YOSH!!! One Piece 561 Spoilers Confirmed + 560 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included! $_$

-One Piece Spoiler Below-

One_Piece_wallpaper_by_atheus93Artwork by Atheus93

Here’s this week’s spoiler video and after a week long break I hope this upcoming chapter is great to say the least. Spoiler video by Naruto1Piece4 and spoiler script for video can be located in the comments section below.

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown WRA style! The chapter was another short but goodie and guess what guys!? SURPRISE, Oda is taking another break! YaaaaaaaaaaaaayNOOOOOOOOOOOEESSSSS!!!!!!!! @_@ WTFuckery!? When will the breaks end Oda? This is even worse than the time I decided to climb Mount Everest and I found out Zoro was my mountain guide! T_T

What do you do when Oda takes a break?

P.S. My rage is so adamant that I submitted the word “WTFuckery” for the site Urbandictionary.com and now it’s up for review. Oh, the site is so classy it reviews its words before posting them. We wouldn’t want any stupid words on there now would we? -_- Let’s hope it gets through! XD

Let’s go!

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!


This week’s AMV is rated M because there’s lots of cursing and nudity! O_o Ok no nudity not even from Franky but it’s to the song ‘I’m On A Boat’ so don’t listen to it if you don’t like excessive cursing! Pause at 0:06 hilarious! XD AMV by UltimateUniverse. This week’s BOPP by Isaakhan35 only blemished by the lack of Brook.

Alright, now let’s get this breakdown started!

You can't keep complainig about not being able to find your crew Zoro when you've only moved 5 feet since last chapter. -_-

You can't keep complainig about not being able to find your crew Zoro when you've only moved 5 feet since last chapter. -_-

Zoro appears in the conclusion of his two part cover story and not far from where he was last week. Notice that there are roots coming out from under the giant cross which leads me to believe it was once a tree now carved into the structure of a cross. That’ll take some remarkable swordsmanship. >_> Look at me trying to grasp any connection the cover story may have with Mihawk! >_< A shadowy figure approaches Zoro and Perona. You weren’t so alone in the first place were you Perona? Now the interesting thing is what’s next?

I hope you’re not looking for a poll because I have no idea…>_>

Pic 2

I wonder if there's an edible skeleton key made of meat...

In the main story beautiful Boa Hancock approaches Luffy delivering the key to Ace’s handcuffs and Luffy humps jumps on her to thank her. Boa goes into fan girl mode letting out a squeal of appreciation for the bodily contact (Luffy you lucky bastard!!!) and falls to her knees. Lmao, the marines misinterpret Luffy’s actions for sumo wrestling moves that leave Boa on her knees squealing in defeat. Love is truly a battlefield… The worse interpretation though is done by none other than Boa when she questions did they just get married! xD

Luffy is a known sexist. I heard rumors that Nami and Nico tried to leave the crew for other undisclosed reason...>_>

Luffy is a known sexist. I heard rumors that Nami and Nico tried to leave the crew for other undisclosed reason...>_>

Smoker comes back in for the attack but Boa kicks him away ignoring the DF draining jutte with a Kairōseki tip, breaking the jutte in half with her Perfume Femure. I was wrong about Boa not jumping in to save Luffy but I was right about the obviousness of her facing serious consequences! Yay, for being right about the obvious! >_<

I had little people in my head too but then I woke up from my nightmare and swore to myself never to watch 'Alice in Wonderland' before bed again. @_@

I had little people in my head too but then I woke up from my nightmare and swore to myself never to watch 'Alice in Wonderland' before bed again. @_@

Ivankov and Kuma are squaring off and I must give props to Smurfclassic who predicted last week that Kuma was completely modified into a machine overwriting his human side. Spot on Smurf and most of the voters agreed with you on last week’s poll. 😉 Poor Kuma was sacrificing himself to the Government for a still unknown reason and in doing so has now lost his human consciousness. Is it completely gone? Well, we all know that even a zombified Cindry who was long dead was able to retain her old will in her body. Who’s the say it can’t happen with Kuma? Let me remind you all of what I’m talking about…


Did you know Ivankov's face has been used as an interrogation device to scare information out of terrorists? o_O

Did you know Ivankov's face has been used as an interrogation device to scare information out of terrorists? o_O

Welcome back! 😀 After delivering an ass kicking to Kuma (Damn she can fight) Ivankov tells Luffy and her… “Cute Candy Boys” *shudders* -_- to go ahead without her. Buggy, Mr. 3, and the rest of the escapees go on the charge and implement plan “Let The World Know The Name Of Captain Buggy” or L.T.W.K.T.N.O.C.B. for short…that doesn’t work out to well does it…>_>

What the hell happened back in 1988!?

What the hell happened back in 1988!?

Back at the S.S. Moby Dick Crocodile is STILL going after Whitebeard even after Luffy told him to back off. That damn hard headed sand castle building bastard! He takes out an entire group of pirates with a sand tornado which is quite impressive but you know what’s even more impressive? The punch Diamond Jozu delivered to his face that sent him flying all the way up to Doflamingo!!! Take that Crocodile! 😛 How did Jozu hit him when Crocodile can just turn to sand? I think it was the immense speed Jozu came at him with that didn’t allow Crocodile time to activate his DF. Now that’s sad for someone who supposedly mastered his DF ability the point of being able to turn to sand reflexively upon being attacked. Serves him right!

Doflamingo...that bastard! -_-

Doflamingo...that bastard! -_-

Jozu charges again at Crocodile and Doflamingo moves his fingers in the way he usually does before he takes over someone’s body. Flip the page and he’s behind Jozu seemingly controlling him and stopping his punch in mid stride. WTF, he’s even able to control someone strong enough to hurl icebergs and the 3rd commander of the Whitebeard pirates!? Maybe I’m just imaging stuff. @_@ Crocodile vs. Jozu and Doflamingo! Anyone else feel the homosexual tension between Crocodile and Doflamingo? O_O

In all honesty sewer rats are not only a good source of experience but food too!

In all honesty sewer rats are not only a good source of experience but food too!

Last up Luffy vs. Mihawk!? What a mismatch, time for another ass whooping for Luffy and rescue Luffy mission. Lol, I find it funny how Mihawk apologizes to his rival Shanks before he’s about to cut up his favorite straw hat wearing rubber pirate.

Here’s last week’s winner of the bubble contest and the new demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

___________________________BUBBLE CONTEST____________________________________

Top 3:

3. Shinobi:

Donflamingo: I’ve been told these glasses are the latest in kambaka fashion..
Donflamingo: Do i actually have to be one to wear them?
Ivankov: How do i tell him those were last years fashion?

2. Pickles:

Doflamingo 1: Hey, Iva
Doflamingo 2: Your makeup is smeared
Iva: What! Noooooo!

1. Congrats Elisha! XD


___________________________DEMOTIVATIONAL POSTER____________________________

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Seeing as how the Bubble Contest wasn’t that popular I’m just going to just go back to the Prediction Contest this week. 😉


On the cover page it will feature Blackbeard making his announcemt back at Impel Down or some totally random event happeing somewhere in the world of One Piece. >_< Luffy will be rescued from Mihawk by Marco who was asked to protect Luffy by Whitebeard. Luffy will make it atop the execution platform and encounter Sengoku as Garp won’t even bother getting up. The chapter will end with Whitebeard leaving his spot on the boat and entering the battle. We have 2 weeks, YOSH!!! T_T


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  1. First!

    A good start to my wra adventure! [been here since ira]

    Sorry, don’t have much else to say…

  2. 2nd!(i read it before posting, damn you)

  3. 3rd?

  4. @gonrod: I read it before posting too, then sign up at WordPress…

    @demotivation poster: I seem to forget what Scorpian Legacy was worring about letting supertrek run the show… hmmm

  5. Looking forward to see the animated version of this chapter: with Luffy hugging/climbing Boa and Ivan’s “face my face no jutsu”.

  6. nice breakdown super…i don’t think im gonna give a prediction just yet…i’ll wait until i start going through op withdrawl..that way all i’ll be underpredicting what could happen…ie luffy will be in the next chapter kinda thing..lmao…
    yay..i got top 3 of the bubble…wait wasn’t there like 3 of us..lmao..jkjk

  7. Cant really say much right now and i’ll be away for a few days too but it was a great chapter and equally great breakdown.

    @Super: Only the tip/end of Smokers jutte is kairoseke dude so neither came in contact with it.

  8. nice break down!

    lolz at the amv at the point of “i fucked a mermaid” it was just to obvious what would come xD
    great demotivational poster.
    I wonder whos gonna save luffys azz this time? marco wb zoro?!?!
    yeh i know zoro still couldnt beat him but he could atleast save luffys azz for the time beeing,.. if he would just move more then 5ft the coming chapter 😛

  9. Woot! When’s the next caption contest? 🙂

    About Kuma’s willingly sacrificing his body and soul to Vegapunk…I’m thinking Dragon put him up to it. Think about it, Kuma would be the perfect inside man as a Shichibukai that was supposedly the WG’s loyal pet. I’d like to think that Kuma suggested it against Dragon’s initial wishes because I really don’t want to believe that Dragon would be that cold in sacrificing one of his men. Maybe I’m just hoping that Garp’s son and Luffy’s dad isn’t a complete bastard. 😦 At any rate, I also think that Kuma’s last modifications were because he disobeyed the WG and saved Luffy and his crew on Shabaody. If that’s the case, he was perfectly aware of this and that’s why he told Luffy, “We shall not meet again.” That’s also why he tested everyone on Thriller Bark by offering to leave them alive if they let him take Luffy. After both Zoro and Sanji were willing to sacrifice their lives for Luffy, Kuma was convinced that Luffy was worth protecting and therefore sacrificed himself for Luffy and his crew. Of course, this is just WMG. 😛

    Did you notice Hancock and Jinbei are now in the same boat? They both publicly betrayed the WG and therefore it’s very likely that their status as Shichibukai will be stripped from them and their people (for whom they became Shichibukai to begin with) will now be at risk! I seriously hope the WG will lose this war now because if they win Fishman Island and Amazon Lily are seriously screwed!

    Mihawk vs Luffy? We’d better hope Marco will do good on his word and keep Luffy safe! There’s no way a rubberman can last long against the greatest swordsman in the world. BTW, did you notice that Mihawk is the only Shichibukai whose name Luffy got right on the first try? I guess easily beating Zoro and slicing him up like a fresh ham really left an impression on Luffy!

    And yeah, I can just smell the slashfic about Doflamingo and Crocodile! Did you know that the OneManga version of the ch had Doflamingo saying, “Let’s hook up!”? Although those two magnificent bastards teaming up against Whitebeard: really bad sign! Not that they stand a chance against WB, but it really doesn’t help the whole storming of Marineford to rescue Ace!

    I gotta give Oda credit: this battle is really defying conventions of X vs Y to beat Z and get to A. This is chaotic, unpredictable, and totally realistic as shounen battles go! Temporary alliances being formed and broken in seconds, people rushing everywhere to get what they want, and the hero NEEDING allies to take care of more powerful enemies. This really smacks of quality pirate battles!

    And guys, whenever Oda takes a break, the Holy Shit Quotient gets raised with the new chapter. Just hang tight and reread older chapters and see if there’s any epic foreshadowing you missed. For example, did anyone notice that the Straw Hat Log Pose came from Crocus? Who was Crocus traveling with before he resettled at Twin Peaks? Gol D. Roger. LUFFY AND HIS CREW ARE FOLLOWING GOL D. ROGER’S LOG POSE!!

  10. @Mudmathie: I believe I welcomed you on the Bleach section but seeing as how this is the One Piece section WELCOME TO WRA!!! 😀

    Thanks for commenting and I rarely do anything too perverted on these breakdowns…I think…>_>

    @Shinobi: Lol, yeah wasn’t too hard to pick the bubbles. I see you predict the best when your mind is in another plain from withdrawal symptoms. @_@

    @Franky: Ah yes, you’re right about those jutte. Time to make some changes…>_>

    Have fun where ever you’re going. Does this mean the One Piece Anime Breakdown won’t be done? T_T

    @Fear: Lol! The AMV was one of the funniest ones I’ve seen for One Piece yet. I see Marco saving Luffy after all Whitebeard told him to watch Luffy’s back and he can fly across the battlefield.

    @Elisha: GOL D. ROGERS LOG POSE!?!?! O_O That’s some good insight. 😉

    Jimbei already betrayed the WG by refusing to participate in the war and was thus thrown in jail. Upon his return to Marineford he told Sengoku he quit so any action he does right now is as a fugitive pirate. He already lost his title of Shichibukai. Boa on the other hand is risking her title and the well being of her home island Amazon Lily for the love of Luffy. Romantic and all but foolish in my opinion.

    These battles are a little to sporadic for me I wouldn’t mind one stable battle for out the course of two chapters but I suppose war is not like that. Plus, that would just make the arc longer. I just want Luffy to PWN someone really important before this is all over. >_>

    Lol, and when Oda takes a break it’s customary to freak out here! You’re right though his comeback chapters are always awesome especially after the long wait. 🙂

    @Anyone: Any guesses to how Jozu hit Crocodile or what’s next for the cover pages? I hope Oda covers what’s happening back at Impel Down with Magellan, Blackbeard, and etc…

    Or maybe the 500 prisoners caught after the Shabondy Archipelago incident or the Supernova’s activities. I wonder if any of them were taken prisoner and will be freed later.

  11. @ super Maybe Jinbei and Hancock had different reasons and methods for breaking away from the WG, but both of them are the ironically the only two Shichibukai that used their title to protect their people (unless there’s something about Kuma and Mihawk we don’t know just yet). Losing their titles means both of their islands are now at risk.

    You’re gonna hate me for this, but my guess is everyone’s favorite: haki! Either that, or Jozu had the knowledge and foresight to soak his diamond attack before hitting Croc.

    As for the cover pages, I think they’re going to be “filler” as in just random scenes of the Straw Hats doing random stuff with animals. Either that, or start a new cover arc with say the Supernovas or something like that. BTW, did you hear that the CP9 arc is going to animated as well?? That definitely proves that they’re important to the story later on!

  12. @elisha: its funny you say that because i just asked if cp9 was only a coverstory or it there was actual episodes… thanks..

    @super:even if jimbei and boa lose their titles, the wg won’t be able to go for them right away.. it’ll be awhile, but it would be long enough for those at amazon lily to prepare for, as well as the merman at fishman island… theres also a chance that theres some allies unseen to both of them although for boa’s case, it would have to be another all femal pirate team…

  13. heya all i’m new to WRA

    Prediction wise i reckon the whole marineford battle winner will depend entirely on whether or not blackbeard shows up to fight. if he does whitebeard dies and luffy will need outside help to defeat him(i.e dragon/the rest of his crew). if not WB will easily win and it will end with a big fight between luffy and WB (probaly on the subject of leaving hancock alive).

    well thats my 2 cents worth tell me what u think

  14. i think that one of 2 things is going to happen regarding luffy vs mihawk one is that marco of another one of whitebeards commanders is going to save luffy (saved again!!!!) and the other one is what i want to happen but is next to impossible to happen and that is to have shanks show up becuase he knew that luffy would be going to save ace and there was a strong possiblility that he would run into mihawk who atm didnt have a chance to beat so after he stopped the other king that was planing on intercepting WB he knew were luffy was going to be so he headed straight towards the war, i.e shanks and crew showing up would make it so that the marines would become compltetly domminated. lol

  15. Why do people think Luffy can’t beat Mihawk? We only saw Mihawk fight near the beginning against Zoro. Now Zoro and Luffy both got much stronger since then. Certainly Mihawk should also get stronger. But still… Luffy has two gears afterall and the adrendline rush hormone.

    That said, I still don’t wish Luffy spend his time/energy with Mihawk. Maybe he will just zoom through with gear 2nd.

    Marco seems to be the only one we know (minus wb) that is “free”. He would be a great mismatch for Mihawk like Buggy would. But if he were to jump in now, who will save Luffy from the Light, the Ice and the Magma? Luffy certainly fares much worse against the Logias than against a swordman.

  16. is it just me of is there no definite good way for this war to end:-

    whitebread and co. win but then there is not more marines so the pirates will have it too easy.

    marines win (execute ace) then whitebeard lost and luffy win probley go on end up changing his whole nice guy act and attack all the marines with the intent to kill.

    whitebeard save ace and runs away then whitebeard will be shown as a coward running away.

    just dont see the way its going to end so that the story still keeps on and has a promising future.

    ow and i was looking at the jute (staff) of smokers that hancock broke and because its only at the end the seatone he can still use it because it still has half of it left but if it gets broke again i think that smokers hand will be too close to the seastone that it will do more harm than good holding it.

    anyone think of a good way the war could end or even some moe bad ways.

    i was thinking that if it does resort to after they have ace that they are escaping luffy could go into gear thrid on his legs and like he did in the cp9 rc stamp the ship so they break and becuase they are soo close together that that it could be like walking change the giant leg from one to the other.

    last thought now that luffy has the key to aces cuffs if only mr 3 would hurry up he could make a copy of it and give it to loads of people and the first person to get to ace can free him.

  17. This is going to be one loooong post…>_>

    @Jet: Welcome to WRA! 😀

    I also see Blackbeard showing up and very soon possibly. I’m just going to throw some thoughts out there that have been on my mind lately. Remember he ignored his beckoning to Marineford to go to Impel Down? Read the bottom 2 panels…


    Note on that same link he says becoming a Shichibukai is all apart of the plan. Whatever he’s there for it wasn’t to recruit Shiryuu because he didn’t even know who he was when the two met.


    He’s there at Impel Down to announce or “show” something to the whole world that will shake it to its foundations. Where is all the media coverage? Marineford, so whatever he’s going to “show” to the world it’s going to be over there.


    So why did he go to Impel Down and why is becoming a Shichibukai a major part of his plan? My theory is that Impel Down is hiding a secret (someone or something) that Blackbeard somehow found out about and is there to retrieve. He’ll get it and then make his way to Marineford to parade it in front of the media. Him becoming a Shichibukai may give him some kind of immunity from getting in trouble or something. I haven’t developed the theory past that…

    There are a few problems with this theory though.

    1. How is Blackbeard supposed to get past Mangellan the man who beat him, Luffy, and Ivankov all on the same day? He can’t make his way to Marineford without the Gates of Justice being opened for him and a ship.

    2. He said he’ll show the world whatever it is in a few hours. That coincides with Ace’s execution time. Now that Ace’s execution schedule is changed does Blackbeard know about it and does that mess up his plan?

    3. If there’s a secret wouldn’t Ivankov, the woman who knew the inner workings of Impel Down inside and out, know about it? She has yet to show concern about such a terrible secret being held at Impel Down though.

    Maybe Blackbeard is there to recruit the Level 6 pirates onto his crew making his the strongest crew in the world.


    Having these pirates all on one ship and under one rule would sure as hell be a show to display to the whole world. That’s my theory in a really big nutshell. 😉

    Bah…I’m just going to separate this post in to two parts. XD

  18. How far actually is Luffy to the platform? Why don’t just use gomu gomu no rocket and gomu gomu no key insert… and have Marco save him when he is flying?

  19. Part 2:

    @Elisha: Ugh, if Jozu used Haki I’m calling laziness! ><

    I believe that Fishman Island is protected by Whitebeard's deceleration that anyone who touches the island will be dealt with by him. Do we really know the reason why Jimbei became a Shichibukai besides the obvious benefits offered to a Shichibukai by the WG?

    A CP9 animated arc!? YOSH, that'd be awesome!

    @Shinobi: Perhaps you're right that the government won't be able to do anything to them immediately but does that justify Boa ruining her country's safety in the future? No matter how you look at it the government is going to pay Boa back for this either now or later.

    @Smurf: My scenario revolves around Whitebeard dying or getting seriously injured (leading to his death ^_^) and the pirates retreating with Ace in hand. There's no way they could win with their commander dead or seriously wounded. That way the government wins, they stay in power, Ace is saved, a major character dies in One Piece, and Whitebeard gets a sad moment. T_T

    Your post about what would happen if Shanks arrives makes me think how in the world does the WG counteract the 4 Younkou with just the Shichibukai and the power of the Marines? They're in a deadlock right now with 1 Yonkou? Think about what would happen if all 4 Yonkou decide to attack at once? Lol, though that is very unlikely to happen because the Yonkou seem to not get along well and would never align. Still, the fact remains that the WG put together the Shichibukai and the Marines to keep the Yonkou in line but that power seems so meager right now.

    @Mudmathie: Mihawk beat Zoro with his pic knife and like you said Mihawk has gotten stronger too. His swordsmanship rivaled Shanks when he had two hands and in his fight with Zoro I doubt we even saw 1/4 of his strength. Luffy won't go down easy but if he can't even handle Smoker than he's screwed against Mihwak even if Mihawk isn't a logia type.

    Lol, and I have a feeling that if Luffy did ‘Gomu Gomu no Key Insert’ then his attack would be blocked by an admiral or Sengoku…maybe even Garp.

  20. @supertrek: How in the world did I forget about Shanks ~ Mihawk? Got your point. But luffy losing to Smoker is way different from losing to Mihawk precisely because Mihawk isn’t logia.

    The idea would be: rocket sends him flying beyond the platform, turns around and pretends to do a gomu gomu no pistol but actually with key inside the fist towards Ace’s handcuff, then switches to Key Insert at the last moment. But I guess the intention would be way too clear to anyone, I mean what is the point of pistoling Ace’s handcuff with the possibility of himself being caught?

    @navy’s plan: there might be some sort of Doomsday device installed in/under the middle of the battlefield streching to the platform. Two and a half reasons to back this up:

    1. Garp sitting next to Ace and the reaction of Sengoku to this…

    2. WB commanding his troops to attack the wings and Sengoku’s shock.

    2.5. WB let the baka (aka buggy) lead the prisoners to attack through the middle. 🙂

  21. @Mudmathie: LMAO, if Whitebeard lead Buggy and the prisoners to their deaths I would applaud him. XD

    But Mr. 3 is with them too and that’d be a mighty waste of strong men. He could be using them though to test Sengoku’s trap…

    Make yourself useful Buggy! 😉

  22. sorry to say this but if u look at luffy he hasnt really gotten any stronger since he defeated rob lucci of the CP9 arc

  23. zoro vs mihawk i thiank that atm is will be mihawk that will win even if zoro comes back stronger but i dont think that mihawk will be able to take zoro with the little knife/toothpick that he used the last time and i think that he would have to put in some good effort to take zoro with his black blade but i dont think that zoro will win.

    @super: i kno wat u mean about the world goverment not being able to keep them in check cause i think that wat they mean is with the warlords and the WG can on take on 1 and becuase they are not going to fight together they but to the pretense that they can take on all 4 to make them seems stronger like they did when they said they caught roger. so far we have only seen two of the 4 yonkou and heard the one other one was going to stop WB but shanks got in the way but i am wondering wat the hell is the other one doing, just sitting on his ass of something thinking that they will all take eachother out or injure eachother so he can swoop in and take power for himself.

  24. @Smurf: Two obvious differences in Luffy’s fights since Lucci: 1. gear 2 and gear 3 at the same time. 2. Haki. [I know what people will say to this, that is why I put “differences” rather than “improvements”]

    And judging from Luffy’s growth before the CP9 arc, he seems to be learning from each fight. There is no discontinuity in his power level until gear 2 and 3.

    Re WG’s position against the yonkous: I would say the power displayed by the marines is less than 1/4. 3 shichibukais not fighting for them, [counting croc, not counting maria], the admirals, Garp, Sengoku have not fought seriously. True, WB has not jumped in as well.

    Now, on the pirates side: it is not just the WB pirates. There are pirates from the new worlds, luffy’s team awesome, and *drum rolls*…..Buggy the Baka! – his even bakier fellows are worth mentioning.

    So I would say the full power of WG can hold up for 3 yonkous, just a rough estimate assuming they are as badass as wb.

    Re Mr.3, I am wondering why he isn’t with Mr.1 and croc? What is his goal anyways?

    P.S.: @super, smurf: This is why posting here is so much fun. People point out holes in your (I meant “my” in particular) thoughts with REASONs and different insights! Cool!

  25. A possibility for the Doomsday device I was talking earlier: a huge laser canon build by Vegapunk at the bottom of the ocean in the same region I said earlier. Luffy will gomu gomu no grab Ace and Garp at the last moment and key insert it. I don’t see Garp intervening anything for he will not betray the marines and just want to be/die with Ace to redeem whatever that makes Ace a pirate rather than his dream marine.

  26. @Smurf: I would have to agree with Mudmathie here. Just like any protagonist in a manga series Luffy grows stronger after every fight win or lose. Since Lucci he has fought Moria, 2 Pacifistas (one of them Kuma), 2 of the 3 Gorgon sisters, Magellan, Hannyabal, countless Impel Down guards, and now he has beaten down a Giant and a few other marines. The growth hasn’t been exponential but his strength has definitely improved after all those battles.

    Speaking of Gol D. Roger I wonder if he was a Yonkou or if the Yonkou were formed after his death, and divided up Roger’s territory amongst them…

    @Mudmathie: I have to say that this is well over half of the Marine’s military force we are witnessing here. 5 out of 7 Shichibukai. All 3 admirals which btw are the Marine’s greatest military force. Fleet admiral Sengoku… All the vice-admirals and anyone beneath them. Anyone that’s important in the military is basically here fighting. I’m sure the Marines have many more soldiers spread out all across the world but those foot soldiers only amount to power in numbers.

    I agree the additional pirates from the New World does give Whitebeard more power, but every time I think of how strong Whitebeard’s crew is alone. I think of how strong should the other Yonkou’s crews be… It’s craaazy! @_@

    As for Mr. 3 it seems like he’s becoming friends with Luffy and wants to help out. He already repaid his debt to him and now he’s traveling with him just to escape Impel Down. His goal is FREEDOM!!!


  27. @smurf… a good way to end the fight would be if Dragon appears, in which case the government recognizes that with all of these powers combined they can only retreat? maybe?… well itd b a good end just bcuz im dying to see dragon… mayb thats why oda is taking such a long break…he made it difficult for himself to really end this war…mayb

  28. i meant to say…soo many breaks… although they do seem very long lol

  29. @super: Hmmm, it makes sense. I mean, all of them. But, seems to me only Doflamingo and Luffy have been pretty active now. Maria got owned in seconds. Doomsday Kuma got winked. When I said 3 not fighting for the WG, I meant croc/blackbeard, Jimbei and Boa.

    My point is the WG is merely “displaying” strength up to now, and it could be very different when they start acting.

    Guess I will retract my estimate to 2 yonkous… maybe 1.5, gah, guess we need to wait till everyone gets into high gear.

    @ Mr.3: that is reasonable.

    @ Luffy’s growth: he came up with gear2 and 3 because of a complete defeat by Aokiji, and witnessing CP9’s “tricks”. Now his crew has been completely defeated by Kizaru and Kuma and he has witnessed Sentoumaru/Kuja’s haki and even used a few though he did not comprehend it. So he may have thought of something cool now.

  30. @Omar: I wonder where the marines could retreat to. I doubt the revoluntionaries will come fight the marines now. Their goal is to revoluntionizes the whole world bit by bit, not purely through “military action”. However, we might see at most Dragon showing up with Robin just in case Luffy is about to be killed like he did in Loguetown.

    We have seen Dragon twice (as far as I can remember): once after Luffy’s bounty increase, and once in Ivankov’s recollection. In both cases Dragon seems to be in the same location, possibly their base. Makes me wonder if Robin actually met Dragon or just a faction of his army.

    @Oda’s breaks: do you guys know when the last few breaks happened? Maybe they share something in common…

    I am actually surprised that Naruto does not take a break next week now that Madara has gone Hitler. [not saying I want it to take a break, just saying it would be more reasonable]

  31. i just dont see the WG retreating because it will show them as weak and thats something they want to avoid at all cost.

  32. Great breakdown as always Super! to bad theres a break next week, but ill just make do with bleach seince it has been getting pretty epic right now.

  33. I’ll make my full weekly comments later but this is the one thing that I want to suggest first. Think about this: what if the superweapon that the WG has is, like previously speculated is located somewhere near that center area that WB has tried to avoid with the attacks and that Sengoku was hoping he would (i.e. the area area where Ace is). My theory is that its some form of altered seastone. That would mean that any pirate, WG, or other with Devil fruit powers would be affected if they came into the area. I’m guessing it would have some sort of activation as well because something that massive being active all the time would undoubtably already have been noticed otherwise. The degree of “weakness” induced by the Seastone depends on its density and composition; so what if Vega was able to alter it’s properties to be emited in a short range area. Or if the ground around the tower where Ace is located is made of seastone, crippling any user that actually got close enough during activation. We’ve already seen Seastone used in nets and cages so why not something more grand in terms of a trap?

    Granted, I think it would require an activation as well because the Admirals started next to Ace as well as other fruit users nearby but not as close and none were affected.


  34. @zekks: Seastone is essentially the same as sea water, so I see no point in puting it under the sea in the middle. The ground or even the platform made of seastone? Well, again my point is that seastone does not affect DF users if not in contact. So something like “gomu gomu no jet grab” would still work. But it will certainly be a hindence to other close range fighters. So it could be a possibility when the marines did not expect Luffy to dhow up. However, what sort of preparation needs to be done when they are already made of sea stone?

    But thanks zekks, it got me thinking about my doomsday device again. The laser is certainly the same as Kuma’s. And I have to say choosing a laser cannon over something more elaborate is purely out of laziness from me…

  35. @zekks: Oops, didn’t understand your “Granted, I think it…”. Well then what is point of letting the marines on the battleships from Impel Down know?

  36. *The sound of drums steadily increase from afar* *Suddenly a window smashes as a shadowy figure somersaults into the room*
    Franky has returned nii-chans!

    @Way the war could end: Its quite simple. One side HAS to withdraw at some point. The pirates wont grab Ace and then beat all else to a bloody pulp and the world government cannot match this rediculous force without stupid amounts of casualties. Plus Luffy wouldn’t be able to keep that promise about owning Kizaru is something happens and his character will suck if Ace dies. (He would go crazy and get owned anyway.)

    (Anime breakdown should be done tomorrow…Where i am.)

  37. welcome back Franky…
    the juices are flowing now so im just gonna leave a teaser..lol seeing as how luffy now has the key, he’s gotta fight someone tough. well now that mihawk has stepped in i don’t think luffy is gonna have to fight him… there will be a brief scuffle and like others said above me, that marco will cover him there still leaves the fact luffy remains unchecked. i foresee him facing either a vice-admiral or even fighting against multiple commanders/captains with some intersting dfs.(it would be interesting to see if he had to fight koby/hemmelpo seeing as how garp personally trained them.) wb is gonna start taking actions.

  38. *hands Franky a pair of panties* You forgot your underwear again! >_<

    Welcome back dude! 😀 YOSH!!! Anime breakdown and this episode was really funny. Can't really say much else about it…

    Poor Zoro. XD

    @Shinobi: Is that a prediction or a statement? 😉

    @Zekks: That's an interesting theory. We'll see how it pans out.

  39. @super: alittle bit of both, i started stating the obvious of what happened and kinda painted a picture of what could be happening…right now im only able to think about what going to happen after ace is saved or not, which is frutstrating because my brain won’t listen…ahhhhh 😦

  40. just watch the gaon cannon episode again and i makes me think that it would be great if the sunny go turned up with rayliegh and atleast one person who knew how to use it and they used it on a place that is full of marines and no pirates so no pirates get hurt and kill/hurts/KO’s 1000’s of marines and then the ship will be as famous as the crew aswell as with rayliegh onboard it would make the strawhat name as famous as whitebeard, plus after they get ace to keep him safe and not get watever ship he get on attack they could take the submerine and escape of fly away (or both) lol that would be amazing but not in a million years is that going to happen.

  41. Hahahahaha, just an update that my word “WTFuckery” has been officially reviewed and submitted at urbandictionary.com. I know it doesn’t take much to accomplish such a task but I’m happy nonetheless!



    @Smurf: Lol, I can see it now but it’d be even more awesome if the Thousand Sunny arrived with Luffy’s entire crew on board. Then Luffy jumps on with Ace (or without him as he could be on Whitebeard’s ship) and makes his escape.

    GAH!!! It just hit me there won’t be any One Piece this week…T_T Well, at least that gives me time to finish up this Naruto tournament and go into the next phase. 🙂

  42. @everyone: while i was at work i realised that no one of the strawhats will know about this until they read about it. all of them are on islands(some that probably don’t have that many visitors) and some are just too pre-occupied to even get word of it. i think that is further proof that luffy’s crew won’t help out in this fight, except for maybe robin seeing as how there’s some factions of the revolution there.
    Zoro-this guys gets lost in a straight line…>_<
    Sanji-he's too busy running/being a possible recruit for Ivankov
    Ussop-he's just fat now..
    Franky-hmm possible secluded area/out of reach…
    Nami-She's way up there…probably right next to skypiea…lol
    Chopper-he's on a big birds nest…
    Brooke-having fun looking at panties/chasing wierdos with 2 elbows…
    Robin-making a brigde…

  43. …did i forget anyone?…lol

  44. @Shinobi: Nope, you got them all. That’s going to be some big news for them and they might actually feel left out and want to make up for it in the next adventure. It’d be funny as hell though if for some reason all their bounties increased for Luffy’s actions at Impel Down and Marineford as their captain. XD

    @Anyone: Seems like this post will be dead until spoilers come out for next week. We could discuss the anime here though until the breakdown comes out.

    I think it was a big hint that Zoro got spirit training on that island. He’s trying to get out of the castle but Perona won’t let him leave without a fight. What will she do to stop him without injuring his body with explosive ghosts? She’ll use her spirit sucking ghosts on him over and over again. We see in the cover stories though that he eventually made it out of the castle so perhaps he’s grown immune to them now and has an increased spirit.

  45. @Shinobi: you forgot about Sunny Go…

    How long have they been separated? 10days (Ace’s excution time) + 2~3 days (Amazon Lily prior to encounter with Boa) + 3 days (Kuma). They both share the 3 days blast from Kuma, probably 2~3 days to recover/know what is going on. So it is still possible for them to come to marineford. If they know Ace is going to be exsecuted, then they know Luffy will definiely go, so they might go as well. [Same reason Iva thought Dragon might show up]

    Now Nami and Usopp are in quite isolated islands but I think the rest have access to newpapers. Brook, Franky, do not know about Ace so they might not come. Neither does Robin, and the revolunaries do not know the connection among Ace, Luffy, Dragon. However as I said before, Dragon does know and he might showup with Robin. Other than those, only Sanji and Zoro are possible candidates.

    Now what would happen if part of the crew show up and the rest do not even know about this? Not SCHEY [the way Luffy says “Awesome”]! So instead of hoping for possible dynamic entrance from Sanji and Zoro, I would settle for not seeing them until this arc is done.

  46. @super:well don’t forget that the crew was apart of that tenryubuto incidenct a while ago, so there bounty is sure to rise for that if(more like when) it rises.
    I think perona and zoro finally just got along. in the anime she seemed kinda lonely, so she tried to keep him there for company. i guess she told him that or he figured it out and mellowed out. he does have his swords back so that could also mean she trust him a little bit.

    @everyone:since no op this week why not just discuss past events in op in a specific arc? or matchups like the foxy pirates guy(nero nero beam) vs kizaru?

  47. @Shinobi: Just had a scary thought: what if Perona joins the Strawhats???… wtfuckerification! The only other possible “place to return to” for Perona is Moria. Does this mean Zoro might showup in marineford with Perona?

  48. …let the countdown of returning epic awesomeness of One Piece begin!!!

    Starting off this chapter is going to deal with Ivankov and Kuma. Kuma’s going to get back up from that Galaxy Wink, but he will be pretty banged up, however he will get back up to fight Ivankov. He’ll probably hit him with a paw shock thing and goes right through Ivankov. Next it will go to Sengoku and Garp talking about the “plan” and that preparations will be complete in a few minutes. Theres a couple pages with WB doing his usual bubble of …., and buggy leading those prisioners right into the bay. Luffy and Mihawkare gonna scuffle for a bit, but luffy will try to run from him because he’s not suited to fight him…(it would be epic if he picked up a couple of swords tho just to fight back for a while) …thats all i can predict for now…

  49. Next chappie is gonna be awesome. My prediction is that were gonna see Marco save Luffy, and were gonna see the fight with croc/doflamingo/diamonds dude. This fight will show us the extent of Doflamingos powers and how awesome WBs 3rd commander is. I dont think will actually see the fight between Kuma and Ivankok. We’ll just see the conclusion to it. I also dont think that WB is actually gonna do anything other than command. Because remember, like sengoku, hes co-ordinating all of the pirates, telling them what t do from his ship. The minute he enters the field of battle, he loses that vantage point and ability to see everything happening around him and he wont be able to effectively command his pirates. Its all about tactics right now for WB.
    Buggys grand plan will also be unvieled 🙂

    In terms of the anime, I think that Zoro MIGHT have improved his spirit but its more likely that Perona fell madly in love with him. Zoros own boa hancock!! just with bug eyes…. and an even more screwed up personality…… and is addicted to ‘cute’ stuff… poor Zoro…

    Now i thought I would put up a AMV i found (dont know if its been posted on this site before but whatever) just to help cope with the lack of OP

  50. Sorry everyone. A series of crappy events have led to me being away, mainly my computer picking up some lame virus -_-
    Since its still my hunnymoon period as a breakdown writer im pretty annoyed i couldn’t do a breakdown so i will do a double when the new episode comes out. Please forgive me *Bows humbly*

  51. I people are getting excited for the next chapter! YOSH, don’t let us down Oda! You rarely do. 😉

    @Franky: It’s no problem man looking forward to your next breakdown. =)

    @Gangly: Thx, awesome AMV!

  52. 0h wow… havent been on awesomeness in months…
    i got my own prediction and sorry if i say something that someone has already said…
    front page is gona show zoro again and maybe a bit more about this mysterious swords man…
    i think, well more like hope, that shanks is the one that saves luffy just cause i’ve always wanted to see him fight hawkeyes… even thouth he only has one arm now he is one of the top four pirates so he is more than a match for one of the strongest Shichibukais…i also think that hawkeyes will fight agains shanks because almost everythime they show either of them they mention the fights that they used to have so im pretty sure that they r gona have to fight like that again…
    i highly doubt that there is a big secret weapon in the middle of the area just because if there was then the author would make sure that it does take quite a bit of casualties or else what would be the point of placing a trap in the first place… i think tht wb sent his troups from the right and from the left just so the the wg is split to the right ant to the left and this leaves a space on the middle for the people who r trying to save ace or for what i hope will be wb’s big entrance once he acctually gets into the battle…
    also im expecting one of luffys new technikes coming up now and it has to have something to do with haki… he is not gona use it against mihawk but he is gona use it against any logia type fruit that he encounters… and about haki its somethin like will force right?? if it is could it be the will of d?? jsut me specualting… anyways back to the prediction…
    since i think we are gona get shanks in the fight i also think that one of the other 4 pirate lordd(acompletly forgot their names) would come, probably the one that wassent fighting shanks, and thake this opportunity maybe to either become a Shichibukai or to just gain more power by trying to defeat wb and shanks…
    the supernovas would probably not join in the fight just because this is a great chance for them to get as far from the wg headquarters as possible…
    i agree that in this fight someone big has to die and i personally think that it is gona be wb… not because i dont like him or anything but because he is the man closest to becoming pirate king, and because once he dies there is gona be a huge vacuum for power and hopefully ace will be able to get his own pirate crew and go for pirate king himself istead of just helping someone else…
    im pretty surprised that ryleigh hssent showed up yet and im pretty sure that he will show up to finish the fight that he had with the light admirald, as much as i would like luffy to use a new technique to beat him…
    by the end of this battle a lot of boths sides will be dead and for a while i think that there wont be any big battles but i can be sure that the wg is gona start getting stronger people who are gona become new young vice admiralds( dont think that the admiralds will die, or at least not all of them) and would be a lot stronger than the ones before…
    I keep thinking aobut how high luffy’s bounty is gona go up if he actually succeds in freeing ace just because of all the things he’s done since his last increase: archipello, getting out of jail, fighting so many of the wg, treating wb like an equal, and any big guys that he is about to defeat…( i dont think he will loose another battle here now because he’s been on kinda a loosing streak and it cant cotinue for ever)…
    wow i wrote a lot and sorry if i got confuced in writing my own thing and wrote some giberish..

  53. YOSH!!! Another man in the ‘Whitebeard Is Going to Die’ camp! 😀 Lol, I like your thinking those are the exact reasons I think Whitebeard should die to and I love the guy…he just has to die dammit for the good of the manga! @_@

    Another cover page with Zoro? that’d be a surprise but then it’d feel like Oda is giving him special treatment. I like the guy but I’d rather see what’s happening with Rayleigh and the other Supernovas. I think Rayleigh is just going to stay at the Archipelago to coat the ship and guard it along with the Flying Fish Riders.

    As for Luffy and another technique…the thing is he hasn’t had time to train and if he could use controlled Haki on a logia type he would have done so against Smoker. I think Oda did the battle with smoker to show Luffy’s still not ready to fight most logia types yet.

    Two things I’m forward to now: Luffy’s bounty increase and possibly a Shanks and Mihawks encounter but I doubt another Yonkou would make an appearance. Actually there’s three things I’m looking forward to and the third one is the reunion of the Straw Hat Pirates! YOOSSHH!!!! ^(0_0)^


    One Piece Chapter 561: Luffy vs Hawkeye
    Source: AP
    Credit: Aohige_AP
    Verification: Confirmed

    Commander of Whitebeard’s 5th division should be “Sword Flower” Vista
    There are only about 10 PX and it’s not stated clearly but since everyone’s quite surprised maybe there are some more

    Cover image is Luffy eating bananas with monkey
    Mihawk’s fierce attacks forces Luffy to back away further and further from Ace.
    Luffy can’t attack, only thing he can imagine by doing so is to be sliced up.
    Mihawk smiles, noticing Luffy’s gaining experience.

    Scene changes to Crocodile
    Croc says something to the likes of “teaming up with you? don’t make me laugh. Don’t you mean, “please Mr. Crocodile can I work under you?” Get lost Doflamingo!
    Crocodile creates a massive sandstorm, blowing away both Jozu and DoFlamingo.
    Buggy is caught in the sandstorm also and is blown away

    Scene back to Luffy
    Two prisoners attack Mihawk, and says their names but I forgot them. (<- Nja’s comment)
    Mihwak says the likes of “I don’t remember names of fodders” and continues attacking Luffy
    Luffy finds Buggy up in the sky. “Gomu Gomu no JET scapegoat!”
    Switch places with Buggy, and now it’s Buggy vs Mihawk

    Buggy doesn’t die even from getting sliced into bits, and he gets cocky and shoots a bomb at Mihawk.
    Mihawk hits the bomb back at Buggy, blowing him up.
    Luffy: BUGGGGYYYYYY!!! I will never forget you!!

    Luffy gets back to heading to his brother, and Marco is watching him.
    Marco: Hey, back him up!
    Marco calls up the fifth division captain, Vista “The Sword Flower”.

    Mihwak vs Vista
    Vista: First time to meet you, good sir Hawkeye.
    Mihawk: You are the Whitebeard Pirates Fifth DIvision Captain Vista “The Sword Flower” are you not!?
    Vista: Oh, you know me?
    Mihawk: Of course I would….

    Sengoku stops the broadcast
    Sengoku (If we broadcast this, the whole world might be against us… the only thing that needs to be broadcasted after is our victory)
    After that, huge army of PX shows up
    Additional bits by Nja
    Oh, and Mihawk was shaking in joy from Luffy’s power.
    He was thinking to himself Luffy may be the most powerful man on the sea, because he gains alliance and friends everywhere he goes, even his former enemies

  55. dont actually like the sound of that

  56. http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/561/01/

    op is out

  57. k i think i got what blackberd will announce. he will but up a backup broadcast of the war to show everyone the evil of the WG ruining their rep.

  58. there are 9 p-x’s and there a 9 strawhat members so i think it would be amazing if the whole crew turned up (highly unlikely but i want to to happen) and including luffy even tho its in the oppersite direction i would be good if the SH’s turned up to each was able to hold there own against each px’s and eventually destory them and that would be the trump card for the marines trully fucked. plus i want one of the pirates to start there own transmission so the whole world gets to see wat the marines are trying to hide then sengoku would be fucked lol.

  59. …awesome f**king chapter. i smell a rematch coming up. cough*sentoumaru*cough… i seem to have a cold. i sure hope luffy doesn’t run into an old enemy that he has a score to settle…

    i think i know why the gov cut the transmission. they want to keep the px-9’s a secret from other pirates, as well as other foes such as the revolutionaires… i see only captains handling those, but they got there hands full right now with either commodores, or vice admiralss…
    THANKS ODA, truly worth the wait…!!!!

  60. I love you Oda don’t leave us again! T_T Awesome chapter indeed I was like “WTF” at Luffy’s speed and Mihawk’s power. Damn those two are strong but we know who the clear superior is between the two. Buggy was holding up pretty well too until he got blasted bu his own bomb, lmao! XD

    So the marine’s plan was to trap the pirates in the bay by blocking off their escape route with the PX’s and surround them with battleships? That’s why Whitebeard had them spread out so they wouldn’t be enclosed? That’s just my guess.

    I have no idea what the Marine’s are trying to hide but they said it’s a tragedy, so are they calling Ace’s execution a tragedy or the fact that they’re wussing out and executing him early? Senju may be right on the mark with the Blackbeard thing. Personally I think they’re about to do something horrible beyond the execution of Ace. Something they don’t want the world to see. Perhaps it’s the brutal murder of all the pirates no prisoners taken.

  61. So Oda’s week off was for the marines’ preparation. Very slick!

    Maybe this is more of a manga illusion, but it seems like Luffy can now go gear 2nd instantly at the beginning of his fight with Mihawk.

    Still clinging on to the hope of the doomsday device…

    Santoumaru:”Kishi! for the love of god, stop putting sharingans everywhere!!! First god’s shrime, and now my belly???”

  62. They will probably be trying to kill everyone there to make sure no pirates escape, which means they will also be killing the marines too. Sort of like a buster call or something like that, Thus they don’t want the world to know exactly to what lengths they are wiling to go to and such. just my thoughts on the matter.

  63. lol mihawk just killed atol of marines because of that ceberg falling down on them lol and omg with just 1 sword swing he could do that lol thats great.

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