Leaf Ninja Tournament (Part 1) And Conclusion Of Non-Leaf Ninja Tournament!



Hello WRA, sorry it took longer than expected but here’s the conclusive results of our first Naruto tournament. According to poll votes, heated/fun debate, and your lists the #1 non-leaf shinobi is… *drumroll*


Pein_by_azurewrath87Artwork by Azurewrath87

Coming in 2nd is The RAIKAGE








10th HIDAN

Thank you for all your votes and participation! ^_^ For Part 1 of the Non-Leaf Ninja Tournament Click Here and Part 2 Click Here!

____________________________Naruto Leaf Ninja Tournament________________________

And that concludes the Non-Leaf NInja Tournament now let’s get this Leaf Tournament started! ^(0_0)^  Same rules apply from the first tournament except of course this is only Leaf Ninja.


1. This is a tournament involving only leaf ninja we have seen in at least one battle! The poll at the end of the post will determine which ninja moves on to number 1 spot. Of course that’d be the choice with the most votes. The ninja with the most votes automatically moves on to the Part 2 post next week.

2. In the comment section make a top 10 list of who you think are the top 10 ninja on this post. From those lists we will determine who moves on to the spots 3-10.

3. Spot number 2 will be determined by debate of who you think can take on the ninja with the most votes in the poll and based off the top 10 lists you all create.

4. The winners of spot numbers 1-10 will be revealed in Part 2 of this post next week. Also in Part 2 winners of spots 1 and 2 will be matched up against each other through debate and poll to determine who the true victor of this tournament is.

5. The victor will be announced on Part 3. If this goes well enough we’ll put the winner of the Leaf Ninja Tournament against the winner of the Non-Leaf Ninja Tournament to find out the ultimate ninja!

Let’s begin! :)

Note: There will be no Madara in this tournament because his space/time jutsu makes him untouchable, his powers are still unknown, and overall he’s to cheap. In his replacement  I have added some useless ninja to make fun of for the most part…>_>


Mokuton_Kage_by_clarkusaurelius.png Hashirama: 1st Hokage and founder of Konoha. Possesses the Kekkei Genkei Mokuton jutsu (wood release) which was said to help build Konoha’s very foundation. The Mokuton jutsu was also a powerful technique in that it gave him the power to suppress a Bijuu’s chakra allowing him to collect them. He was also a user of genjutsu for those who can remember that far back. o_O (http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/122/14/) Hashirama was one of the most powerful ninja of his time which led to his eventual battle with Madara. Hashirama came out the victor in that battle even with the EMS and Kyuubi in Madara’s power.


Tobirama_Senju_Wallpaper_by_LCrook Tobirama: 2nd Hokage and little brother of Hashirama. Was a master of Suiton jutsu (water release) and as the Hokage was the strongest in the village after his brother’s death of course. Able to perform high level Suiton jutsu without any body of water in the vicinity.


Sandaime__the_3rd_Hokage_by_GensoTeam Hirzune: Better known as Sarutobi or the 3rd Hokage he was trained under both Hashirama and Tobirama in the art of the shinobi. Was donned ‘The Professor’ for his ability to learn and use every single jutsu in the Leaf Village. Iruka also mentioned Hiruzen was known as the strongest Hokage of all. Even in his old age he was able to hold off the summoned corpses of the 1st Hokage, 2nd Hokage, and Orochimaru eventually defeating the first two opponents. He can summon the Monkey King Emma who can turn to a staff as hard as diamond.



Minato: 4th Hokage of Konoha. His nickname is ‘Konoha’s Yellow Flash’ and is so for good reason. Thanks to his Flying Thunder God technique he could instantly summon himself to wherever his special seal was placed, whether it be on a person’s body or his kunai. With the FTG Minato could wipe out an entire platoon of ninja in a blink of an eye. His prowess was so much feared that in the 3rd Ninja War orders were given to the enemy to flee on sight. Jiraiya remarked that he was a genius with talent you only see once a decade at best. On top of that he is able to summon Gamabunta and defeated the Kyuubi in battle at the cost of his own life.



Tsunade: 5th Hokage and the only female to hold the title. ^(0_0)^ One of the 3 Legendary Sanin she is best known for her amazing medical abilities and feats. As so she is regarded as the best medical nin in the world. The chakra seal on her forehead can be released with Ninpou-Genesis Rebirth allowing her to rapidly increase the cells in her body to reconstruct damaged parts and even organs. Tsuande is also just as much known for her immense strength amplified by her chakra to gain inhuman strength. One of her greatest feats of strength was when she picked up Gamabunta’s big ass sword in her weakened state during the fight with Orochimaru and slammed it through Manda’s mouth.



Danzou: Temporary 6th Hokage appointed by the Daimyo he posseses Shisui Uchiha’s Sharingan in his right eye which is damaged. Even though it’s damaged he can use it very proficiently which he demonstrates by detecting 17 ninja hiding in a forest. He also has excellent skills at fighting as he dispatches all of those shinobi alone with Futon jutsu (wind) and his sword. The Sharingan also has a special ability which allows its user to manipulate and influence another’s actions without that person knowing.



Yamato: Temporary  leader of Team 7 he shares DNA with the 1st Hokage (Hashirama) which allows him to perform Mokuton jutsu. This ability allows him to suppress the chakra in the less advanced stages of the Kyubi. Though he is far less profiecent with the justu compared to the 1st he is still very much skilled, demonstrated by creating large houses instantly (even if it’s to his demise that it feels like he’s rebuilding Konoha by himself XD).Yamato is also a skilled tracker, trapper, and adept in taijutsu.



Anko: Found to be of interest at an early age by Orochimaru shows her talent as a ninja seeing as how Orochimaru has a keen eye for the gifted.  Orochimaru branded her with the Curse Seal which she still possesses, but it doesn’t seem to grant her anymore power but instead inhibits her when activated. Anko has the ability to conjure up snakes like Orochimaru which leads to her most deadly attack, a forbidden jutsu called ‘Twin Snakes Mutual Death’. This jutsu produces two snakes from the user’s sleeve after the necessary hand seals which bite both the user and intended target injecting them both with deadly venom.


Kurenai_Wallie_by_Reavie Kurenai: Condition…not pregnant! -_- Top genjutsu specialist in the Leaf Village and leader of Team 8. Not much else is known about her fighting ability… If it counts any she’s sexy as hell and Asuma was one lucky bastard! ^_^ No pervert can stand up to her is she strikes a pose so that defeats the likes of Jiraiya, Hiruzen, and Ebisu! Oh, and I”m sure she’s a wonderful fighter…>_>



Kiba: Noted for his speed, heightened senses of sight and smell, and tracking ability he teams up with his life long pet/friend Akamaru to make an unbreakable team. He has a unique form of taijutsu that is bestial in nature and inherent of his clan. Most of his attacks are in coordination with Akamaru making for devastatingly accurate and damaging double team attacks.  Most notable is their ‘Man Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf’ where they turn into a giant double headed wolf…obviously.



Hinata: The sexiest Kunoichi in ‘Naruto’ by far and the most badass…but that’s just my bias opinion. XD Hinata possesses 1 of the 3 great doujutsus, Byakugan, allowing her a nearly 360 degree view of her surroundings in battle and keen site to her opponent’s vital areas and chakra circulatory system. In insight to the opponent’s condition, feelings, and even thoughts the Byakugan surpasses the Sharingan.  She also specializes in the Gentle Fist which Rock Lee proclaimed as, “The Leaf’s strongest taijutsu style”. Did I mention Hinata’s amazing flexibility…o_O



Shino: Since birth he has had bugs living inside his body which come out to aid him in battle when called upon. These bugs drain the enemy’s chakra until he/she is left incapable to fight. The bugs serve other numerous roles too such as tracking, making a bug clone, and using the bugs as a sacrificial shield…*snickers* Shino is a thinker that tries to stay one step ahead of his opponent usually boxing him/her into a corner to get surrounded by his bugs… He then proceeds to creep his opponent out with said bugs. As demonstarted by Tobi… http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/395/02/ Nasty indeed. >_<



Asuma: The lucky bastard that got Kurenai…no wait there’s more than that… Asmua was the leader of Team 10 and quite formidable with taijutsu and his trench knives. In the Sound Invasion of Konoha he single handedly defeated 9 Jounin level ninja without being touched once and quite easily too. His special ability involved fusing his wind chakra with his specially made knives, increasing their reach and drastically increasing their lethality to the point of where he could throw them and pierce through a boulder. He also possessed Katon jutsu (fire) demonstrated when he did his ‘Searing Ash Cloud’ jutsu on Hidan…unfortunately while Hidan was in his special circle…>_>



Shikamaru: Two words, analytical genius. Possesses an IQ of over 200 which is only matched by his superb laziness and infatuation with clouds. After a quick meditation he is able to think 10 moves ahead of his opponent and develop over a hundred strategies. Shikamaru’s ability has led him to receive great praise and responsibility, ironically enough, to lead teams of former classmates. His intelligence combined with his Shadow Manipulation technique usually screws over his opponents as Shikmaru finds various ways to trap and capture his target.


Ino_Chan_by_RamonnaJones Ino: Alright, you know how I said there would be useless characters to take up Madara’s space in this tournament? Well, introducing Useless Ninja #1 who couldn’t even develop the Shinranshin no Jutsu (Mind Body Disturbance Technique) after 3 years. Consequently, after her sensei was killed and she set out to avenge him she was stuck with the same old Shintenshin no Jutsu (Mind Body Switch Technique) she had 3 years ago! Guess what? She couldn’t use it on such high level ninja so in other words she was f**king useless again and only served to yelp and get in the way. You should see her face of disappointment when Shikamaru basically tells her she’s about as useful as Moegi. It’s f**king priceless here take a look http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/335/09/. USELESS!!! -_-



Chouji: Useless Ninja #2! Don’t get me wrong I love Chouji…3 years ago but 3 years later he turned into a fat bastard again who can’t land a punch. It’s true he helped Kakashi fight Pein but of course Kakashi did all the work and all Chouji did was wrap some chains around the guy. He nearly got Kakuzu thanks to Shikamaru’s planning but of course that didn’t work. I’d say Chouji is on the very edge of usefulness teetering either way. He does have some impressive body size altering jutsu and he makes a great bowling ball. What he really needs to do though is bring out those pills again and grow some awesome looking butterfly wings. Kind of like that picture over there. Float like a butterfly eats like a bear just out of hibernation. -_-


Gai__s_Bijuu_Level_Katon_by_Mag_nit Maito Gai: DYNAMIC ENTRY!!! If you hear that you better duck because there’s a jump kick coming your way and you probably don’t have medical insurance. 😉 Don’t let his silly demeanor fool you though Maito Gai is a very talented shinobi. Gai is a taijutsu specialist that utilizes the style Strong Fist, relying on heavy bone breaking attacks. Thanks to his intense work regime dedicated to that one style he has gained immense strength and speed. Even though Gai trains only in taijutsu he is still able to use ninjutsu and possibly genjutsu. Gai is also able to open the Gates all the way up to the 8th at the cost of his life of course. If he brings out the Nunchaku (Nunchucks) you better get the hell out of there! Gai has a unique way to fight Sharingan users by looking at their feet and predicting their movements from there.


Neji_by_eato654 Neji: Just take Hinata, clone her 4 times, put 3 of them together, and give me the 4th one and you’ll have Neji! 😀 Lol, jkjk it’s not known how much stronger Neji is compared to Hinata at the moment but odds are (95%) sure that Neji still and always will have a large gap on her. Whatever Hinata has Neji has it, does it better, and has more of it (this does not include womanly features…>_>). Neji is considered a natural genius of the Hyuuga clan far surpassing what a member of the Branch Family should be capable of according to the Main Branch. For example, unlike Hinata, Neji can see the 361 chakra points above the “inner coil system” which if pressed correctly allows him to control the flow of his opponent’s chakra. He can also surround himself in chakra using the Heavenly Spin blocking almost any attack. Damn you Neji! >_<


Tenten_by_spade13th The very embodiment of uselessness: TenTen: Useless Ninja #3 and we’re done here!

What, you want me to say more? There’s nothing else to say. She has weapons and amazing accuracy but no one sucks so much to get defetaed by kunais and shit except for one person…hmmm…who did she defeat? Oh yeah, HERSELF! Only she would suck enough to get offed by TenTen! Ja, I know Hidan was killed by an array of explosive tags but that was planned and Shikamrau is a genius. All TenTen does is throw weapons and pray that it hits. She’s a genius of uselessness! She’s kinda cute though. -_-


Beautiful_Beast_Rock_Lee_by_kashigi Rock Lee: SPIRIT SENSE ON!!! O_O Lol, that was a filler don’t worry about it. ^^ Rock Lee is very much limited in the arts of the shinobi to the point of using taijutsu and only taijutsu. As a result of training in that one style, also Strong Fist like Gai, for the entirety of his life he has nearly perfected it. Lee has insane speed and strength compared to many of his peers because of his extremely tough training. Gai has gone as far as to call Rock Lee a “genius of hard work” recognizing his tenacity to become a famous shinobi who only uses taijutsu. Rock Lee trains with weights and when taken off his speed drastically increases to the point where he can vanish from your sight. On top of all that Lee is a naturally born master of the ‘Drunken Fist’. When given alcohol he goes into a drunken stupor of weird attack patterns that throws the enemy off. Last but not least Lee is able to open all the Gates up to the 5th one.


Kakashi_by_Hiruka00 Kakashi: Oh boy here we go… Hatake Kakashi; the most overrated loved copy cat ninja in the ‘Naruto’ world. A genius I must say for becoming a Jounin at the age of 13. He has so much to offer I’m just going to get it all out the way. Kakashi has 4 (fire shown in the anime) of the 5 elements at his disposal and knows over 1,000 jutsus including the rasengan and raikiri. He posseses the intellect comparable to that of Shikamaru, a keen nose almost on par with Kiba, and superb control of his Sharingan for a non-Uchiha. He has developed his Sharingan into the Mangekyou Sharingan allowing him to warp objects, people, and even explosions into another dimension. Though use of the Sharingan drastically drains his chakra reserves much faster than it would for a Uchiha. 😛 He has a summoning pact with nin-dogs who he uses on occasion for battle and tracking. Kakashi is Hokage material, fast, strong, smart, skilled, yada yada yada…-_- He’d be dead right now if Nagato didn’t pussy out at the end of the arc…>_>


Kyuubi_Sage_Uzumaki_Naruto_by_DemonFoxKira.png Uzumaki Naruto: Yes, he deserves his last name in there. 😉 Sage+Kyubi chakra…nuff’ said! Lol, aright let’s get it all out there. Naruto holds inside of him the 9 tailed Kyuubi and a near endless supply of chakra as a result. Though drawing out that chakra risks losing control and harm to his body. A knucklehead ninja he doesn’t know the meaning of giving up and as a result has been labeled as a “proud failure” for getting up no matter how many times he falls. That attitude has seen Naruto through to learn incredible jutsu like the Kage Bushin at  the age of 13, Rasengan,  Rasenshuriken,Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning) of Gamabunta, and Sage Mode. He even knows how to control small amounts of his Kyubi chakra and recently we saw a mix of Sage/Kyubi chakra when he got pissed. +_+ Naruto is a genius in his own right when it comes to fighting outsmarting superior opponents numerous times (Kiba, Neji, Kabuto, Pein)  with his unique strategies. Last but not least Naruto always has his secret weapon Sexy No Jutsu which never fails to impress me! ^_^


Sakura_by_0o_silvertea_o0 Sakura: Useless Ninja #4! No wait, I’m sorry I had a flashback to 3 years ago. *shudders* Alright, no Sakura bashing I promised myself. 🙂 Sakura was trained under both Kakashi and Tsunade to become a great ninja like two other special shinobi on her team. At first she was only notable for her high intellect, affinity to genjutsu, and great chakra control but she needed a boost in power to fight in combat. She got that major boost in power training under Tsunade’s tutelage (sounds dirty I know 😉 ) for 2 1/2 years. During the training she was taught to dodge like a medical nin and never to get hit. Thanks to the training Sakura has learned to read and predict her opponent’s movements in order to avoid being hit. She gained Tsunade’s strong punches where she builds up and releases chakra in her feet and hands. Last but least Sakura was trained heavily in medical jutsu taking advantage of her fine chakra control. Sakura is now one of the best medical nins in Konoha and Chiyo even praised Tsuande’s pupil for her medical prowess.


a023dd896a3572966e3f1230bce1d851 Uchiha Sasuke: Naruto got the last name I think his rival deserves one too. 😛 Sasuke is regarded as a genius even amongst the elite Uchiha standards. He graduated at the top of his class easily outperforming the rest of his peers. Sasuke’s main weapon is of course his cheap ass wonderful Sharingan which allows him to put his enemies in slow mo, copy their moves perfectly after only seeing them once, and predict their movements. He’s also extremely well versed in genjutsu shown when he was able to break Itachi’s Tsukoyomi without the MS and put Manda under genjutsu without any chakra left…now that’s just amazing not to mention he summoned Manda with no chakra left. O_O After Itachi’s death Sasuke’s Sharingan developed into a Mangekyou Sharingan with his powers transfered in there. Itachi transferred all of his eye techs into Sasuke giving him Amaterasu, Tsukoyomi, and Susano’o. Sasuke has made amazing progress with these techniques in a short period of time able to cover and manipulate the shape of Amaterasu around the protective shield of Susano’o. Shi even remarked he may have better control over it than Itachi did.


Sai_by_Mikutashi Sai: The newest member to Team 7 he was a former member of ROOT at such a young age proving his skill. Danzou  remarked that Sai was stronger than anybody in his generation that lived in the village and he was the same age as Naruto, which is the reason why he was assigned to Team 7. That can go up for debate. ~_~ Sai’s weapon is art or his ability to put chakra into his drawings and make them come alive. His drawings can be used for offense, scouting, flying, defense, cloning, and…drawing I suppose…o_o His greatest weapon though has to be that washboard of a stomach. I wouldn’t approach him for a fight unless I had a spare shirt.


Jiraiya_Hermit_Mode_by_HarrisGafur Jiraiya: R.I.P. Ero-Senin… Jiraiya, one of the legendary 3 sanin an immensely powerful ninja in all areas. Jiraiya was originally requested to be Hokage because he was the strongest in the village but he denied the position  to continue his free wanderings and spying on Akatsuki. Superb in taijutsu, ninjutsu, and with Pa and Ma frogs’ help in Sage Mode genjutsu too. In Sage Mode Jiraiya is at his strongest and fastest defeating 3 of Pein’s body with no information beforehand. Pein stated himself that had Jiraiya known his secret he would have been defeated. Jiraiya also had a pact with the toads enabling him to summon Gamabunta and a variety of other toads. Jiraya liked to utilize his hair alot in offense and defense. I wonder what shampoo he used.  @_@


Orochimaru_by_pokefreak Orochimaru: Sasuke is to Naruto as Orochimaru is to Jiraiya. Alright now that you know the history I don’t have to go into the back story. Orochimaru is extremely strong evident enough in being one the 3 Legendary Sanin. He was able to fight on equal ground with a 4 tails Kyuubi Naruto in a weakened body near its limit. In his quest to learn every jutsu in the world he has obtained a vast arsenal of jutsu both common and forbidden. One of his more known ones is the immortality jutsu or ‘Living Corpse Reincarnation’ jutsu he uses to stay alive and young by switching bodies every three years. Another formidable forbidden jutsu he’s used is the ‘Impure World Resurrection’ allowing him to resurrect anyone from the dead and fight under his complete command. As he did raise the first two Hokages it’s presumably possible he could raise any dead character in the manga to fight for him. Then there are the snake techniques which makes perfect sense because underneath it all Orochimaru is just an ugly giant ass snake.


Kabuto_anime_style_by_shadsonic2 Kabuchimaru: How you may ask is it that Kabuchimaru is in this tournament when Orochimaru is alive and well in this tournament as well? Simple, because I want to pit the new Kabuto up against his former master. He said he wanted surpass him right so now’s his chance. Besides people would complain if Kabuchimaru wasn’t in the post. Then if I took Orochimaru out and just put in Kabuchimaru the die hard Orochimaru fans would be all “boo-hoo”. Why am I wasting my time explaining this? So put Kabuto with his amazing healing abilities and medical knowledge together with Orochimaru and what do you get? You get a badass baddie that’s what you get! Does that surpass Orochimaru though? Last time we checked Kabuto was having trouble stopping his own body from being taken over.


kaoruyagi_71 Itachi: Yeah of course the Uchiha’s golden boy is here. -_- Let’s get this over with shall we? I’ll be generous and say this is Itachi pre-sickness but of course we don’t know his abilities back then nor do we know how long he’s been sick. Have at it all you assumption whores out there! 😀 What we do know though is that Itachi bested Deidara, Sasuke, Naruo, Kakashi, Kurenai, and Orochimaru at different times in the story line. Those are very formidable ninja and for one person to do all that is a quite the feat. The only battle he lost is against Sasuke and he planned to die.  Itachi is a master of genjutsu and his Mangekyou Sharingan making good use of Susano’o, Tsukoyomi, and Amaterasu all in one battle. Itachi’s hand seals were faster than Kakashi’s and Sasuke’s Sharingans could keep up with. Kisame a very formidable ninja even showed anxiety around Itachi whenever he got angry. Itachi thinks of himself as God…>_>


300px-Tsume_Inuzuka Tsume: Just like her son Kiba she has a faithful companion by her side at all times and his name is Kuromaru; a big ass canine that looks like a wolf with an eye patch over its right eye and it can talk! O_O I’m not surprised it can talk I’m worried it has some kind of doujutsu! >< Anyway, Tsume works with Kuromaru to do combination attacks including ‘Dual Pierce Fang’ which she used on one of Pein’s bodies. Of course it turned out to just be a corpse but she tried.



Hiashi: Head of the Hyuuga Clan and father of Hinata. He is well versed in the techniques of the Hyuuga Clan of course since he belongs to the Main Branch. He posseses the Byakugan and the same near 360 degree view as all members of the clan. Like Neji he is able to perform the Heavenly Spin and dispatched a couple of shonbi back in the Sound Invasion doing so.



Shibi: Alright, honestly we haven’t seen this dude fight but he’s just to cool to leave out and all the other moms and dads are here…>_> Let’s just rightfully assume he uses the bugs the same way Shino does but is better at it… We know his bugs can suck poison out of people’s body as he did it for his son and can eat paper as they did Konan’s jutsu.



Shikaku: Head of the Nara Clan he’s mastered the manipulation of shadows in various ways. He can use the ‘Shadown Neck Bind Technique’ on 4 enemies at once as shown back in the Sound Invasion. He also constantly beats his son Shikamaru at Shougi (Chess?) which shows he’s a clever strategist.



Inoichi: Unlike his useless daughter he knows how to use the ‘Mind Body Disturbance Technique’ allowing him to confuse his opponents into attacking each other and lose control of their own body. He is also an expert mind reader being able to quickly transverse someone’s mind removing and avoiding traps.



Chouza: As head of the Akimichi Clan not only can he do the partial size technique like his son Chouji, but the full size allowing himself to grow into a giant and tower over his enemies. He heavily damaged Asura Path with one partially sized punch.


Anbu_by_hyperbooster Anbu: Useless Ninjas #4 and up! Last but not least just like the Samurai we had to let the Anbu enter this tournament because…they’re just so damn useless! XD The Anbu may suck ass individually but let’s see how they fair in large numbers. They are the only ones in this tournament allowed to attack in groups. Remember folks, never underestimate the power of useless people in large numbers! Maybe I should let Ino and Tenten join this group. -_-


Alright that’s the list and yes it took forever to put it all together but it’s done. ^(~_~)^ Now you can finally go ahead and cast your votes for who you think should win this tournament! Remember the poll votes will automatically determine the #1 spot to move on to the next round. Debate of who you think can take on the winner in the polls will help determine the #2 spot to move to the next round. Your top 10 lists will determine spots 3-10 and influence who takes spot #2.

~ by supertrek89 on October 19, 2009.

95 Responses to “Leaf Ninja Tournament (Part 1) And Conclusion Of Non-Leaf Ninja Tournament!”

  1. 1st!!!!

    minato ftw

  2. 2nd!

  3. BTW the Yellow Flash and Uzumaki Naruto ftw!

  4. mine is
    1. minato
    2. hashirama
    3. jiraiya
    4. itachi
    5. naruto
    6. hiruzen
    7. kakashi
    8. tobirama
    9. sasuke
    10. yamato

    of course even kishi has said minato is the strongest, then of course hashirama pretty much creator of konoha and took out madar on his own and made the kyubbi his pet. i think jiraiya would take itachi, even the itachi said he couldnt take him, and the j-man is so powerful. Then of course naruto, if he learns to control the kyuubi to work with sage mode and learns hiarishin he would definitly be no.1. then i would say sarutobi because well in his prime he could of been one of the most powerful shinobi ever, i mean he took out the first and 2nd hokages when he was old. Of course my fave character KAKASHI! i mean very adept with the sharingan and learnt so many elemental natures and should be 6th hokage. I would say tobirama coz of course he was a kage and awesome at water. Then sasugay because even you can laugh at him and stuff and his goddamn sharingan he took out a kage pretty much and well he can take danzo. then of course the awesome tenzo with his wood element

  5. Phew, so many great ninja…here goes nothin:
    1. Hiruzen
    2. Minato
    3. Hashirama
    4. Itachi
    5. Naruto
    6. Sasuke
    7. Tobirama
    8. Jiraiya
    9. Oro
    10. Kakashi

    The only reason i have Hiruzen over Minato is because Minato never reached his prime. I believe that if Minato was still alive he would have surpassed the 3rd.

    Thank You for taking your time to type this. Really enjoyed the bios =D

  6. Minato…end of story

  7. 1. Minato
    2. Sarutobi
    3. Hashirama
    4. Naruto
    5. Jiraya
    6. Itachi
    7. Saskue
    8. Orochimaru
    9. Tsunade
    10. Gai

    Minato because when you have FTG and rasengan, those two moves alone will kick the shit out of anyone when combined, not too mention with his fuujin jutsu he can beat even the kyubii in a 1-on-1 fight. Sarutobi was considered a god of shinobi and amongst dead ninja, he is considered the most powerful, along with minato, according to kishi. The reason why naruto is over jiraya is becasue he beat pein, and he also has the kyubii, which by itself could beat jiraya. Oro is eight because he was beat by everybody above him (pretty much) and itachi never showed him an ounce of concern, in the flashback or in the saskue fight. Even moments before Itachi died, he was absolutely unconcerned with Oro’s strongest technique, if that’s not badass, i don’t know what is. Tsunade is so low because I don’t think she could beat oro by herself, she even had trouble with kabuto, whose good, but not on level with the rest of these characters.

    Finally Gai is number ten for me over kakashi because i think he would crush kakashi in a 1-on-1 fight. Normal sharingan wouldn’t work against him and his gate moves would be far too fast for kakashi to handle. While itachi paid no mind to kakashi in their skirmish in part 1, he constantly reminded people not to underestimate gai. Kakashi is great at organizing forces and adapting them to situations, but in a one on one fight he loses. Or who would deva pain feel more frightened by in a 1-on1 match, kakashi or gai? My guess is gai would do a lot better against deva pain than kakashi would. Kakashi is a great ninja, and would make a better hokage in decision making, but as proved by gai’s 50 wins agaisnt kakashi’s 49 wins, gai > kakashi.

  8. Excellent list of characters.

    1.Sarutobi-he has to be one of the strongest characters we’ve seen from konoha. He is extremely skilled in both earth and fire jutsu, as well as combination of the two. He can use every single jutsu in Konoha. Even in his late 60′-70’s he was able to fight 2 kage level oppenents and a S-Class criminal, without any assistance. He’s also a little perverted like his pupil, jiraiya so that makes him cooler in my book.

    2.Hashirama-He is the founding father of all these great ninjas in Konoha. He’s defeated Madara, who was the best of the Uchia, without even having one. Even in a 2 on 1 fight he came out victorious with the oppenents being both nearly unstoppable.

    3. Minato- he is considered the strongest/best ninja and or hokage ever. Everything listed about his reason why he’s top 3, as well as having aflee on sight order for other countries.

    4.Jiraiya-the coolest pervery ninja ever, and one strong ass ninja as well. Being able to turn down a position of hokage says alot about him. He has many pupils that shaped the world, including the one that killed him. Notable Pupils(all known) Naruto, Minato, and Nagato/Pein.

    5.Itachi. He truly is worth of top 5. His achievements are about as long as kakashi’s, if not longer. He’s feared for being a genius of genius, and thats all before he became a missing nin. Anbu, jonin and etc, this which could take lifetime to do, he does before 15 yrs old.

    6.Naruto- Although he isn’t as strong as other canidates he has the potential to be even higher on the list maybe even top 3. He shows time after time of being able to rise to the occasion and surpass those infront of him whether be friend or foe.

    7.Sasuke-He also is like naruto, but almost in the complete opposite. He is gifted enough that if he actually put forth hard work like naruto, and not rely on his sharigan, he would be a true force to be reconed with.

    8.Kabutamaru-I put him up here because of both his and orochimaru’s skills together could be dangerous for any shinobi. Kabuto’s healing with more time could rival tsunade’s, with orochimaru’s tech armory his potential is nearly limitless.

    The Last 2 are both ties/
    9.Kakashi/Asuma: Most of you are scratching head wondering why not maito gai..well thats because no one deserves to even be on the same level with his awesomeness skils…anyways i put those two because of there skill and achievements. Kakashi we all know, plus being a hokage canidate, and Asuma for being the 12 guardians to the other guy like the hokage.

    10. Shikaku/Shikamaru: Like father like son. Both are genius, considering shikamaru is the smartest in the village. His father is leader of the Jonin group, which gives him a pass at his skill to be even mentioned in a top 10. Combined with there brain, he seems like the type who wouldn’t mind fighting close combat at all(obviously because of all those scars). Given time i see shikamaru filling in for his fathers position

  9. *8 its the feudal lord… just remembered…lol
    also worthy mentions include neji and rock lee…
    those two are like kakashi and maito gai

  10. @asupertrek:when(or if) kisame beats kb will his listing go to 3 or will it stay the same? i know it will be after this is already over but for the sake of those rooting for kisame would you do that….

    *crosses fingers*

  11. 1. Hashirama
    2. Minato
    3. Sarutobi
    4. Jiraiya
    5. Itachi
    6. Orochimaru
    7. Naruto
    8. Sasuke
    9. Tsunade
    10. Hiashi

    Hashirama took on Madara and the nine tails and won! Minatao took on a weakend Madara and the nine tails, and had to sacrifice himself in order to ‘win’. IMO that makes Hashirama better.
    Sarutobi was the professor, nuff said.
    Itachi pretty much admited that Jiraiya could beat him, though personally i think he just didn’t want to fight seriously, any way … Jiraiya simply to avoid debate.
    Itachi took out Orochimaru … do i really need to say anything else?

    Even though Sasuke killed Oro, i still recon that at his best Oro would demolish both Naruto and Sasuke
    Of course Naruto is stronger than Sasuke …
    Tsunade is strong but seems to more qualified in the hospital than in battle.
    Hiashi is a master of the Byuakugan, and with the gentle fist taijutsu, he would be a strong opponent.

  12. 1. Hashirama
    2. Minato
    3. Naruto
    4. Itachi
    5. Sasuke
    6. Kakashi
    7. Tsunade
    8. RockLee
    9. Neji

  13. 1- minato namikaze( no matter how much the manga tries to suggest he has been surpassed just think , the guy on the raikage team said that raikage reflexes are “comparable”
    2- 1st( mainly because he can supress the biju . he and itachi are quite close i wonder who will win……)
    3-uchiha itachi (yes O_O did we ever see him battle at his 100%?
    4-uchiha sasuke(susano’o gives him an edge over naruto)
    5-uzumaki naruto( he has surpassed them X_X)
    6-jiraya( all famous pervy sage, sage mode with 2 pa and ma can pwn almost anyone X_X)
    7-orochimaru( no matter how much you cut him up he isnt gonna die unless of course you have swords like itachi >…< i already declared that i shall only go with facts now , i could have put kakashi on 1st but i didnt . if you want to debate im ready and i will base my debates on facts )

  14. 1. Sarutobi
    2. Hashirama
    3. Minato
    4. Itachi
    5. Naruto
    6. Tobirama
    7. Jiraiya
    8. Sasuke
    9. Orochimaru
    10. Kakashi
    -the order i’m putting them in is based a lot on what i imagine and not on facts. First of all, i’m sure that the top 3 are the 1st, the 3rd and the 4th but i’m not sure of the order: Sarutobi beat the bodies of both the 1st and the 2nd but the 1st beat Madara with the kyubi. Minato on the other hand was said to be the strongest but he ‘lost’ against Madara and the 9 tailed fox.
    now for the remaining 7…i believe that itachi was very powerful, more then we believe. Naruto is incredibly powerful and i am sure he will become the strongest, more so then hiruzen, the 1st and minato, but for now i believe that itachi would have beaten him. for the others there is no real reason why i put them in this order (the 2nd hokage needs more respect, some of you didn’t even put him!) other then gut instinct…

  15. also, how did the raikage end up higher then his brother??? now, if kisame were to beat killerbee, are we going to change the list?

  16. 1. Naruto
    2. Minato
    3. Hiruzen
    4. Hashirama
    5. Jiraiya
    6. Itachi
    7. Sasuke
    8. Orochimaru
    9. Tobirama

    The younger generation is expected to surpass the previous ones and Naruto will eventually surpass all before him at his current rate of development.

  17. SUPAAAAA HOW CUD U FORGET ABOUT AZUMA BEING one of the fire lords guardians for god sake its just one of those more importatns jobs EVERRRR- .-

  18. @mudshovel: True, but Madara had already planned every move against Minato. And Hashirama was only able to beat Madara and the Kyuubi because he had the wood element, giving him the power to supress the Kyuubi’s chakra. Its not like he fought the Kyuubi head on. I dont think Hashirama could handle the 4ths speed either. Speed > Power imo.

    And I dont see why people are putting Jiraiya over Itachi and Naruto. It’s been said by Kishi that Naruto surpassed Jiraiya. Jiraiyas sage mode was imperfect while Narutos wasnt. Jiraiya was only able to kill one of Peins bodies while Naruto took all 6 down.

    And please give the 2nd Hokage some credit.

  19. 1.Hirzune
    10.Rock lee!!!

    I had to put Hiruzene at 1st. He was the professor and the strongest of the hokages (yes people that includes minato. Iruka clearly stated it so accept it).

    Hashirama 2nd because he defeated Madara and the kyuubi.

    @fanboi: Although your point is true, it doesnt matter if it was because of his wood release why hashirama was able to defeat kyuubi. Bottom line is he had it, used it, and won. That’s like saying sasuke didnt fight Raikage head on as he would have lost if he didnt have his MS jutsu; amaterasu and susanno’o (which is DAMN RIGHT 😦 ) but he had it, used it, and unfortunately would have beaten Raikage if it wasnt for gaara interfering.

    I feel Tobirama deserves 3rd simple because he is the younger bro of Hashirama, the 3rd hokage and the teacher of the professor. See what I did there? XD

    I put Itachi over naruto only because naruto doesnt really have any way to counter tsukuyomi and susanno, and he cant keep up with Itachi’s hand seals.

    As for rock lee…hell why not. He was my first fav and still is even now 😉

  20. @doom as much as i hate someone ranking stronger or better than the 1st hokage my fav. character besides itachi or pain the 4th hokage was the strongest of the hokages because Kishi said so, the same person who made iruka.

  21. Well then why did he even bother making Iruka say that in the first place? >_< BAKA!!! Well as great as minato is I still thing Hirzune is awesomeness. I'll leave it as it is.

  22. so rock lee is stronger then tsunade, orochimaru, gai, asuma, and so on? i can get it if you say you weren’t sure and just followed your insincts but geez, it’s getting ridiculous. cumulusbg, take another look at your list please!!!!
    1. Hashirama
    2. Minato
    3. Naruto
    4. Itachi
    5. Sasuke
    6. Kakashi
    7. Tsunade
    8. ROCKLEE!!!
    9. NEJI!!!

    p.s.- don’t take it as an offense, it’s just an example.

  23. @Fanboi: If speed is greater than power, the Madara would have been able to mop the floor with Hashirama with his T/S jutsu. And true he could supress the Kyuubi’s chakra, but this is the Kyuubi – almost unlimited chakra (apparently) so i doubt it would have been that easy to do, not to mention having to fight a full powered Madara at the same time.
    Minato is damn strong and fast, but i think if Hashirama can battle against a fully powered Madara and kyuubi and win, then he can take Minato as well.

    Also Jiraiya wasn’t just about sage mode, sure that wasn’t perfect (but it still worked well) plus he’s got a massive array of jutsu, unlike naruto. He can summon any toad suitable to the situation, he can use fire style, earth style, barriers, weird jutsu with his hair, and has better control of the rasengan than naruto. He’s already crazily strong without going into sage mode.

  24. i just didnt feel like including the first two kages… so here it is
    1) Minato
    2) jiraiya/ 3rd hokage
    3) Itachi
    4) Orochimaru
    5) Kakashi and Gai
    6) Naruto
    7) Hiashi
    8) Asuma
    9) Sasuke

    I say the itachi is below jiraiya because itachi believed that jiraiya and he would be tied if they fought each other. I dont think that Itachi new jiraiyas secret sage mode. I mean there is no way he would hav known about that. Kakashi and gai because Gai can fight a sharingan effectively and we haven’t even seen the 8th gate or the 9th… i think there are ten. Hiashi killed the raikage… he has to be pretty powerful to do so. Asume is so under rated. He went into a fight without knowledge of his enemies abilities sadly he ended up hurting himself more then hidan lol. Sasuke is a litle punk B*tch so i didn’t give him a high ranking… he should be higher but i don’t like him much. Neji is a prodigy that is freakin beast and doesn’t get many chances to show off his beastliness but is better then a lot of other ninja.

  25. @mud
    srry for the double post guys but Hashirima had an ability that the 4th didnt have. he could suppress the kyuubii’s chakra and the fact the hashirima made madara intangible makes it even harder to kill him lol. (im assuming a lot with that last statement. it may not be true so dont jump out of your seats and post angrily lls)

  26. my top ten:
    3.Rock Lee

  27. 1-minato = my reason is that remember raikage’s reflexes were comparable to the minato with the lighting chakra armor well we saw his speed and stuff and wonder what minato was. and with his flying thunder god jutsu and ressangen he was inddeed a force to be reckoned with ….
    2-itachi uchiha
    3-sasuke uchiha
    8-3rd hokage
    9-nara shikamaru

    Woohoo im supporting the new generation 😀

  28. @mud: all good points, but I don’t think Madara had his time/space powers during his fight with Hashirama (Read Jeremiahs theory). He was still fast, just nowhere near as fast as Minato was. And both men defeated the Kyuubi, the only difference was Minato had to give his life for it.

    Jiraiya did have an awesome array of jutsu, but non of which would do any good against Itachi’s Susanno. Zetsu commented that Itachi with Susanno and his Totsuka Sword was invincible. Jiraiya was regarded as strong, but never invincible.

    Naruto’s Kyuubi chakra puts him ahead of Jiraiya. While in his Sage-Kyuubi form, I think his speed would be too much for Jiraiya.

  29. @truepain
    So what if I put Rock Lee, Neji and Shikamaru in front of stronger ninjas?
    This is just a game, and this was my choice.
    They will be important ninjas in the future, best in taijutsu, Byakugan and military strategy.
    I am not pulling back my top ten list.


  30. 1.HASHIRAMA- He Controlled or sealed all Nine of the tailed beasts, defeated Madara at his prime. And bough Order from Chaos, By setting up the Village system, using the tailed beasts to scare his enemies into Peace.

    2.MINATO- FTG dude.A once in a lifetime genius as declared by Jiraya. However he dies facing the Kyuubi, which HASHIRAMA would have treated like a pet. Despite his skill he had limits he could not break.

    3.Jiraya- Feared by Itachi, Capable of defeating Pein,Candidate for HOKAGE

    4.Itachi- He had so many tricks up his sleeve, Defeated Orichimaru twice. Has that sword with the eternal Genjutsu, Susano Ultimate Defense. and MS

    5.Naruto- His limited techniques and Lack of control over Kyuubi
    knocks him down a block when compared with the best of the best.

    6.SASUKE- I hate this is as much as you but i have to tell it as it is.

    7.HIRUZEN- He knows the Demonic sealing technique, Perhaps the most dangerous sealing jutsu.

    8.TOBIRAMA-He was 2nd Hokage for a reason

    9.KAKASHI- With MS it moves him up to Hokage level

    10.OROCHIMARU-He was strong enough to Join akutski, and had considerable Chakra reserves.

  31. My top 10 list because I want to! 😀

    1. Minato: (He’ll kill you before you know it but truthfully everyone knows about his space/time jutsu, so when he throws his kunai at you the best thing to do is get as far away from it as possible. Then again if he ever touches you and places the seal on your body you’re screwed.)

    2. Hashirama: (Defeated Madara with the EMS and held off the Kyuubi to come out the victor. http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-399/page010.html Though I don’t think Madara had the space/time jutsu back then I recognize Hashirama’s victory over him as a great feat.)

    3. Hiruzen: (Iruka stated that he was the strongest Hokage of them all. In truth I can’t find in the manga where it states that Minato was the strongest but if somebody can provide me a link that’ll be helpful. Even though Iruka says he’s the strongest I don’t think he could beat Minato or Hashirama due to his old age.)

    4. Itachi: (Even though I think Naruto would own his ass he has yet to prove it to me, so I’ll give Itachi the benefit of the doubt this time. Just purely an awesome fighter. He was a beast when he was sick and just going off of that he trumped Kakashi and Naruto in battle (Naruto always caught in genjutsu). Them defeating his 30% clone doesn’t really mean much. -_-)

    5. Orochimaru: (I know he’d handle every other Leaf Ninja in this post because Hiruzen said it himself http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-094/page008.html he was always sick after the fight with Hiruzen and still kicked ass. Plus he’s a legendary sanin.)

    6. Jiraiya: (One of the Legendary Sanins and so badass in Sage Mode. Hell, he was badass without it. He’s under Orochimaru because Jiraiya couldn’t defeat him and bring him back the first time and he sure couldn’t now. I know they fought with everything they had because their stories are parallel with Naruto and Sasuke’s. Yes, by the time Orochimaru fled the village Jiraiya had Sage Mode.)

    7. Gai: (Of course he’s higher than Kakashi. Not only is he an expert at fighting the sharingan but he knows all of Kakashi’s tricks and that includes the MS’s space/time jutsu. When’s the last time Kakashi has seen Gai fight? Plus there’s this http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-038/page013.html :P)

    8. Kakashi: (Over 1,000 jutsus, MS, smart fighter, fast, strong, experienced. That about sums it up.)

    9. Sasuke: (Yeah Dammit I put him ninth and I guess my list loses all credibility huh? 😛 He has Itachi’s eye techniques, his own power, he battled on equal terms with the Raikage and would have won if Gaara hadn’t interfered, he’s a genius fighter, and had enough power to fend off Gaara and 3 other ninja afterward! His dark chakra aura is like a power boost of pure emo hatred I tell you! No one can stand up to that! XD)

    10. Naruto: (Do I really need to explain the power of Sage Mode again? He has 3 turns of it each lasting 5 minutes more or less depending on use of chakra draining moves. With the FRS, Kage Bushins, and his surprisingly effective strategies I wouldn’t be surprised if he beat most of the nin above him. He has the Kyubi sealed in him and its power at his disposal. It’s really a trump card and if he loses control of it basically anyone on this list is screwed…even himself.)

    @Acklikxx: I didn’t forget that I just assumed (my bad) that everyone knew already. You knew right so my assumption wasn’t that bad. 😀 Like everyone knows Shikamaru was sent a request letter to join the 12 Guardians but he denied it right? o_O

    @Asuma Fuuton: Actually Hiashi didn’t defeat a Raikage.

    http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-102/page006.html (It says “A shinobi leader” not “The shinobi leader” meaning that he was one of many leaders.)

    http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-102/page017.html (“The Cloud Country with one of their leaders killed…” showing again he wasn’t the head of the country).

    Besides that the Raikage is the leader a village not a country. The Raikage is the leader of Kumogakure (Village Hidden In The Clouds). The village resides in the Lightning Country.

    Bah just look at this XD —-> http://www.leafninja.com/locations.php?p=lightning

    @Shinobi & Pein: I can’t change the list no matters what happens from now on in the manga because that list is based off the character’s known power levels for when that tournament was held. Future events will have no influence on a past tournament. Furthermore it’s over and the list is based off of the poll votes and lists the users created. It’s not like we Mudshovel and I decided this order. Haven’t I said this before? T_T

  32. @Fanboi and super: I disagree. personally i think Madara had the T/S jutsu when he fought Hashirama – and that was how he was able to survive when he was presumed to have been killed. Minato’s jutsu, although fast, wouldn’t be unfoolable – for instance if a clone was used and Mianto placed the seal on the clone – *insert 70’s batman punch lines* .
    All i’m saying is that he’s not unbeatable *cough* Madara/kyuubi *cough* 😉

  33. @supertrek89

    Eh.. that list looks all wrong to me. Gai stronger than Naruto?? O___O

    I mean come on. I can understand wanting to think that Minato could be stronger than him, or even Jiraiya, but to put Gai and Kakashi above him as well when he has clearly suprassed them both???

    I sense a healthy dose if bias in that list. <_<

    To be completely honest, Kakashi has said that Naruto surpassed him and that was before Sage mode. Fukusaku and Gamabunta have also said that he has surpassed Minato and Jiraiya. I don't think these people just say things like that because they want to use up space in the manga.

    You said it yourself. If the manga says it, chances are it is true (in reference to our Bee vs Raikage discussion).

    Naruto achieved a higher level of Sage mode than Jiraiya could, even with the two elder toads' assistance. He is the first person to perfect it and Fukusaku mentions that as well.

    Oh and let's not forget that he was the only person who managed to stand up to sic of Pein's bodies at once. Pein only got the upper hand after Naruto had already destroyed four of them, so if that doesn't prove how far he has come, I don't know what else can.

    Even Shikaku, who is considered a genius and is one of Konoha's elite jounin, said that if Naruto has learned the sage mode, that he is in another league all together compared to everyone else and that the best teamwork anyone could offer him against Pein, would be to stay out of his way.

    It gets tiring to see people still underestimating Naruto so much when he has clearly become a lot stronger. He has been weaker than just about everyone the entire manga, so if you ask me, it's about time he got stronger and a bit more respect as well.

    P.S. you are quick to mention the downsides to Sage Mode, but what about the downsides to MS? Or the downsides to the 8 gates? (both of which can easily kill their users). A least sage mode is not detrimental to the body in any way. I don't see Itachi ever using Amatarasu for more than five minutes at a time, or Susanoo for that matter.

    Sasuke should also be higher on that list, because if he can go toe to toe with the Raikage, then he is also more powerful than some of the people placed above him. (As much as I don't like him, I am not afraid to admit he is more powerful than most Konoha shinobi).

  34. Another thing is that we are talking about shinobi we have seen in at least one battle. If you ask me, that should technically rule out Minato, the First and Second Hokage and Even Danzou.

    I don’t consider seeing a person use one jutsu or only five seconds of them in battle as a real view of their power, so weighing how strong they are is near impossible. And I also don’t believe that the first and Second that Orochimaru used were even near full strength. (otherwise Hiruzen would have been defeated a lot quicker).

    Going by words alone, or legends regarding their strength would mean that we should also add Madara to the list, seeing as how we have heard how strong he was and we have seen him use his space-time jutsu to avoid damage. (which means he has technically been in a battle even though he mostly blocked/avoided damage).

  35. @super hell no that is so wrong 😛

    sasuke can pwn the shit out of gai, kakashi
    naruto can own the shit out of gai and kakashi as well

    what can taijutsu do against susano;o . or what can kakashi do.

  36. @super: if this is a tournament why not make it like the chunin exam turnament? that way we could vote for rounds and match ups instead of us just saying our favorites and then list excuses. also we could make it a weekly tournament by having 5 rounds a week, with sets, and one final matchup being non konoha vs konoha for the strongest ninja… obviously pein would be one and etc,.. just a suggstion tho

  37. not a bad idea shinobimadness. it might not prove who the strongest is though but i agree with you.
    @cumulusbg: i didn’t want you to change it, i just meant to prove that many are just voting their favourites. i mean, ino and tenten have two votes…

  38. Oi oi, one at a time people. o_O

    @Tenrai: If my list was bias Naruto would have been at the top, Kakashi and Itachi wouldn’t even be on the list, and Hiruzen would be made to look like a God. 😉 What you see there is simply a list of what I understand to be the 10 strongest leaf shinobi. Besides aren’t you always the one to be bias toward Naruto? That’s just what I see anyway and a healthy dose of it too…o_O

    Firstly, I know I’ve been over this surpassing thing multiple times. XD Pa Frog also said Naruto surpassed Minato and Jiraiya. I agree he did surpass them…in jutsu development. He developed the rasengan by adding an element to it and perfected Sage Mode when Jiraiya couldn’t. Do you honestly think just because Pa Frog said he surpassed them he meant in terms of power and he could beat them? Jutsu isn’t everything you know. No way could Naruto beat Jiraiya or Minato at this point.

    The only reason Naruto won against Pein is

    1. Pein wasn’t there to kill him


    2. Jiraiya’s help by gathering the information.

    Pein said himself that he would have lost if Jiraiya knew his secret. Naruto knew his secret and would have clearly lost and been captured if Hinata didn’t jump in. That clearly shows that Jiraiya is still stronger than Naruto. Plus, Naruto got PWNED as soon as Pein gathered his powers back. The only reason Naruto did so well against the first bodies is because all the bodies were in a weakened state remember? I don’t underestimate Naruto I just point out the facts. It’s better than giving excuses for every accomplishment he does right?

    Naruto beat Gai? LOL, he can’t keep up with Gai at all and if Gai goes into the 6th gate there’s no way he’ll be even able to see him. How fast is Naruto really? Not faster than Gai. He has 15 minutes in Sage Mode depending on the jutsu he uses and all those jutsu are slow. Gai can outlast Naruto in Sage Mode for 15 minutes (that’s if Naruto doesn’t use any jutsu at all he can last 15 minutes) easily without opening the 3rd gate because his endurance from all his training is insane. Once Naruto goes out of Sage Mode he’s fodder to Gai. I simply pointed out the time limitation of Naruto’s Sage Mode not much of a weakness. I clearly pointed out that opening the 8th gate leads to death didn’t I in my post? The reason I didn’t point out MS’s weakness is because it’s so self evident. Like the case Acklikxx brought up about Asuma being in the 12 Guardian Nina.

    Kakashi would own Naruto but not by a landslide. I’m not going to even use the fact that Naruto is still incredibly weak against genjutsu. I will tell you though that Kakashi has his MS and Fire jutsu which is strong against wind. Kakashi also knows the rasengan and all of Naruto’s strengths and weakness. Kakashi is faster than Naruto and a better battle tactician…maybe. Kakashi tops Naruto in all areas except strength and jutsu power probably so in my mind Kakashi would come out the bloody victor.

    Errr…what else…ah yes Sasuke. The reason he did so well against the Raikage I think we all know. The Raikage only used taijutsu and rushed into battle like a mad bull. If he did that to anyone of the ninja on my list he would have been done in. -_-

    As for adding all those Shinobi to the listt that we have barley seen in battle. How would this be any fun if we didn’t have Minato, Hashirama, Tobirama, and Danzou in a Leaf Tournament? O_O Lol, that would just be lame and I’m sure I’d be receiving a lot more complaints if I left them out. I know it’s just your personal opinion and I respect it all but personally I couldn’t leave them out.

  39. @Ahsan: LMAO!!! Weren’t you arguing like a couple weeks ago that Kakashi would own Sasuke eh? Anyway just see the response to Tenrai I explain it all. As much as I like people to critique my list does my personal opinion really bother you all that much? o_O

    @Shinobi: You’re not supposed to say your favorites you’re supposed to say who you honestly think can win and are the best. Email me that chunin exam format you’re thinking of so I can see if we can work that out. The reason we did this format is because doing a chunin exam would take hella forever while this only takes 3 weeks depending on circumstances of the author of course. 😉

    @Mudshovel: Hehe, you know why I believe Madara got the space/time jutsu after the fight with Hashirama. 😛 Besides that I still can’t see how Hashirama beat a full powered Madara if he had that space/time jutsu.

  40. @truepain

    Hehehe, you are right. I am fan of Shikamaru, Neji and Rock Lee, but I didn’t give them first or second place. They are number 8, 9 and 10.
    Fair enough. 😉

  41. 1. minato
    2. hashirama
    3. sarutobi
    4. itachi
    5. jiraya
    6. naruto
    7. sasuke
    8. tobirama
    9. orochimaru
    10. kakashi

  42. 1. Minato
    2. Itachi
    3. Hashirama
    4. Hiruzen
    5. Sasuke
    6. Oro
    7. Gai
    8. Kakashi
    9. Naruto
    10. Jirayia

  43. @supertrek89

    I disagree Super… the manga has clearly pointed towards naruto surpassing those who came before him.

    As for Kakashi and Gai, I think they are very powerful, but you are giving them too much credit perhaps.

    And no, I am not bias towards Naruto. That’s why I said I can understand some of those people on the list being above him.I can even understand puting Itachi and Jiraiya above him because it stands to reason, but to me kakashi and Gai could not defeat Naruto.

    I didn’t see Kakashi or Gai saving Konoha. In fact, the whole entirety of Konoha’s forces was pretty much being pwned by six bodies and Konan.

    No matter how you look at it, Naruto saved Konoha. It may have taken some inspiration, info and help, but it isn’t like the others weren’t informed of Pein’s abilities as well.

    P.S. I understand wanting to have some of the leafs most famous, but a lot of the arguments based on their power will be based on legends. Same with Madara.

  44. @Tenrai: I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then on the subject of Kakashi, Gai, and Naruto. I do believe we find common ground though on the fact that Naruto did save Konoha which is undeniably a great feat. Still, you know my reasoning on that by now. 😉

  45. @super

    Madara counts as a leaf nin? becaus in that case my list changes

    1. Minato
    2. Itachi
    3. Hashirama
    4. Madara
    5. Hiruzen
    6. Sasuke
    7. Oro
    8. Gai
    9. Kakashi
    10. Naruto

    Ummm…read the note I left under the rules at the beginning of the post.


  46. As badass and awesome as some of the GUYS are on this list, there’s really only one person you can even possibly consider as #1.


    Followed of course by Minato. I think there’s probably a big gap in strength between them and everybody else, except possibly Madara during his time against the 1st as well as the 2nd Hokage.

    Can anyone else seriously think that any of the other nin on the list have the ability to create a village themselves or beat the Kyyubi/Madara w/EMS?

    My big question is to the people out there that have Minato > Hash: How can you have the man that couldn’t take care of the Kyyubi over the one who could. And don’t get me wrong, I love me some 4th Hokage just as much as others and think the man must be a major p i m p around the village but it is what it is.

    If you say those as my top 4 in that order, then the other six are just kinda add ons

    So here’s my full recap then

    1. Hashirama >
    2. Minato >
    3. Madara – man knew how to control a wild puss…Kyyubi.
    4. Tobirama > (cause he’s the freakin brother the 1st and got that freakin reputation for a reason, ya’ll are 2nd haters rankin him lower.)
    5. Hiruzen – I’m sure was really strong in his prime, just doesn’t seem like there’s that much evidence to back it up at this point.

    Non-kage level (yet?)
    6. Unfortunately, as much as in pains me to say I think that Sasuke’s recent showing places him here with the whole “I’m stupid enough to try and take on the 5 Kage’s at once thing and still live through it.” + everyone has to admit that Susanoo pretty much helps him secure this spot.
    7. Naruto >
    8. Kakashi – (mostly in terms of pure strength and power) but we all know who’s got the brains between this duo.

    Toss up spots (i.e. who cares at this point)
    9. Itachi, cause he’s the biggest badass in the series ever. period. shut. it. down.
    10. Hinata – pure hotness factor here.
    …….ok, I’m compromise, and stay within the bloodline with Neji. NEJJJJJJJJJJJJJJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (p.s. He reminds me of a mini-me sasuke on the good side. Is that wrong?)


  47. P.S.

    Seriously, who in the name of Supertrek voted for Kimmy the girly bones 5th????

    That ranking of Kimmy>Gaara>DEIDARA>GAARA>SASORI makes no freaking sense.

    Gaara offed Kimmy, Deidara beat Gaara, and Sasori was strong that Deidara. I mean seriously people commm’on!! Thinking doesn’t hurt, I promise.

  48. Gah, why does this always come back to me? Honestly this is what you all put in your lists and what was tallied up it’s not my fault that’s the way things went! XD

    But to address your point Gaara did not off Kimimaro. Kimimaro was very ill and fighting on his last leg in his fight with Gaara. In fact Kimimaro was just released from intensive care for this one particular mission. He would have killed Gaara if the illness didn’t take away his life at the last second.

  49. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. BUT DIDN’T kill Gaara. And you’re right, I very carefully worded that phrase, that he off’ed Kimmy. By potentially aggravating his disease to the point where it killed him maybe.

  50. I dont particularly care for the dude, but you have to give OROCHIMARU credit. He killed the 3rd and the Kazekage. Not to mention He has the 1st and 2nd Hokage for back up. On top of the fact that he’s eternal he’s battling Kabuto for control of his body right now. Thats One Hell of a resume. With that said….Its Naruto’s Narutoverse and everybody else are just chipmonks tryin to get a…..well you get the Idea.

  51. @Return: I will give the kazekage but even though oro killed the 3rd, he had ALOT of backup. From a narutoverse point of view he won fair and “forbidden jutsu” square. On the other hand I dont see him winning in a one on one fight with Hiruzen. For a 60+ old man to defeat the two former hokages and nearly kill oro shows that he was on a completely different level. And since this tournament has Hashirama and Tobirama as contenders then that means no impure world resurrection jutsu for him. You have to fight him with your own “sealed” hands, lol.

  52. Yeah I was just giving credit. Nobody seems to respect that he was the kage of his Own village (sound). and after he changed bodies his hands were no longer sealed. You have to figure it this way its gonna be no holds barred, if someone dies you’d have to keep an eye on him. Anybody that stands up to Naruto’s ‘roid rage (with four tails no less). You also have to tip your hat to pein. All Im saying is respect the snakeboy. And I re-emphasize Naruto rules the Narutoverse.

  53. k i think i should atleast give my opinion too. well here goes..

    1) Hashirama : The fact that he could control the bijuus like pets is quite a feat. That automatically puts him up there, and facing such a formidable opponent like Madara, and defeating him to the point that he left him as “mere shell of his former self” also shows how strong he truly is.

    2) Madara: Former leader of Uchiha’s, Hashriama’s #1 rival, posseses EMS, taking control of the kyuubi. These are some sick reasons for him being ranked #2 ofcourse. It was hard for me to decide wether Minato should deserve second spot, its not that just because he lost to Madara he should be overall weaker then him, you must consider the situation Minato was in first. I mean 1v1 Madara and Minato, and no distractions for either opponent. That would be quite the match, i honestly don’t know who would win.

    3) Minato: And ofcourse the Yellow Flash. Even though he did lose to Madara, he managed to take erase the kyuubi threat to the village. His unimaginable speed , and ofcourse his FTG. A ‘flee on sight’ order to anyone if Minato had entered the battlefield. All of this accomplished at a young age. Had Minato lived longer, he would have achieved even far more greater things.

    3) Jiraiya: Ahh yes.. pervy sage. 1 of 3 legendary Sennin. Although he had not perfected his sage mode, Itachi had still avoided battling Jiraiya. His lack of knowledge of fighting Pein, was the main reason why he lost to Pein, so i dont judge him by that loss.

    4) Itachi: God knows how strong he was, when he had no illness, and was at tip top shape. He was a monster, even when he was sick.

    5) Hiruzen: Had the ability to use every jutsu in the Leaf village. Even at his old age, he was able to fend off
    the 1st Hokage and 2nd Hokage.

    6) Naruto: Perfected sage mode. Big + already. Though we all know Naruto will eventually become the strongest ninja one day, were discussing about these ninja currently. Once he prolongs his sage mode, he’ll definately get up there.

    7) Sasuke: Maann, stop hatin’ on the dude. No one can deny, he has gotten really ‘really’ strong, especially with his triple threat eye techs. On top of all that, he is really smart.

    8) Kakashi: He has said himself, that Naruto had surpassed him, even before Naruto had learned sage mode. He became a jounin at the age of 13. He has MS. He can use 4/5 elements. He really is a smart fighter, and is an overall experienced ninja. Plus hes too cool!!

    9) Gai: His immense ability in taijutsu sorta does make up for his lack of ninjutsu and genjutsu.

    10)….. ANBU xDDDDD

    Oh and btw, i didnt mention 2nd Hokage for a reason. What else do we know of his powers other than him mastering the water element??

  54. It’s hard to make a top ten list without forgetting some of the more powerful shinobi. We always think if the first ones that come to mind, but we end up neglecting some of the most obvious choices.

    If you ask me, the top ten list should have… (in no particular order)

    1: The four previous Hokage (before Tsunade). They weren’t chosen as kage because they looked pretty. They were considered the strongest in the village for a reason.

    2: The three Sannin and yes, I mean all three. Tsunade was a kage as well and we know how strong Orochimaru and Jiraiya were. They were all kage level and all three were considered for the position as well.

    3: The remaining places, (If I discount Madara from this) should go between Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke and Itachi. Yes, there is one extra, but that allows room for people to kick off someone. O___O

    NOTE: This is in no particular order, these are just the people I consider the absolute strongest all around in Konoha.

    Gai is great, but he is very specialized in Taijutsu (whereas Kakashi is on a similar level, but is more well rounded), while Shikamaru relies a lot on his intelligence rather than power. (He is suited to lead more and would bring out the very best in those around him).

    They didn’t make the list because of their overall ‘solo’ capability, even though they are strong in their own ways…

    P.S. I didn’t add shinobi like Danzou, Shikaku, etc, because we haven’t seen them in enough of a proper battle to really tell what they can do and what level of power they posses.

  55. @Zekks: Sasori would have been owned by Gaara, once sand gets into the puppets it fucks them up. Deidara beat Gaara, and as for Kimimaro – he was the next inline to become Oro’s new host, which means for a starters that he is freaking strong. If he was at full health i find it hard to believe that Deidara would stop him, He was buried and crushed by Gaara with sand, yet came out of it like it was nothing (not to mention he was almost dead from disease at the time) -therefore i find it hard to believe that Deidara could kill him if he was in perfect health.

    I really don’t get why ppl are still complaining about it – it’s happend, it’s done – GET OVER IT.

  56. I voted for Minato…. 😛

  57. um duh minato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u c he didnt kill all of the ninja in the 3rd great ninja war! half of the ninja (girls) fainted from blood loss cause of his sexy body 😉 yummy.

  58. WE LIKE TO COMPLAIN mudshovel…I mean…anyway..

    If putting sand into the puppets would have been so simple for screwing Sasori up, why didn’t any of the other nin try it, like say the old lady that Sakura fought him with. That whole theory doesn’t make sense because otherwise NO ONE WOULD USE PUPPETS IN THE MIDDLE OF A FREAKIN DESERT or develop a technique that had a weakness in a place that would be exploited by the most common element present. As for Aunt Kimmy being next in line, that doesn’t mean anything in terms of this battle because at that point in time Oro didn’t have much to choose from anyway. If he did, he wouldn’t have wasted his time waiting for Sasuke to mature and get stronger. I don’t think Kimmy could have even been more powerful than Sasuke at that point because otherwise why wouldn’t Oro Have taken Kimmy’s body and used it to then proceed to take over Sasuke’s? And the other point that “if Kimmy would have been at full health,”…well…he never was. That’s like the argument that Naruto couldn’t have beaten pein because pein wasn’t at full strength or b/c naruto knew intel b/c of jiraiya. These scenarios didn’t happen so to conjecture is probably less accurate. The other argument against Deidara not being able to kill Kimmy is that Deidara was so strong that he nearly (and probably would have) killed Sasuke as we saw when they encountered each other and he used his C4. And at that point, I think it would be pretty safe to assume that Sasuke was much stronger that Kimmy ever was (and since Sasuke had already defeated Oro). Thoughts?

    I love a good argument and playing Devil’s advocate.

  59. Just want to point out that sand does not screw puppets up, IRON sand does – due to some electrical shorts I suppose.

    @zekks: it is not fair to compare “if Kimmy were at full health” to “if naruto did not know about Pein”. It is clear from the fight that Kimmy died of his disease and would have finished off Gaara had he been healthy. On the other hand, it is hard to tell (people may have eligible arguments but that is a debate I don’t intend to go into now) who will win if naruto did not have intel on Pein. Well, not as obvious as Kimmy’s case at least.

    I got confused about your arguments regarding Oro, but I get your big idea.

  60. @Zekks: ‘These scenarios didn’t happen so to conjecture is probably less accurate’. What is it we are doing in this tournament again?

    This whole tournament is based on said conjecture because most of said opponents haven’t fought each other. I find it rather fruitless to debate what has all ready happened and won’t change – the list is done it’s over.

    on a side note – yes that was my bad – Iron Sand screws up puppets, not regular sand.

  61. can king enma make his staff as hard as diamond??? must make him popular with the ladies 😛 lol

  62. @Zekks: Ahem… let me jump in here for a bit. ^_^

    1. As everyone has realized by now it’s iron sand that messes up the puppets not regular sand http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-268/page015.html.

    2. Zekks, Kimimaro was selected as Orochimaru’s next body because he was strong as hell not because Orochimaru didn’t have a lot of options. In fact Orochimaru had hundreds of options but both you and I know he only picks the strongest out of all of them.

    http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-199/page009.html (He holds a tournament between potential ninja to weed out the strongest.)

    The only reason he didn’t take over Kimimaro’s body is because of his disease not a lack of options. This is why he couldn’t take Kimimaro’s body to pursue Sasuke.


    In short this is what Kimimaro accomplished for his short time in the manga. He easily fended off Naruto using his Kyubi chakra.


    Beat a drunken Rock Lee (injured).


    And almost killed Gaara. True Gaara won but only because of the disease inflicting Kimimaro’s body…he won by luck. 😉


    Kimimaro did all this while being half dead. In fact Kimimaro was moving on the power of will alone his body was basically dead.


    That is why I believe most people put a fully healthy Kimimaro over Gaara in the last tournament. Remember that in the tournament Kimimaro was allowed his health back just like in this tournament Itachi is allowed his full health.

    3. Deiadra was strong indeed but his explosives would not work on Kimiaro as they do for someone with a regular body. Remember that Kimamro could control the density of his bones and their hardness. His body was nearly impenetrable. Bombs would not blow him to pieces. The greatest testament to this is when Gaara buried him under 200 meters of sand pressure and Kimimaro’s body stayed intact. Also Gaara used sand coffin on him but he could not break Kimimaro’s body. Then there’s this.


    His strength was undeniable and I think you’re seriously underestimating him. I know how strong Deidara is but shouldn’t you recognize Kimimaro’s strength?


    4. Why are we on this the Non-Leaf tournament was weeks ago. o_O

  63. btw….how the hell is naruto voted as #1 on all these posts…. the first 4 hokages would kill him and so would jiraiya, and itachi, and kakashi. Sure naruto is powerful, but he lacks the intelligence that a true shinobi needs…

  64. First off I have to respectfully disagree with all of you who think Gaara would have lost because he was out of chakra. I think a lot of people are forgetting… http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-134/page010.html just because the host is out of chakra doesnt mean he doesent have reserves.
    @omar-Naruto is not book smart as it were. but he seems to be sort of an idiot savant when it comes to fighting(sort of like rain man).

    No one said anything about Gaara losing because he was out of chakra. If you look at the link I provided Gaara himself admits he would have lost.



  65. @super: well the idea i had was more of a bracket and that you and mud could/would decide that match-ups based on the polls…as well as those that are “in” the same league. Then, by polls, the winner could be decided from each match up leaving the top 4 contenders…which then would be up for debate with a final poll being the decision maker if needed.
    “1”Minato(every seems to put him either first or second) vs “4”Tobirama(everyone forgets that he was the secon hokage)
    the matches wouldn’t be lopsided like Hinata vs Sakura, but truely even…like Orochimaru vs Hiashi or Shikaku like…
    i know between you and mud, you two could be reasonable for the matchups 😉

  66. @Shinobi: How about we work on that together in the future? 😉

  67. no problem, i’ve got some time b4 i go to work and after. besides it could be interesting us working together. maybe we could come up with one for OP to get more people into it..

  68. naruto is still clearly not the strongest though…if he were, he’d be the leading candidate for hokage… not itachi…hes not mature enough

  69. sorry..i meant to say…not kakashi

  70. @omar101990

    Fukusaku suggests during the battle against Pein that Naruto has surpassed both Jiraiya and Minato. We also haven’t seen Minato in action enough to accurately judge just how powerful he is and we are all going by the legends around him.

    As for Naruto himself, would it be a far stretch to say that he also couldn’t wipe out large enemy forces by himself? I mean it’s not like your typical chunin would be much of a match for him. In fact, ,that was demonstrated By Sasuke already. He defeated 1000 enemy shinobi in a test set by Orochimaru, and that was before he got the MS or defeated Itachi.

    Hell, he struggled to beat Deidara after that, so I think that gives us a good idea as to the difference in level. Even Kakashi and Gai defeated many shinobi by themselves during the Konoha invasion arch, simply because they were simply a level above the rest and Pein destroyed an entire village by himself in one attack. (The same Pein whose sic bodies Naruto later defeated).

    Anyway, Naruto never used to show intelligence in most situations, but we have all seen him show a great deal of cunning during his latest battles. In fact, he wouldn’t have done half as well against Pein if it wasn’t for his ingenious tactics, so to say he doesn’t have the intelligence a shinobi needs is inaccurate.

    Remember, he perfected Sage mode, which Jiraiya couldn’t, he completed the rasengan, which Minato couldn’t do and he learned the rasengan in a week, as apposed to the three months it took Jiraiya to learn after it too the Fourth three years to create.

    Naruto may not be the strongest, but he is not unintelligent.

  71. really well said tenrai. we don’t know enough about the 4 kages abilities to judge if naruto is as strong as them. naruto is also still a kid. he has time to grow and become stronger. he also has the 9 tailed beast in him…

  72. Those comments earlier just made me thing of something. Has anyone seen those American comics of “What If..” with like Spider-man and such where they change an important event in the past to see what the future would look like instead? If they did one for Naruto, the first one that just came to mind was “What if Itachi was Hokage…”

    I think that’d be mindblowing…

    @SUPERTREK – Maybe that should be the next contest/vote/poll idea. Have people come up with their best suggestion for the “What if” question for Naruto or for any of the other mangas.

  73. everyone vote ino. She is the best. lol

  74. of course naruto is goin to win just because of popularity

    people forget that he has to take time to go into sage mode so if he randomly saw itachi had had to fight him he would get killed.

    also dont call ms sharingan cheap when the kyubi is also cheap.

    itachi ftw. He ran from jiraiya because he didnt want to fight him if you remember he used amaratsu on the toad to escape, if he really wanted to fight him he could have used it on him.

  75. oh yea and the only reason naruto beat pain is because pain didnt want to kill him!!!! He had him pined downed untill the awesome hinata came to save the day.

    Hinata ftw

  76. ok im done with my ranting, sorry.

    But for real winner shpuld ne a three way tie between the 1,3,4 hokage. we really dont know who is the strongest between them

  77. oh and people talking about kimi being stronger than garra?

    you are wrong. Time skip garra would kill him easily.

  78. @tenrai the only reason naruto was able to perfect the rasengan was because of his massive chakra flow, and if i recall correctly, whos idea was it that he use kage bunshin?? I think it was kakashi’s am i right? He can’t think thinks up on his own… Minato didnt have anyone guiding him on how to make the rasengan…its like using a computer…i know how to use one pretty quickly and u can argue, holy crap it took the man who invented computers sseveral years to do it…inventing something from scratch is not the same as learning it…. furthermore, pein got owned by naruto because it was a surprise and because his paths were just recovering from the use of the massive shinra tensai…nagato couldve killed naruto if he wanted to…. he just saw hope…hes not smart, hes stupid and idealistic and thats why everyone likes hiim in the show, cuz hes not mature enough to understand the problems in the world and thinks everything comes easily, only recently has he started to grow…. sasuke beat easy shinobi…and was being trained by orochimaru…i dont think those are the same type of shinobi that’d be at the forefront in the 3rd ninja war, i think they probably had their best out there…fukasaku did say that he surpassed jiraiya and minato…in that he was able to perfect sage mode…thats not enough…its like..even after naruto “surpassed” kakashi by perfecting the rasenshuriken, kakashi was still stronger… that was just one thing that naruto surpassed him in. I dont doubt that he eventually will become the strongest… but…at the moment hes not there yet….there are too many enemies that could own him. Yes he showed glimpses of intelligence against pain, and also way back against zabuza…but most of the time its not intelligence…its just being bold and daring like against kabuto and kakuzu where he put himself completely at risk…or even against neji…against someone more powerful…putting urself at risk from the start will get u killed…

  79. 1. 1st hokage

    2. 4th hokage

    3. 3rd hokage

    4. itachi

    5. jiraiya and Orochimaru (rivals tie)

    6.Danzou (was almost as strong as the 3rd hokage and now has sharingan

    7. 2nd hokage

    7. Tsunade

    8. kakashi and gai (rivals tie)

    9. naruto and sasuke (rivals tie)

    10. shikamaru or lee or neji

  80. I have to disagree with everyone saying naruto has perfected the rasengan. When minato, kakashi, and jaraiya mastered the rasengan, they did it with only ONE HAND. Where as naruto after all his training still relies on clones to rotate the chakra for him. In a situation where clones would be more of a hinders that benefit (cant think of one atm) he would not be able to use it. I think there was only one time we saw him do it himself but I cant remember what it was. In my opinion naruto still has alot of training to do before we can say he has truly perfected it.

  81. @omar101990

    As far as I recall, the jounin sensei system was there to nurture the enxt generation. That means Kakashi was there to teach Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke.

    Just because Kakashi was training Naruto to use the Kage bunshins, doesn’t mean Naruto is stupid. It just means he is inexperienced. As far as I recall, it was Kakashi’s inexperience that got Obito killed as well, yet he was considered a genious and a so called “true shinobi”.

    How’s that for ironic?

    And yes, Naruto needed help to form the basis of his learning, (all pupils do) but he still created the rasenshuriken himself, by using the training Kakashi gave him. Kakashi could only take him so far, by giving him the tools he needed. After that, it was up to Naruto himself to take those tools and make something with it. I highly doubt Kakashi created the chidori before being taught how to do nature and shape manipulation, so does that mean he didn’t create it?

    In the same manner, if someone gives you a hammer, some nails and wood to build a house with, does that mean that they built the house after you did all the work putting it together? No, it doesn’t…

    I think you also missinterpreted the purpose of my post as well. It wasn’t actually to try and prove Naruto was stronger, because that will always be a matter of oppinion. I was just pointing out that he is not as stupid as everyone seems to think. He survuved against Pein because of his cunning and intellegence in battle, because even I know his strength alone or even his sage mode would not have been enough.

    He used a high level technique in was most people would think of to decieve his opponent. He is just as worthy a shinobi as anyone else and yet you say he doesn’t have the intellegence needed to be a true shinobi. If that’s the case, I could say the same thing about Gai not being smart enough (i mean he couldn’t remember who Kisame was for heaven’s sake) and yet he is so highly regarded.


    I agree. There is a difference between completeing a technique and perfecting it (so although Rasenshuriken is the completed form of the rasengan, it is still not a perfected technique).

    But that is the case with every technique, in a sense. Even the sage mode, although he has achieved a perfect form, can still be perfected in terms of duration, or even the possibility of gathering the chakra while moving, etc.

    If you ask me, there is no such thing as a ‘perfected technique’ because you can always take something further or make it better. However, Naruto has found his own way of using the Rasengan to make it easier for himself and I doubt that will ever change. (Another good example of how he used his own intellegence to overcome an obstacle, without anyone else showing it to him).

  82. super check your email, i sent you a guideline…

  83. @zekks about itachi being hokage, he probably would of became the hokage if the uchihas planned a coup d’etat. I mean itachi was so much more gifted and the third hokage would of gave him the hokage spot probably

  84. i mean if the uchihas didnt

  85. ..we all know iruka sensei would pwn anyone…i wonder why konohamaru, ebisu and iruka isn’t on the ballot? hmm…theres also shizune, who’ve seen fight couple times…from what i’ve seen, iruka is more useful than ino, and sakura, ebisu is somewhat like ussop…lol, and shizune…hmm…give me a minute…

  86. @pazownz: Reread my post. i think you missed the meaning of it the first time.

  87. @Shinobi: Alright, I got your message check your inbox. Iruka would PWN anyone? Pfffffffft, it’s all about Udon (the snot nosed kid on Konohamaru’s team)! XD

  88. 1. Jiraiya
    2. Hashirama
    3. Itachi
    4. Minato
    5. Hiruzen (3rd Hokage)
    6. Sasuke
    7. Naruto
    8. Shikamaru
    9. Kakashi

    Jiraiya just PWNSSSSSSS!!!!

    And Hashirama took on Madara and the nine tails a the same time, beat him, and crippled him to a point where he’s practiclly powerless right now. So he would make an awesome opponent for Jiraiya.

    The rest as they say…is history XD

  89. I personally think that Shizune’s pig would PWN everyone but shes not on the list o well.

  90. thats bull SAI PWN ALL!!!!jk not really.if naruto wins this i swar i am going to kill myself he is allready the lead person he dose not need to win this.pick somone that is goon like shikamaru or kakashi or madara just pick somone good.NOT NARUTO!

  91. Holy crap look what I found surfing through the manga.


    And more of that here.


    Hiruzen Sarutobi was quite the ninja. 😉

    And this basically proves without a doubt Itachi is stronger than Orochimaru.


    Here’s some testimony to Jiraiya’s power.


    And hell why not Kabuto?


    Orochimaru stronger than Jiraiya?


    Jiraiya nearly died fighting the 4 tailed Kyubi and Orochimaru held it off in an over exerted body.


    Obvious information on Tsunade.


    LMAO, Kakashi gets PWNED! XD


  92. What? Konohomoru doesn’t even get an honorable mention?
    I mean he kicks more ass than TenTen and Ino combined =P

  93. @supertrek: I agree with some of these points.

    I had used the Iruka quote about Hiruzen too but people quickly opposed it with Kishi saying that Minato was the strongest, which is pretty contradictory.

    ITACHI PWNS All EMOs!!!! (except sasuke, only because he is family) >_<

    For Itachi to say that Jaraiya could take on both Kisame and himself is a true testimony of Jaraiya's power, coming from one of the best geniuses konoha has ever produced. (I have a rant about the number of geniuses in konoha but that's for another day, unless you want to hear it now?) @_@

    I think Kabuto can, if he hasn't already, surpass Tsunade. From that fight I think it was only her experience that gave her the upper-egde. Kabuto was adopted and trained by the head of the medical corp so I dont find it surprising that he is this good at medical ninjutsu.

    Now for where I disagree XD

    I wouldn't use the Sannin fight to compare Jaraija's and Orochimaru's powers because of the fact both of them were not at 100% fight power. Jaaraiya was still feeling the effects of Tsunade's drug and Orochimaru didnt have access to his ninjutsu that required hand seals.

    As for 4 tail kyuubi I saw it as them fighting him in a different style. Jaraija fought to surpress the kyuubi's chakra which is why he got that scar. Orochimaru mostly avoided direct confrontation because his body was so weak and his snake jutsu were useless since that just get burned instantly. Here are some examples:

  94. eh i think jiraya is stronger then orochimaru, thats because oro said that itachi was stronger then him, and then itachi said him and kisame were no match to jiraya so just by that it proves that jiraya is stronger the orochimaru.

  95. Actually it never says in the manga that Itachi and Kisame couldn’t handle Jiraiya. I think you’re referring to these links.




    As you can see Kisame always refer to Jiraiya as one of the legendary 3 which he then compares his powers to them. He said that guy “might” be a match for them (Itachi and Kisame) but of course not together because together they would crush Jiraiya. Orochimaru was also a legendary sannin and wasn’t it Jiraiya who went after Orochimaru and came back empty handed?


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