Bleach 377 breakdown + Bleach 378 spoilers

Hello people of WRA!

I know I said I was gone….but I will still be around, just not as active as I was before. Well it is time for this week’s Bleach manga breakdown! Well this week’s bleach chapter was kind of boring it we got to see Kensei’s bankai and we saw Hiyori get cut in two by Gin. Bleach seems to be moving at a snail’s pace considering nothing major story wise has happened in a long time. I could end my breakdown now but what fun would that be, let’s make fun of bleach ^_^.

Bleach 377-1

Someone just got beat like a green headed step child...

yeah, so after little Miss green hair gets a good slap in the face her capitain gets angry and breaks out the kung-fu! We get to see Kensei’s bankai but we don’t get to see him use it…hurray for suspense build up *sigh*

bleach 377-2

Everybody was Ban-Kai fighting!...Did he just let one rip so hard it tore up the ground? Yes, that was a fart joke.

Now we get to focus on Aizen and his standoff with…well everyone at this point. I love it when chapters just have people floating in mid air staring each other down talking about how they are powerful and can kill everybody. Hmm, that reminds me of this other show where people fly around and shoot energy blasts…but they did not have swords.

YES! we get to look at everyones face close up for the 100th time.  Someone is about to get served!

YES! we get to look at everyones face close up for the 100th time. Someone is about to get served!

I hate that everyone in bleach has the power to fly. What happened to the good old days, when nobody could fly and Ichigo was only able to fly with a hand wing thing that Yoruichi gave him. *sigh* it is just that location seems to have no affect on battles one people are able to fly. It is like after the soul society arc all the fights are air born and only go to the ground near the end >_<.

So thats what my legs look like.

So thats what my legs look like.

Sarge, I can't feel my legs!

Sarge, I can't feel my legs!

I have a theory that Hiyori was was on facebook when gin attacked and that is why she was cut in half. (warning the animation below contains some graphic violence and should not be viewed by the younger readers.)

Hiyori is rather calm for just having the lower half of her body destroyed by a guy with a fake smile and a long sword (I bet that one went over some peoples heads). So, Hiyori is cut in half and Aizen is about to kill everybody, who will save them! Is it a bird? is it a plane? No its…

Ichigo! He can leap buildings in a single bound and run faster than a speeding bullet!

Ichigo! He can leap buildings in a single bound and run faster than a speeding bullet!

So once again all hope rests on Ichigo’s bipolar shoulder. Tune in next time for another exiting episode of Dragon ball… *ahem* I mean Bleach.

Until next time,

Scorpion Legacy

~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on October 10, 2009.

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  2. 2nddddd 😀

  3. third! aweosme job scorp !:D

  4. Lol, great breakdown Scorp! I voterd Kamahameha Wave! XD

    I have to say I really enjoyed this chapter. Maybe because I was reading it with a friend and things are enjoyed better with others. Hiyori got PWNED and I’m surprised she didn’t charge at Aizen with her mask on.

    I’m liking Aizen more and more each chapter because he’s so badass he can just stand there and intimidate a group of vizards and captains! Gin is still an asshole…I don’t like that fake smile. -_-

    I suppose they’re switching to Hueco Mundo next chapter…

  5. Fourth!

  6. Yeah i think it would be great if we switch sides and started to see wtf is happening in Hueco Mundo. Let’s see some Yammy ownage. Perhaps we’ll see the fabled hax abilities of Unohana or perhaps we might get to see glimpse of either Grimmjaw or perhaps…Starrk (i guy can hope).

    Either case i think this chapter was bad ass, i can’t wait to see Aizen just lay waste to some Vizards and some SS captians. Which btw: as long as Hisagi, Kensei, Kira, Ikkaku, and Shinji live (out of the group over there) i’m cool.

    fun breakdown btw

  7. …..poor Hiyori 😦

    And, good luck Kensei 🙂

  8. top ten …yay! I wanna know were urahara and yorouchi(sp) are? And maybe the Two Dads, I know their abilities weren’t introduced for no reason….right?

  9. thanks for the breakdown… i love the facebook video clip…
    wow…where to start, i know…hiyori just performed magic by being in two places at once… look she’s held by shinji while taking a nap..lolz
    anyways, i think shinji predicted either gin or kaname would defend aizen for the fact that shinji almost got his head sliced off…
    i kinda think its alittle too much for them to depend on ichigo although him getting orihime back was somewhat important…(makes me wonder why then sent captain unohana and kotesu together)

  10. wow scorpion you really didnt like this chapter huh? i thought this chapter was pretty epic, seince it seems like a good guy finally died. Although i am sad it was hiyori, i have to be happy that it appears that kubo is finally willing to kill some people from the good side (after all the espada but yammi are dead of course! sigh…) although im skeptical seince it seems like its already been forshadowed that orihime will save her with shinji thinking of her.

    enriquespyro: lol im hoping the same thing except i want Ulquiorra to come back! Starrk will come back to life in the real world. Harribel was damn hot but she was weak so i doubt she will come back seince aizen said “you will never raise your blade to me again”. So…. Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Starrk and Nel becoume a team and join the good guys! lol that would be so cool but i doubt it would happen. if it did though Ulquiorra could teach them to use the second ressuriction though.

  11. to who belong the sandals + feet in the second frame?

    anybody any idea? Maybe Ukitake, he should still be lying somewhere around

  12. maybe. anyway hiyori isnt dead, she’s just decapitated.

  13. @byth2~The sandals and feet?

    Thats Hiyori’s lower half……+_+

  14. i liked this chapter for the main reason ichigo is coming back (im not like obbsessed with him im just curious to see how strong he is after Ulquiorra, he also might have a new mask after the fight (because he died or whatever)). Also im not that bothered bout Hiyori ‘dieing’, she didnt really add much to the story

  15. @people who wonder why I did not like this chapter.

    I did not like the chapter much because The story did not move forward at all and the only real action was gin cutting Hiyori in half, we got to see another bankai. I love the action in bleach but the story is moving slower then a snail. The last time the story moved at all was at the turn back the pendulum arc 60+ chapters ago. I guess you can say the flash back of aizen taking over Hueco Mundo was a bit of story. I think the thing I don’t like the most is the fact that we don’t know what aizen is fighting for… Also I think Hiyori getting cut in half was pointless because I have the feeling she will live.

  16. @Takashid: Noooooeeess! Harribel wasn’t weak she was just up against Aizen and that’s why she fell so easily. But Aizen had to deliver two blows to take her down when most of the time it only takes one blow to his enemy to destroy them. She survived against Toshirou’s ultimate attack and the combined forces of two released fully masked Vizard’s Zanpatous and a Captain.

    She just never had her chance to shine…T_T

    @Byth2: LMAO, the innocence of that question is epic! XD

    Poor Hiyori…>_>

    @Scorp: I believe Aizen is fighting purely for power. He wants the King’s Key to overthrow the King and rule over all his domain. He’s just another power hungry villain but badass nonetheless. 😉

  17. Are you people kidding me

    Did anybody forget about espada 0 aka YAMMY

    that big ass mofo

    who was towering against everybody

  18. Scorpion:yeah i agree, i really want to know WHY Aizen is doing all this! Is he just another power hungry bastard or does he have a motivation? I actually have a theory that maybe Aizen is the Soul Society King, and he was exiled or somehow trapped in Soul Society and is doing all this to get back.

    super: yeah i guess your right, she did survive against those three. i just dont like harribel that much. aside from the fanservice it didnt seem like she ever did anything usefull. for one thing i cant stand the fact that she could not even beat Toushiro. it just seemed pathetic that she could not beat him after she released when she was kicking the crap out of him before she released.

    Burning Ace: i didn’t forget about Yammi! i have high expectations for him. i was apparenty one of the few people who actually thought that him being zero was a cool plot twist. im hoping that he turns out to be a super powerfull badass who actually manages to kill some good guys. if that zero actually means he is the strongest espada then i want him to prove it!

  19. @SCHY 決勝戦: D’oh! -_-

  20. Great job Scorp!
    After reading this chapter, my fears have been confirmed. I’m officially more afraid of Gin than I am of Aizen *shivers in fear*
    BTW, the Galik Gun pens Kamehameha!

  21. @byth2~

  22. I love how the kamehameha wave has the most votes LMAO.

  23. Yeah lol ^_^

  24. I have this strange feeling that Hiyori won’t die and it has something to do with the consistency of characters living before in the manga. Lol, besides if Kubo killed the little girl before any of the other major characters that’d be a little f**ked up. XD

    @Kisu: Still scared of Gin? I’m not the least bit cautious of him compared to Aizen! He just stands there and people die around him. He barely lifted a finger throughout this entire fight and the people are to afraid to approach him.

    He’s going to start PWNing people soon and I can’t wait for the Yamato vs. Aizen fight!

    @Takashid: Actually, I’m one of the very few fans of Yammy’s release! 😀 I thought it was a cool plot twist for him to go from 10 to Espada #0. I wonder how they’re handling him right now or they even started fighting yet.

  25. @everyone- alright, im not gonna say im a hitsugaya fan anything… but i really do think that he is way underestimated. The fact of the matter is that they simply showed his bankai and shikai way early, and to not have everyone’s bankai shown they kept repeating and playing his out. The truth is, he IS very powerful, in fact one of the stronger captains imho. Ok, so ukitake, yamamoto, shunsui, and unohana and byakuya are def stronger…but hes on the same level as komamura, and soifon etc… stop underestimating his bankai…and everyone forgets that he is only like 11 or something…i dont know why everyone hates him so much… u shouldnt hate a character just because hes popular among teenage grls and boys…

  26. @Omar:

    “and everyone forgets that he is only like 11 or something” (Omar)

    LMFAO!!! XD I know you were being sarcastic and all but he would only be two years older than my lil sis. @_@

    Personally speaking, I don’t underestimate his power and I know how strong he is. He’s a genius in fact a prodigy you can even say. What I don’t like about him is his attitude which makes him think he’s so much better than others. Similar to Byakuya’s attitude but coming from a little brat. He’s a kid with to much authority in my opinion. He’s mature for his age but the way he presents himself annoys me.

    In all fairness though with all the responsibilities pushed on you at such a young age and commanding a unit of adults. A child like him may have to come off as arrogant to make sure he get what he wants.

    @Anyone: Why is Wonnderweiss still able to fight so much? Is he as strong as I initially thought he was? In case you don’t know I always said Espada/Captain level.

  27. well i dont know exactly but i have a theory that aisen had made other arrancar and kept them away some like the nest of 3 numeros just away and wonderwise was a test to see wich woud be stronger the original or houkuku made and we all know the answer to that aparently? as for toushiro he will be strong (if he lives)but we have to remember that his bankai has a seal (training weels) he has yet to complet his training with bankai.

  28. Credits : Nja @ 2Ch
    Verification : Confirmed
    Translation by Sheetz


    チャド・レンジ は既に地面にはいつくばってくたばってました
    苺が助けに もうこんなくだらない戦い俺がはやく終わらす
    ルキア  なんだあいつの目は…上で勝ってきたやつの目じゃない 的な事をいい

    3人から遠ざかる様な戦いをし あの3人を巻き込みたくない
    お前を速攻で倒し現世へ といい

    仮面化した所で 完です


    I only read it for a minute but…

    Yammi has captured Rukia.

    Chad and Renji are already down on their knees.

    Yammi and Rukia have an exchange and he’s about to pound her into the ground,

    when Ichigo saves her and says he’s going to hurry up and finish this trivial battle.

    Rukia says something like: “That guy’s rank…isn’t the same as the rank of the guy you defeated.”

    The 3 go off and watch the fight from a distance. It doesn’t appear they will be involved.

    Ichigo says he’s going to quickly defeat Yammi and then head off to the real world.

    He dons his mask and the chapter ends.

    You can only see a bit at the end, but it looks like Ichigo’s mask has a horn. Maybe the one from before?

  29. I just noticed something… how in the world did you get your poll to have that kind of design Scorp? I have to do something like that for my One Piece breakdowns! o_O

    Also back to Bleach *avoids spoiler* I think Aizen is finally going to be stepping in to fight and it’s going to go all down hill for the good guys. The antagonist usually looks like he’s going to win before the good guys start to make a comeback eventually coming out the victor. Cliche I know but Aizen definitely won’t be getting the King’s Key by destroying Ichigo’s town. He’s already obtaining it some other way knowing that sneaky bastard.

    Let’s see…he has half the captains busy in the real world and the others trapped in Hueco Mundo. Soul Society is left wide open.

  30. @super: i do agree that Aizen usually does have something else up his sleeve…however, i think this is where his arrogance blinds him. he thinks he’s untouchable at this point and probably has too much confidence in himself. I dont think theres gonna be another turn of events here…Aizen is going to lose because he got too cocky.

  31. supertrek started to get me to think, now…what if [this idea i’m about to ocme up with is gonna be one hell of cop out, but let’s play with this]…what if this whole battle in Karakura town is Aizen being his ubber bullshit self using his shikai/bankai casting an illusion to all the poor Shinigami Shmoes…while Tousen and/or Gin are smoking out everything in SS?

    eh, eh? Now that would be ubber crazy cool. I highly doubt that Kubo would do this, cause it would be incredibly “out-of-nowhere”, but damn that would show how epic Aizen really is. Hahah.

    Another plot twist i thought that would have been really cool if Kisuke was actually the true badguy, pulling the strings, and that he’s got some crazy idea about making this Shinigami/Hollow mutations? Once again i can be waaaay off, but man…just think of all the possiblities.

    anywho, just food for thought. n.n;;

  32. just a thought after watch episode 147-150 but instead of inprisoning the soul reapers woulndt it be better the send them to HM to fight to survie and then come back after a sentence is carried out of course this has to be just for the stronger ones that wont get killed and eat so the hollows dont get stronger, cause if would atleast make a dent in the hollows showing up in the real world like ashido wanted to do but couldnt but hes only one guy but if they dont sentence a guy stragiht away and leave it for a bit until there are enough people that have done wrong to send in then the time wasted with them in a cell would be better used as they would be killing hollows everywere.

    p.s dont you think the fighting power of the menos was greater over exgarated at the beginning of has been extremly weak as the story progressed.

  33. hello there,
    new to this whole commenting thing but i have been keeping up with ira and wra for a little while now so if you could just bear with me.
    does anyone else speculate that there’s a strange connection with ichigo, orihime, isshin (ichigo’s father), masaki (ichigo’s mother), sora (orihime’s brother), the royal guard, and kisuke? that maybe aizen knows about this as well and that he’s been placing ichigo and orihime in great danger so that their powers can completely manifest themselves. could ichigo and orihime be destined to take the place on the king’s throne? i know this is sounding cliched but both characters have this grandiose power within them. orihime’s shun shun rikka and ichigo’s shinigami / hollow abilities + the fact that ichigo’s 2nd hollow form (super sayian level 2 anyone?) could be seen as being activated upon orihime’s pleas. i speculate that kubo is setting this series up for something along those lines. what do you think?

  34. @smurf: well not really, all has happened since the beginning of bleach, just look, ichigo has a bankai, rukia is using her shika(more really..just we haven’t seen it since we first saw grimmjaw), orihime, chad(o), and even ishda has his quincy powers back.. don’t forget renji has bankai also that 2nd seat guy from kenpachi’s had bankai as well.. anyways its just that everyones been getting stronger because they’ve had to fight stronger people each time.. but seriously i thought those grand meno’s things were supposed to be a challenge for captains too, but it seems like those standards were a long time ago..

  35. @Mammonic: Welcome to WRA! 😀

    Oh my…that’s an interesting theory. I believe that Isshin was once apart of the Royal Guard and if this is true then Ichigo could somehow be connected with the King. If he’s connected with the King then Aizen could be manifesting his powers on purpose to draw the King out. Which leads me to my own theory that Isshin is actually the prince to the thrown, got tired of his father’s rule, left the palace and fell in love with a human girl (Masaki), thus making Ichigo the next one to inherit the throne. ~_~ Now Aizen is putting Ichigo in danger to draw the King out! it’s crazy but it just might work! XD

    Your comment made me think of something. All the shinigami in Soul Society are dead people right? Mere souls sent to Soul Society to live off the rest of their days. Then how did Isshin come down to the real world and mate with Masaki if he’s dead? Do Faux Bodies give off sperm too? That’s just sick. -_-

    Anyway, how can Ichigo inherit genes from a dead guy if the dead guy (his father) is just a soul with no genes to pass on. That’s where we think Ichigo got his reaper powers from right? His dad but his dad has been dead for years and technically speaking should be still dead.

    Even if he were to pass his genes on by mating through the faux body how could the faux body be perfectly replicated after Isshin’s body composing of the exact same genes? Maybe I’m confusin myself here…-_-

  36. isshin was even called a “bad father” by ryuken (uryu’s father) and isshin agreed with him. grand fisher called ichigo a “pure blood” or something along the lines (the manga and anime blur together with me at times). it could be that aizen is meticulously planning ichigo’s growth in order to acquire the king’s key. i speculate that the work ichigo does inevitably brings negative results and that he could bring about the manifestation of the key. the only trump card is the fact that i feel as though orihime is a much more important character than kubo has lead us to believe and that she is the air to the throne. she said that her parents didn’t want “different children” and… what kind of significance does sora play when his care and love for his young sister is manifested in the hairpins? ever since i got into this franchise i always wanted to know what kisuke was playing at. it seems to me that he knows what ichigo’s destiny is (somewhat) and that he is playing a game with aizen, treating ichigo like a knight in chess.

  37. @supertrek when i brought the possibility of ishiin being or one of nobl families or royal guard u all LAUGH at me and refuted a lot cuz of that(i already started this on the hueco mundo arc if i’m not mistaken) but now that story progressed the crazy, mad and completely unacceptable theory its getting rather catchy don’t ya think ;P

    anyways its just morning my eyes are lly blurry so x.x

  38. hey guys im a little confused i was under the impression that at the begining of the series he recieved his shinigami powers from Rukia…. the only thing Ichigo had was a riatsu in his human body and a very powerful one at that… but he did not “recieve his shinigami powers” from his father.

    what i think is that both of his parents were somehow involed with the royal family and/or guard but again i could be full of Sh!t. i think his mother was of the Royal family and his father was just one of the gaurd they fell in love and since it was forbiden or what not they left for the real world, where it seems everyone is exiled to.

  39. @Acklikxx: Uh, I don’t know who you’re talking about because I said Isshin was possibly a captain or a royal guard long ago on IRA. Many others have said that before me and that’s where I got the idea. In truth, I don’t even remember you saying anything about it. -_-

    @Ryuu: Yeah you’re right. I should have said that’s where Ichigo got his naturally high spirit pressure from (from his father). Still he inherited something from his dead father which is still confusing.

    maybe just cuz u skipped it lik many ppl or we wud start a debate anyways, nevah read IRA that much (wasn’t into bleach yet) so i cudn’t knew u already had spoken bout that, and at wra u nevah mentioned before as far as i saw anyways, i gave ma opinion and i was trying to make joke bout it but u just had to take it out personal… so good for you =)

  41. hey bleach is out and its really early and before naruto which i something that dosent happen the much (can only download is atm.

    ph and at the end it looks like the mask is different but not the mask of the full power hollow transformation.

  42. @Acklikxx: I didn’t take anything personally dude. If you look at the links like you said I skipped your comment because I knew you were just joking so how I could I have picked out your comment if I never mentioned it? You’re confusing me! o_O

    @Everyone: Here’s the latest chapter!

  43. lol i was about to put up the same hyperlink as up

  44. so, is that a new mask ichigoo is wearing

  45. yes, it is a new mask, and it resembles that of the “vastolorde” like ichigo

  46. also, his eyes are different, this time his eyes didnt change, didnt turned black’yellow it seems

  47. Pretty meh chapter. It all led up to Ichigo PWNing the shit out of the 0 espada in one move. Lot’s of talking and facing off.

  48. @ryuu and super: ichigo did get his reiatsu from his father, however its only began to grow as he grew older. when he got his powers from rukia it awoken his potential to be a shinigami, which is what urahara said. he had his own, but rukia’s only awoken it sooner..

    i kinda expected this to happen. not everyone getting pwnd but ichigo squaring off with yammi. his new mask is truely badass…i think what happend was similiar to naruto and the fox. except ichigo didn’t have minato(isshin really) inside to help fix the balance. so when rukia said he didn’t have the eyes of a victorious man, its probably like the fight between him and byakuya where he wanted to beat him, not the hollow. he’s probably upset about letting his hollow half take control…

  49. Damn, I didn’t read any spoilers so I thought for sure it was going to be Byakuya (But then he’d have saved Rukia twice in the same day xD ).

  50. i just had an outright crazy thought, and see if you can follow me here… what if ichigos body is realy a faux body…. its probably not reality but could be a possibility, how come Sado, Orihime, Uriu, dont have to be on the spirit plain to enter soul society or hueco mundo….i dont know im running on an hour of sleep and i may be delirious

  51. @Ryuu: Kisuke explains it all near the beginning of the series.

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