Naruto Manga Breakdown 468 and 469 Spoiler Discussion To rant or not to rant T_T

The Script for the spoiler is in the comments below.  It is large is confirmed.

Hey guys. Marksman here, The Incredible Marksman that is and I’m here to take over WRA and IRA with my new mind control jitsu and i am not here “I repeat” I’m not here to bring you the Naruto manga breakdown for this week. So lets get started shall we? ^_^                                 O_o

Thats our madara, always leaving everyone speechless. He must of showed them alot more then just a plan. O_o

That's our Madara, always leaving everyone speechless. He must of showed them alot more then just a plan. O_o

So here we are with Madara pawning the beginning of what could be the forth ninja war.  Madara says he is powerless himself   but has the power of the 7 tailed beast he has captured thus far at his disposal. But i wonder what he meant when he said he is powerless and the wounds inflicted on him by the first hokage were to great and he is just a shell of his former self.  Does this mean he is restricted in power, cant use ninjitsu or genjitsu and can only use his MS and Tiajitsu? Or does he mean that half of his body was crushed by a large rock and he cant form hand seals properly for ninjitsu because of it and can only use one of his sharingan *hence the mask* because the other one mysteriously disappeared to another person he used to be friends with. *cough* KAKASHI *cough*.     >_<   So um………..what do you think?

Danzou you punk b**ch mother F$#k*r  -_-

Danzou you punk b**ch mother F$#k*r -_-

An interesting development! Since Danzou used his sharingan to influence the the voting decision and ran like the punk bastard he is when Sasugay *cough* Sasuke showed up, he has lost the Raikage’s respect and everyone elses for that matter and may be reproved of duty as hokage.  Gaara says he is going to tell and nominate hatake kakashi with this information  of the new alliance which could lead to Kakashi being the leader. XD!!!! *keeps fingers crossed* Yea that’s right T_T.  My fav character is Kakashi!! You got a problem with that? O_o  Anyway the Raikage seems to agree with this new settlement and says Kakashi is more trust worthy then that punk asshole of a hokage Danzou.

If you haven’t gotten the memo by now …… i don’t like Danzou. -_-

Raikage: I pity the FOOL who tries to tell me what to do! pffffffffffffffft

Raikage: I pity the FOOL who tries to tell me what to do! pffffffffffffffft

So after figuring out that his brother wasn’t captured at all,  Raikage makes a plan to gather together and look for his brother bee. His lackey gets no credit at all for the idea -_- But it may or may not be to late because Kisame may eat bee for dinner have other plans with bee for Madara.  Meanwhile a plan is formulated to battle against Madara and his 7 beast in the forth ninja war soon to come.  Someone may have to prepare for ass kissing. >_>

(if you don’t know what I’m referring to with that last comment check the ira blog and look for Supertrek’s breakdown. Or just ask Super. :P)

Yea take bee out of the fight because he could make it worse! Great idea! We dont need him! We want to get PWNED!   T_T

Yea take bee out of the fight because he could make it worse! Great idea! We don't need him! We want to get PWNED! T_T

Ok, when i saw old man kage suggest that the kyuubi and the hachibi be put in the front lines of the battle this is what i said;

Marksman: YOSH!!!!!!!! Great idea. i’d love to see that. Nothing but epic naruto style battle of epic awesomeness.

And then i read what Gaara said. T_T Go ahead and reread it… ill wait.

That’s right! Gaara just had to go and f**k everything up suggest that protecting them is a vital object of the war and that instead they should be hiding away so that Madara wont be able to capture them.  Hey Gaara! F**k you! T_T                                                -_-

Everyone sees the logic to Gaara’s please and agree that it would be a good idea to hide them since their the whole reason Madara having this war. But what do you think. Do you think they should be put into the war or be hidden away from Madara evil hands?

MY HERO!!! ^_^ Take That Gaara T_T

MY HERO!!! ^_^ Take That Gaara T_T

Ok, now we learn of Kisame’s true power which may very well indeed be OVER 9000!!! much more then bee can handle.  We learn that Kisame not only has the Samehada, the most powerful of all 7 swords, but with that sword in hand he’s a monster who’s power would be on the level of a jinchuuriki. Wow! I didn’t know Kisame was so bad ass. Now i wonder who truly would win in a fight between him and Itachi. That would be a good battle. No wonder those two were paired together.  The old man kage comes to the rescue saying that the power of seven tailed beast could easily break threw there defenses and get to Naruto and bee and completely defeat the purpose of hiding them in the first place. So he suggest that they should be in the war to strengthen there defenses so that they’d have a greater chance of winning. This is what i said when i read this;

Marksman: HAHA YEA!!! EPIC NINJA WAR HERE WE COME!!! oh and btw if i haven’t already said this…. F**k you Gaara! T_T



So here we have be in a peaceful country singing his life away completely unaware of the danger approaching and blissful to the trouble he has caused for his older brother.  But now a new development takes place. What is it you ask? See for yourself! xD

Did Someone order a Ranting Sakura? Xd

Did Someone order a Ranting Sakura? Xd

So Sakura finally shows up to tell Naruto her news.  Its about time she gave Naruto some real attention T_T.  I wonder what it is she has to tell Naruto. We can discuss this down in the comment section. This breakdown is already to long >_>.

What do you mean naruto will be taking a break so that the author can gather information and that you hope we understand?! WE DONT UNDERSTAND!!! T_T We never understand why naruto manga has to take a break. Why do you play with our emotions?! ...... KISHI! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

What do you mean Naruto will be taking a break so that the author can gather information and that you hope we understand?! WE DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! T_T We never understand why Naruto manga has to take a break. Why do you play with our emotions?! ...... KISHI! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

This is the interesting development i was referring to. Killer bee vs Kisame. An epic battle begins next chapter when ever the hell it comes out and we get to finally see Kisame and bee in some real action.  Bee seems overly confident about defeating Kisame probably because of how he owned Sasugay *cough* Sasuke and his team. But he know little about Kisame.

Bee: Eh?

Kisame: Ive finally found you? Though it took me almost 30 chapters to do so which is pretty f**king ridiculous for a nin of my stature i can finally eat you capture you and bring you back to the hide out.

Well guys this is it for my first breakdown. Many thanks go to Tenrai, Ahsan, and Mandi. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Trust me T_T

So what did you think about my first breakdown? I know it was epic awesomeness wasn’t it? I know I’m bad!! 😀

Well thats it for me folks ^_^. Until next time!!!!


The Incredible Marksman


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  1. Firrrrrsssssssstttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im new to this site, but its awesomness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice breakdown ^_^ 1st?

  3. awesome chapter, but naruto needs to kick some serious ass real soon

  4. 3rd

  5. 4th xD

  6. Yay for a new chapter….

  7. 5th!! yes.. nice break down marksman.

    i dunno who said this, but last break down someone said, it wouldn’t be a good idea for kakashi to be leader of the alliance cuz he wouldnt beable to escort naruto around… ur 100 percent right bro!!

    and about kisame and KB, looks like its gonna be a hell of an even fight. why? because if kisame does fuse with his samehada “you have a human who is able to weild every bit as much power as a jinchuuriki” -Chojuro- and KB who is a jichuuriki himself.

    can’t waiit!!

  8. top 5 woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  9. got beaten oh well great chapter and breakdown at the pic of awesomeness but not there yet (keep it coming ) kisame vs killer bee its gonna be awesomeness but no desided winer probably interupted by madara (showing cockyness) or raikage to pawn him himself. ahh the posibilites.

  10. Great job on the breakdown Marks! Lol, you had some choice words for Danzou and Gaara I see. XD

    And it’s Sasuke not Sasugay, don’t hate on the powerful emo kid…>_>

    @Anyone: I’m really rooting for Killer Bee in this fight because it seems he’s the underdog and I like his rhymes. 😉 Kisame beat the 4 tailed Jinchuuriki and said he had a tiring time doing that. Now he’s up against the 8 tails who as full control over his Bijuu. I can see why Akatsuki can’t lose any more members but didn’t Kishi say he’s bringing in 3 more powerful ones? Also, didn’t Kishi say Killer Bee was going to attack Konoha so he can’t be captured here could he? Even though Konoha is nothing but a crater in the ground being rebuilt right now…

    As for the Madara/Tobi/Obito connection theory WOO-HOO!!! ^(0_0)^

    The 4th Ninja War BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! -_- Ass kissing? Lol, I have no idea what you’re talking about Marks. Ahem… Naruto’s going to stop this war from ever happening. BELIEVE IT!

  11. @ Supertrek – I’m voting for Bee also, I know we all like Kisame, and he IS a badass, but I wanna see the Killa Killa kill that noise (old dr. dre./aftermath ref)
    8-sword, 8-tail, float like a butterfly, sting like a hachibi…

    *hours of Prawl’s ranting goes by… *

    …And that’a about it!

    @ Anyone – Was bee’d “lyrical gangsta tutor” standing atop a giant racoon? or was taht suposed to be a wolf/kyote? sumthin?

  12. @ assassinaybe – LOVE the icon man (woman?) I don’t know if I want some chicken from the soul-society KFC though, heard it’s mostly batter-dipped hollow

  13. @ cannonfg u said: i dunno who said this, but last break down someone said, it wouldn’t be a good idea for kakashi to be leader of the alliance cuz he wouldnt beable to escort naruto around… ur 100 percent right bro!!

    Well then in my opinion whoever said that is 100 percent wrong. T_T lol i belive alot of ppl underestimate kakashi because of the past battles hes ben in. No one here besides me and ahsan seems to like him. lol according to alot of ppls logic here, if your a ninja with a funtional brain and knows a little ninjitsu and just so happens to have more chakra then kakashi can beat him.

  14. @incredible marksman: oh man don’t get me wrong, kakashi is one of my favorite characters, and no way in hell do i underestimate em either.

    but btw, i was juss talkin outta my ass. XD . its a suitable position for him, but, *sniff* there wont beas much naruto/kakashi chemistry!!

    @supertrek : Where the hell did you get that info from?!?! Killer Bee attacking Konoha??

  15. @just read on IRA: I now see why no one responded to my post on the previous breakdown about Madara-Obito-Shisui-brother theory – they are being discussed on IRA! and seemed like their discussion started before I wrote out my theory…

    So Madara has Obito’s space-time ninjutsu and Shisui’s mind controling genjutsu (wrt 4th mizukage – credit goes to dro over at ira). Both eyes are now not available for they are in Kakashi and Danzo. But with the brother theory, Madara could have the other two eyes. A cheat ability of the EMS could be that it can absorb all sharingan techniques if given the eye (a bigger cheat would be the ability to use all sharingan techniques).

    [I am posting this post here because of the word IRA being braught up in this breakdown]

  16. @Marksman: Lol, I wouldn’t assume that people here don’t like Kakashi just because of a few past debates. I for one don’t even remember a Naruto vs. Kakashi debate but if you want my opinion on that Naruto as he is right now would very likely lose. Besides, you and Ahsan are not the only Kakashi fanboys on this site. You two are just the loudest. 😉

    @Mudmathie: LMAO, the space/time jutsu theory and Obito’s eye is by no means Dro’s personal theory. What is his theory though is that Madara is actually Shisui in disguise.

    @Cannon: Lol, cool down it’s just an interview so it’s unconfirmed…

    Kishi’s words @ 2008 Jump Festa

    9. “Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members and invades Konoha by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight”

    -> also not yet confirmed.

  17. @super: I was not refering to that. I was giving Dro credit for reminding me the whole mizukage incident… which lead up to my summary above.

  18. And bye loudest he means the most successful debate winners on the blog O_O

    *hi 5’s ahsan* XD

    Whats this?! Super actually believe kakashi would beat naruto?! I dont believe my eyes T_T

    Hey super do you think i should add in a bubble contest? >_>

  19. Well kakashi is going to become the next hokage for sure since the other hokages trust him and the elders were going to pick him in the first place. I think that the one guy Killerbee was singing with is a swordsmen of the mist…I think kisame might beat killerbee but killerbee’s master might kick Kisame’s ass…Look at that big ass sword..he might even be one of the seven swordsmen.

  20. @supertrek: im cool. im so cool, its like i’ve been living in a fridge my entire life matter a fact, im sick, im so sick i make medicine ill. xD.

  21. @Mudmathie: Alright gotcha but does Madara have space/time jutsu and Shisui’s mind controlling doujutsu? Hmmm…he could have two eyes under that mask. Obito’s and Shisui’s.

    @Marksman: Whatever makes you happy. 😉

    @Scorp: That’s an interesting theory I’d like to see that fight but Kisame is still the best of the 7 swordsmen.

  22. The return is drawing near…

    @mudmathie: … AWESOME name selection 😉 wise u are XD

    @Marks: great breakdown dude, nuff said.

    Killerbee better win! He’s the only source of comedy left in Naruto atm. He’s bringing rock to Naruto … YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH XD. Kisame is cool, but still, Bee ftw.
    Hopefully Kakashi doesn’t become the next hokage, for one it will give u Kakashi lovers more room to swing on his nuts.

    seriously though, if he was to take the position, he’d most likely die in the upcomming war or soon afterwards in order for Naruto to become Hokage. Plus i’d like to see a bit more of douchebag danzou, and what he’s up to before there is a shift in power.

    This shinobi alliance seems pretty sweet, perhaps this is the first step towards peace…
    also, how fucked must sasuke’s eyes be!? Anyone else think he might need Itachi’s eyes soon?

  23. @super…True but even the best can’t fight Killerbee and another swordsmen lol.


    but how the hell would that lil man, be able to wield a sword that big?

  25. oh and sab-chan is probably bushy brow’s long lost father, (i don’t think they even mention his parents at all , ever!)

  26. @super: we don’t want to see a face with too many eyes! that is why I hypothesized on EMS’s cheat power of absorbing eyes techs.

    @mudshovel: the name “mathie” was taken already, and then I remembered the great [fill in the blank]…

  27. @cannon: Uuuussssoooopppp!

    It could be the Racoon’s sword. Remember (recall) Gamabunta’s?

  28. @scorp: then i guess he can’t be 1 of the 7 swords men. wheres his sword??

  29. @mud Swinging on kakashi nuts? T_T are you serious?

    my point exactly supertrek T_T

  30. I predict that there is going to be a time skips soon. They are going to make Naruto Hokage because let’s face it, he’s the most powerful person in Konoha. Sakura is going to confess she loves him, they are going to get married. The Hokage bit is part of the alliance plan to keep Naruto in the village (that’s where a Hokage belongs) and let’s face it, it will pacify Naruto.

  31. Can’t believe the madara/obito theory is still alive. I don’t think he has his eye either. The space/time jutsu seems to be another trick of a (skilled) sharingan user. My proof? Here ya go:

    Or maybe its an even bigger conspiracy that obito had FOUR EYES and sasuke got himself a pair too!! lmao

  32. @Mudmathie: Lol, a face with only two eyes is a normal face. I assume you read my theory stating that Obito could be Shisui’s younger brother so Madara wanting/having both their eyes isn’t that much of a stretch. Though, I’m still leaning towards him just having Obito’s eye.

  33. @kahmix: Agree with you on that Madara/Obito theory. I wish people would give it a rest. I can’t even believe it is still being discussed. GAHHHHH!

    @marks: great breakdown and…you aren’t the only one rooting for Kakashi here. I can’t wait to see him lead this effort…and become ROKUDAIME HOKAGE!!!! (Danzo was NOT official; just a “seat warmer”).

    Actually, what I’d like most in the Hokage department is if Tsunade came back to consciousness, got back her “youthful glow,” and kicked the sh** out of Danzo and the advisors. Then…the Godaime Hokage is back…

  34. there has been something that has been confounding me with this manga’s newest developments. what about the toads at myobokuzan? myobokuzan is an actual place so what of the the other inhabitants from there? was orochi’s manda and tsunade’s slug-thingy from the same place? what is there connection to all of this we’ve learned about the sage of the 6 paths and the jyuubi?

  35. damn that hokage wall is becoming very crowded, mount rushmore has nothing on them! but yes i believe KB will win somehow because i noticed kishi doesnt show us jinchuuriki thats gonna die, he only shows those who live.
    except for the 2tails but whe still didnt get to know her like gaara, naruto and KB.

  36. @ryuujin

    as i said before sakura is gonna tel naruto to give up on sasugay
    and if i were in his place id say ” STFU bitch , go home and cry ”

    >….< :d

    i hereby declare that from now on my debates will be based on pure facts not on fanboism like stated by a few people *looks at a random perv* ( yes even kakashi ) YOSH!!! congrats!!!!1

  37. wordpress is messing with my comments , awesome breakdown marks X_X

  38. Hey everyone, and nice breakdown Marks. I knew you could do it.

    Anyway, the next chapter promises to be an awesome one if things are heading in the direction I think they are. We will probably get to see the start of a great battle between Bee and Kisame and we will finally see Kisame go all out.

    Both seem powerful, both have Bijuu levels of chakra and both are master swordsman. The one thing Kisame seems to have in his favour, however, is that his sword can absorb massive amounts of chakra, so that may give him a slight edge or may even help him subdue Bee’s Bijuu form.

    Another thing I really want to see is Naruto’s reaction to what Sakura has to say. Although we still don’t know exactly what she will tell him, I think she will be releasing him from the burden of his promise to her as well as telling him to give up on Sasuke. The question is, will he just leave it, or will he continue on regardless?

    I also want to see if she brings up the fact that he still seems to love her and whether she feels the same way. She may not have those feelings and she may even bring up Hinata’s feelings as well. Either way it promises to be an interesting exchange. We also know that the Kage and Iron country are looking for him as well, so we may see a reunion there as well.

    Gah! I am talking too much again! The worst part about all of this, though, is that there is no Naruto manga next week, so we have to wait for answers. T__T

    *Sits in corner and cries*

  39. @Kahmix: I see…

    Now this is just my opinion but I highly doubt the space/time jutsu Sasuke used was from his sharingan. If he had a space/time jutsu available in his sharingan that could teleport him around the place he would have used it long ago. From what I see all Sasuke did was summon Manda, put him under genjutsu, hoped in its mouth, then reversed summoned it teleporting them both into another dimension or plain of existence escaping the blast. Of course not all the summonings live in another world as Myobokuzan is in 1 month walking distance from Konoha. Still, the summoning and reverse summoning itself was the space/time jutsu Sasuke performed not anything from his sharingan. Actually I’ll just give you the link.

    Jiraiya classifies summoning as a space/time jutsu which is what Sasuke used.

    @Penny: I try to give it a rest but more evidence keeps popping back up. O_O

    @Ahsan: HA!!! Kakashi is the leader of the alliance huh? Lol, he’s just being informed that he needs to lead Konoha not the entire 6 nation alliance. Yay Kakashi but you were still wrong Ahsan. ^_^

  40. And I also thought maybe this would be a good time for a debate. We haven’t had one that has really taken off lately, at least not on the scale of the Itach/Naruto debate or the Kakashi/Kisame debate.

    So I was thinking who would win a battle between Itachi and Bee. Seeing as how Bee managed to throw his younger clone around quite a bit, how would the older Uchiha brother compare?

    (P.S. This is Itachi without his illness holding him back)

  41. @Tenrai: I see there are two options for Sakura at this point.

    1. She’ll tell Naruto to give up on Sasuke and that he should be “taken care of” by their own hands before anyone else gets to him. Naruto will respond by saying “Hell no” or say “I’ll do it myself”.

    2. She’ll confront Naruto and tell him not to ever give up on Sasuke surprising the group she traveled with. She’ll tell him to stay strong and continue to forge for hope on retrieving Sasuke and returning him back to Konoha. Which Naruto would reply with a smile and “Thank you”…or he’ll be all sad and cry about how hard it is and the emo won’t listen to him.

    As for Itachi vs. Killer Bee. I’m going for Killer Bee on this one. Genjutsu won’t work, Amaterasu has been encountered before and a ninja of Killer Bee’s stature learns from his past battles, and Killer Bee has mad rhymes. Speed, strength, and swordsmanship all honed to a key.

  42. can somebody please tell me why this fight between bee and Kisame is going to be so epic? Yes he might be as powerful as a JIN but what tails? Is he as powerful as the first, second third tailed beast? Big deal Bee is the EIGHT fucking tails he’ll wipe the floor with his face.

  43. @dricedt

    To be honest, I don’t think Madara would have sent Kisame if he didn’t think he could handle Bee. He knew Sasuke had already failed despite his power and his use of the MS (not to mention the aid of his team), so the fact that he still sent Kisame even knowing all of that shows how much faith he probably has in him.

    It isn’t only his power though, after all how much chakra you have is not the only factor to regard in a battle. Kisame may be more skilled as well and his abilities also seem to suit the need of the situation. His sword, the Samehada, can absorb chakra, and probably massive amounts as well, which makes him well suited for handling Jinchuuriki.

    In any case, if you really want to know, I guess the best way to find out is wait and see. I think we will finally get a taste of Kisame’s full power, something that he has yet to have shown up to this point so far.

  44. Yup, Bee’s formidable alright but I’ll bet on Kisame in this fight because he’s got…
    * Jinchūriki-level chakra reserve
    * Chakra absorbing Samehada
    * Rōshi, the Four-Tailed Monkey’s jinchūriki, as a trophy
    * Amazing strength and speed, and most importantly,
    * The stamp of approval from the likes of Madara, who’s the most experience ninja at this point in all of Narutoverse.

  45. A break thats not fair gather info on what? here my thoughts are kishi is going to go through the entire naruto manga incase he forgot something(like the frog seal that was SUPPOSED to store itself with naruto if something happened to jiraiya which he died so where is it).

    also kishi already stated that(kinda indirectly) that kisame will die and bee will go blind. as for him invading konoha i dont think he will be attacking it why would he? he will want to help train naruto for the fight to come by teaching him to control his beast. the only way i see him attacking the leaf is if danzou does what i said in the last breakdown about seizing absolute control of the village and orders people to attack and detain the hachibi and kyuubi for his own goals.

  46. They’re giving credit to Kisame’s power all of a sudden so that he doesn’t look stupid compared to Bee.
    Wasn’t Kisame vs Killer Bee one of the debates about 2 months ago ?

  47. i found these 2 predictions from this site.

    (Sasuke Scene)
    (Sasuke opens his eyes. He’s covered with bandages and rests in a bed in a gloomy room; Karin is seated next to Sasuke, staring at him with a lusty look)
    Karin: Sasuke-kun, you’re awake…
    Sasuke: Where am I? Where’s Danzou?
    Karin: Hummm, Madara brought us here…
    Sasuke: (gets up quickly) Madara! When I get him…
    Karin: But you haven’t recovered yet!
    Madara: (enters the room) Called me?
    Sasuke: You…! (he shakes and falls in the floor)
    Karin: Sasuke! (she quickly grabs Sasuke)
    Madara: You failed. If it wasn’t me and your companion there, you’d be dead. (Karin helps Sasuke to sit in the bed)
    Sasuke: You knew I wanted Danzou…
    Madara: Desire doesn’t equal capability. You’re still weak, Sasuke, and you showed it when you went against the Kages. If you still think that with that feeble power you can overthrow all the Konoha, especially Naruto?
    Karin: …
    Sasuke: Hmpf, you’re more worried about him than me.
    Madara: Your stupid pride you’ll be your downfall, Sasuke. Your vision is deteriorating at an alarming speed, and yet you keep foolishly going forward… tell me, Sasuke, how you’ll accomplish your revenge being as blind as a mole?!
    Sasuke: It’s none of your business.
    Madara: I can give you the power you need and save your eyes…
    Sasuke: I don’t need your pity.
    Madara: The Five Great Ninja Nations declared war on us. If you still think that your powers are enough against the entire ninja world, you’re delusional! Now, more than ever, you must listen to me!
    Sasuke: …

    (Konoha nin Scene)
    (Naruto and Sakura are entering the room; Kakashi, Yamato, Sai, Kiba and Lee wait outside the inn)
    Kiba: (sneezes) Why do we have to be outside, under the snow? Couldn’t we just wait inside, but just not in the room? (Akamaru barks)
    Sai: What they have to say to each other is personal, so I think we shouldn’t listen to their conversation for their sake.
    Yamato: (thinking) Who would think that the Sai we met a few months ago and this Sai are the same… what a fine growth from you…

    (Naruto Scene)
    (Naruto and Sakura sit in front of each other)
    Naruto: It’s about Sasuke, isn’t it?!
    Sakura: (stares at the floor) Yes…
    Naruto: Don’t worry, Sakura. I’ll bring Sasuke back. Even if he’s with the Akatsuki, even if he has descended into the darkness, I’ll bring him back to the light, even if I have to smack the snot out of him! I’ll make the other nations understand! I’ll stop Danzou and his ways! (he smiles, she closes her eyes) You’ll see, Team 7 will be back together, and thirst thing we’ll do is to eat an extra-large bowl of ramen back at Ichiraku’s Bar! Just wait, I’ll fulfill my promise!

    (Flashback Scene)
    Sakura: Naruto, I beg you! Please… please bring Sasuke back! I couldn’t do it… I couldn’t stop him! The only person… who can probably save Sasuke-kun now is you, Naruto, only you…
    Naruto: Sakura-chan, you really like Sasuke, huh? I know how much pain you’re in because of Sasuke, I can understand.
    Sakura: Naruto… thank you.
    Naruto: Don’t worry, I’ll bring him back! Promise of a lifetime!

    (Naruto Scene)
    Sakura: (crying a river) Naruto, please stop…
    Naruto: What’s wrong, Sakura-chan?
    Sakura: All these years, you vowed your life to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, just because of that promise. You’re in pain because of Sasuke, and it’s all my fault! If only I didn’t asked you to bring Sasuke back… you must hate me so much for putting such a weight in your shoulders, and worse, I neglected your feelings towards. I beg you, please let Sasuke go! I know it’s against all we lived in these three years, but I don’t want to see you suffering anymore!
    Naruto: Sakura…

    (Kirabi Scene)
    Kirabi: So your came after me, fish-head? Wasn’t the failure of your Uchiha pal enough for you, Akatsuki scum?
    Kisame: Don’t mistake me with that kid, Hachibi. I’m more experienced than him in this job, I won’t be fooled by such a pathetic maneuver like him!
    Sabu: Enough! (he runs along the giant axe) You have no right to interrupt an enka practice! (lands on Ponta)
    Kirabi: But, Sabu-chan..!
    Sabu: (grabs his axe with both arms) Silence, Kirabi! Now I’ll show you the passion of my Enka! Ponta, charge! (the dog charges towards Kisame)
    Kisame: A little warm up shouldn’t hurt…
    Sabu: ♪Oh, the way of the Shinobi, just like the moon, it grows and it vanishes. (swings his weapon, Kisame parries) The hateful destiny of the Ninja, it takes lives as it fancies. The power, it melts in the hand of the unworthy! (swings again, Kisame dodges; they start parrying each other’s attacks) Oh destiny, more evil then the Bijuu, your ever-spinning wheel will consume all, making us fade into nothingness. In this game of wits and blades, I’ll deliver my heart and soul to break free from your villainy, oh fate of mine! ♪ (Kisame gets an opening and slices one of Ponta’s paws, sliding to his belly and slicing it too; Ponta disappears in a cloud of smoke; Sabu lands unharmed)
    Kisame: Hehe, the mongrel is out…
    Sabu: Don’t think I’m over yet, there’s more! I’ll show you the full splendor of my Enka! (makes a large swing, chopping the nearby tree; Kirabi ducks; Kisame jumps to avoid the blade) ♪You’re above me in strength and in health, but I’ll go on, even if it breaks me down. So now, without delay, I’ll raise my voice, against the fate of the Shinobi! Everyone, weep with me! ♪
    Kirabi: (thinking) All that passion… it was beautiful! Oh Sabu-chan, now I really want to be just like you!
    Kisame: (lands in Sabu’s back, slicing near his neck) And the old geezer is out too. (Sabu drops the weapon; Kisame jumps back; Kirabi rushes towards them) I must thank you for the warm up and for the chakra appetizer for Samehada!
    Kirabi: Sabu-chan!
    Sabu: ♪ Come, come, come, don’t let my Enka die! Precious, glorious, generous the Enka must be! May its glory be with you, Kirabi! ♪ (he falls unconscious; Kirabi puts Sabu in a safe distance)
    Kirabi: (glaring at Kisame) ♪ Now it’s personal, tuna breath! (pulls out his swords and assumes his famous pose) I’ll cut and slice you for my sushi, oh yeah! ♪
    Kisame: (thinking) Why I always get the cloud cuckoo landers? (speaking) Good, let’s begin, shall we?
    (Taka Scene)
    (Suigetsu and Juugo try to sneak in the Summit’s building; Kurotsuchi spots them)
    Kurotsuchi: (thinking) What are those two are planning? (starts to stalk them; when Kurotsuchi is far away, Dark Zetsu appears and reunites with White Zetsu)
    White Zetsu: What took you so long?
    Dark Zetsu: Does it matter? Now Kisame is having his battle, let’s go!
    (In the Summit’s room, Shii looks tense)
    Mizukage: So it’s settled, after Ao returns with Danzou, will transmit to him our decision and send search Hatake Kakashi and the Kyuubi in the Land of Iron.
    Raikage: And we’ll form a squad to find the whereabouts of my brother.
    Shii: Raikage-sama!
    Raikage: Something’s wrong, Shii?
    Shii: The remaining Akatsuki are here.
    Raikage: What?
    Suigetsu: (in a dark corner with Juugo) Crap… (comes out from his hiding spot) CHARGE!!!
    Juugo: (with a skeptic expression on his face) That was your plan?

    (Naruto Scene)
    Naruto: Sorry, Sakura-chan…
    Sakura: What?
    Naruto: That promise… I didn’t made only for you… it was for me too. What kind of shinobi would I be if I can’t even save my fellow ninja?
    Sakura: But…
    Naruto: If peace is ever to be meet, one must break the chains of hatred of this world. That’s why I must save Sasuke, I got to release him from the path of revenge and hatred that is consuming him. If I manage to do that, I’ll have a chance to change the Ninja World to a better future! I want to free everyone from the suffering that war causes, even if it pains my heart.
    Sakura: (cries even more) Oh… Naruto…
    Naruto: You talked to Sai, didn’t you? (Sakura just shakes her head in conformity) I thought so, he’s the only guy who I talked about that.
    Sakura: (stares at the floor) …
    (A: NaruSaku variation)
    Naruto: Sakura-chan… (lifts her chin with his right hand) I never had the guts to tell you… guess I was afraid you would punch me to death! It was from the very beginning, I even Henge’d into Sasuke to kiss you once! Always asking you for a date, I must have bored you… but I was so alone… I wanted someone to cherish to be cherished back… (she cries a little more)Please, don’t cry anymore…. (they join their lips in slow motion)
    Sakura: (thinking) Yamato-taichou was right…

    (Flashback Scene)
    (Sakura is healing unconscious Naruto after he went 4-tails, along with Yamato)
    Sakura: It’s always like this… the only things I can do for Naruto are so small…
    Yamato: It’s not a problem of small or big… what’s important is the strength of the feelings you have for Naruto. Sakura… I can tell by looking at you… in reality, you…
    Naruto: (wakes up): Sa-Sakura-chan…

    (Naruto Scene)
    Sakura: (punches Naruto in the stomach and sends him flying to the nearest wall) Don’t rush things, idiot!
    Naruto: (bruised and twitching) Why me…?!
    Sakura: Oh, I’m so sorry! (goes towards Naruto to help him)
    Naruto: (gets up) Can I ask you something?
    Sakura: What?
    Naruto: Stop beating me! (they smile)

    (Konoha nin Scene)
    (the noise of Naruto hitting the wall is heard outside; Akamaru barks)
    Lee: Something’s wrong.
    Kakashi: Let them be alone, is probably nothing.
    Sai: Once I read in a bookthat when two people love each other and want to be alone, they might engage into sexual intercourse and produce louse noises while at it. (Kakashi stares shocked at Sai; Kiba’s jaw drops; Lee shivers; Yamato facepalms) What, am I wrong?
    Yamato, Lee & Kiba: …
    Kakashi: Hummm… Sai… and in your readings, didn’t you found something called self-control?!

    (B: NaruHina variation)
    Naruto: He’s wrong.
    Sakura: What?!
    Naruto: I once had a crush on you back when we were at the academy, I even Henge’d into Sasuke to steal a kiss from you. Bu then I realized… you only had eyes for Sasuke. It came more painfully obvious as the time passed, even know your heart is his, isn’t it?
    Sakura: …
    Naruto: These years made me realize that you are more of a sister to me than a crush, and all I want is for you to be happy. Also, there’s someone else I care for…

    (Flashback Scene)
    (Naruto is headed to Tsunade’s tent, Hinata approaches him)
    Hinata: (blushing) Naruto-kun… I-I want to t-tell you something…
    Naruto: Hinata?!
    Hinata: (bows) I-I shouldn’t intervene in t-the battle, it was foolish. M-my apologies…
    Naruto: You don’t have to apologize for nothing. You just did what I’d do: protect someone you care about. In fact, I should be the one apologizing…
    Hinata: (rises) Naruto-kun…?!
    Naruto: You were always there, even when everyone shunned me. You wanted so much for me to acknowledge you, and I was blind to never notice it. It almost took your life for me to open my eyes. Forgive me, Hinata.
    Hinata: (hugs Naruto, with her face beating red) I-I… forgive you, Naruto-kun! (they smile at each other)
    Naruto: You remember when I said I liked people like you?
    Hinata: Yes…?
    Naruto: I think I wanted to say… that I like people that give all they got in pursuit of their goals, even if they seem unreachable… but, Hinata…
    Hinata: (she frees Naruto) W-what, Naruto-kun?
    Naruto: In order to fulfill my goal, we even might not see each other again… (she’s shocked, he starts to walk towards)
    Hinata: …
    Naruto: But at least I know one thing… I’ll have someone I love waiting for me. (she smiles; he leaves)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
    Sakura: (cleans off her tears with her arm) So, what are you planning to do about Sasuke?
    Naruto: I was trying to sense his chakra, but I couldn’t, and it worries me. I think we should go to the Kage Summit as soon as possible, before they do anything against him. Wait… (he rushes to the window)
    Sakura: What’s the matter?
    Naruto: Hey guys, you can go inside now!
    Kiba: (sneezes) Is about time! I’m freezing here! (Akamaru barks)

    (Sasuke Scene)
    (Sasuke is remembering some events)
    Itachi: He fell into despair. And finally, possessed by the Mangekyo, grasping for a new source of light… he plucked both eyes from his younger brother’s head. Light returned to Madara’s world… and the darkness never came again. A Permanent Mangekyo Sharingan! By changing hosts, the younger brother’s eyes found an inextinguishable light! But that was only half of the story. The transplant also gave birth to a completely new eye technique…
    Madara: When he left the village, he had already decided he would die by your hand… to make sure he would be able to give you a new power… (he stops remembering)
    Sasuke: You want to give me Itachi’s eyes, isn’t it?
    Madara: Correct.
    Sasuke: Wouldn’t it be ironic that the eyes of the one Konoha sacrificed for their sake would be the instrument of their demise…?

    (Kirabi Scene)
    (Kirabi rushes towards Kisame and starts to strike him with his blades; Kisame parries them; Zetsu appears from a distant tree)
    White Zetsu: It seems they just begun fighting.
    Dark Zetsu: Let’s see if Kisame puts up a better show than Sasuke.
    Kirabi: ♪ I’m the morning star, blinding with my brightness! ♪
    Kisame: Can’t you stop singing? It’s annoying.
    Kirabi: ♪ What’s the matter, sardine stink? My Enka is too powerful for you? ♪
    Kisame: This will be a long fight…

  48. @Kisame vs Bee: I have to jump on the Jaws wagon on this one. I still love Bee(and RAIKAGE, dynamic exit!!!) but as it has been said we are only know getting an idea just how powerful kisame really is. Remember when kisame fought team guy with the 30% strength clone he OWNED there faces and was only defeated when guy went to the SIXTH gate. SIXTH!!! Almost the death gate for a 30% clone. When he caught Roshi he said he had trouble catching him because of the yuuton jutsu, not that roshi was powerful. Being a suiton user that’s understandable since the douton part of the jutsu would do alot of damage, but he did come out of the fight without a single scratch. Like lousytv said, to have madara’s approval for the tasks must mean he is capable of winning.

    This isnt really important I am just throwing it out there. Anyone else find it weird how Hinata’s confession has been tossed asided? I thought Naruto would have at least talked to her after his fight with pain but they just jumped into the kage summit.

  49. @doomien: yea , for Guy to go sixth gate to defeat a 30% clone of kisame. kisame MUST be some what of a BIG deal. but.. at the same time we haven’t seen too much of KB’s power. that fight with Sasuke and his .. minions.. was pretty short.

    i hope naruto still doesn’t show the same affection he has for sakura, wat about hinata?? i’ll never forgive kishi if naruto hooks up with sakura .

  50. Hey all I’m new here. I use to alway just drop in iareawesomeness and read the blogs but Naruto is getting way to good to keep my theories personal!!
    I think when madara says he’s just a formal shell of his old self because of the first hokage injured him….I think that he somehow sealed him away (kinda like the fourths jutsu or something along those lines) so now hes kinda like orochimaru now floating from body to body stealing sharringans. Or I think the First just took his other eye so he cant use jutsus with his Eternal MS or jutsus that are unique to having two sharringan (like how sassuno’o can only be used by a person with two MS eyes) I also think beacause of his “body surfing” he at one point was his the Mizukage that is always mentioned(I think the say the fourth mizukage…but im not sure)or at least controlled him. The current Mizukage said he was controlled by a strange power, a sharringan power, and Kisame at one point in the manga called Tobi/Madara “Mizukage-sama”
    Another theory that I have some might find a little farfetched but if you think about it, it makes sense. I think Jiariya is still alive. Or at least brought back to life. When Nagato did that reviving jutsu shouldnt it have brought back him as well. I can support this by also saying that it is tradition in Naruto when an important leaf comrade dies they have a funeral. They had one with the Third Hokage and with Asuma. Jiarya has yet to have a funeral. But you can also say the village was leveled so there was no time but we’ll see!!!
    I have other theories but I’ll save them for later! Lemme know what you think!!


  51. Didn’t Naruto have a flashback of Hinata’s confession awhile back?

  52. And I don’t much like the NaruSaku fanfic prediction. Too smooth. Has a fanatasy quality to it. I couldn’t even read it all the way through. 😦

  53. when did kisame fight GAI with a 30 percent clone? can sombody post a link plz thanks

  54. NaruHina was nearly just as bad. T.T Mostly during the flashback. Sakura doesn’t even argue or anything. She’s just speechless during the entire time. I would hope it’d be more conflicted than THAT – especially considering she’s all prepping herself up and stuff.

  55. @Dricedt: It was during the Rescue Gaara arc. Before Gai and his team got to the wall with the seal on it (and before Kakashi’s team got to the wall with the seal on it.

  56. I think Kishimoto-san also has a thing for vampires considering Orochimaru. o.o My fangs for you only much? :O Then again, he bit Anko too. XD

  57. @Doom: Very good points it’s true that Kisame beat the 4 tailed jijchuuriki by himself but from the look of his convo with Itachi he had a really tough time.

    He’s going to be up against the 8 tails which is exponentially stronger than the 4 tails plus Bee has full control over his Bijuu. Honestly it’s going to be a tough match but GO KILLER BEE!!!

    @Cannon: But the 30% clone was completely overwhelmed when Gai went to six gates and finished off in one move. Even a 100% Kisame would have trouble with a 6th Gate Gai not mention the 7th Gate.

    @Sage: WELCOME TO WRA!!! 😀 I like your theory about maybe Hashirama sealed Madara away or he took his eye from him. Sadly though Jiraiya won’t be coming back to us.

    Nagato says he only has enough time to revive those he killed in the Leaf Village.

    @Dricedt: It’s not the beginning of the match but this is the Gai vs. Kisame portion.

  58. i just realized everything said about kisame, i’ve already said.
    i said that kisame would beat kb, because of his level of chakra, his skill as a swordsman, and him having samaheda….looks like me and kishi think alike…this was posted back when we did that ninja poll couple weeks ago…*i said strong, but meant effective since kisame could literally change the landscape in HIS favor if needed be..


    i think kisame got the short end of the stick. he should have been easily #3 and not four. the raikage should be second, with kisame as third then killerbee. i dont think kb could take kisame, which is why madara sent him to go after him.. dont forget kisame’s main element although obvious, is water which is STRONG against electric attacks. along with kisame’s swordmanship being a mist of 7 swordmen and his ferious sword that can shave skin, and chakra away…and don’t forget he also has huge chakra reserves almost if not a jinjurikken level…and to top it off…he’s cool with itachi…

    shinobimadness said this on September 30, 2009 at 8:34 pm

  59. @ KillerBee vs itachi debate

    Itachi’s main way of fighting is through genjutsu. That just wont work on killer bee. as we all know the hachibi can tap him out of the spell.Not to mention the recovery time of that MS genjutsu (cant spell it so i wont try lol) He is a great swordsman after all sasuke is no slouch with a sword and he pretty much owned him with a quickness. He also is really strong stopping suigetsu’s sword with his bare hands, with standing a kick to the neck from sasuke and taking a hit to the face from juugo’s super fist. The only problem that bee would have with itachi is amaterasu. Bee isnt as fast as his brother and im not sure how fast he is with the jinchuiki cloak on so i assume he could get hit by it. Itachi could win if he used amaterasu in time but i doubt he would considering the amount of time it takes to charge up sort of speak, so truthfully i think it would be a tie. Both of them would be completely fucked up after the fight Bee would be burnt to hell and itachi could possibly end up
    in a million pieces after a strike from a punch from bee with is cloak on.

  60. So the one who warned them about kisame being strong. I wonder if he will serve any purpose in the manga or if that was the whole reason he was brought in. I hope for a fight between him and suigetsu, over the sword that he uses. I mean suigetsu needs a new sword. I guess that if killer bee actual beats kisame he could take that sword, but then he runs the risk that the sword doesn’t acknowledge him.

  61. @super: I agree we dont know much about bee either but we will have to wait two weeks to see which (if any) new skills Bee will use that could tip the fight in his favor.

    @shinobi: Aahhh, I think the water vs lightning attacks is the other way around. Remember how Darui used them against sasuke?
    This show that suiton makes raiton attacks more deadly.

    @everyone: Not to support bee any more than I already have but we cant really compare the two when it comes to swordsmanship. Although the 7 swordsmen of the mist are known throughout the ninja world for their deadly skills with a sword and kisame having the strongest sword among them, samehada, and being the strongest of the swordsmen both in strength and skill doesnt mean he is automatically better at Bee at swordsmanship. I’m pretty sure everyone here had a epic moment when we saw Bee wielding 7 swords at the same time:
    and using zabuza’s sword like it was his own:
    so I wouldn’t speculate on that point until at least the fight has started.

  62. a non sick itachi would beat kb in an instant. My reasons…. he would start the battle off with susano- has the shield that reflects all, and a sword that sends u into eternal like another dimension…and i think kisame will win… from what i remember… neji says that kisame has as much chakra as naruto …
    … and if you can remember way way back, when naruto tried to tap into the fox’s power, kisame was able to swipe away the red chakra immediately..samehada will allow him to do the same this time.

  63. @ Super: It really is a pity that Jiraiya is gone and won’t be coming back, but I can’t help but wonder, did they (Konoha) ever recover his body? Because he was just shown floating half-dead out to sea

  64. From Kishi’s interview.
    9. “Jinchuuriki of the 8 tailed will be revealed. This Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members and invades Konoha by him/herself. During this fight one dies, and one will lose his/her eyesight”
    -> also not yet confirmed.

    1. KISAME WILL BE KILLED obviously (8 tail’s Jinchuuriki kills one of the Akatsuki’s members) and Suigetsu AKA “Tomb Raider” steals the Samehada, somehow it may accept him after Kisame dies as it may be desperate for a master.
    2. SABU CHAN is brutally tortured and killed cause not many seem to enjoy his Enka (During this fight one dies )
    3. SasGAY wakes up to realise that he has become blind ( one will lose his/her eyesight) LOL I think even Kishi doesn’t consider him to be a man, saying His/her eyesight.
    4. About invading Konoha I think the story must have been altered to make the Pein arc.

  65. lol @ nope24 and cannonfg about them both thinking they were 5th 😀

    This chapter had LOTS of talking in it….To be honest, it had the content of 2 or 3 chapters in terms of discussion.
    It seemed to have more than twice as much content in general, as this weeks Bleach chapter too.
    4 Things happened in this weeks Naruto IMO.
    Kages talking…..
    Suigetsu and Jugo looking for Karin and Sasuke….
    Sakura finding Naruto…..
    Kisame and Killerbee….

    Thats quite a bit of content there, it made this weeks Bleach seem short and i already thought Bleach was short this week before i even read Naruto. But take a look at the amount of text above in the screens about the kages discussion, lol O_O

  66. @schy: this was a “set up” chapter – one where characters were positioned so that the story can move forward in later chapters. A pain in the a** I know but it isn’t without precedent.

  67. @1angel, it was fed to the fishes. You chain. lmao

    @holydemonandy: oh no! not THAT debate again?!? NaruHina vs. NaruSaku. You know Kishi will NEVER resolve that one – ever. I don’t think Sakura will say those three magic words to Naruto (and I don’t mean “I want ramen.)

  68. @ supertrek: Thanks for the warm welcome!!! I still think Jairiya will come back. If u look at the post link u showed me, nagato was thinking about jairiya right before he did the jutsu. But I am probably just wishful thinking. I like him so much :(. I have other theories as well so if u or anyone else in interested lemme kno!!!

    To all: I think Killer Bee is gonna whip Kisame butt! Killer Bee has complete controll over his tailed beast. He was literarlly toying around with team hawk when they tried to capture him! But one can also say we havent really seen Kisame fight beside when he fought team guy.Dont get me wrong tho Killer Bee isnt gonna have an easy time….but I think he has this fight in the bag.

    I also wanted to ask everyone a question. What do they think is going to happen to Tsunade. Will she awaken to retake her village or will Kakashi step in??

  69. yea i think tsunade should retake the village,otherwise she’ll just go back to her gambling ways from when before she became hokage.

  70. kb was definitely not toying with them….didnt he almost die? but because of smart thinking at the last second, he just lost a tail or arm or something like that…. like….if that battle had continued we wouldnt know who the victor would be…and sasuke didnt know how to use susano at that point.

  71. @all- why do u guys keep putting the kishi interview as fact if u end ur post with, -interview not confirmed yet…or am i reading it wrong?

  72. @amar Exactly. The interview was the orignal idea but it could have changed since then people. Its not like every interview idea played out like how kishi said it would. There are factors (deadlines, inspiration to make the idea better, kishi laziness XD) that will change the idea when its finally introduced into the story.

  73. @cannonfg: Yea if Tsunade didnt retake the village she would be a pointless charcter. Dont get me wrong I think she was an awesome hokage but before that she was a drunk gambler! lol

  74. @omar101990 sorry to disagree with you about Keller Bee almost loosing to Sasuke.The Hachibi clearly said tha he could have won without it followed by an possitive answer by Killer Bee.Then he said he got a little carried away because it had been long since he last fought such a strong opponent.Killer Bee just used the situation to escape the village and go to the enka teacher.Had he fought seriously Sasuke’s group stood absolutely no chance at all against him.

  75. im not saying he almost lost to sasuke …im just saying… that sasuke didnt know susano at that point… and also that he did go all out…he went into his 8 tails form, from what i know…that is his full strength…

  76. A friend of mine pointed something out to me that now seems blantly obvious. He asked me the question, what if Danzo was Madara. We know with just Itachi’s power, he could make a clone with 10% of his original power with just the Sharingan… so what if Danzo was a clone of Madara. Both are extremley limited to the ninjitsu, they wield and both are injured on the same side. Not to mention they have the sharingan eye on the exact same side. The other hint i noticed, is when madara took off his mask for Sasuke, his sharingan side of his face was scared badly, which is the same side Danzo keeps bandaged up. Not sure if this was already a theory, but after back tracking and re-reading the manga, they both have the same physical defects, the same eye, and they both have a plan that forces the ninja world into a false state of peace. I could be wrong, but the evidence has been piling up.

  77. why would madara want sasuke to fight his own clone?

  78. @axelgerhard: I have to agree with omar. I make no sense at all for Danzo to be Madara’s clone. Although I do find it interesting that they may in some way be working together.I also dont think that Madara’s faced was scared…looks more like its wrinlked to me!!

    I think it’s just become common in the ninja worls of Naruto to steal eyes! Someone should jumo Konan in the woods on her way home to the Rain Village and steal Nagato’s eyes. I mean Ao took a Hyugas eyes, Danzo stole an eye,and our beloved Kakashi has an eye.
    Just a thought……Wouldnt it be awesomeness if Madara stole the Rinnagann and it upgarded. I mean didnt jiraiya say Rinnagan was superior to the other two eye techniques! Wouldnt it make sense to want something stronger!

    @omar:I agree with to63to. Killerbee could have stomp team sasuke. he just wanted an excuse to get away from Raikage!

  79. @ Penny LMAO 😀 The fishes were full that day 😛 And you’re right, Kishi probably never will solve the whole NaruHina / NaruSaku issue. I gave up hope after waiting with bated breath for the Pein Arc to finish to see how he would react to Hinata’s comfession when he returned an I got a big fat NOTHING lol and now, 31 chapters after the confession and still nothing… Either Kishi loves dramatic pauses, torturing fans or is just lazy lmao 😛

    @ sagemodesharringan: I understand where you’re coming from, I probably am entertaining wishful thinking as well about Jiraiya being still alive, but I can’t help but shake the feeling that something’s not right. It’s just that when he “dies” I find it odd that no funeral / memorial was shown for him like they did with Asuma and the Third. I don’t think his body was recovered either, and as you mentioned, Nagato was thinking about him when he did his Jutsu. Although I could he wrong and this could be all a coincidence or Kishi is probably just leaving loose ends deliberately for fan service or just to mess with our minds cuz we know he likes to do that @_@

    @ Anyone: Boy does it suck that there’s no manga this week, but I hope there will be the week after!

  80. wat does everyone think about after they beat saskue and madara do u think that will be the end of naruto series, espically if naruto survies and does not go down sacrficing each other. and what if it does continue do u think that it will be naruto on his was to hokage i.e taking the chuinin exams if you cant become hokage or jouin because it will be funny with him going though the exams when he is many times stronger an hokage lol if he goes to the forest of death in sage mode he could murder the time that garra and co. made lol and he could probably take out everyother person and make it to the tower before the time.

  81. @Penny ~ “A set up chapter”…
    Yeah i know that stuff, im still trying to figure out if they’re a drag or not.@_@


    hmmm…..At least it feels like we get 2 chapters in 1 i guess. 😛

  82. must say, after watching the anime i realised one thing, madara must be a serious master of voices if the danzo/madara theory was true as he can do young boy voice (Tobi) epic deep voice (madara) and synical old man voice (danzo) but i firmly stand my ground with tobi=obito. ITS TRUE. BELIEVE IT. O_O

  83. o yes and a personal feeling of mine is that i felt kinda ripped off with the GAI VS. KISAME fight, was hoping the nunchako will give ultra fast pace epic awesomeness battle but instead it was pretty lame, same goes for lee’s sticks he used against himself. i feel as if since the EPICAWESOME fight of naruto vs. sasuke before the time skip, the fights have been slightly less actiony and more talkative with a few cheap punches and kunai throwing and then all of a sudden BOOM! big move. end of fight. but like i said, personal opinion. agree or dont agree.

  84. THEORY:
    in a fight between kisame and naruto, wouldn’t the samehada turn to stone because of absorbing the sage chakra?

  85. all of ya talkin about kisames clone bein so poverful but dun forget that guy only used taijutsu… cause of lee he doesnt use is ninjutsu… so im prety sure that guy is way poverfull then he is if he is to se his ninjutsu… which know one even knows what kind of teks he can use… and about kisame vs kb i belive it might be a tought one but a 8 teiled beast still should be able to defeat kisame

  86. what did lee do to make him not able to use ninjutsu?

  87. @Tayish: I like that theory, if the Samhehada is alive like Kisame describes it to be then it should be subject to the same rules of any other living object that absorbs to much natural energy. I can see it turning to stone if it eats up Naruto’s natural energy. 😉

    @Bakakage: It’s nothing Lee did himself it’s just that he doesn’t have the required skill to do ninjutsu or genjutsu.

  88. ok about the prediction it was great and all even those both are a bit of a stretch [tho i am leaning toward the naruhina version] the narusaku version literally had me laughing my assail off at sai’s remark about sexual intercourse LOL oh and NARUHINA FTEW!!!!!¡!!¡!

  89. ooooh wait a minute i misunderstood idogg’s post haha my bad my bad, i thought he meant kisames clone didnt use ninjutsu because of gai which didnt make sense to me until i read it again now, by saying “guy” you mean MAITO GAI, apologies to idogg………

  90. It’s really sad that there’s no new Naruto manga this week. T__T

    So I guess we’ll have to keep ourselves guessing until the next one comes out. This is the best time for theories! ^ ^

    The only problem is… I don’t have any at the moment. Time to start thinking, I guess. >_<

    @idogg and everyone else interested.

    I didn't think Misu bunshins (water clones) could use ninutsu, because they don't have their own chakra pathways, and yet we clearly see Kisame's bunshins using the water prison jutsu on team Gai.

    One of the defining factors that made the Kage Bunshin so unique was the fact that it created a real body and not just a clone, complete with it's own chakra pathways, etc, which is why the chakra of the user was split between each body.

    It was also what fooled Neji's eyes (because he could see those chakra pathways and they looked the same between each body), where a normal bunshin could have been spotted a mile away.

    The clone having it's own chakra also meant that it could perform jutsu as well. So how, if water clones don't have their own chakra pathways, can they perform jutsu?

    Is it a mistake on Kishi's part? Because to me them being able to do that cheapens the uniqueness of power of the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, because it means it would have the same upsides, but none of the dangers (like splitting your chakra between each body).

  91. @Tenrai: the 30% clone is one of pein’s jutsu. According to the wikia its called Shoten no jutsu (shapeshifting jutsu). This is where he prepares to use it on kisame:

    Something I realized while reading over this chapter:
    WTF??!!! Zetsu has a byakugan-like dojutsu?

  92. The great Ninja War is going to be awesome. I can already picture 7 akatski members vs 5 great ninja armies. it should make for some awesome frames. The destruction that could be caused from this will be unbelivable. Enough to destroy at least 10 hidden leaf villages (if you compare it to Naruto vs Pain Battle).

    I kinda keep thinking that there is a possibility that Danzo and Madara may be working together. It seems that their final goal is very similar: to rule the ninja world. Maybe Danzo would work with Madara in order to gain that power.

    Naruto deffinetly has to become stronger in sagemode. It’s nice to see him knowing this and begining to train to extend his sage mode time. I think that this will probably lead to him having stronger control over the nine tails.

    I wonder if that frog with the Key scroll stored himself inside of Naruto like Jiraya had asked him to.
    I find it strange because Naruto hasn’t met with that frog.If he does eventully he may start to train to control both sage and ninetails chakra at the same time.

  93. @manny: In my flu-like delirium (no, not “piggy flu”) why this hit me I have no idea. While the To-bito debate is frustrating me to no end (give it up, guys) I am thinking that Madara and Danzo may very well be likely. I know this may have been discussed before I said, I’ve been dealing with the flu here so hear me out.

    –same eye has the sharingan

    –one disappears and the other appears

    –most telling: both declaring that the ninja world must “become one” (why the Kage didn’t put this together makes me wonder about their collective IQ’s – like mine is at the moment)

    –Danzo’s body is only slightly better than Tsunades (he can move; she can’t); Madara’s is also.

    –Although Madara can handle the time/space continuum, what else can he do with that sharingan? (Does he, too, have the ability to control one’s mind? aka Sasuke?) and, vice versa…

    –and both are somewhat about the same age – Danzo looks it, too

    That’s all I can come up with. Like I said, I am just now coming out of my flu-like trance so I’ll get up to speed shortly.

    And, regarding Naruto’s Sage Mode: this is going to be the “key” (sorry for the pun) to Naruto’s strength. I’ve also wondered why he hasn’t met the “key frog” yet. Who knows where that amphibian is located these days…

    @everyone: there will be Naruto next week. Guess we get to theorize for another week…

  94. Well we’ll always have One Piece! 😀

    Rejoice One Piece lovers our time has come again! ^(0_0)^

    @Tenrai: It’s because water clones do in fact have their own chakra pathway and thus could do water prison jutsu. You can see that the water clones are not mere illusions but are similar to that of a Kage Bushin and made of actual substance (water) when the clone fools Kakashi’s sharingan.

    In fact you could just look at this.

    Like you said, “One of the defining factors that made the Kage Bunshin so unique was the fact that it created a real body and not just a clone” (Tenrai) Well that’s exactly what Mizu Bushin is…an actual clone except it’s made of water.

    @Manny: NINJA WAR!?!? NOOOOOOOEEEESSSS!!!! T_T I have my own personal reasons for why I don’t want a Ninja War any time soon…>_>

    @Penny: Ah, so we’re bringing up the Madara/Danzou theory? 😉 Lol, I guess us Tobito theorists had our turn so all is fair. o_o

  95. @Penny: some interestin theorys but only thing is if everything is happening at the same time in the manga wouldnt danzou be still infront of the Kages when Madara is talking with Naruto ??

  96. @penny yeah that is a good theory but why would tobi go through the trouble of making sasuke hate danzou and want to murder him if tobi is danzou?

  97. keyfrog stoled himself in Naruto bc when he turned into 8 tails his father apeared bc of that frogkey seal, it was created to reseal the kyubi when main seal weakness in times when Naruto would be older, but it hapens earlier;in theory so if Naruto wont get control over kyubi it can escape when he will be old (maybe 60 :))

  98. I have another question how did the 3-tailed bijuu escape from the 4th mizukage?

  99. @senju07 maybe weak seal system or mizukage could hate 3-tailes so much (like younger Naruto) so it were set free

  100. @ Doomien: OMG you’re right! Zetsu looks like he has a byakugan-like dojutsu here: I did not even notice that before 0_o

  101. Zetsu with a Byakugan…now that’s interesting

  102. @ Penny: LMAO! I was thinking the same thing! They keep pulling these dojutsus out of the air lol. I hope it’s nothing like that though, I hope it’s something simple like enhanced vision or the like.

    P.S. How’s your flu?

  103. @1angel2heart: Wow I never noticed that about Zetsu before! That is very interesting.
    If it is true Kishi is really making so that the eye dojutsus arent rare or unique to ones family anymore. Everyone has one now. Its just like..hey lemme steal this corps’ eye. Whats gonna happen next? Is someone gonna jump Konan in the woods and steal Nagatos eyes?

  104. @1angel: Thanks for posting the correct page.>_>”BAKA!!!”<_< Looks like these dojutsu are popping up everywhere. It reminded me of someone's bubble contest entry with this scene:
    The entry was more or less something like this:
    Sasuke: You have a sharingan/dojutsu underneath your hair dont you?
    Mizukage: Yes Sasuke. Everybody who covers there eyes has a damn sharingan/dojutsu in this manga.

    There must me a dollar store somewhere selling them. I need to find it (and create my byasharinrennigan!!! Wow what a long and unattractive name XD)

  105. BTW are we ever going to continue the bubble contest? I loved them 🙂

  106. interesting, never noticed zetsus byakugan looking eye, that guy is really freaky hes probably like cell, he just ate(absorbed) a buyakugan user and viola! score!

  107. @supertrek89

    I see… It’s interesting, because it has been so long since we saw the info on the water clones that I actually didn’t remember any of it.

    But apparently, according to Haku, they only have 10% of the original user’s power, which is something I failed to remember. So although they are similar to shadow clones in that they can use jutsu, etc, they are a lot weaker and also have a limited range that they can travel from the original body they were created from.

    Shadow Clones, on the other hand, can act more like an individual body regardless of range and share an equal amount of the original body’s power and chakra, meaning they are stronger (relatively speaking) but also riskier to use as well if you don’t have a massive chakra pool to split.

    Alright, at least it makes it seem less cheap now. ^ ^

  108. i think Naruto wont be seeing actions for a while and begins another training session, maybe to control the kyuubi chakra or mastery of the other justu of the 4th.

  109. @supertrek89 : I think a ninja war would be a great setting for either a Sasuske vs Naruto Fight or a great opportunity for Naruto to somehow prevent this great ninja war and bring peace. The ninja war is a necesity to allow Naruto to be recognized around the world, and “bring great change to the ninja world”.

    @ Senju07 : I would probably agree with Penny completly if Madara didn’t try to go through the whole “Sasuske you must kill Danzo” thing.It is kinda weird still that he would be trying to get rid of someone that he seems to be close to. However, it is still possible that Madara expected Sasuske to fail, and like Madara revealed maybe all he really wanted was to make Sasuske use the true extent of his powers.

    I think that Danzo had to know about Madara from the point that Itachi (an Anbu Captain) and Madara killed the Uchia Clan. This might have been another occasion in which these two worked together. Here Danzo gained the Sharingan and Madara got revenge on his clan.

  110. @angel: *sniffle* *sneeze* *hacks up a lung* Yeah, I’m all better now…

    @doomien: Just wait and see on the bubble contests. You have no idea of *sneeze* what I’m up to yet. Between hacks, sneezes and coughs, I’m thinking of unique things to put on my posts.

    @gudoruto: One question for you: who will be training him? Can’t be Kakashi, he’s now the “allied” commander. Pa Toad? Ma Toad? Or…?

    And, damn it! I changed my icon. It won’t take!!!

  111. @Penny: First of all I hope you feel better soon. I think that Naruto is showing an independence in his training now. (although he got interupted) He knows that there are limmits to Sagemode that have not been aquired yet and that in order to get stronger he at least needs to prolong the time that he stays in sagemode.I think that Pa frog might know secrets behind the Sagemode that are yet to be uncovered and maybe not even mastered by him.There may be another person that we have yet to meet that will train Naruto.

  112. @Manny: thanks for the comments. Had forgotten about the independence factor.

    And, thanks for the best wishes. I don’t wish this cold thingy on anyone. Ugh!

    (and this new icon had better take or else…*flying kick no jutsu*)

  113. @Penny: You’re welcome and by the way I can see your new Icon on this side of the country 😀

    –Well, dammit! I can’t see my new icon. Clue me in…you like?Penny

  114. @everyone i know who will train naruto now. after killer bee kills kisame he invades konoha. the only reason i see him doing this is to teach naruto how to control his beast. naruto will then be alot stronger controlling his beast and sage mode at the same time which he can kinda do already.i think sage mode will allow his body more resistance to the foxes chakra so he will be able to call on more of the kyuubi’s power.

  115. @ Senju07 : You are also assuming that Killerbee can beat Kisame. Lets remember that he is the Akatski memeber with the most chakra. It could go either way 0_0 dum dum dum what if killer bee looses.

    I would however like to see Naruto train under Killer bee it should be interesting to say the least. Maybe Naruto will also be “good at rhymes” . 😀

  116. @manny: That would be awesome if Naruto were to train under KillerBee. H ecould learn how to put the Nine Tails in his place and maybe use the cloak without injuring himself as much!

  117. @sagemodesharringan : It does seem like in order to control the tailed beast there has to be a mutual understaning between the beast and the host.
    It seems kinda tough to do for Naruto because the only way he knows haw to allow the Ninetails to manifest itself is by allowing it to take ove his own body. There is no team work involved and no mutual undesrtanding. I don’t know how, but somehow maybe the ninetails will eventualy recognize Naruto as his Partner.


    *is too busy ranting to notice the minority of itachi supporters hauling him away*

  119. Hmmmmmm seriously though, my money’s on KB. While it has been said that Kisame has the chakra level of a jinchuuriki, such a description is far too broad. I will accept a chakra level equal to that of the average jinchuuriki (four tails or five tails MAX) but have the hardest time believing that his chakra level rivals that of the second-most powerful bijuu on the planet.

    Y’all are biased. We’ve seen Kisame’s character develop; we’ve seen the massive fights this guys been in. You gotta remember, this is only KILLERBEES SECOND APPEARANCE! I think there is much we have yet to learn about his character and abilities, and certainly more to know about how the influence of a TAMED bijuu affects it’s jinchuuriki.

    Now if these points have been addressed already: sorry I’ve just come back from my…5 month long hiatus, and there’s a lot of posts to go through. My iPhone can’t take it LOL

  120. @Dark: Wb, dude! I’ve missed ya.

    I agree with you. Killer Bee is going to be victorious here and Kisame’s history, despite his chakra levels. He may be able to put up a good fight against the 8 tails but, in the end, Kisame is the latest round of fish food for the ocean/lake/whatever body of water happens to be nearby. I also think that Killer Bee is going to be a character that will be developed further based on his latest appearance. Personally, I think that he may be part of the key to Naruto FULLY controlling the Kyuubi chakra, as Bee has done with the Haichibi. Some pointers, perhaps? Bee may end up in Konoha but, in the end, he’ll be with Naruto on the same side and not just in the war.

    And, no…you are on target. Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is with Kisame anyway. Sure he’s got a big sword but…is he overcompensating for something…?

  121. @DarkAvatar…Yeah I hope you’re being sarcastic about that whole Naruto is in full control thing…cause…I hate to break it to ya otherwise….

  122. @ Penny: The flu has surely hit you hard. Have you tried peppermint tea (no sugar with 1/2 lime or lemon)? That worked WONDERS for me when I had the flu really bad and now I drink it whenever I feel it coming on.

    @ Doomien: LOL You can go to the dojutsu store and get yourself a cool tech like the Juubi – The SHARRINNEGAN >>>> LMAO 😀

    @ Bakakage: With his byakugan-like eyes (amongst many other things -.- ) Zetsu brings freaky to a whole new level >.< He must be like those cannibals that believed that they gain the strength that their victims had by eating them 0_o

  123. Thanks Penny! Good to be back! Overcompensation hey? Well, Samehada does have quite a curious shape to it…just wondering whether it was always a sword…or even whether it was always his…>_>

    @zekks – LOL I don’t recognize you, so I’m assuming you weren’t in IRA that time we waged WW3- I mean, had the Naruto VS Itachi debate, but if you ever find yourself in IRA go and have a look for it. I put up a pretty good argument saying Naruto does in fact have a substantial level of control over the Kyuubi. Certainly not to KB’s level, but enough to become immune to genjutsu.

    *waits patiently for mudshovel to jump all over this post*

  124. I got your back Dark you Scorpio bastard let’s not forget Naruto can introduce natural energy to help break genjutsu. 😉

  125. I forgot about the sharrinnegan. It makes me wonder if the sage of the six paths got the rinnegan from the juubi when he sealed it inside himself. Actually, how did he even manage to capture the Juubi? With a sharrinnegan, the Juubi would have EMS power and mastery of all elemental manipukations. The sage must of used a different sealing jutsu since it did not take his life like the reaper death seal.

  126. well although i like kisame (total bad ass and the only one who could hang with itachi) killer bee is gonna have this roud fo sure but something tells me that even if kisame somehow beats the ocho tails hes gonna be rescue i mean the kages are looking for him and naruto raikage seams to have pass this situation with bee before so he migth have a grasp of (hes not the smart kind)were he is. also on the spoiler like the naruhina version although narusaku LMAO oh sai when will you learn baka. and i think kakashi is hokage,comanding oficer matirial remember that is not only the fisical strengh that makes one the strongest nin kakashi has both the intelect and enouf strengh to be hokage maybe they will do a fight for hokage with danzo like with the 3rd the will of fire burning him twice.

  127. Hmmmm just reading over these posts…

    Ok i would like to point out something.

    Madara’s Time-Space manipulation tech does not just imply instant teleportation from one point to another (that’s the space half) but also time manipulation as well. Using this line of logic, I say it’d be fairly easy for Madara and Danzou to be in the same room as each other at the same time.

    Just saying so that in future if you do happen to see Madara and Danzou in the same room, don’t rule out the Madara/Danzou theory just yet.

  128. lol tobi wants danzou dead. i believe they have sort of weird connection serious enough for tobi to want him dead as tobi cannot actually fight himself he wants sasuke to do it. why else would he have gone through the trouble to make sasuke hate danzou instead of someone else.

  129. i believe more that danzou is madara’s little bro. he could have gotten a regular eye transplant no prob especially since so many have gotten sharingan,byakugan and rinnegans no prob a reg eye transplant should be a breeze.

    this is what i think what happened. madara took his bro’s eyes. he faked his death and got regular eye transplants and played a hand in wanting itachi to wipe out his clan so danzou could get a sharingan.

    is it weird that shisui died a bit before everyone else and now danzou has his body parts implanted into himself. also i dont think oro installed the sharingan into danzou i think oro helped with the arm integration part as oro is trying to take over kabuto last time we saw him.

  130. @angel: it’s official. I have the flu – not H1N1. So I am now loaded up on some serious drugs and have this way too good feeling. At least I don’t hack up a lung anymore. I’ll give peppermint a try. Better than wearing a very unattractive germ warfare protection mask.

    @dark: Whoa! Hadn’t considered that little trick of Madara’s before, but it sure makes sense. Makes this debate more interesting.

  131. MOIN

    well, i know im a little late with this and such …

    but i kinda had some thoughts about the FLOATING TSUCHIKAGE i intend to share. here we go:

    1. is flying possilbe in the “naruto universe”

    answer: yes, it has to be. in precisely two particular manners.
    first is by common “chakra exhausing” ala walking on
    water. second by some wierd really dumb trick ( dragon

  132. crap stupid enter button…

    ball like where people simply believe in the non existence of gravity which therefore itself decides not to be)

    now to get deeper into the subject.floating by chakra exhaustion should be pretty much impossible ( expect for chuck norris who theoretically should be able to do it but is ftmoment disabled due to his last rather difficult task (to count within the rational numbers from one to two) because! the density of Water and its stability/weight is way bigger than air …
    leaves the dirty trick. 1. chakra doesnt weight a thing and makes other things float.(eg sand. sand flies around nicely when infused with chakra) 2. by abusing your lamereye or any other ridiculous part of your body to create a tiny dark hole that sucks things into a different dimension for moving stuff around.
    thus, making them float. 3. check above (dragonball).4 no 4.

    any ideas?

  133. @ Penny: Hey it’s so good to read that it’s just the flu and not THE flu (H1N1). Try to drink the tea whenever you feel extreme discomfort in your respiratory system (which is usually very often) I hope you feel better, adding the lemon to it also helps a LOT!

  134. Here is my crazy thought on the conclusion of Naruto: Sasuke gets EMS and becomes imortal (yeah, that sucks); Naruto becomes the jinchuriki of the juubi. The manga may end like “When his time comes, he shall find his own way of sealing the juubi. The pupils he has will all be entrusted with his ideal of peace. They, or their descendents, will find a way to protect the world had the juubi run free again. But that is another story…”

    That said, the important jutsu the 4th intended Naruto to complete might actually be some sealing jutsu (against the juubi). [disclaimer: these three lines aren’t original]

  135. actually 1angel2hear, H1N1 is not even as serious as the normal flu, it just is scary because it got a lot of media attention, just take a tylenol ,drink lots of water, um just rest really.. it’ll eventually go away, and if you have it, take tamiflu… hope you get better soon

    Tamiflu only works if taken in the first 24 hours of the symptoms. Otherwise, you are just as hosed as if you never took it. Regarding the H1N1 seriousness…two things are making this “hyped:” It is a worldwide epidemic (so a pandemic is declared) and…H1N1 does not come out during the typical flu season – usually during the summer. The symptoms are no different – it is up to a test to make this determination and that test is only somewhat reliable. Another thing: H1N1 typically strikes people that have DIRECT contact with pigs and if it does spread anywhere, it goes to the youngest children to the oldest; the ones likely to get pneumonia. Most people do not have to worry about H1N1 according to the CDC. Now…that’s it for my PSA. For the record, I am doing MUCH better – have prednisone, codine and vicodin will travel – and I will be able to stop hacking at some time in the near future.

    Thank you all, especially you, Angel, for your continued concern. Love you all!


  136. About the tsuchikage, he probably has a gravity control tech like ‘god realm’ Pain did. No biggie. Each one of the six paths had one tech and one of them could summon, which other nins in the naruverse could do, so I guess it’s not too far fetched that someone else could do gravity style too.

    On a different note, even though Raikage got a lotta screen time fighting sasuke, is anyone else disappointed that he didn’t have some badass jutsu that resembled the tattoos on his shoulder? I thought those were gonna mean something. It’s probably just tattoos of the 24″ spinners on his ghetto ride.

  137. i don’t agree katmix. only rinnegan users can use shinrai tensei, etc. it might be a different technique but it is impossibile that it is the same technique that pain used.
    i also disagree with the madara thing- if he and danzo appear in the same room then they are different people. if madara could appear in two places at the same time, how would he change his clothes and stuff. if it was a madara from the past or the present, which means he can move through time, madara could just correct his mistakes from the past. also, it would totally ruin the entire manga…

  138. @mudmathie: can we not talk about the end of naruto please >__<!!!! Though I gotta say this would it be funny if naruto died at the end. Naruto says "ug" *dead* and then THE END!:p I wonder how many pol would sue kishi XD….

  139. @ kahmix: LMAO @ “ghetto ride” 😀 The man loves his car (and obviously too much since he preferred to walk to the Summit rather than pull up in style – he probably didnt want it to get scratched – it’s a good thing he left it behind though, Sasuke probably would have punctured all the tyres :P…) jk/jk

  140. uhh..that’s KAHmix, not katmix. thanks. and impossible? it’s this far into the manga and we’re still talking about impossible things? what about transplanting your friend’s eye into your own eye socket in the middle of a battle and using it’s “techniques”? is that pretty possible? that makes about as much sense as someone else having an ability that only one person (or group) is supposed to use. If we can transplant sharingans and byakugans into incompatible bodies then I can live with the thought of a Kage having a tensei tech

  141. @truepain – I don’t think you’re very familiar with the whole time/space continuum concept. so instead of giving you a longwinded and hard-to-follow explanation, I’d prolly just ask you to read Harry Potter 3 again.

    [omg I am such an egotistical ass ain’t I? I missed the old IRA drunken bravado days…]

  142. i’m gonna throw this out there, just so i can say i did if i’m right..

    anybody think it’s possible for there to be 2 chapters next week? i do, because it says “naruto will be taking a break so that the author can collect data.” (bottom right of last panel)
    and personally, i take that as there was so much info that needed to be covered that kishi couldn’t do it in just one chapter, so he put it off a week so that he could put 2 chapters together that flow really well with a lot of info.

    thoughts anyone?

  143. @dish: i don’t think he’s gonna do a two chapter release, however i do believe that he will address a few things first probably with sasuke being a target by danzou. i see that being his first priority since danzou’s actually there for him to talk to about. with that, it also sets up the conference with kakashi and the other kages, and garra to inform him of danzou’s cowardice actions.(running away from the same guy u put a hit out on…hmm). kishi hasn’t given a 2 chapter release since i’ve been following going on almost 1 1/2yrs now so i dont think he’d start now..that time skip is seeming more likely to happen now…but wont be for too long maybe just 6 months to a year max…

    i do think danzou may have been working in cohoots with madara in the past, but not probably fell apart after the kyuubi incident. which is why danzou wasn’t shocked but more surprised he’s still doing his misdeeds…

  144. @dish11

    Unfortunately, even if Kishi had two chapters ready to release in one week, the truth is that Naruto appears in a weekly publication, so space is a limiting factor and the publication can’t just change their main body content to suit one author.

    The chapter itself, however, may be shorter or longer in length, but even then there are probably still limitations as to how much this can vary.

  145. @Dark…you can be as drunk as you were before. We love you as you are, dude.

    Btw…what happened to your Uchiha vs. Shodaime Hokage fan fic? We’d love to see it over here…let me or Mandi know, k? You have our email addys. I want to see how it all ended up! 🙂

  146. @penny – I’m actually deciding whether I’m gonna finish it or not…if I do continue I’ll need to rewrite it. It was kinda too much of a Madara bashing.

  147. Great job, Marks, thumbs up! Awesome breakdown for another awesome chapter in a long streak…

    *can’t believe there was another Madara/Obito debate…without me!* *sobs*

    I’m not sure if anyone has already touched on this, but I think Killer Bee may be captured by Kisame (preferably after an epic battle), leaving Naruto as the only Jinchuuriki left standing, therefore bringing more focus to himself as the main character. Besides, all that talk of how Kisame is essentially a tailless Bijuu couldn’t have been for nothing.

  148. @cptn p. unless kishi changes his mind then kisame will die in this fight he said so in interview. also people full power is “usually” explained before they get wiped out or defeated(except hidan’s immortality).

    @klok chakra has no weight? then why is naruto rasengan heavy as is sasuki’s chidori when he first learned it. those tech use chakra and are heavy as sasuke would not have been draaging chidori around. he also had to use high speed taijutsu to use it effectively because of the weight i think.(been awhile since i read regular naruto manga.

  149. Also when bee invades konoha does anyone think kishi is going to make Bee test naruto by fighting him when bee first meets him? Bee seems to be the test dummy for people who are developing their powers(except kisame whose powers are developed). sasuke fought him, kisame is getting a slice of that, it would make sense for naruto to fight him to show how he kinda stacks against sasuke at the moment. this would be awesome because i bet there would be a huge NARUTO vs SASUKE debate.

  150. I think that when Kishi says Bee will attack Konoha its probably to attck Danzo!!

  151. Thanks captianpickles ^_^ and welcome back bro

  152. umm whoever started the debate on kakashi vs. naruto didnt read [or doesn’t remember] the chapter where kakashi even states that naruto surpassed him when he saw naruto use the rasenshuriken vs. kakuzu way back then ergo it [unfortunately] would be no contest now that naruto has sage mode and can use that technique to its full potential now

  153. @sanju when naruto 4 tails went up against orochimaru and did his mouth blast kamehameha move even orochimaru said when he ate the ball of condensed chakra that ” how will he be able to fight me now with all of that condensed chakra weighting him down?” so yes chakra is heavy

  154. Source: NF
    Credits: Nightjumper
    Verification: Pending

    (I purposely left out the major action but…this part of the script came with a pic at This is a “potential” bombshell in and of itself.


    Naruto: “Wha..?! What did you just say, Sakura-chan?! I think I misheard you, say it again.”
    Sakura: “As I said, Naruto, I like/love you! Sasuke-kun doesn’t mean anything to me any more! I don’t know why I could love anyone like him… I’m confessing to you here, so listen to me.”
    Naruto: “But why…? How come…? If you’re joking, then this isn’t funny at all… Sakura-chan…. Just… What the hell happened[to you]…?”
    Sakura: “Nothing, really… I just opened my eyes… I don’t need to love someone who is a missing-nin and a criminal, do I? I’m not going to be a child forever. I’m going to look reality in the eye.”

    To be continued

    Sakura: “So, Naruto… I don’t need your promise any more. Won’t you stop chasing Sasuke…?”

    Yamato: “What is…”
    Kakashi stops him

    Naruto: “What happened[to you], Sakura-chan? Why did you so suddenly change your opinion of me…”
    Sakura: “I’m telling you, I don’t need it any more! I’ve fallen in love with you, with all my heart, that’s why.”
    Naruto recalls a scene where/when Sakura loved Sasuke.
    Sakura hugs Naruto.
    Kakashi: “Sakura, are you…”
    Sakura: “I’ve just grown apart from Sasuke-kun… But you’ve always been at my side, Naruto. You cheered me on… I’ve realized… how you really are. You’re a hero who protected the village. Everyone in the villages loves you now…. I’ve just become one of them… You were that mischievous dead-last… but little by little you’ve grown lovely and handsome… You were close to me so I saw it. But Sasuke-kun keeps committing crimes… It just breaks my heart… He’s just become someone distant to me.”
    Naruto: “…”

    To be continued

    Sakura: “But Naruto… When I can touch you like this… I feel at peace… I’m telling you this from the bottom of my heart…”

    Naruto: “Cut the bullshit, Sakura-chan… I told you I can’t laugh at a joke like that.”

    Sakura: “What’re you angry for…? I’ve just gotten over Sasuke-kun, that’s all. A woman’s heart is a strange thing, isn’t it.”(<— Unsure about this line)

    Naruto: "I… I hate people who'd lie to themselves!"

    The end."

    Now, you can dis this one all you want but…let the spoiler talks begin…

  155. I think I’ll start the comments that we all know are coming…


    On that note, I hope he tells he off…that he’s past her now just like she’s past Sasuke

  156. It cut off my


    Had to make sure it got in there duly noted.

  157. there should be a “how many people read the spoilers / did not read the spoilers” poll for this week’s manga. its tough to do some weeks, but this week should be worth the wait. who’s w/ me? I know Penny’s down….right??

  158. As much as I want to believe Penny is misinformed, it will be good to have some resolution and emmotional growth in our beloved characters. I can imagine Sakura’s journey to the Iron Country. Lee and Kiba slapping her in the back of the head, “wtf is wrong with you”, “Naruto is the hero”, “he saved the whole village and brought the dead back to life”, “so what if Pein came to the village because of him and it’s kinda his fault the village was destroyed”, “Naruto loves you and Sasuke is kinda funny…about women”. (not really, Kiba is more interested in animals and Lee is kinda simple bless his heart)
    Danzou/Madara, give it up, Danzou is a douche, Madara is many things (none of them good) but he is not a douche, simple logic.

    –If you think I am misinformed, check out It is from a “Pending” spoiler…And, by the way, that’s the nature of spoilers. Some people love ’em, some hate ’em and some are just plain “WTF?”

    I also gotta say, I love the Raikage, he’s like Maito Guy east coast. It would be true awesomeness to see the two of them face off. I can just imagine Guy tying one hand behind his back because Raikage is missing half an arm. That’s “Hey Koolaide!” x2.
    Hope you had a couple laughs and maybe something to think about.


  160. After I posted that bit, I started wondering if Sakura suddenly got PMS or…Madara is being a mischievous son of a b**** and trying to entice Naruto or…if this is part of Zetsu’s spore jutsu or…

    And, wait? Where are Sakura’s tears???

  161. And so the Soap Opera starts 😉
    Well it was worth the two week wait :”D
    *is one of the few NaruSaku supporters lurking about WRA*

  162. My apologies for the length but here it is CONFIRMED. Picture is above…

    Source: NF
    Credits: Nightjumper
    Verification: Confirmed

    Killer Bee: “I’m gonna kill ya, gonna teach just how different we are when I beat’cha! Prepare yo’self, you big stupid mime! These are my rhymes!”
    Sub-chan’s bear(Pontai(?)) tries attacking Kisame.

    Sub-chan: “Pontai!”
    Kisame: “You’re a really reckless and talkative Jinchuuriki, aren’t you. But first, this strange little bear…”

    Pontai is about to swipe at him…

    Scene change

    Ao: “It doesn’t seem that this was a trap of Danzou’s. It’s more likely the Akatsuki’s ninjutsu.”

    He gets rid of Zetsu’s spore jutsu.

    Ao: “Maybe I/we should hurry…”

    Fuu: (Says something about Zetsu’s jutsu and how it preys on and transfers the vicitm’s chakra to the host)

    They/He is liberated from Zetsu’s jutsu too.

    Danzou: “So even you didn’t notice it then.”
    Torune: “So, what about the guy who has been tailing us for a while now?”
    Fuu: “He’s still at it… It’d be good if he fell into [our] trap though.”
    Torune: “Your trap is special. It’ll work”
    Danzou: “I don’t care if he lives or dies… But take out his right eye.”
    Fuu: “Wha-”

    Danzou told them to take Ao’s right eye because he wants the Byakugan he has.
    Fuu: “…I’m leaving my body to you in sec, Torune.”
    Just about then, Ao runs into the trap. A puppet attacks him with a sickle(?)
    Ao: “?!”
    The sickle are thrown at him, whom catches it and throws it back at the puppet, lodging it into it.
    Ao: “A booby trap… This time it must be Danzou’s.”
    There’s a note on the puppet’s forehead with the kanji for ‘curse’. The kanji disappears.
    Ao: “?!”
    Puppet: “What is going on? How can you see my body?!”
    Ao: “The mind-puppet switch curse seal technique… That’s the name of this jutsu.”
    Puppet: “Damn it! Is this a mind-switch that curses whoever attacks you?!”(Unsure)
    The puppet is actually Fuu.
    Looks like the mind of the puppet switched places.
    Torune: “What do we do after this?”
    Torune is carrying Fuu’s human body over his shoulder.
    Danzou: “I’ll tell you what my intentions are as soon as Fuu returns to his body.”

    Tsuchikage: “It’s because of Danzou’s recommendation that it’s come to this. And then there’s the question of whom we should leave the the high command of the Shinobi alliance to! Is there anyone qualified for the title of ‘Kage’? You were the one who said that the Gokage, including myself, are worthless, Mifune”
    Mifune: “I think Raikage-same should be it, though.”
    Raikage: “…”
    Tsuchikage: “But didn’t you said that he was unsuited since he lets him emotions rule him?”
    Mifune: “I have no doubt that now that he knows Hachibi is alive, he’s going be more composed than before. What I said earlier was me jumping to conclusions. Please forgive me. Moreover, everyone worked well together earlier and you made countermeasures quickly. And the key, to control the Bijuu Hachibi; Only Raikage-dono would be able to do that.”
    Tsuchikage: “Mizukage, Kazekage, is that fine with you?”
    Mizukage: “I can’t agree to it right now, but I have faith in Raikage-sama.”
    Gaara: “Let’s leave it to the Raikage”
    Raikage: “Oonoki of the Twin Ryou Scales, the only one who has experience fighting Uchiha Madara is you, so your intel will be vital. Cooperate with us.”(Take this line with some salt. I’m a bit unsure about it)
    Tsuchikage: “You’re such a guy with a commanding tone.”
    (Oonoki of the Twin Ryou Scales = Tsuchikage)

    Raikage: “I don’t need your faith, though… But at this rate, the Shinobi world itself will disappear. There is no other choice but to leave your own feelings out and cooperate!”
    Tsuchikage: “Well, better than losing this war… If the shinobi world were to disappear, then quarreling with you is out of the question… So I’ll cooperate. The Shinobi Alliance is formed!! First we must let the feudal lords know about this.”


    Naruto: “Wha..?! What did you just say, Sakura-chan?! I think I misheard you, say it again.”
    Sakura: “As I said, Naruto, I like/love you! Sasuke-kun doesn’t mean anything to me any more! I don’t know why I could love anyone like him… I’m confessing to you here, so listen to me.”
    Naruto: “But why…? How come…? If you’re joking, then this isn’t funny at all… Sakura-chan…. Just… What the hell happened[to you]…?”
    Sakura: “Nothing, really… I just opened my eyes… I don’t need to love someone who is a missing-nin and a criminal, do I? I’m not going to be a child forever. I’m going to look reality in the eye.”

    Sakura: “So, Naruto… I don’t need your promise any more. Won’t you stop chasing Sasuke…?”

    Yamato: “What is…”
    Kakashi stops him

    Naruto: “What happened[to you], Sakura-chan? Why did you so suddenly change your opinion of me…”
    Sakura: “I’m telling you, I don’t need it any more! I’ve fallen in love with you, with all my heart, that’s why.”
    Naruto recalls a scene where/when Sakura loved Sasuke.
    Sakura hugs Naruto.
    Kakashi: “Sakura, are you…”
    Sakura: “I’ve just grown apart from Sasuke-kun… But you’ve always been at my side, Naruto. You cheered me on… I’ve realized… how you really are. You’re a hero who protected the village. Everyone in the villages loves you now…. I’ve just become one of them… You were that mischievous dead-last… but little by little you’ve grown lovely and handsome… You were close to me so I saw it. But Sasuke-kun keeps committing crimes… It just breaks my heart… He’s just become someone distant to me.”
    Naruto: “…”

    Sakura: “But Naruto… When I can touch you like this… I feel at peace… I’m telling you this from the bottom of my heart…”

    Naruto: “Cut the bullshit, Sakura-chan… I told you I can’t laugh at a joke like that.”

    Sakura: “What’re you angry for…? I’ve just gotten over Sasuke-kun, that’s all. A woman’s heart is a strange thing, isn’t it.”(<— Unsure about this line)

    Naruto: "I… I hate people who'd lie to themselves!"

  163. And so Naruto’s journey as the second pervy sage begins….

  164. @Ra: Yeah, only to have Sakura, who says she “loves” him, bash him into “Team Rocket” land…

  165. is it just me, but dousnt naruto look alot younger in the spoiler pics

  166. it seems that from this spoiler fuu is part of ino’s clan which is what he reminds me of maybe her uncle?

  167. from what i have read of the spoiler sakura thinks the fucking world revolves around her i.e i dont need to love a missin-nin and a criminal, (so what if saskue didnt leave then you would have never looked at naruto) what a bitch.

    hero of the village everyones in love with you and i am one of them (so what if he wasnt a hero than see woulnt love him) what a fucking bitch

    ive gotten over saskue a women heart is a strange thing (then what are u going to get over naruto to like saskue) who does this fucking bitch think she is go and die by falling down a flight of stair and get people laughing at your funeal u fucking selfish bitch.

    all of this is becuase before naruto can get with hinata she wants him first because now that everyones like him so is she FFS and on the other hand hinata has love naruto from the start, she even knows how hinata feels and hinata was the only one who risked her life to try and save naruto and she goes and trys to take him for herself. WHAT A FUCKING BITCH THIS IS WHY I HATE SAKURA.

    sorry for the rant just got on my nerves and wanted to get it off my chest the only good part was narutos sort of flat out rejection. i can only hope that in the one after this chapter naurot says something like the following.

    ‘get over yourself im not just doing this for the promise that i made to u, and yes its true that i did like you (like not love lol) but that stopped a long time ago and anyway theres someone else who i love now, maybe not just now looking back i guess i have always like her if not loved her, (there should be a flashback of hinata) and than a screen with the rest of the leaf ninja with a shocked look on there face and in big letters above the top of the screen !!!!!!!BURN!!!!!!!!

    yes that what she deserves 🙂

  168. @smurf: you are entitled to your opinion and that is fine. However, there are a number of people who have been dying to hear about how this was going to come out. I’m not sure that this is a final “wrap.”

    Remember, we don’t know all the facts yet. There are lots of twists and turns that this could take. It isn’t a “done deal” yet…there is more to this part of the story than there appears, I promise you. We have no idea if, god forbid, Madara is involved in this one (far fetched, but you never know with Kishi) or…if it is simply that Sakura “grew up.” Just wait for the manga and the write up…

  169. as far as i deducted in this spoiler fuu is indeed part of the yamanaka clan and, there was something along the linesof the mind body transfer jutsu, fuu probably made with a puppetm that Ao thx to his byakugan managed to descover and maybe evan dispose of, …….. So those that mean that Fuu is dead, because if ino would have died if she were in another body when it dies she would die automaticly as far as i remember, just a guess, and for all the Sakura haters, it was obvious that she would have said that, evan if she dosen’t mean it, she has indeed grown up, putting the safty of her comrade above her personal feeling towarsds sasuke, at least that’s what i see, the only thing she did wrong was the fact that she asumed se can sell that bullsheat to Naruto, he’s the only one who knows her the best, and Naruto is doing this sasuke retreval promis in my opinion 80% for himself and about 205 for sakura sooo….. it wouldn’t have mattered what sakura had to say because naruto has a very very very very very very very very very very very very verygreat belif in his NINDO WAY. He dosen’t go back on he’s word 🙂 thats why naruto rocks

  170. ok all yall sakura haters need to simmer down. you guys cant stand it when she doesnt give up o sasuke and now that she might you guys say that she is selfish. MAKE UP UR MINDS OR GO HOME lol. and yeah i agree with Eugen. While she may not be the main reason naruto wants to catch/ stop sasuke she is part of it. damn all haters plz sit down

  171. @fuuton: Like I said, I don’t think we know the entire story yet. It’s one thing to have the spoiler in words but to have the pictures in their context will give a whole different meaning. People are entitled to their opinions but…I agree with you on the rants. It just makes the negativity of the blogs go up and less enjoyable to read…

  172. cant wait 4 the chap to come out naruhina ftew!
    oh and btw new gravitar →→

  173. from the translation: I just switched from Sasuke to you… / They say a woman’s heart is as changeable as the autumn sky, don’t they…?

    so wat she has the right to switch again after naruto fall in love with be who does this bitch think she is FGS

  174. naruto is out on this website

  175. damn…just read the new chapter and all i have to say is this: Sakura you bitched around too long, and now he just doesn’t give a f*ck. Wow. Cool chapter. I hope Ao makes it out alive, that guy is friggin’ awesome

  176. After reading 469, I think Sakura is doing all this to relief Naruto of his promise. Her love for him is a lie, see Of course, Naruto is no dummy anymore … he sees right through her disguise. Maybe the next chapter Naruto will confess his love for Hinata!

    Don’t get me wrong … Sakura might be hot but she is a major pain both physically and emotionally for Naruto.

  177. Sakura you ruined any chance I ever had of liking you. After you finally started being useful you pull this shit off? Fake your love to a man who has loved you all his life? Just so he can abandon his best friend? Dammit woman you’re hurting him even more, feelings are nothing to joke about! Plus, it sounds like your “love” for Naruto is just because he’s there for you while Sasuke is off playing the bad guy. You don’t stop loving somebody just because he’s off on a revenge trip. Naruto right now is like the high school quarter back. Everyone likes him, he’s popular, and he’s there. If you developed your “love” for him over that Sakura you have your head on backwards. o_O

    She reminds me of a cheerleader that always goes for the most popular guy in school. F**king pathetic. -_-

  178. Is it just me, or naruto not falling for that shit shows some more growth on his side ?

  179. @Eugen and Fuuton: I don’t know about anyone else but speaking on my own behalf I never complained about Sakura loving Sasuke. If she loves him that’s her own choice and it’s no big deal. I just made fun of her for it. 😉 What she just did to Naruto is a complete bitch move though. You could say she never intended on hurting him, but lying about her feelings to him who cared about her for so long how can she be so dense as to not realize that would hurt the man? Damn, I thought she was smart but she’s proving to be just a burden on the main character and the entire series more and more. Sure she beat Sasori (with Chiyo’s help) but what else has she done besides cry and be a… GAH!!! I want to insult her so badly but I’m running out of ideas to insult her more than she already has herself! >_<

  180. i want in the next chapter to have naruto go off on one and say becuae she is just using his feeling for her to back his promise and its insulting and then tell her that he has feelings for someone else and at the same time have a backdrop of the time when hinata confessed, and that tell her to go back to the village becuase she would only be in the way and then jumps back on the roof and get ready to go into sage mood

  181. @ smurf: what the fuck are you saying? lmao

    yeah this is a great perdicament for her. I think this sealed the deal for all NaruHina fans. Rejoice my brothers!

  182. all that waiting for a damn confession.. pathetic

  183. Alright enough about Sakura the bitch let’s get back to more important aspects of the manga…unless someone else brings her up again. 😉

    I do believe that Fuu is part of the Yamanaka Clan which may cause some internal conflict in the clan. Did anyone else catch the Raikage saying the Tsuchikage fought Madara in the past!? Damn, I want to see that fight!

    The Raikage is now the leader of the alliance! 😀

  184. hey guys just finishing up reading the manga, man those guys at manga share are really great evan if the manga is a week late it still got out really early, anyway great chapter nice to see a little of what Fuu can do, just like enriquespyro i’me really hopeing Ao comes out of that really cool tech out alive and with “his” byakugan still in his socket.

    As for the whole Sakura, Naruto deal just as my previous comment, I allready knew she was gonna be stupid enough to say a fucked up thing like that, buttttttttttttttttt, theres a twist to this, i’me sure of it, evan if we ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL know sakura is lame and a crybaby, and always complains, and can knock Mike Tyson OUT for a year, she is not stupid i’me actulay sure that she has a back-up plan for this exact situation, She only used the whole ; and i quote super on this ” She reminds me of a cheerleader that always goes for the most popular guy in school. F**king pathetic. -_- “, to see if Naruto will fall for it, of course he wouldn’t, Sakura u sure are slow, but in spite of sakura’s poore effort I actualy think she actualy came prepared for this, I dont know it might be just me but i don’t think she came all that way on a gamble that has sasuke’s life in the middle of it, and she knows this from the start, she isn’t gonna put either sasuke’s or naruto’s life in danger no matter what stupid shit she dose.

  185. OK EVERYONE SAKURA DOES LOVE NARUTO The thing is she did it in the wrong situation, she tried to manipulate Naruto with her feelings for him to stop him from chasing Sasuke. And she lied about not loving Sasuke anymore, but she does love Naruto. The problem with what she said is that she loves Naruto because Sasuke isn’t there anymore, hence why Naruto never told her how she feels when Sai ask him. Naruto & Sasuke needs to be there, so she can know who she loves more. Unfortunately, this make Hinata irrelevant now.

  186. @ super, great catch man on the tsuchikage dude, i actualy read that part firs in a spoiler but the tsuchikage’s real name was written down as the one who fought madara and i didn’t know who that was util now, great stuff man great stuff, i really hope’d to see more of madara’s life on the battle field and maybe his brother too, and now we actualy see someone that knows a thing or 2 about how to fight madara, at least the power madara used in the time he fought the tsuchi-kage, besides him the only two leads we have are the fight hasirama had with madara, and probably the best way to fight him ( So Naruto, start your long range fighting training and maybe find out what your kekeigenkai is), and the other is Minato, who in my opinion would have killed madara if he fought him back when hasirama did.

    I’me actually gonna drag this out a little, because i came to this conclusion long ago:
    1 Madara didn’t have his time space nin when he was fighting hashirama, because simply minato was a lot faster then hasirama’s mokton jutsu, nothing besides Madara’s time space nin is faster then Minato, probably the one coming close second is the raikage, as Shi said in he’s fight with Sasuke.

    2 The fact that i keep the obito theory so alive in my brain is because, Madara is simmilar to obito for starters, and the other thing is , madara was always seen in his early time pictures with his ems activated, it may have been permanent, but as we see hin now, he always has the normal 3 dor sharingan activated, so i’me guessing either he can’t use his ems anymore ore he has dughhhhhhhhh Obito’s eye & maybe he’s body that did’e have the ems, and plus the most valuable bit of info is the way he usees his time space jutsu, exactly like kakashi, only in reverese.

  187. whoa what an interesting chapter. As for the Sakura thing I’m sure there’s a lot more to it than it seems. First of all when you look at sakura’s facial expression when she says ‘wont you stop chasing sasuke’ you get the impression that its a ploy to manipulate naruto into doing what she wants, also the next thing is yamato and kakashis reactions (when he said ‘what the hell are you…’). To me they either mean they’ve seen right through sakura or there is something deeper which i think there is because kakashi holding yamato back means he knows something yamato doesn’t and plus, like someone said above I dont think sakura would be that stupid as to just do something like this knowing the damage it could cause if she were found out…

    Also does anyone find what Danzo said about his eye a little too fishy… like his soul and mind is attached to his eye or something cus the way he said it kinda implies that he’d be fine if he died and his eye was implanted into another person… kinda like orochimarus reanimation but with his eye??

    Just had to give him his props.:D

    @super: I noticed the madara statement too and the way Raikage said it tells me that he knew about this confrontation between them for a long time. It would also explain why Tsuchikage knew how powerful madara was:
    Does this mean that madara can still fight but chooses not to or he did lose more of his powers after he fought Tsuchikage?

  189. btw rock lees reaction = epic

  190. @ doomien I don’t think Madara lost to the tsuchikage, and why I say this is simple, sorry for not posting he link but i’me a little lazzy to go find the page, remember when the tsuchikage said to madara ” Surely a man of your power could easily dispoese of us by hiself ” or something simmilar to that, but i do thin the tsuchi kage gave Madara a decent fight, he is really strong , and in he’s prime i would bet my money on the tsuchikage any time.

  191. @eugen: I did say he lost to Tsuchikage I was wondering if he lost his powers after fighting him.

  192. O.o
    Sakura was sucking up to naruto because hes becoming a rich and powerfull man >.>
    And Naruto was beeing a whiny bish this chappy,..
    not much happend this chapter hope theres just a lil more action next week and we get too see some killerbee vs kisame action.

  193. @ doomien sry for typing like that bro i know what u ment, it was my mistake, here in romania is 1:13 night time and i’me really tired, i was just staing up to see if there was gonna be a fast breackdown or not. sry again bro for the miss spell 😉

  194. On Naruto and Sakura chap. 469

    Honestly? I was reading it and I was like, “Uh huh. Yeah, Hmmm.” and threw a gasket when she said she’d gotten over Sasuke and fallen in love with Naruto. I’m not a SasuSaku lover by any means, but I thought Naruto’s flashbacks told all. There’s no way Sakura could’ve simply given up completely on Sasuke, and why I think Kiba was pissed? She was supposed to be telling Naruto about the plan to take care of Sasuke. Not spouting sugar…

    She still cares for Sasuke. Naruto still cares for Sasuke. Naruto loves that cretin (maaaha, not in the homohomo way xD), and nothing will change that. Naruto knows Sakura isn’t telling the whole truth, if the truth at all.

    Sakura still just doesn’t know, and if her feelings are true she confessed far too early… Naruto’s no idiot. I feel bad for him, hearing what he’s wanted to hear coming from the girl he loves when it’s obviously… well when it’s obviously not fake, but her whole heart just isn’t in it.

    To sum it up…: We’ve gotta wait til next chapter, or maybe even MORE to get to the bottom of this.
    Dammit, I feel like such a fangirl. I’ll probably move this later on…

  195. @hou1kage Check out, the comment Danzo made was about Ao’s eye.

    @Eugen You probably have a point about some backup plan but I am just curious what Sakura can say or do that will make Naruto stop pursuing Sasuke.

  196. This chapter was a pretty good way to comeback after a week hiatus. it began picking up right were we left off at, with kisame and Kb, as well as Ao and Danzou’s henchmen. Im curious to why Gaara wasn’t picked over the raikage since now his brother isn’t caught…(yet, my moneys on kisame bigtime) ill wait till next week to find out the results between them tho..

    when i saw a couple of other’s comments i kinda brushed it off thinking they were too harsh on sakura…comeone aren’t we all…;) but when i read the chapter i actually wanted someone to knock some sense into her this time. she’s playing with someone’s emotions which aint cool in my book. i never though sakura was this pathetic until now…
    This to me truly shows who’s meant for naruto….HINATA…well after Super gets a crack at her ;), she’s always been thinking about his wellbeing, always trying to get acknowlegde by him and working harder. She’s almost like naruto to sakura, she actually like him before he was doing all these accomplishments..
    -NaruHina fan from the beginning….

  197. I am hoping this scene is a misake for the mangafox translation or else this scene is confusing:

  198. Woah thats a big screw up, i would be very confused if I read that lol

    good find tho =D

  199. I wonder if Tsunade gonna wake up yet…its safe to say it been atleast a week…then again kakashi would be out for like 2 weeks after using his MS 2 or 3 times…ill give her 2 more chapters of

  200. take care of my body makes sense- he first switched body with the log thing, then with Ao. now he’s in ao’s body and nobady is in Fu’s body.
    i don’t know if it was done on purpose but the onemanga translation of sakura’s confession just transipired falsity!

  201. . Its apparent throughout the manga that kishi is pushing the idea of sakuras feelings being won over by naruto. It is also very obvious that her motives for confessing to naruto are for the simple thought of diversion. Notice how she said “like” instead of “love.” It is possible, her motive for the confession is to prepare herself to fight sasuke. She probably thinks that if she says she doesnt love sasuke out loud, it would be easier for her mind to believe and accept it as reality. Then she could fight him without holding back because of emotional ties. Not to mention she did it in front of her peers and teachers as a psychological fail safe.
    Naruto is not dumb. He knows even if sakura likes him, she still LOVES sasuke, which is why he is angry and says he doesnt like liars. It is not that she is lying about her feelings to naruto, it is that she is denying her true feelings for sasuke.

    hmmmmm -Avid-


    Rock Lee: So, these shinobi hidden in the barber shop can help me Gai-sensei?

    Gai: Hell yes they can, you goofy, yet unstoppable killing machine. Get them damned eyebrows plucked and a decent haircut, and Sakura’s bound to give you some! *nice Gai smile, thumbs up*

    Rock Lee: But Sensei, what about Ten-Ten

    Gai: WHO?!? Oh Fuck are you serious?!? She’s STILL here? I’ll take care of her… eh heh heh heh!

    *Gai opens his “southgate trousers” and unleashes “fleshy-man-torpedo” on Ten-Ten, killing her. The ninja world rejoices*

  203. lmao @ prawlkage shinobi hidden in the barber shop.. good 1 😀

  204. seems like sakura didn’t do a very convincing job of confessing her love for naruto. he picked up almost immediately that something about the way she was saying it wan’t right. i definitely think that could’ve been written better. pretty freakin boring chapter…

  205. sakura is pretty much 1 of the main characters in Naruto. i dont think kishi would have her do something as stupid as confess her love for him , even though she really doesn’t, and tell Naruto to give up on Sasuke.

    all in all, it totally wasn’t worth the 2 week wait…

  206. no it definetly wasn’t.
    this is an awesome version of the anime intro:

    (i’m not sure if it works)

  207. This was a great chapter, showing that Naruto isn’t suck a brick head anymore. I don’t think that Sakura is “REALLY” in love for the this goofy genin [well, maybe…i have somes doubts]. Though everyone has probably mentioned this enough times for you brain to ooze out of your ears; i’ll say it anyways: It’s to convince Naruto that it’s ok to let Sasuke go.

    Like 3 chapters ago Shikamaru [who is by the way the most fuckin’ awesome character in this series next to the group Akatsuki] was planning on having Sasuke get offed before things get out of hand.

    didn’t Sakura make mention about being for it, but trying to get Naruto’s vote. Keep going with me on this one…Wouldn’t it be cool is Shikamaru said “Screw it” and decided that the risk of Naruto’s decision messing things was too great, so they’d try to get [Sasuke] anyways? eh? eh?!

    …ok ok, so it won’t happen, but gosh that would be really really cool.

    **On another note, my favorite ‘new character’ Ao, better get his ass out that hole, cause if Fuu offs him i’m gonna be seriously upset.
    **Raikage, being the lead guy for this Shinobi Alliance is kinda cool, but what i really wanna see is some more back story on Tsuchikage, Harashima, and some good ol’ Madara Gaiden. And we should add some more backstory of Jiraiya and Minato for good measure.

    …phew, my rant is over.

  208. @tigerpalm thats what i get for reading sh**** early translations

    @doomien that confused me when i read it aswell about danzos eye

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