Bleach 378 discussion + 379 Spoilers!

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Anyways I wanted to try something different lol.

Pssh he has nothing on me!

Pssh he has nothing on me!

It’s Burning Ace and I am here with this week’s breakdown. But wait doesn’t Mudshovel usually do them? Yeah, but I am here for the next couple of weeks until Mud’s triumphant return. If you don’t like it GTFO or if you want to read what I have to say STFU and sit down.

Now that I got that out of the way all I have to say about this issue is…..FINALLY THEY SWITCH TO STRAWBERRY AND THE GANG!! Seriously I was getting bored out of mah ass watching the slowly progressing fights and build ups. It was driving me nuts. Anybody else agree?

Anyways this issue starts off with Yammy having Rukia in his fist. Man but don’t you see a lot of King Kong similarities….except in this case King Kong is the uber strong 0 espada and Rukia doesn’t want to be anywhere near him…okay Yammy really isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and he looks f**Kin huge, so you could say that he really is an overgrown ape XD. Maybe he wants a banana?

Yammy: Ooh Pretty Banana!

Yammy: Ooh Pretty Banana!

In a last second ditch effort Rukia tries a super face palm on Supa Ape. Yet the overgrown King Kong wanna be was barely phased.

*Warning* Super Face Palm may cause the following side effects: Nauseau, Vomitting, Dizziness and Just a plain ol' case of the Ouchies

*Warning* Super Face Palm may cause the following side effects: Nauseau, Vomitting, Dizziness and Just a plain ol' case of the Ouchies

The second we think our good ol’ pal Rukia is done for, Captain Ichigo comes outta effin nowhere and saves the day…like effin usual. I guess Ichigo gotta save his hoes and make some money. You know it’s hard out here for a pimp…especially in this horrible ass economy.

Ichigo: Hey you messed with the wrong ho...Only I get to slap her around!

Ichigo: Hey you messed with the wrong ho...Only I get to slap her around!

I don’t know why but I just thought of this scene during the short convo between Ichigo and Yammy.

Anyways….ahem like the fat bastard, the biggest question in the room would be how is Ichigo feeling after the fight against Ulquiorra? Well as soon as the thought pops up into our head. You just see Ichigo just pop a cap straight into Yammy’s face!

Ooooh Yammy is going to need a new dental plan!

Ooooh Yammy is going to need a new dental plan!

But like usual Rukia is worrying about her “Daddy”. Wait that’s not right….Ugh lets be honest the rest  of the chapter is her worrying about if Ichigo can make it through the month with the rent and other “miscellaneous” bills. But like usual he had to save her ass.

Sometimes you just gotta set a bitch straight and tell her its gonna be alright.

Sometimes you just gotta set a bitch straight and tell her its gonna be alright.

At some point you start hearing some hardcore guitar riff in your head. Yammy, the giant ape, the 0 espada, fat bastard, and the biggest mofo you will see in your damn life; is getting his ass owned by a dude who just had a hole popped into his chest and is like a fraction of the size….all I have to say is TIMBER!

Oooh that is like a 5.0 on the richter scale! (for people that didn't get that EARTHQUAKE!!! GTFO))

Oooh that is like a 5.0 on the richter scale! (for people that didn't get that EARTHQUAKE!!! GTFO))

Anyways what do you guys think? Will Ichigo be able to survive another fight against an espada or will his DBZish luck finally run out?

Also what did you guys think of my first breakdown? Did you guys like it? Did it make milk come out of your nose? Or did it just make even more women hot for me? (or it completely sucked and in that case I would go completely emo).

Well all I have to say is

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease

Ace Out


~ by burning ace on October 17, 2009.

55 Responses to “Bleach 378 discussion + 379 Spoilers!”



  3. THIRD!!!

    Good job on the breakdown Ace thanks for stepping in this week. 🙂

    Ichigo gets stronger after every fight but he just PWNED the 0 espada in one hit!? Sheesh, talk about a major boost in power level. I hope Yammy is done next chapter and they make their way back to the real world where we can see Aizen finally fight. I have this bad feeling that when they get back Aizen will be standing/floating over a spread of injured bodies. Thus, most of the fighting would be skipped. -_-

  4. 4TH! okay did anyone else notice that icigo’s hollow mask is diffrent after his fight with ulqu? Its like that king of hollows now with 2 vertical stripes over both eyes

  5. @Rock: Yep, we were discussing the differences in masks in the last breakdown. Seems Ichigo is 10x more powerful now but that comment Rukia made about the look in his eyes may prove otherwise. Perhaps he’s trying to prove himself now by defeating Yammy by himself but he’s still relying heavily on his hollow powers. I guess it can’t be helped against the 0 espada.

  6. Goodshit on that breakdown Ace!

    Anyone notice the eyes on Ichigo with mask on. Two things I noticed was that one eye isn’t black like always and the other eye is hollowed out.
    Kinda like the left eye on this one when he was hollow form.
    What does this mean? I have no F@@king idea!

    Hoping they will do a flashback on that Ichigo vs. Ulq fight telling us what went inside Ichigo. He was probably fighting H Ichigo and was losing. This will also(hopefully) confirm wether he died or not when he had that huge hole in his chest…

  7. So now Ichigo can use that Hollow mask freely now ?
    An explanation is gonna have to be given soon.

  8. “It completely sucked!! You sir are a sad excuse for a human being. 36% (9 votes)”

    36%!!! ONLY 36%!!!!!! IT SHOULD BE MORE LIKE 99.998%!!!!!

    Lol j/k ace…. nice breakdown, but once again.. I dont get a bleach breakdown!! (even though I have made it VERY clear that I have wanted to do one since WRA f***ing started… Props to you ace 🙂

  9. I dont think Yammi will go down so esaily, you joked about the dental plan, but i noticed that he wasnt even scratched by the getsuga to the face. im hoping he starts showing us some real power and dosent lose this esaily.

  10. awww shnappped son!
    that ish was tight

    fo sho

    good job ace
    that was very funny :]

  11. Yeah I was trying to go for the funnies but anyways I think I could have done a better job on looking over the manga a little better and could have added more substance.

    @rock: yeah I didn’t see that, but I think it shows another stage of Ichigo’s transformation. I wonder if there is a chance that Ichigo could go beserk or maybe a return of Hollow Ichigo.

  12. I thought this chapter was to short to be honest.

    I was reading it and then *BAM* it was over suddenly.
    The reason for this is probably down to me forgeting to look at the spoilers, so all of the chapter was completly raw material for me.

    I thought Ichigo’s new mask looks epic, i guess ever since he was killed, his hollow form changed. But it looks like this change has made him more “complete” now, as well as stronger. He may be able to use cero whenever he wants too.
    He used high speed regeneration to heal the hole inside him and he used that high speed regenaration in his shinmagami form and to regenerate into a shinmigami, so i think theres a good chance he may be able to use multiple hollow abilities when he puts on his mask now (like the other Vizards) So he may also be able to open garganta now and go to the human world.

    I have a theory as well.
    Ichigo has had 2 different masks and he has had 2 different fully hollowfied forms.
    I think Ichigo’s new mask is easily stronger than his last mask.
    I also think each mask has its own unique fully hollowfied form. Ichigo’s new fully hollowfied form, seemed much more complete when comparing it to his old fully hollowfied form.
    So i think it is safe to make the assumption that Ichigo’s new “semi hollowfied form” (or new mask form) is also more complete than his previous mask (form).
    So yeah…i have a feeling that Ichigo’s level should now have been suddenly raised to match and pass the other vizards, so he should be capable of using hollow attacks like Cero, like the other Vizards can, while in his mask form.

    I also think Aizen will have predicted this change in Ichigo and he will use it to his advantage. It seems very much in his character to do so. There have been hints of this previously in the manga too. Aizen originaly sent Yammy and Ulquiorra to test Ichigo’s abilites, i have suspision to the true purpose behind why Aizen sent them and why Aizen has had is eye on Ichigo….not only that but it was then mentioned in Grimjaws first ever conversation when Ulquiorra was talking to him, that Aizen may want to turn Ichigo on his side.

    At any rate, there are some interesting plot devices and things in general happening in this manga right now. There is lots of cause for theory and speculation. If this manga is really approching its finale soon, then im sure Kubo has had some interesting idea’s in mind for a long time, for these upcoming moments.

  13. Honestly I agree with Schy….I think that this issue was kind of bland and there really wasn’t much to talk about than the usual

    But I think that Aizen knows something more than he is letting on. For example (I know it will be completely out there), but Aizen knows the fact that he is the son of an Uber Strong Captain! Not just that ever since recently I have also have been thinking that Isshin is actually the Captain of the 0 Squad. It would actually make sense if you think about it. There really is no record of Isshin actually being a soul reaper. There also is no record of him “escaping” SS. Hell he took out Grand Fisher in one blow (even though he was an imperfect arrancar.) The key, in my opinion, is with Isshin! I don’t know it may be the crack talkin but I think I am right

  14. @schy- your comment just gave me a thought. I been wondering whether Ichigo was died or not, but now I think he did. A chapter ago(i think) Aizen said that the vizards had died that day. Since Ichigo became a shinigami and a hollow in a weird way he didn’t die. He was never complete. Neither a full shinigami nor a full hollow. Now assuming that he died during the “Ulq vs Ichigo” battle he is now a full fledged hollow/shinigami a.k.a. Vizard. The getsuga tenshou or w/e won’t defeat Yammy but will hurt him since he used with the mask on. He will now bust out with a cero like the other vizards can and pwn Yammy.

  15. @Ace- Agree on Isshin being key here. I don’t know about him being captain of squad 0, but i will say him being part of the Royal Guard. Heck the only person who might something about them is Captain Commander. It’s like the secret service of SS. Well that is my guess.

  16. Oooooh Ace! Your breakdown got me all hot and bothered you smexy beast! Take me, TAKE ME NOW!!!

    *ehem* Soz

    Pretty good chapter, Ichigos mask interests me but Rukia just pissed me off…I really hope she isn’t turning into Orihime IE a useless pile of crap who relies on Ichigo everytime her ass gets in a jam.

  17. was personally a bit sad that his mask didn’t have the horns. oh well looks like bleach is finally free of the espada. yay lol

  18. Yeah honestly like I mentioned in the breakdown she is pretty much concerned about Ichigo’s welfare for the most part. That is another reason that I felt that this chapter was slightly bland.

  19. Hey anyone notice how when ichigo first went full hollow he lost his human form and looked like a monster but when he went full hollow again he kept his human shape and didnt really change much, it was said b4 that lower class hollows lose their human shape ( monster ichigo) and that hollows whose rank are vastro lords keep their human shape, mayb ichigo went up a couple of ranks when he died or sumthin. or mayb since he was wit Orihm n shes been chillin wit that orb that makes hollows into arrcancars mayb sum of its Aura was on her n help ichigo Evolve when he died into a Vastro Lord. and hey out of all the espada n ichigo hardly changes when he goes full hollow he just gets his full mask, sum long hair, n his nails get alil longer; while all da espadas outfits change completely.
    o yea if yammy is espada 0 n it was said that the lower the number the more an espadas release looks more like a human, how come yammy looks like fuckin GODZILLA???

  20. @grimmbro saying they look more human the higher the number isnt necessarily true, halibel was no. 3 and she looked human in her released form but barragan who was no.2 was a skeleton in his.

  21. @dap098 i think more human than human skeleton i think u can’t get more human than that lol 😛

  22. True but what i was tryin to say is look at the espada they all looked human b4 they released their swords, after they all changed into something more hollow like. like Barragan who went from a old dude to str8 up bones n a cloak, only no.1 really didnt change much he got like 1 hollow feature when he changed. and among them ichigo only gets a mask

  23. yosh!!!!! its a debate time 😀 , since so less people commented on the chat i decided to post it here

    kisuke urahara v.s stark who wins?

  24. Stark would own Urahara because I have no idea what Urahara’s powers are exactly. 😛

    Besides Stark can shoot 1,000 ceros at once! O_O

  25. My theory on Ichigo: He is stealing/adapting the power level of his opponent(he’s been doing it since Rukia showed him how). Also, dissapointing as it might be this gonna have to be all she wrote for Yammy(as a demonstration of Ichigo’s new power level). Why does he want to go back to earth ? The fight is in the Soul society remember Urahara arranged a huge illusion. Anyway am I the only One this bothers……Where the F@<k is Kenpachi and the other captains for that matter?????

  26. @return_of_ra- Ichigo can do that? I don’t remember him being able to do that. Heck if so thats an uber skill. Rukia should be pwning hollows left and right.

    I say Urahara hands down. Dude is a genius. He can cancel/counter out an attack by quickly analyzing it. He did it with Yammy. No matter how many ceros spark can shot Urahara will counter it. Plus he has bankai although we don’t know what it is…all we know is that its not suited for training.

  27. @Return_of_ra- surposidly according to a recent spoiler i jst saw on IRA Kenpachi and Byakuya join ichigo against Yammy in the next chapter.

  28. @Captn: But Urahara had to get hit with Yammy’s blast first to analyze it. If he gets hit with a 1,000 ceros at once he’s done for. Then there’s the wolves Stark can bring out which are nearly unavoidable and infinite in number it seems. Urahara would need to release his bankai whatever it is.

    @Dean: I hope that happens because if Ichigo destroys the 0 Espada by himself after having trouble with the 4th Espada I’m going to be pissed. Even if the new mask gave him more power should it be equal to moving up 3 levels in the Espada’s rankings? I would hope not…

  29. Credits: Nja @ 2ch
    Verification : confirmed
    先頭カラーでえっと皆がハロウィンの仮装してる絵でした イチゴはフランケン?w

    全然進んでません 前回角生えたっていってたけど生えてなかったねごめん><

    ヤミー おいおい俺を誰だと思ってるんだ?NO0ヤミー様だ



    いたのは ルキア(忘れ)・松本(魔女)・イチゴ(フランケン)・素人(狼?)



    仮面のごしの苺の目を見たとき なんであいつはあんな目をしてるんだ…

    ヤミーが他の仲間を馬鹿にした事で あいつらを馬鹿にされんのはなんかむかつくな
    で仮面をつけようとするが仮面が出てこなく なぜ…なぜなんだ…やっぱあの時のホロウ化のせいか><


    後 兄はハドウ?wなんちゃら33の詠唱で爆破

    English Translation By sheetz @ FLOL

    The color cover is of everyone in Holloween costumes. Ichigo is Frankenstein?
    The story doesn’t progress at all. I said last time that he grew horns but he didn’t. Sorry.
    The patterns on the mask changed.
    Ichigo is surprised that Yammi’s head/neck is only slightly cut.
    Yammi: Hey, who do you think I am? I’m number zero Yammi-sama!
    Those guys you defeated, Ulq, Noitra, and GJ are all small fries.
    Ichigo tries to put on his mask again but for some reason he can’t, so he’s caught by Yammi.

    Just as Yammi’s going to use full power on him

    Zaraki Kenpachi and Byakuya show up to help. The end.

    The cover is 1 page.

    Rukia notices that the mask’s patterns are changing.

    After the mask changes Rukia looks at Ichigo’s eyes and wonders why they are like that.

    Yammi makes fun of the comrades after being sick of how they always made fun of him.

    When Ichigo can’t put on his mask again, he asks himself “Why…Why is it…Is it because of that hollowfication time (limit?)”

    And then he’s caught.

    And then Byakuya does hadou 33 and Kenpachi is already bringing his sword down to whereever Yammi is.

    On the color page are Rukia (I forget what she is), Matsumoto (witch), Ichigo (Frankenstein), Hitsugaya (werewolf?)      
    I think the others are mostly shinigami…Ishida and Orihime are also there, I think.

    – heres the spoiler posted by Ahsan on IRA, it says its confirmed, im not sure myself but yeah ill trust the source.

  30. well clearly Starrk wins. Urahara is strong, but he’s nowhere near as old as Shunsui, and in Bleach, that means he’s not as strong as Shunsui. Urahara can analyze an attack and counter it, so what, Starrk did the same thing to Ukitake, with only two or three ceros. He even figured out how Kyoraku’s Shikai works after being hit by it only once. Urahara would have to use Bankai and some crazy inventions to beat Starrk (like what Mayuri did against Szayel), and even then, I see Urahara leaving that battle bloody and broken..

  31. @ kisuzachi – The age argument is completely bunk, Aizen is just a youngster compared to most of the captains and is much stronger than Shunsui or any of the rest of them for that matter. They are all gripping in Soul Society over Aizen, if it were solely based on age they wouldn’t give a crap.

    Same goes for Urahara, everyone seems to have a weird thing in respect to Urahara… I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be the strongest on Ichigo’s side.

  32. You know what’s completely bunk? The fact that Stark was beat by a captain’s shikai and Harribel got offed by her own comrade! >_<

    Lol, that’s just my anger over Kubo offing two of the top 3 espadas so damn lazily. I appreciate how badass he made Aizen though. I bet him and Urahara are going to go toe to toe but of course Aizen is stronger.

  33. @ captnmexico21- It just my theory. In episode 1/early in the manga Rukia showed him how, and I think its based on the fact that he’s human. I dont think he can do it on purpose but maybe thats is why what Rukia did was /is such big crime. look at the events: 1.Rukia stabbs him then he’s a soul reaper , 2 Renji and Byakuya(sp) leave him for dead Urahara trains him a little and then he’s stronger than Madarame,3.Kenpachi kills him (again) then he gets up stronger than ever (after this fight he is at captains level One of the captaians said so).4.He pleads for Byakuya’s bankai before defeating him, and after he gets hit with it Ichicgo gets up like nothing happened. 5. And then the most obvious case of larceny, Ulqiorra. His whole hollow changed or evolved and sort of basically stole the newest form power level he had contact with. Down to the horns and regeneration. Now it just my theory, it all could be coincidence.

  34. i’ve read all comments someone said that may be urahara is the actual bad guy.but i suspects that the old yama is the main bad guy.he said to hitsugaya that info. on where to use that royal key is passed down by oral communication within commander of gote 13.if aizan dosent know where to use the key then what?or may be he is planning that after completing royal key he’ll capture old yama.

    or this could be totaly wrong.but just think old yama being a bad guy & finally ichigo fighting old yama both in hollow’ll be uber cool.

  35. I just can’t see Urahara being a bad guy on any level… Yama… maybe but not Urahara, that is borderline retarded and will write a glorious homage to the person who predicted that if its true. Until then, that person is BAKA!

  36. It was a little surprising to see ichigo trowing Yammy around like if he’s just an insignificant opponent. Even though compared to all of the threats that everyone is dealing with in fake Karakura town, I thought that Cero espada was going to be a pice of cake. From the spoiler it seems like Ichigo might be at his limmit even though he was very confident that he was going to beat Yammi in just a few minutes. I’m a little dissapointed in the spoiler because it would seem that yet again Ichigo needs help and can’t destroy an enemy with his own power.

  37. @Manny: i have a theory – when ichigo 1st obtained his first mask he could only hold it for 11seconds (or something like tht) so i think that now hes got this new one he can only hold it for about that time again…
    its probs not what has happened but it could be possible i think

  38. @Dean Taichou: It’s certainly possible that this new version of the mask will take him some time to control. After all the power used in this version allowed him to “toy” with Cero espada like if he were nothing for a few minutes. Either way it’s still strange to me.

  39. @Manny: Yep strange indeed, we will just have to wait untill the next (the after the 1 coming up)chapter im sure things will be explained then (after Kenpachi n Byakuya n ichigo have all pwned Yammy)

  40. @火影 千手 Jeremiah, we actually don’t know Aizen’s age. What we DO know is he was around 110 years ago, that’s all we know about his age. Yamamoto has been in command for over 2000 years (he formed the Shinigami academy 2000 years ago and he still looked old at the time, so he’s over 2000 :P), Ukitake and Shunsui were his first graduates to become Captains. In the TBTP arc, Shunsui said that Ukitake, himself, Yamamoto and Unohana were the only Captains present 100 years prior (210 years before the current storyline). Now these four Captains (according to their stats in the Bleach databook) are some of the strongest Captains present (Yamamoto tying with Aizen, Unohana coming in 2nd place, Kyoraku 3rd and Ukitake…..a low number because of his sickness). We get proof of Kyoraku’s power when he knocks out Chad with minimal effort, and better proof when he beats the PRIMERA ESPADA with only his Shikai. Now a Captain’s job is apparently very dangerous, in TBTP they said a few Captains died in the field, the fact that these four Captains are still around is a testament to their power. Age=Power in mangas.

  41. Urahara…..a bad guy!? BAKA! NO WAY! Yamamoto, nah I don’t think so. I think the real bad guy may be……..nah its too crazy. Most of you would just laugh 😛

  42. @kisuzachi: do tell do tell! is it aizen?

  43. @boyruns: He means Ichigo! 😉

  44. um, I meant “kisuzachi means Ichigo” >__>

  45. Bleach is out!

    Holy shit it was gooood! Much better than the standoff/staring contest leading up to one move last week. I’m glad to see the Zero Espada is living up to his name and can’t be taken down in one hit. To bad he’s missing a leg now. XD Go Kenpachi and Byakuya! Also poor Ichigo looks like he has to start from scratch again training his new mask. Anyway, Yammy’s done (i hope) next chapter. Even though I was glad to see him turn to the 0 Espada he doesn’t really make a good villain.

  46. Yeah, much better than what I have expected from the spoiler! [It is so good I had a feeling a break is coming… but good thing it is not coming]

  47. @dean:is that shunsui as your avatar? almost thought that was me for a minute..he my favorite bleach captain…

    this new chapter was a good followup for ichigo. im actually glad rukia noticed(although someone else might have) the change in ichigo’s mask. i think this is what kensei was talking about with the mask. remember his vice-captain tried using her mask and then got pwn… i think they can hold it longer, but theres either a lag time b4 they can go again, or it means your becoming more hollow than shinigami. i say this because ichigo said his mask was getting heavier to take off which means he may not be able to take it off one day …. that would be kinda cool, the good guy turns into the same thing he would stop/kill.

  48. @shinobi: haha same i can sort of relate to him (that fact that both me and the character are both very laid back)

  49. New Bleach is out !!! 😀

  50. @kisuzachi: i really dont think that your theory is right… age doesent have an effect on power but power has an effect on age… meaning that if someone is ubber strong they might live for longer but not if someone is old they r strong… they r connected but not the way ur thinking…. and anyways ichigo is like i dont know round 17 maybe and he is captain level while otehr people are a lot tronger than him and he can still pwn them…
    but man this was an awsome chapter…

    @dean: i kinda agree with ur theory… i think that since rukia mentioned that he had a different mask, (which even though his mask has changed slightly hassent been mentioned before), we know that kubo is trying to tell us that it is a completly different mask… and that is y he is gona need to learn to controll it all over again… This could have something to do with the fact that he “died” again… Im expecting hollow ichigo to be slightly different now and hopefully a lot stronger… and still cant wait till we see some of ichigo’s new tricks….

  51. @dabisan: dont expect alot of new tricks … his latest 1 involves him not being able to get his mask on …

  52. @dabisan, nah i think im not saying my theory right. I actually mean when you see an old guy, more than likely, he’s gonna be a badass.
    Ok, guys don’t laugh at me for saying this! But what if the main villain is……….Omaeda. Think about it. A useless guy like Yammy suddenly becomes the strongest Espada, a good guy like Aizen turns out to be a douche, gin turns out to be………gin and Tosen turns out to be a bad guy. These are things we never expected! So what if Omaeda is just acting? He could be the guy Aizen is taking orders from……….(may the laughing commence)

  53. I think that thing Ichigo’s Inner Hollow said covers the whole new mask thing. Ichigo has to fight him again to gain control of this new mask.

  54. @kisuzachi: if Omaeda was that main villian I would shit a brick then throw it at Kubo and be done with bleach.

  55. @kisuzachi:yeah, if you look at it ichigo’s mask did change a few pages afterwards.. there seems to be another stripe going down the bottom jaw of his “new” mask’s appearance as well as the stipes above his eyebrows are now connected. i guess the more it changes the more he’s closer to becoming a hollow..

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