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hello people, this is Scorpion Legacy filling in for cookie on this week’s naruto manga breakdown. Well it has been a long time since I have done a breakdown and as some of you know they tend to be short, funny and not very satisfying “that’s what she said” … wait, did I just burn myself? Well let’s jump into this week’s Sasuke breakdown!

 naruto 446

Tap into your ninja training and avoid the mony shot!

Do you remember the good old days? When Naruto fought Zabuza and Sasuke was only his rival and not his gay lover. When the bad guys did not want to take over the world or gain more power, when nobody had the power to destroy a town by themselves. Yeah, I miss those days. Well this chapter was mainly about watching Sasuke getting his ass handed to him only to be saved by Zetsu who was apparently created after Kishimoto (the creator of naruto) spent a week watching *cough* adult anime*cough* damn I think I got some zetu in my lungs.

naruto 447 2

That's gotta hurt! right in the chest. He will be coughing up wite stuff for weeks.

Yeah, So Sasuke is forced to protecthimself from acid that the Mizukage apparently creates in her mouth…no wonder why she has guy troubles. Ahhh I must say that all the powers are starting to get a bit out of hand; it is like when everyone and their grandma became super saiyan dragon ball Z. Well the one good thing I can say about this chapter is that we all (by “we” I mean me) love to watch Sasuke get his ass handed to him.

naruto 447 3

Hammer time!

So a sword that is just a big ass chakra hammer….again WTF is up with naruto?  It went from ninjas to people spitting acid, wilding chakra hammers and protecting themselves with flaming ribcages.  Hmmm…so, Sasuke is starting to feel the limitations of his body and the toll it takes to use his powerful jutsus.  Let’s see is there any way Sasuke can overcome this limitation that hurts hid body and make him go blind?  I wonder if Madara will give Sasuke another chance to take Itachi’s eyeballs.  But if Itachi’s eyeballs are old and rotten Sasuke might have to get his eyes from Danzo and Kakashi.

So this is what it looks like under my skin.

So this is what it looks like under my skin.

Sasuke seems to be having a bad trip from the acid.  He thinks he is inside a giant flaming ribcage with the walls and his skin melting around him as a hot chick calls him a good looking guy…sound like a dream I once had.  I think the way to bring Sasuke back is to have him see a therapist; he obviously has some family issues.   But I guess having Sasuke talk about his big brother issues and get a banana sticker form making an emotional breakthrough would ruin the manga.

It is time for the slime to violate your behind.

It is time for the slime to violate your behind.

Hell yeah! It’s Zetsu time!  I always knew I would like this guy and now I know why.  He is the bad guy in every adult anime and the bad guy in an adult anime is always the good guy for men.

Zetsu makes goo power seem like fun.

Zetsu makes goo power seems like fun.

Ok, so after Zetsu explores every nook and cranny in the Mizukage’s body the big fat ninja spits out a rock golem.  Seriously, I think Kishimoto has an oral fixation because all ninjutsu seems to come from the mouth.

It's rubik the super cube!

It's rubik the super cube!

After the failed attempt to crush Sauske with his big ass rubix cube the Tsuchikage gets interrupted by madara who rescues Sauske from the evil rubix cube and tosses Sauske over his shoulder like a new bride.

I wonder if Madara's moons eye plan has anything to do with Sauske's brown eye. >_< yeah, that was nasty.

I wonder if Madara's moons eye plan has anything to do with Sauske's brown eye. >_< yeah, that was nasty.

I see how this is going to end, naruto and madara are going to have a fight over who gets to take Sauske as there gay lover.  Well, that is the end of my breakdown… you can talk about madara’s moon eye plan in the comment section.  I assume Cookie will announce last week’s bubble contest winner in next week’s breakdown.

Until next time,

Scorpion Legacy


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  2. Its late 😛


    @scorp: Flaming Ribcages? EPIC!!!

    Man I think Kishi stole some ideas from Kubo (Bleach). I mean Chojuro released his zanpaktou….I mean sword and it became a hammer. Sounds like something a shinigami/vizard would do.

    Narutos gone downhill…I mean this is interesting and all…what with all the slime people, gay emos, useless Karins and stuff. But wheres the emotion? Where’s the comedy? Tobi was the only comedy left in this manga and Kishi decided to scrap him so what now? *sigh*

  4. Why are you “HAHAHA!” at me pumpkin? 0_o
    HAHAHA to you to 😮

    Anyways good breakdown Scorpion, it was a few hours late….but at least it came out Friday 😉

  5. Im thinking the Moons eye plan, could be Madara’s plan….

    (a distant voice shouts out “thanks for pointing out the obvious SCHY”)

    This plan and talk, could be revealing stuff about Madara wanting to become “complete” like Cell from DBZ.
    It might be revealing information about that “thing” Madara wanted to sync Sasuke with.
    And most importantly…….Madara seems to let us take a peek, revealing part of his face and taking of his mask, when he talks for extensive periods of time O_O
    Will we see his Face?

  6. 4TH! Yaaay first time I’ve ever made a comment higher than 66, much less in the top ten lol ^_^

    Anyhow, Great breakdown!

    This was an awesome chapter sooooo much action! By page 4 I was like whoa @_@ The Mizukage was so cool with all her techs! The Tsuchikage sure was badass…I could imagine if all the kages had teamed up on sasuke he really would have been dead right now!

    @ SCHY: I wish Madara would take off his mask!

    Now that I look at the last page, I can’t help but think how much Madara is using sasuke – he made him go to the kage meeting under the guise of getting at danzo, only to get beaten up. And now Madara is using that opportunity, now that he has the kages’ rapt attention to talk about his Moon’s Eye Plan – even placing bookings for more fights with the raikage lol ;P Sasuke is soooo used, but I guess that is the price that an avenger must pay…

  7. 5th damn legacy now that was fast dude great job and funny as hell to 😉

  8. ooops seems like I was third after all 0_o

    Anyhow, is it just me, or Madara just loves to talk? He put sasuke through all of that just to get an audience, although I loved seeing sasuke get his a$$ handed to him (that’s what he deserves for deserting 2/3 of TAKA in the rubble). I wonder if he is going to talk about the Sage again? But honestly i can’t wait to hear about this plan 0f his.

  9. there’s one thing that bothers me in this chapter, if sasuke’s chakra was regenerated via zetsu and he didn’t get hit by the tsuchikage’s rubix of death ( really funny scorpion :))=)) i can’t get it out of my head :)) anyways if sasuke survived like a lucky motherf……. that he always is who he hell did he faint like a little girl, madara sure saved hin from the rubix =)) but if the old men’s tech didn’t hit sasuke he should have been fine anyway ?????

  10. sorry for the typo there’s a “how” in there not a “who” “P

  11. @Eugen : I was thinking maybe Madara knocked him out, or b) He collapsed from exhaustion, because even though his chakra was restored, his body has passed its limit


    and if you look at his appearance when he busted out of the Mizukage’s prison, he still looked pretty beat:


    – it’s like putting gas in a wrecked vehicle, it still can’t drive even though it has the fuel to do so…

  12. Thanks for the comments ^_^. I felt the breakdown was missing something so I updated it with a poll.

  13. Would you rather have Sasuke shoot fire and lightning from his ass and dick and ears and eyes?

    And for the mizukage to cry tears of acid? :O

  14. LMAO@ Rubix Cube! XD Great breakdown Scorp!

    @Schy: It’s never late unless the author says it is. It gets out when it gets out. 😛

    @Anyone: This chapter was pretty much great in my opinion. I’m a sucker for action and there was plenty of it in this chapter like 1Angel said. Sasuke was being used by Madara (we all knew that) and now he’s finally got Sasuke right where he wants him… exhausted and beat up… Meh, I don’t know that part of his plan but I’m sure it had its purpose.

    Maybe he’s trying to pin all the blame on Sauke and be the hero in this situation?

    Anyway, Madara is going to hopefully reveal the entirety of his Moon’s Eye Plan next week and he says it’s his goal, but we all know another objective of his is obtaining that perfect body. The Moon’s Eye Plan is probably a way of obtaining that body as Totalitarian and I discussed last breakdown.

    Can’t wait for next chapter.

  15. @Pumpkin: Try laughing at Sakura and Naruto’s antics when we’re in a less serious manga chapter?

  16. @Super: If he was trying to pin the blame on Sasuke and look like a hero, he wouldn’t have saved Sasuke from his destruction. Then again his moon’s eye plan might be a way to get the kages on his side and against Naruto, and for them to treat Sasuke more like a sacrificial lamb, which he’s not, he’s just doing evil actions by doing vengeance and stuffs. 😦

  17. good breakdown scorp, but i dont think there’s been too much power goin around really. i mean these guys and girl are the kages for a reason. and sasuke..well we all knew he’d eventually be one of the most powerful characters in the story over time.

    all i want to know is when is naruto and co. gonna show up at this massive battle????

  18. nice work scorp

  19. Mizukage’s hair from the back looks like SS3 Goku’s…


    Can’t find SS3 Goku’s.

    Great breakdown!

  20. Once again, Tobi/Madara introduces himself as Uchiha Madara http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-466/page017.html and I’m hoping that someone tells him “Prove it!” and he removes his mask ^_^ because i wish kakashi had told him that in the last conversation they were having. You can’t just walk around with a mask claiming to be someone else, and have people believe you – off with the mask! 😛 LMAO ^_^

  21. that recalls death race , angel lol yosh he isnt madara , he is he is just a random guy with a sharingan and space time ninjutsu that owns the 4th , >+>

  22. God with all the crap coming out of mouths I’m waiting for some magic man to come over and pull a rainbow rope out of sasukes mouth 😉 hehe. Zetsu has everything a man dream the ability to attach to a woman…….Another thing I think naruto finaly offed himself after screaming stuff about sasuke to mandara -_-‘. Also I watch the first naruto episode and I found somethin intresting when kyuubi was attacking. Idk if it was pointed out but on that night the full moon was out straight over the kyuubi…. Moons eye plan the ability to control the moon -_- LOL!

  23. go kenkei genkai distribute them all for those kages kishiiii yayyyyy =D, if a kage doesn’t have a genkai he isn’t a normal kage >.<

  24. I find water and wind elements coming out of mouths a bit of a natural concept. I can also live with fire but why the hell would people be spitting earth and dust? *Sigh* Kishi and his facial feature fetishes. First eyes now mouths.

  25. I don’t know why everyone here is so upset about this Kekkei Genkai situation, i mean if this guys, who are supposed to be the strongest out there don’t have a Kekkei Genkai then who should deserve them.

    I think it’s great that kishi made them as strong as they are and i’me actualy hopeing we get to see a lot more of there power because so far we only got to see the raikage’s i’me hopeing almost complete arsenal and we allready knew gaara’s, but i really want to see the tsuchikage with he’s bodyguards in action and of course the mizukage and her anturage and what they can do.

    Especially now since the bigest threat is in front of them “madara” i really hope for aa battle royale but i know that ain’t gonna happen, and even if it dose madara is one fast mother-fu…. and i’me guessing only the raikage is a bit capabile of keeping up with him probably.

  26. I wonder…is Tsuchikage still flying/floating in the last panel and if so WTF!?


    Wouldn’t it require some sort of wind element to hover like that or is he just that badass that his levels of awesomeness keep him afloat? Maybe he’s on wire?

    @Eugen: Kekkei Genkeis are great and all but I think the reader’s grievances lie with Kishi pulling them all out at once in such a short span of time. Before we were introduced to them little by little (Haku’s Ice, Kimmimaro’s bones, the 3 major eye techs) and they were explained so the readers knew what was happening and how they worked.

    Unfortunately now they’re all being rushed in our faces and we don’t know what to do with them. I for one don’t understand if what the Tsuchikage did was just really condensed chakra or an earth style jutsu. I’m sure the words could be translated but I’m far to lazy to do such a thing. -_- I still have no clue what two elements you combine to make acid mist or acid goo (Mizukage) and why is the Tsuchikage flying? O_O

    I hope you see where I’m getting at. The Kekkei Genkeis are not the problem it’s the rate they’ve been increasingly introduced as with little to no explanation. At least that’s my problem with the whole situation.

  27. I have a theory and i know im gonna get hammered for this but as bakakage i must say this: I still think madara is controling obitos body by some or other means and now he hopes to get sasuke to obtain the eternal mangekyou so that he can take over sasukes fresh uber powerful ems body and be able to control gedo mazo with it

  28. oh yes and by the way what the hell is with all the special mist nins who has a sword with a special release except for zabuza? was he ripped off? or just a boy scout? or did he get his sword in the kitchen cupboard? they all make a big deal about zabuza who was so powerful but stil yet kisames samehada will beat zabuza hands down and so will the chakra hammer sword.

  29. ^^^
    @ Bakakage: LMAO! Maybe he got it when he won the Iron Chef Competition lol ^_^

    @ Ahsan & Bakakage: Lol it’s just that he insinuates that he is madara too much. He could just take off his mask and it would be so much easier – people would simply recognize him! 😛 I understand that he hid his face when he was Tobi because he was being decptive, but now he tells everyone who he is, so why hide? That’s what makes me agree with Bakakage – maybe he really needs a new body. After all, he did say he wanted to become “complete”.

  30. @ bakakage in regards to your last post i was thinking the same thing a while back, Zabuza’s decapitation sword’s only atribut is that it was a big ass kitchen knife while kisame has a means to steal chakra with his samehameda, raiga could control or make use of lightning with his swords and chojuro can make a meat hammer out of his own.

    And about madara wanting to take over sasuke’s body I think that’s a weast of time, because sasuke is a uchiha ( i just finished rereading the kage summit chapters) and madara said he gathered the bijuu to become perfect ” the perfect cell sindrome ”
    so i think that either he will do as he intended with the tailed beasts, or at least try to take over Naruto’s body seeing as he is part senjuu he has a “perfect body”, or maybe he want’s sasuke and naruto to fight so badley because he want’s sasuke to take over Naruto’s body who knows.

    I actually can’t wait to see just how far he has this whole scenario planed out.

    I hope that the next chapter we see something along the lines of, Ao caching up to Danzou and probaly they meet up with naruto, kakashi and yamato, maybe evan the konoha 11 that have been on there way to the summit for some time now i’me guessing.

  31. @Bakakage: Whew… I haven’t heard the Obito/Madara theory on this blog in a hell of a long time. I’m a supporter by the way I’m just waiting to be proven wrong like the rest of the silent ones. 😉

    @Anyone: I know Shinobimadness brought this up already but is Kishi going to explain to us the different races in the manga? I know the ninja are a very assorted group but they were all human at first. Then we were introduced to shark men (Kisame) and human plants (Zetsu) without any explanation to their clans. What is Zetsu and what exactly is Kisame and are there more like them is what I’m trying to get at.

    It doesn’t really bother me I’m just curious to know. I want gills and the ability to spread spores on other people’s body…(that sounded a little dirty…>_>)

  32. I feel like ever since Kishi introduced nature manipulation hes relied on it too much. I mean before it was introduced Kishi gave new characters very unique abilities like Shikimarus shadows or Kankouros puppets. Now almost every new character uses some kind of nature manipulation. Its like Kishi ran out of ideas and just said “F it, Ill give Darui water and lightning. And I cant think of anything special for Mizukage so ill just give her 4 elements because shes supposed to be strong.”

    Its not that i hate to see Nature Manipulation, its just that it feels like Narutos becoming like that Nickelodean show.

    @super: I’m thinking Zetsu is some kind of mutation, like siemese twins in the Naruto Universe. Kisame may have looked normal at one time, but injected himself with Fish cells so he could have stronger Water Manipulation. Idk xD

    Just be happy he didnt make the 3rd Hokage a dog like he was thinking about doing >.>

  33. for some reason i dont think madara has obito’s body. i think obito actually died and that madara’s eye just happened to be whats left. my theory is that madara only has about 1/2-1/3 of is actual body while the rest is a ghost like body with chakra being in the place. which is why most if not all attacks wont work on his body(being able to cut his chakra off or having above average control) the reason its called moon eye is because like a moon it has different stages comparable like the sharigan. being a full moon is equalent to the EMS, an at this point sasuke would need the EMS to continue fighting at that level of strength without going blind. at the same time, those with an uchia bloodline can actually switch bodies with those who also have the EMS or just recieved it.

  34. well since i’ve started working i haven’t had a lot of time to [post so this will be long.

    i for one loved this chapter. there was alot of action and crazy abilities shown off.

    ive been waiting for zetsu to show off some awesome abilities. if this is what his white half can do what can his black half do and where is he at anyways.

    my thoughts about madara’s moons eye plan so far are this.

    1. if you go by what he said to raikage about getting another chance at sasuke there will be a huge ninja tournament much like the cell games.

    2. since danzou is the only kage missing from the big revelation tobi might try to turn them all against danzou and konaha thus starting the ninja war.

    these are the only things i could think of a the moment. oh one more thing the last panel doesnt sasuke’s sword look like a paddle and doesnt it look like he was just spanked by tobi 🙂

  35. Also sasuke’s main goal is to revive his clan after he gets revenge. he said his goal was in the darkness. the most effective way ive seen to make a clan is to have babies. revenge will get you nowhere and making babies can be alot of fun. just look at all the females in naruto that wouldnt mind having sasuke’s babies(enough to make a clan)

  36. @senju i think ur right about madara turning them against danzou. Why did he run away anyway? even the busted up old man wanted to stay and at least watch the fights. Damn danzou is a little punk; i hope Ao doesnt get killed too quickly i want to see his powers.

  37. @Senju07: There’s only one problem with Sasuke making babies….He’s a homo. Sure theres plenty of women willing to be his wifey but has Sasuke EVER shown signs of affection to any female? NO! He’s still dreaming about the time he “accidently” made out with Naruto. The point is the only way Sasuke’s gona have babies is by way of donating his “goods” cus it seems like he’s not interested in making babies the fun way.


  38. @Senju: Duuuuude! That would be so awesome if Madara made a Ninja Tournament similar to what Cell did with the Cell Games! My mind can’t comprehend the possibilities of all the top ninja vying for the spot of #1 in such a tournament. It’d be like the Chunin Exams on crack! Hence, it’ll never happen because it’d be too awesome. -_-

  39. @shinobimaddness: yes your theory sounds quite convincing but i believe it can also be possible that madara uses obitos sharingan to transport himself in and out of dimensions, kind of like kakashis sharingan (which he got from obito) just on steroids. so just before an attack hits him he warps his body around making him physically untouchable. he obviously must have just then mastered it much much more than kakashi did.

  40. gr8 to see you on the obito/tobi train super!

  41. @Bakakage: Hell yeah! Let’s scream it from the rooftops until we’re proven wrong where we then proceed to quickly change the subject and eventually deny we ever agreed with the theory. Anyone who says we did is crazy! @_@

    BUT, if we’re proven to be right there will be hell! 😀

  42. @bakakage:thanks for the support…was almost feeling as if i said something so crazy it was ignored…lmao.. im really curious to find out what this plan is ….

  43. heyguys been gone for a really long time, work and all,(not many of you know me anyways) But i have had a question nagging at me for a while and im not sure that it was addressed…. Ok here goes,
    What is Madara talking about? in the begining of the manga wasnt the sharingan a Mutation from the byakugan? So the First son recieved the Byakugan not the sharingan(using info given by the manga) seeing as how a mutation had to have come from somthing already there. The Ancestry seems to be a little off in madaras story.
    however i will say this it would explain why Konoha seems to have the most Eyetransforming Doujutsu in the mange, But doesnt explain how Pain got the Rinnegan…. ?

  44. some1 else answered that the other day… it doesnt say that the first son received either byakugan or sharingan…remember the sage of the 6th paths had rinnegan so the son got his eye techniques (either rinnegan or some slight mutation of it)… and then came the byakugan and eventually the sharingan… thats just the origin of the hatred felt within the uchiha…. also kakashi says “it is said” or “it is believed” to have come from byakugan…but madara probably knows more accurate info… also ive been wondering if madara did unleash the 9tails…cuz even if yondaime says he did…madara does say that konoha believed it to b true but that it was a natural disaster

  45. i dunno i just thought tobi evaded attacks by sending his body to another demension kinda like kakashi did to deidara

  46. i know its off topic but i just noticed something on net so here it is:

    dattebayo started subbing naruto once again.

  47. *cough* “Madara” is Shisui Uchiha *cough* sorry about that, I’ve had a cold for the past few days… <__>

    Very nice breakdown Scorp, Rubik the Rubix Cube made me lol…he’s COlorful, MAgical, LOVABLE!!!!! XD

    Once again, nicely done Scorp *extends hand for high 5*

  48. hey i thought obitos’ good eye was given to kakashi while his other was crushed. How is it that madara could have it? Also when naruto fights wont he be one of the weakest cus to transform into sage mode he needs the oil? Or is he able already to gather the natural energy without going to the frog world?

  49. @senju: Matey, i really, really love your theories. About madara hoping to turn the other kages against konoha, i said the same thing a while back, but the only thing i didn’t count on was madara revealing himself the way he did. I really do agree with you.

    @everyone: please, are we still talking about madara being obito? That’s kinda lame in my opinion. We should be talking about madara’s moon’s eye plan and not madara being obito

  50. i think madara is looking to just cause choas not only turn the villages aginst konoha but against others as well an all out war kinda situation

  51. ksihi said in his interveiw that after teh little battles there will be a great war or something like that

  52. The coloured cover is two pages wide and has Zabuza, Haku, and all the dead Akatsuki members!

    Sakura is getting ready to set out to the Land of Iron. Three people are going, it seems: Sakura, Kiba, and Lee.

    Well, to the conference room:
    The Raikage uses a momentary oppertunity to attack Sasuke on Madara’s shoulder, but [Madara uses] a space-time ninjutsu to send Sasuke somewhere else.
    [He] orders Karin to give [Sasuke] medical treatment and sends her away too

    From here, the conversation starts:
    Gaara: “Why did you make Sasuke come here!?”
    Madara: “I sent him here because it’s very valuable [to me] that he activate his eyes all the way up to Susanoo. I also planned for him to bring you Five Kage down and imprison you, but it seems that was hopeless yet.”
    Here ends the conversation about Sasuke
    “My goal is to rule the world. I’ve wished this for a long time.”
    Tsuchikage: “In your case, you should be able to do that by yourself, right?”
    Madara: “My body was too gravely injured in the fight against the First, Hashirama. I don’t have such power left.”
    Someone: “Why are you collecting the Tailed Beasts?”
    To the story about the Eye of the Moon Plan:
    The origin of the current Tailed Beasts is that they are born from a single Ten-Tails. Temari or Kankurou: “Shouldn’t there be only nine Tailed Beasts?”
    Madara: “Long ago, the Sage of the Six Paths saved the world from the Ten-Tails, but because the beast’s power was so great, the Sage put the demonic power inside his own body, making himself a jinchuuriki. Then, he created the Moon and sealed the Ten-Tails’ body there. (the story was much longer, but I can’t remember the rest) Then, as his own death approached, he divided the power into nine pieces…”
    I’m sorry, but I’m telling it extremely simplified
    Madara: “[My goal is to] revive the Ten-Tails and become its jinchuuriki, project an infinite Tsukuyomi on the Moon, and so rule all of mankind, thus I will create a world without strife.”
    Mizukage: “This world has no place for such a dream or hope”
    Madara: “Right now, it’s neither hope nor anything. Hurry up and hand over the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails.”

    To be continued,

    supposed to be a confirmed spoiler

  53. @omar tobi is a fibber he was behind the nine-tailed fox attack on the village naruto’s dad said so and he wouldnt lie.

    @everyone juugo already has cell-like properties(he absorbs people) so maybe this tournament will be called the juugo games 🙂

    @super yeah that would be mind blowing. but imagine if you will an actuall ninja war. there would be no rules and tons of ninja going at it from every direction. this would also be mind blowing.

    @pumpkin yeah he is a homo(naruto’s fault).

    @baka i’m also on that tobi/obito bandwagon (this message will self-destruct if this is wrong.)

    also kabuto is still hiding somewhere. he hates sasuke and could be a major threat to him. sasuke killed orochimaru while he was weak. if kabuto does what he says and gets full control over oro’s powers he will be a fearsonme enemy for sasuke. kabuto is already a medicaly gifted ninja and with oro’s powers he will be crazy strong(i still dont like him).

    also is suigetsu and chojiro brothers? kisame says suigetsu has a brother and there teeth kinda look similar.

  54. i’ve something like what was posted up earlier about the tailed beast, but i doubt it. i heard that theory way before i joined ira and that was before 420th chapter…

  55. *Spoiler*

    I the spoiler is true I wonder what did the ten-tails looks like.And we already know the 9-tails has unlimited chakra how can the 10-tails have more power than the already unlimited power of the 9-tails.Also where did Madara get this info from?Since the sage of six paths is only a myth and no one knows much about him how did he find out such details.He certainly hadn’t been born alive back then so who told him.

  56. @taco i dont think the 9tails has unlimited chakra or else it couldnt have been split in half, then you would just have 2 different unlimited chakra beast thus the nine tails could make infinite copies of itself and they would all be just as strong as the original.

    if the spoilers are true then i think sasuke will used for the purpose of the god statue and something tells me that the effect of using the statue will be bad for sasuke as tobi doesnt want to use it himself. maybe the statue will somehow open the moon from earth.

  57. @Senju07 yeah kage bunshin FTW 😀 But I,as usually,have to disagree with you.If the 9-tails makes a copy of itself it will devide infinity in two,just as you said,but the two infinities that are made are twice as small as the “whole” infinity it was, thus making the copies twice as weak as the original.Furthermore the chakra beasts are,without their hosts,essentialy beasts so they can’t use any techniques involving chakra manipulation.Their attacks have so far included only chakra blasts and brute force.

    Well if linking to the statue now is half as bad as when we saw Nagato do it,who’d wanna do that by theirself,also in the spoiler Madara said his body is too much of a wreck now to complete his plan by himself.

  58. 1. chojuro is NOT suigetsus brother. the name of suigetsus brother is mangetsu hozuki.
    2. LOL this spoiler made me laugh soooo much XDDDD
    yeah madaras plan is so perfect, he plans to rule the world oO
    wow, nice timing to say it NOW!!!! wow that plan of tobi is SHIT! ah i mean THA SHIT!
    its the most obvious fanfic i ever read, its just so horrible XDDD
    anyway i wonder on what purpose the good ol’ sage created the moon.
    and it was full moon on every uchiha event: fight vs hashirama, fight with kyuubi, slaughter of the clan and i dunno what ive forgotten.
    the next thing is becoming complete means that we just wants to regain his former abilities.
    then i think we should debate this shisui-thing more, dro wanted to introduce his idea and i think its pretty much unsure what shisuis role in this game really is/was.

  59. I have to agree with salamiyo about the spoiler, it sounds too cheesy with madara saying “I want to rule the world” and “my body is incomplete”. Every Naruto fan knows all this already and I doubt even if this was madara’s plan that he would them every detail about it. He always holds back some info or create a BS part to deceive people. If this spoiler is real then Kishi is running out of good ideas.

  60. this spoiler is from nja, who gets all the confirmed spoilers and it says confirmed. it honestly looks the real deal, but i was well devastated when i read it tho

  61. i think he just missed the timing for april fools

  62. @To63: The 9 Tails with unlimited chakra? I don’t think that’s true because how can you cut infinity in half? If Minato placed half of the Kyuubi’s chakra in Naruto and it was an infinite amount he’d die from chakra overdose. Infinity doesn’t stop as long as it’s present so it wouldn’t stop growing. Admittedly the Kyuubi has a vast amount of chakra but I don’t know about infinite.

    @Totalitarian: Whhaaaa? Who’s talking about the Obito/Tobi theory? *cough* *cough* You’re seeing things mate…>_> Shhhhhhhhhh…

    @Anyone: Even though I try to avoid spoilers I wonder if the 10 tails (if the spoiler is true) is what was sealed in the moon by the Sage of 6 Paths.

  63. @taco sorry i didnt mean the fox using techs just that infinite in half is still the same thing as infinite. also if this spoiler is true shouldnt the bijuu remember this?

  64. GREAT!!!!! I enter WRA and the first thing I glance are Naruto Spoilers! AHHHHH!!! WHY!!!!! ITS FRIGGIN MONDAY!!!! NOOOOO…..


    o well….

  65. Supertrek… i feel like im back in highschool listening to my AP Calc BC professor rant about… “the limit as 1/x^2 approaches zero is + infinity, but the limit of 1/x^4 at zero is even a greater infinity although infinity=infinity, and infinity/100000000000 is still infinity”… sorry been a year since i finished my college calc requirement …i got inspired there for a second…

  66. @supertrek89 ok maybe infinite is a litle too much but near infinite.Still from our perspective its pretty much the same.And about Minato-is there such thing as a chakra overdose-I’ve never heard about that?

    @Senju07 things are very relative-infinite split in half maybe still be unimaginably large number to us but it is stil twice as a small number than the original.That’s why they call it infinity-you can always add to it and it will never end.There is always a bigger number and while we aren’t smart enough to comprehend those scales,compared to each other there is difference,hence if the 9-tails makes a clone it wouldn’t be as powerful as the original.

  67. @pazownz~spoiler looks interesting, however im wondering if it really is confirmed. It would be interesting to see a 10 tails.
    However in order for that to appear, Naruto would need the 9 tails extracted.

  68. lol infinite makes my head hurt.

    if the spoiler is true shouldnt the bijuu have some memory of this.

    also if tobi made sasuke fight the 5 kages to open his eyes and learn susanoo maybe thats what he did to itachi by making him kill his entire clan by lying to him about the coup so he could use itachi for this reason if pain ever died but itachi couldnt kill his litlle brother thus at the end had a change of hearts and wanted to bring tobi/madara down.

    also i have fully developed my tournament theory. once all the bijuu have been collected and naruto is still alive the god statue will make a path to the moon and create an arena and oxygen for everyone. the Juugo Games will be 1v1 style matches and done by drawing names form a hat. the fights will last until someone gives up or dies. ring outs will result in lack of oxygen=death by suffocation if thrown out opposite side of where audience sits. the winner of the tournament can choose to be the 10-tails jinchuruuki, destroy the 10-tails, or a life-time supply of twinkies. 🙂

  69. well id say if the spoiler is true then the ten tails is most likely only gedo mazo with all the biju sealed inside of him because back in the day when pain pwnd hanzo with gedo mazo he had no eyes, sorta like a basic summon but everytime now they seal a bijuu gedo mazo gets an extra eye so that means hes being made complete into one ultimate being……..just a thought…

  70. @senju07 I wonder if Madara wins this tournament of yours and takes the life time suply of twinkies,doesn’t this mean that he,as an immortal,must get an infinite amount of…(just joking) 😛

    Maybe Madara wants to force Sasuke to take his brothers eyes by sending him against the 5 kages.There was no way Sasuke would have won and now seing that Danzo got away and Sasuke is probably a lot closer to going bling, he would take Itachis’ eyes.And by him having the EMS he would be able to link with Gedo Mazo(or maybe sado mazo 🙂 ) a thus helping Madara achieve his plans.

  71. @To63: Lol, Sasuke’s going “bling”! XD

    When I said “chakra overdose” I imagine that if someone is given to much chakra from an external source the body couldn’t balance it and would experience adverse effects. Much like if you are given to much natural energy and get turned into a frog.

    In the manga we have been shown a few examples of what happens when people gain to much chakra to quickly. Literally they get a chakra overdose.

    1. Each time you open a gate (Rock Lee & Gai) the body forcibly releases extra amounts of chakra which damages the body until the 8th gate, which gives you enough power to surpass the Hokage but in the process you die.

    2. The ninja from the Hidden Waterfall Village drink the “Hero Water” which increases their chakra by 10 times but they die in the process.

    3. Chouji took those pills especially made for his clan which increased his chakra reserves and the last one increased his power by 100 times. Of course this “chakra overdose” had major adverse effects on his body and he nearly died.

    In other words you can’t take on to much chakra at once or your body couldn’t handle it.

  72. @supertrek89 I had forgoten about these parts not to mention that i don’t think I have even watched the second about the waterfall ninja.
    Come to think about it,Naruto has that same problem when he goes more than 4 tails, only his mind can’t handle it rather than his body.

  73. Someone has posted a more detailed version of the spoiler if anyone wants to read it:

  74. hmmm…above thing seems very long but if its a special, considering Naruto’s birthday, then I will def believe that it’s true.

    and can someone remind me…did he say there was gonna be another time jump now that the 4th ninja war is starting?

  75. well if this is true akatsuki will have to bolster their forces to fight a war. kishi said in one of his interviews that there will be 3 new akatsuki members stronger than any previous member that has died except pain. and that 1 will be a sibling of the hokage(possible danzou’s sibling) maybe they will link with the statue to get stronger because tobi told sasuke he plans to give him the tailed beast.

  76. i dont understand what madara would gain from putting everyone under an illusion…like will he like just go around screwing hinata mizukage, temari etc… while they’re drooling in an imaginary world or what?

  77. plis poost *spoilers* if u are talknig about it cuz it bettah for me a person that is trying to stay way from dem to or not read anything or get spoilers and read ddem by mistake x=

  78. This seems VerY interesting…..

  79. Man if this is all true (I am kinda skeptical) DAMMN!

    but i believe that it is just *pardon my language* bullshit and I don’t think that he can actually start a war between him and the nations.

  80. Shit, if a ninja war starts before 2009 Ibiki can come collect on her bet! >_<

  81. dang it sasuke get stronger!

  82. *crosses fingers* PLEASE IBIKI collect on your bet!

  83. wow, this rikudou sennin bloke was one tough one wasn’t he? Putting the 10 tails in his own body. Does that explain why he had the “body”? I wonder. And how did his second son and hashirama inherit that “body”? Interesting.

  84. Great spoiler!!!!!

    Even if there’s a Great War the ninja villages will not fight between each other but they will make a team to kill Madara!!!!!
    5 Kages together. 8 and 9 tails together. Can’t wait!!!!

  85. @super&burning ace:you mean from ira’s prediction contest from last year? with those 10-15 guesses? …i wonder i had predicted for that one?

  86. @Ack: “go kenkei genkai distribute them all for those kages kishiiii yayyyyy =D, if a kage doesn’t have a genkai he isn’t a normal kage >.<"

    If this was true then Naruto wouldn't be meant to become hokage. Naruto's getting everywhere through his hard work, not through natural birth-given abilities.

  87. @Supertrek: “Unfortunately now they’re all being rushed in our faces and we don’t know what to do with them. I for one don’t understand if what the Tsuchikage did was just really condensed chakra or an earth style jutsu. I’m sure the words could be translated but I’m far to lazy to do such a thing. -_- I still have no clue what two elements you combine to make acid mist or acid goo (Mizukage) and why is the Tsuchikage flying? O_O”

    I imagine someone already referenced this, but either way, I think in manga 466 it was the mizukage herself, or perhaps Chojiiro, that explained that she had a kekkei genkai with fire/wind and fire/water, if I remember correctly. Now if only she had water/wind she could be like Haku. :O

  88. @1Angel2Heart: “@ Ahsan & Bakakage: Lol it’s just that he insinuates that he is madara too much. He could just take off his mask and it would be so much easier – people would simply recognize him!”

    People would not recognize him – Madara lived during the time the first hokage did. Only, perhaps, the third hokage would remember him, na?

  89. He’s dead though. 😮

  90. @Ryuujinsama: “What is Madara talking about? in the begining of the manga wasnt the sharingan a Mutation from the byakugan? So the First son recieved the Byakugan not the sharingan(using info given by the manga) seeing as how a mutation had to have come from somthing already there. The Ancestry seems to be a little off in madaras story.”

    I think actually that originally the wife of the Sot6P had the Byakugan, and based on what you were just referring to perhaps the war-son was supposed to get the Byakugan, but ended up having it modified by the jyuubi if it really is part of the manga, due to the Sot6P sealing it inside his body. It affected his spermalings? O.o

  91. The story is going in a good direction but I wish kishi would finish some of the other character backgrounds that he started. I would love to know more about Tobirama as thus far he is only known as being the second hokage, younger brother of hashirama, taught hiruzen, master of water manipulation and established the uchiha police force. There are others but he has always been at the top of my list.
    Another point I want to add and it has to do with senjus (tobirama and minato in particular) and naruto’s mother. Since madara has stated that naruto is a decentant of the senju then it should be safe the say the same about minato. Why minato has a different last name could just be him taking the non-senju parent’s one for whatever reason. In an anime filler Idate said that the blade of the thunder god belonged to and was mastered by tobirama and minato created the seal of the thunder god jutsu. There seems to be some connection between the senjus and this ‘thunder god’. Could this be some kind of secret bloodline? Also why hasnt there been any info on naruto’s mom? What exactly happened to her when the kyuubi attacked? And what about her village that was the land of whirlpool? I think it was mentioned about her clan that they were famous for wind manipulation but I cant remember where I say that.

  92. Wow. I just noticed that Tobirama’s name has, “Tobi,” in it. Madara cosplay fan much? 😮

  93. Makes me wonder if Itachi figured all of this out early on, thought Madara belonged in the Konoha asylum and initially had given Sasuke his powers to DEFEAT Madara rather than join him. Seems like Itachi had something in mind when he went down…

    Now it REALLY makes me curious as to the powers that Itachi granted to Naruto…this may be the clincher.

  94. Sorry for the spam but…Itachi granted power to Naruto as a “hedge” in the event that Sasuke, being as pure as a lamb, would be seduced by the Dark Side of the Force (aka Madara)

  95. Ah. Fire/wind and fire/earth, ‘xcuse me. X3

  96. @ Penny – I agree, I think we’re going to learn alot more about Itachi very soon.

    One (or more) crack theory that I have, is that Itachi figured out Madara’s plan, and that was Itachi’s REAL motivation for exterminating the Uchihas. ex: If Madara has no sharingan eyes to steal, he can’t grow stronger/complete/horny/etc.

    Also, Itachi purposely USED UP his sharingan (he was going blind if I recall correctly, or was completely blind at the time of death) Just to keep it from Madara.

    Finally, Itachi’s hope fell to his baby brother (who is going to f*ck things up royally)
    We may actually get to see Itachi’s power given to Naruto soon (I sound like the people I used to beat up on in IRA for saying that every week)

  97. I forsee a colaboration between Danzo, and Madara (if in fact Madara ISNT Danzo)

    @ holydemonandy – I mentioned the Tobirama “Tobi/Madara” connection a while back, and Supertrek seized my crackpipe.

    I would like to know more about Tobirama also, and Hashirama.

    I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Madara turned out to be any of the following:
    1. Danzo
    2. Tobirama Senju (a fated battle between brothers..blahblahblah)
    3. Kushina Uzumaki – yeah! y’all forgot about Naruto’s mamma
    4. Kiba’s long-lost father
    5. Piccolo or Kami

    If the very long spoiler above is to be believed, then Madara is a Namekian, he wants to fuse with all the other bijuu to become whole (an ass-whole! HA!) Also, he took Karin, and Sasuke into his “time-space love nest” and is going to keep them there until Sasuke makes a few more Uchihas… it’s going to be a long wait.

  98. @Demon: I know what you’re referencing but like I said before the Kekkei Genkeis aren’t being explained like they were before.


    I know she has three elements but the number of elements says little to me besides her skill as a shinobi. Kakashi can use 4 elements (fire in the anime) but that means nothing when it comes to Kekkei Genkei. Mizukage has Fire, Earth, and Water. What exactly did she combine to make acid mist?

    For example I know Fire/Earth = Lava
    Water/Earth = Wood
    Water/Wind = Ice

    Then there’s the 3 eye techniques Byakugan/Sharingan/Rinnengan (all of them Kekkei Genkeis). All of the above were explained thoroughly in the manga before. Now we have new Kekkei Genkeis flying in and I would like to know how they were formed.

    What/What = Whatever the Mizukage did or whatever the Tsuchikage did.

    Fire/Water = Acid Mist? (Mizukage)
    Wind/Earth = Dust? (Tsuchikage)

    I’ll be patient until Kishi explains it all, if he does, but that’s still my grievance with the current Kekkei Genkeis.

  99. @super: how do ya explain shadow-control or chojis jutsu then?
    it’s just a special combination of yin and yang chakra, the special kekkei genkais are adding nature manipulation to this.
    @all: this tobirama/tobi coincidende is meaningsless… the tobi thing goes on, u see tobi/saruTOBI, since no1 knows konohamarus father it can be that… ya know 😛

  100. @Salami: I can’t explain it because Kakashi never found the chance to explain it to Naruto thus the readers couldn’t possibly have a clue.

    Which is why I want Kishi, our beloved author, to explain it. It’s his manga after all…>_>

  101. @super: in my opinion its essentiell for the storyline to not explain it, i think it has something to do to explain the creation of all jutsu, for example, the seal on sais tongue are some lines, there are yin/yang codes that can stand for this seal, i think the yin&yang thing is the key to all jutsu and the whole madara-storyline.

  102. and i think this name “tobi” is just a pun… maybe he menas “to be” and then uses shakespeares “to be or not to be”-thing, u know what i’m sayin? oO

  103. @Salami: Meh, I think it’s essential for any good storyline to explain what’s happening and the elements presented in the story. To each his own though… Still, Kishi doesn’t have time to explain it right now anyway with the Moon’s Eye Plan popping up which is why I hope he does later.

    BUT!!! There is one thing that needs to be explained by Kishi right now and with no delay… How in the blue hell is the Tsuchikage flying!? XD

  104. @super: its obvious why he can fly: fart-no-jutsu oO
    and 2nd: then why is bleach interesting? cuz no1 knows what aizens really planning. i think if we get to understand how this works we all say: OHHHHHHHHHH O.O

  105. @sasuke15: Sorry pal. Sasuke is going to f*ck things up royally, thanks to Madara’s manipulation. Physically, he’s got strength. Intellectually, he’s about as thick as a post – ok, harsh…how about “innocent.”

    His only hope is a reincarnation of Itachi or…those “mystery” powers inside of Naruto (personally, my bet is Tsukyomi).

  106. Interesting. I totally agree Penny. Sasuke = dense and slow as molasses..harsh but truth sometimes hurts. Personally, I’d prefer the former; that is a reincarnation of Itachi, but what about this scenario? Your theory made me think of something new Penny.

    We’ve already seen Naruto meet with his father, the 4th even though he was dead through the jutsu of the seal placed upon the kyuubi. Do you think its then also feasible that if it was the case that Itachi gave Naruto something akin to or in fact Tsukyomi, that when activated upon Sasuke, it led to another meeting between Sasuke and Itachi in that same realm similar to the one between Naruto and Minato? Something to think about….

  107. @prawl i fully agree , itachi had found out about madara and made his own plan which was supposed to be continued by his brother who has fucked things up as usual

  108. reincarnation of itachi! i would absolutely love that penny 😀

    itachi FTEW

  109. Maybe the mystery jutsu will allow the 4th to inhabit /takeover One of naruto’s clones?

  110. ITACHI….the only badass in the Uchiha Clan

  111. I think that he should have respected Itachi’s wishes. Seriously it was just retarded that he went against his wishes.

    He knew what the mission cost, but still went through with it


  112. omg omg yes hahahaha damn the 10-TAILED looks insane!http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54057

    all right time for the 4th great ninja war DAMN STRAIGHT hahah. this is going to be an epic chapter! XD

  113. Ha ha it kind of looks like the alien 😀

  114. @salami:i believe the difference between kekkei genkais and choji’s and shikamarus is that one is a clan secret techniqued passed down, whilde a kekkei genkai is something that one has an affinity for ie, haki being able to use to, and then being skilled enough to combine…its just like how yamato showed naruto how to combine his wind with the rasengan and he showed him how water and earth make wood…

  115. here is a link showing what i was talking about..

  116. @prawl- Itachi finding out Madara’s plan makes lots of sense. Only thing I don’t agree on is him killing off the Uchiha clan because of that. One because it was an order given to him by the 3rd Hokage and the Konoha Elders(which include Danzo). Two because Madara helped Itachi exterminate the Uchiha clan.

  117. @Shinobimadness: that’s right but a kekkei genkai is something in someone’s blood so only someone with that blood can use it. Nara,Akimichi and Yamanaka tecniques are just secret tecniques in the family. If someone forced a Nara to teach them them then they could master the tecniques.

  118. @Super I am not sure if Tsuchikage was flying. Wasn’t he on the ceiling just before he decided to help with that Rubix Cube attack? If so, then he is just falling with grace!

  119. @dragonball: well i since the Nara clan’s main focus, such like most of them in konoha, try to keep there clans techs and secrets within the clan, much like they hyuggas, and the late uchia who have actually kekkei genkais…so in a sense its harder to learn those techs even if they were to be kidnapped … and for the nara’s case, if there were kidnapped couldn’t they kill the person while trying to show them?

  120. @everyone where does it say the second hokage’s name is those dang data books again?

    also i think the “jutsu” naruto is supposed to complete might be something to help him fight against tobi/madara/10-tailed bijuu

  121. @salami yeah i was thinking about tobi be konohamaru father also.

  122. well now how interesting the 10 tails looks lol, noticed its eye is a rinnegan combined with sharingan, so does this mean he had a sort of rinnegan/sharingan combo? interesting indeed

  123. sorry i mean to say does this mean the sage of 6 paths had a rinnegan sharingan combo?

  124. is it me or does the 10-tailed bijuu’s eyenlooks like the sharingan,rinnegan,byakugan combined. this would make sense if the sage of the six paths became its jinchuruuki to explain where the eye techs came from well the sage i think had the rinnegan already or maybe he didnt.

  125. or here the link


  126. i downloaded the chapter and it was great

  127. in my opinion super is right. i think itachi had to decide: help madara by killing konoha or get him hundreds of eyes and fellow loyals. madara agreed cuz he believed that itachi could disturb his plans. so itachi had to kill his clan to achieve piece, people who dun possess any eye-tech cant read the whole secret. he wants people to forget the sage and the juubi.
    next is: i think it the “clan secret tech” and “kekkei genkai” arent that much different. “clan secret”-techs use a special quality control of yin and yang (as mentioned in your own link), the problem of a “kekkei genkai” is that u need a special manipulation PLUS the affinity for these special elements, thats why its a blood-line.

  128. @Salami: Hmmm…I think you mean you agree with Prawl’s theory not mine. I haven’t said anything dealing with the Uchiha for a long while now, so it couldn’t possibly me you’re agreeing with. 😉

    Since we’re on the topic though…

    @Penny and Zekks: Eh!? Sasuke is a genius in fact most of the Uchiha were inherent geniuses. Sasuke scored highest amongst his class always and that means higher than Sakura and Shikamaru.

    If you mean he’s dumb in decision making then I agree but when it comes to tactics and intelligence he’s on a whole different level.

    @Ace: What about Shisui? He was a pretty BAMF Uchiha. 🙂

    @Tiger: Falling with grace? XD It looks like he’s floating long after falling from the ceiling.


    If you go back to the other pages notice how he does the attack, Gaara and the Raikage run into the room, and then Madara appears to talk all the while the Tsuchikage’s still in the air.

    Oh, and I noticed that the scarf he’s wearing is flying upwards like it normally would if he’s falling. It’s just floating there normally. O_O

  129. i said it super: fart no jutsu, so hes always goin up and down, he’s got some delay time oO

  130. @salam: But wouldnt such a jutsu have been enough to finish off sasuake and everyone in the room? If the Tsuchikage has back problems from old age, who’s to say he doesnt have stomach problems as well 😉

  131. @doomien: dun think so, cuz mizukage already got the acid mist kekkei genkai 😉

  132. Guys…this spoiler has the first pics. Released within the past hour…

  133. The emo on Rakiage face after he found out his brother is alive is priceless!

  134. Naruto is out!


  135. thx awesomnes

  136. Oh fuck, Madara is badass and like most predicted there’s an even more terrible beast than the Kyuubi sealed in the moon by Rikudou Sennin.

    So now we know what the ‘Moon’s Eye Plan’ is. Become the 10 Tail Jinchuuriki and with his immense power put the entire world under genjutsu through the reflection of the moon.

    He literally meant Moon’s Eye Plan. >_<


  137. atleast well finally get to see all the bijuu in action, i can already see this, gaara will face off with his bijuu and it will be like a emotional reunion where gaara doesnt want to kill shukaku because he still has some kind of bond with him or something like that lol

  138. @baka: Nah i think Gaara hated his Bijuu. They didnt really have a buddy-buddy relationship like Killerbee has with his.

    I knew all this Sharigan, Rinnegan, Jinchuuriki talk was all linked. I guess linking them all makes them easier to understand.

  139. I feel this 4th war is going to be the war of the beasts-literrary.How is Madara going to use the bijuu’s power against the shinobi nations.Is he going to make all of akatsuki jinchuuriki or what.This manga is getting prety awesome.(and I still think the jubi looks like the Alien-only with more tails).

  140. Are the tails relative to the power levels of the beasts?

  141. @Return_of_Ra you obviously are new to this manga 🙂 and yes-the more tails the beast has, the more powerful it is.


  143. Now that the moon’s eye plan has been revealed, what’s Danzo’s role in all of these? Not a ***** for the juubi i hope…

    While Madara explains his Matrix-like world, Karin has Sasuke all to herself… imagine the possibilities. 😉

  144. its going to be interesting to see how tobi/madara will use the beast against everyone. the beast are in the statue and its not like he can seal them into sasuke and them or he would have to kill him to get it back. but he did say he was going to give sasuke the tailed beast so maybe sasuke will link with the statue and use its power like that. when the new akatsuki members join i wonder what beast everyone will get and karin gets one will she be able to finally fight.

    anybody else think tobi’s space/time abilities are awesome.

    the start of the 4th ninja war wonder if anyone will give danzou the memo after what he pulled.

    also why was tobi suprised that danzou rolled out?

  145. bah more plot twists.

  146. tobi is a good boy, leave him alone!

  147. not reading the spoiler was probably the best thing i could have done… just read the new chapter (=O… just… =O)

  148. yeah, maybe it’s time for me to stop reading the spoilers as well.I would have been so WTF if I didn’t already knew what was going to happen.

    The manga could only get better from here on (as long as Kishi doesn’t screw something up that is)

  149. OMG…Madara/Tobi is one dangerous bastard…if you think about it, if his goal is completed no one can stop him becasue he could use his MS and no one without a sharigan can break it… which means no one…all the uchia are either dead or…is on his side… i think itachi gave the power to resist the sharigan’s Mangekeyou power… it would also mean that itachi knew about this plan since he had sasuke check out that room. it may also mean that sasuke does know what he’s planning and is just pulling a tobi, and pretending to be just an angry emo bastard stuck on revenge…. so much possibilities is running through my head that im just gonna leave it at that…ohh aweseome chapter btw…

  150. heres the room itachi told sasuke to check out…
    and heres the one madara was talking about…

    i also think danzou knows about this which…stick with me now..is why he has a sharigan so that he can decipher that stone tablet as well, which is why he wants naruto to stay here so that if needed be, he can actually protect naruto from anyone attempting to do so…hmm maybe he’s not as bad as we all think, but he does do everything to support konoha regardless if its good or bad… maybe that should be a new debate topic…
    is danzou really good or bad?

  151. Here is my debut post for Naruto:

    One question about the Moon’s Eye Plan: if I understand correctly the genjutsu will be projected off the moon, however, you can only see the moon at night. [One slight technicality: The new moon will be facing the day part of the earth, but the sun is brighter. And you won’t get sucked into a sharingan genjustu if you don’t look at it.] Can’t people just sleep whenever night draws close?

    Someone remarked on the fact that many significant fights involving the Uchiha [Kyubi attack, Itachi vs 6yr old Sasuke,…] have a full moon in the background. Don’t know if anyone replied. But I recall the Tsukiyomi being used in those fights and the Tsukiyomi is very much related to the moon (in the Japanese mythology). Not saying this is significant, but just an observation.

  152. lol thats true MUDMATHIE!!!!!!!!! but it is a genjutsu and so it would always have a full moon going no matter where u are! but a good point

  153. Madara and Pain had different plans…..strange…

    I like the 10 tails’ eye. BTW 🙂
    Its like a LV 10 sharingan….

  154. @shinobi: Good point. This makes me think that Sasuke is the only one who has the power to stop Madara if he eventually posses this genjutsu.

  155. the riduko sage reminds me a lot about sasuke in this picture..


    Sasuke + wierd talking staff from fairy tale= Riduko Sage lol

  156. it’s like the 10 tails had a combination of the Sharingan and the Rinnengan, did you notice that? Weird. Though everthing that’s happing here at the Kage summit is cool and all there are two fights i can’t wait to see.

    1.) Ao versus Danzo. Personally i think Ao is gonna lose, i hope not, cause he’s f*ckin’ cool, but i want to see more of mr. bandage boy fight.

    2.)Kisame versus Killerbee. I thinking perhaps our next epic battle as per Shippuden Standards. I want to see Kisame fight all out and pwn this dude. Though i don’t think it should be a push over. Anyone who can control thier Biju is freakin’ crazy in my book.

    and of course i want to know what the hell is going on with Danzo’s 3rd ANBU guy who left to follow up with Anko [who in turn was persuing Kabuto. I love it i love it i love it!!

  157. @ ANYONE: hmmmm…I wonder how come Nagato/Pein’s purpose for gathering the tailed beasts differed from Madara’s? He told Jiraiya that he was collecting them to create the most powerful “ultimate forbidden jutsu weapon” to destroy large nations. And he told Hidan that they were gathering tailed beasts to bring peace through war etc. Is it that he didnt know madara’s true intention or he was just bs-ing people so they won’t catch on to the true reasons behind everything?

  158. @angel:you have to remember that pein was somewhat twisted in his reason of what peace was…this is coming from the guy that killed off hanzou, his family and all known associates just to make/teach everyone a lesson of going against his word or him. by having all the tailed beast, essentially the 10-tailed would be that weapon, probably only using it once against a nation/village by releasing it and letting it just destroy everything. afterwards people would all just get along sort like that episode/chapter where jiraiya went to that hidden village…
    *pein had to of read that stone tablet because otherwise he wouldn’t have known about it…

  159. This is what i predict whats gonna happen within the next couple of months…
    1.Naruto is gonna meet up with all the kages, and even danzou too…
    Naruto will fill them in on how madara/tobi may have twisted sasuke’s view on things and that he should be the one to go after him and no one else.
    2.Kishi’s gonna take break within the next 3-4 weeks from now..
    by then, team7, as well as kiba, lee will all have finally met up in the iron village.
    3.We will see a bit Kisame heading/looking for KB…this fight will be amazing…(i personally like kisame over kb)
    thats it for now don’t want to post a page or anything…lolz

  160. Damn that racist Kishi… the Jewbi… anti-semite!
    *someone informs Prawl that it is actually Jubii.. and means 10-tails*

    JUJUBEES! I hate them candies… Damn you kishi!

    *everyone else “face-palms” ashamed of the Foolkage Prawl*

  161. I know it’s called the “4th great ninja war” but all we’ve seen of any of the other ninja wars was a few s***ty flashbacks of the other wars. Dont get me wrong, the Sannin, and seeing Minato and young kakashi was xcool, but I WANNA SEE MORE OLD WAR! Then I’ll decide if this 4th war is truly a war, or merely a “Police Action”

    *salutes all his brothers and sisters in arms over there*

    At the very least, maybe a full-flashback of the Madara/Hashirama battle would be nice. (and for those that are old enough here to remember, Kishi had better not steal the great FOBkage’s [dark avatar] fanfic about their battle)

  162. oh btw, happy birthday Naruto 😛

  163. i know this is not the place to talk about hitman reborn but i dont know were to write is but here wats on my mind

    i love hitman reborn anime and manga but i dont get why they are being nobs with the anime this week because they did an episode that is just basically sticking together different episode because so why not to that aswell and another episode or get an hour spot and stick together 3/4 of past battle and 1/4 because atleast then it actually progressing further the story.

  164. @Shinobi: WHAT!? Killerbee will roll Kisame! XD I have a feeling Kisame’s going to win though. T_T

    @Mudmathie: I’m thinking the genjutsu is so powerful that you don’t have to look at the moon directly to be captured in it. Just the light of the moon on your eyes will do it. Also, if you think about it most people won’t even know what’s happening because it’s not like it’s a violent genjutsu. It’s a peacefully…forceful one… I can see a lot of people looking up at the moon like they normally do and then being captured in it not being able to warn others…or even knowing that they’re in genjutsu themselves.

    @Smurf: YEAH! I completely agree with you even though I have no idea what you’re talking about. ^^

    @Angel: I think Nagato wanted to revive the Juubi as the ultimate weapon and make other nations fear it. Putting a stop to war and making temporary moments of peace out of pure fear of its power being revived whenever war started up again.

    Madara wants to revive the Juubi to put it in his body and become a Jinchuuriki. Then put the entire world under his genjutsu and rule over everyone. Sounds more peaceful but at least the characters in Nagato’s scenario have more free will. -_-

  165. @shinobimadness & supertrek89 Thanks for the response guys! Now I see… They both wanted peace in their own way, but had different ideas of how they would use the Juubi 😀 And I agree with what you said Super, about the characters in Nagato’s idea for peace having a better deal of sorts – at least there would be free will.
    @ prawlkage: I want to see a full flashback of the Madara-Hashirama battle too, I want to to see how Madara got pawned 😛

    @ Anyone: I have another question, well the animé is out this week with its one-hour special (it was awesome) and seeing jiraiya made me remember a question I had for a long time now: did they (konoha) ever have a memorial / funeral for him like they did with Asuma and the Third? Cause I remember when he died, his body went out to sea (I think) http://read.mangashare.com/Naruto/chapter-383/page006.html and then after that naruto was grieving and then everything was fast-paced and went straight into the Pein arc.

  166. We need the new Naruto chapter up now…..

    For reasons….i shall not speak of……

  167. Breakdown should be out later tonight, sorry about the delay. I wanted to write something special 😉 and now off to work >_>

  168. @ eatencookie: thanks! looking forward to it 😀

  169. defenetly looking foward

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