Letters from Soul Society 002 Tsunade’s Sonata

Chapter 002 Tsunade's Sonata

Chapter 002 Tsunade's Sonata

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The hilt of the Samurai sword hit Jiraiya’s fore head protector.

The samurai’s angular face knotted up. “Huh?”


“What’s going on here?”

Clunk Clunk

Clunk Clunkclunkclunk

“Samurai. Can I help you?” The tapping on his forehead protector pulsed, paused, and started again.

“Is this some type of cursed armor?”

Clunk…Clunk clunk

“I’m sending you to Soul Society, but it’s not working. I’ve never seen anything like it.” The Samurai’s jaw set, he’d gone serious.

Jiraiya grabbed the samurai’s wrist and squeezed a warning. “Just what kind of Samurai are you?”

“Shinigami. I send deceased people to Soul Society…”

“DEAD?! I’m really dead!?”

The shinigami lowered his sword along with his gaze and looked a bit more respectful.

“Shinobi. Take off that strange forehead armor, I think its keeping me from performing the burial.”

“I’m not going to any burial!”

“Easy there, Shinobi…” The samurai held up a hand and froze. “It appears we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot. I usually don’t have to explain. It saves time when you just find out on the other side.” The Shinigami shrugged and stood upright, sword at his side.

Jiraiya used the time to recount the facts. Konoha. Transparent. Teleportation? Chain hanging from his chest…his knees threatened to buckle.

He’d lost. He hadn’t survived Nagato…Pa hadn’t teleported him anywhere…

Jiraiya’s lips pressed together, the tension stiffened his knees.

“We all have to go sometime, usually Shinobi understand that better than anyone,” the Shinigami said flatly.

Jiraiya nodded and set his jaw in determination as he lifted his eyes to meet the other man’s.

“Shinigami. There is something that I must to do first…”

The other man shook his head. “I can’t allow that. I am under direct orders to take you immediately. Most humans who possessed a large amount of chakra while they were mortal, tend to posses large amounts of Riatsu after they pass to the other side. I can already feel your Riatsu growing by the minute, we have to go NOW.”

Jiraiya turned toward Tsunade’s face on the mountain and then looked back at the shinigami.

The shinigami’s stared back for a long moment, then deflated. “Five minutes, Shinobi, but…”

Jiraiya turned and flashed toward Tsunade’s office before the shinigami could finish his sentence. Jiraiya stood in Tsunade’s office at the speed of his will.

Her hair fell across her face, and his finger twitched to brush it aside. She sat in her window, staring out at Konoha, holding a flask of sake.

His heart wrenched as if it would rip from his chest and he felt the pain of her loss radiate down to his toes. He stepped toward the love of his life on hesitant feet.

He ran fingertips across her pink tinged cheek, unable to feel her soft skin. He choked on another wave of crushing emotion.

The shinigami shuffled his feet and cleared his throat.

“This is too much for me, Shinigami,” Jiraiya choked back tears. He barked his words to ward off a sob. “She can’t even feel that I’m here,”

“Wait for her,” the Shinigami replied simply. “Everyone has to cross over eventually…”

Jiraiya nodded and leaned, his lips nearly touching Tsunade’s ear. “I won’t make the same mistake again. The next time I see you, I will grab hold and never let go…”

Tsunade’s tears welled and poured down her face before she buried her face in her sleeve.

Jiraiya wrenched himself away and exposed his bare forehead to the Shinigami, who stood round-eyed.

“H-how did you do that? I’ve never seen anything like that.” The Shinigami whispered in disbelief. He brought the hilt of his katana up and gently tapped.

Jiraiya smirked as he began to sink into a black hole that had formed in the wall behind him. He turned to look at Tsunade…

“Our love transcends death, my friend.”

Perhaps he only imagined that his words teased the hint of a smile from her tears as she lifted her head to gaze out at Konoha once again…

Then everything went black…

To be continued…

Next chapter: 003 Arrival

Notes from the authors: In the next chapter Jiraiya finally arrives in soul society only to be met by a familiar face… hope you are enjoying it 🙂 Feel free to suggest plot points that would be interesting, remember that the best fanfic stays within the original work without messing with anything.


Jeremiah and Kumori


~ by 火影 千手 iareawesomeness on October 22, 2009.

17 Responses to “Letters from Soul Society 002 Tsunade’s Sonata”

  1. FIRST!!!!!

  2. I don’t usually like fanfics, but this one I actually intend to follow. I liked the first chapter, but this one made me gag. I believe Jiraiya and Tsunade are close friends not lovers.

  3. yep! looks promising! Nice two Jerry!

  4. Forth!, i have to agree with amaterasu that its a good fanfic but the idea of jiriaya and tsunade being lovers etc did the same as it did to ameterasu made me gag lol

  5. You guys are crazy! Kishi has been hinting at that for freakin ever 😀

  6. 4th! Great job again guys short and sweet.

    I don’t think they were lovers in this fanfic but just expanded on what the manga hinted at. They were friends who cared for each other but never had the time or courage to express their feelings for one another. Well at least Tsunade never did and now she regrets that she never will have the chance seeing as how he’s dead. But if Jeremiah says they were then I guess they are since it’s his fanfic.

    Anyway I think the familiar face Jiraiya encounters next chapter will be Minato but it could also be Kushina, Nagato, Yahiko, and a score of other ninja. I would love to see the powerful baddies that are now dead in Naruto attack SS and the powerful good guys of Naruto defend Soul Society along with the Bleach captains.

  7. Wow, this is getting quite interesting – generally i stay from fan fics like gai stays away from fashion but i think i’ll make an exception this time XD.

    I pretty much agree with super, they were pretty close friends, but didn’t express how they really felt.

    As for the person he meets next week – well if we take into account the weirdness of Soul Society where it’s almost impossible to find family (i know Minato technically isn’t, but still he’s like a son to jiraiya) then i think he’ll meet Itachi. That would be quite a meeting indeed.
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to it.

  8. Soul society, hmmm, guess that’s where the 1st-4th hokages and part of the kyuubi are playing poker.

    Wait, are we predicting what is going to happen in the fanfic like we do for the mangas? If so, then this speaks the volume of this fanfic!

  9. For those of you who didn’t like the romantic thing, it won’t be returning in the foreseeable future but it had to be written. There is no way he would have left without doing that.

    Thanks again for the support and please please suggest it to people. A fanfic writers only payment is readership 🙂 I’m glad we can contribute something to WRA.

  10. *suggests it to people* EVERYONE LOOK COME HERE READ THIS THING!!!


    That should have done it and if that doesn’t work I can always use my sharingan…o_@

  11. my ultimate sharingan pwns your simple and overly common sharingan

    anyways nice fic 😛

    when is our dead star itachi coming O_O

  12. The familiar face is Minato, right? Or maybe Hiruzen Sarutobi?

    Great post!

  13. Good guesses but nope, not someone so epic. Remember its actually really hard to find people you want to find in Soul Society.

    @ Ahsan – Itachi dies shortly after Jiraiya so it will be a couple chapters, but soon.

    The chapter is done, even the cover is done. Kumori is doing her thing and then it will post. Maybe I’ll post a spoiler pic as a joke so you guys can either cheer or boo the familiar face 😀

  14. Since there is no Naruto this week I’ll be posting another chapter either tonight or tomorrow…

    Sorry for the double post >_<

  15. Loving this Fic, cant wait to see what you guys are gonna do with his zanpactou, shikai or otherwise, i would imagine he will be a bad ass since he was a bad ass in life. so as a possible prediction or discussion what squad do you think he’ll be a part of, i say soi fong.

  16. @ Ryuujin – thanks ^_^

    Some of that stuff will be coming in this first story arc but not all. It will work with both Naruto and Bleach so that its all possible without screwing with Bleach or Naruto canon. I’ve got some cool stuff planned 🙂

  17. @jeremiah: yeah i figured this was at the very least an Intro arc, not really sure how far you planned on taking it so my imagination kinda took a walk… Only other FanFic i read was a Naruto Rurouni Kenshen Crossover, it was cool but messed with the Cannon a Bit. But you guys keep up the good work. i told every manga reader i know about this. no A$S Kissery intended.

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