Welcoming New Authors To The Blog!

Penny, Ron, and MandiArtworks by Polly-chan, Vampirella87, and DranC

Hello WRA, I’m here to make a quick announcement introducing 3 new authors to our blog. Coming from another manga/anime blog, WoM (Word On Mars), the authors will consist of 2 former commentators/authors of IRA and the creator of WoM. I know great things will come from them so without further ado they are…

Penny: Taking over as the permanent writer for the Naruto Manga Breakdowns! She has wonderful experience in this area and her work is always entertaining and insightful to say the least. I must thank Marksman for his great work in holding the fort down before Penny’s transition. 🙂

Mandi: Bringing Bleach Anime Breakdowns to the blog for all you Bleach lovers out there!

*picks on raised hand in the crowd*

Hmmm… Whether that includes future fillers or not is up to her. It’s a love hate relationship when it comes to Bleach fillers for Mandi. XD

Last but not least,

Ron: Creator and founder of WoM will be doing FMA manga breakdowns. I know a few of you on the site have been missing those, well now they’re back!

That concludes the announcement. I’m looking forward to their contribution to the site and I have another surprise coming up but that’ll have to wait until later. ^(0_0)^


*Ehem* Sorry to interrupt but Trek, you forgot my AMV post too…

Yes kids, I will be doing a monthly amv spot with the first one this sunday. Also, I will be picking up Bleach after this arc which ends on the 27th of October. So look forward to my breakdown around the 4th.

*Now back to our previously scheduled program*


P.S. Reflex and Ace will be bringing back the video game section…YAY! ^_^



~ by supertrek89 on October 17, 2009.

20 Responses to “Welcoming New Authors To The Blog!”

  1. FIRST!!!!

  2. Ok, Super…

    What ELSE do you have up your sleeve? Now you really have me curious…

  3. THIRD!!

  4. FOURTH!!

    @Penny: Check your email plz. 🙂

    @Mandi: YOSH!!! Indeed you are also doing a monthly AMV post! Lol, I’m sorry I forgot to mention that one. >_<

  5. It’s ok, I forgive you.

  6. @trek: thanks for the welcome and…I LOVE that pic of Tsunade!

  7. WOOT! WRA keeps growing and yes that is a nice tsunade pic.

  8. Oh and I forgot to say F@@K YEAH FMA BREAKDOWN!!!!!! and also like to say WOOT DODGERS WON!!!! Up yours philly!

  9. So… mandi are you not going to do breakdowns for the zanpakuto filler? i know you said when the arc ends october 27, but i heard this filler arc was supposed to go on for a lot longer, and that seems to be the case with all the crazy stuff happining now. Also, how are the AMVs for the monthely spot choosen? are we allowed to suggest some amvs we have found or made?

  10. HEY! what happened to the videogame announcement?

  11. Ummm…yay!!! 🙂 I think……

    Lets just make sure the Naruto manga breakdowns are speedy and posted quickly 😉

  12. @Ace: The video game announcement!? Fine fine, read the post again. 😉

  13. @takashid according to the episode list the bleach filler ends on the 27, if it goes any longer than that I still won’t be covering it because as someone who read WoM you should know that I loathe fillers…(even if I do actually like this one.) That and I don’t want to jump into the middle of a story line that hasn’t been covered.

    And the monthly AMV’s are chosen by me. You are always welcome to recommend AMV’s, but I am EXTREMELY picky so don’t be upset if I decide not to use it. If you have suggestions you can email me at mandikw99@hotmail.com.

  14. @trek, I think you should just do an another announcement to quiet the catcalls out there…ah, yes, the joys of being in command…lol

  15. @SCHY: if you have ever read WoM, my breakdowns were out within 24-36 hours of the release of the manga…well ahead of WRA 😛 So hang on…once I get a hold of a confirmed spoiler, I’m on it!

  16. Aww… I can’t even come on WRA anymore. Stupid life, stop interfering. -.-

    I’m really glad someone’s going to be doing the FMA breakdowns. ^^ I was itching to do it, but every time I started something would come up and now it’s been nearly four days since I’d last looked here. T__T DAMN YOU BATMAN!

    And people have got to start reading FMA. -_- There has been too little attention to the manga, and it’s absolutely brilliant– especially the last chapters. ^^

    @penny: I’m a big fan! ^^ Been one since IRA, but I never got a chance to get an account on time. I’ll be off to read the breakdown now, thanks for coming over here! 8D

  17. @Ms Mandi: yeah i knew you didnt like filler, but i had wondered if this surprisingly good filler with the zanpakuto’s had got you interested enough to give it a try. i guess not, so i will look forword to your breakdowns when we get back to ichigo vs ulquiorra(Go Ulquorra!!!!). Also thank you for the info on the monthly Amv’s, i had always wondered how they were picked. Hmmm…. extremly picky huh?

  18. @Dynamic: Oi, you can always come on WRA if time allows Dynamic! We miss you. T_T You can always pick up the FMA anime again if you feel up to it but I know you didn’t like how it skipped stuff in the manga. Well, if there’s anything you can think of just let me know. 🙂

    @Penny: Lol, it’ll all be fine because I have such a wonderful staff that I don’t have to pay. 😉

  19. @Penny ~ awesomeness 😀

  20. cool *0*

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