Naruto Shippuuden 131 Breakdown. Let the showdown begin!!!

Good day and welcome to Awesomeness flight 2192. I am your host, TenraiSenshi, who will be guiding you on your trip through the epic wonders and pure greatness of our latest episode.

Get yourself into a brace position and prepare for the ride of your life, because all I can say is that this is easily one of the best episodes we have seen lately, if not one of the best in Shippuuden period.

Where ready for blastoff!!! Boooyakasha!!!!

Bad hair days. They happen to the best of us.

Bad hair days. They happen to the best of us.

Much in the same way we have seen with previous installments that involve epic battles, such as the Deidara/Sasuke battle, once again we are treated to a healthy dose of pumped up animation and a nicely polished production.

Add that to the brilliant sound score, epic action and a few sprinkles of warm-hearted humor in between the glorious main course, and you have a recipe that simply cannot fail, and one that is served with all the charm and vibrancy one can possibly hope for.

I was really worried about how well this very important sequence would be handled, but I am pleased to say that it was not disappointing, even despite a few tiny annoyances, such as our dreaded flashback repeats (told you they would happen) and some minor dawdling near the end.

But even those niggling issues are so small, they are ultimately forgettable. This episode should be watched, even if you have never watch the anime, because it really was a blast.

There's no place like home. There's no place... dammit, they sold me duds!!!

There's no place like home. There's no place... dammit, they sold me duds!!!

And so we start our journey through awesomeness with the beginnings of a battle that promises to be epic, with Pein first concealing himself from view using his chameleon thingamagigy that doesn’t know what it is, while Jiraiya creates a detection barrier to snuff him out of hiding.

In the meantime, due to the fact he can’t use his hands because of the very long summoning jutsu he is performing, he places his well-being in the capable, if not somewhat clumsy hands on his giant amphibian friend, who we shall respectfully dub Mr. Gamaken.

It isn’t long after that, where the show kicks off, with Pein summoning what looks to be a seriously grouchy and largely oversize version of Tiny the dog to handle the intrusion.

Kame... hame... HA!!!!!!!!!!

Kame... hame... HA!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Gamaken quickly shows that his voice isn’t the only thing hardcore about him and he really puts on a great show, one that involves a lot of big explosions.(We like big explosions…) XD

But even his efforts bear little fruit as the ‘not so Tiny’ hound from hell proves to be very troublesome indeed, being able to both multiply in number and even recover from most of the damage he has sustained.

Are you having a bad day?

Me want ball! Give me ball... NOW!!!!

Man… that’s one ugly puppy. That’s what happens when you don’t buy your little sweet ball of fur from a certified breeder. <_<

Despite the predicament both of our heroes find themselves in, Jiraiya is not without his own resourcefulness and even shows a way of thinking quite similar to Naruto’s own in battle. Many of our young Jinchuuriki’s signature tricks he has performed with his shadow clones are also shown in Jiraiya’s own similar uses, which may also explain why Naruto was so much more proficient with them after his three year training excursion.

Jiraiya even manages to use them set up a trap for our overly aggressive poochies, leading to their eventual, even if only temporary, demise.

This is what indigestion looks like.

This is what indigestion looks like.

But Pein still has more tricks up his sleeve, despite the momentary loss, and even without his hounds, he proves that he has a lot of ammunition yet to be spent.

Each summon that follows is just as unique and crazy as the previous, with no exceptions to their oddity. It makes you wonder where Pein got them from in the first place, and whether they are the results of a unique summoning contract, or if they are simply a design of his own power.

Either way, they make for  a great battle. ^ ^

Mayday! Mayday!!! Huston, we have a serious problem!!! (Makes you wonder if he's really confused or just plain wierd). <_<

Mayday! Mayday!!! Huston, we have a serious problem!!! (Makes you wonder if he's really confused or if there just isn't any real 'right way up' for this guy). <_<

One thing that stuck out most with regards to this battle was the fact that most of it is original, incorporating a lot of new scenes to fill the gaps that we weren’t shown in the manga. Although there are familiar moments and notable checkpoints that are easily recognizable, just about everything else is completely new content.

For me, it was an improvement overall. The additions helped flesh the it out a bit more. Whereas the manga version of this battle was a bit more abstract, leaving a lot to the imagination, the anime version gave us more of a visual treat.

I R Hardcore!!!

I R Hardcore!!!

Despite the large degree trouble the summons cause Jiraiya, he begins to notice a very obvious pattern in Pein’s attacks. That being the fact that he is only using summoning techniques.

Whereas Nagato, whom he had trained, could use any jutsu he was taught and had even mastered all the elemental natures, the person he was battling now had yet to use any of those techniques despite his versified knowledge in other forms.

Nagato's power

Nagato's true power. Shhh, it's a secret... <_<

I think Jiraiya’s explanation as to Nagato’s abilities gives us a good indication as to just how powerful he is. To be able to learn and master every mainstream jutsu in all five elements by the age of ten, without copying them using a technique like the Sharingan, stands in testimony to his capability.

Jiraiya suspects something fishy is going on simply due to that fact alone, but momentarily puts his thoughts on hold as the battle enters its next stage.

Although it takes some time, and a lot of effort on both Jiraiya’s and Mr Gamaken’s parts, our hero finally completes his preparations for his summoning jutsu. Soon afterwards, he dismisses his larger companion and enters the final stage of his awesomeness transformation.

And so we enter the Sage mode.

Deidara, eat your heart out...

Deidara, eat your heart out...

Of course, any flashy entrance should be coupled by an equally flashy explosion, if you want to atract the right attention. ^ ^

After that, all eyes are on you, for better or for worse. So you gotta make sure you put on your best impression. And who makes a better entrance than good old Jiraiya?

Actually, that’s a good question… O_o

Sage Mode

Gah!!! Bad landing... hurt sensitive... area. Must pass... out...

After a lot of bickering following their arrival, we also get a nice little demonstration of Ma and Pa toads’ power, as they quickly find and dispose of Pein’s troublesome chameleon thingamajig summon with little effort.

It’s clear, even by Jiraiya’s own words, that both toads are extremely powerful, each one probably even stronger than Jiraiya himself as hard as it may be to believe. With them both lending him their strength, and with the Sage mode active as well, he has become a force to be reckoned with.

It also gives us a good idea just how powerful Pein is as well to warrant that kind of call for power.

The finaly battle begins.

The final battle begins.

Well, that’s it for this episode and what an awesome episode it was!!! I can say I was honestly pleased with it and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as well. ^ ^

In my opinion, it trumped the Deidara/Sasuke battle as well.

I will also bring back the bubble contest for this week, in case anyone wants to give it a go.

*Insert caption here*

*Insert caption here*

LOL! I can’t be the only one who found the way Jiraiya runs to be funny, but alas, we have now landed back into reality.

I hope you enjoyed your flight with Awesomeness Airways, so until our next flight, I bid you farewell. In the meantime, here’s what can be expected from our next journey into the Naruto-verse.

I am sorry that this breakdown was a bit late, but my free time was virtually non-existent this weekend. I hope you will all forgive me.

Cheers!!! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on October 19, 2009.

45 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 131 Breakdown. Let the showdown begin!!!”

  1. really awesome breakdown ten , a breakdown that is just as awesome as the episode or even more O_O

    BTW first !!!

  2. really awesome polls as well ,cough* kakashi cough*FTW O_O >…< they rock


  3. 2nd

  4. 3rd man,4th post(not that someone cares)

    Grat breakdown Tenrai.It was a pure awesomeness this episode and I really enjoyed the “mini fillers” if you wish.They made the battle more …full of content,better and it really shows what two kage-level shinobi can do.

  5. Great Breakdown!!! Really love ’em

    The episode was awesomeness also.

    I shouldn’t have drank the toad blood!


    this is called running your ass off >.<

  7. I watched this episode when i was half asleep 😦

    I watched it late on Thursday because sombody commented and said it was out, i usualy watch the new Naruto shippuuden episode on Friday.


    Data, Data, out to collect data, Yahooo!

  9. This was probably one of the best Shippuden episodes I have seen in a long time. As much as I don’t want Jiraiya to die, the action in this is top notch. My love of Naruto began in the anime and it is clear that the animators remained as true to the manga as much as possible, with the occasional filler transitions to make it all flow.

    Great breakdown Tenrai. To be honest, I am soooo glad I am not doing these write ups anymore. Now, I can enjoy the anime like I used to.


    Run, Jiraiya Run! Get the hell outta there!

  10. it was a really good episode, the best one yet! as you said, it blew sasuke vs deidara out of the water. thanks for pointing out how many hints are dropped on just how powerful both jiraiya and pain are.

  11. top 10… wohooo!

    The anime really adds another dimension to this epic… this episode rocks!!! I can’t wait for the next one. 😉

  12. I’m still mourning for j-man but I think this is the best way to go than die of old age or worst… stroke!

  13. Awesome Breakdown tenrai. I lmao almost the whole way threw.

    Nothing like a good game of pacman pervy O_o

  14. This was a great episode the whole summon fight with the gigant dogs vs Mr. Gamaken was action packed. I can’t wait till next week’s episode 😀 I want more action !

  15. I love how they add a little bit extra to the fight scenes in the amine compared to the manga!!! This weeks episode was off the hook. Not looking foward to whats about to happen tho!! Manga readers now what im talking about!!

  16. caption:
    FREE PORN!!!! WHERE?!?!

  17. @truepain

    ROFL!!!! That was an instant classic. ^ ^

  18. @truepain: awesome! That is perfect!!

  19. Truepain wins!

  20. @truepain: Nice! You make mine looks like child’s play!

  21. Caption:

    Damn I knew those insta burritos were gonna bite me in the ASS!

  22. (Dap098 here) This Episode was awesome, been a while since there was a decent (non filler) fight episode, cant wait for the next episode… although wont be long till Jiraiyas dead (booo!)

  23. Caption

    1-this is what happens when a gay chases you -___-

    2- run !! run!! run to candy mountain O_o

  24. This is why I read the manga and watch the anime! Awesome episode and awesome breakdown.

    This episode reminded me of the 6th chakra nature. I think it has something to do with yin/yang chakra and Kakashi never got around to explaining it. Damn this episode was awesome and I didn’t know Human Path could do all of that! He should have been using those summonings on Naruto!


    1. How far does the rabbit hole go? Really damn far!

    2. Dammit Morpheus I knew I shouldn’t have taken the red pill!

  25. @supertrek89

    Um… he did use all of those summonings on Naruto. O_o

    He used the Rhino, which Naruto threw 2km into the air, he used the bird, which Naruto evaded while trying to get closer to the animal path (chapter 432 page 8), he used the bull as well and he used the multiplying dog, both of which Naruto used the Super Rasengans on before the three giant toads went into areal combat with them.

    In fact, the only summon he didn’t use in the battle with Naruto, that he used against Jiraiya, was the chameleon thingamajig, mostly because it kinda suffered a fatal wound at the hands of Fukusaku.

    (In other words, it got sliced in half). <_<

  26. @Tenrai: Lol, indeed you’re right. The summonings did so much better in the fight with Jiraiya I thought there’s no possible way Human Path used the same summonings on Naruto. Then reviewing the manga again I see that Naruto had a lot of help while Jiraiya was by himself with Gamaken for the most part.

    Though if you kill a summoning you can still bring it back later. Jiraiya killed the giant bird, the dog, and the rhino but Human Path brought them all back so he could have done the same for the chameleon thingamajig. 😉

  27. @supertrek89

    The difference is that the chameleon was definitely dead, while the others were more injured and simply unsummoned due to the damage sustained. (I can’t be sure about the bird though)

    It’s the same way that Manda will never come back to life.

    Also remember that those summons were not defeated by Jiraiya in the manga like they were in the anime. Jiraiya went into sage mode a lot sooner, so a lot of the battle in the anime contains new scenes.

    P.S. Naruto had more help, but he was also fighting all six bodies from the start, not just one body with summons. So he needed the toads to help handle the summons while he tried to handle Pein’s bodies.

  28. @supertrek: I don think that’s how summons work. Take Manda for example. After sasuke used him to escape deidara’s explosion,
    suigetsu clearly states that he dies:
    From what I noticed with summons is that they usually return to their world when they are weaken or dismissed by there summoner but if enough damage is done to them before that then they can, in fact, die. Like Tenari said about the chameleon thingamajig getting that fatal wound from Pa and in the anime we can see Jataiya’s crazy hair powers slicing the crab into pieces.

  29. Ah ok, but that bird definitely looked like it was burnt to death and was still summoned back later in the manga. o_O

  30. @supertrek89

    That may be true, but the bird was only burnt to death in the anime, not in the manga. So it stands to reason that it came back in the manga.

    Who knows if it may change in the anime, but I do know that once a summon dies, it is dead. There is also the chance that there may be more than one bird of the same kind, just like there is more than one toad or snake.

  31. I think that “bird” already contains more than one bird in it 😀

    Let’s just asume that the summons got seriously wounded.It would be easier on our minds this way.

  32. But…but I thought bird’s the word whether or not it died in the manga or anime…O_O Lol, moving on. 😉

  33. the bird is defenetly the word. lmao pf great breakdown tenrai defenetly one of the best episodes of shippuden.

  34. And so the comments die…. T__T

  35. Caption

    Jiraya is here!!!

  36. Caption:
    Hovering Mode activate !!!

  37. Caption:

    (Moments later) Dynamic Entrance!

  38. Shippuuden 132 is out:

  39. Caption:
    Jiraiya:Gotta hurry, Tsunades drunk again…hehe

  40. CAPTION:
    The tunnel of no return.


    Jiraiya – Running makes his hair look like a banana.

    I know, lame. XP But I wanted to come up with something new.

  41. “dog, and the rhino but Human Path brought them all back so he could have done the same for the chameleon thingamajig.”

    @Supertrek: I don’t think it was the Human Path that brought them back, I think it was the same path that always revives Pein’s bodies.

  42. CAPTION:
    Race to Witch Mountain… BEGIN!

  43. just like I thought this episode was pure awesomeness
    THE 132 SUCK SOO MUCH——————————-
    I mean seriusly they don’t fucking know how to keep the pace
    instead of making a great action episode they made a slow and over explain scenes not To mention the really really really long tunel where Jiraya talk about 5 mins
    they should skip some less importan comments of the manga to make it faster
    this fight was awesome in the manga put for a anime fight it have too much talking

  44. CAPTION: “oh crap what time was that Party again?”


    CAPTION: “DAMN you Chili Dog!” “Wheres The bathroom in this place?”

  45. CAPTION:
    Praying and running…it will be the death of you…literally!

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