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Well hello everyone, MsMandi here with the first installment of the feature brought over from Word on Mars; AMV Corner. Once a month I will be posting 4 AMV’s for Naruto, Bleach, FMA and One Piece as well as any funny videos I might happen to find while surfing the interwebz. So here we go, and prepare yourself for some face melting awesomeness!!

FMA: From the Ashes by Askitaka

I’ve never seen FMA before, and the beginning of this one got me a bit teary eyed >.<

One Piece: Freak on a Leash by HitomiFlowers

I dispise OP…but this AMV is pretty freaking badass

Bleach- Take You Higher by SaiSenseiStudio

Pure freaking awesomeness

Naruto- Shikamaru’s Revenge by Kristicuk

This one made me cry too >.<

Well there’s your AMV’s for this month, hope you liked em. And in honor of Halloween I’m posting a couple videos from my favorite dubber (is that even a word??) Sehanort. Prepare to laugh, or at least chuckle…or maybe giggle…or smile possibly…There is alot of them, but they are totally worth it…so watch em.

Bleachers: Hollow Bash by Sehanort 2 and 3


Alright that’s all the videos I have…I swear…this time. Now answer some questions!





And that concludes this months AMV corner. If any of you have any AMV’s or funny vids you think I should include please feel free to email the links to me at Make sure you put something in the subject to let me know what it is so I don’t accidentally delete it. And I am VERY VERY picky about the AMV’s I use, so please don’t be mad or upset if I chose not to use one that you’ve sent me. And with that, have a great month and a very Happy Halloween!!


~ by Miranda on October 18, 2009.

18 Responses to “AMV Corner”

  1. 1st YOSH!!!

  2. SECOND!!

  3. third

  4. edit- NM

  5. 4TH! ^^

    Great job Mandi, lol, you don’t have to do One Piece AMVs if you despise the manga. o_O I do weekly One Piece AMVs in the One Piece section already so the One Piece lovers should be plenty full already.

    You have a whole month until your next post Mandi give it some time. 🙂

  6. Well, i’m all for doing One Piece amv’s, it doesn’t bother me…it’s just hard because I don’t know anything about the anime.

  7. @Mandi: Awesome. Good choice on the vids.
    I’d have to say that the FMA clip was my favourite vid out of all of them, (but i already had the Naruto AMV 😛 ), Followed closely by the bleach vid. The OP AMV was pretty damn good, but personaly i dislike the Freak on a Leash remix – just not as good as the original.

  8. AMV’s huh??? I’ll watch them when i get home…..

  9. “Shikamaru’s Revenge” was really well done. I have to give credit to the production on that, everything just fit so well and the music really moved it along.

    It was pure awesomeness!!! ^ ^

  10. @Mud – The FMA amv actaully made me start watching FMA…I started yesterday lol. The Naruto one I posted on WoM and the creator actually came over to thank us for using it. And it’s hard to pick good AMV’s for animes you don’t watch, cause you don’t understand the plot lines within the amv’s and all that jazz…so when I saw the OP AMV I thought it was good, one because there wasn’t a plot line to follow it’s just luffy beating everyones ass….that and I ❤ Korn lol….

  11. I have to agree with tenrai!!

    Pure Awesomeness!!!

  12. Shikamaru’s Revenge was my favorite one. Hollow Bash is hillarious 😀

  13. @Mandi: FMA is great I started watching it not too long and it wasn’t long before I got caught up with the anime and the Manga.

  14. @Mandi: Ohh that’s right, that must be where i got the Naruto vid from XD.
    I think you’ll appreciate the FMA AMV a hell of a lot more once u’ve seen the anime, he/she’s edited and done a great job with it.
    Yeah i remember watching some OP vids before i’d finished the Manga and i was WTF’ing quite a bit, and damn right, Korn are amazing.

  15. nice amv’s O_O

  16. Haha, I killed Ahsans domination of the “Recent Comments” section!! Aren’t I just sooo evil??

  17. @Ahsan: LOL, I was going to do that but now I have the time do it myself…take over the ‘Recent Comments Section’! ^(0_0)^

  18. @mud I’ve gotten to episode 10 so i’m starting to appreciate it lol

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