Fairy Tail 155 Breakdown + Discussion: Erza = Smokin’ Hot Genius

Hiya reader! How goes it? DroSensei here, sorry for the late breakdown again but this work schedule of mine is getting ridiculous now, I promise that next week my breakdown will be out at reasonable time. OK! Fairy Tail manga breakdown time! *Jumps into Delorean and flies back to the future, snagging the reader along the way*

Fairy Tail FTW!

What's this? I seem to be expelling liquid from my eyes...What's wrong with me!!?

What's this? I seem to be expelling liquid from my eyes...What's wrong with me!!?

Alright, so the chapter starts out with Erza, Midnight, and Gerard having the most epic staring contest ever. Which of course reminds me of something…

Notice the young Simon Pegg πŸ˜‰

Anyways…Erza lunges at Midnight with blinding speed, and swipes at Midnight with her Naginata. Midnight uses “his” magic reflector to deflect the attack, but Erza has something up her sleeve…and that something is her hand, which she uses to strike Midnight in the right boob (unless Midnight is a guy, which would explain nothing).

Beautiful AND Badass...brings a whole new meaning to "BBGurly" ;)

Beautiful AND Badass...brings a whole new meaning to "BBGurly" πŸ˜‰

Erza deduces Midnight’s weaknesses in the short amount of time that they fought, proving once and for all that girls are better at logical thinking than guys are (not always though, I’m reminded of a few instances that prove otherwise *cough* Timbo *cough* *cough* Fireman with a ninja sword *cough* *cough* Hunting for Jolly Ranchers *cough* ahem, sorry about that I have a cold πŸ˜‰ ).

Erza is the only person in the history of mankind to be able to pull that off.

Erza is the only person in the history of mankind to be able to pull that off.

Midnight isn’t done yet it seems, according to “him” when it is Midnight “his” refraction reaches its peak. As “he” says this “his” body begins to transform into a monstrous creature…where have I seen this before?

I think I might be alone on this one, but (to me) Midnight's beast mode looks like Burter (from the Ginyu Force) with hair...thoughts?

I think I might be alone on this one, but (to me) Midnight's beast mode looks like Burter (from the Ginyu Force) with hair...thoughts?

Oh wait, I almost forgot! Maybe now we can actually tell if Midnight is male or female.

That sneaky bastard...

That sneaky bastard...

Beast mode Midnight uses a rasengan to blow up a section of Nirvana and then kills Gerard and Erza by using a tentacle to penetrate through them (eww). As Midnight laughs at it’s handiwork, Erza breaks “his” genjutsu illusion with a cool pose. πŸ˜‰

Take notes Ginyu force, this is how a cool pose SHOULD be.

Take notes Ginyu force, this is how a cool pose SHOULD be.

The chapter ends with Erza leaving Midnight with some great advice, which he was “dying” to hear. See what I did there? πŸ˜‰

OK! On to the WRA manga!

T__T Everyone is against me!

T__T Everyone is against me!

Alright, that’s all from me today. Remember, if you’d like to be in the WRA manga please come up with a character you’d like to be. Thanks for reading, Arigato Gozaimasu! *bows and poofs*


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19 Responses to “Fairy Tail 155 Breakdown + Discussion: Erza = Smokin’ Hot Genius”


    Lmao@ The cross eyes! XD <—– Kinda like how I laugh…Great breakdown Dro, now if only you could put some hotter girls in the mangas you do…>_>

    Lol, anyway Erza pwned as usual and now Nirvana should technically stop unless that skull on a stick has something to do about it. I wonder how powerful it actually is.

  2. SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    Great breakdown dro. I agree midnight’s beast mode looks just like burter except on steroids XD. Wow even naked we can say for sure? That’s kinda creepy. I wonder if midnight is as confused as we are? @_@. Ezra is a goddess. Beauty, brains and sexy clothes for every occasion, even one that dont require it ;). Maybe she can help midnight decide what gender to be, she is pretty good at making…I mean helping people make up there minds XD:

  3. 3rd YOSH!!!!

    if you wanna put me in take kakashi πŸ˜€ lolz

    nice breakdown . cant i just skip the 154 chapter to this one????

  4. 4th!!!!!!

    Great breakdown!

  5. LOL awesome break down this week dro!
    haha i had a feeling you were going to use that monster thing for the male/female craziness.
    hahahaha and I loved the manga you made this week! cookie needs to sneak into ur breakdowns more often, its fun ganging up on you πŸ˜‰

  6. Great breakdown dro (is secretly a little weirded out) XD .
    LOL – good call on Midnight’s genjutsu transformation. I know Erza is strong, but i would have like to have seen a better fight from midnight, they were promotion he/she as the strongest in their group never to lose a battle and then he/she gets dropped in a minute. o well i guess it’s better than it going on for 10 chapters.

    BLAME HAPPY XD – oh and great work on the manga as well … but i thought scorp was going to make an appearance this week πŸ˜‰

  7. YOSH!!!! congrats dro O_O i read 22 chapters today O_O

  8. @Super: More hotties you say? That can be arranged. ^__^

    @Doom: Stay away from Erza! She’s mine, or at least someday I hope so…*tucks away engagement ring behind his couch* >_> <_<

    @BB: Two chicks ganging up on me?!? *drools, but then remembers that those two chicks are BB and Cookie and dies of fright*

    @Mud: You're just starting to be weirded out by my breakdowns? πŸ˜› And yeah I know where you're coming from with Midnight being defeated so easily, but Erza's abilities completely owned anything that Midnight could muster up…I don't know what to think about Chief Diamond Phillips (the stick) though.

    @Ahsan: Well done, now just 131 more chapters to go. ^__^

    @Everyone: Do you think that Nirvana is gonna reach Cait Shelter?

  9. YOSH!!! Hot girls make everything better! @_@ I think Nirvana’s going to reach Cait Shelter and possibly destroy it but the beam won’t be fired and hit the residents. They feel like they must be punished for something so having their shelter destroyed and starting anew can be way of starting with a clean slate.

  10. New Fairy Tail chapter is out

  11. Fairy Tail 156 is out:

  12. Wow the new guy is a beast. I like him already.XD

  13. Lol, that dude is f**king crazy! @_@

  14. YOSH!!!

    <—-is on chapter 48 page 2 and still reading πŸ˜€

    btw grey and natsu rock O_O

    and erza is a *cough*whore*cough*

  15. nice breakdown… funny and to the point… is the fairy tail anime gona have its own breack down or not?? if i was in the manga i would like to be minato…=)

  16. Fairy tail anime 2 is out:

    I just loved the guild brawl and the seals. They just look so damn cool.>_<

  17. <–is on chapter 98 page 8

    woo hhoooo awesome and hella funny

  18. <—waiting for chapter 157 πŸ˜€


  19. Ok i’ve ben reading since 1am (now 6 pm here) and just got up to date with this series, and before i fall asleep i can just say one word “EPIC”

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