The Return Of An Old Friend!

Finished_chibis_by_cubsjj2Artwork by Cubsjj2

Ever wondered what came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, no one really gives a fuck so let me tell what I was going to announce in the first place. Ahem… IRA IS BACK!!! YOSH!!! ^(0_0)^

Now before you get your panties up in a bunch it’s not the same as it was before, and as I write this I don’t know all the details Jeremiah has planned for the site. Hell, I don’t even think he fully knows yet the plans he has for the site. One thing that’s for certain though is it will have all the classy humor and interesting view points on subjects Jeremiah brings to the table. I’m really looking forward to it as it should be something new and exciting!

Where does WRA stand in this? Don’t worry about competition and feeling divided between loyalty to a site. WRA is the extension of IRA and stands on its own but IRA is still, for the most part, the root of WRA. If you belong to one you can belong to the other. I and many others share fond memories back at that place. No one wants to see a father and son competing now do we? WRA will keep with the traditional style of offering breakdowns, discussion, and the occasional random post. IRA will offer something different. Of course this is yet to be determined.

So please do visit the site and check out the recent post and most especially the old posts. Keep the awesomeness alive. 😀



~ by supertrek89 on October 11, 2009.

31 Responses to “The Return Of An Old Friend!”

  1. 1st

  2. Thanks for the update ^_^ it is so great to read that IRA’s back…that means more manga breakdowns to read! I love IRA & WRA 😀

  3. @_@ WOW…

    @ SCHY: Beaten by a minute! That would have been so funny if you had typed “1st” and my comment was posted first lol 😛

  4. Im glad IRA is back.

    And im glad everything worked out alright. 😀

  5. orly, this is quite the interesting development.

  6. I just beat you 1angel2heart 😛

    BTW sorry about my almost identical post above….

    I submitted one post…realised there was a typo…Pressed back quickly…changed the post and submitted it again.
    I was hoping everything would work out and both posts wouldn’t come through….but its to bad the 1st post got through and i pressed back to late -_-

  7. mhuwhahwhawhhahawhahahhahahahah

    IRA is back LOL

    epic 😀

  8. Hmmmmm…wonder what this is about???

  9. @SCHY: I concede defeat 😀

  10. Meh, I miss IRA since it was the one thing that got me loving manga, but it’ll be confusing to try and catch up with both when there’s too much stuff to do already. I’m glad though ^.^ Great to see IRA up and running again.

    WRA will continue providing I hope. I’ll try to be a part as often as possible. 8D

  11. I agree with Penny…I wonder what going to end up happening in the next couple of weeks and days

  12. It’ll be interesting…. 😉

  13. Its like Konoha was rebuilt all over again, what does this mean. Anyway glad to see the orginal site is back. Though now all the members are split between WRA, WOM, IHS ect…

  14. This is gonna be one awkward week

  15. Whats WOM and IHS?

  16. Oh and btw
    SUPER!!!! your forgot to mention!!!! BONO IS BACK TOO!!!!

  17. @schy: Word On Mars and I Hate Sasugay…

  18. @Super17

    Seems interesting….

    Although members and blogs shouldnt be divided like the Jubi is now…..

    We should all be united 🙂

  19. @Schy: under the name of the Moon’s Ass Plan? [stole the name]?

  20. @schy: ahaha i agree with you man. We were united… once… in a good place called iareawesomeness.

  21. @supafreak: Just because we used to all be under one banner and that banner suddenly gets fixed doesn’t mean that all will be as it was. Many have moved on and done other things, including me.

  22. @Penny ~ Very true…

    Although i dont think Super17 was suggesting we should all move back to IRA….
    I think we should all comment on both IRA and WRA though…..
    I mean, why wouldnt we?

  23. @schy: wasn’t implying that we couldn’t do just that. I mean, we all have visited multiple sites and blogged/commented right? My comment was merely to say that things are not going to be the same as they once were, even if Miah is back.

  24. *sigh* Maybe I should remove comment privileges from this post…

    I made this post so that people can know that IRA is back and be excited for it. That was basically it… People will freely comment wherever they please whether it be on this blog or another. They shouldn’t feel like they have to take sides in this situation. I specifically said in my post not to worry about loyalties to a site so comment wherever you please, but please do not feel like you HAVE to do both IRA and WRA. If you feel like you “should” then of course that’s fine but don’t say, “…we should all comment on both IRA and WRA though” as if it’s obliged. It’s all up to the individual user’s own choice.

    I say be happy that IRA is back and leave it at that. I see the two sites playing off of each other and increasing traffic for a mutual benefit.

    Lol, that’s all I hope no one was offended and takes my advice to heart. ^_^

  25. …i didn’t know there was other sites like this until the otherday when jeremiah logged on…but i agree with super…lets just keep it simple and enjoy the return of ira and celebrate that wra has managed to remain together after the torch was passed…

  26. yeah penny i wasn’t about to say that everyone should go back to IRA because even though i miss jeremiah’s breakdown i like it more now. There’s more breakdowns to read and overall everything feels better i guess.

  27. Personally I don’t think anyone should get to up in arms over it, he has already said that IRA won’t be the same as it was…and he won’t be doing breakdowns….I have my own personal opinions on that man and why he’s doing the things he is….but i’ll keep them to myself.

  28. hey ms.mandi haven’t heard or seen you in a while(maybe its because i haven’t been on as often)

  29. Hmmmm its nice that it is back. But I have all my friends here :)! As long as u all keep posting here. I will always be around! Tho it does sound like j-man won’t be really keeping up with the site much unless he gets someother posters to write breakdowns. But whatev peace out deathcon4

  30. Good to hear IRA might be coming back. Good memories made there and hopefully many more to come.

  31. sweet IRA convinced me to read breakdowns WRA convinced me to become a member so i shall make them like pb&j and enjoy them both together

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