Final Farewell From Scorpion Legacy

Hello people of WRA, this post is just to let you all know that I will not be running WRA as of today.  I never intended to create WRA but due to the  overwhelming amount of people that wanted a place to call home after IRA closed, I set up WRA with the intention of letting it be passed on when I wanted to quit.  Due to personal reasons I no longer have the time to look after and run WRA, so I am a passing on the leadership of WRA to the author  supertrek.  I know he will run WRA about the same way I have and I hope he will pass it on to someone when he wishes to quits, this way WRA should never have to shut down.  I will still be around from time to time and may do the odd breakdown now and then but for the most part I will not be in charge of WRA.  So, after I take care of a few matters as to not leave WRA with a bunch of problems, I will no longer be the leader of WRA.  If you wish to keep in contact with me you can send MSN names or whatever to

Thank you all from the new people that joined WRA to the old vets from IRA…

We had an awesomeness time!


Scorpion Legacy


~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on October 8, 2009.

39 Responses to “Final Farewell From Scorpion Legacy”

  1. T____T

  2. Keep in touch and thanks for setting up such an awesomeness place to chatter and discuss our favorite manga and anime =]

    I wish you the best of luck in whatever you may find yourself doing in the future =D

  3. An awesome farewell to you Scorp. Thanks for your leadership and keeping up the awesomeness after IRA!

    Looking forward to your surprise visits. If you read One Piece It’d be great if you could do a Breakdown for it one random day but you don’t, lolz!!! 😛

  4. scorpion u cud have chosen so much better xD suppa will turn this into an adult forum in a couple of days u’ll see and for the record not a good one too mwahahahahaha JK JK

    farewell and thanks for creating this wonderful site i can call home =)

  5. Farewell. Thank you so much for creating WRA.

    Good Luck! Arigato!

  6. yup thxs for creating WRA. I was hooked and read breakdowns for a little while when IRA was here and when that closed i found WRA and decided to become a member.If it wasnt for this site i wouldnt have much people to discuss anime/manga with. i describe each naruto/one piece chapter to my younger siblings who like the shows. friend wise not many of mine are even slightly interested in anime/manga so i’m glad this sight is here.

  7. I see. It was nice of you to run it while you could. Farewell to your admistration and welcome to the age of smut, go man, go the time to strike them is now. But yeah you were pretty level headed so thanks for the work Scorpion. Man seems like people are leaving right and left.

  8. bye ^^

  9. I totally understand about RL taking over. We’ll miss ya.

    From one IRA vet to you…

  10. thanks scorp taking charge and running wra…i hope you stop by once in a while and surprise us…but not that kind of surprise..XD
    But seriously thanks for really watching over wra and keeping it awesome… i guess we have a new level of awesomeness and its scorpion legacy awesome…;) take care and may awesomeness continue to be with you..
    *i hope that catches on*

  11. Damnit and i just found this site too…. Anyway best of luck to you.

  12. Farewell scorp and thanks for making this site for all of us manga fans.I wish you best of luck in your venture.

  13. c ya scorp 🙂 u will always be my rapeing partner 😉 hehehe. good luck with what ever u plan on with your life! tho please stop in once and awaile!!!!!!!!

  14. may the ghost of Captain Planet be with you…

  15. cya scorp good luck futher on!
    why the did u put the focus on kakashi butt O_o? =P

  16. T__T bye.

    Good luck with whatever you’ll be focusing on! ^^ Hope there’ll be time to relax.

    And super never leaves the site anyway. Great choice of successor.

  17. well that pretty much ties the final knot. Thanks for all the work and insight you gave to both sites scorp, you’ll be missed.

  18. O_O
    REALLY 😦 😦 😦
    You were our kage for only like 3 months….you will be missed in retirement and thanks for everything. 😦

    Well….we have ourselves a Sandaime now….
    And hopefully our Sandaime will last as long as Konoha’s Sandaime.

    RIP Jeremiah (Shodaime)
    RIP Scorpion (Nidaime)

  19. @SCHY – Um…Sandaime Hokage was in power for well over 20 years or so. You want that? lol

  20. Supertrek being in power for twenty years sounds scary

  21. Super in power for 20 years? lol

    Maybe 😛

    Sandaime Hokage was probably in power for around 4 times as much time as the Shodaime Hokage, i say that because Hiruzen was Hokage since he was a kid until 68 when he died.
    And as seen in Hiruzen VS Orochimaru’s battle…Shodaime, as well as Nidaime clearly didnt die old.
    So yeah, Sandaime was probably in power for around 4 times as long as Shodaime.

    So if our Kage’s, were to mirror Konoha’s kage’s….it would mean our Sandaime would last a long time just like Konoha’s Sandaime.

    Now as i said, according to my prediction, the Sandaime Hokage lasted 4 times as long as the Shodaime Hokage, so if that were true and our Kage’s did Mirror Konoha’s kage’s, it would mean Super would last 4 times longer than Jeremiah did. So since Jeremiah lasted 1 year, Super would last 4 years.


    Well…then we will have our own Yondaime!!!….who retires very quickly after sealing his rouge FireFox into a compressed file, losing his internet browser and forcing Super to come back into power again, who will eventually get beat down by his student, a Michel Jackson look-a-like. 🙂
    When that happens Super’s successor will result in female leadership (as you would expect from Super)

    And then our Godaime will rule awesomeness 😀

    Maybe…. >_>
    Lol 😛

  22. adios kiddo

  23. LMAO, why in God’s name would Naruto go on for 20 years!?! XD

    *plays techno music* ^(0_0)^

    Scorp will understand the meaning of this. It’s his going away present. 😉

  24. @Super~hmmm…well Dragonball has gone on for over 20 years 😛
    Now we get Dragonball Kai…..

    Why would Naruto go on for 20 years? Because without Naruto, there is no awesomeness 😦

    So how long *are* you planning to stay powerful Super?
    4 years?

    Simply said until my time is up…


  25. Goodbye Scorp! Thanks for everything! After the fall of IRA, we vets were looking for a quality place to get our crack (manga breakdowns, etc… leave me alone DEA). We found it here, and more!

    *someone shouts “Make Prawl the leader!”* I cannot be the leader, it is my destiny to find the “Child of Randomness” and unleash his jujubi unto the ninja world!

    That said, I think Supertrek will be a fine WRA-Kage… at least until the hidden hot-chick village attacks us… but fear not, as Super and I were BOTH students of the Pervy sage!

  26. @Prawl….

    “after the fall of IRA”


  27. Thanks for all the kind words -_+

  28. Scorpion legacy is truly a legacy thats for sure. Many thanks man for your kind gestures and heart for resurecting ira into wra and not only helping us to stay together but to also continue doing what we do best.

    I have nothing but gratitude for you bro. I hope all continues to go well with you and best belive we are taking you up on your word for doing a naruto or bleach breakdown every now and then O_O.

  29. well……… if super would die and we should get a godaime the she would probably be penny (shes is tsunadis sis and all)

    But yes, thank you scorp when IRA closed and i found WRA i was saved from near death, thanx buddy!

    BTW what happened with jeremiah i know hes to busy to run this thing but he doesnt even comment on any mangas or anything no more :’-(

  30. Then go to IRA….0_o

    He comments there.

  31. but ira is closed down?

  32. wow i see its actually up again, cant believe it lol

    Many of us couldn’t believe it, either… -Penny

  33. And Jeremiah wouldn’t run this site anyways….

  34. Eh…

    Why do I have to die can’t I just retire but not really retire like my two predecessors? T_T

  35. wow scorp will be mised farewell nidaime let your legacy go on and the will of awesomeness burn inmesly on to supertrek T_T be strong nope be strong well hope to see some of you time to time adios y buena suerte att. NOPE

  36. Super you cant retire yet!!

    You have to be defeated by MJ…. 🙂

    @bakakage ~ lol :p

    Wth, who said anything about retiring now? I just don’t want to die…-_-


  37. @Trek: lol; we don’t want you to die. We just want you to be with us for a long time…

  38. @ Trek, Penny – We do want you to die trek, but in GLORIOUS BATTLE, much like Goku might do…, and just like Goku, not really be dead, and come back EVEN STRONGER!

    Con-Fyuuuu-SJuuuun….. HAAAA!

  39. @ Super ~ “Who said anything about retiring?” Lol, Well….you did…

    “can’t I just retire”

    Lol, you cut off both my sentences big time but whatever. 😛


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