Fairy Tail 153 Manga Breakdown + Discussion: Don’t talk with your mouth full, its rude. -__-

Hiya reader, DroSensei here bringing you this week’s Fairy Tail manga breakdown. Sorry about the late release but I just started a new job with a crazy schedule but now that I’m used to it I’ll be releasing my breakdowns early. After not having my Fairy Tail fix last week I checked into the Betty Ford Rehab Clinic where I went into withdrawal from my addiction. I was clean for twelve days, all the doctors said I was on my way to a speedy recovery, but alas FT’s hold on me is too strong. *rips up manga pages, puts it in his crack pipe and smokes* @___@ Errrrr…on to the manga then. *grabs reader, jumps into Batmobile and drives away*

Fairy Tail FTW!

Damn that Natsu, taking my food...I'll get him back later for it though *replaces Natsu's bed with a racecar bed* heh heh heh.

Damn that Natsu, taking my food...I'll get him back later for it though *replaces Natsu's bed with a racecar bed* heh heh heh.

Ah yes, btw…here’s a promo for the anime which starts October 12 in Japan, the sub of it should be out 1-3 days afterward…this week’s manga chapter tells you (on the first page) where you can watch it if you want to check it out. (I posted the raw version of the trailer ’cause the subbed version’s audio and video didn’t sync up, the subbed version should be in the “Related Videos” section on Youtube.) ^__^

Alright so this week’s chapter starts with a peek inside Cait Shelter and a few of its inhabitants…apparently Cait Shelter is home to Alfalfa from the Little Rascals, Pinocchio, Googly Eyes McGee, Simba, Mr. Bigmouth, and their guild leader is a Mumbo Jumbo from Banjo Kazooie.

Any else see the resemblance here, or is it just me? O__o

Any else see the resemblance here, or is it just me? O__o

One of the members of Cait Shelter frantically runs in announcing that Nirvana is headed to Cait Shelter. Hey, I’d be nervous too if a band that hasn’t toured in fifteen years and who’s lead singer has been dead for that amount of time decided to play their first gig at my place. Anyway, the guild master takes a sip of his drink disregarding the news, but when it’s mentioned again he yells out causing what he was drinking to flow from his mouth…someone get this guy a bib, jeez.

<_< >_> Err, yes...very good Guild Master

<_< >_> Umm, yes...very good Guild Master...very good.

As the members worry about Wendy, Master Roubaul assures them that everything will be fine because lighting magic is still alive and that Nabura is shining more than ever (whatever the hell that means). Three members of the guild talk amongst themselves and reveal that Cait Shelter is merely a disguise. The Guild Master  mentions that it’s about time for them to settle their crime. (Ah, so some of you guys seem to have been right about this one.)

Pictured above, from left to right: Little Red Riding Hood, Butt Face, Pocahontas, and of course Bob. XP

Pictured above, from left to right: Little Red Riding Hood, Butt Face, Pocahontas, and of course Bob. XP

The scene changes to Nirvana where the group is weighing their options…Natsu suggests something only he would suggest, Jura and Charle wonder if asking Brain would get them anywhere, and Wendy suggests that maybe Gerard would know what to do (though it seems that she was ignored T__T). Wendy runs off as Hoteye tells them that the key to stop Nirvana is by defeating Midnight and that they must do it…but wait, what’s this? It wasn’t Hoteye at all, it was Brain impersonating him and leading the group right into a trap…

As Erza and Gerard take a stroll they are interrupted by Midnight, Gerard is so upset at “him” for interrupting their date that he tells Erza to take a step back so that he can fight Midnight.

Ouch, poor guy.

Ouch, poor guy.

The scene switches back to Natsu, Gray, Happy, and Lucy who have been encased in one of Jura’s rock barriers, protecting them from the blast…Jura was unable to protect himself though, and took the blast head on…he collapses right after telling them how happy it is that they are safe. T__T I hope he’s ok…this is too depressing, let’s see what else is going on around here. *puts on jet-pack, grabs reader and flies away*

I love Charle's reaction here, she's like "Wow, you're weird".

I love Charle's reaction here, she's like "Wow, you're weird".

Now a couple of weeks ago Cookie (and doomien) came up with the prediction that the Gerard that Wendy knows is actually Mistgun and not the Gerard that was trying to revive Zeref, this week’s chapter only further helped that theory. Wendy runs off again in search of Gerard to see if he knows how to stop Nirvana’s route to Cait Shelter. The chapter ends with a Gerard being defeated at the hands of Midnight as Erza looks on in shock.

OK! On to last week’s bubble contest…the winner is…


Grey: Oh my God!
Lucy: It’s so big and long…
Happy: I didnt think that size was possible.
Natsu: Guys, stop! All this talk about Jura’s man-skirt is making me sick.

Sorry Ahsan, but saying you haven’t read two chapters yet doesn’t help your case. -___-

Alright now it’s time for the WRA manga…

Well, hopefully this week goes better...

Well, hopefully this week is better...

Alright, if you guys want to be in the WRA manga let me know which characters you’d like to be (keep it manga/anime orientated, or if it has to do with your name…that works too). That way I won’t get any angry letters if I choose someone incorrectly. 😉 Alright that’s all from me, arigato gozaimasu. *bows and poofs*


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18 Responses to “Fairy Tail 153 Manga Breakdown + Discussion: Don’t talk with your mouth full, its rude. -__-”

  1. 1st! XP

  2. I believe that title goes to me =P dro you dont count aewsome breakdown btw

  3. you can’t be first if you did the breakdown! that’s cheating.. oh btw SECOND!!

  4. third den :OOOO

    damn you drosensei for getting me into one more awesome manga u.u fairy tail ftew =D the anime is going out it’ll be so kewlllll
    anyways i want to be in the wra manga too =D so remember me next week 😛

  5. 4th! Nice breakdown.

    Well, the different gerard part could be true…mist gun does have the same face, doesnt he? And if jeral/gerard/thetowerguy was in the tower for 8 years, then who exactly took care of wendy? So i think the person wendy’s refering to is Mist gun, not gerard.

  6. @dro: thanks for putting up that video clip… i was wondering if those rumors were true for the anime…
    oh awesomene breakdown by the way…has anyone figured out if midnight is a he/she yet? maybe we should have him meet ivankov and become his nakama…get it…nakama kambaka…lol…its back when luffy when mr bonchan the first time….lolz…

  7. @dro: great breakdown and that WRA manga is epic, keep it up.

    @shinobi: Midnight has been referred to as a he more than she, even his father said ‘him’:
    so unless Blaine just found out he has a long-lost child due to spring break in Cancun some 20 years ago, he should know if its a boy 😉

  8. Great breakdown Dro! LOL @ The WRA manga. I can’t believe you mistook Ronald McDonald for BB! XD She’s gonna be pissed. O_O

    @Shinobi: LOL, yeah good times.

    @Doomien: Ugh, you’re right it’s a boy! >_< He has like an 80s rocker glam thing going on for him. -_-

    @Anyone: So if Mistgun is not the Gerard at the tower then Gerard lied to us and actually does have a twin brother! Maybe he himself didn't know…maybe he's schizophrenic. @_@

  9. @everyone: Fairy Tail 154 is out:

  10. wouldn’t you know that as soon as i release a breakdown the new chap comes out early? XD ok, ill get started on it right away! ^__^

  11. LMFAO, u kno u could’ve chose sumthin betta than that kreepy clown. hella ghetto. u thought bbg was the clown? was that supposed to be an insult? 0_o

    anyways…. gray ftew!

  12. Wait…f**k how many Gerards are there!? There’s one that worked his way on to the council while at the same time creating a psychic image of himself to work the slave mines and resurrect Zeref.

    Then there’s Mist Gun who has the exact same face of Gerard.

    Now Gerard’s back again after living from the explosion of the tower somehow? So that’s 2 Geards right? Mistgun and the one that somehow lived from the explosion of the tower.

    So does Gerard have a twin or can he be Mist Gun too!? >_<

  13. Yeah, there was only ever Mistgun and Gerald really. Since Gerald didnt have any interest in Mistgun at all, i doubt he knew about him. Probably something weird caused by magic like Mistgun being born to balance Geralds evilness or other cliché things like that…. >_> Mangas are all about the clichés.

    @Dro: WRA manga is amazing! I think everyone will be competing for a spot on it soon.

  14. hmmm 1st
    @aupertrek gerard’s was revived by wendy 😛 so he didn’t exactly survived the explosion just his corpses ;PPPP

    i don’t think that’s kinda true Cyborgfranky cuz if we think it right gerard just rlly turned evil when he got possessed by zeref soul when he was arrested ;P, what i think its gerard and mist gun are the same person but divided person, my point is after being possessed by zeref, the good part tried to break up wid him (i think zeref is prolly a bitch and annoying guy calling him after anyways) and separate bodies wid an ancient magic ;p, getting gerard the evil part, zeref’s lover, and mist gun the awesome part.

    What lacks in my theory why didn’t mistgun ever talked to erza again if they wrre the same, i think is one of these
    1. lost his memory
    2. shame of what he was and what he did to her at the time when they(gerard and mist) were one
    3. shame of what gerard continued to be

    this is ma opinion COMMMMMENT PLISS
    4. leave it to you folks

  15. From what i understand you seem to thinking the same sort of thing as me -_-
    Oh, for the record, it was never Zerefs spirit. Urs crazy daughter who was supposed to be dead but is actually a member of the council was just manipulating Gerald.

  16. yeah kinda but what i’m tihnking is that they were born “one” and den split up but it kinda seems far fetched,so next
    its a CLONEEEEEEEE!!!

  17. @Acklikxx: Gerard did survive the explosion (mind and body) or else he’d be dead. Wendy can’t revive the dead.


    He was just reduced to a comatose state as a result of over exposure to atherion. I’m just wondering how in the world he survived and how Oracion Seis came across his body.

  18. yay finally got up with this manga =)
    lolz at Natsu trying to break the staff xD
    furthermore i agree on the gerard theory

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