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Eatencookie is here to bring you this weeks manga chapter and also to hold up the candle light because the lights have gone out on the candles. October the 10th isn’t just Naruto’s birthday, but it is also the signal of a decade of work by Kishimoto, a decade of Naruto action, a decade of Kakashi and his adult rated novels (that Naruto seems to have read), a decade of Sakura’s fists of fury and emotional tears, and finally a decade of Sasuke’s ego being deflated and battered. Not so strong now, eh?

So lets kick this off WRA, shall we? 8)

I can understand Kakashi, but Naruto, Sai and Sakura.. Get the HELL out of the dead conference!

I can understand Kakashi, but Naruto, Sai and Sakura.. Get the HELL out of the deads' conference room!

It has been quite some time since we have had such a remarkable chapter, but this one has many plot twists that have possibly left a viewer wetting themselves from the shock. It isn’t everyday that you found yourself looked in the face by a one eyes, ten tailed beast and also about to be thrown into a ninja war. Just imagine the hardcore jutsus and the assaults taken by some ninjas… Just the thought can make someone’s eyes bulge. Yup, someone is going blind by the end of this!

What makes this manga chapter good, is the fact that it includes the important characters at the moment and doesn’t include certain characters. We have the group from Konoha finally doing something instead of whimpering into a tissue (minus Ino), we have Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato facing the anger of the local Inn manager and then we have  the ‘big boy talk’ with the Kages. Yeah, when the Kages try to act tougher than they appear to be.

Sakura, you man

Sakura, you man...

So the manga begins with the four man cell of Kiba, Lee, Sakura (Kinda puts an end to the whole four MAN cell, eh? Well unless she is hiding something…) and Sai finally taking some action and leaving Konoha to hunt down Naruto like a pack of wild wolves.  Kiba appears to be molting from stress mainly because it is up to him to make sure they get out of Konoha without ROOT getting hot on their feet and also to track Naruto down. Tracking Naruto shouldn’t be too hard, just look for the next demolished building!


What is he REALLY thinking? Something along the lines of "Motherf*cker... There goes my last bowl of ramen... That Madara will pay for this..."

You can just see tomorrow’s headlines for when the Inn manager finds half his business destroyed. “Another Ninja Meeting Causes More Collateral Damage. Their Excuse At Present Is ‘male hormones gone wild.’ ” So while Yamato tries to become the good Samaritan and offers to repair their damage, Kakashi watches Naruto, who is preventing any repairs to actually be made with his butt firmly planted on the rooftop. We all knew that Naruto walked with the weight of the world on his shoulders but taken Sasuke on to being his own burden is going too far! I really can’t wait to see what awkwardness Sakura creates when she arrives to stop Naruto from meeting Sasuke face to face. Head banging in the making!

Are we just accepting the fact that he is floating!?

Are we just accepting the fact that he is floating!?

What probably annoyed me the most about Danzou, was that he went and did the biggest taboo in Konoha. Ran away from a fight. Now look, while he is off getting some physical exercise in those dusty bones, he is missing out on some rather interesting details. It is not as if any of the Kages are going to comment to him on ‘Facebook’ about the meeting. So while everyone seems to ignore the fact that the Tsuchikage is really Superman, Raikage destroys yet another wall in the conference room. Ever get the feeling that the Kages are 1: Not getting a Christmas card and 2: Not getting invited back next year?

We also learned that Madara’s Time-Space Ninjutsu takes him to entirely different dimension. Handy for recuperating and escaping enemy assaults, not handy when you are some male who refuses to ask for directions. So now we know what’s behind the mask. A different dimension! It’s either that or a deformed left-sided face. Not to mention Karin is stuck there with Sasuke until she heals him. That’s unless she has other plans… O_O

I knew it... He really is a blockhead

I knew it... He really is a blockhead

So then we come to the bit were Madara is continuously interrupted by almost every Kage. I can’t have been the only person muttering (would you honestly yell that put when there was people in the next room? -_-) for them to shuddap! You have a senile, lunatic about to make a life changing speech that could change the world as they know it and here they are cutting him off! First you have Gaara wanting to know why Madara wanted to win Sasuke over. Funnily enough it wasn’t for his body. Not everyone can be Orochimaru.. But we can speculate, dammit! It actually was to give his precious eyes a workout. Sasuke’s eyes must have been getting unfit in their old age.

We then had Mizukage wanting to know why he wanted them taken them as hostages. Well obviously to make sure his Moon Eye plan went smoothly and also, the bit that he didn’t say, was not just to stare at her continuously all through the meeting. Oh no he has other plans for poor Mizukage. o_o

We then move on to Tsuchikage interupting when he doesn’t understand that Madara was indeed left powerless after his fight with the Hokage. Somehow this clip came to my head when I read that bit….

I am just waiting for Madara to tell them to Shut the f*ck up! He is trying to tell you him plan here, dammit! And Tsuchikage is still floating >_>

I am just waiting for Madara to tell them to Shut the f*ck up! He is trying to tell you his plan here, dammit! And Tsuchikage is still floating >_>

So at long last Madara reveals his ultimate plan, he wants to achieve a chance to become a country singer ‘complete form’ which basically everyone is united. But being Madara (and also a Uchiha) he goes into the complex way of narrating a story. Thus he begins explaining about the stone slab, the one Sasuke was looking at the first time Itachi appeared in Konoha, and how the Mangkeyou Sharingan can decipher more than the ordinary sharingan and then how the Rinnegan can decipher even more than that. Ye old slab was passed down to them by Rikudou Sennin. So with Nagato and himself, Madara obviously must have known what the stone slab read. A sneaky entrance during the Uchiha massacre, maybe? Nothing like going into a dark tunnel when there is dead bodies on the street.

So what; the ten tails is pretty much a racoon, cat, monkey, dolphin horse, slug, horned beetle, ox and a demon fox? Jezz what was your mother AT!?

So what; the ten tails is pretty much a racoon, cat, monkey, dolphin horse, slug, horned beetle, ox and a demon fox? Jezz, what was the Juubi's mother AT !?

So Madara’s plan boils down to becoming a Jinchuuriki for the Juubi, just like his great, great, great, great, great, great, great (goes on saying ‘great’) grandfather. It is a family business it would appear. But it would appear that Rikudou didn’t want to die and allow to Juubi to be released so he did the only thing he could do. He split it into the Bijuu we know today and then sealed its body away into the sky where the Jibuu’s powers could not reach. Now it floats there out in space trapped inside the moon. Needless to say, I shall never look at the moon the same way before. Now there is apparently a demon watching me from the sky.

So basically, the 'Moon's Eye Plan' was to put an eye on the moon.. I knew we over read the manga! -_-

So basically, the 'Moon's Eye Plan' was to put an eye on the moon.. I knew we over read the manga! -_-

So I guess we over analysed the moon eye plan. Simplicity really was the key. What Madara really wants is to cast a super, duper, infinate Tsukuyomi on everyone so no-one will hate each other and there will be no war. Out of everyone, Gaara just looks pleasantly surprised with it all. As if he is planning tonights dinner.

He has done this before, hasn't he? -_-

He has done this before, hasn't he? -_-

Of course as expected of the Kages, they do not agree. They do not agree and are definately not happy campers. But it is kinda amusing how Madara’s and Naruto’s opinion are the total opposite. One believes that hope will eventually lead to giving up. Naruto believes in nothing but hope and won’t ever give up. Madara shall find problems with this one. Killer Bee is also going to have problems when Raikage finds him.. He doesn’t seem to like the idea that he wasn’t taken along too. Where is the family love!?

But seeing as both parties aren’t going to make a compromise we are heading to a 4th Ninja world. I know I shouldn’t be this excited, but it just seems amazing to see that many ninjas in action trying to defend themselves against the Akatsuki. Plus, Naruto might even decide to hand himself over to stop this bloodshed. He never was one for not being an emotional sack!

So lets get todays order, a nice salad for Tsuchikage's, a cup of sake for the head,

So what are their thoughts? Gaara *He is MY bitch* Mizukage *Who the hell is he!? Just agree and no-one will know >_> <_<* Tsuchikage *I shall keep my actions hidden kukuku* Raikage*When I get my hands on that boy, I am going to teach him the meaning or pain NRRRRRRRRRG!!!* Madara *Kukuku, now I can slap some bitches... oh wait I can't touch anything T_T*

For those who don’t like randomness it is best to avoid this. This is the 1st of a 10 part series that I am making.

©DISCLAIMER: This story contains spoilers and is fictional. If you find that it resembles your daily life and activities, that is simply because we have been documenting you from the safety of the ice cream van currently parked outside your home. We are not just stalkers, we are proud stalkers! All material belong to Cookielicious Productions and all materials are our own ideas, no matter how much they may resemble quotes from films. This is because they have stolen our production’s work and refuse to give us a cut of the profits. All parties involved in the story have agreed to participate and have been asked nicely before the armoury came out. All members are NOT trained professionals. In fact, this is their first work out in months.  You should probably not try to recreate the stunts involved in this, but if you happen to be a rebel and must do the exact opposite of what we tell you to do, then we fully support your attempts but we aren’t taking any responsibility for the hospital bills. Remember to use a cushion… A stuffed cushion preferably. All rights are reserved to the members in the ice cream van. If you feel your rights are being violated, you are not entitled to a lawyer and you cannot make one phone call. You are entitled to be hung by your shoe laces (If you have any. If you don’t we advice you to buy some) with liquorice whips and then fed to ravenous smurf people.

Warning: The following text might contain spoilers. Take caution and carry a first-aid pack at all times if you don’t know that Luke, Darth Vader is your father, Burger King has been burgling burgers for years, Luffy has no bones because he lost them in a bar fight, when Kishimoto first drew Sasuke he tried to make him smile… It ended with the death of five of his assistants along with the imprisonment of the picture. It is more commonly known as the Mono Lisa today, the planet of the Apes is indeed Earth, when a sign reads “You have just fallen off that cliff, have a nice day” it is the one day you forgot to bring Teddy, Orochimaru is not related to Voldemort or Michael Jackson. He is actually a well respected actor who likes little boys. This fiction is very aerodynamics for added effect and also has a rather ridiculous story line.


A light gust of wind slipped through the window brushing through the closed curtains. Just another bright afternoon in the large city of WordPress, where our story begins. The bird twittered outside joining in song with the citizens below. All of who were holding hands and singing love songs, while swaying repeatedly to an imaginary beat. It was on no such afternoon, that this story began. In fact, it began at precisely 20:00 hours. A fitting hour to meet the ominous (and slightly confusing events) that follow. This is the case file of the events that followed. They are 84% accurate and 16% unavoidable exaggeration.

At precisely 20:00 hours the door to the conference room creaked open revealing a young male. Mudshovel entered the room one hour early for the meeting carrying a tower of paperwork while humming merrily to himself. He couldn’t whistle so humming was his only other option, he didn’t like to discuss his last attempt at singing either. Needless to say the world was a happier place when he didn’t attempt to sing. A beaming smile crossed his face when he glanced at the unneeded paperwork lovingly.

Mudshovel was the leader of the newly founded group of Superheroes. Though there were only three members to this group, he prided himself with the task of leading them in harebrained schemes and adventures that no-one else would dare to acquaint themselves with. Or so he was led to believe. Mudshovel was beginning to have his doubts about the likelihood of the survival of his team though. His uncertainty was mainly because he was unsure if one of his members had the mental capacity for the job and also if the other had the heart for the task. Though his dream was to establish himself as a door to door salesman selling an assortment of bright, colourful, and possibly neon lit socks, he had to gain some people skills. So what better way to gain those skills, than to become a world renowned Super Hero?

Don’t let his want to be a sock salesman fool you; he preferred the simple things in life. Drugging spiders for entertainment, leading a revolutionary force against a mysterious enemy and of course, a nice cup of tea. He enjoyed doing paperwork; in fact he even enjoyed the paper cuts inflicted upon him by the A4 sheets. He christened every cut as a ‘wound of war.’ But as important as his personal life is, the story must continue.

This is going to be a great meeting he thought with great pride in his achievement to assemble a team of heroes. What could possibly go wrong? Normally whenever that is thought (or said for that matter) something of great personal value is lost. That is exactly what happened in this case with the misplaced rollerblade left lying innocently on the wooden floor. This rollerblade was anything but innocent, but liked to give the impression that it did not have a hidden agenda. Many witnesses interviewed from that night told frightening tales of a womanly shriek before a large metal beast appeared in the sky with an arsenal of confetti falling to a rhythmic beat. One sailor told our interviewers that “It scared me good, it did. Thought it was those confounded gophers back for my spinach, I did!” This sailor was later revealed to be a polar bear on steroids and not Popeye who he named himself as.

Mudshovel had stretched his foot out expecting to come into contact with the predictable wooden floor, but instead found himself skidding forward on an erratic rollerblade. In his biography to come, he would describe the noise that left his mouth as him ‘getting in touch with his feminine side’. This was an utter lie because he was always in touch with his feminine side. A high pitched scream escaped his mouth before he could gain any compose of himself. The rollerblade skidded towards an open window much to Mudshovel’s growing horror. Mudshovel threw the paperwork in front of him and then flailed his arms around wildly. He then proceeded to tumble backwards off the rollerblade with a loud ‘THUD’. Lifting himself off his buttocks he looked up just in time to see his precious paperwork floating downwards outside the open window.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!” he cried out dramatically in horror rushing towards the window. Gripping onto the window frame, he leaned out of the window and noted that the paperwork were too far down for him to catch and make it out alive. He collapsed to the floor banging his arms against the floor rhythmically as he broke down in tears. He had after all, just lost his beloved paperwork.



The final chime of the large grand father clock donned 11. Silence was impossible to find in the room due to the irritable sound of a pen tapping against the pine table. This tapping with followed by an annoyed growl as Mudshovel glanced up at the clock. The bastards are TWO hours late! I gave them the leaflet, they have to of known the meeting was today! My god… could it be? The Dingoes got them!?

A low groan from the nearby door snapped Mudshovel from his thoughts that were nearing hysteria. A lean figured shut the door quickly, his attempt to divert attention from himself failed once again by the cursed door. He swore one day he would demolish it and reconstruct it as a birdhouse. Though, he would sometimes wince at the possible side effects that could incur from his attempt at architecture. DroSensei shuffled awkwardly across the wooden floor board trying to avoid eye contact with the sharp azure eyes tracing his movements like a hawk.  In his attempt to keep his vision fixed on the steel chair now several inches ahead of him, DroSensei tripped. In his attempt to shield himself from the descent upon the table he tried to karate chop the table. The result ended with miss hit knocking the newly stacked paper work into the paper shredder, along with DroSensei banging his head against the side of the table. Unknowingly to DroSensei at that moment, a small tear slid down Mudshovel’s cheek as he watch his paperwork being massacred by the barbarian of a paper shredder.

There were many things about DroSensei that baffled people. Whether it was his tendency to insert himself in the most complex positions or capability to injure himself from moth attacks. But that said, he also injures himself on thin air. He once was chased by a rhinoceros after he tried to pull a hair from it’s tail. He claimed he thought that it stole his hair. It wasn’t that he was stupid; he just wasn’t the brightest apple in the bunch. He even has had test run on him, but they proved inconclusive due to the fact that his brain was off the chart and caused their machine to sprout ink repeatedly for several months, almost like it was foaming at the mouth. It has since become known as the DroSensei Syndrome.

Clearing his throat Mudshovel discretely wiped away the trail of tears with his sleeve and returned his attention back to DroSensei who was rubbing his head. If he didn’t know any better he would have bet that the he was thinking about getting a bruise.

I am going to get a bruise… I can just tell… What if I get a concussion!? What if I get a brain haemorrhage!? Why can’t my powers work against bruises? All these thoughts raced through DroSensei’s mind while he shuffled to his metal chair.

Waving a hand in front of his face he materialised several ice cubes into his open hand. Several seconds later this was followed by a sharp gasp as he threw the ice cubes upwards and clutched his hand to his chest as he tried to warm it. Mudshovel closed his eyes into a scowl as he felt several cold objects slide down the inside of the back of his shirt.

“Er… Sorry, Mudshovel. I tried to conjure up an icepack but just ended up with the ice. Did you know that it is cold!?” DroSensei laughed awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his neck. He remembered last time someone pushed Mudshovel. It wasn’t a nice thing to remember. Mostly because Mudshovel was beat by an elderly man with a cane.

Mudshovel grunted as he retrieved the remainder of the paperwork he had prepared for the meeting. Running a hand through his dark blond hair, Mudshovel rose to his feet and rubbed the nonexistent dirt from his suit. It was then that Mudshovel noticed the object sitting tauntingly on DroSensei’s soil brown sheet of hair.

“W-what are you wearing on your head, may I ask?”

“Oh, this thing?” DroSensei asked as he readjusted the object on his head. “Well there was quite a large amount of sheets of paper on the street outside. So a group of us decided to make paper hats. Aren’t they amazing? See right here?” DroSensei pointed to an area on the paper hat where had obviously painted a skull over the sentence saying ‘Today’s Meeting Topic’. “I did that by myself. Good job, eh?”

Mudshovel’s lower lip quivered as the realisation of his effort being used as a paper sailor’s hat sunk in.

“Is something wrong, Mudshovel?” he asked as he noted to sudden drop in colour on Mudshovel’s face.

“J-just sit quietly, please,” Mudshovel shook his head in his hands. This was going to be a long night and Reflex hadn’t even arrived yet.


The final chime finished signalling 12am. DroSensei spun around a piece on lead between his fingers after a failed attempt to conjure a pencil. Mudshovel had banned him from trying to conjure pens after the ‘ink incident’. Their mini fridge still tasted like ink.

The door to the meeting slammed shut as another male entered the room with his hands stuffed in his trouser pockets and took his seat, resting his feet on the table. There was no need for subtlety in his book, though the sight of muddy feet on the table made DroSensei twitch uncontrollably.

“Nice to see you have finally decided to join us Reflex. Some of us were beginning to think the ‘penguin of death’ got to you.” DroSensei adverted his eyes quickly as Reflex glanced over at him bordly. Reflex shrugged his shoulders idly and rested his head against his arms on the table.

“How can we work as a team if you can’t even bother your ass to arrive on time!? Do you think America can do a proper invasion when it’s troops aren’t even there on time?” Mudshovel said heatedly.

Reflex shrugged his shoulders and smiled innocently. “Sorry Captain, I slept in and missed the bus.”

“For starters, you don’t take the bus so it’s no shock that you missed it. Second, how can you even sleep in if it is 11pm…?”

 Reflex waved his hands in front of his face, his picture of innocence being replaced by a deep frown. “Okay, okay! I actually gate crashed one of Deathcon4’s house parties. The strange thing is that it was filled with women. Though, the last thing I actually remember was a flash of auburn hair and then a fist to my face. I still can’t decide if it was BBgurly14 or Eatencookie,” added thoughtfully. “When I woke up this afternoon, I was on a raft in the centre of a lake… with no clothes…”

Mudshovel narrowed his eyes, but DroSensei was the first to voice his opinion.

“You gate crashed a slumber party? You violated the beautiful night of girls coming together in nothing more than delicate pyjamas and night gowns? You even disturbed the soft and gentle throws of a pillow fight? That’s mean!” DroSensei cried out in pure shock, not even noticing the fact that he came across as a pervert.

“I doubt very much that any pillow fight they had would be ‘soft and gentle’, DroSensei,” Reflex said scratching his chin.

“Oh? Why would that be?”

“Quite simple. You have Deathcon4, BBgurly14 and Eatencookie all in one enclosed environment. It would definitely not be soft, it would be a massacre! I wouldn’t be surprised if someone got injured… badly….”

DroSensei flinched and Mudshovel couldn’t help the shudder that crept up his spine. It was true. He didn’t know any girls more violent than those three, even a pillow is a deadly weapon in their hands. They made feathers look like a gun.


“To more pressing matters, Reflex how can you expect us to succeed in this mission if you won’t put in the effort?” Thus Mudshovel began his award winning, epically boring lecture. Only the faint sound of a snore snapped Mudshovel back into reality.

“He is sleeping, isn’t he?” Mudshovel asked quietly, his right eye twitching uncontrollably.

“If it makes you feel any better, our alcohol cupboard was stolen by Alvin and the Chipmunks.”

“Somehow, that doesn’t help me sleep at night… Overpowered by chipmunks… What a shameful event. It would be disastrous if someone was documenting this.” Somewhere in Ireland an author sneezed. “But for now,” Mudshovel rolled up his sleeves,” I shall wake up Reflex.”

DroSensei stood up flexing his wrists. “I will handle this!”

“NO DON’T!” But it was too late. DroSensei tried to summon a fire extinguisher and then mayhem ensued.

The scene seemed to freeze in the air as DroSensei hair caught fire and he let out a rather feminine scream. Reflex awoke with a jump and his chair tumbled back with him on it. Mudshovel stood there with his arm outstretched with his mouth hung open in horror.

Ten minutes later, after DroSensei had managed to regenerate enough hair so he wouldn’t be mistaken as a fifty year old male, the group had reassembled at the conference table.

“As many of you are now aware of,” Mudshovel began clearing his throat, “the higher ups have suddenly banned sugar from WordPress. But we three here, are aware of a conspiracy behind it. To uncover it and release sugar back to the world, we have gathered.   So in the case of all proper ‘Superheroes’ we need costumes. I have especially had some ordered for us and they are here tonight. DroSensei if you would open the crate.”

“Where exactly is it?”

Mudshovel turned his head slowly towards DroSensei. “It is right in front of you…”

“Oh, I knew that,” he said smiling happily.

“Then why did you ask?” Mudshovel said through gritted teeth.

“I just never thought it would be so easy,” he said laughing awkwardly.

“Reflex you do it, please.”

“Do it yourself.”

Mudshovel sighed in exasperation. He was going to go grey one of these days. Taking the crowbar, that Reflex seemed to have been conveniently holding, he broke open the crate. Together the group leaned over slowly and an awkward silence began.

“What the fuck,” Reflex said first.

“I think you overestimated our actually size,” DroSensei continued holding up an extremely tight spandex suit.

“Well then,” Mudshovel began as he coughed,” there is only one thing left to do.”

“Get our money back and burn down that motherfucking business?” Reflex offered angrily.

“Take a long walk on the beach and hold hands?” DroSensei said hopefully.

Mudshovel shook his head. “No. The only thing left for us to do is… An extreme workout!”




Another wonderful image created by Tenrai Senshi! Thanks so much for your effort!

For those who are yet unaware, I will no longer be writing the Naruto Manga posts because of personal reasons, so please be kind and respect the new author. My fiction will be released in December too! Wish luck to you all here at WRA!! I won’t miss WordPress deleting my breakdown drafts so they become late! Sorry once again for how late this is, blame WordPress!



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  19. bye cookie. we’ll miss your awesome breakdowns.
    how does madara expect to fight a war against the 5 great nations? first of all, i haven’t seen many akatsuki members. he says he’s going to use the tailed beasts, but how is he going to seal them into someone or find volunteers who are willing to die later on. these volunteers have to be powerful and they must also learn how to master the beast… unless of course he’s just going to directly use the beast.
    i have a feeling that the 10 tailed beast is the statue without chains and the blindfold. plus, what’s that new super eye called?
    oh, one last thing. the rinnegan was the first eye, then byakugan and sharingan were born. then why does the beast have a sharingan-like eye?

  20. @cookie great breakdown and i will miss your breakdowns also.

    k i posted some thoughts last breakdown that i will post again here.

    1st. how is akatsuki going to fight a war? i know they have 7 bijuu but they are in the statue. i dont think they will be sealed inside the members because tobi would just have to kill everyone to get the bijuu back in the statue.

    2nd.if akatsuki is planning on war then is this close to when the 3 new members join.

    also i think we should be seeing kisame vs. killer Bee soon.

    why did tobi look surprised when he found out danzou was gone?

    also today is the 12th its my birthday and i’m finally 21!(k this had nothing to do with naruto.)

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    That was some good random awesomeness cookie.. i was first discouraged by all of the reading, but decided to check it out since this will be your last breakdown and all i can say is when’s the next one coming out… i truly enjoyed reading it..

  22. Thanks guys, I will miss you all when I am away 😦 (yeah even you dragon)
    @Death: AWH!! *hugs* I will chat to you I promise 😀 I will be around more in December with the new ‘Heroes Come Back’ chapters. And yes.. they will make a mess of things like dro, flex and mud do normally 😉

    @Super: Wow… way to ruin a really touching speech.. I mean seriously you ruined the moment! But I will stop by sometime to avoid being hunted down by you all! and go make an actual poof… Not a smoke bomb. Mine still trumps yours 😛 Miss you too btw -_-

    Penny: O_O Shhh they didn’t know about me needing explaining about post making LOL 😉 But thank you for all your help. I wish you luck with what ever you do 😛 And yes, how could we forget those memories of me nearly being eaten.. and in some cases actually being eaten? 😉

    Reflex: GOOD! I was about to come after you when I saw your first post you lazy bishie!! XD

    @Thanks again guys, I would go comment you all back, but I need to get some dinner 😛 Comment later though ._.

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    Madara has 7 of the tailed beasts and he’s up against the 5 great countries. Madara probably has the smaller villages on his side already with his connections with the underground world through Akatsuki. I can’t figure out what he’s going to do with the 7 Bijuu though.

    1. Use the Gedo Mazo as a weapon?

    2. Create more Jinchuuriki to fight for him?

    3. Release the Bijuu to destroy and cause chaos having the nations fighting each other again to gain control over the Bijuu and make their own Jinchuurikis?

    4. He some how has a way to utilize the power of the Bijuu in the statue without putting them in hosts?

    5. Use the power of the 7 Bijuus trapped in the Gedo Mazo and other alliances to war against the 5 great countries. Maybe even 4 if one of the 5 betray them…>_>

    @Cookie: Lol, so many smileys! 😀

  25. @ super – Why did you go to those house parties disguised as me baka!!!

  26. @Reflex: Nani!? What in the world are you talking about? >_>

  27. well i dont know how the little countries could take on the five (now four) great nations. even if they did unite they would all have the same eventual problems of who is really in command. I mean sure Madara would b the leader but would the other leaders try to overthrow him? they are ninja so its completely possible. Anyway i cant see the four great nations teaming up with Konoha as their leader. Not with Danzo being a little punk B*%@h. I mean he ran away while the other kages stayed and fought. (Not to mention that its Konoha’s responsibility to kill sasuke anyway.) If the countries dont unite then they are goin to lose indefinitely. I just dont know how they would team up and who would be their leader… So much to figure out and so little we understand.

  28. Lol, well the hot topics of the week seem to be Obito/Madara and how the hell does Madara start a war. I already discussed the war so I’m just going to post this old ass comment I found in the archives of WRA. As a long time supporter of the Obito/Madara theory I think I did some good research into the matter. 🙂

    “I just wanna lay my thoughts out there which I’m sure people will have a disagreement on (Pickles). 😛

    Why I think Obito is the Tobi personality to Tobi/Madara.

    First off I need to show why I think Tobi/Madara are one in the same.

    1. They both wear the same exact clothes, mask, and have the sharingan in their right eye.

    2. Tobi revealed himself as Madara to Pein.

    3. Tobi revealed his face to Kisame and Kisame called him Madara and the former Mizukage.

    4. Madara is alive because Jiraiya and Itachi both suspected it and they’re no dummies. Itachi met with Madara in fact to help slaughter the Uchiha clan. For those who say Tobi and Madara aren’t the same because Madara is dead there you have it.

    5. My last reason is if Madara and Tobi were two separate people that would be dumb as hell. Why would someone as powerful as Madara let some bafoon like Tobi go around and impersonate him? Why would he even work with Tobi if he could just do everything Tobi did with the mask on, but without the child like attitude?

    Now why I think Obito has a connection to Tobi/Madara.

    1. The names. Tobi…Obito…I mean come on. 😉

    2. I’m gonna put all of this together. The hair is similar, body similar, and age are similar. Tobi acts just about the right age for Obito to be at if he grew up like Kakashi. Obito has the most similar hair style to Tobi (much more similar than Danzou). Tobi’s body is young and youthful just like Obito’s would be if he grew up.

    3. Obito’s right side was crushed right? Of course it was no arguing there. Hmmm…looks like to me Tobi’s right side of his body could be constructed of metal or some other material strong enough to block a giant swinging sword. Sure it could’ve been iron skin but I didn’t see any hand signs.

    4. Obito’s remaining sharingan was in his right eye Tobi now has a sharingan in his right eye. It never says that Obito lost his right eye when he was smashed “The right side of my body is ALMOST smashed”. never says “Oh noeess my right eye is gone”. 😉

    5. Kakashi’s sharingan and Tobi’s sharingan similarities. Kakashi took Obito’s left eye and he developed the power to do this… (warp others to another space/time dimension)

    Tobi has the power to do this (warp himself through space/time dimension)

    See the similarities?

    6. How Tobi and Kakashi looked at each other after their first encounter Suuussssspiiiiicccciiioooouuussss…..

    7. Last but not least Tobi/Madara’s dual personality. One minute he acts like a grown ass man (Madara) and the next he acts like a kid (Tobi). Sure he hasn’t acted like a kid in a while but that could just be Madara supressing Obito’s personality now that he’s come out of hiding for the most part. Does anyone else see Uchiha Madara acting so out of character (like a little kid) on purpose even if he was trying to hide his true identity? I sure don’t…

    Seems like Madara could’ve plucked the sharingan out of Obito’s eye and accidentally taken along with him Obito’s personality, or Obito’s sharingan could be taking over his body with its old personality. Lastly, Madara could have taken Obito’s body and had someone like Kakuzu, Orochimaru, or Zetsu reconstruct him. Then Madara transfers his old dying soul into the newly reconstructed body of Obito but Obito’s personality remains for some reason. Thus making Madara/Tobi!!! 🙂

    Alright, those are the similarities I see which make me believe in the Madar/Tobi/Obito connection theory. I’m sure there’s holes in it and what not but until I see Obito dead and buried he’s alive to me. ;)” (Supertrek89)

    Done and done! I may have updated a link or two…>_>

  29. did anyone else notice that the jubi’s eye is like a fusion of Rinnegan and sharingan?

    sorry to see you go cookie i liked your breakdowns.

    Super: yeah i always thought that Tobi was obito and even after he was revealed as Madara i was suspicous. for example if madara is tobi why dosent he take off his mask?

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    Ahem! *coughs*

    Anyway, it was a great last breakdown. We will all miss you, so you better visit us now and again. <_<

    Now… as for the manga, it's all great that the pace has picked up as much as it has and we are really getting to the epic parts of the story, but I really want to see Naruto in the fray a bit more.

    I mean, to be honest, other than the Konoha destruction arch, he has pretty much been out of most of the action for quite a while now. I really want to see how his training with the toads has changed him, not only in terms of strength (as we have seen already), but also in the way he thinks and deals with each situation.

    I also want to see more of Minato, so hopefully we will get a more vivid look at Naruto's parents and their lives leading up to the Kyuubi's attack.

  31. Cookie is leaving!?! 😦

  32. I do feel bad for the man on the moon. Living on an eye ball would be difficult!!! and what if the eyeball. Gets dirty XD giant eye wash coming though! On another note I figured out how the kage was flying! Obviously he had rockets behind his cape! And naruto has some serious depressing problems going on. Stop fucking thinking about sasuke naruto !!! I hope sakura tells him to stop and then proclaims her undieing love to him muhahahahah!!! What now super XD!!!!!! there i posted in the right area lol wow

  33. Soruce: 2ch
    Credit: Nja
    Verification: Confirmed

    745 :んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg :2009/10/13(火) 21:11:26 ID:6HobeF8J0
    んじゃ戦場で とマダラ去る
    連合軍総指揮官はガアラの推薦で はたけカカシへ
    って意見で 雷影 ビーは何をしでかすかわからん
          ガアラ うずまきナルト も同じだ
    ダンゾウは 他の五影の信用を無くし敵前逃亡したからこの話が
          里の民に知れ渡ればいずれは失脚 と雷影さんのお墨付き

    キサメさんは大剣 鮫肌 と合体・融合?ができ化け物へ
    その強さは 尻尾を持たない尾獣 と先輩達に恐れられていた


    サクラ ナルトの元に到着 ナルト話があるの… 


    次回 ビーVSキサメ

    って所で完  以上3分で読んだナルトの感想ですw

    791 :んじゃ ◆bvOTKk1mXg :2009/10/13(火) 21:22:42 ID:6HobeF8J0

    土影 白い牙の息子か…ふむいいじゃろう 

    って感じに どんだけ親父と息子名声あるんだよwwと

    In the Next Chapter, Kisame VS Killer Bee.
    Kisame says that if he fuses his body with his sword he would be stronger than the Kyubi6 Countries alliance is formed including Iron Country. Gaara suggest Kakashi as their leader. Kirabi trains under Sub-chan sensei??? when Kisame arrives

  34. really great points supertrek…they were really convincing. their sharingans are really similar…
    can’t wait for the next chapter if the spoilers are true: kisame vs killer bee is going to be a great battle and i hope they show it.

  35. @fuuton: what if thats what kishi is setting up? the 5 nations fall apart due to the fact they can’t get along because of there ideas of peace. wouldn’t that make it more possible for naruto to change the ninja world, if not the whole world? He already has the support of Konoha, Sumagakura(Garra’s Village), and the Mizukage now… that already 3/5 of the leading ninja villages as well as Amaguraka with Konan…if those kages don’t get it together then that leaves naruto obviouly…

  36. take that kakashi haters (looks at super) muahahahahaha kakashi is the leader of the alliance muahahaahahah

    btw this answers a question that would have been in our minds for sometime , that kakashi hadnt had some serious attention or battle in quite some time so he was becoming just a support character well he aint , he is the awesome kakashi sensei we know and love 😀

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  39. @deathcon: it would make sense that kisame could do that seeing as how hes practically the only one who could wield the samaheda…but being as strong or strong i couldn’t even imagine that seeing as how we never get to see kisame go even half his true strength…truly frightening isn’t it..

  40. *but being as strong or stronger than the kyuubi

    i wonder what he looks like?

  41. Happy belated birthday, Senju. 🙂

  42. OH JEEEEEEEEZE! 😀 I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS CHAPTER NOW! X3 Omg. I can imagine it fully – Samehada also has the ability to absorb chakra after all. I would imabine by fusing with his sword he’s also capable of using that chakra against his opponents. HOLY SHIZZ MAN I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE IF KISAME USES NATURAL CHAKRA! XD

  43. Oh, and the part I look forward to the most is seeing Naruto with Sakura and how everything’s going to go. XD Seeing the fight with Killer Bee and Kisame will be like a cliff-hanger for me. <,< MAN THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME! 😀 Even the fighting. X3 Maybe we'll get to see some of Kisame's REAL abilities? 😀 I can only hope they're actually clever. <,< Rather than nothing but a full on flood. XP I imagine Kisame may be capable of flooding the whole world or something. XD Meh. 😛

  44. what did i say in the top ninja of naruto world thing? kisame is very strong and might even deserve to be second! he wouldn’t be able to beat pain.
    seriously though, i had predicted that kisame was very very strong.

  45. @everyone: I’ve been seeing postings on other Naruto blogs saying that after 468 is released, there will be a one week break to allow Kishi some time off “before the war”. I’ll keep everyone posted on whether this is the case…

    @Tenrai: If the spoilers are true – and I saw them – it will show that Kakashi not only will be on the front lines of this battle but will be the primary opponent against Danzo for “official” Hokage. I want to see more of Kakashi in action – and I don’t mean at another campfire talk with Daddy White Fang, either. I will also add that as the Kage Pow Wow has transpired, Danzo has lost his standing while Naruto and Sakura’s discussion seems moot given what is going to happen next…

  46. Madara leaves, saying “See you on the battlefield”

    *The six nations form an alliance (with the Iron Country included)

    *Gaara recommends Kakashi to command the alliance

    *Tsuchikage and Raikage agree

    *Tsuchikage asks whether or not they’ll let the two remaining jinchuuriki fight on the frontlines

    *Raikage’s opinion is that he doesn’t know what kind of **** Bee might pull out on the battlefield.

    *To which Gaara says that the same goes for Uzumaki Naruto.

    *So they then talk about protecting the two and keeping them from joining in (*see restrain them from joining*).
    *The conversation then turns to Danzou and how the story of him losing the trust of the other kage and running away will eventually make its way back to the Leaf village and that he’ll eventually lose power to which Raikage agrees (*The sentence doesn’t say, “let’s send a letter which will warn the Leaf village what a jackass Danzou is.” It’s more like, once word of Danzou’s jackassery makes its way to the Leaf, Danzou will lose power. Thought the Raikage bit is a bit strange. We’ll see when the full script comes out.)
    *Choujirou then tells them about Kisame

    *Kisame-san can fuse with his sword, Samehada, and turn into a monster

    *His strength is like a bijuu only without a tail, which is why his superiors feared him.

    Killer Bee is doing his enka training with Sabu-chan (*reference to Kitajima Saburo, a famous enka singer)

    *Sakura reaches Naruto and says that she has something to talk to him about.

    Kisame arrives where Bee is at. Read More…

  47. hope its the real one


  49. @holy thxs

    @everyone i think sakura is going to tell naruto to give it up she is in love with sasuke. he will then reply you give up……. on me giving up(gutsy ninja FTW!!!)

    finally we will get to learn about kisame’s awesomeness.

    does anyone else think danzou is going to go down quitely? i think he will make civil war in the leaf weakening it. i’m also thinking that since danzou wants sasuke dead and wants kabuto found when he meets kabuto and learns of his new powers he will want to form an alliance against sasuke since they both have a grudge against him.

    also cant wait to see the new akatsuki members bet they are going to be awesome.

  50. So the Juubi has a ShaRinnegan (Sharingan + Rinnegan) ?
    Wow. No love for the Byakugan.
    But that’s a great idea though, the whole Juubi and Moon thing.

  51. Don’t know if this has been discussed, but how how the *bleep* did Madara defeat the 4th Hokage? Yodaime had said he was too strong, but Madara has said he is an empty shell of his former self. That he is powerless other than his time-space-jutsu. Unless he used the the 9 tail power. Which makes we wonder why he attacked Konoha if your goal was to collect the tail beasts and make the 10 tail beast.

  52. @captain thxs for that it made me think. he was controlling the nine-tailed beast at the time when he attacked the village both times. something must have happened at that point between him and danzou so he tried to kill danzou himself. but danzou is got crazy powers and hides like a coward so minato fought him. the sharingan can control the nine-tailed beast so maybe it can control all of them and this is how he will wage war. sasuke will use his sharingan to control some of the beast and they will fihgt each of the villages 1 at a time.

  53. I think Sakura is going to tell Naruto to give up on Sasuke, and give him the green light to kill him.


  54. HA KNEW THERE WOULD BE A WAR WAY BACK 😉 really isn’t something I should be happy about but when it comes to watching some ninjas getting pwned… YOSH!!! <– Said it and I ain't taking it back *doesn't do a Franky pose :P*

    What exactly does Kisame look like when he fuses his body with his Samehada? That's sooo simple! He looks like jigglypuff!

    But seriously.. I see a large wind of chakra before the cloud of dust/smoke clears and there stand Kisame, Or he is a real boy. LOOK AT ME PAPA! I AM A REAL BOY!

    Papa: What were you before, then?!

    As for Sakura meeting Naruto, well they completely skipped the amazing trees they must of came across… I mean there could of been an oak somewhere in there -__- But I guess Kiba must of done his job to the 'T' and made sure ROOT could not detect them. Either way.. That is going to get awkward ._.

    I can't wait for the Naruto Manga to be released.. something about Kisame tracking Killer Bee to an enka school makes me laugh.. imagine the playground battle… It will be like dodgeball only it's going to be a massacre.. I would know, I am a danger when I have one of those in my hands.. just ask that Sasuke look-a-like with the flattened nose 😛 I am throwing in my votes for Killer Bee! I missed him and his very very VERY bad rhymes… All the while his bull will be banging its head against its cage!

    Danzou may be the shortest lived Hokage.. That is unless he manages to prevent the letter from reaching Konoha. Kakashi might be shocked. Getting such a position when he only came to help Naruto out and he has found himself leading 6 nations. No pressure at all for him then. Not like the freedom of the world (and Naruto) rest of his shoulders.

    Well that’s it for me people for a good while,

    Ja eatencookie 8)

  55. Looks like this is the last awesomeness breakdown from one of our best IRA originals.
    Cookie you will be truly missed and i opt to have a dedicated cookie breakdown about you and all you have done for us and how much we will miss you.

    Great breakdown BTW if i havent already said it. And you story was epic. Please continue to write ^_^

    Hanzo vs kakashi eh? Well im not going to take sides here because honestly we dont know what danzo can really do to be throwing judment calls for a winner of this fight. However if hanzo?danzo (what ever his damn name is) and MS then kakashi has a world of trouble on his hands in this battle.

  56. @Pein: Thanks. 😉

    @Ahsan: Who me? *sigh* Just because I said Gai would whoop Kakashi’s ass all up and down Konoha’s street does not make me a Kakashi hater! 😛

    I’m glad Kakashi got this position. Now he can die an honorable death leading the 5 great nations. Lol, jkjk…>_>

    @Death: Lol, yeah you posted it in the right section now. >_<

    I believe Naruto is thinking about Sasuke more than Sakura did when she used to/still? love him. O_O

    @Penny: Thanks for the update.

    @Marks: That's an interesting debate. Danzou vs. Kakashi… I already threw my votes in for that match long ago. I still think Danzou has many secrets up his sleeve and we've seen for the most part what Kakashi can do. Yes, yes Kakashi is strong yipee! -_-

  57. @ super

    >..< you will never get to see his books 😛

    @ marks i also already cast my vote in favour of kakashi 😀

    @ sakura is a bitch she is going to tell naruto to give up on sasugay after all of the work naruto has done , if i were naruto id say "STFU bitch , go home and cry "

  58. Awesomeness cookie great breakdown

    I think that Madara is going to use the tailed beast in some kind of weapon, i just dont think he is going to release them or give them to someone, afterall, isnt that the way he captured them, i mean, if he could defeat them, other may be able to do it to right?

  59. great breakdown cookie and I’m sorry to hear you are leaving us. You will be missed :(.

    The Juubi’s parents bit, priceless. Raikage’s reaction to the news about Bee is unforgettable, to think Bee has done this before ‘_’. I cant to see the Iron Claw!!!

    Madara waging a war against the five great nations may not be as hard as it sounds. Akatsuki has been around for along time and has done jobs villages both within and outside the nations so they have a high reputation already. Madara should have a big influence on these villages. Even if a village is small doesnt mean it wont band together with other villages to take part in a coup d’etat against the nations if they believe they will benefit from it or take out personal hatred against them. Also you have to consider that there are nations almost as powerful as the five great nations. Soragakure (The Land of the sky) devastated konoha in the movie. Even Tsunade expressed some fear when she saw them attacking and Fu, the seven tailed jinchuriki, was from a village outside the five great nations so it is pausible that this could be a factor in the war.

    I think madara will use the bijuus’ power thorough the demon statue but he probably needs sasuke as a medium in order to use it.

  60. @ SENJU07: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I guess you just had your golden birthday (21 on the 12, or is it supposed to be 21 on the 21st? Oh well, whatever it was, I hope you had tons of fun 😀 )

    @Super: I love your pointers for the Obito/Madara theory. I am a supporter of that theory and I love the point you made about the space-time ninjutsu that both Madara/Tobi and Kakashi share – i never even thought of it.

  61. @captnmexico21

    It’s simple really, he had the Nine-tails.

    Remember that Minato was not only fighting to defeat Madara, he was also fighting to protect Konoha as well. Madara probably played on that weakness and pushed him into a corner, where he was eventually forced to seal the Kyuubi away in order to prevent more deaths.

    When he said that Madara was able to read him, you could see it as him taking Minato’s position as Hokage (knowing how he would act) and using it to his advantage.

    Just the same way Deidara defeated Gaara by luring him into a trap by endangering Suna.

    I think everyone also underestimates just how powerful the Kyuubi actually is. It isn’t something that can just be defeated or driven away. Minato was forced to give his life to seal it, because it was the only way to stop it.

  62. yeh i fully agree ten infact we have had this debate before that who actually won madara or minato and i looking at things minato acheived what he wanted , ( protection of village and stopping madara ) even though he died he won !

  63. Here’s a fake picture of kisame facing bee looks quite awesome. Its actually made from when naruto confronts Konohamaru after the battle with Pein.
    This is from some random website for manga spoilers.

  64. Danzou Vs kakashi

    Im not going to be bias in this debate. Do we know how long Danzou has had and used his sharingan or if he even has MS and if he does, does he have the Genjitue MS or the Ninjitsu MS. We know that kakashi has hd his sharingan since he ws a mere boy so his body maybe more used to the effects of the sharingan then danzous is depending on when danzou got his sharingan however.

    Danzou has an Interesting Eye tech that he used on one of them member at the five kages meeting and controlled him like a pet.
    He can use this tech effectively on kakashi and make kakashi kill himself with it. I say this because kakahi doesnt know about danzo hidden eye tech that he can use even while his eye is covered.

    However Danzou said he can only use that eye Tech once a day and kakashi can use his MS 3 times a day ( maybe even more now since his body is becoming more emune to its effects.) In this case kakashi would have the advantage.

    Hanzo may have more chakra reserves and exp in batle and more knoledge over kakashi because of his age. So this is an advantage for Danzou.

    I dont know about there chakra levels and so far we really dont know much to back up danzou in this debate. But he seeems to hold his own with the knoledge we do have.

    What do you guys think? O_O

  65. @tenrai- Yeah your probably on that. It still bothers me though lol. I’ll just accept this till we find out what really happened in that battle. They will have to say something about since Minato only sealed half the 9 tail in Naruto.

  66. @everyone: I have confirmed my previous post…there will be no Naruto manga next week. 468 will post then there will be a one week break for Kishi to, uh…get ready for war. 🙂

    @iamstrikr: I saw that pic last night. It is hilarious. On another site I check out regularly, some people actually thought that one was REAL until someone pointed out the obvious. Man, what people won’t do for their little bit of fame…

    @marks: That theory…interesting. One thing, though. I think that with his sharingan, Kakashi can probably counter Danzo’s – or at least figure out very quickly that something is amiss. He smart and quick enough to realize – and knows Danzo enough – that things won’t be right when it comes to Danzo. Although he respects the Hokage in general, Kakashi would do what is right – even if it meant battling the “temporary” (and I say that as he had yet to be approved by the Jonin) Hokage.

    You bring up some great points in that argument: strength versus experience. However, with any transplanted sharingan into a non-Uchiha, it takes an extremely harsh toll on the body. However, there is still this outstanding question of whether Danzo is really an Uchiha or merely the extremely grateful recipient of an available sharingan with incredible powers. In addition, with his escape, he has made Konoha look like a laughing stock and lost his standing in the Kage community. It won’t be long…but it won’t be pretty, either.

  67. hopefully if kisame does die in this fight that we will get a flashback and see his origins and if he has a dorsal fin.

  68. what we have heard and know of kisame i wonder if he will even need “evolve” ( hell yehh thats what im gonna call it ) to beat bee >.<


    we just dont know enough of danzo another point marks , the uchiha shisu ( god knows the spellings ) chakra is used up when danzo uses the sharingan , i think so isnt it ? so shouldnt danzo be able to use sharingan more if we see it on basis of chakra , but he cant since it will take over him . something like oro / kabuto – kabutomaru lol

  69. @angel thxs

    @everyone even though danzou has lost everyone’s respect except for roots(which he probably has a seal on them to make them respect him in addition to the the tongue seal) i still dont think he will go down without a fight which could cause civil war in the leaf village. this would be a bad time and would weaken the leaf further.(like it needs weaking) alot of the main characters are outside of the village. this could be a very bad sign.i think danzou might have tsunade assassinated when he gets back to start eliminating his competition. When the main characters get back to the village danzou might have the village under his iron clutches with a sneak attack by root members and this would be a perfect time because the village was considerably weakened due to pain while root just hid underground.

  70. Here’s the spoiler…script only.

  71. @Tenrai: Awesome coloring btw!

    As for the Minato vs. Madara debate I must say we don’t know what actually happened there but it was pretty obvious that Minato was protecting both himself and his village. Still, Minato himself said that Madara saw through his every move.

    That doesn’t sound like he’s taking advantage of Minato’s position. Instead it sounds like Minato is admitting Madara maneuvered him. Then there’s the fact that Minato says there requires a special set of skills to defeat Madara.

    Minato wouldn’t know this unless he fought Madara himself and since he didn’t defeat Madara he obviously didn’t have that special set of abilities. This is why I think Minato left Naruto the Kyuubi chakra… well it’s obvious really.

    Then you could say how did the 1st Hokage defeat Madara when the 4th Hokage proclaimed as the greatest of all Hokage could not?

    1. Hashirama had the mokuton jutsu (special set of ability)

    2. Madara may have not had the space/time jutsu in his battle with the 1st.

    Which goes on to further strengthen the Madara/Tobi/Obito theory and that Madara has Obito’s eye. Madara didn’t have the space/time jutsu until long after the fight with Hashirama. Long after the fight Madara took Obito’s eye and gained the sapace/time jutsu similar to that of Kakashi’s.

    Bah, I have to go or I’ll be late for a meeting. I’m sure you’ll make this fun for me. 🙂

    P.S. Happy Belated Birthday Senju! ^(0_0)^

  72. @anyone:what if kisame is a double agent working like itachi was. kishimoto said something about kisame playing a big role in the future, and what if its to help out naruto/sasuke for itachi. they worked together, as well had the closer bond of all of the members of itachi. i know this isn’t the case, but what if kisame turns out just to be a good guy like itachi was…?

  73. @ super madara isnt obito , he just likes collecting eyes . he has obitos eye 😛 – stern supporter of theory –


    i think that may be right and i love that theory itachi must have accounted that if sasugay were to fail and fall into madara’s hands he otta have a backup plan .

  74. @supertrek89

    Good points. It would actually explain the difference in circumstances between Madara’s battle with Hashirama and his one with Minato.

    However, another factor to consider is still the Kyuubi itself. Madara being able to use such a powerful weapon in any battle means he could trump just about anyone, hokage or not. Naruto in six-tailed form had Pein on his toes and I think it’s safe to assume that the full power of the Nine-tails is pretty much near unstoppable.

    One of the known greater differences between the First’s battle with Madara and the Fourth’s is that Madara was able to use the Kyuubi against Minato, a strategy that would have been ineffective against Hashirama considering that he could control the power of a Bijuu, so Madara didn’t have his trump card at his disposal.

    During the battle with Madara, he may not have been able to fight effectively himself, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t read his opponent. Minato, in every sense, was fighting against the Kyuubi’s power, with Madara holding the reigns. He couldn’t eliminate Madara directly (thus stopping the Kyuubi’s rampage) so he did the next best thing and sealed the Kyuubi away.

    If Madara was still as powerful as he had been in the past, he could have continued the attack himself, but instead he withdrew. I think that is because he no longer had the power to achieve his goals at the time.

    My overall point is that the reason Madara defeated the Fourth even though he may not have any real power himself is because he had the power (in the form of the Kyuubi) to do so. Being un-killable also helps. (in reference to captnmexico21’s query)

  75. @super
    special set of abilities for Naruto to fight Madara
    -lethal weapon lvl 3
    -HP & Speed over 9kk
    -some DEF also needed
    that was supossed to be joke 🙂 that would be axtra fight but far far away in future…

  76. *007 music plays* shhhhhhim sneaking in during school XD. u know besides naruto reminding me of DBZ theres another show that is somewhat related to this POKEMON lol mandara dreams of being a pokemon master, so in order to obtain his said goal he must capture all 9 tailed-pokemon :p….*cough* anyway im off to japan to infultrait Kishi before his defenses are built up for the war ahead. wish me luck bye!

  77. @ Super: Great point you made there ^_^ You’re right, I’m sure it is most likely that he gained the space/time ninjutsu from obito’s eye as I’m sure that if he had it back then in the fight with Hashirama, he would not have gotten pawned to the point where he is now “powerless” and an “empty shell of [his] former self”

    Kind of makes me wonder what Obito would have been like had he been given the chance to live. I’m sure he would have been badass 😀

  78. @Ahsan: Hmmm… It’s mostly likely Madara with Obito’s eye and less likely Obito’s body with Madara’s personality. I’m in favor of both theories as long as there’s a Madara/Tobi/Obito connection. 😛

    @Tenrai: Fine points indeed. As I said it’s without a doubt that Minato was fighting both for the village and himself against two very formidable opponents.

    I think we both agree that Minato went for Madara directly because the easiest way to kill a snake is to cut off its head. In other words if he wanted to stop the Kyuubi the first thing he would have done is gone after Madara because if he was defeated than the Kyuubi would have theoretically stopped. Once he found out Madara couldn’t be beaten he did the next best thing and sealed the Kyuubi and like you said Madara retreated.

    @Pwn: Lol, don’t forget the Magic Points. He needs a chakra bar over 9000 too. xD

    @Death: Go to school!

    Gotta Catch Em’ All, Gotta Catch Em’ All! Bijuumon! 😀

    @Angel: A true badass indeed.

    Somehow you gave me another crazy theory. What if Shisui Uchiha was Obito’s older brother? Madara having Obito’s eye would then connect him to Danzou since he has Shisui’s eye, and make all the Madara/Danzou connection theorists happy again, lol! ^_^

  79. @super: i never thought of that possiblity. then again, most uchia seem to have a olderbrother/littlebrother complex to them so it is possible. if that were true, and danzou had shisui’s eye, what would happen if he took kakashi’s eye? EMS? or just another set of bandagaes on his face…lol the mummy hokage danzou!!

  80. @super: :p i am in school just using their computers! by the way i have question for everyone is some of naruto based off of japanese folklore? i know like the biju are and some names are used from some, but what else? im just wondering, while i wilt away in school doing math.

    –Yes, death. Naruto has elements of Japanese mythology and folklore throughout. Ameratsu, Susanoo and Tsukyomi, for instance, were god in Japanese mythology. The toad/slug/snake relationship is also based on mythology. Just for a few examples…

    Check out It is great at showing all of this stuff – that and the Naruto Wiki.


  81. @Death: Do your math! MSs are based on mythology.

    @Madara having Obito’s eye because it is similar to Kakashi’s MS: didn’t we think one eye is for ninjutsu, the other is for genjutsu? So even if Madara has Obito’s eye, it is not the ninjutsu part. But, suppose Obito and Shisui are brothers, and assuming brothers have similar MS powers (as demonstrated by Itachi and Sasuke), and since Danzo (right eye) has the genjutsu power, it is possible that Madara has Shisui’s left eye i.e. the ninjutsu part i.e. space-time similar to Obito’s. Surprisingly they all match up!

  82. wait, no they don’t…

    maybe this is something about the ems, but Madara is using his right eye!

    Anyone remeber when have people suspect that tobi is Madara, and the process of us understanding that he is?

  83. @deathcon:yeah some of it is… iknow for certain that jiraiya is based off some of the folklore/myth. im not certain who else is but i know for certain jiraiya is one of them.

  84. many characters and things from naruto are based on myths and legends.

  85. Sorry for the spam:

    The power that controlled the Kyubi like a pet: maybe the same as Shisui’s sharigan (ms) power. Now Danzo has Shisui’s genjutsu eye, so Madara cannot have it. However, again assuming the brother hypothesis, Madara could have Obito’s genjutsu eye which have the same power as Shisui’s. And it has to be EMS’s prowess to use both gen- and nin-jutsu with one eye…

    In any case, this is one crap pot theory based on too many un-realistic but not-proven-false assumptions…

  86. i was just thinking that is noaruto shippuuden getting dubbed or not?

  87. the dubbed is out smurf 4 episodes are out

  88. were can i see them?

  89. @Smurf: Ahem…why do you want to see Dub again? o_O

  90. download and stuff i have all subbed and some dubbed but if the dubbed are out i want to see them and download them aswell

  91. plus i wanted to see if they were going to change the voices but it looks like they didnt

  92. why are they not changing the name from shippuden to hurricane chronicles?

  93. @deathcon the MS eye techs are based off japanese gods susanoo tsukiyomi amaretsu all came from izanagi when he washed his eyes and nose.

  94. omfg i cant believe that next week is going to be a break for naruto god dam it what the hell is happening why are all the author saying they need to collect data

  95. @smurfclassic I sure hope he isn’t collecting data the way Jiraiya did 😀

  96. @NS Dub fans: Check out this link.

    @smurf: you want this war to be real, right? give kishi a break…he needs time to prepare so that a realistic storyline can be made. Otherwise, there will be bitching about how stupid the story/plot is.

  97. 468 is out

  98. Forgot to mention that it is mentioned in the chapter that no Naruto next week.

  99. Looks like Naruto know his limitation in Sage mode and are working to extend the time.

  100. I thought this was a pretty good chapter. Where did all this talk about Kisame fusing with his sword and Kakashi leading the alliance come from? Misinterpreted spoilers? Lol, I’ll save my discussion for the new breakdown release.

    Oh, and I’m comment #100!

  101. i wonder why kishi and oda take breaks around the same time…hmm what if kishi and oda are the same person…. 0_0

    im joking, but seriously this was a good point for him to take a break at. there are alot of things coming forth that we need to take in, and for him to address
    1.Whats up with sasuke, and how does he relate to madara’s plan. (i still think he may want his body…)
    2.Whats to come from Danzou’s actions, as well as for kakashi for the head alliance meeting.
    3.Is Tsunade really getting her beauty rest lol, or is she still in a comma?
    4.How is Sakura going to deal with Sasuke issue, as well as the possible actions resulting in leaving the village.(goes for kakashi, naruto and yamato as well as sai,kiba, and lee)
    5.Whats up with my darling anko’s safety, and kabumaru(kabuto/orochimaru)
    6.What did Itachi plan up to?, and whats the key/techinque narut has that jiraiy left for him.
    7.How Awesome does he want this war to be….

  102. @super: Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but im glad those 2 things didnt happen. If Kakashi was leader of the alliance, he couldnt escort Naruto around like he does now. And Kisame fusing with his sword sounds dumb. I dont want to see another Bijuu type beast fighting Killerbee. I prefer him fighting Bee Katana on Katana (well 7 Katanas). Oh and Bees gunna lose this fight, Akatsuki is already down to 3 core members, they cant afford to lose another if they plan to fight this war.

    @shinobi: Hopefully Kishi already knows the answer to all those questions. He probably has the core elements of his story planned all the way to the end. The week off is probably to help him come up with details to the Bee/Kisame fight, even thou he already knows the winner.

  103. the chapter was pretty epic 😀

    gah kishi deserves a break but i swear if oda takes another break this year he is dead T_____T

  104. the chap was pretty good! im starting to think that the tusikage seems kind of suspicious, cause of the way he seems to act. The raikage has more mood swings then pmsing girl -__-….. WOW garra way to stick up for naruto -_______-‘…..what kinda of damage could good old naruto do……….im means its not like he has biju in his intestines or anything…;)

  105. What if tsuchikages floating is an antigravity tech…. he is a bad ass earth user, could be his Kekkei genkai… and this new one was an awsome chapter im excited about all thats gonna happen in the near future.
    is Sakura going to confess her newly found love or tell him hes dreaming.
    how will naruto take being told to “forget” about sauske
    Ninja war and all that jazz its going to be fun to watch

    Kishi-sama while your out collecting data could you please have naruto and hinata hook up already we all know its going to happen. NaruHina FTEW

    I edited your comment so you didn’t have to worry about spam. Hope you don’t mind…Penny

  106. @ryuujin

    as i said before sakura is gonna tel naruto to give up on sasugay
    and if i were in his place id say ” STFU bitch , go home and cry ”

    >..< …..* looks at a perv* …. hmm anyway YOSH !!!! congrats 😀

  107. wordpress or maybe someone messed up my comment X_X this is what i said >…< …..* looks at a perv* …. hmm anyway YOSH !!!! congrats 😀

  108. Killer Bee can’t lose to Kisame because he hasn’t “Invaded the Leaf village” and I remember Kishi saying something about that in an interview.

    My guess is that it will be a draw and whomever Bee was learning under will help him either fight Kisame off or sacrifice his life so that killer bee can escape. Either that or Killer Bee will fight Kisame to a stand still and the Teacher person will grab Bee and run off with him or something.

    I just don’t see Kisame taking the 8-tails down, he’s powerful but lets face it that would make Akatsuki way too powerful. Any war at that point would be horrendously lopsided.

    Just my two cents on the matter.

  109. @iamnotreallyhere I too think that Kisame may not be able to take Killer Bee(isn’t it really Kirabi?) down.He may have the same power as a jinchuuriki but lets not forget that there are 9 of them so there is a degree of power among them.Something worries me though,and that is Samehada.It has shown to be able to absorb even the kyubi’s chakra so it might very well proove to be a serious threat.

  110. @to63to- True but if I remember correctly it didn’t absorb a whole lot of it, and I assume that there has to be a limit to it’s ability to absorb chakra otherwise it would be even more cheat than the sharingan. The thing is is that Kirabe (or Killer bee whichever you prefer) is more than capable of being deadly without the use of the Hachibi or it’s chakra and only used it against Sasuke because he got exited, and as much as it will irk most people on here, I don’t see Kisame being able to avoid, or read kirabi’s attacks if Sasuke’s sharingan couldn’t.

    I also don’t see Kisame being able to simply overpower him either, not to mention the sensei guy teaching Kirabi is likely to intervene if things go too south for Kirabi. Especially if he has even a small inkling of what’s at stake. Kirabi vs. Kisame is a pretty even match up but if the other guy gets involved it will likely quickly go bad for Kisame.

  111. @iamnotreallyhere true that but still we haven’t seen Kisame fighting at full power so while I still think Kirabi will win,it’s a bit early for serious predictions.

  112. Didn’t Kirabi say that he has a weakness against water attacks when he fought suigetsu? if so Kisame may have the advantage, seeing how he has enough chakra to create an ocean filled with giant Chakra squids.

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