Top Non-Leaf Ninja Of The Naruto World! You Decide Who’s Best! (Part 2)

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Well after getting owned by wordpress last week i guess it’s time to try again. I had a lot more to it last time, but WordPress hated it, so i think i’ll simplify this time. After going through and adding up the tally’s plus the poll (as well as past consideration of who has beaten whom) the Top 10 will be listed and finally, what we’re all here for – the debate battle. I’ll go into more details of the rules when i get to it, but the winner earns a free pass to another tournament that Supertrek and I will put together later on.


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Well after discussing at great length, Super and I decided on an answer. The question; who has a chance of taking on Pein – i mean the dude had a god complex for a reason. All combatents are at full power and Pein’s secrets are known to all, they are facing each other directly although Nagato (7th Path) is still hiden away. So without further adu…

The 6 paths of Pein Vs Raikage and Killerbee.

Pein pic by Kaminosensoo

Raikage pic by Pokefreak , Killerbee pic by Shadsonic2

Let the debats begin

Let the debates begin

Well start the debate below, Supertrek will decide the winner in the next post, but it will be decided by both the poll and your comments. Enjoy.



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  2. SECOND!!!!

  3. Second!!!

    Hmmm, to me Deidara and Gaara should have been above Kimimaro on this one. Although he matched Gaara in battle pre-timeskip, Gaara is much more powerful now then he was as a genin.

    Deidara also managed to match post-timeskip Sasuke in battle, did most of the work in defeating the Sanbi and defeated the Kazekage. To me Kimimaro just doesn’t match that.

    He was strong, but it seems a bit odd that he is ahead of some of the more kage level shinobi. However, I guess it is the votes that count. ^ ^

    As for the strongest that we have seen in battle, to me that would still be Pein. Bee and the Raikage are very strong themselves, but Nagato has proven himself by defeating Jiraiya in sage mode, defeating the man that had bested three sanin (Hanzou), destroying what is considered to be the greatest of the ninja villages alone and even creating entire small planets. lol.

  4. third?

  5. diedra > gara ???????

    kimmmimaro > gara ??????

    WTH all wrong >_>

    p.s RAIKAGE OWNS ALL ! OVER 9000!! he will probably own shinra tenrai with a shoulder lol

  6. I agree with tenrai about gaara he should be a bit higher, at least higher than deidara. Even b4 garra lost his bijuu he was stronger than deidara he only lost cause he was protecting the village too.

    And assuming that everyone knows peins secrets then i dont think its impossible for killerbee to win.

  7. Hmm, Pein said himself he would have lost to Jiraiya if his secret was known and i believe his specific abilities helped him greatly in the destruction of the village. I know Raikage cannot achieve a similar feat but in a battle between the two, provided Peins secret is known, i think Raikage would win.
    Pein doesn’t really have a defence that hurts people while defending (such as the amaterasu susano’o) so Raikage is free to charge about. He can move quicker than a sharingan eye or amaterasu can keep up with and is ridiculously strong. Even approaching and defeating God realm in the 5 second interval would be no problem. The only issue would actually be finding the original body…

  8. @Ahsan: deidara beat gaara did he not – and not too long ago i might add, not to mention he had hardly any clay and didn’t use any of his hardcore attacks that he tried on sasuke (the partical clay bomb would have owned).
    Kimimaro was sick and on the verge of death yet almost killed gaara. Plus his bone ability is a very effective counter measure to Gaara’s sound burial techs.

  9. @ i may have sounded a little ***** but dont take me seriously i was joking not about the placings though

    well isnt this supposed to be how the ninja are now? gara owns all now , he iis the kaze kaage

    as for deidra he only beat gara because gara had to save his village and the people and was fighting to save them.

  10. dammit ahsan the debate is Pein vs Team Raikage XD don’t get me started 😛 . *Looks at tenrai* u started this -___- XD

  11. its shinra tensei, not tenrai, tenrai is just a great member of WRA 🙂

  12. tenrai;s awesomeness level is over 9000! you better watch it mud 😛


    getting to the point

    gara owns kimmimaro

    gara owns deidra

    raikage owns God (pain ) 😛

  13. @super: if raikage and killerbee know about pein’s secret, does pein know their techniques and abilities as well? if not then its not really a fair fight. im assuming that its a yes since what we know is because we (the readers) are omnipotent with this information…

    i think pein is would win against raikage and killer bee even if they knew
    Raikage- from what we’ve seen he’s a close range fighter with amazing speed and staminia, and devastating power. he may have mid-range and possible longrange attacks, but thats not something he would do often. Because of his matchup, Pein would we wise to fight him off with the energy aborbing pein, and the soul snatching genjutu pein, with the others covering him or with the revial pein and the God Realm to buffer possible attacks

    With killer bee its more different: Because killerbee is a jinjurikki…(i can never spell it right >_<) he can use his tailed beast transformation if necessary. to easily combat that possiblity, pein could use the summoning realm to at least keep killerbee in check with at least 3 summons…(which we have seen done b4). while fighting off those 3 sommonings, the pein we all hate,(missle head) could also be firing off missiles and other projectiles at him. which also God Realm could be there for back up with the revial pein. It gets harder if Killerbee decides not to use that form, but rather his 7 or 8 swords to fight with. although the summoning realm wont be as useful for this fight the energy absorbe would come in hand to help negate possible attacks letting God Realm and missle head to go on the offensive i while that other Soul Snatching Realm could finish him off..

    Any Questions?

  14. i think kisame got the short end of the stick. he should have been easily #3 and not four. the raikage should be second, with kisame as third then killerbee. i dont think kb could take kisame, which is why madara sent him to go after him.. dont forget kisame’s main element although obvious, is water which is STRONG against electric attacks. along with kisame’s swordmanship being a mist of 7 swordmen and his ferious sword that can shave skin, and chakra away…and don’t forget he also has huge chakra reserves almost if not a jinjurikken level…and to top it off…he’s cool with itachi…

  15. if its just killer bee and his bro fighting togther they will win but if its one at a time pein will win

    p.s. Kisame should be up aginst killer bee in one of the top battles that would make for one hell of a fight

  16. rating should be something like this

    1- raikage
    2- pain
    4-killer bee
    7& 8th sasori or kakuzu its tight
    9th& 10th -the immortal bastard >_> hidan & the bone storm kimmaro

    lol these are my own thoughts i in no know want to enforce these on anyone :p lol

    p.s raikage owns allllllll

  17. @Shinobi: water has little to do with lightning in Naruto ~_~ Its strong against fire and weak against earth.
    Hmm, i see your point. If pein knew Raikages skills too he would stand a much better chance though i dont think the jutsu absorbing pein could do anything about Raikages taijutsu.

    @People debating rankings: I dont think we should base them on a person lower not being able to beat a person higher but rather should look a a vague overall sort of strength. What i mean is since things like elemental natures greatly effect fights someone who is ‘weaker’ than another can still come out on top. If sasuke didnt have lightning then Deidaras C3 would have owned him but since he did have it, the fight went to the wire…Just an example.

  18. Team Raikage FTW!!!
    Since pein’s secret is known then I will have have to say team Raikage wins hands down. Think about it, not of peins’ abilities would be very effective to counter Raikage’s insane speed/Killerbee’s beast form combo. The 360 vision from having all the peins wouldnt help since they wont be able to keep up with Raikage. Animal path’s summons would do little to even preoccupy KB in beast form because of menacing ball. Preta, naraka and human path have to physically be in contact with their target(in preta’s case some medium) to use their ability. Raiakge could take them out with his speed or KB with menacing ball. The same can be done to deal with asura path. god pein is the only one who could stop them with his heavenly attraction jutsu but since raiakage knows about the five second interval he would just use that time to finish off god pein before the other peins retaliate. So really what could pein do to stop this powerful brother combo of speed and bijuu strength?

  19. @Anyone: Oi oi, the rankings are based off the lists created and poll votes in Part 1. It’s ok to express dissent if the people you may have voted for did not make it on to the list or in a place you think they should be in, but to be redundant and complain over and over again *cough*Ahsan*cough* is getting a tad annoying. The users voted and the lists have been tallied up and those are the results, so please let’s just move on and debate about Pein vs. Raikage and Killer Bee.

    @Everyone: Yes, both Raikage and Killer Bee know about the 5 second interval but the question is how do they get past it? Naruto used his Kage Bushins but what would Raikage and Killer Bee use? Plus, Pein is at full power at the beginning of this match unlike when he was facing Naruto. Who’s to say he would even let Raikage or Killer Bee get near the the other bodies. The only reason he stayed back and let the other bodies fight Naruto first is because he was recharging.

    Let’s not forget that Pein is able to revive any of his dead bodies with Nakara Path, and that he can hit two objects at once with his Shira Tensei.

    In fact he can hit three targets at once and more by repelling anything that’s around him at once. Animal Path can summon special summonings at a whim. Asura Path is like a puppet and can still fight even after receiving multiple wounds. Preta Path can suck in any ninjutsu attack and Human Path can read minds and rip your soul out by an unseen force. If Raikage and Killer Bee have all of this coming at them at once on top of Preta Path (God Realm) how do they combat it?

    The biggest question though is how do the Raikage and Killer Bee survive the giant Shira Tensei technique that left Konoha Village a big crater in the ground?

    I won’t be taking any sides since I’ll be picking the winner so I’ll leave these questions up to you all to solve. >_>

  20. kimimaro is fifth because he had huge potential…he would have been a part of akatsuki if he hadn’t been working for orochimaru or, more importantly, if he was still alive.
    Raikage can’t beat 8tails nor pain. he doesn’t stand a chance! i don’t even see a way for him to win against them… i mean, killer bee easily defeated sasuke while raikage was having a really hard time with him. sure, sasuke was using better techniques against him but Killer Bee would totally rape his brother. Pain would have no problem either: shira tensei, chibaku tensei or bansho tenin are nearly unstoppable…if we add the abilities of the other 5 bodies, in particular to absorb chakra, the summons, soul stealing and the king of hell then it’s over before it even started. let’s not forget a huge chakra reserve, all nature manipulation and the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. Pain is THE strongest ninja we have seen in combat yet, hands down.
    anyway, we’re not even sure if Killer Bee and the Raikage are stronger then Kisame. what if we soon find out that he actually caught the 8tails? i find it improbable, but i believe he’s as strong if not stronger then the raikage.
    my list would be:
    10) hidan
    8) 7) 6) deidara, gaara, kakuzu…not sure of the order
    5) kimimaro (for how strong he would have become)
    4) 3) raikage, kisame…we’ll see…
    2) killer bee
    1) PAIN

  21. @truepain raikage is stronger than killerbee. when sasuke fought him sasuke was still weak from the fight with itachi.

    sasuke is stronger than he was when he fought killerbee and the raikage is still nowhere near tired.

  22. Comon Deidara haters, he beat Gaara without using C4. Deidara has to be 4th or 5th IMO (dont really know how strong Kisame really is).

    Kimimaro is too high, do you really think Kakuzu (who fought with the first hokage) or Sasori (who uses a former kage as a puppet) would have trouble with Kimi’s bone attacks? He was strong vs a couple genin but we’re talking kage level shinobi here.

  23. you would need to know sade techs to beat a couple of the pains (example the one that absorbs hits/chakra)

  24. @senju07: the raikage is not as strong as killerbee….he’s the 8-tailed beast! killer bee took an amaterasu and got away unharmed. the raikage is having a hard time just hurting sasuke while killer bee practically killed him twice. plus, in his 8 tailed form, how could the raikage even hurt him?
    does anyone think hidan could beat sasori? and yeah, deidara would probably beat gaara using C4…and if he couldn’t it would be a tie cuz he’d just self-destruct!

  25. PAIN FTEW!!!! just cuz he himself said he wasn’t at full power and he cud do a lot more than he did, if we think through:
    1- chibaka tensei, 8tails naruto almost fell for it and pain said he probably shud have done a bigger one (menas he cud do it) how cud both killer and raikageb defend it
    2- even if raikage owned the 6paths of pain how cud he find nagato and if he did we’re talking rinnegan here! “father of all jutsu” he can control all elements so that raiton armor wudn’t been much of an “armor”.
    3- hello kuchiyose no jutsu- summoning of gedo mazo *ROWRRRRRR* and i wud say poof poof 2 bodies on the ground.
    4- now if pain concentrates his full energy on single emo body he’s wayyyyyyyyyy lot stronger than before.
    5- now for ma last point i wud say control chakra devices, when nagato hitted naruto wid one of them to control him naruto had to go SAGE+KYUBI chakra so he cudn’t control him, hmm are both raikage and killer sages o___O don’t think so 😛

    i need to go sleep so counter me act if u cannn btw


    acklikxx :p

  26. Look, the way this is going is a little silly. Super said the ranking was based on polls etc so its what everyone initially thought. Saying one should be higher than another because they can win in a fight means the list would need constant adjustment. For instance, say there were five ninja and each was incredible at one of the five elements but did nothing else (unlikely i know but please try to see the point) How would you go about ranking them? If it was simply on who beat who the list would constantly be shifting.

    The only reason Sasuke wasnt killed by Raikage on 3 occasions was because he had Susano’o which he didnt have against Killer Bee. Be was fast but Sasuke never lost track of him like he did with Raikage. Whats more, Raikage has bijuu level chakra. He is stronger than Bee! He has to be right? Otherwise he would have no right to worry about him.

    @Pain: I know how strong all of Peins attacks are but more than anything else, he simply couldn’t keep up with Raikage. All his big moves take time. A short amount of time but still time. Raikage moves faster than sharingan eyes see. He could easily approach during the time god realm was holding his palms out. As far as taking on summons and the like, if he couldn’t simply skip around them (which he could) then he would just plow through. The guy shrugged of curse 2 Jugo, the originater of the curse mark. Jirobo picked up a super expanded (heavy!) Choji and he was just a crappy member of the sound 4. The origin must be much stronger yet Raikage had no problem. The dude has the most physical power we have seen in the manga and he is one of the fastest. His weakness is sticking his hands in blenders all the time and being ruled by emotion but i dont see how that would effect his fight with Pein.

  27. @everyone: up until now i never paid any attention to it, but why is it tha kisame is the only one that looks inhuman. everyone else looks like regular people…with a few exceptions ie orochimaru,kakazu and maybe deidra(those are some scary hands…) and even compared to kisame they look “normal”….

    @CyborgFranky: yeah your right… i actually looked it up where it was in the manga, and it was suigetsu who said he was weak vs lighting…

  28. ide say Pain would beat Raikage and killerbeegee,
    dont forget that pain was way stronger then naruto and even fought him on even foot when naruto was in 8th 9th tail form. Now we know raikage has some nice moves and killerbee can control his biyu. But I think pain has way more teqs and can summon huge azz monsters.

    Pain > whole konoha
    Pain > Raikage & Killerbee?

  29. Thats some great artwork for Kisame coming in at 4th Place he looks so Badass there I like him even more 🙂

  30. I was just thinking, why isnt Hanzo on the list? He beat all three Sannin, im pretty sure he could take Hidan and his scythe attacks. xD

    We’ve never actually seen him in a battle besides the flashbacks where all he did was talk. We basically know nothing about him besides his salamander summoning and his potential but what about his jutsu and attacks? Trust me we really considered him for the list but we haven’t seen him fight at all.


  31. i still think garaa could pwnd deidara’s ass if he wasn’t all woried about the people of sunagakure. Watching out for them took a lot out of him and eventually made him lose.

  32. @supa: yup, gaara would’ve pawned him then…

    Upon seeing raikage fight, i’m not that impressed anymore. He would be easily killed by Pain, never knowing what hit him.

  33. @supa: What defense would Gaara have against C4? He doesnt have Sharigan he cant see it. Even if he made a sand barrier, the microsopic bombs could squeze through it. Also, Gaara probably has a lot less chakra since he doesnt have his Bijuu anymore.

    The only Deidara died was because Sasuke countered him every step of the way.

  34. Pain FTW!!!! Raikage is very powerfull and fast, but pein has, on top off all his jutsu, the ability to see from all six of the other Pains eyes. he would definatly be able to follow raikages speed (at least a little) with six different angles and vison simultaneously. if god realm could sucsessfully hit them with his technique then the other paths could get him while he went flying. also the other pain bodys could sheild God and Naraka realm, from the raikages charge as well as during the five second interval. honestly i think that the main reason Pain would win is because on top of all the other Pains and the shinra tensei he could also use at least two chibaku tenseis AND the super powerd shinra tensei that crushed konoha as a last resort.

    im running low on sleep right now so thats it for now.

  35. Pein for the win, if u say well if they know his secret then he would loose is not really a fair assumption since if u know the Secrets of Sharingan u can find ways to beat it too, that is why people keep their jutsu and stuff secret. Pein has 6 Bodies his eyes are better then that of Sharingan since their is basically no blinds spots, I think the combo of the brothers could be deadly but its like putting Jiraiya and Naruto together is it really a fair fight then?, or Itachi and Sasuke fighting together. Pein operates with one mind thus he is actually still one person, if u have two (both with huge chakra reserves) that think separately its not really the strongest Ninja its the strongest team it defeats the purpose, if KillerB or the Raikage had fight Pein alone Pein is obvious winner but together i would say it would be tougher for Pein but Pein is still above “life and death” he summons that statue twice and their soul would be gone. Plus Pein himself stated when facing the 8 Tailed Fox he can create a bigger planet but was afraid it would kill Naruto which would of ment his mission was a failure

  36. You have to admit that PEIN is the TOPMOST NIN there is SO FAR… He brought down Konoha single-handedly, where even the legendary Madara failed. The leaf village has the strongest collection of skilled nins but he pawned the best of them – Jiraiya, Kakashi, and to some extent Tsunade. Naruto would’ve never made it if Pain didn’t go emo on him. He held up his full potential in order to settle personal issues. Pein’s gifted with the ultimate jutsus and to top it all up he has CTRL+Z! Now that’s just unfair… 😉

  37. @fanboi: But when he fought deidara he still had shikaku inside him. I don’t know what garaa could have done against c4 but whose to say deidara would have used it anyway? I mean he wanted to kill itachi and using c4 would have meant suicide. Garaa could have used the sand waves he used against kimimaro. somehow i can’t see deidara escaping from that.
    All i’m saying is garaa couldn’t use half of his jutsus because they were fighting in sunagakure.

    debate: If the fight were to be something like the tenkaichi Budokai then pain FTEW. Lets remember that pain can use all of the elements (Wind is strong against lighting). He has the Blocking Technique Absorption Seal which drains you out of chakra and can steel any of your ninjutsus.and I can’t see rikage getting out of chibaku tensei(even though naruto did got out of it, pain said that he could create a bigger one to compensate naruto’s transformation from 6 to 8 tails). Shinra tensei (which pownd gamabunta & co asses). And last but not least the almighty Demonic Statue of the Outer Path which removes the souls of any person it comes in contact with. (I still can’t see how naruto won against this monster…)

  38. @supa: C4 isnt suicide, your thinking of Deidaras final self-explosion. And this fight has nothing to so with circumstances that involve saving techs for certain people, its a simple deathmatch.

  39. Pain would defeat BOTH Bee and Raikage. Raikage and Kirabi’s power comes from ninjutsu (Ninjutsu amplifies the Raikage’s taijutsu), and Hungry Ghost Realm Pain is enough to absorb their chakra, thus making their moves useless. Defensive-wise, Animal Realm Pain has that area covered. By constantly summoning animals, Animal Path can protect the other bodies while tiring Raikage and Kirabi. AND Animal Realm can summon the chameleon and hide in its body, thus becoming invisible. Demon Realm can be out in the battlefield fighting Raikage and Kirabi, and every time he’s destroyed, Hell Realm can heal him. Raikage uses Taijutsu, so even if he does break the “line of Animal Summons”, he’ll still attack Human Realm Pain with Taijutsu, and all Human Realm needs to do to kill someones is simply touch them and remove their souls (Hell Realm can do the same by using the King of Hell). God Realm Pain’s Shinra Tensei can keep both Raikage and Kirabi at bay, while all the bodies work together to give God Realm enough time to use another (and we all know Shinra Tensei can break bones and cause significant damage). And if Kirabi summoned Hachibi, all God Realm has to do is use Chibaku Tensei to seal it (when Naruto’s 8tailed form broke free of Chibaku, he said he’d have to make a bigger one, which means he CAN make a bigger one, and since the Kyubi is more powerful than the Hachibi, there’s no way it would escape). And lets not forget that Nagato has ALL the abilities of ALL the Paths of Pain since he is the Outer Path. Plus his chakra was so powerful, Naruto had to use a combination of Sage Mode and Kyubi chakra to resist him and overpower him.
    BOTTOM LINE, there’s a reason why Jiraiya and Hanzo were so feared, they were feared because of their power, and Pain made quick work of them.

  40. I have to hop on the Raikage bandwagon for a bit…

    He may not be able to KILL Pein, but he would give him one hell of a fight.

    We’re talking about a guy, who without any concern, or even slight expression of pain, cut HIS OWN ARM OFF! His biggest concern at that point was getting the bleeding to stop, so he could go beat on Sasuke some more.

    He might be able to withstand the shinra tensai that made konoha a retention pond with his lightning-armor.. or just by standing his ground, and then saying something tough like “Is that all you got bitch!”

    And while all of pein-is, is focusing on Raikage (who will be revealed to be the bastard offspring of Kool-aid man, and Mr. T) Killerbee (adopted brother) will sneak up behind peins, and stab all of them with two swords to spare!

  41. @prawl: i dont think i’ve ever disagreed with you but until now… but this is seeing who is the strongest… yes we all know raikage can sell cans of whoop ass in bulk, however he is the “rai”kage and not the “world”kage… meaning he’s the strongest in his village…pein isn’t in the same league…in fact he outgrew that league the minute he called him self pein, and rolled with god pein…even you said it your self, he would give him one hella of a fight, but we here are talking about winning head to head….and we all know people who give one hell of a fight are the ones that lost in the end…

    hope i wasn’t too harsh…

  42. @fanboi: I just said that cuz people are saying that because deidara beat garaa before he could do it again. Im jus saying that if the battle field was other instead of sunagakure then garaa could havo gone rambo on deidara’s ass.

    C4 isn’t deadly in fact, you have to be “close” for it to be effective. Garaa was fighting long range from the biggining (he was floting from the beginning as deidara was when he fought sasuke) so who’s to say that garaa wouldn’t have seen a lizard or a bird get killed and then figure things out like sasuke did. I won’t be going on a “discussion” with you because that’s not the point of this post. You won’t change your opinion and i won’t change mine so i don’t see the point in discussing something that isn’t even related to wath this post is about.

  43. i think when things get this heated, like the raikage, killerbee,and pein, as well as the garra and deidra issue, we should put a small section together and have kishimoto answer them for us…lol
    as well as other things we all discussed on wra/ira in the past like minato being a sage, kakashi vs maito guy…although that was a tie…*cough* maito guy*cough… it would be interesting to see his answers…


    Pein could easily keep Raikage busy trying to hit the ressurection path thingy. Raikage is all about his melee and appears to have not long distance. His speed is nothing if he can be knocked for a loop. Not to mention he can be BLASTED AWAY AT FULL FUCKING FORCE BY GRAVITY/REPULSION. :O Like, seriously, NAILS ARE A FUCKING WEAPON FOR YAHIKO-PEIN. XD Pein could so push Raikage far away from the entire battle-field let alone away from Nagato. :O And the guy that can suck chakra – jeeze man! :O RAIKAGE HAS NOTHING ON THE SAGE CHAKRA AS FAR AS WE KNOW. :O

  45. -_- You really cant hit what you cant see its as simple as that. The rinnegan has no movement prediction or high speed detection like the sharingan so there is absolutely no way pein could keep up with the guy. I have never been talking about a combo because in this fight i would consider Bee as little more than back up anyway.
    Raikage moves so much faster than either of those one-touch death peins so i wonder how they could possibly grab him and kill him before they were dead themselves. As far as the ninjutsu drainer, so what? The most he would end up doing is sucking a lightning layer off the fist that would still end up hitting and killing him.
    You all suggest pein just bombards Raikage from the get go but everything he does takes time. Summonings, big god relm attacks….They require his hands to be in the right position and for him to gear himself up. Seriously, if the 6 paths were close enough to attack Raikage as a whole then that time taken is the time Raikage hops up next to them and delivers a Raiga bomb. The guy is faster than supreme eyesight ffs!
    Now another point on Raikage being bombarded is all the attacks will just get in the way of each other. God realm wouldn’t use chibaku tensai or the giant shinra tensai if the other paths were in the way since he would be attacking them as well. Even if he did use those huge moves, the safe spot is right beside him. They only work if he gets some real distance between himself and the target which he couldn’t do.
    You all seem to be suggesting Pein protects god realm which he only does when it cant attack like after the giant shinra tensai. Otherwise it is Peins biggest weapon, he isnt going to shelter it away and fill every five second gap with a frantic rush to protect it. He wouldn’t have a need to as far as he was aware.
    Most of all, Pein cant keep up. Did i say that already?

  46. @cyborgfranky: how do you know that 360 degree vision can’t see the raikage? raikage was so fast that he stayed out of sasuke’s field of vision but since pain can see in every single direction, maybe he can see him. anyway, let’s say that Pain can’t keep up with him. first of all, no matter how fast the raikage is, gravity still exists so deva path would be able to hit him. and nagato would sacrifice a body to defeat his opponent. also, the raikage uses taijutsu and would have to actually grab and hit the body. this would slow him down and would leave him open for a hit. we also don’t know enough about naraka path..maybe the king of hell has abilities we don’t know. you also say “You all suggest pein just bombards Raikage from the get go but everything he does takes time. Summonings, big god relm attacks….They require his hands to be in the right position and for him to gear himself up.” wtf! it’s not like he takes half an hour…maybe a second or two. plus, if nagato knows raikage abilities he’s obviously going to try to keep him as far away as possible. he also has the Gedo Mazo…
    there’s nothing that can defy gravity. only the most powerful tailed beasts might be able to resist it…

  47. I’m saying Raikage would be right against Pein by the time he did anything with god realm. Ok i understand that lifting your hands is not the longest of procedures but Nagato didnt exactly perform chibaki tensai as soon as his hands were ready either.
    I will put the difference in speed into perspective like this. All the paths moves near Naruto’s speed. Deny it if you want -_- but i didnt see any supremly fast path and Naruto kept up with them all. Since Naruto’s last reunion with Sasuke he has done the mass shadow clone training, sage training and frog katas. My point is nothing speed related. I know you’ll probably come out with points on how sage mode makes him quicker but its unconfirmed. So Naruto is no quicker than when he met Sasuke and got owned in terms of speed. Sasuke traveled like 20 feet before Naruto even thought. So Sasuke would own any single path in a similar manner. Now consider how much faster Raikage was to Sasuke and you realise Pein has no chance of thinking about moving before he is owned.
    It would only be 360 degree vision if the paths surrounded Raikage which makes all the points anyone made on formation redundant. It would only make attacking them easier.
    Your point on hitting a body slowing Raikage down kinda made me lol. Sorry, i mean no disrespect but i wouldn’t think he would move at his crazy speed only to stop before the opponent and attack normally. Just look at how Kakashi chidori’d the clones in his gaiden for an example of how it would happen.
    Im gunna completly ignore the point on naraka path having more abilities since no one will ever find out. Sorry but lets stick to what we know or i’ll make up some jutsu for Raikage too >_<

  48. um are u serious franky??? sage mode did nothing for naruto’s speed??? Of course it did…he was moving fast as hell… + speed isnt all as evidenced by gaara vs. rock lee/ gaara vs. sasuke.. in all honesty we didnt learn much about the rinnegan’s powers of insight but seeing as the sharingan came from the rinnegan and byakugan… we can assume that his power of insight is ridiculous… if sasuke had 12 eyes i’m sure hed keep up with raikage. and u guys speak as if like hes moving at dbz levels and that no1 can even see him… i dont see reference to that…yes he’s fast….but pain is just so much stronger…and i personally find the assumption that raikage and killerbee kno his powers from the get-go is completely unfair. but even so…knowing some1s secret doesnt mean u’ll win. if i start fighting with goku…knowing that his power level is over 9000! won’t do anything for me other than making me know that i gotta run…. PEIN owns

  49. ^^ THANK YOU CYBORG!!!
    People are really underestimating how much of a chance Raikage has against Pain. Just because pain took out Konoha by himself does not mean he is invincible. Powerful but not unbeatable. Everyone keeps saying pain will just use his paths to protect each other from the Raikage, but he did the same with Naruto and it did not work. The paths fell one by one from Naruto using ninjutsus and frog katas and pain was forced into a corner on multiple occasions. The Raikage can do the same even if it is mostly close-range moves. With the gravity force/repulsion technique we already know if you plant your feet on the ground with chakra it wont work:
    and knowing the Raikage he would just stand there with his badass self and say something like “Is that all you’ve got Pain!/ And you call yourself a God?” so that is null of void. As for the big gravity bomb and the moon creator jutsus they require nagato to focus a large amount on charka in god pain along so the other pahts are useless in defending him when he is preparing for those and the time needed to gather the chakra for them is more than enought for Raikage or Bee to finish him off before he is done. No disrespect to anyone but I cant see why the Raikage CANT beat pain. He has all the necessary skills, chakra levels and most importantly, information to win the fight. Just in case anyone brings up this point, almost any ninja can beat another ninja if he works all their strengths and weakness so please dont argue that pain would win for sure if Raikage didnt know about his abilities because that can apply to any fight. What do you think would have happened if Jaraiya knew everything about pain before his fight? I am sure it would have gone a completely different way. This post is about discussing a fight between two powerful ninja on an even playing field.

  50. @amar you posted about the very point I was trying to avoid about having info beforehand. This whole debate about the rinnegan having the same movement presision as the sharingan is pointless because even if it does there is one fatal point that would still hinder pain from stopping Raikage and it was said my my other 1st favourite when he fought sasuke:
    Now you cant possible think that the sixth pains have the reflexes to keep up with Raikage even if they can see him coming?

  51. @Omar: Fine, go with the whole Naruto got faster with sage mode thing. Truth be told, you Pein supporters seem to be relying on a lot of unconfirmed stuff. Even if Naruto went up a notch or two you can just as easily say Sasuke got quicker too yet he was still ran for a loop. The fact is, no one in team ‘Kakashi’ saw Sasuke move at all but Raikage was quicker. I dont see how you can think he isnt as fast as i say.
    Hmm gaara vs rock lee and gaara vs sasuke were times he practically lost. If not for the gates hurting Lee making him close his eyes and miss the substitution then gaara would have lost and he would have lost to sasuke too if not for the bijuu transformation. Most of all Gaara had the sand shield that moved without him thinking so the circumstances are completly different. There is also the fact that Raikage is a power house. Probably the most powerful character introduced just on physical strength so his spee isnt his ‘everything’.
    All in all, i dont buy any of your comment being a reason for Raikage loosing.

    @doomien: Glad to see theres another in the Raikage corner ^^ And you point out further reason for Raikage having time to own god realm before something happened. Great link *Thumbs up*

    P.S. Please stop saying we dont know this or that about the rinnegan/Pein because its not like we know everything about Raikage.

  52. pein is god…. pein couldve killed naruto if that was his purpose… his purpose was to capture him making it difficult… he can revive his paths…has extensive ninjutsu skills… summoning skills, demons, sould suckin skills… What evidence do u have that he can kick pein’s ass? He’s buff? He does suplexes on pple… How the hell would he reach pein to do his close combat. Pein in all honesty was the leader of Akatsuki…arguably the strongest organization. so why do u treat raikage as like god of the naruto world…its bs…
    @franky- how can u deny that naruto got faster with sage mode??? please re-read his fight with pain…it’ll become self evident….and what killed them was the most powerful attack we know of in all of naruto world…. his rasenshuriken which even kakuzu (who fought the first) thought was monstruous… i dont know where ur getting the facts to say raikage would win…sasuke isnt even experienced using his mangekyou…

  53. Dude…Chill.

    Evidence is Pein is slower. He could have any number of rediculous ninjutsu but it doesn’t amount to anything if the bodies die before they do that stuff.

    Naruto didn’t slow down when he left sage mode. If fact it was the only time he got to god realm. Jiraiya didn’t appear to speed up either. I dont see how Naruto sped up. Even if he did, and its a huge if, he still wouldn’t be at Sasukes level from the time he moved 20 feet before Naruto could twitch.

    I never said anything about MS. In all honesty i dont see where you get your Pein wins hands down idea from but its what you think so meh. Im not trying to convince you, just trying to win the debate. I will say you aren’t really responding to the things me and doomien have pointed out…

  54. @everyone: id hate to point this out but i was reading something from a couple comments above, and it came to me that we dont know what exactly the weakness for the raikage…we know all about pein, but not enough on the raikage…we don’t know if he has any long distance ninjutsus, if he’s suceptable(able to fall under the effects) of genjutus either(and if he is fighting by himself and he’s caught in peins genjutsu its all over for him because its safe to assume pein has way more chakra than the raikage so overpowering his chakra isn’t gonna happen)so far all we know about him is that he’s fast, has lots of chakra, and is very dangerous when it comes to taijutsu…so right off the bat, pein is at a disadvantage becasue his weakness/secret is known thus weakinging his capabilities…

    in order to bring this back to an even playing field, we can’t dismiss anything pein has done in the past as ineffective against the raikage for example that absorbing pein. so give it up guys pein wins although raikage is more badass…

  55. @amar Are you serious??? Did you say pein was the leader of Akatsuki? If thats the case then why take orders from Tobi?
    When did Cyborg and I ever refer to Raikage as a god? we said he has the skills to beat pein, not that he was immortal.
    “How the hell would he reach pein to do his close combat.” I just lol at this statement. Have you not been paying attention to Raikage’s speed? Look how easy it was for him to get close to sasuke to the point the emo king had to use susanno to defend because he could not keep up himself.
    “he can revive his paths…has extensive ninjutsu skills… summoning skills, demons, sould suckin skills… What evidence do u have that he can kick pein’s ass? He’s buff? He does suplexes on pple…” Aahhh… you dont need to have a grocery list of jutsus to beat someone. Unless I am mistaken for most of the series Naruto (the main charater of the manga) only knew kagebushin and rasengan(I will count the variations for this point since they are like stronger versions of the same technique) and he has pwned his fair share of strong shinobi.
    I also do not recall us saying the Raikage would indefinitely but he CAN beat pain. After reading your post again amar you have come across to me as someone who just says “pain he god. He is unbeatable’ and not take consideration as to pain’s weaknesses or what the Raikage is able to do to counter them.

  56. @Shinobi: Pein cannot/never did genjutsu. Raikages raiton armour worked well against a genjutsu specialist like Sasuke anyway.
    Absorbing Pein is weak to taijutsu, Raikage is a demon at taijutsu.
    Pein is very deadly, i know. He has lots of sure kill things but he wouldn’t be able to grab the Raikage for the two ‘touch death’ paths, we already talked a lot on god realm, taijutsu beats absorbtion guy, projectiles are too slow (even Choji’s dad avoided one) and summonings i have also covered in a previous post.

    *Hi 5’s doomien and hands over team Raikage flag*

  57. @shinobi What exactly are you referring to when you say “in order to bring this back to an even playing field, we can’t dismiss anything pein has done in the past as ineffective against the raikage for example that absorbing pein.”. Please clarify because its a little confusing.

  58. @doomien: i was reffering to the fact that although we know extensive info about pein, we only know so much about raikage…we dont know any of his weakness, therefore its not really fair to say that its an even match up… its like having playing battleship with someone and theres a mirror showing what they have and you dont know that he also has a mirror..

  59. @shinobi I see where you are getting at but you can also argue that pain had other rinnegan techs that we didnt get to see so in all fairness it doesnt really matter. We just have to go by WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW and stop making up crap to tilt the favour in one direction just because we like that ninja better. If we continue using “what ifs” or ‘he should have xyz” then this will turn into nothing more than who comes up with a “I win” button tech first. I could easily speculate that the Raiakge can charge up all of his raiton chakra to create a rip into the space/time continuum which allows him to move in-between pockets of time and just raiga bomb each pein in a different timeline. This tech last probably last ten seconds and Raikage own needs one for each pein. I win. See what I mean? So please people just use evidence from the manga or wikia where there has been proof or at least confirmed references to someone’s abilites.

  60. Oh my…the debate is getting heated in here and since Pein is taking some vital hits… I think I’ll jump in to defend the poor guy.

    In relation to Naruto’s speed if what you say is true relating Pein to being just as fast as Naruto in Sage Mode then that’s pretty fast indeed. If you want an example of Naruto’s speed in Sage Mode just look here.

    Look how he covers the distance all the way atop of Gamakichi’s head down to Tsuande within the span of a few seconds. That’s definitely faster than Naruto pre-Sage training. Admittedly not as fast as the Raikage but still fast.

    Now as for the Raikage’s speed they are comparable to Minato (the 4th Hokage) but his attacks are not fast enough to not to be seen coming and that’s vital. First, his attack wasn’t fast enough to hit Sasuke before a whole ninja jumped in his way blocking his attack half way before reaching Sasuke. (Suigetsu moves fast enough to block the attack)

    Next his attack no matter how fast was still seen coming and blocked by Juugo. In fact all 3 of the ninja saw Raikage coming. That was a good link you gave Doomien, the one saying it matters not that you can see the attack it’s about if your body can react to it. Well Juugo was able to react to it and if his body can move fast enough I do believe Pein who is comparable to Naruto in Sage Mode can too. (Juugo blocks the attack)

    Also, the Raikage’s attacks aren’t fast enough for the sharingan not to see. Notice I’m emphasizing his attack speed not overall movement. I know the Rinnengan is not the Sharingan but I’m just pointing out the folly of what was said about Raikage’s attack speed. (proving he’s not as fast as was initially thought)

    Just a few more examples of the Raikage not being fast enough to not be seen coming. (Even when attacking from behind Raikage’s attacks aren’t fast enough not to be noticed.) (Admittedly you can’t really control your speed in the air but meh…)

    Where does this all lead too? Simply all those attacks Raikage did were seen, blocked, or dodged proving he can’t just simply run circles around Pein. What I’m really leading up to though is simply the fact that Pein does not need to block whenever an attack would get that close to him. He would just simply repel it. (Notice how close the FRS is to his face comparable to how close Raikage’s punch was to Juugo’s chest . If Juugo was fast enough to pick up his arm and block the attack Pein could easily be fast enough to simply repel the Raikage.)

    Raikage is an up close fighter and thus needs to get close to hurt his opponent. As the above examples demonstrate you don’t need a sharingan or even 360 view to see Raikage’s attacks coming and act accordingly. Once the Raikage gets close to enough with his amazing speed to attack Pein would just see it coming and repel him like a fly. Overall, from the above examples showing ninja without sharingan or 360 view (Suigetsu and Juugo) saw the Raikage coming I believe a man with 360 degree view vision could just as likely see the Raikage’s attacks before they hit. In other words with Pein’s power it’d be near impossible for the Raikage to ever hit him.

    Now if Pein somehow HAS to dodge he’s still pretty fast and good at dodging even when near exhaustion. (Look how close it is and Pein still managed to dodge)

    Last but not least I just want to point out that even though Raikage and Killer Bee may know that Nagato is hidden somewhere they’d have no idea how to find him. Naruto used Sage Mode to trace him and Raikage and Killer Bee aren’t Sages.

    This is going to be one of those long ass posts…>_>

  61. thanks supertrek, i was just about to say the same thing: the raikage’s attack speed is a lot slower then his overall movement and pain isn’t exactly that slow. cyborgfranky & doomien, you keep on saying to not make things up but where does it say that the raikage is so fast that he’d get near pain before he could react? i think that you’re underating pain. doomien said “People are really underestimating how much of a chance Raikage has against Pain. Just because pain took out Konoha by himself does not mean he is invincible.” taking out konoha by himself isn’t exactly an easy thing…i don’t think the raikage could do it too. the raikage is very strong but how can he resist a full scale shira tensei? the point of putting chakra on your feet is that you want to keep yourself attached to the ground, but if the ground caves in around you, you’d feel the attack. and you guys keep on ignoring his strongest summon…

  62. supertrek…. u are officially my hero…thats what i meant by Raikage isnt as fast as everyone claims…. but didnt look for sources cuz i was in the middle of my chem lecture lol…
    @doomien – pein was akatsuki leader…pein is like george bush and madara is dick cheney.. hes the leader in everyones eyes… madara is just like behind the scenes controlling him…and lets say we assumed madara was leader…that still makes him the second strongest… meaning he was in a way strong enough to lead itachi, sasori, kakuzu, hidan, orochimaru, kisame, deidara… the list goes on… ok? so i know i hate doing this…but if itachi could own sasuke…which we assume he can… and sasuke is matching up with raikage (ok yes he got his ass kicked but raikage lost an arm and if not for his servants would not get it back)… itachi>sasuke sasuke more or less= to raikage…. pein>itachi… its a simple math equation

  63. @super Thank you for posting a good defense for pein’s abilites and I must say this argument will be hard to counter, but I will try nonetheless.
    On your first point about suigetsu blocking the Raiakge, couldnt that be interpreted as sasuke being to slow to react to the attack himself, even though he knew beforehand that he was in a genjutsu?
    The one with Juugo blocking is also a good point but so is this:
    Juugo didnt see him coming that time so its safe to say Raikage upped his attack speed that time.
    That example with the amaterasu/susanno combo looks like a prime example of my rock lee quote. Even thought sasuke saw the attack coming he couldnt move his body to react to it so he used his MS in a combo for a quick defense. Other than god pein’s repulsion, no other paths would be able to put up a last-minute defense and as long as Raikage is constantly channeling chakra to his feet then even that wont work. He will just get stopped for like a second or two. I will admit pein is agile but if it reached a point where all he could do was repulse to stop Raikage for those presion seconds so he could dodge his attack plus the five second interval between each repulsion, I would find it hard for him to keep it up for long.
    I dont think anyone will disagree with Raikage and Bee not being able to find Nagato so you win there but he still has a pretty good chances against the paths 🙂

  64. i don’t agree with you omar. i consider madara stronger then pain, even though we have no proof yet.we also don’t have proof that pain is stronger then itachi but i’m pretty sure he is. you also can’t use math equations…it’s not that simple/sasuke “beat” deidara because deidara couldn’t use his bombs since lighting disables them. sasuke also had the sharigan, which let him see the C4. a ninja stronger then sasuke might instead have a harder time if he doesn’t have lighting or if he can’t see chakra. pain vs naruto, sasuke vs itachi, hidan vs shikamaru are other examples.

  65. Hmmmmmmmm a strong argument Super.
    In both those instances with Jugo and Suigetsu its the attack speed thats lacking not his overall speed. Same with the Sasuke ducking elbow thing. You did already say that. I will firstly apologise to truepain since your point was a lot more relevant than i realised. However i think the fact Raikage was running circles (literally) around Sasuke proves he is superiour to that emo in terms of moving his whole body. Ducking while moving forward isnt really a testimant to speed but rather reaction time and timing as far as i can see which i dont remember Pein demonstrating spades of.
    All the links of Pein dodging Rasenshuriken do make good points but dont forget the jutsu was traveling in a strait line and is therefore easier to dodge than a human.
    Again, the 360 degree vision would only be apparent if they surronded or arced around Raikage. Doing so really makes them vonerable as far as i can see. It seems obvious to me so i wont list why.
    I still think that link doesn’t provide good evidence for Naruto’s possible speed increase. As far as i see Pein is an equal distance from Tsunade and we have no idea how long it took to cover the distance. They could both do a slow walk and arrive together (excuse the sarcasm ^^ ) I too think Naruto may get a speed boost in sage mode but for the purposes of the debate i wont agree until someone slams real good evidence right in my face (like 40 yard dash times or something 😛 )
    Thats a real bad habit Raikage seems to have where he stops before attacking (the exact thing i forgot about and said he wouldn’t do. Im really sorry Pain 😦 ) But still, Sasuke who moves at super speed still got caught by the raiga bomb and never moved away from the attacks he blocked with ama susano’o. I can think of pleanty of ways Raikage could attack while running (like a clothsline) but i guess im not allowed to do that since we told the Pein supporters off for it….

  66. @true: I am not ignoring the fact pein is very powerful but I am trying to say that he is not invincible. A full scale shira tensei is most likely beyond anybody to resist but it takes time to gather the chakra to use it and the other paths are deactivated while gathering this chakra so I would not think of it as the ideal choose against someone as fast as Raikage. Shira tensei doesnt have to cave the ground around you but I get want you are saying, come to think about it if pein kept destroying the ground when Raikage got close to him wouldnt he inturn be destroying the ground near him as well? Just a though. If you are referring to the statue, are we sure he can still use it the way he did against Hanzo? I know the statue is powerful but since shippuden all we have seen it for was sealing the bijuus, so can Nagato reconnect to it and use it like before?

    @amar I just think the fact that he has to take orders for madara must mean madara has something over him. Then again madara could just be manipulating him since I have the same feeling like cyborg that for some reason madara cant attack so you are probably right there. I have a class now so i’ll be gone for awhile but I will return to continue arguing with you all. Its getting fun (in a good way, not an I think you are all wrong and I am right kinda way).

  67. @Doomien: Indeed, Sasuke could have been to slow or blinded to react but we don’t know since he was helped out. The point I was trying to make though is that a whole bodied person was fast enough to jump in the way and block the Raikage’s arm halfway through the attack showing his attacks really aren’t that fast.

    As for the link… (

    Juugo was way to tired and hurt to react to any attack coming. When you’re that exhausted it’s harder to notice things, your reflexes dim, and your reaction time very much dulls. Not to mention he was probably over confident that Raikage was at least hurt.

    On the point of the other paths I see them acting as more of a backup than actually going out there to fight Raikage and Killer Bee. Remember the only reason Pein did not fight first himself and let the other paths fight is because he was recharging.

    If the other 5 Paths are behind God Realm and serving as backup, Raikage and Killer Bee have to get around Pein first in order to get to them.

    Now if the Raikage or Killer Bee were constantly channeling chakra into their feet that would seriously reduce their speed because it sticks them to the ground. If the Raikage wants to use his superior speed he has to let go of the chakra in his feet to attack and that’s when Pein makes his move.

    @Franky: Yeah I can see how a circle would seriously limit their attacking ability which is why I don’t see them fighting in that way either. When I say 360 degree view I mean you have 6 pairs of eyes on the battlefield at all times and the only way for Raikage or Killer Bee not to be seen coming is to move fast enough to lose all 6 able bodied ninja’s views. Even if you outmaneuver 5 of them if just 1 sees where you are then they all see where you are. It’s nearly impossible to get around that. Naruto hindered their view with smoke bombs but I don’t see Raikage and Killer Bee using those.

  68. @super: In terms of sports science, arousal, which is directly linked to reaction time, increases as pain does. Fatigue would slow Juugo down though, thats true. Still, remember he is the originater of the curse mark and in curse 2 mode so he shouldn’t be feeling tired or slow for anything under crazy speed to hit him.
    Chakra in your feet actually increases your speed as demonstrated by Sakura in the chunin exam against Ino ( sorry, you know how lame my link finding skills are)
    Really if the other paths weee behind god realm they couldn’t do anything except summons and the body firing Asura path. I think summons would only be a hinderance to god realm and they would even create blind spots if the paths were grouped together. Asura path brings nothing to this fight in my eyes. I always considered it a liability and just there to make up numbers.

  69. @ shinobimadness – no hard feelings, 90+ percent of what I typed was utter bullsh*t. Don’t get me wrong, killa-B and Raikage are a tough pair to be sure, but we don’t know enough about them to really say they’d sadomize pein. (or pedo-rape summoning realm, as she looks a bit under-age)

    @super – can we include shinobi from the hidden/forbidden-fruit village? If so, Luffy and co. got this “pein” fellow pretty much douche’d

  70. @truepein- i accepted that madara was stronger than pain…i said pein would b the second strongest….but…pein was still the leader of akatsuki. what i mean by pein being bush and madara was cheney….is cuz although cheney wasnt president…he controlled bush…anyway thats besides the point…

  71. @super: channeling chakra to your feet wouldnt slow you down. Look at water-walking. You maintain the chakra flow in your feet and adjust it constantly to match the shift of the current. The same can be done against pein. You keep a channel of chakra in your feet that maintains a balance between you and the ground and increase it when the body feels a sudden shift of force, in this case shira tensei.
    On the paths formation, when pein fought Jaraiya he didnt even brother doing any fancy formations. He just had all the paths attack at once. I think the reasons he didnt do the same with naruto was 1) he was recharging like you said 2) demon path was already taken down and 3)He was cautious not to get all the paths catch in the frog genjutsu again and naruto had the hermit squad for backup as well

  72. @Franky & Doomien: Haha, indeed you two got me there. Concentrating chakra into the bottom of your feet does increase your speed but you have to wonder why only Sakura has done that in battle thus far.

    If Sakura could do it, then the Raikage could do it, and I’m 100% sure Pein could do it so as far as gaining an advantage is concerned it’s not really.

    There’s one thing I’d like to know though. How does Raikage or Killer Bee survive a direct hit from this…

    That left Konoha looking like this?

    @Prawl: Lol, nah Luffy would whoop everyone’s ass and it wouldn’t really be fair. Taijutsu won’t work on him because he’s made of rubber and once he goes Gear Second it’s over. 😉

  73. @super Like i said to truepein, because of the time needed, amount of chakra and the fact the other paths are deactivated during the process leaving no defenses, Raikage or Bee should have no problem getting to pein before he does the jutsu.

  74. @Doomien: Not much time is needed to do the attack actually. It’s just a Shira Tensei on a massive scale. All he has to do is jump in the air and activate it. The only reason it took him a little longer is because he was busy trying to get the other bodies out of harm’s way.

    If he just jumps in the air and does it sacrificing the bodies then he can come out the victor. Raikage and Killer Bee can’t get away from it because anything below Pein is pummeled and smashed to pieces. If they try to follow him then they will still be below him and actually closer to him to get hit by the Shira Tensei. Most importantly though the chances of them following his jump are very unlikely. They wouldn’t know what was coming and even though they know his secrets doesn’t mean they’ll know every attack he’s doing.

  75. @super: Well you got me there, but at any rate it would still require Raikage and Bee to be a good distance away from him so that when he gets ready to do it they cant catch him in time and both are close range fighters so he would have to distract them or something.

  76. @doomien and CyborgFranky: here just a couple of points i was talking about earlier
    1.the pein that could absorb from what is shown, doesn’t have a limit of what he can absorb. He was capable of absorbing oil, then moments later an ultimate rasengan from jiraiya…
    that had to be atleast 15-20ft tall of purely condensed rotating chakra…
    *being jiraiya was about 6ft+ and that was about 2 1/2 times his size, also the normal rasengan does requires a decent amount of chakra being an a-ranked technique.

    2.Animal Realm’s speed to summon is extremely fast even to the point of being able to counter jiraiyas fastest, and widest range attack while in sage mode.
    and in the last page, if needed pein can summon a shield behind him to counter attacks.

    3.Pein can manipulate your own chakra using the rinnegan. some what like the sharigan can cast genjutus causing you to be unable to control it, or hinder your attack.. he’s done it to jiraiya, and kakashi,
    note that kakashi was literally less than an arms reach from his body while he was doing rakiri, and those few seconds if you could call it that was enough for pein to easily dodge the attack. there was no warnings of the attack

    4.Just because you put chakra to your feet to prevent you from being blown away wont actually stop you from being attacked. while your placing you chakra to the ground, you have to embrace the attack, meaning your movement has stopped otherwise the force will gain momentum through your movement and send you flying.
    the 6-tailed kyuubi with stood it but was stationed in the ground while the attack was going…and was able to send back the force to deva path. *notice 4 of the tails were stuck in the ground and not his/its four feet on the ground. naruto also withstood a shinra tensei, but he had several shadow clones backing him to maintain ground, of which raikage wouldn’t have.

    Lol, don’t worry about all your other repeated comments they were removed. When you post a comment with links the comment automatically goes to the pending box and one of us mods have to approve it.


  77. @super: thanks i almost went crazy trying to figure out why it wouldn’t let me post. after this debate is the next one for just strictly konoha? to make it interesting we should do by ranking, ie chunnin,jonnin, and then kage level as well as those specialized jonnin. and we can’t forget the worlds strongest genin (naruto)…

  78. was this thing over already?….maybe everyone’s just doing more research…

  79. I think this post died a slow and eventual death… Maybe the Leaf Tournament will have better results. o_O

    So it must be Pein’s win if no one can defend Killer Bee and the Raikage anymore…>_>

  80. yeah, it’s over. pain wins! you should make one with all ninjas, past and present…

  81. raikage for sure. he has the speed of the 4th hokage, the stregth of tsudade, and has biju level chakra. how can he lose.

  82. @Ultimate Sharingan ~ Raikage’s kind of reckless.

    It was evident when he sacrificed his arm.
    If he goes up against my buddy Hidan, he’ll surely get cut, due to his recklessness…

    And since people who support Lord Jashin are immortal, Hidan can afford to get pummelled by the Raikage just to get a scratch on him.

    Raikage doesn’t exactly seem to smart either, so he wont be doing a Shikamaru.
    And in fair battle’s, shinobi wont know about there enemies ability.
    So Hidan has a advantage 😉 😛

    Gooo Hidan!!!! >_< 😀

  83. @schy the only problem with hidan taking a beating from the raikage is that he cant put himself back together. so an attack like the one juugo or sasuke took wont kill hidan but he wouldn’t be able to attack anymore. Let alone get to his circle. The raikage is too damn fast for hidan anyway. He cant be seen when he is moving which is proven when sasuke cant even get a lock on him with the black flames. so no hidan wouldnt beat the raikage.

  84. Hidan will get a hit in eventually 😉

    And its not like Raikage’s going to rip Hidan’s arms off….he’d get cut….he wouldn’t even know about Hidans power anyway….So Raikage would just elbow Hidan or something at the start, like when he was against Sasuke….

    Raikage was enraged ayt Sasuke anyway, while he holds nothing against Hidan….Raikage wont be serious against Hidan….

    Go Hidan >_<

    Go Jashism!!! 😛

  85. hidan would be owned. i really like him too, but he wouldn’t stand a chance. i don’t even think that hidan’s scythe could even get through the raikage’s thunder armour. plus the raikage would liger bomb him or something and completely destroy his bones. hidan wouldn’t be dead, but he wouldn’t be able to move.

  86. Hidan said himself that he is the slowest in Akatsuki, q.e.d.

  87. Dont under estimate the power of mindless people 😉

  88. you can be mindless all you want but hidan would lose against the raikage. there’s no doubt there. if you’re the mindless one, then there’s no point in convincing you.

  89. isn’t Raikage the more mindless here? 😛

  90. i believe nagato can kill both of them, not pein. nagato can use all 7th jutsus at will and used the gedo mazo which to me is an instant kill to anyone

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