One Piece 559 Breakdown and Discussion + 560 Spoilers? New Demotivational Poster Included! ^(0_0)^

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

caption-385964-20081206173104Artwork by Tokonatsu24

YOSH!!! Welcome to another week’s One Piece manga breakdown WRA style! I had a lot of fun reading this chapter so let’s get right into it!


Of course first here’s this week’s BOPP and AMV! I’m getting really attached to these short sad AMV’s about the crew’s past lives, but rest assured this one has a happy ending. AMV by the awesome ShiroZoroCookie! This week’s Baddass One Piece Picture by Saryth! I never liked CP9 more than I do now. O_O

Let’s start the breakdown!

Pic 1

Zoro doesn't believe in God but does he believe in astral projections floating above him looking over his back? @_@

The highly anticipated Zoro makes his debut on the cover page this week and he’s looking for the rest of the crew…the end. How boring and nothing much to note here so moving on…

Lol, jk there’s Perona floating above him in her astral projection form I suppose helping him search around the island. Why is she helping Zoro again? Zoro comes across a giant gravestone shaped like a cross outside the ruins of the castle. The only thing I can relate this cross to is the one Mihawk constantly wears and his giant sword that is shaped like a cross. Perhaps these battle ruins have something do with Mihawk’s past?

It's been a long day...some things take priority over war and execution...and caring about hygiene...

It's been a long day...some things take priority over war and execution...and hygiene...

In the main story Ace is accepting the karma of being a pirate even if it leads to his execution he will not resist. He also is fully accepting the hands that have come to help him and prevent his execution. On one hand he truly does owe all these pirates to not resist their help but why does he also say he owes everyone to not resist his death penalty if given? In my eyes this means he has accepted that if he is to die he’ll go out without a fuss for all those who sacrificed their lives for him. He chose this path and he must be a man and accept whatever fate lies at the end of the road whether it be salvation or death. In other words instead of going out like a bitch he’ll go out like his father Gol D. Roger, no fear and a true BAMF attitude if it comes down to it. It’s the least he can do for all those here for his sake. At least those are my thoughts on it…>_>

To tell you the truth Buggy not many people in this day and age likes clowns. -_-

To tell you the truth Buggy not many people in this day and age like clowns. -_-

As Ace contemplates life and death the battle rages on and Buggy enters the scene with his posse of crazy cult followers. Whitebeard calls down to Buggy and an interesting conversation takes place between the two while the convicts stare starry eyed at their hero Buggy the Clown, who is talking to Whitebeard as if they were equals. The funny thing is Buggy is nearly shitting himself for the first half of the conversation and by the end of it he’s all big headed, but it’s revealed Whitebeard is just using him for the power of the convicts. The simpleton… -_- What’s an apprentice of Roger’s ship doing on Level 1 of Impel Down and being one of the first baddies to get beat in the series anyway? That’s just weak…>_>

Sportsmanship is for the waek and dignified! :P

Sportsmanship is for the waek and dignified! 😛

After Whitebeard gets done with fooling Buggy, about as difficulty as fooling a paranoid schizophrenic into thinking he’s being followed, he communicates with his allies to move in certain directions. Whatever Sengoku had planned it had something to do with the battleships and the center of the battlefield because Whitebeard told everyone to split off left and right and to attack the marine battleships which seemed to disrupt Sengoku’s plan greatly. I’m at a loss for what Sengoku was planning so feel free to comment on what you all think was happening there. I’m still sticking to it being a trap for Whitebeard specifically but that seems less likely now.

And I really wanted to see what he'd look like when he turned too Captain Uber Vampshit! >_<

And I really wanted to see what he'd look like when he turned too Captain Uber Vampshit! >_<

We get back to Jimbei vs. Moria and we find out where Moria is getting his supply of shadows from. Innocent marines… can he do that? They have families to get back to you know, how are they supposed to take their kids to school if they can’t go out in the sunlight? O_o I swear the marines let the Shichibukai get away with anything as long as they don’t mess with the higher ups…the corrupt bastards. Well, Moria inserts the shadows into himself to grow much bigger and stronger than before. Jimbei let’s Luffy and Ivankov go ahead and takes the giant down in one hit to the gut. PWN, and he’s lucky Jimbei’s not in the water! I have a feeling the Shichibukai isn’t done yet so he’ll get back up.


What works for one DF type no matter how awesome the attack...

Pic 6

May not work for another and will wind you up with a jutte to your throat... -_-

Next up Luffy vs. Smoker and what a letdown it was to me. -_- I must say I’ve never seen such a powerful attack fail so miserably before. We all remember Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling that beat Lucci within an inch of his life right? Well it’s a shame when you see how such a powerful attack fails on an old enemy. Logia types are truly difficult to get around it seems no matter how strong you are. Basically Smoker beats the crap out of Luffy and nearly wins. I wasn’t expecting anything more than that from Luffy I suppose but I thought he’d at least improved his Haki enough to graze Smoker. I was going off of Blackbeard’s comment about how much his Haki had improved in his attack.

Before and After pictures for Boa are on the schizophrenia scale! O_O

Before and After pictures for Boa are on the schizophrenia scale! O_O

Hancock steps in to save the day and this really surprised me. She’s hella pissed that’s understandable but I never thought she’d directly help Luffy in front of the marines! Is she crazy or does she think she can get away with it thanks to her beauty like always? We know it can be resisted thanks to vice admiral Momonga (stab in the hand) and I don’t see her beauty working on Smoker and the other higher ups. Her Haki kick sent Smoker flying though which is quite impressive and expected from a Shichibukai so I wasn’t complaining. 😉 Smoker vs. Boa! YOSH!!! So what’s Boa’s situation now?

That turned out more innocent than what most of you were probaly thinking. :P

That turned out more innocent than what most of you were probaly thinking. 😛

Lo’ and behold it’s Barthelow Kuma again and *GASP* he’s holding the bible in his hand which has clearly indentified the real body from amongst the copy cat Pacifistas in the past. To me that means this is the real deal standing in front of Ivankov but something’s different… He’s more…indifferent and stoic than before. He’s like a robot! This doesn’t make sense though because even the old Kuma used to talk even a little. There have been some theories flying around in the comments section and I want to know what you all think.

On a side note  Doflamingo (the jackass) emphasizes on Ivankov being the Revolutionary Army Commander and whatever connection he may have held between Tyrant Kuma is over. I say that’s an obvious hint to Kuma being connected with the Revolution Army. The theory has been floating about in the comments section for awhile now and I thought it’s a good time to bring it up here. Kuma and the revolutionary army?

That’s it for this week’s breakdown. Here’s this week’s demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Sexified ZoroArtwork by Dnatio

Hmmm…I was asked in chat to do a bubble contest this week for a future post so instead of a prediction contest we’ll have a traditional bubble contest. Ja, I know it can get jaded but I’ll do a top 5 if possible. Here’s the most obvious pic. Have fun! 😛

Pic 12


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  1. Nice Super, super nice 😉 OW!
    Hmm, Zoro’s cover story was making me think that a giant gravestone belonged to a giant of some sort. I was also thinking maybe the ruler of this kingdom was oneof the people who wielded the superior kitetsu swords perhaps and that curse was the cause of the destruction. The two other swords were names way back in loguetown so they have a plot point somewhere.
    Jimbei owned. He blocked that huge weapon with his palm man! Then busted out another punch with a long name. Straw hats NEED fishman karate!
    Boa really surprised me. Is it safe to say Smoker has the ability to turn smokey on reflex now like Crocodile can go sand since ‘jet’ moves are super fast but he still avoided them logia style? Hope those two fight for real. I think Smoker relies way too much on that invonrability and will get owned by a skilled person who can hit him. I just hope he keeps his jutte away from Hancock! T_T HANCOCK!!! *Shakes fist at Super for putting that panel up by the way*
    And finally Kuma. The fact is, if he did get owned by Vegapunk then the WG must have a major tight leash on him. Maybe blackmail of some sort or they promised the freedom of a prisoner if he complied like they did to Oimo and Kashee in Enes Lobby (though it was a lie.) *Gasp* What if it was Ivankov?

  2. second

  3. Have you thought of the possibility of Doflamingo controlling Kuma atm?

    Anyways awesome chapter as uaual and very cool breakdown. Luffy must master haki if he wishes to survive the New World. For the past few chapters he’s been getting knocked around and his arse saved from certain pwnage ( by ivankov, boa, jimbei, etc.)…Cmon Luffy! Anyways next cover page will be the final one of the straw hats. I wonder what will be next for the cover pages?

  4. 3rd a i suppose and i even read the complete breakdown


    flamingo: i fucked him 10 times
    flamingo : no wait it was 19…

    ivanok : WTF, why not me?

  5. YOSH!!! Lol, I can’t believe you two came up with more theories! O_O Kitetsu swords, giants, and curses? Hmmm…Doflamingo controlling Kuma? Never thought of any of that but it could be very likely.

    Just a few things.

    @Franky and Pumpkin (I’ll get you both in 1 blow 😉 ): Don’t kitetsu swords only bring the user bad luck (the curse) not an entire kingdom and it’s downfall? If Doflamingo were controlling Kuma wouldn’t Kuma still be able to talk as was shown by previous members who were taken over?

    @Franky: Bah, I hope you’re not implying that Jimbei join their crew are you? It’ll be overpowered and Jimbei doesn’t seem that fun of a guy to keep up with the SH’s hilarity. He’s an awesome ally but that’s as far as it should go. We need a female Fishmen…that’s hot! @_@

    Lol, I had to put that picture of Hancock in there because you requested me not too. It’s simple logic. 🙂 I’m with you on hoping to see Smoker’s ass get kicked soon. He’s been here since near the very beginning and has yet to lose besides to Dragon…kind of. I want Luffy to get revenge on all the logia types he fought before after gaining mastery of Haki too! XD

    @Pumpkin: Indeed, Luffy has been kicking ass but he’s received a lot of ass kicking in the process.Just goes to show he’s not one of those overpowered protagonists and still has a long ways to go. By the time he gets to New World I wonder how much better he’ll be. It’s probably good he was delayed from going there because personally I don’t think his crew was ready yet.

  6. Hey super! Thanks for another awesome breakdown!

    @ pumpkin I doubt that Doflamingo is the one controlling Kuma, but rather that he’s very involved in the process of “killing” him. Perhaps Doflamingo’s more involved with the WG than has been shown so far…

    Ah Smokey! I’m not disappointed at all that he took down Luffy so easily: remember he and Tashigi swore to become stronger to beat Luffy when they next met and it seems that he kept true to his word. Now that he’s facing off against Hancock, though, it looks like he’s very outmatched. It’s also nice to see Hancock kicking ass against a main character rather than just random Marines and pirates. I really want to see her in action! Did she remind anyone else of Sanji whenever Nami’s in trouble? Lol, I can just imagine Hancock going:

    I have no idea what’s up with Zoro’s cover art adventure. To be honest, I’m kind of disappointed with the majority of them: Chopper and Nami’s didn’t tell us anything new. Sanji and Usopp’s just showed us changed appearances rather than fighting skills or information. Brooke’s was kind of open-ended and left it up to the imagination whether anything would come of his adventure. The only one’s I was very intrigued by was Franky and Robin’s. Franky’s clearly going to get a lot of info and maybe even a power up while Robin’s found the Revolutionaries and has a great chance of meeting Dragon!

  7. @Super: Well if the king was cursed it would effect everyone there. Since the curses nature isnt specified i cant really defend much but what if there was a major battle where the sword ended up kilking the king and in his absence the rest got owned. Or something similar….
    NOOOOOO! I didnt mean Jimbei in the crew baka! Everyone knows they need another girl in the crew and its gotta be one near Zoro Sanji level so what better way than a fishman karate chick. I’ve been supporting the female fishman nakama for a long time now ^^

    @elisha: I agree totally. The covers are somewhat a let down but you can infer some upgrades. Franky is obvious, Nami is on a shopping trip so that means major weather supplies, Chopper is left in a situation that he seems to have to fight from, Brook and the long arm tribe have to do some sort of interaction. But then Sanji and Usopps just annoyed me, Robins had a talking girrafe that wasnt Kaku and Zoro’s seems to be going for an open ended ending…And he’s still injured! Seriously, i know he took a lot, was healing and then took some more but if for one second we hear (read) ‘Zoro-san, your injuries seem to be effecting you still’ when the crew get back together i will be really annoyed >_> I’ll send ninja after Oda too….And shinigami.

    Anyone wonder why we didnt see chibi Luffy? I guess it was just a dodge by Oda, playing on how short the time was in gear 3rd but Luffy always went small, even for the briefest of moments. Perhaps those vigor hormones prevented it hinting there are ways around the side effect. Probably just a dodge though….

  8. @Elisha: Eh…thanks I try my best! *_*

    I put emphasis on the cover stories because knowing Oda he has some kind of hidden agenda behind them no matter how insignificant they may seem (Usopp getting fat, Sanji turning into a transvestite, and Brook writing a melody). Honestly they are also there for the fans to keep tabs on their favorite characters. The only ones I was really interested in were Nami’s and Franky’s because they were getting obvious upgrades. The rest I enjoyed simply for the pleasure of seeing the rest of the SH crew again.

    In the end though I’m 95% sure all of these cover stories will be made sense of in the future and we’ll look back and be like, “Oooooohhhhhhh that’s why he became a fat bastard!” XD

    @Franky: True enough, we’ll see what happens with Zoro’s story and the last crew member to the Strawhats. That brings up a question though. Luffy said he wanted a crew of 10 does that include himself?

    Looking at the dialogue it seems he wants 10 men in addition to himself (11 overall). Right now he has a crew of 9 including himself. If you count the ship as a nakama, which I do ever since the Going Merry’s death, I say he has a crew of 10 including himself. Now it would make all the sense in the world for his last nakama to be gained from Fishman Island. 11 powerful warriors set for the New World and their individual dreams!

    Now if you don’t count the Thousand Sunny as a nakama then even after gaining a nakama from Fishman Island Luffy would still only have an overall crew of 10 including himself. Leaving room for him to gain one more… What does anybody think about that scenario?

  9. In terms of the cover stories, i pretty much agree with Franky on all of them, except Sanji. Not that his isn’t annoying, because it is, but because i think he will gain something out of it. What is Sanjis biggest weakness? His inability to fight women. I think that this transformation will not be permanent and that he’ll go back to his normal self, but with the ability to actually attack women and not feel (to) guilty. And Zoros always injured i know. It’s rare that the guy is ever at 100% for any battle

    As for new crewmates…. i say that Luffy will recruit one more person, and they’ll be a df user. Then the new world!!

  10. i kinda liked the coverpage with zoro…anything is better than nothing, and judging by the picture zoro looks like he’s recovering well. i think kuma sent him there to recover both physically and mentally. he did go through a hellish like pain during the thriller bark arc, and then was severly outmatched just days later(not sure if it was actually days but you know). so its more of a vacation actually for him with perona as his support buddy lol.
    i thought it was hilarious how buggy and whitebeard where talking to each other. first it was luffy and whitebeard, which probably was out of mutal respect, and then it was with buggy and whitebeard as a strategic move.. i see buggy’s bounty rising almost near 100 million..lmao he’s already considered pretending to hide his goal for years as alow bounty pirate, and now everyone thinks he’s a masterind, breaking out of impel down, and even working with whitebeard in an alliance, that and being gol.d rogers crew
    Jimbei is just f*cking awesome… so far all he’s done is kick some ass, take names, throw pisswater(lol) and start all over again… its as if he’s the chuck norris of fishmen… Then theres mi lady Boa… her expression of anger then instantly passionate about luffy is just pure gold. she reminds me of sanji… like elisha said i could picture her doing that luffy-swan..lmao…
    im waiting for luffy to get his haki together and just pawn anybody with or without a df… especially a logia…its almost his kryptonite…

  11. @everyone: Remember you guys talking about foreshadowing the next nakama? Check this out:

    It may be nothing or….it could be a clue to the last female nakama. Check out Nami’s wardrobe. In the first panel she looks like she’s dressed like Robin and in the second one she looks like she’s dressed as….*drumroll*…BOA HANCOCK! I don know if its just Nami randomly putting on dresses or a secret hint to the last member of the SH’s.

  12. Hmm Oda did show in an interview that he had Hancocks character planned since Loguetown so maybe he does want her in the crew. I just think she doesn’t belong because her dream would be something lame like ‘helping Luffy realise his dream’ which is meh….She is also probably stronger than Luffy….

    @Super: Way i see it, he wants 10 people not the ship nakama counting. But he said he wanted that before he went to the grand line so should we really consider it a marker anymore?

    @Gangly: I see your point but i was hoping for more of a power up myself. Maybe all that running strengthened his legs and he might also pick up and adapt newkama kenpo into a heterosexual style. Ivankov has this crazy reputation as shown in recent chapters but as far as im concerned hasnt shown all that much battle wise. To get that rep, the fighting style must be really strong.

    @Elisha: Luffy-swaaaan! Made me ROFL so much. Great one dude.

  13. @super- i think i know how usopp getting fat was important…i think it means he was brave enough to eat the man-eating plants…one step closer to becoming brave warrior of the sea

  14. @Franky: I think we should. If Oda had the entire crew, or at least the numbers, planned out from the beginning then he’ll stick to it. You know he has had the ending of One Piece planned since the very beginning of the series and won’t change it right? When he presets something he sticks to it.
    Also yeesss, the ship is a part of the crew! He wanted 10 people but he never knew who those 10 people were going to be. Who knew he’d have a skeleton, a reindeer, and a cyborg? Is adding a ship to that list really that offsetting? The ship has a spirit…the spirit of the Going Merry which was very much human and Luffy declared it as his nakama.

    @Anyone: What if the mermaid princess were to join the SH? Her beauty was rumored to be greater than Boa’s and as a princess she has to know how to defend herself right? Just look at Vivi!

    @Omar: That’s a possibility and he may have accidentally eaten a DF.

    P.S. Is Ahsan going to win this Bubble Contest by default people!? >_<

  15. i know boa won’t join the crew, but it would be fun to see her interact with robin and nami(mostly nami) when it comes to doing anything to/with luffy. like when luffy does crazy things and nami gives him some lumps lmao…boa would loose it… i think nami would get jealous because sanji wouldn’t be all over her as much….poor chopper…just stay away from boa and you’ll be all right…

  16. Bubble:
    Donflamingo:No one out does me when it comes to looking gay…and i mean NO ONE…
    Donflamingo:So to make things fair ill surprise you to death…
    Ivankov:*gasp* And I just got out of jail too.

  17. any one notice zoro now has his weapons back from perona? maybe they both are on good terms now. that or zoro scared her into giving them back.

  18. @Shinobi: In truth Perona could kick Zoro’s ass so she probably doesn’t fear him. Also, she was the only one on the island for days now so she probably wants to be on good terms with any other inhabitant that lands there no matter if they were a former enemy.

  19. @ amar I actually heard a theory somewhere that Usopp is Blackbeard’s son (hey if Oda can pull a plot twist like Ace being Roger’s son, he might darn well do another one just for the hell of it!) and that Usopp’s becoming fat is to make the parallel clearer. That could just be me, though. Have you noticed that he seems to have grown taller as well? Perhaps he’s just getting bigger to be a more effective fighter. It probably would cut into his speed and dexterity, though.

  20. i think boa will be part of the crew….another foreshadowing thing is that for instance… Franky the seventh crew member was found at water 7…. and boa just would happen to be the 9th crew member as part of the Ku (9 in japanese) ja pirates… makes u wonder

  21. Another great breakdown, Super…good work =)

    I have to say – and I’m sure I’m the only one on this – I’m pretty disappointed with the way things have been moving since Luffy arrived. I don’t know what, but I expected a little more. *shrugs* Maybe it’s just what I feared when I started having to wait for new chapters each week.


    Doflamingo 1: Hey, Iva
    Doflamingo 2: Your makeup is smeared
    Iva: What! Noooooo!

  22. i think im seeing a resemblence between garp and smoker. garp was known for always cornering rogers back in the day, and now smoker seems to be the only person luffy can’t seem to run from, of which always having some one help him escape for the moment. also smoker isn’t like most of the marines, he actually someone with a heart, and believes in justice and not twisted justice, absolute justice or even dark justice….but fair justice…i think smokers gonna be around way after becomes the Pirate King…lol

  23. Bubble:
    Donflamingo:Im just gonna come out and say it for the record….Im Not Crazy
    Donflamingo:But i’ll let you in on a secret…..I AM!!
    Ivankov:I don’t he’s even bluffing…

    Donflamingo:I’ve been told these glasses are the latest in kambaka fashion..
    Donflamingo:Do i actually have to be one to wear them?
    Ivankov:How do i tell him those were last years fashion?

  24. Hey would someone mind explaning to me what Haki actually is? everyyone here talks about it as though its been explained but i dont think i ever saw an explanation on it other then that you can tell people what to do (like boa and luffy) and affect people with your battle aura (like shanks). is there more to it then that? also how could haki help luffy hit a logia type? if someone could explain this to me it would be very helpfull. thanks!

  25. on the subject of this chapter, i thought it was good. this story is coming along slowly but surely with its usual epic goodness. i have to say super, the things you do with these manga panels always give me a good laugh. that sportsminship one with white beard and the “Jet Useless!” made me laugh so hard!

  26. um haki allows u to hit logia types… look at rayleigh vs. kizaru. they havent explained all the different types of haki yet…

  27. takashid: Read this

    Should give you a better idea as they havent explained it properly in the manga or anime

    by: Nja-2Ch

    Chapter 560: Title The prisoners of Impel Down
    Zoro’s Coverstory: A shadow crouching near

    Hancock whispers to Luffy
    Hancock: Luffy, I’m glad to see you safely here.
    Here, this is the keys to your brother’s cuffs
    Luffy: Hancock thanks!!

    Luffy hughs Hancock, and Hancock blushingly says
    Hancock: Hurry, go save your brother

    Hancocks falls down (from overwhelming pleasure)
    Marine: The pirate empress has been defeated by Strawhat with a back breaker!!
    Hancock: Oh…. this is what… marriage is like!
    Smoker: I won’t let you get away, Strawhat!

    Smoker blocks Hancocks’ Perfume Femur with his Jutte, but it turns into stone and crumples.

    Scene changes to Buggy
    Mr.3: You sure this plan will work?
    Buggy: It’ll be alright!! Let’s go my men!!

    Buggy is starting up something.

    Ivankov vs Kuma
    DoFlamingo: He’s finally completed recently. They frist started with his legs and arm…
    And finally they modefied his head, into a full cyborg.
    He’s not longer the Kuma you knew!!
    Ivankov: Being forgotten is the hardest thing….

    That’s when Kuma proceeds to attack the other prisoners.
    Enraged, Ivankov says no more fooling around, he’s going all out.


    Croc: We’ve been separated far from them…
    Near croc is Mr.1

    Fodder pirates: I won’t let you get to pops!!
    They attack Crocodile.
    Croc: Out of my way.
    Croc blows them away with tornado.
    Whitebeard sighs or something, I don’t remember(Nja’s comment)

    Jozu comes rushing in, and body slams into Croc’s face.
    Croc is blown away, and mutters how fast Jozu is despite his size and weight.
    Croc lands on his feet, but blood gushes out from his mouth and nose.
    DoFlamingo is near by.

    Jozu comes attacking him, but DoFlamingo stops Jozu.
    Jozu: So you managed to sneak out of that hole of yours huh, crocodile man?

    Then he slowly turns towards DoFlamingo, and glares.

    Croc: Don’t get in the way Doflamingo, or I’ll kill you!
    DoFlamingo: How about it Crocodile, why don’t we join forces?
    Jozu vs Croc & Doflamingo?

    The strongest swordsman Hawkeye appears in front of Luffy who went to save Ace.
    Luffy vs Mihawk

    Addtional tidbits

    While Luffy is running, he mutters I keep having Hancock look after me.
    could this be a flag? Maybe he will ask her what he can do for her, and she asks for him? (Nja’s opinion)

    Lastly, Mihawk mulbles something to the like of “I’m sorry Red-hair, but this power is blah blah”, “…with my Black Sword!”
    He seems to be eager to fight.
    (Nja was going off his memory, and didn’t remember the whole lines)

    important points:

    luffy got aces keys and is fighting mihawk witch probelly not going to make zorro very happy even though if mihawk i defeated it dosent mean that luffy is the strongest swordsmen so i think he will get over it. looks like my perdiction was right (more or less)i thought it was going to be considdering nearly everyone agreed with me.

    it would be amazing if shanks turned if to fight mihawk like they say he used to and then luffy would be able to see him again.

  29. For the caption contest:

    Doflamingo: (1st bubble) That’s right, Kuma’s my bitch now. Did him for three hours straight.
    (2nd bubble) So now every time you’re with him, he’s gonna be thinking of me!

    Iva: That’s it pal, you just f*cked with the wrong okama!

  30. @Pickles: I can see where you’re coming from. I haven’t been that impressed with Luffy’s battle so far besides how he handled that giant and Hina. But like Takashid said One Piece always progresses slowly into an epic build up. Btw, welcome back!

    @Shinobi: Great observation! I can definitely see that happening. Luffy would have a handful with an enemy like Smoker on his tail for the rest of his pirate life. 😉

    @Smurf: Confirmed spoilers already!? O_O

    @Everyone: LOL, keep up with those bubbles. 😀

  31. kingkhaos: i see so the only thing we know about it is what we have seen people like shanks do with it. the way everyone here talked about it here, it seemed like it had been explained in a chapter i missed.

  32. I wrote a big post on it about a month ago dude. I will try to do so again.

    An ability derived from the spirit though simply having ‘spirit’ isnt enough to manifest it or any character with determination would be using it. It can be targeted at a single person or sent in a wave. The targeting has only been performed by experts so its unclear how difficult the control is. It has the ability to knock weak willed people out or rather only strong willed people can stay concious. It can also make people comply with orders and when used with weapons and presumably fists, it increases the attack strength. Strong enough haki can damage objects such as Shanks messin up the Moby Dick and sending ripples through water. On numerous occasions it has been shown to nullify devil fruit powers such as Rayleigh drawing blood from Kizaru and Luffy feeling the Boa sisters attacks as if he wasnt rubber. The extent of the nullification is unclear though since a sword made by Kizarus powers stayed unscated when crossed with Rayleighs haki powered sword.
    There are several types that offer additional perks. Mantra, the ability used by Enel and his priests is a form of haki which has movement perdiction, there is a defensive type used by Sentoumaru and Sandersonia that makes some attacks bounce off but brute strength can beat this, kings disposition is described as the strongest. It makes even strong willed people faint or follow instructions and presumably does more. Zoros Asura could be a type of haki that allows illusions to materialise. Persumably there is also a ‘normal’ type that gives no extra perks.

  33. Damn, if those spoilers are true than thats gonna be one short battle for luffy.

  34. BUBBLE:
    Donflamingo:If i had a towel i’d give you one,but i have something better…its ShamWow…
    Donflamingo:But if you order in the next 10 minutes, you get a second one free…all for 19.99 beri.
    Ivankov:No Way…19.99 beri?

    Im gonna be atleast top 5 at this rate lolz

  35. CyborgFranky: i see that makes a lot of sense. i didnt realize that we had seen haki in action even back during the enel thing and even further now that i think of it. I had forgotten all about Sentomaru seince we havent seen him at this battle and i did not really like him much to begin with. thanks for the explanation! it was more helpfull then the wiki, which is what i was hoping for when i asked. Thanks!

  36. mayb not gangly, I think luffy might have a chance against mihawk with his speed in Gear 2nd but its more likely that he would just slip by while another person distracts/fights mihawk. Cause the only thing keeping luffy going atm is ivankovs hormones and his own will power. I don’t think he could handle a prolonged fight

  37. a funny match up to me would be captain buggy vs mihawk… the guy who can’t get cut, and the world best swordsman at the moment….( i think we all know zoro’s gonna beat him)

  38. @super: yea i kno its was early monday that they came out witch dosent happen very often but probelly mean thursday early of one piece and yes i have chck again and the confirmed spoiler has not changed

  39. the coverstories of cp9 is there anyway to know whats happening other than that? or is there like fillers? im curios to see how/what is going on …

  40. not a clue wat is going on with them sorry

  41. just to let everyone know that i know this will not happen in a million years but i found a perdiction of one piece that not the confirmed spoiler like earlier (cant ever find one piece perdiction) but although it will never happen if it did i would be happy even if i were to did lol

    Ivankov: “What do you mean dead?”
    Dofamingo: “Kuma has gone under mechanization when he was captured years ago, he no longer holds any memory of the revolutionaries or you, he only responds to the will of the World Governmnet”
    Ivankov: “That can’t be”
    Kuma warms up a beam in his mouth, and fires it at Ivankov.
    Inazuma: “IVANKOV!”

    Smoker: “Why are you helping Luffy Hancock?”
    Smoker: ‘Love, has she gone insane’

    Whitebeard: “Oh boy, that Smoker has just pissed off Hancock, someone’s going to die”
    Marco: “I’ll say, she’s got a glare that would kill”
    Buggy: “HOW DOES HE DO THAT, THAT BRAT IS SO LUCKY!”Sengoku: “Are preparations not complete yet?”
    Marine: “No sir, unfortunatley (what ever they are waiting for) isn’t ready yet”
    Sengoku: “Drat, and the pirates are getting closer, and with Luffy, and Buggy having arrived this only makes everything even harder for me. The apprentice of Roger, The son of Dragon, Ruler of the Sea, all here to rescue The son of Roger. Can this get any worse?”


    Second citizen: “But if Monkey D Luffy and Ace were raised together, won’t that mean that Dragon may also intervene?”
    Third citizen: “I don’t know, it’s possible that he will show now that his son is also there, as well as two of his subordinates. Besides I hope he doesn’t if Dragon shows, it will be the end of the Marines. Currently 100,000 marines are there, including Stragetist Sengoku, the three admirals, five shichibukai, and many other marine captains that had made names for themselves. Against them are Ruler of the Sea Whitebeard, his fourteen division commanders, Ex-shichibukai Corcodile, Shichibukai Jimbei, Revolutionaries Inazuma, and Ivankov, as well as Strawhat Luffy son of Dragon, Buggy the Clown apprentice to Gol D. Roger, and many other famous pirate captains that made names for themselves. Right now if your considering titles both sides are reletivly even, but however right now Buggy has yet to fight, Whitebeard has yet to heavily participate in battle, many of the other pirate captains have yet to participate in battle, and a couple of the Marine Admirals have yet to get serious. Right now it’s war, but if Dragon and his revolutionaries were to join as well, it would be DOMINATION!”Sengoku looking at the sky: “This is unpredicted. A storm seems to be approaching, but rain isn’t salt water so it won’t hinder the abilities of the fruit users. But however the formation of this Storm is odd, it seems almost unnatural”

    Whitebeard: “A storm?”
    Marco: “Odd. There weren’t susposed to be any storms today”

    Crocodile: “If it rains my powers are all but usless”
    Buggy: ‘I’m so glad those idiots don’t get it’

    Smoker: “AUGH!” gets kicked and thrown away.

    Luffy: “Hancock, can you kick him one more time” Luffy get into Gear Second.
    Boa: “Anything for you darling” blushing madly.

    Boa kick’s smoker one more time, but during that time Luffy grabs Smoker’s weapon (I forget what it’s called) and takes it for himself.

    Luffy: “Thanks Hancock, now I will be able to do damage to him as well, as well as those admirals”
    Boa blushing madly: “Y-y-your welcome”

    Smoker gets up cursing, he won’t be able to do any proper damage to Luffy without his weapon, and while his weapon is made out of that seastone, it will nullify his logia abilities and he will recieve damage.

    Whitebeard: “Buggy, can I ask you to help with the attack through the centre?”
    Buggy: “Sure, I Buggy won’t be so easily defeated by lowly peon marines”

    Buggy charges forward his two hundred criminals behind him, with eash Buggy attacks and kills/defeats several marines, his two hundred criminals charge into the fray as well. Buggy tries to show off more which will encourage the criminals to move ahead of him causing himself to be in the middle of his followers, risking less damage to himself. As they do this Luffy is beating the crap out of Smoker finally happy that he can do damage to the captain that has been a thorn in his side for many occations. Finally Smoker hits the ground and doesn’t get back up.

    Tashigi: “CAPTAIN SMOKER!” Tashigi raises her sword and charges at Luffy. Boa sees this and attempts to get in the way and stop her but Luffy pushes her aside. Luffy brings up the weapons he took from Smoker and prepares to defend himself as Tashigi brings the sword down attempting to chop Luffy’s head in half.


    Tashigi’s swords were stopped short, but not by Luffy’s “Skillfully aquired weapon” Tashigi was stopped by another sword. Luffy and Boa observe the sword, and follow the blade down to the handle, and to the hand holding the blade. Luffy’s eyes land on a familiar green haired friend.
    Luffy: “ZORO!”
    Zoro: “How ya been Cap?”
    Lluffy sobbing with happiness: “Your alright, (snapping out of his sobbing stupor) Are you the only one here? Are the others here?”
    Zoro: “I don’t know I was alone when I traveled here, but I did bring an ally”
    Luffy: “Ally?”
    ?????: “Heraheraherahera” An eerie voice echoed thorugh the sky, several ghosts traveled through the air and landed on several marines. Luffy heard a finger snap and the ghosts attached to the marines explode. Luffy looks up to see a hollowfied Personia.
    Luffy: “How did you get her to be your ally?”
    Zoro draws his two other swords: “It’s a long story maybe some other time”
    Luffy: “Alright” Luffy gets in a fighting stance and turns to challenge the on coming crowd of Marines, only for them to be taken out by a bolt of lightning.
    Luffy, Boa, and Zoro turn to see on a wall some distance behind them, and ontop of the wall is Nami.
    Luffy/Zoro: “NAMI!”
    Nami: “Glad to see I made it in time”
    ????: “CERTAIN KILL FIREBIRD STAR!” A flaming eagle/bird flys over their head and hits the World Government, and Marine Flag igniting them into flames.
    Luffy: “USOPP!”
    Usopp holds a thumbs up while Marines charge at him from behind.
    Usopp just grins: “MANTIS TWISTER!” Usopp spins rapidly performing several kicks, and punches to the marines defeating them before they can touch him.
    Luffy: “SO COOL!” his eyes shining brighter than stars.
    A jet of fire shoots past Luffy, and Zoro, looking further back they see the familiar form of their cook.
    Luffy: “SANJI!”
    Sanji: “Good to see you captain, marimimo, Sogeking, and NAMI-SWAAAANNNNN!” Sanji swoons over Nami and he, Nami, and Usopp walk over to Luffy, Sanji however is the first to notice Boa.
    Sanji: “WHOA WHAT A BEAUTY!” Sanji swoons over to Boa but she slaps him away and hides behind Luffy (That’s out of character but I think it’s funny)
    ????: “FROZEN ROSE HOOF!” the group looked to see Chopper come out of no where and attack a couple marines in his way as he too makes his way towards his long lost crew.
    Strawhat group: “CHOPPER!”
    Boa: ‘Is that a deer, or a man?’
    ????: “FRANKY BOXING!” Several marines fly from another ally way to reveal Franky.
    ????: “CAMABO COUP DE VANT!” (I don’t know how it’s spelt I just went with memory)
    Strawhat group: “FRANKY! BROOK!”
    Franky smiles, Brook laughs his signature laugh as the two of them walk towards the group.
    Luffy: “All that leaves is Robin”


    The group, plus the fighting stops temporarily to look at the ocean, where several ships come into view, a ship at the helm holding two figures at the front.

    Luffy: “Is that?” He focuses further to see Robin at the helm of the ship, a man was directly behind her. She met with the revolutionaries while she was building that huge bridge, and after speaking to the man who helped her he brings his revolutionaries.

    Ivankov slowly gets up from a pile of rubble after getting attacked by Kuma, Inazuma too rises from rubble after fighting with Kuma, they both look over to the sea while Kuma, and Doflamingo are right behind them.

    Doflamingo: “It can’t be” he starts sweating prefusly.
    Kuma: “I-i-i-it’s”
    Ivankov/Inazuma: “LEADER DRAGON!”

    Sengoku: “It’s not possible”

    Whitebeard: “So you’ve come Dragon”

    Buggy: “DRAGON!”

    Luffy: “ROBIN! FATHER!”


    Ace: “What’s going on here?”

    Luffy turns back towards Ace: “Alright LET’S DO THIS!”

  42. @Shinobi: Nope, no fillers involving CP9 just the cover stories.

    @Smurf: Damn you and your spoilers I read the last bit of it! xD

    Ah never mind it’s just a prediction and an awesome one at that! O_O

  43. smurf: omg that is one awesome prediction! if even half of that were true it would be so epic! but even if that did happen,(which i doubt seince its not confirmed) it would probobly take longer then one chapter. still, its a cool prediction XD

  44. anyone have an idea when the onepiece movie should be coming out?

    Release date in Japan is December 12, 2009. No idea for when it’ll hit our shores but I’m very excited about it, and you can bet someone’s going to be doing a breakdown on it!


  45. @smurf that indeed is a great prediction. If only a part of that would become reality ide be dammned happy 😛 (especially the dragon part)
    Hmm im really gettin the feeling wb is gonna die since buggy said it,.
    not that hes a great pirate or anything but hes kinda lucky and things seem to be turning out good for him atm, it would also give an epic affect and make buggy a even more terrified pirate lol.

    Also i wonder if and when we will be seeing enel back any suggestions maybe in the next arc?

  46. @Fear: Enel comes down from the Sky Islands and the world is doomed! XD Even with Haki it’d be hard to hit him if you’re not fast enough and the only person that can stand his attacks are Luffy. Even the endurance monster Zoro was felled by him. Of course Zoro was already hurt but still…

    That’d be a sweet appearance though and with a new monster on the sea the government would have it’s hands full.

    @Anyone: Anyone notice the patter that both the girls on the Strawhat Crew never officially joined the crew until they settled a matter in their pasts? Actually both Nami and Nico were using the crew to get to a certain destination or goal. Nami for the gold and Nico for the history.

    Any guess that the next female crew member will have to settle something with her past? *crosses his finger that it’ll be a girl* >_<

  47. @ fearvano Actually, I’m really hoping Enel shows up again because I think Nami with her upgraded Climatact would be ready to really take him on. Remember in Skypeia she was the only one besides Luffy to avoid getting electrocuted with her Climatact? I really want her to get a chance to kick ass since she’s kind of been on a DiD spree lately!

    @ super Well I doubt Hancock will join then since we already know her past and Luffy never really had to help her settle it. If it’s a fishwoman then there’s definitely some serious angst in her past particularly if she was a former slave or member of the Sunny Pirates.

  48. HAH! SUPER! You know I can’t resist commenting. First off, that fan fiction posted above. I read it before it was posted elsewhere on that spoiler manga site. Some of the general ideas for plot aren’t terrible but It. made. me. cringe. reading it. I know its only fan fiction or whatever but even the style just doesn’t work and it doesn’t feel like OP. Things like: Croc saying “Oh crap, my powers would be useless if it rains” is completely out of character along with Luffy’s interaction with Boa, and Zoro saying “whats up cap”

    It’d be like writing a naruto prediction/fan where Sasuke gushes us with his bottled up feelings and emotions, Naruto cedes the goal of becoming Hokage, or Hinata tries jumping Naruto’s bones right in front of others. In other words, it ain’t gonna happen.

    Back to the One piece, I believe that I correctly predicted more than a few weeks ago that Boa would step in to save Luffy but I still stand strongly by the fact that she’s not going to join his crew. Also not sure about any of Strawhat’s other crew even showing up here at this battle. I personally am against it but I can’t say for sure that it wouldn’t be written in by Oda. Besides Zoro, none of them would even really make the smallest bit of difference in the outcome of the battle at all to be honest. That being said, I do think that the trend of others stepping in for Luffy will continue as I don’t think that he’s gonna end up fighting DoFlamingo, Smoker, Mihawk, or anyone else 1 on 1 until he’s much closer to Ace. Like Boa just did, I think we’ll see others step in to clear the way. The sad truth and bottom line is that he’s still not strong enough to take them on and win. Like someone else said previously, Oda wants this story to move slowly. So by having him do a typical “DBZ/Naruto/Ichigo” sudden power up to beat anyone in front of him here wouldn’t make sense and would seem to be contradictory.

    I thought I had something else but my concentrations wandering so I’m done for the time.


  49. I know what im about to say may upset a few people and may even be totally againstt his character but i wonder if you guys agree with me when i say i want Luffy to start planning things more. He has been getting saved since the storg began and 90% of the time its because he just charges into trouble. Sure its always great when he wins in those situations and you may call it resolve or whatever but i am so sick of a new ally with some devil fruit or alternative power stepping in at the last minute because the dude doesn’t think at all. The fact is Luffy is a genius at fighting so he should be able to turn his brain on a few moments before he rushes into the fight. Just no more with the convenient saves.

  50. i’ll agree with you Franky, because only because Luffy is/was heading for the New World, where all the real pirates are such as the Yonkou, and even the Marines Headquarters sortof… he can’t really be as reckless as he was say back in arlong park, or more recently enies lobby. yeah its awesome when he goes in swinging but he’s a league above his crew (except zoro and sanji) that no one can really cover his back without having all of them to go all out.
    still haven’t seen that spoiler or fanfict above so hopefully things get good this chapter…

  51. id love to see “luffy ” planning battles but it just doesnt fit

    does zoro , sanji & most other plan? rarely…. it just isnt there style but i think they should start doing so….

  52. the reason why OP and the straw hat crew is the fact that everyone plays off of each other. When people see luffy’s crew they always have the idea that they are insane because they dont think before they act on something if luffy was going to think before he acted then he never would of fought most of his opponents, he is a person of very firm moral values and expects everyone around him to be the same, when he sees something wrong he does anything and everything he can do to set it right. and if you look at his crew they arre perfectly content with it thats how his crew was formed and that is how its going to stay i for one am a fan of this. oh and the prediction would be amazing. usually in predictions the wording is off a bit so obviously croc wouldnt say sumthin that made him seem afraid and zoro would say sumthin more around his style but the premise of the prediction is great and wouldnt be dissapointed one bit if that happened.

  53. whoops meant to say the reason why i liked OP lol

  54. @super dont call Robin “nico” it makes her name sound less femaleish >.<
    i agree and disagree on Luffy planning things more, it would make the story less funny which i find really important on the other hand if he doesnt think at all he wouldnt make it alive through the new world. I find Naruto (the manga NOT naruto himself lol) alot less atractive since things have turned to serious there, so i just hope OP wont become to serious

  55. OP 560 is up havent read it yet ,…

  56. damn Mihawk, now zoro has to show up!
    lolz at ivankov xD

  57. zzZzZZZzz again no chapter next week =(

  58. damm people why the hell are they missing weeks dont they realize that i live off of one piece

  59. Its not that Luffy has particularly high moral values, otherwise he wouldn’t go stealing like he did on Skypeia (even if they did want to reward him) He just has his own beliefs and gets annoyed when people go against that. It isnt so much his nature that has begun irritating me, i find him the most likeable of all the ‘idiotic yet amazing at fighting’ heros that are so often in manga. What annoys me is the unreasonable amount of times someone intervenes and Luffy gets saved.

    New chapter was great even if they are skipping next week -_- Smurf was bang on with the Kuma theory. Seems Jaws is either a logia or has a power like Galdino’s wax since he made a giant fist. Or did he become giant?
    Either way, Ivankov owned Kuma. I thought he was untouchable because of his powers (not really untouchable but you know what i mean) I guess someone else will be jumping in to save Luffys ass *sigh* . There is no way he is any sort of match for a full power Mihawk.

  60. wow what a chapter…i almost feel bad for smoker making boa so angry…not. Boa has been pure gold since she showed up. i wonder after all of this whats gonna happen between her and luffy?….i wonder if theres a road trip involved with luffy and his temporary crew, sort of like after saving ace they all get together and and drop each other of at certain placecs with luffy heading for rayleigh as the final stop?

  61. does everyone think that since kuma turned into a ‘px-0’ hes become weaker because against zoro when ever zoro got the location of kuma and turned towards him he ‘warped’ behind and attack but in this case he just standing that and taking the attacks even though they are some pretty powerful attacks lol gooooooo ivan lol. or perhaps there is still a bit of kuma left inside and seeing that its an allie that fighting then he doing everything he can to resist and that is slowing the reaction of the new px-0.

    what happened to the sizzer guy/aloe vera (like the black and white guy in naruto (even tho i dont know the colours of him)) he was supposed to be in the ship ill and bed ridden and after that ship crashed i dont think everyone would have saved the guy after being concerned with plumiting to there death i.e posible drowned.

    the front cover shows a shadow of some guy watching zoro and the girl and i think that will be the guy zoro is going to fight and learn something from him or is going to study under him.

  62. at the start of one piece when mihawk first showed up the krieg crew said that the kind of power that mihawk has has to be devil fruit but now that zoro can to something similar to cutting a boat in half in one strike i.e he did it to the ice berg, i am learning towards that its not a devil friut power but that dosent mean that he couldnt gave anyother power that he hasnt shown yet.

  63. I doubt Mihawk has a df. It would mean he relies on something other than his swordsmanship to fight and would really take the significance of him being the strongest swordsman in the world away. He would just be a strong dude who used a sword. Whats more he goes around on that crappy little boat when the sea would kill him if he had a df. I doubt i will ever get proof he doesn’t though since he is too cool and casual to end up in the water somewhere.

  64. yeah,mihawk doesn’t seem like the type to have a df that would help fight. its possible he’s just that good, or maybe even have a haki, his eyes do give a weird vibe to them , so it could just be a regular haki, with not speciality to it…
    im curious to whats gonna happen to those supernovas once this arc is over…i know that jewel girl wants a piece of luffy/zoro, as well as kidd, and law… hmm….it would be interesting if each strawhat memeber had a personal vendatta aganst the crew making them all even more legendary in the process…

    We should have a prediction of who’s gonna fight who…(luffy can’t fight all the supernovas can he?)

  65. op is out on onemanga

  66. LMAO! The marines think Luffy defeated Boa with Sumo Wrestling moves and Boa thinks Luffy just married her! XD

    Boa just broke Smoker’s Jutte and she’s a DF user, but she broke through them anyway with pure power. Doflamingo is even able to take over the 3rd Commander of the Whitebeard pirates! Crocodile just got owned! O_O

    Pretty much another great chapter.

    @Franky: Luffy making a battle plan before fighting? We see the result of what happens when Luffy plans something. >__>

    @Fear: What, you mean NICO Robin…? I like NICO Robin… In America Nico is pretty feminine at least around where I’m from. 😉

    @Smurf: Nah, I wouldn’t say Kuma has become weaker since his completion. I think Ivankov is just hella strong and got the surprise attack on Kuma before he could react. Both times when the SH fought Kuma they were weakened. Ivankov is at the top of her game and is now going all out against Kuma. No shame in him getting beat up by the Namabaka Queen. XD

    @Shinobi: I believe that Oda already has matched up in his head what pirates are going to fight what pirates in the New World.

    Luffy vs. Kidd (or Trafalagar…maybe both at different times)
    Zoro vs. Killer
    Sanji vs. The bear…
    Franky vs. Urouge
    Nami vs. Jewelry
    Robin vs. Basil Hawkins
    Usopp vs. Capone
    Chooper vs. X. Drake
    Brooke vs. Scratchmen Apoo

    At least that’s my list and there’s plenty of other enemies on the Supernova’s ships that the SH can’t fight.

  67. No new chapter next week…*starts scratching wrists nervously*

  68. @super: that was exactly the list i was gonna put up but i wasn’t sure who would fight law, so i scratched it off…unless luffy fights him…although i don’t see luffy and law actually fighting each other… he seems like they would team up for something, but not be all buddy buddy like shanks and mihawk or even wb…

    Man…no chapter next week…looks like we may have some of us relapsing again… and i just quit the smoking…sigh..

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