Letters From Soul Society 003 Updated with fan fic

Hope you guys will like it 😀 Please read the first two chapters, if you haven’t already!

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 003 Awakening coming soon!

Chapter 003 Awakening coming soon!

Jiraiya looked around…this wasn’t the same as last time.  He clearly remembered that he had just passed from the world of the living, to this world. The world the Shinigami had called Soul Society. He ran his hand down the length of his chest. Second: no hole, no chain. He breathed easier.

A small town bustled around him. People passed on either side without noticing. Perhaps he couldn’t be seen. Although, considering the events of not long ago, he should find out.

He found a likely target. She wore a tasteful blue kimono that flexed across curvy hips. Just as she passed him he called out.

“Hi there.”

“Hello.” She looked a little uncomfortable, thenswayed away.

“Yes! I can be seen. I was expecting pearly gates or some sort of…guide. Map? Something. Guess I’m on my own.”

Jiraiya looked around for a tavern. Things didn’t seem all that different here, so perhaps a drink, a question or two and BAM, he’d have a game plan. He’d barely gone anywhere when a woman’s voice erupted from a place called ‘The Flying Pig’. The sign hung crooked, the door sloped on its hinges digging into the walk, and a puddle drained into the gutter. A patron of the bar adjusted his hakama and staggered back inside.

“HA HA HA! You really want to lose more money?” The female voice rolled out the open door like an invitation.

“My kind of place.” Jiraiya’s smirk deepened as he stepped over the puddle and washed the harsh smell of urine out of his nostrils with the delicatescent of fine draft sake. Mmm. Heaven.

The woman who’s voice lured him in sat across the room. A little top heavy, she didn’t seem to mind men looking, because her tight red shirt almost commanded a second glance. A white wrap tied back her black hair, covering most of her head, which she threw back carelessly when she laughed. She only had one arm, but it didn’t appear to slow her down. Sitting on the floor at a table of men who had been drowning in sake, she looked as if she held court.

Jiraiya watched the enticing jiggle as she swiped her good arm across her mouth, and understood why her entourage wouldn’t mind losing.

“One moooore kime Kuukaku,” one of the men slurred, as he poured two tall glasses of sake. “On be count o three! One, two…” Before he counted three, he slogged the sake to his drooling face and started chugging.
Jiraiya snorted.

The woman calmly lifted her glass, tilted backand swallowed in one gulp. She slammed the glass on the table even as her opponent spilled the last his drink, groaned and passed out.

“Kha hahaha!” She erupted into hardy laughter.“That’s 300 yen! Pay up!”

This woman had clearly never been called Hime in her life, or had gutted the last person who’d tried. He had to meet her.

A different man wobbled up from the table, his knife catching the light as he swung it at her.

“What’sh keeping us from shtiffing a one armed bitch…hell…there are five of…ush.”

Jiraiya clenched his fist, steadying himself for a fight, when everyone in the bar dropped to the ground as if crushed.

“Woh Ho!” The woman exclaimed as she suddenly bent over the table, steadying herself with her good arm.

Her eyes glinted as she locked onto Jiraiya, the only one still standing.

“You may want to put that Riatsu away, big guy.” She chuckled, but her voice had gone soothing soft. “He didn’t mean any harm, he was just playin’ around.” She seemed to be struggling against some unseen force to stand.

Jiraiya shifted his gaze, took in the drunken grunts and groans from the people around him;everyone in the bar pressed against the floor as if crushed by an invisible boulder.

The woman labored, lurching the entire way to Jiraiya, panting with effort. A bead of sweat rolled down her temple. She leaned forward and grabbed his arm.

“You–you have to relax big guy. It was just a joke.”

The knife man struggled on the floor, working to push the weapon away. “Honest. It was joke, we’re all friends here.”

Jiraiya looked back at the woman, who still seemed to be wrestling with gravity.

She flashed him a wicked grin. “Come on. What do you say?”

His fists unclenched. And he started breathing again, not realizing he’d been holding his breath when…



The woman smacked Jiraiya on the back of his head, laughing. “What the hell was that about, big guy? People like you should know better.”

“Like me?”

To be continued…

Next Chapter: Lesson One

Notes from the authors: Thanks for the support and thanks to those who have recommended the fanfic to friends 😀


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  6. hell noes . i coulda said 2nd but this is retarded 😛


  7. Sorry it so long >_<

  8. YOSH!!! Another awesome chapter! I wonder what Captain Yamato does with new members of Soul Society who come in with huge supplies of reitsu. Does he offer them a position on the Gotei 13 perhaps Captain level or does he just let them wander around unsupervised? Knowing Jiraiya though he’d be hard to convince but I would love for him to be a Captain of Tousen’s, Gin’s, or Aizen’s squad.

  9. yosh, lol at Jiraiya crushing everyone by mistake in the Pub… “fighting with gravity” much to learn grasshoppa. Loving it dude keep up the good work.

  10. @ Trek – that riatsu explosion is sure to raise some red flags so we’ll have to see what happens there ^_^

    @ Ryuu – Thanks ^_^

  11. i was just thinking, all the Reiatsu sensors in SS must have just had a “Big eyes, small pupil, Sweat drop” moment when they felt that bump in presure from Rukongai and not in seretei. now the questions really is .

    would yall watch this as a filler arc instead of the crappy stuff we’ve seen so far? (except for this arc i kinda like this one)
    (all fillers so far seem to feel like inhouse fanfics anyway)

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