One Piece 420 Anime Breakdown and Discussion!

Ever get the feeling you've seen something before?

Ever get the feeling you've seen something before?

Hi everyone! CyborgFranky with another breakdown for you.

Well another week has passed and we have seen another episode. This weeks feature is ‘repetition’ so I figured I would shoot some Franky your way. Guess I’ll jump to it.

With his stamina and stretchy apendiges, all three isn't just a dream >_>

With his stamina and stretchy appendages, all three isn't just a dream >_>

Hancock makes more decorations out of marines petrified bodies, carts another load of food in for Luffy and then precedes to question him. Once again her imagination is hilarious and I really have to hand it to the anime writers for giving her character such a humorous edge and still relaying the affection for Luffy she has. Good job! *thumbs up* She managed to guess Nami and Robins hair style and colour as well which was weird…

So Luffy is getting impatient and Hancock feels threatened by the two women but her resolve doesn’t die! We then move to the next segment >_>

Now isn't the time to get shy Robin. Maybe you just shouldn't have dressed like you work in a brothel.

Now isn't the time to get shy Robin. Maybe you just shouldn't have dressed like you work in a brothel.

Its good that most of you didn’t want to see Usopp because his time is covered up by the adventures of Robin in the bridge-top-slave-driving-populated-by-people-like spandam-country. Its in East Blue so I wonder whose house Robin is closer to out of the original five of the crew.

A girl finds her in the snow while picking up discarded planks of wood, wakes her up, checks her health and invites her back to the house casually. Seriously, whats with kids these days?! What if it wasn’t Robin in there but someone creepy like Blackbeard? Then your screwed! Even if you run he just sucks you back. Stop approaching strangers like that! Geez!

She always shrugged him aside but never before did she wish for Sanji like she is there.

She always shrugged him aside but never before did she wish for Sanji like she is there.

The jumpsuit girl sneaks Robin into a house full of jumpsuit people. After a brief argument where they are unsure if kicking her out or harboring her will make them safer, Robin ends up in an attic eating….Something.

The girl who rescued her, Soran, shows a clear interest in the outside world, even going as far as complimenting Robins smell. The smell after a bloody and grueling battle @_@

The school bell rings and everyone rushes to class. Or so we think! Turns out they are forced to work day and night, women and kids don’t get off and in your break you have to decide whether you want to eat food or rescue Straw hat members. You can’t do both. Another member of the Straw hats shows the initiative to use the vivre card and get back. They don’t let dumb asses into the archeology club (Ohara archeology club motto.)

Anyone who spots Waldo gets a lollypop.

Anyone who spots Waldo gets a lolly pop.

We see the first montage of the episode, depicting slave-like working conditions. These things happen without a proper union by the way. Take heed…Make sure your bridge country goes through the right channels *glares*

Soran comes back dirty and a few questions get passed around. Robin learns that she’s on a bridge, we catch a glimpse of Ohara again and then the girl fishes out some wooden boards with pictures on.

No, its the candy floss island. What kind of kid do you think you're talking to?

No, its the candy floss island. What kind of kid do you think you're talking to?

The girls imagination rivals Hancocks as she managed to completly make up pictures that are reminicent of the crews adventures. Me thinks she was actually sneaking away again when she ran into Robin >_> In truth she was looking for more pieces of wood to draw on though.

In particular, we have a sky island. Que montage no. 2! Robin shares the experience with the girl. We taste another dream from this random person but it isn’t too original. She wants to leave the place and go elsewhere. Surprising…

Don't eat suspicious food from suspicious kids. Your thoughts go back to the 70's.

Don't eat suspicious food from suspicious kids. Your thoughts go back to the 70's.

Everyone shows up for story time and Robin sends more their way. My guess is she skipped the parts of her dark past, the whole of the CP9 saga where she was captured and wanted to die, probably the whole of the Thriller Bark experience so really I wonder what it is she had to talk about besides a sugar coated version of the Sky island story.

Well as is the case more often than not, one of the women finds her tales distasteful and informs the guards. She claims to have been made a promise that she can leave the island so really I’m wondering how that conversation went:

Woman: There’s a random lady in my house.

Soldier: Arrest this snitch then we’ll storm the house.

That’s what they said would happen not five minutes ago so why didn’t it I wonder. Meh, I’ll come back to this later.

Robin hides out the window and the guards trash the place searching for her. The little girl has all her pictures broken by one of the guards but doesn’t say a word unlike that cray lady now crossing the boarder. *shouts at the old woman that people shouldn’t snitch* *throws rocks*

The guards are taken down outside by enough are left to call those in the attic away. Robin gives herself in for some reason when she could probably own all the guards and liberate everyone there. In the end she is left talking to some important guy with handcuffs on. The end. *shuts story book*

Oh wait…

Put on the mask! *screams like a fan girl*

Put on the mask! *screams like a fan girl*

We have just enough time to cover the brave adventures of a great liar. He is all alone on an island shaped like a flower. After a long walk and a depressing thought that he’s all alone, he is attacked by a giant beetle before being rescued by a giant beetle-man.

The dude talks funny, looks funny and even moves funny. I always thought Donflamingo was the biggest tool in those three categories but I was mistaken… They exchange names and formalities, the weird guy repeats this process as if he were reading shampoo instructions though. (that’s wash, rinse, repeat being replaced with greet, state name, repeat 😉 ) A plant with a mouth eventually goes for Usopp and gets some explosive flicked down its throat. I guess this is the relevance of Usopp being here but truthfully I don’t see how this guy has any artillery stronger than what long-nose already has. Your thoughts?

Well there you have it. Whatever guy said the anime goes into more detail was off a little. No sign of revolutionaries and the weight-watchers salesmen have to hold their assault off for a while longer. Oh well. Next week you will all see Zoro so just hold out a bit longer.


Now this weeks extras. Since no one wanted to help me and barely anyone even talked last week, I have decided to force discussion out of you all! The first is this. Every week I will throw a random competition pitting the attributes or experiences of a few characters against one and other. The winner gets to announce the next weeks feature much like Franky is at the top of this post.

This weeks focus is on repetition so of course this will be no exception. What do you find the funniest recurring joke between Zoro and Sanji. That’s all. Share your thoughts.

The second part of the extras section is a little invention of mine. We’ll see how it goes. Basically I give you a little scenario from the episode and in up to three lines from any of the characters pictured, you tell me a comedic way is could/should have happened. This weeks scenario is on the discussion that happened between the snitch woman and the guards leading to her getting away from the island. Just head all entries with SCENARIO and you’re all set.

So thats the woman and a guard. Have fun.

So thats the woman and a guard. Have fun.

See you next time.



~ by CyborgFranky on October 5, 2009.

16 Responses to “One Piece 420 Anime Breakdown and Discussion!”

  1. FIRST awesome breakdown

  2. Haha in Australia & other countries not named for safety reasons, we call Waldo, Wally. That part made me rofl

  3. 2nd?!! lol awesome breakdown

  4. SUPER!!! thanks franky for the op breakdown… nice way to start it off with alittle bit of awesome pervyness…lol

    I was thinking the same thing when boa pictured nami and robin…even though he said there names she instantly knew what they looked like…(hmm maybe she’s seen his crew’s bountys before and tied them together) Boa’s imagination is so much like sanji’s. i truly hope luffy and her meet up again after this war with the WG.
    Robin must have gave herself in so she can learn more history…she seems almost like an addict for history sort of like nami is for
    *sigh* im surprised ussop didn’t turn into sogeking at all yet. hopefully he does and makes that Herculean guy feel pathetic…comeone king of snipers or beetle man? i noticed his name reflects some of ussop’s attacks when there insect related….

  5. ohh 3rd!!
    SnitchLady: That lady your looking for will do anything for to learn about history…think about…;)
    Guard1: Oh really?..Thanks for the tip…
    Guard2:Good job lets go…

  6. only point that i can make is that robin was in most of that episode (perfer it that way) and usopp had like 4 mins lol (serves hhim right for being so perfetic

  7. oh yea and hancock being jealous lol

  8. Hey Franky, awesome work on your second anime breakdown!

    I honestly didn’t mind Robin’s extended cover arc, despite the fact that the parallels between it and Anne Frank were so thick I could probably slice it up and make a TWN (Those Wacky Nazis) sandwich out of it! And Soran wasn’t nearly as annoying as some other filler kid characters I can think of. I even started getting a lump in my throat when her drawings started getting broken by that sadistic guard. He’ll definitely be getting his just desserts in a bit when the Revolution hits Tequila Wolf, oh yes!!

    Usopp’s was regrettably short, but I guess there’s only so much you can do with a carnivorous plant island besides making Little Shop of Horrors jokes.

    As far as running gags involving Sanji and Zoro, eh individually I’m partial to Zoro’s complete lack of direction and Sanji’s “Mellorine!” Together, I guess their “pet names” for each other are kind of funny but their constant fights kind of get old. Meh, I guess I prefer it when they put aside their differences and fight together because them teamed up with Luffy always results in Team Awesome!

  9. Oh and for the caption contest:

    Snitch Lady: Give me fifty dollars and we can make something happen…

    Guard: You’re sure the Cubs have a chance this season?

  10. Well hi everyone. Glad to see we have some interest here ^^

    @Kingkhaos: LOL its wally where im from too. I just figured more would get it if i used Waldo 😛

    @Shinobi: Hancocks psychic powers are scary >_>
    I figured Robin turned herself in to help everyone on the island but your point makes so much more sense. She did take a beating from the fat guy on skypeia to protect the ruins there so we all knows shes a history junkie.
    I reckon beetle dude has some awesome tech. Hopefully its more than just bombs though since Usopp has like a million already. You think there’s any chance he gains a new edge to his fighting like an alternative style gun or something?
    But you are correct. A lot of Usopps arsenal is beetle related. I think he has a ‘star’ called the atlas comet, his big slingshot is called kabuto and that elastic band he fired people with on thriller bark was some name of a beetle to (the other two are beetles as well) so he hss to be there for a reason.

    @Elisha: I saw the Anne Frank stuff too man. I just didnt wanna talk about it >_> haha! I didnt once realise the whole nazi regime and didnt think twice about Robin in an attic! *Face palm*
    Soran was ok. You could sympathise with her but she was way to cliché for my taste personally. Still the guard was an ass but snitch woman was worse.
    The fighting with Zoro and Sanji gets old, its true. But if you have time, check out the devy back fights in the anime again. Right around the time they have to do the grogy ring. The fights are done in such a funny way. Plus it shows a little of your favourite teamwork 😉 Most people seem to have forgot about it though. P.S. Your entry had me in stitches ^^

    @Everyone: Do you think next week will be more like this weeks and last weeks or the first one with Franky and Nami? What i mean is that first one showed a load of new stuff that went beyond the cover story drawings but the other two have kinda worked behind the artwork building the scene rather that show afterwards. *Sigh* Anyone understand?

  11. @Franky: Awesome breakdown first of all. It took me a while to get around to reading it. I do believe the anime did go into more detail than the cover story at least for Robin. It wasn’t about Robin’s escape but what happened to her on her arrival upon the island and how exactly she got captured. The cover story on the manga completely skipped that. The revolutionary stuff may come later.

    And Usopp’s adventure was jipped! >_< But he was still as funny as always even for his short period of screen time! ^(0_0)^

    I think next week's episode will again dive into more detail I just don't know how.


    Guard: "I heard you had the good stuff…"

    Woman: "Yeah…who's asking? You want a little grass or something else to throw off the edge?"


  12. Oh, and for the Sanji and Zoro situations I always find that they make the best comedy when they’re together. Working together in the Davy Back Fight was one of those hilarious situations. xD

  13. sanji + zoro = epic fun


    ussop FTW

  14. one piece strong world raw is now avaible to watch

  15. both wiki and imdb only shows up to today episode and not episode after today so i was wondering if they are having a break or another website that shows the dates of new episode realses.

  16. Bleach and One piece is out on mangastream.con

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