Bleach 377 spoilers Video

From: TheOnemangadotcom.. Yeah, apparently they just joined Youtube ._.

There will be no bleach manga breakdown for chapter 376 this week but the spoilers will be posted on this page.  We hope to resume the bleach breakdown for chapter 377.   Sorry for any disappointment this may have caused but most of the WRA writers are in college and have to put university work before WRA work.  I hope you understand and enjoy the other breakdowns on the site.  enjoy the spoiler page ^_^.

P.S I am mainly to blame for  no bleach breakdown this week because I did not plan on doing two breakdowns in one week and had a ton of college work to finish.

until next time

Scorpion Legacy


~ by サソリの遺産 Scorpion Legacy on October 7, 2009.

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  1. I’m calling FIRST on this page…

    Source: ohana @ 2ch
    Verification: confirmed
    Translation : Sheetz

    377 Shout at the Dark

    Ichigo, his upper is body unclothed.

    Eternal destiny…caught in a hard grip, now…(TN: This must be the side text.)

    Kensei catches Mashiro in midair.

    Mashiro: “Ke, Kensei. Are you avenging me…? Hehe…”

    The right side of her mast is broken and blood flows from her mouth.

    Kensei: “What are you so happy about? Why would I do that when you were dumb enough to ignore my warnings? Who would attack the enemy of a fool like that?”

    Kensei: “I’m just shoving my fist into this showoff kid.”

    WW comes.

    Kensei: “Bankai!”

    His sword is a dagger.

    “Iron Fist Cutting Wind” turns into something looking like Chad’s right arm. The sword looks like a fist.

    Scene switches to Aizen.

    Hiyori begins to remove her mask.

    Hitsugaya, Love, Rose Hacchi, Soifon are standing around.

    Hirako: “Don’t approach carelessly. With Aizen’s ability, getting close without thinking would be the end.”

    Hiyori: “I know.”

    Hirako: “Fool. I’m talking to you. Loosen your grip, Hiyori”

    Aizen: “As expected, profound words of sympathy, Captain Hirako.”

    Hiyori makes an irritated face.

    Hirako: “Hiyori!”

    Aizen: “‘But saying that it’ll be over if you approach. Don’t try to be funny. Approaching carelessly or cautiously, or even not at all, the conclusion will be the same. I’m not creating your future story.

    It’s already too late for you to escape your demise because of the facts from the past.”

    Love and Rose are irritated too.

    Hirako: “He’s trying to provoke you! Don’t give in!!”

    Aizen: “Is there something you’re afraid of?

    Even though on that night a hundred years ago all of you died already.”

    Hiyori angrily moves toward Aizen.

    Hirako stops her. “Hiyori!!”

    Hiyori raises her sword.

    She’s split in 2.

    Hiyori sees the bottom half of her body fall away.

    She was sliced from behind by Gin’s extended sword.

    Gin: “The customer is finished.” [TN: Gin literally says “one person is finished,” but he talks like he’s a
    restaurant worker and Hiyori is the customer. Gin speaks in Kansai dialect and characters who speak
    that dialect are often portrayed as shopkeepers, so this may be Kubo’s way of poking fun at that stereotype.]

    Hirako: “Hiyorii!!!”

    He rushes over and holds her upper body.

    Hiyori, with faith breath:

    “I’m sorry…Shinji…I couldn’t stand it…”

    Hirako is shocked.

    Hirako: “Hacchi!!!”

    He notices that Hacchi can’t use his right arm.

    He remembers Orihime.

    Hirako: “That’s right…with Orihime-chan’s ability we can still cure you…! Ichigo!!! Ichigo still hasn’t returned…? Ichigo!!!”

    Two page spread of Ichigo leaping.

    Text says, “Will he bein in time…!?”

    The end.

  2. =x next time if u need some1 to do it, scorpion i’ll volunteer but just a one time job specially cuz my english doesn’t seem good enough but i’ll give ma best anyways =). if u ever need it of a last resort =)

  3. Good stuff….Does that mean Yammy got a foot in the buttocks?!? Is this gonna be a flashback situation? Or is it because there are 4 captains there they just told him to go( and then we’ll have another long stretch without ichigo ) ?

  4. Wyy dont you just get more author’s? O_o

    Anyway nice to see a update.

  5. Well if anyone wants to apply for the back up bleach writer position send me a e-mail….this bleach breakdown fell apart because I was the backup author…but I had a ton of work and did not think I would ever have to back up two breakdowns on the same week lol.

  6. Bleach is out!

  7. Ugh…i just think Bleach loses points with chapters like this. I mean you have like 5 former captains but you need Ichigo to save you? Why can’t Shinji fight Aizen himself?

    Still, Ichigo has been absent from the manga for awhile so it will be good to see him again.

  8. @fanboi: see, this is where they truly show what Aizen and co are capable of. How do u fight something you can’t see? Not to mention, someone who has twice the reiatsu of a normal captain.

    if anything, we should be happy that we finally get to see the bad guys whoop some ass so easily (Gin FTEW)

  9. Hi guys, my first post here, though I have been here since the ira era. Finally decided to jump in the frey…

    @fanboi: I don’t think Shinji needs Ichigo to save them. They just need the healing girl and are wondering what takes Ichigo so long to get her.

    @mudshovel: How do you like my name?

  10. @Mudmathie: That’s a terrible name you should be Supermathie! Lolz, jk…but not really…no I really am…>_> Welcome to WRA! 😀 Mudshovel is having computer problems so he will not be on for a while.

    Bleach Breakdown will hopefully be covered though.

  11. Great Naruto and Bleach chapters this week.

    Poor Hiyori 😦

    And is Ichigo rushing through the Garganta?
    And its nice to see Kens Banki, although i think the Vizards are dropping very suddenly and easily.

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