the guy fighting mihawk are busy as well as ace(doesn’t count since he’s the reason). im more curious to see luffy’s reaction.. he’s seen them before, and knows how tough they are. i believe his person now will be sentomaru since this will be the perfect opportunity to really test out any of his kings dispostion against someone strong. blackbeard says he’s using it more of an instinct, and he is running off of hormones thanks to ivankov so who knows… epic pwnage may pursue after that fight …(if it happens)

  5. As always nice breakdown SUPER!!
    Well we all saw that Kuma Army coming miles away. If you didn’t oh well. That Gomu Gomu Jet Substitute thing was hilarious and unexpected(unless you read the spoilers). I expect a whole lot of slaughter going on next couple of chapters. The pirates either bring out the big guns or they are facked(not shit I know). If they don’t their only hope is the Revolutionary Army.

  6. AWESOME breakdown. The “fists of friendship” and Luffy saying “BE my nakama” was friggin hilarious!!!

    I dont think Mihawk is helping the pirates. He wouldnt have said “sorry Shanks for trying to kill ur #1 fan” in the last chapter if he didnt really mean to kill Luffy. Hes swingin that big sword around to kill him!!!


    LUFFY USED HAKI!!!! He visualized his arm getting chopped up before it happened! Thats one of the powers of Haki remember?!

  7. awesome as usual supah man ^^

    man i just had a fucked up 6 fuc*** hour long power failure X_X

  8. i say sooner or later luffy’s partners in crime are gunna show up and more than likely franky will have found out a way to take the pasifista’s out cause if you dont remember franky ended up being sent to vegapunk’s place and he will most likely be able to find kuma and the other pasifistas weakness.

  9. @acegamer- i totally agree with you this plan thing is all a setup so that the strawhat crew come in to jion the fight. the power of the fight has definitevly shifted towards the marines, meaning that whitebeard and co need a definate boost in power.

    I personally see 4 things happening.

    1) vista putting up a good fight losing and zoro coming in

    2) ivana losing the fight and needing sanji now as a okama to help

    3) the pacifista being fought by a combination of franky, robin chopper, ussop and brooke

    4)nami saving luffy from some threat most likely a admiral and hancock getting jealous and fighting/arguring with her.

    I would also bet that all the crewmember get an upgrade of some kind. Chopper(the ability to control/willingly bring out that monster form), brooke(the ability to neve die, ie u can hack slash as much as u want he just reforms his skeleton), nami(obvious just genrally more powerful staff), zoro(haki and a possible new sword), ussop(i bet he consumes a df of some sort my bets on the speed-speed fruit so he can run away faster :D), robin(not sure but my bet is haki as she could then fight ajoki(iceman)), sanji(OKAMA TEMPO, and he can use his fists when hes an okama lol), and finally franky( armour just as strong as the pacifista and a possible cola beam lol).

    well thats my crazy theory.

    jetpack out

  10. @jetpack: well i too would wish that the SH would show up, but thats highly unlikely. they do have vivre cards to meet up again, but its for reileigh, not luffy. although some of them may hear about it, not all of them can actually get there.. chopper, ussopp and nami are just out of civilzation’s reach.(nami’s on a sky island). the only person i believe who could show up is robin, but thats with help of the revolution army.
    also if they were to get stronger/upgrades some of those could happen, but more than likely the robin, zoro, and sanji’s wouldn’t happen because that would change there fighting style too much. robin wouldn’t need haki, zoro won’t get new swords for a while because he has his white one which is his treasure, that new black one from thriller, and that cursed sword that he’s sticking with. sanji cant/wont use his hands to fight because a chef’s hands are his treasure… 😉

  11. Hey super! Thanks for the awesome breakdown, as per usual!

    Finally, the war seems to shifting in the WG’s favor. Not that I’m on the WG’s side, mind you, but Oda never allows his protagonists to wipe their enemies off the floor until going through a lot of pain and anguish and near-fatal injuries! So now it’s gonna be the end of WB and the NW pirates’ advantage and the beginning of the WG’s evil and ruthless tactics!

    I don’t think that Sengoku’s great “tragedy” will be the army of PXs. That’s far too simple and easy to spin as “look at the great advances our powerful government has over the EVIL pirates! truly we are a great civilization btwignorethatbustercalltheywereallevilcriminalsanyway!”

    I think that Sengoku’s ultimate strategy will be Buster Call on steroids: something that will wipe out everyone (including the Marines in the way) so that nothing can possibly survive. I think that’s why the Gorousei were so interested in reviving the Ancient Weapons: perhaps Vegapunk’s already started building something resembling those.

    I also don’t think Luffy and the rest of the ID escapees are going to be the last of the Big Damn Heroes showing up for this battle. I’m still hoping that Rayleigh and the SHs, and maybe even Shanks, will show up to rescue Luffy at the last minute.

    More importantly: did you notice Luffy’s finally getting the hang of haki? He “saw” his arm getting cut off and predicted Hawkeye’s moves! Personally I think the culmination of his learning haki will be against Sentoumaru, similar to Enies Lobby where he showcased his Gears to Blueno and Lucci after getting mopped off the floor by them.

    I also think that Luffy’s going to get hit by the brunt of whatever ultimate attack Sengoku sends against WB and still survive (cause, you know, he’s LUFFY!).

    I also agree with senju that BB’s “shaking of the world” plan has to do with revealing how evil the WG is, since he’s betting on the great age of pirates and dreams. He’s still a douche and deserves to be beaten by Luffy, mind. But he’s definitely against the WG at this point!

  12. YOSH!!! I can finally comment and thanks a lot guys!

    @Gangly: Nooooeesss, don’t join Zekks side it’s evil and they don’t have treats! Whitebeard has to die and Ace goes on to try to become the Pirate King! It’s destiny! 😀

    @Zekks: Lol, I’m going to make a poll about this on the next breakdown and see what everyone else things. 😛

    @Pumpkin and Elisha: Gah, you two are right about the Haki I can’t believe I missed it! It was so obvious and I even pointed out links to where Enel was using Haki to predict Luffy's moves! XD Luffy did just foresee his arm getting cut off in the midst of his attack in fact he clearly saw it. Either that or it was just hesitation and him imagining his arm getting cut off, but I believe in the Haki theory more.

    @Gamer: If there's someone going to show up my first bet is on Usopp because he's awesome! 😀 Lol, anyway some reinforcements have to help the pirates escape after grabbing Ace because right now they're closed off. Who those reinforcements are I have no idea but they'll be strong.

    @Jet: Lol, what if Usopp got the DF to split his body in to two separate people? Then their really could be an Usopp and a Sogeking! XD

    @Elisha again: Indeed, the PX's showing up is definitely only a part of Sengoku's master plan. Whatever it is may shine light on just how evil the World Government can truly be. It will also give us ore insight into what kind of character Sengoku truly is. Will we hate him after this Arc or will our feelings not change towards his role in this story? To me Sengoku has always been a good marine officer who gets his job done like he is entitled too. After this plan though my opinion on him may change.

    @Anyone: Let's all laugh at Ahsan and his power failings! Lol, jkjk! ^_^

    Ahem… I really think Blackbeard will be making his appearance soon whether it be at Impel Down or Marineford. Another character I'm really interested in is Magellan. His appearance in battle would give the Marines a major boost in power and he did want to pursue Luffy.

  13. @ super -______________-

    who besides me thinks this arc needs to end soon ?

    and i wonder how , if wb win wg is doomed . if wg win luffy and wb is doomed

    how the hell will this end X_X

  14. @ ahsan with bb win

  15. who is the guy in the demotivational poster?

  16. Response to AHsan and my 1st ever post on this site which i feel is the best for manga breakdowns and chapter predictions. Been following this site for months but only just registered yesterday. Anyways, enough of the chitter chatter…

    As i said, in response to Ahsan, the guy in the demotivational poster is one of the 11 Supernovae that were introduced to us in the Shabondy Arc. His name is Basil Hawkins, captain of the Hawkins Pirates a.k.a “The Magician” seeing as he always forecasts upcoming events and uses some sort of tarot card system to analyze defeat, death and other things. And he has a bounty of 249,000,000 beri.

    Btw, i agree with pumpkinbread21, that Luffy used Haki to foresee his arm getting chopped off when he was about to gear gomu gomu no jet blast Mihawk. I seriously feel that Luffy’s Haki will start manifesting itself fully nearing the end of this battle, either if Ace dies or even Whitebeard( or maybe not), against Sentoumarou. There’s gonna be some massive outburst but i feel he has to suffer a very great loss in order for it to happen and for him to be aware of it.
    Either that, or he’ll get his ass kicked, saved by Marco or one of WHitebeard’s other division commanders, or one of his nakama, and after the whole battle when he escapes, he’ll be shown how to use it by Boa.

    That’s how i see it.

    And i’m praying that your predictions on BB showing up the WG are true cos i would love for that to happen and the world to go in uproar and chaos. Hahahahaha, yeeeeah

  17. @everyone: i dont think luffy used haki to avoid that attack.
    i think luffy just realized what would happen if he tried using his jet pistol or gatlin against mihawk.

    Even Mihaw said that he was clear headed, which when fighting luffy almost goes on a rampage to defeat his enemies…

    just saw the newest episode and it rocked…luffy meets up with buggy and boy do they work well together…can’t wait till they catch up to theses last couple of chapters…(its probably gonna be about 2 1/2 months from now though, and we’ll already know what happens to ace hopefully..

  18. GAH!!! My comment was cut off damn you wordpress!!! >_<

    @Shinobi: I remember that comment and even though it was a joke that was some good insight you made about Buggy and Mihawk. 😉

    Now as much as I would love to see Sentomaru and Luffy fight again it probably won't happen here because Luffy is avoiding fighting anyone strong as it would delay him from reaching Ace. After Luffy gets Ace off of that execution platform then he'll concentrate on escaping maybe then he'll start fighting back.

    As for the Haki theory shhhh…let us have our hope! 😛

    @Xdt0ks: YOSH, welcome to WRA! 😀

    I'm hoping Blackbeard shows up too in tow with whatever he was at Impel Down for. He can turn this battle in which ever direction he wants it too.

  19. I may be a little late on this, but still…great breakdown, Super…I saw the Naruto similarities, too =P.

    Don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this, but I think this whole “tragedy” thing involves greatly diminishing the pirates’ fighting force, but at the expense of some of the military force of the Marines, as well. Basically, with the execution of the plan, some Marines would be killed. I’m thinking it’s something along that line. Or it could just be that Sengoku doesn’t want the world to know that the World Government has been experimenting on humans, turning them into weapons.

  20. I think that when Luffy gets to Ace and frees him that him and Luffy will have to team up to beat someone not sure who maybe Akainu but that will be bad ass!!

  21. Source: んじゃ @ 2ch
    Translation: Aohige_AP
    Verification: confirmed
    タイトル 海賊大渦蜘蛛スクアード
    扉絵 笑顔が素敵なロビン姉さんの後ろにカルガモの群れ
    20体以上のクマに 包囲は出来なかったが縦に挟む事は可能だ!とセンゴク
    ルフィの前にキザルが立ちはだかり ふりだしに戻りなよ~ っと思いっきり蹴りを入れられ飛ばされるが
    隊長 麦わら~大将ごときに足止め食らってんじゃねえよ~
    ルフィ なにを~やろう~ っと負けじと突っ込んでいく キザル おや~またやっかいなやつらが増えたね~
    センゴクに 放送は全て中断できたか~? 兵士1台囚人どもに盗まれて中断できません
    バギー 道化のバギー様だ!
    いかんこの中継が流れてしまったら海軍の~ とセンゴク
    鷹の目・ビスタ クマが迫ってきているのを感じ 鷹の目 お互いのために剣をおさめぬか? ビスタ その方がよろしい様ですな と中断
    スクアードが白ひげの後ろから現れ前に歩いていき抜刀し いきなり白ひげを刺したところで完です。

    白ひげ おおスクアードお前に丁度やってもらいたい事が〜俺もこれから前線にでる!
    マルコ スクアードあんな所に・・・
    白ひげ ・・・・
    スクアード 白ひげ海賊団はいいですね〜親父の命令ひとつで命張って突っ込んでいく〜みたいな事いって
    ってスタスタ白ひげの前に歩いていって抜刀し クルリとひねって白ひげを刺し

    10番隊の隊長は名前出てきましたけどモリアさんが言っていた 名前忘れろロボみたいな人

    すまん モリアに呼ばれた名前は忘れた・・・
    モリア いあ~目の前でエース・白ひげが死ぬ所を見れるって最高だな~
    10番隊長 エースも親父もやらせんよ!
    English translation:
    Nja’s first post
    Chapter title: Maelstrom Spider Squad
    Cover image: Robin smiling beautifully, and a flock of spotbills behind her
    Sengoku says we weren’t able to completely surround you, but we CAN sandwitch you from both sides vertically!
    He orders over 20 Kumas to attack at once, and the Kuma army advances while spamming lasers.
    Kizaru stands before Luffy and tells him to go back to the starting point, and kicks him away.
    However, Jinbei catches Luffy. As they both plan to deal with Kizaru, 5~6 WB Division commanders appear and all rush to Kizaru.
    One of the commanders yell Strawhat… Don’t let a measley Admiral stop you.
    Luffy complains back at him, and rushes forward.
    Kizaru says Oh my…. we got even more troublesome folks to deal with.
    Sengoku: Have all the broadcast been interrupted yet?
    Marine: No sir, one of the camera has been surrounded by the prisoners, and cannot be stopped!
    Buggy starts selling his name on the camera.
    He brags on how he used to be a crew member of the Gold Roger, he was like a brother to the youkou Redhaired Shanks,
    how he don’t die even when sliced up by the strongest swordsman in the world, I am Buggy, Buggy the Clown!!
    Sengoku is worried about this being broadcasted will hurt marine’s image. He orders the marines to shoot and kill them.
    Meanwhile, Mihawk vs Vista. They see Kumas advancing towards them.
    Mihawk suggest they both pull back their swords for now, for both of their sakes.
    Vista obliges, and they stop the duel.
    Moria is seen alive and well, fighting the 10th division commander.
    Squad appears behind Whitebeard, and starts walking towards him with his sword drawn.
    Then he suddenly stabs Whitebeard, and the chapter ends.

    Nja’s 2nd post
    Whitebeard: There you are Squad, there’s something I want you to do. I’m heading to the front lines!
    Marco: Squad… what is he doing over there
    Squad, bleeding from his forehead: Man, the guys back there are getting trashed. They’re surrounded on all sides, and are about to go down….
    Whitebeard: …..
    Squad: Whitebeard pirates are really great, aren’t they?
    They all go rushing in putting their lives at stake from just one command from their leader.
    Squad rants on as he advances to Whitebeard, then suddenly unsheathes his sword, spins around and stabs Whitebeard.
    Whitebeard’s eyes turn white, and Marco, Ace, Luffy and others stare at the scene with confused look on their face.

    Nja’s 3rd post
    None of the new Division commanders were named, other than 10th.
    Moria said his name. That robot looking guy.
    Of the The 5~6 commanders rushing at Kizaru, I only remember a kimono wearing dude with a gun that looks like a chick, and bunch of guys.
    (Nja isn’t sure of the gender of the gun tooting kimono chick, lol)

    Nja’s 4th post
    Sorry, I forgot the name Moria called him by….
    Moria was hinting something at him though.
    Moria: Hey, isn’t is awesome you’re gonna get to see both Ace and Whitebeard die in front of your eyes? Right, 10th Division commander somethingsomething?
    10th DC: I won’t let you have Ace OR pops!!

    * goes in corner and cries * fuck that fuckin guy who stabbed wb >_<

  22. @Pickles: Thanks, and yeah that’s one of the options for the polls (the tragedy killing off both Marines and Pirates). That’d be a pretty messed up thing for Sengoku to do.

    @Jdizzle: Nice, I’d love to see them fighting together. Brother and brother kicking people’s ass no one would be able to stop them! 😀

    @Ahsan: SPOILERS!? *jumps off a cliff* @_@

    @Anyone: How many more chapters do you all think there are left in this arc? The last chapter said this was the final phase so I’d say 5-7 more chapters. Rescue Ace, Blackbeard’s announcement, escape.

  23. @ super i say 9 chapter 😀

  24. @Super: Whoops, my bad, didn’t see that one. Yea, that would be pretty freakin’ messed up for him to do. It wouldn’t really surprise me, though.

    I think we’ll be seeing at least five more chapters of this arc before its ending.

  25. @everyone: i was watching the enies lobby and i noticed nami scolding sanji about his chivalry thing, and fighting women. nami also said that running goes against that chivarly to throw it away. i think oda’s working on the sh weakness right now, with each one going another level…(yeah iknow we all thats what hes doing…)

  26. from what i have seen of the spoilers for one piece on i looks like they have every page and in good condition so i am thinking that it should be early tommorow that one piece comes out 🙂 loving it how WB got stabbed at first i thought it would be a stab and he tenses up and the blade only goes though the skin abit but is it shown all the way though and its looks painful but not alot of blood spurt so i dont think he will die yet and i think that if ivan get to him then he would done in a couple of seconds.

    plus the spoilers for naruto have a fair bit so that shgould be out pretty early tommorrow aswell.

  27. yosh! great breakdown super as usual =D
    ive been gone for a bit but im back now, men i wonder what it is that the marines are so afraid to show. I mean slaughtering all pirates and taking down some marines down with them might be bad, but its war right,.. i think and i hope its something more dark and evil, maybe its in the spoilers allready so i guess ill wait for the next chappy to come then to start the arguing 😛

  28. One piece 562 is up at !

  29. one piece is out and is a great chapter.

    i love it how WB gets stabbed and it end makes u wonder how everyone is going to react lol.

    i want it to happen like this:-

    they cant end the broadcast and the pirates are getting even closer so they dicied to excecute ace even if there are people watching, and just as they are about to stab him, luffy realses a massive haki wave (the one that knocks people out) and the strong people are left standing but the excecutioners arent and in his anger luffy runs too the plantform and one after another powerful people get in his way i.e vice-admirals and others, but he knocks then aside easliy. and then it is shown the captian who were in this chapter who said that kizaru is nothing if they work together but they are still having trouble fighting him but kizaru noticed luffy is getting too close to the platform so he light-speeds infront of him and says he not going any further but luffy in his anger pay no attention and attacks him with the strongest punch he has ever thrown and sends him flying even though he is a logia type and then continues to the platform as the others people’s both ace, WB, warloards, admirals, Marines, Pirates, and all the other people watch the broadcast.

    lol that would be great

  30. shocking end of the chappy =O

  31. wb got suprised,…. he better does not die by this we havent even seen him go fury yet =(

  32. GAH!!! WTF just happened!? Treachery!? Doflamingo mind control!? Was it a set up from the beginning!? Why is Ace’s early execution such a big deal that they have to cut the visuals? They executed Roger in front of the entire world why not Ace? Did they cut the visual because they’re hurting their own men now? It doesn’t look that bad though… GAHH!!! I want answers! T_T

    Awesome chapter though. XD

  33. wow whitebeard stabbed in the stomach? good going doflamingo
    no need to worry, nobody has died in one piece yet (except gol maybe) and whitebeard won’t be an exception either
    he wont die
    he will fall down but the next thing you know he will jump right up to his feet and beat the * out of flamingo

    a note to the author, nice idea for a blog! generally all are about spoiler discussion but it feels nice to have something that doesn’t deal with spoilers and lets readers pour their hearts out into the recent chapter
    but i don’t think the idea will work much with one piece. nobody likes to tamper with it. do some searching and you will see

    will see you when next chapter come up then

  34. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    i was pretty sure i selected G rating for my picture
    must be some glitch
    well if this one makes it to the site just wanted to let you know that i am a big fan of one piece. and i loved the idea of stumbling upon such a hilarious and meaningful blog that actually lets you do something other than talk about which spoiler is fake and or correct the spelling errors previous commentators made
    and i voted on all of the polls too

  35. lolz everytime i look at the last page i get the feeling hes thinking: “ah he stepped his blade in my stomache,..”
    then goes thinking clearly in the next block and goes “omfg the mofo tries to kill me!”

  36. it happened again!
    did i post some illegal words or is it because of my picture?
    activation of account was fine
    everything was fine
    it even said my account was activated!
    guess i did something wrong 😦

  37. YOSH!!! Welcome to WRA Riley! 😀 I talked to you on chat already but for anyone else out there who may have the same problem if you’re new to the blog your first comments will automatically go to moderation until one of us admins approve of the comment.

    Also if your comment has a link on it then it will go to moderation and wait to have the link approved of so it doesn’t take others to spam sites or the like.

    Well now that is done thanks for the compliment and indeed this is a different sort of blog. Some of us are hardcore manga fans and some of us aren’t but we all like to have a fun read, debate, and overall good time. We make fun of manga, we praise it, and we love it. That’s how WRA works. 😉

  38. dont u think that it woujld be funny if the following were to happen.

    buggy survies this war and the world goverment gives him a amazing bounty and then because the SH crew are low on money and buggy comes across them and tries to take them down they beat the crap out of him and then get someone to take him to the goverment and get the reward money because i think that after this his reward would be about 200 mil

    lol that would be funny ashell lol

    wonder when when we will be able to see the SH crew again.

  39. @Smurf: LOL, if that were to happen they’d probably try to execute Buggy for being apart of Gol D. Roger’s crew in the past and for helping our Luffy at Marineford. It’d be hilarious though because he’d just escape, meet Luffy again in the future, and yell at him for what he did. XD

    @Fear and Riley: Whitebeard has to die! It’s for the betterment of the manga! @_@

  40. @super: tbh i dont mind it if whitebeard is going to die,.. but just not this easy i wanna see him go berserk and die to someone who isnt nameless, not to a idiot either controlled by doflamingo or someone who is commiting treachery.

  41. @Riley: Welcome To WRA, and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

    @Super: i think the WG turned off the cameras so that the people don’t loose faith in them. if it seems as if they can’t handle Wb and a few pirates AT their HQ, how can they protect other countries. So its more of a save face tactict. I think they still have another card, but its gonna be more dangerous for both sides. Vegapunk is a genius, that can make swords eat DF’s so its possible for something even more dangerous like someone with 2 Dfs…*crosses fingers*

    @anyone: is boa and smoker done fighting?…who won?

    Back to the chapter…This was a good chapter. I

    think it hilarious how Buggy is getting alot of buzz and screentime. He’s truly gonna get some infamy now. the WG to me is beginning to get desparate if there firing on there own men like that. I think (squad is it?) was doing something with the WG…its weird that his captain was having a hard time contacting him…hmm…
    i think WB will be alright…he’s already got another scar on his chest since we last seen him so obviously he’s still doing some major fighting…… “Tis’ Only A Flesh Wound”

  42. Screw Naruto, OP is where it’s at! that was an epic chapter! WB getting kabbabed – it’s not looking to good atm is it? *cough*acemustdie*cough*. hmmm well this is the general flow of OP though, awesome set up, plan commences, good guys get their buts beat, fight back with spirit and awesomeness, win! but then again, that’s only the SH crew with which that assumption is valid.

    As for WB getting owned – Doflamingo? but i doubt it – it would be too obvious, or maybe that’s what oda wants us to think… I’d really like to say it’s WB’s plan – the marines become overconfident and push to end it b4 a surrrrrrrrpppprise attacks wipes out the marines *crosses fingers* .

    Dammit luffy learn how to master Haki in 3 seconds and teach those marines how to fight XD.

    On a side note – where the hell is crocodile? and what is his majesty up to? 😛

  43. mud . wb is gonna pwns the god damned stabber

    riley. welcome to the awesomeness which will be soon changed to vough* perviness by super >_>

    smurf. thats a loooong way to go . first think how this will end lolz , but that sounds funy and awesome lol

    shinobi . i doubt smoki can beat boa that easily and vice versa as well . it would be continueing

  44. @supertrek89: maybe he will but he won’t right now. doflamingo might (betting 50-50 on this) kill him but not without a fight
    a fair fight without any puppets involved
    and the shadow ranger (aka black beard) isn’t there yet so i really dont think he will die
    besides shadow ranger killing white beard sounds more likely

    with the death of gol an era ended, the era white beard belonged in. so, it is only natural that he will die soon most probably in this war but one thing is sure – he won’t die by the hands of doflamingo’s puppet since that will be too much of an insult to his “awesomeness”

    i don’t know where i read this but someone asked when luffy got to second gear – he already is in third:
    so, he must have been in second gear when he was standing next to white beard since the pose he gave looked like it
    and since he hasn’t shrunk to a kid, i am guessing he either has learned how to master his gears or that he is still in the third

    @mudshovel i am with you on that one – screw naruto
    it was a good laugh though

  45. @everyone: thnx
    i know i will love it here

  46. i just have a feeling ive seen you before i mean the name and the pic of course X_X

    were you at ira?

  47. i was looking back at what riley posted about luffy’s second/third gear question, and kept reading.
    well i got to the point of wb talking to buggy, and then him actually looking for Squado…
    then only to show up AFTER his group gets it bad..
    this is more evidence that he was talking to someone…

  48. yeah, im offically on the WB is gonna die boat now, but not because of the execution nor that weak stab, but because of his reign…its been him, sengoku, garp, and shanks that are really the only ones left from that age. Even that crazy Donflamingo knows that theres a new Age approaching. everyone else from that age is either not heard of or dead.. so it would make sense if he were to leave the picture or to die. Sort of like Naruto with surpassing the previous generation thing.
    If WB does die, then ace will live, and probably become the leader of the WB pirates as WB’s last wish or something. It will sort be like the Sun Pirates(Merman) after Tiger Fisher died,and Jimbei and Arlong were leading them…also this is sort of like the Alabaster arc for luffy. if WB does die, it now leaves a void of power for the Yonkous now,just like the Shibukai. I wonder if Oda was thinking of someone to replace WB could possibly be BB,but he would have to be the one to take out WB…

  49. @Ahsan 阿赫桑 ira? the picture is a pixelated photo. it resembles anyone who had an anime picture with white top and red hair.

    @shinobimadness: with you on that one. see, everyone is betting on the next generation. whitebeard on ace, shanks on luffy, hawk on zoro. things are changing so rapidly there but Oda is too cunning to let us figure that out so easily. shanks has been rendered almost powerless without his arm which he lost at the very pilot of the manga. gol’ gave up his life for the new generation of pirates, hawk has already found someone he wants to fight and lose to and i am 25% sure he will do something heroic with zoro later in the series when the time asks for it. it is only obvious that white beard does something for the new generation and this is the perfect opportunity for him to show how much ace means to him – and a prediction: soon a chapter with that theme will be up with a slight possibility (0.05%) of it being boring as hell.

    and one more reason why i don’t think whitebeard will die just yet = shanks hasn’t been shown. i know this hasn’t always been necessary like how we were shown how ace lost to black beard much later in the series but this time it’s a war; a world-war if i may. and the first rule of a world was is either you’re with someone or against someone. that only means one thing – shanks will be shown. dragon is probably plotting something twisted so it is not necessary for him to be shown until the next arc but shanks will and should be shown since he was involved in this war earlier. he might be fighting but he needs to be shown and if he is shown it only means he will take a couple of chapters and that in turn means white beard and doflamingo wont be fighting much doflamingo will do something absolutely amazing even more amazing that what he attempted to do right now and whitebeard will do something even more “awesomeness” and get out of there

    there are so many things left to be shown at least once before we can think of seeing whitebeard’s actual demise in the pages of the manga and by the time Oda reaches there, i hope, he will change his mind

  50. @Riley:yeah for the most part your right. However with Shanks, they said that even though he lost his left arm, he hasn’t lost any of his power which was meant to say alot about him. It would be interesting to see a glimpse of Kaido and Shanks’ little skirmish would be like but thats not gonna happen until later.

    Im curious to know if there was any other Shibukai before Croc,Jimbei,Moria,Boa,Hawk, Donflamingo and Kuma? hmmm..i know they wanted Ace just a few years back…

    @anyone:if the WG offered Luffy a title of shibukai(not that he would accept…)could he still be Pirate King?. He said being pirate king to him means having the most freedom to do whatever, and the shibukai can do anything, as long as they help out the WG? Hasn’t luffy done something that would have helped them out?
    Just To Name A Few-Arlong,Don Krieg, Crocodie,

  51. Im starting to wonder more and more what the secrets are around kuma
    What does he have to do with the revolutionary army?
    why did the WG pick his body for the px’s?
    will he get back some of his memory to what he was.
    Did he truly intend to help the sh crew?

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