Naruto Shippuuden 129-130 breakdown. Let the awesomeness begin! X__X

Hello and welcome to this weeks breakdown of another double episode of Naruto.

I was really excited about the coming episodes that are now arriving on our doorstep, with the looming and inevitable battle that we have all been waiting for now just around the corner, and we were treated to a nice morsel to wet out appetites and tease us until the next release.

But that isn’t to say that these two episodes weren’t awesome in their own rights, which was definitely the case.



We start off with Jiraiya’s seemingly successful infiltration of Ame, offered in the form of a rather cramped transportation system. Heaven only knows how he fits inside the frog’s mouth, but I guess what works, works. ^ ^

After that, he gets straight into character, searching for clues as to the whereabouts of Akatsuki’s leader. Little does he know just how problematic things will become, or that fact that he has already been noticed. Of course, as far as Jiraiya is concerned, attention to detail is always necessary, especially the finer details. lol.



But surprisingly enough, our super pervert displays quite a bit of restraint this time around, showing us all that he can be serious even when temptation is aloof. Following every lead he can, he finally comes across an opportunity that he simply can’t resist and decides to set up a trap for two unwilling victims.

Tickle torture. Ibiki hasn't got anything on this guy. O___O

Tickle torture. Ibiki hasn't got anything on this guy. O___O

Alas, gone are the days when shinobi were tough and were prepared for anything. I blame the academies that teach these guys for inadequately preparing their would be ninja for the tortures that could be induced by such a simple tool as the feather.

Perhaps it was simply to psychologically advanced for the younger generation to bear, or perhaps it was the teachers’ own unwillingness to relive such terrible memories from their own past experiences.

Either way, it seems to be effective, but unfortunately even such extreme measures cannot break such a strong will. 😉

But Jiraiya still gets his way in the end, after using a more drastic approach to his interrogation, however even he is surprised by what he learns.

Seeking peace through destruction. This is a painting of the true nature of hatred and even the innocent will suffer its remorseless cruelty.

Seeking peace through destruction is nothing more than revenge. This is a painting of the true nature of hatred and even the innocent will suffer its remorseless cruelty.

Jiraiya soon discovers that the leader of Ame, known as Pein, has not only brought an end to the civil war that wracked their country, but had also single handedly defeated the former leader of their village, the legendary Hanzou.

Not only that, he also killed anyone who was related to the former leader in any way. Whether just a friend, or a relative, or even going as far as killing the innocent.

Now, I’m not sure about everyone else, but to me you can excuse Pein’s actions in any way you like, but I don’t believe there was any justice in them at all.

What do you think?

In the meantime Pein has already caught wind of the arrival of an intruder and decides a recognizance mission is in order. After clearing the skies for takeoff, he gives permission for an aerial sweep.

I can see something's wrong. It's written all over your face. X___X

I can see something's wrong. It's written all over your face. O_o

While Konan searches the village, however, Pein himself decides to make preparations for the oncoming battle, exchanging his current body for another form to better suit his needs. 

Now, what really caught my attention in these two episodes, was the soundtrack. I’ve always thought the Shippuuden soundtrack was really good, but never have I really thought about it as much as I did in these particular scenes.

It was really used to great effect and it definitely set the mood. Being a manga reader and knowing what was coming, it really instilled that sense of both dread and anxiousness.

WARNING!!! Cranky sleeper!!! Whoever woke me up... is gonna pay. X___X

WARNING!!! Cranky sleeper!!! Whoever wakes me up... is gonna pay. X___X

Anyway, after all is said and done, Jiraiya decides to take action and find this Pein, but before that, he decides to take care of some long overdue business, knowing full well that he may be risking his life in the coming hours.

Damn, what was the combination again?

Damn, what was the combination again?

Now for some theorizing. I was watching this scene again and thinking back to the first time I say this part in the manga and it really got me thinking about a few things. Jiraiya suggests that if something happened to him, that the key to Naruto’s seal should be returned to him.

Of course his suggestion is quickly met with objection from our elongated toad friend, but Jiraiya explains his reasoning.

A new mystery is revealed. Why must we be left in the dark?!?!?! T_T

A new mystery is revealed. Why must we be left in the dark?!?!?! T_T

What caught my attention was his reference to “that jutsu”.

After explaining that Minato only sealed the yang chakra of the Kyuubi’s into Naruto, he then goes explaining how he may have wanted Naruto to have that power to complete a certain technique.

I’ve thought about some ideas of what jutsu he might be referring to and I came up with a theory. My thought were further enhanced by the toads response, which seemed to only support my idea even more.

And bingo. There we have it! O___O

And bingo. There we have it! O___O

I think by now, some of you may know what I am getting at. For those who don’t, let me explain.

You see, I believe the jutsu that Jiraiya is referring to is, in fact, the sealing jutsu that trapped the Kyuubi in Naruto. It would mean giving Naruto the other side of the Kyuubi’s chakra, or the Yin chakra, in order to complete the technique.

The toad’s response also supports this idea, because he mentions that Naruto would never be able to control the Nine-tails’ chakra, suggesting that Jiraiya’s idea does have something to do with Naruto using the Kyuubi’s power.

Of course, as with all theories, it is only a possibility and there are others.

What do you think the jutsu might be?

Enough theories for now, and on with the show.

Alas, another victim is mercilessly devoured. Jaws has nothing on this guy.

Arrrgghhh!!! Save me!!! (Alas, another victim is mercilessly devoured. Jaws has nothing on these guys.)

Having prepared himself, Jiraiya makes his way back into danger’s path, once again resuming his search for the ever elusive Pein. What he doesn’t realize is that his goal would be achieved far more easily than he could have suspected.

Isn’t it just convenient when the people you are looking for come to try and kill you? O_o

Come child, let me show you the 'write' way. (Yes it was a lame pun, but I have to be random sometimes..) >_<

Come child, let me show you the 'write' way. (Yes it was a lame pun, but I have to be random sometimes..) >_<

After a few introductions (aka, everyone trying to kill each other) it soon becomes apparent that the rumors the deaths of the children he had trained were largely inaccurate, save for one tragic instance.

Jiraiya also realizes that they are no longer the same as the day he had seen them off and they had long since adopted a new ideal. They prove this by quickly turning on him and showing him just how much he taught them.

Sushi anyone?

Sushi anyone?

Finally, after a lot of talking, we finally get a glimpse of the action that we have been waiting to see. Makes you wonder what kind of ‘extra strength’ hair gel Jiraiya actually uses.

However, it is fairly shortly lived and soon it’s back to the talking again, where Pein gives our heroic pervert an idea of his plans. Suffice to say they aren’t pretty, and Jiraiya realizes just how far gone his former students really are.

No sacrifice is too great in the eyes of one filled with hatred.

To kill millions for the sake of peace. No sacrifice is too great in the eyes of one filled with hatred.

Pein once again reiterates that he will sacrifice millions of lives to create peace through fear. By giving each country an ultimate weapon of destruction, they would be too afraid to go to war and ultimately succumb to their own paranoia. Of course, this peace he mentions is only just an illusion.

This begs another question similar to the one posted earlier.

Man, he doesn't even know what he's supposed to be. O_o

Man, that thing doesn't even know what he's supposed to be. O_o

And so comes the end of our episode and the start of one of the great battles that we have all been waiting for (again). With all these awesome moments lined up one after the other, I can’t help but feel really excited about the upcoming episodes. 

At the same time, however, it also feels really sad knowing what will happen soon. 😦

The true awesomeness begins in episode 131, so here’s a nice little preview to wet your appetites. ^ ^

Unfortunately, I will not be going into the caption contest this week. I may go back into it next week, but only if anyone here wants me to. Let me know if it is a feature you guys want to see, or if there is anything else you’d like to help make the anime breakdowns more interactive.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on October 12, 2009.

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  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lol enjoyed the breakdown tenrai. That sure was one killer frog O_O.

    I miss the caption contest and i want it back T_T

  3. Second

  4. I like the new intro! awesome breakdown!

  5. @Tenrai’s Kyubi theory: sounds plausible. But if the toad says “He can’t even control the nine-tail’s chakra” – then it could just be some awesome jutsu requiring a lot of chakra…

    Does Madara need to summon the yin chakra of Kyubi’s to complete his plan?

  6. Oops, seems like this question has been discussed before…

  7. Awesome job Tenrai! I like your theory but doesn’t the Shiki Fuujin sealing technique kill its user, or are you talking about like a reverse Shiki Fuujin to retrieve the Yin chakra?

    Anyway, yes I’d like to see the caption contest back or a ‘Guess What’s Going to Happen Next Contest’… It should be fairly easy for most of us…>_>

    Can’t wait for next week. Sage Mode YOSH!

  8. Woot! Pein vs Jiriya! its about time. the new opeaning is pretty good, i liked how they showed the two fights. As for Pein i dont think it was right for him to kill even the innocents, but i always liked the parallel that made between him and Kaizer soze from “The Usual Suspects”.

    As for the technique that jiriya was talking about, im not sure anymore. i always thought that it was a tech that would help him control the kyubi but now it seems that controlling the kyubi is required for this technique. Hmm….

  9. Good breakdown and i know some good episodes are comming up.
    Its not only this arc, but the arc that comes right after this arc finishes….Together they will make the anime shine (providing filler isnt added)

    Anyways i like the new opening sequence. I think the whole thing goes pretty well with (and represents) whats comming up.

  10. The anime is just lower than 2 years behind the manga now right? Must be like 1 year and 10 months behind the manga or something like that.

    Jiriya VS Pain was new in the manga at the end of 2007 i think.

  11. BTW whats that about Pain wanting revenge on a answer to one of those polls?

    He didnt kill people’s families for revenge…right?….

  12. great theory tenrai i think the same maybe the shiki fuujin was incomplet as well or some twist on shiki fuujin rasengan combo some black hole tipe jutsu. (just crasy theory) but looking foward for the answer

  13. Really starting to enjoy the anime, I think theyve been doing a great job lately. They can keep me on the edge of my seat even thou i know whats gunna happen. xD

    Great Breakdown. I like your theory. Maybe if Naruto seals in yin in him, the Kyuubi will stop being such an a-hole and theyll become friends like Bee and Hacchi. xD

  14. Nice breakdown!

    The anime, with all its effects, really adds another dimension to this epic battle.

  15. @tenrai: Nope. Not the Shiki Fuujin – the Dead Reaper. It requires a sacrifice. My guess was either Thunder God Teleportation or…the “perfection” of the Rasengan. He got it started with the (at this point of the manga) Fuinjutsu (forbidden tech), Fuuton: Rasenshuriken. Another option – merely to be able to control the kyuubi chakra while not taking it’s form.

    If you also recall, in the episode where Team Kakashi heads out to Suna to rescue Gaara, Jiraiya pulls Naruto aside and tells him to “don’t use THAT power.” Now, what power do you think that is? Kyuubi or a tech that he had been working on for a while? It could be either – and he could have been working on improving the Rasengan for a while (good ol Oodama Rasengan is a clue).

    Hard to know what jutsu he is referring to in that this is STILL an item that is completely clear even in the manga…

  16. @SCHY

    There is no other way to put it that calling it revenge, to be completely honest. If Pein had only killed Hanzou himself to bring about an end to the civil war, then I would probably see it as bringing an end to conflict rather than revenge, but the fact is he went further than that.

    Much further.

    He killed Hanzou’s family, friends and even infants. Now, I’m not sure about you, but that definitely screams revenge to me. There was no need to kill any children and I hardly think an infant would be any threat to his rule. The plain and simple fact is that he did it out of spite. How else would you see it?

    Having read the manga, you should already know why he did it as well, although to me that is still no excuse to go that far.


    My idea was that the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra may have been sealed as well, but is currently unacceptable, or may even be locked inside the key itself.


    Another idea is that if Minato did seal the yin chakra into himself, and if he also managed to appear inside Naruto when the seal almost broke, then it is also a possibility that he may still give the yin chakra to Naruto or that he himself is a part of the seal in some way other than just as a fail-safe.

    But, as I said, I could be wrong as well. It would be really interesting to actually see what it is.

    That and what power Itachi gave Naruto. It seems like Kishi is introducing a lot of mysteries, but has yet to give any answers or clues to any of them.

  17. Maybe….
    However…., he killed everybody who goes against his beliefs even there families…

    How is that revenge? It seems very different to Sasuke’s motto…
    At any rate, killing people who go against his beliefs seems to have nothing to do with revenge….because they did nothing to Pain…
    It seems like he killed those people just to stop conflict and disagreements.

    For example if i was Pain…you would have been killed for disagreeing with me…but you did nothing to make me want “revenge” …and i wouldn’t have killed you for revenge….

  18. Maybe Pain killed those families just to show other people of his strict rules.

  19. i believe that pain killed hanzo and everyone connected to him for the greater good of the community. maybe one reason he killed hanzo was revenge but why would he have then decided to become head of the village? hanzo’s followers were all killed because they tried to lead a rebellion, killing other innocent people. all leaders have to do what’s best for the majority but what if, to achieve that goal, a few people have to suffer? what if to achieve world peace some lives to have be sacrificed…is it worth it? in this case it was: pain brought peace and prosperity to amegakure. maybe he shouldn’t have killed the children but what if they, once grown up, wanted revenge too, leading to another civil war? better to elimate the possibility right away. i’m not saying it was the right thing to do, but it was the best thing to do.
    anyway, i can’t wait for things to heat up! the anime has really turned it up a notch!

  20. @SCHY

    Yes, he killed infants because they were going against his will. *slight hint of sarcasm in voice*

    Not to be funny, but how can someone go against his beliefs if they are too young to even think, much less make a choice? Pein could have taken Out Hanzou and his associates and been done with it, but instead he took it further, even to the point of killing innocents, people who may have had nothing to do with Hanzou’s beliefs at all.

    It was revenge, plain and simple. What better way to take out your own hatred than to destroy everything associated with it? You can excuse it any way you like, but there is no hiding what happened under another guise.

  21. I have to give Sasuke one credit.

    At least he knows he is taking revenge and he doesn’t try to disguise it or pretend it is something else. The part that bothers me is that he knows he is allowing darkness to consume him and he does nothing to stop it.

  22. @truepain

    The question is, what is considered a worthy sacrifice?

    Pein is talking about killing millions of lives to attain peace. Do you consider that a small sacrifice? Is a world worth saving if it is willing to make that kind of sacrifice.

    We are talking about millions of innocents. Women, children, etc.

    If you ask me, when someone says that it is alright to make those kinds of sacrifices for peace, or so carelessly excuses the killing of children or other innocents, it makes me worry about the kind of world we are living in.

    Not to mention that it wouldn’t work anyway. Killing people like that will only cause more animosity. Others will become hateful because of that and will try to take revenge.

    We have seen it in the real world, because it happens all the time. Peace brought through an illusion cannot last and sacrificing lives to create that illusion is not only wrong, but completely unjustified.

  23. i agree tenrai that peace through fear is useless. his plan to bring peace to the world is wrong.
    i meant that pain did the right thing for amegakure by killing hanzo and his associates even though he shouldn’t have killed the children. as i said before, he did what was best for the majority.

  24. what pein did was similar to bees/ants i think.. he fought the leader and won, thus giving him the right to rule, however those who still believed in hanzou’s way of doing things we’re threats to him and his idealogy of doing things so it was necessary for his actions. all that he did however was bring a moment of peace, to all those that have witnessed what its like to go through pain, which to them living in fear of it is better than living through it again.

    *i do not believe his actions were right in the first place,however i can understand his philosphy behind it. besides there is no such thing as a friendly war right?….

  25. only 2 words for describing this breakdown


    awesome job ten your awesomeness level is over 9000!!!!

  26. @Convo: Pein did extract revenge on Hanzou and it’s obvious in the way he talks and what he believes. He says himself that he acts on revenge and disguises it as “justice”…

    Why do you think he killed all those people connected to Hanzou? He knew that anger begets revenge and the cycle of hatred never stops…unless you kill everyone so that there’s no one left to get revenge. That’s simply the reason why he killed those family members and even infants, so none of them grew up and tried to extract revenge continuing the chain of hatred/revenge. Still, in the end Pein was subject to his own teachings and he understood that as well. You practice what you preach. 😉

  27. @Penny: I highly doubt the tech the 4th meant for Naruto to learn was Thunder God Teleportation or Rasenshuriken. Jiraiya and the toad were talking about the Kyubbi. Im thinking its a tech much like The Death Reaper Seal, except it doesnt kill the user. This is the only way Naruto could seal the Yin chakra in him. Im thinkin with the Yin chakra, Naruto and the Kyubbi can start communicating normally and work together like every other Jinchuurki does.

  28. yeah, i agree with fanboi. it has to be a new tech we haven’t seen yet(in the manga i mean). naruto is probably going to have better control of the fox’s chakra and create techniques using that chakra.

  29. It does make you wonder when all of these mysteries will finally come to light. Let’s just hope that Kishi doesn’t accidently forget any of them. -____-

  30. Of course the infants were not going against his will, but he kills them anyway.
    I still dont believe that its because of revenge for the reasons i’ve already typed.
    Pains just dead serious about his belief and as a result he’ll kill people’s families just to keep the peace and make sure the families wont want revenge.

    Need i remind you what the definition of revenge actually is?
    Revenge is a harmful action against a person or group as a response to a grievance. The goal of revenge usually consists of forcing the wrongdoer to suffer the same or greater pain than that which was originally inflicted.

    Are you telling me that Pain is hurt by the actions of those that go against his will and beliefs? Are you telling me he’s grieving and the reason he’s inflicting Pain is to make others suffer the same Pain for that?
    Unlikely. Pain was described to have “a heart of steel”…
    He’s just killing them to create a better world in his opinion.
    He’s killing ALL the families and friends so that nobody is left that would have grieved over the killed people. He’s also killing those people to make sure nobodys left that would try revenge. So in fact, Pain doesn’t seem to want revenge at all actually.

  31. @SCHY

    Actually, I thought that through already, which is why I also need to remind you of something.

    *spoiler alert*

    Hanzou was directly involved with Yahiko’s death, it’s as simple as that. To Pein, he was the cause of a lot of strife, a lot of his own personal grief and the cause of the death of his closest friend.

    He also held Konan hostage as well and forced him into a difficult situation.

    You also need to remember that it was as a direct result of that particular incident that Nagato changed his heart to the way it is now. After that, he kills Hanzou, all of his family, all of their children and even the infants. You think that’s just a coincidence or a result of him trying to attain peace?

    It’s easy enough to connect the dots and see it for what it is. The Nagato before Yahiko’s death was trying to find peace without bloodshed and would not have taken such drastic action.

    But because of Hanzou’s involvement, he took it upon himself to deliver justice through extermination, something he himself claims as well. But that kind of justice is simply revenge. It is even refereed to as the retribution of god.

    Retribution means: Punishment given that is considered to be morally right or deserved.

    In the eyes of Pein, he felt that they deserved that punishment, but to me, punishing an innocent for the crimes of someone else, is just a form of revenge. I don’t consider killing a child or an infant to be morally correct, no matter what reason you try to excuse that kind of action by.

    But to him, it wasn’t enough to just kill Hanzou, he wanted to take everything away from Hanzou as well, no matter who they were, just the same way his own closest friend was taken from him. he saw himself as a god given out punishment, but he was just a man taking his revenge.

    P.S. Please note: That doesn’t mean to say that all of his actions were done in the interests of revenge. I am referring specifically to his extermination of Hanzou’s relations, not his goals or ideals as a whole, even though I don’t agree with them.

  32. @schy you know its kinda pretty simple here we go

    so here is hanzou(whateveh the spelling) so then he causes the death of yahiko , and also kidnaps konan and stuff , now the only people he loves in this whole world have been taken , he wants revenge and kills every one in hanzou’s family for revenge

    see its very simple indeed

    on the side note just a few random thoughts:

    its all revenge , seriously what else does pain know always babling revenge is pain pain is hatred it causes hatred and then comes war and pain returns killing revenge and fuc****the fuc*** up revegne cycle >.<

  33. Great breakdown!!!!
    Loved it because it was serious in the right moments and funny in the right moments. Great job!

    Anyway that jutsu has to be something never seen before.

  34. But that kind of justice is simply revenge.

    Thats what you said, but its not revenge. I said what revenge is and that still hasn’t changed. What that kind of justice is, is not revenge, its just simply wrong.

    Pain killed Hanzo’s family for revenge granted (even though theres no specific source that says it, its still VERY likely, we all knew that) However what i have had a problem with, is Pain killing random people’s families for revenge. Its inaccurate to say at the least.
    Are you saying it is revenge because what Pain did to these random people’s families, was a direct response to Hanzo’s actions?
    Well simply put it like this:
    I kill somebody
    A relative of that somebody kills me and my family for what i did. (that IS revenge)
    After this that relative sets up a religion…they call it “Jashism”
    YOU dont like this religion….
    So that relative kills you and your family

    So even though you had nothing to do with me killing that person, you get killed to. Its a similar situation.
    Are you trying to say you get killed for revenge because of my actions? It seems to me like you would have died because of a mere disagreement in the religion, to keep conflicts minimum. Afterall going back to the definition of revenge, you did nothing to cause that relative any pain, in order for the relative to want revenge against you, you’ll need to cause some kind of pain to a person before it can be considered revenge…,otherwise its not revenge, its revenge for nothing, which isnt revenge its just insanity. It seems more fitting to say you died because of the disagreement in ideas.
    This is the same thing as with Pain.
    Pain killing random people’s families was just to keep conflicts and disagreements minimum, the people did nothing to die for revenge individually. Disagreement in ideas will lead to conflict and conflict leads to war. That seems like Pains approach when killing people and there families, its got nothing to do with revenge, with the acception that revenge was the cause for this way of thinking and thats all it was, “a cause for a new way of thinking”.

    Also may i go backwards and ask you my question again.
    “Are you telling me that Pain is hurt by the actions of those that go against his will and beliefs? Are you telling me he’s grieving and the reason he’s inflicting Pain is to make others suffer the same pain as what Pain feels after a person disagrees with him?”
    That is the only way Pain killing random people’s families that go against his will, can be justified as revenge in this situation, because Pain is feeling pain to a response to those peoples actions, which is causing him to want revenge-which is how revenge works as i explained in the definition of revenge. And as i said, there is no way Pain will be hurt by disagreement, let alone enough of a disagreement to make Pain hurt enough to want revenge. Pain has “a heart of steel” why do you suppose that is?

    “punishing an innocent for the crimes of someone else, is just a form of revenge”
    I also want to go back to this that you said.
    You call it revenge, yet i already explained the definition of revenge,
    If i were to rape and kill cookie, because i like cookie’s.
    And you-a innocent gets punished for this as well as me, by cookie’s friends, because they aren’t satisfied enough with me. Would the reason you get punished be for revenge? The thing that’ll most probably go through your mind is “WTF i never did anything wrong”. A innocent is getting punished for the crimes of another in this situation just like you said….
    However its more accurately described as wrongly punished, not revenge IMO because cookie’s friends probably went crazy. And you never did anything wrong.

    So again, when Pain kills a bunch of people, its not for revenge-it doesn’t fit in with the definition of revenge, so revenge cant be the right word, its better described as “wrongly punished” for sure.

  35. @schy i think ahsan is trying to say its not what the “random people” have done but what they will do. If i killed a man who gave you a sense of protection, or played a leadership role in your society then you would want revenge. NOT only would you want revenge but all those “random people” connected to the leader i killed would want revenge as well. Pain doesnt want the possibility of the hatred cycle to continue. How do you stop a hatred cycle? Well in pains mind kill all of those who care about or had a connection to the person you killed. Then there will be no one to hate you for killing that person. (i bet like five people already said what i did…)

  36. Correct, the random people will cause problems, which is a reason why Pain killed them.
    The disagreements between Pain and other people, will cause problems for Pain and therefore problems for Akatsuki.
    So as i “said”, Problems and disagreements lead to conflict and conflict leads to war, war against Pain, war against Akatsuki….

    The random people needed to be eliminated, but this was not for revenge, as i said they were wrongly punished/killed, for minor reasons (however a minor reasons is still a reson and enough for Pain to kill someone, thats why he’s known to have a “heart of steel”). But mainly they were killed just to keep the conflicts minimum. Again it doesn’t matter how old they are, peace is more important, Pain has “a heart of steel”

    Oh yeah and nobody mentioned what you have BTW 😛

  37. @Schy: Actually, I was definitely one of those five people to point out exactly what Fuuton just said. Lol, I don’t even know what people are debating here anymore I already proved Pein acts on revenge and that’s why he killed Hanzou. It’s his whole philosophy.

    Also, Pein did not kill “random people” he had clear and concise targets.

    Anyone that had even the slightest connection to Hazou was killed so that they could not try to avenge his death later. That’s how you stop the cycle of hate/revenge in his mind. Kill anyone who could ever take that revenge. I explained all of this in a few posts up. o_O

  38. @supertrek89

    I agree. He disguises his revenge as justice, but changing the name doesn’t change what it is. If his goal was to eliminate the chance of an uprising, he would, technically, have to kill every single last person in Ame.

    He even philosophizes that only when people feel each other’s pain can they truly understand one another. In other words, do the same thing that was done to you, to someone else and make sure they feel what you felt.

    The thing is, his actions were no better than the actions that made his life miserable in the first place. If he didn’t want anyone to exact revenge for his actions, then maybe he should have considered a more peaceful or different course of action so as to avoid causing the same pain to others that he himself felt.

    However, instead of that, he decided to act on an impulse. He was angry and hateful and took a more drastic and destructive measure.

  39. Tiny……..its all yor f@ckin fault…..

  40. @Tenrai: I agree with everything you said except for,

    “If his goal was to eliminate the chance of an uprising, he would, technically, have to kill every single last person in Ame.” (Tenrai)

    He was only killing the opposition and not just select targets but all of the opposition. It was a civil war and there were only two sides like there is to any war. Killing everyone in Amegakure would entail killing his own people which would actually increase the chances of their being an uprising, and from his own side nonetheless. Killing off all the opposition and putting his side in power is enough to quail any chance of their being an uprising. What’s to rebel over? Winning the civil war and living in peace?

  41. @supertrek89

    I understand, but I was just giving an extreme example. Perhaps not the best example though. X___X

  42. @Super ~ i guess i just didnt read your post.
    At any rate “random people” was just a generic term i was using to describe the random nameless individuals who disagreed with Pains ideas. Of course he killed them specifically became they could have been trouble and therefore they were killed to prevent conflicts and war.

    However i still dont see how he killed THEM for revenge, perhaps you would care to explain, became from my angle it looks like Pain killed the “random people” primarily for the purpose of keeping conflicts minimised.
    If you go by its definition, revenge doesnt seem to even fit into the scenario, for killing the random individuals. It was Hanzo that hurt Nagato…
    It would be much more fitting to call the reason for why the random individuals was killed as, “keeping conflicts minimised” IMO.

  43. Ok killing the infants was a bit extreme because they didnt do anything. And to just assume that they were going to grow up and want revenge is wrong. In a sence you killing innocent children for acts they havent even had th chance to consider taking.

    Sure they may grow up and learn about there heratage and want rvenge, but the can also grow up and learn about how negative there heratage was and why hanzou died in the first place.

    For example if your father commits muder and gets caught in the act and goes to jail, the penalty for taking a life is giving yours. That is justice. The son may be upset that his father had to die for what he did but hell understand why and wont want to take revenge on his fathers executers and there children T_T

  44. @Tenrai: Ah, my bad I got a little carried away I suppose. o_O

    @Schy: I can’t explain that to you because all I said was Pein killed Hanzou in revenge not anyone else.

    @Marks: Yeah, I totally agree, but Nagato’s mind was warped with a God Complex so what he saw himself doing was divine judgement and thus a privilege that was rightfully his.

  45. @everyone; Shippuuden 131 is out. The quality is a little bad during the dog fight:

  46. Yay for the new episode 😀

  47. Honestly, I’m quite sure what Pain intended to do by killing Hanzou and everyone even remotely related to him, was so as to try and keep anyone and everyone from feeling the pain that would lead to them wanting vengeance against Nagato. But the only problem is that Nagato forgets that after killing anyone related to Hanzou, he then has to kill anyone related to the people he’s killing. Tough case, huh?

  48. MORE CAPTION CONTEST PLEASE! :O *Spams it up like no tomorrow.*


    What if Jiraiya intended Naruto to use it for the Shiki Fuin sealing technique or whatever it’s called – and maybe Yondaime Minato intended it as well.

    Like, perhaps Naruto, in the end, will end up sacrificing Kyuubi in a sealing technique in order to also seal Madara once and for all! 😀

  50. By the way, if Pein REALLY had an imagination and REALLY wanted to make Hanzou suffer, he would’ve forced Hanzou to watch as every one of his friends and family were slowly tortured and killed. And then maybe let him sulk around for awhile, constantly getting beaten up and whatnot. Actually, come to think of it, if Pein really wanted revenge and actually had an imagination, he would’ve let Hanzou live, but kept him powerless to such a degree that he suffered every day – including famine and maybe even drought (how the hell is drought possible in AMEgakure?)

  51. @holy: Your methods are sick, disturbing and utterly inhumane for such a situation. Good job! On a more serious note I see Nagato’s reaction to hanzo being very appropriate. Ever since they teamed up all Nagato wanted to do was protect his new family at any cost. It was because of Hanzo and his war why Nagato and comp were war orphans and why they choose to oppose him to pave the road to a better future for their country. Then at the moment when Nagato killed Yahiko he was overwhelmed with sadness and just wanted to avenge Yahiko’s death. If you when through those two sorrowful events (losing your parents and best friend because of an evil dictator) then you would fu$* up Hanzo and everyone related to him too.

  52. @marks: If Nagato/Pain fancied himself a god, why would he be worried about Hanzos children and underlings wanting revenge against him? No, I think he killed them all out of his own thirst for revenge, killing Hanzo alone wasnt enough for him. He also wanted to sweep the land of Hanzos name and influence so by killing everyone associated with him, the people of the Rain village didn’t even know who Hanzo was.

  53. awesome new episode!

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