Soul Eater Chapter 65 – Black Wings and White Feathers

  • (1) Maka becomes the target of an assassination.
  • (2) Soul has doubts to their Readiness as a team.
  • (3) Gopher ambushes Maka.
  • (4) Maka discovers Gopher also has an Egigori.
  • (5) Tsubaki and Patty worry about Maka. Black Star believes they will be fine.
  • (6) Maka realizes her wings’ shape has been holding her back.
  • (0) Soul and Maka unleashes Gigori’s power and Death Scythe.

Welcome once again. This is your Soul Eater breakdown for the month. Last chapter 64 – Readiness continued a single proposition and Maka was targeted for her Soul Perception. Nor was it long before Spirit’s deductive reasoning was filled. The beat down began with an ambush. Gopher attacks the group while Maka and Soul travel to Shibusen. By a stroke of concern Kim and Jackie manage to avoid this fight all together.  Yet considering that cannon bursting from Gopher’s chest backup seemed like an excellent idea. After the first strikes we learn this battle is completely one sided. Aerial Gopher has the advantage, onto the ground well it figures one would need the ability to get their first. Haste, power, and dedication these are requirements to one’s victory and the opponent has chosen all three. Then as if the cauldron had never been brewed we discover that Gopher too carries Gigori and is the same type of user as Maka.

The scene switches and the viewers are treated with a scoop of ice cream. Tsubaki is concerned for Maka, Patty suggests her strange behavior from overwork, Black Star however believes otherwise and the duo (Maka and Soul) will be okay. Back at the mountain scenery Soul and Maka continue to battle Gopher. Their lives are on the line and Maka must devise a quick strategy. Never has the assertion of readiness appeared so clearly and in her moments of thought the meaning to Soul’s are visible. Then in an instant of realization Maka comes to a single conclusion and discards her angel wings. The two perform Soul Resonance to unleash Soul’s potential as a Death Scythe. The chapter ends with Maka beside an assortment of wings as it should be.

(Soul Eater 65 – Black Wings and White Wings –

Refreshing 002

Flying Fish

Chapter 65 opens with a staring contest between fighters. Our contender sports a fine green eye but what of our challenger. Well then take note because to get them Gopher might as well be a descendant of the Rinnegan and The Gate combined. Yes its true, only in black and white can these references be made. It is written that all who have rings shall encounter a mental breakdown. The cover this month sports one Maka, a bikini, the sun and a flying fish.

Versus Gopher 3

Staring Contest

 The sun is blaring over the battlefield. Our match comes to a brief pause and Gopher as all villainy (and unlike the readers) must ask himself why an opponent would come to a sudden burst of power or better still upon the eve to certain victory. He compliments Maka and begins to understand why Noah would want her for his collection. This fact is so frustrating that it sets his wavelength ablaze and Gopher launches the initial maneuver once more. 
Jealous 004

There are some faces that a person should never make.

Maka dodges her speed nearly triple of before.  Gopher drops the formality and as Soul comes to a mental conclusion another slew of insults begin each a reference to primates. Humindae refer to the family containing chimps, gorillas, orangutans or humans. Branching from the series the next attack Bullet Wings is also spelled with the Furigana for Man. 

Bullet Wing 006

Like some sort of villain from the 60's

It’s immediately after and without a moment’s halt Maka charges into the array of bullets. In theory she would be dead, context is enough to satisfy as leads with a punch directly to her rival’s jaw. Maka slides to the rear and as Gopher falls back he comes to realize something very important that happens in battle. It’s called a combo and in a brilliant follow up Maka lifts her Death Scythe and spins for the attack.

Hit and Slash 09

9o% percent of villains are screwed because they didn’t block. Gopher is unfortunately part of the 5% that are even through they have.

The slash rebounds off the opponent’s wings. A negation to fate and prediction Gopher moves into the defense category. However this action becomes short survived as in an instant Maka crashed down once more aimed to break the shield to her adversary’s chest. The verdict is clear as a bash to the stomach then chased by a side Witch Hunter becomes all this Gopher can tolerate.

Bookmarked 013
You wanted to become a Bookmark!?

The rhythm of the field advances as Maka and Soul confirm the power within their new wings. Though Maka misses her previous she understands it well and full that this battle is serious. Gopher is finally injured and its here we see a glimpse into his character. A dedication no an obsession to Noah Sama exists at his core and that Maka, this female is fortunate (If you can consider it) in having what Gopher seeks himself. Naturally there must be some entice if their opponent wants to become apart of said collection.

Blessed 015

Gopher gone loco

It was inevitable. Down on his luck a wave of rage passes the field. Gopher leans back for an assault as the cannon makes its return. Maka and Soul take their distance.  As it fires our heroes realize another of magic’s great rules that the slower it comes, the more likely it will hurt if it hits. Seeing as how blessed they are Gopher doesn’t mind in sharing a present or two and although Maka knows to dodge instinctively it turns out its not as simple, in fact it’s doing that right now.

Getting Closer 017

Lou and behold man’s greatest weapon telekinesis.

As the orb makes its second turn it becomes evident that yes there is indeed a problem.  Like a good heat seeker the sphere continues to trail them through the air. Its power source why that’s simple, believe it or not with enough hate you too can exceed the laws of common sense. Against Gopher’s wavelength his targets are awarded but a solitary option as Maka takes into the sky.

Demon-Warlock Hunter 22

Omni Slash

Whether translated warlock or demon as Maka swings down her technique pieces the attack. Heartbroken Gopher discovers no time to act while the enemy burrows along his defense.  His resistance shatters without delay. The battle reaches an end and Maka pivots to the final strike.

Heartbreak 022

Amore is a bitch

The slash breaks through and Gopher is knocked into the mountain rock. Defeat Gopher tumbles and grabs onto the edge of a cliff. His wounds are shallow and from the grace of Shinigami Sama’s hit list Maka decides not to kill the opponent. Exhausted Gopher draws a paper from his pocket.  He’s overestimated Maka. A frown on his face Gopher is forced to retreat. Being caught would only cause a problem in the plan.  A silent stare at headquarters tells us that Ebon is not pleased.

Gopher Retreat 025

Now that's just convenient

Gopher apologizes for his loss. He trusted too much in the body that his master had developed and became overconfident. Ebon responds that there was no way he couldn’t help losing and that Gopher is weak. Regardless there is one thing far more difficult to forgive and that he cannot go speak his name so freely in front of the enemy. Startled Gopher makes his apologies once more and states that he was caught up in his emotions. However Noah (Ebon) interrupts and announces that a tool such as him is not afforded the right of having emotions. A tear falls from his eye.  Gopher understands. Ebon (Noah) tells him to get out.

Ebon (Noah) - Gopher Name Drop + tool 027

Your apologies!? Bull what part of secret didn't you hear the first 37 times I was mentioning it.

Almost certain Noah-Sama hates him Gopher returns to the cell where Kidd is held. As Gopher makes an entrance Death Kidd makes a snarky response. Kidd can tell by his face that Gopher’s lost to Maka and that it serves him right though one wonders how far Kidd considered this himself. It’s a game of chicken and Gopher punches Kidd. He promises not to get caught damaging Noah-sama’s collection.


Reverse Psychology it works... until your hit below the belt.

Whilst the onslaught resumes our scene breaks to the hall and Justin removes his earphones. Giriko appears. He comments on the violence down the corridor and states on Justin’s good tastes.

Justin Law - Giriko Good Tastes 031

Yet no one questions what Giriko was planning to do before Justin heard him.

The view shifts once more and returns to Medusa drawn in her peculiar form.  As the moon stares down Medusa announces that its time and we see Chrona arched at the side. 

Medusa - Chrona 033

Quickly get the film its time to make us a porno

 Chrona lets out a cry and the chapter ends with a scream.

Chrona Scream 36

There are some surprises even the camera won't show

Xth. Thats it for now. As usual suggestions are welcome complaints are not. Reviews are offered at MangaHelpers for varying opinions and critique. Please discuss below and enjoy.

PS: First. (Extra Page)

Chapter 66 (Sugooi – Onemanga):



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  1. FIRST!!!!

    i dont read soul eater xD

  2. SECOND!!!!

    @Fanboi: You BAKA!!! How dare you not read soul eater. The name along should entice you to do so. Souls are delicious, especially the spicy red ones 😉

  3. THIRD!!! ^(0_0)^

    Let’s see, I saw the entire animated series so I can skip to chapter 37 right? YAY! I’m more than half way caught up with the manga! XD I’ll be caught up by the end of the month you can count on it Kyouto. 😉

  4. I haven’t watched the anime but I’ve researched some information. The anime diverges considerable from the main after 37. For die heart fans its as ealier as episode 30. Also its reccomended to start from the beging of the manga.

    There’s a reason for this. The anime is based upon Atsushi Okubo’s original concept for the series and because of that certain relationships between the characters are absent. Let’s see if you wanted to start from the change then it would be…good god its before the christmas eve fight. Begin at chapter 15 there is a scene between Medusa and Stein, that’s where the separation starts.

    The 37 was from the episode in anime things began to change, but for the manga its chapter 15. You know 40 pages and the such. Anyhow regardless of your choices I demand you do not miss the invasion of Baba Yaga Castle.

  5. @supertrek-I agree with Kyouto on this one. Anime goes way off specially around the end. Plus you’ll miss some of the pervyness in the manga.


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