Naruto Shippuuden 127 and 128. Jiraiya’s destiny…

Hey everyone! It’s Tenrai Senshi here again with this weeks Naruto anime breakdown.

Firstly, I would like to say thanks to Cookie for covering for me on the breakdown for episode 126. I had some problems, a few actually, but she came in and saved my hide. Thanks again.

Anyway, this week gave us a unique showing with regards to the anime, with the two part ‘Jiraiya Gaiden’ arriving for all of us to sink our teeth into and all I can say is that it was awesome. ^ ^

If you are reading this and you haven’t seen the episode yet, I suggest you stop right now and go and watch it. It was really good, in fact two of the best episodes shown recently. I would definitely recommend it. 😉

This is what happens when you have to much sugar...

Sugar... overload... buzzzzzzzz!!!!!!! @_@

Alright, if you’re here now, reading this very sentence, I am assuming you took my advice and watched the episode, so let’s move on…. <_<

Of course, where better to start with a story then at the beginning? And that’s just about where we start with Jiraiya’s journey into an unknown destiny. However, as we all know, the only destiny a boy his age is interested in is how to snag the girl of his dreams. Too bad for him that girl happens to be Tsunade and in a relationship all too similar to that of Naruto’s and Sakura’s the love just isn’t flowing both ways.

I feel for you man… T_T

Simple minds enjoy simple pleasures, they say...

The only bet you will ever see Tsunade on the winning side.

What makes this so great is that we get to see the similarities between Jiraiya’s own past and Naruto’s life growing as a genin. Both wanted to prove themselves, both were infatuated with very destructive and unforgiving girls (much to their mutual physical detriment) and both were very clumsy and hotheaded.

After being humiliated during the bell training exercise, Hiruzen Sarutobi (aka, the future Third Hokage) decides to have a chat with Jiraiya about his purpose in life and after a little motivation, the soon to be king of all perverts sets out on a quest to achieve his goals.

Little did he know how much his actions would shape the future.

The grass is green, the sky is blue... the snakes wanna start killing again. Ah, the picture of a perfect day... O_o

The grass is green, the sky is blue... the snakes wanna start killing again. Ah, the picture of a perfect day... O_o

After a little accident with a reversed summoning jutsu, Jiraiya finds him self ending up a bit lost and in very strange company. Having arrived in the home of the toads, he can’t help but notice a mini-me version of Gamabunta facing off against a tough rival.

It makes you wonder if that accident was the basis by which the Hiraishen (Flying Thunder god technique) that Minato used was formed… O_o

Of course, jumping at the chance to show off the results of his training, Jiraiya quickly vanquishes his foe and sets about his introduction to his soon to be long term allies and friends. Little does he realize just how much more he would learn in the path ahead that he had so inadvertently stumbled upon.

One of the greater advantages of watching the anime, in this case, is that we get to see even more than we are shown in the manga. A lot of extra details are given away while nostalgic memories are given a respectful nod and it ends up creating something that you can’t help but feel happy watching.

My child, I brought you here to discuss something of great improtance. Does this hat make me look funny? O_o

My child, I brought you here to discuss something of great importance. Does this hat make me look funny? O_o

Of course, for every new beginning, there is also an end and even Jiraiya’s time with the toads must come to a close. After learning of his destiny to train a child of prophecy, who would bring about a great revolution to the ninja world (and of his own glorious rise to unrivaled pervi-ness), he sets out once more to achieve his new-found goals.

Of course… I can think of two rivals that come to mind, one being one of our own…

*Thinks of Super…* <_<

Actually, that makes for a very good poll!!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

Ahem!!! Anyway, on with the show!!!

From here on out, we get a look into Jiraiya’s journey around the world from a fresh perspective. It’s something that the manga never really gave us, save for an odd mention or brief flashback, so seeing his journey in motion is really insightful and just as interesting.

Jiraiya finds out the world is far darker than he could have ever imagined.

Jiraiya finds out the world is a far darker place than he could have ever imagined.

Unfortunately, real life is often more bitter and cold than anything else. Where chasing down girls used to be his greatest concern, Jiraiya discovers that there are far more pressing matters in the world of shinobi and even finds himself questioning his own resolve.

Things are harder than the young man thought and even someone with a will as strong as his own, he is somewhat disheartened by the state he finds everything in.

But, much in the same way Naruto does, he continues to press on none-the-less, searching for his destiny and the pupil he is fated to train.

Look at my hair. I died it green to cammoflauge with the bushes... X___X

Look at my hair. I dyed it green to camouflage with the bushes... X__X

We even get too see a bit of action as well, although not a lot. Some familiar faces appear for anyone who has read further in the manga, so it should be easy to see where this is going.

Everything we have already learned is only being deepened further and that is what makes these episodes that much more enjoyable. It’s one of the highlights of seeing the anime episodes, in a way.

Jiraiya’s own journey is almost as interesting as Naruto’s and his quest to make the world a better place is just as heartfelt.

A lot of dots are conected in these moments, even going as far as the death of Tsunade's brother.

A lot of dots are connected in these moments, even going as far as the death of Tsunade's brother.

However, despite all of his efforts, the state of the world can no longer be ignored in favor of his journey of self discovery. With war looming on the horizon, Jiraiya is forced to return to Konoha and to a grieving teammate.

Coming to terms with the strife that has consumed the world and the weight of his own lack of success, he hardens his resolve and realizes just how important his task really is.

Even still,  Jiraiya sets out with Orochimaru and Tsunade, to fight for their village, placing his own personal goals on hold for the time being.

I kicked all of your asses with a blind anphibian. You should be ashamed... <_<

*Hanzou thinking* Yeah right I kicked all of your asses with a blind amphibian. You should be ashamed... *snickers* <_<

This is where things move to the Third Ninja War, starting quite early with the great battle in which our three Konoha nins face off against the mighty Hanzou, who, being impressed with their performance, dubs them with the title of sannin, which would forever scribe their names into legend.

Unfortunately, the battleground for such a conflict is a small country which has become the unwilling victim of a war they are not even otherwise involved in and the poor souls who suffer under the conditions that it has brought can only do their best to survive.

This is where Jiraiya finally meets the three children whose lives would forever be changed by the encounter.

Enter Yahiko, Konan and Nagato. More funky hair colours to brighten up your rainy day.

Enter Yahiko, Konan and Nagato. More funky hair colours to brighten up your rainy day.

They always start off so innocently… with the happy smiles and big eyes. That is until they… *coughs violently!*

Anyway, after being moved by their unfavorable circumstances, and after having all of their food ‘liberated’ from their control, Jiraiya takes it upon himself to take care of the children for a while, seeing it as his duty considering the current state of affairs.

He also comes to notice one in particular, being Nagato, who remains awkwardly silent and is very moved by the gesture of being looked after in the manner a family would have offered.

Take Sasuke and Hinata and mix them together. This is the result... <_<

Take Sasuke and Hinata and mix them together. This is the result. He could really use some sunlight! <_<

Now this normally comes a bit later in the manga, but seeing it now fits quite nicely as well. What I can foresee happening, however, is a lot of ‘flashback repeats’, but that is something we will just have to bear with.

It isn’t long into their stay that Jiraiya also learns of Nagato’s Rinnegan and after a run in with a hostile chunin that almost results in the deaths of both Nagato and Yahiko, he makes the decision to train them as well, thinking that he has finally found the child he was looking for.

*sobs* Me thinks I have pink eye... T_T

*sobs* Me thinks I have pink eye... T_T

After three years of training Yahiko, Konan and Nagato, Jiraiya deems them ready and sets off once more, returning to the conflict to see its ends.

In a way, there are a lot of hidden connections that you can spot if you look carefully enough. Even the amount of time Jiraiya trained Naruto (three years) is the same, which brings us more links to the present as to what happened back then.

Paper cuts... they are more dangerous than you think. X_X

Paper cuts... they are more dangerous than you think. X_X

Man, does it ever stop raining there??? O_o

I guess that’s why they call it the rain country and why everyone wears snorkel mask thingies… X_X

Unfortunately, Jiraiya also later learns that the three he had trained had apparently died as well, much to his own grief. Although saddened by the loss, he only hardens his resolve even more and even Tsunade manages to be supportive while offering a few kind words to help ease the loss.

After that, we move further along, with the end of one era of conflict marking the birth of a new era of peace. It also sees us catching a glimpse of something many of us have been waiting to see for a long time.

Yeah, she has gained a bit of weight lately....... O_O *whispers* She's standing right behind me, isn't she? X__X

Yeah, she has gained a bit of weight lately....... O_O *whispers while smiling awkwardly* She's standing right behind me, isn't she? X__X

YAY!!!! Kushina and Minato FTEW!!!!!!! O______O

It’s really great to see them in motion, even if it was only a brief moment. Man, it just makes me want to find out so much more about Naruto’s parents now.

Damn you Kishi!!! Why must you torture us so?!?!?!? *Raises fist into air*

*Composes himself again.* X__X

Well, that’s it for this weeks breakdown. Up next is the Caption Contest winners as well as the new insert to keep you busy for this week, but first one more poll. ^ ^

Episode 126 Bubble Contest Winner!!!

iaregerman: Damn it!I schouldnt have told her thet Swayze is dead. Now she will watch Dirty Dancing all the time.NOOOOOO!

iaregerman: Damn it! I shouldn't have told her that Swayze is dead. Now she will watch Dirty Dancing all the time. NOOOOOO!

Well done to ‘iaregerman’ and thanks to everyone who participated!!!

And now for this weeks screen! It’s a bit of a tough one, but lets see what you can come up with.

*Insert caption here*

*Insert caption here*

Thanks for reading!

I hope you all enjoyed the episodes and the breakdown. ^ ^

~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 28, 2009.

32 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 127 and 128. Jiraiya’s destiny…”

  1. Ahh, really cool breakdown ^_^ I loved the episode, it was awesome…

    1st ???

  2. dang second !!!

  3. p.s read the breakdown , but havent watched it yet ^^ and


  4. Nice breakdown. 😉

  5. sorry for the triple post put i have to say this minato and kushina damn FTEW man awesomeness i have to see this episode >_> *opens new tab quiickly and open then starts the episode , it takes forever to load , closes tab and comes baack in remorse * ” ill watch it some day i bet ya , maybe ………

    lol minato and kushina FTEW

  6. Great breakdown Tenrai! At last a bit of seriousness!

    Loved the eps, but I saw only the first one since the second one had an error.

  7. Great Breakdown Tenrai!


    Is there an echo in here? T_T

  8. AWESOME breakdown. As per being a person who doesn’t watch the anime, I love reading it here. ^^ Darn it, but now I’ll want to watch it. Who would EVER dare miss the pervy gaiden? D8

    Oh and here’s a small CAPTION too:

    Methinks he’s finally realized where this anime is heading: GAY PORN GAY PORN GAY PORN. D8

  9. nice one! 😀

  10. imagine naruto’s parents in action… man, i’m sure that’d be cool in hd!

  11. I think this solidifies the fact that Asura Path was a human puppet much like Sasori. Makes a lot of sense =)

    I dont really understand how Jiraiya met all the paths when he was like 20. I mean Naraka Path already looked like an old man, and that was 33 years ago. xD

    Still great episodes, anime is heatin up!

  12. Yosh! Great Breakdown Tenrai and I must agree these two episodes were pure awesomeness! Hehehe, I’m kicking Kakashi’s ass in the polls…>_>

    There’s something I never understood though. How in the hell did Nagato round up specific ninja that Jiraiya encountered on his journeys to become the bodies of Pein? Nagato wasn’t with him during those encounters and he never used Human Path to read Jiraiya’s mind.

    Was that ever explained and I missed out on it or have we all just come to accept it as major coincidence? Even if Jiraiya were to tell Nagato of his past during those 3 years of training how could he recognize the faces, know where the ninja are at, and find them? Bah!

  13. BUBBLE:
    It’s so cold here my nipples cn cut diamonds!!!!

  14. @Super nope it never was explain and I was thinkig the same thing at that part.

  15. Super: i think it was mentioned somewhere that Nagato getting those people to use as the bodies is a coincidence that was caused by the destined child prophecy. Nagato did not know that jiriya had met those people, it was part of the prophecy that was caused by jiriya’s journey.

    i thought that this episode was just okay. i liked the first episode, but the second was mostly just taking manga flashbacks from their proper place and throwing them in here. it irritated me a little actually, because when jiriya first gets to the rain village we are supposed to wonder who Pain is, and now all the anime only watchers will see the Rinnegan and immediatly know that its Nagato or at least connected to those three.i was actually a little irritated that they put the minato scene in as well. not that i dont like minato, but we are not supposed to see minato and kushina (or the fact that Jiriya is actually Naruto’s Godfather and therfore the family Naruto always wanted) until Jiriyas death. o well i guess im just ranting now. sorry!

  16. @takashid

    Actually, I was about to say a similar thing with regards to the bodies Nagato used. In a way, I think that they were more of a representation of Jiraiya’s own destiny than anything else.

    Everything in his life amounted to that moment and I think that those were the signs that the time for his decision had arrived.

    As for your negatives, reading it I must say that I do understand your concerns with regards to spoiling some details for those who only watch the anime.

    For manga readers, it’s great for the additional insight, but for everyone else, it may be more of a spoiler. And you are not ranting, btw, and it’s good to hear your view on things. ^ ^

  17. T__T oh minato u cheated on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u were mine dammit MINE! Damn u kushina and your random preggo appearances!!!!!! >____<

  18. Awesome breakdown Tenrai. Once again, your style rocks. I swear i’ll watch the ep soon…
    Kakashi Gaiden
    Jiraiya Gaiden, we all know what’s next …
    Minato Gaiden XD (come on, i can hope can’t i 😛 )

  19. ummm… @takashid…. we do figure out that yondaime is naruto’s dad at that point…but i agree about the other three

  20. anyone else crack up when j-man hit minato up-side the head

  21. @Omar: Actually in the manga that scene with Yondaime Hokage and Jiraiaya doesn’t take place until…SPOILER ALERT!!!

    …here it comes…

    Jiraiya’s Death…>_> If you review that chapter Jiraiya isn’t supposed to have that flashback until he’s stabbed by Pein. It’s true by that point in the anime we knew who Naruto’s dad was but they did some serious skipping to add that scene with Minato and Kushina in it.

  22. dang i want to see this X_X

  23. caption: i just got my nipples pierced…can you tell?

    I really liked these two episodes. the anime has really kicked it up a notch…i can’t wait for the upcoming battles!!! the one thing that i didn’t like is that it spoils who pain is and that naruto is minato’s son…

  24. Man, it would’ve been better if Yahiko’s hair was black.



  25. CAPTION:

    This has to be the worst death scence in the history of anime.

  26. CAPTION:

    Warning: Don’t touch printer with transformers cube.

  27. I noticed something. Apparently Tsunade only wins the bets she makes with the failure Jiraiya? In this case perhaps Tsunade SHOULDN’T have bet against Jiraiya living? XD Then again that was apparently, PROBABLY the choice he was supposed to make, that rather than run away like a coward and face being killed anyway because of that, end up dying during the task of helping the village uncover Nagato’s secret. So I guess her bet was for the best? 🙂

  28. I think the reason Orochimaru wanted to put the children out of their misery mostly is because he felt no compassion towards him, and he really wanted to make someone else suffer because of his hatred from his parents dying and stuff. I think Orochimaru held vengeance in his heart too.

  29. I wonder if Konan had a particular kekei genkai and that was earth and wind so she could make tons of paper. :O

  30. CAPTION: Jiraiya: Oh shizz! I’ve been stabbed!!

  31. @Supertrek I think – and this is just a hunch, nothing more, nothing less – that Nagato learned all of the people Jiraiya fought from the Legend of the Gutsy Ninja.

  32. @Boyruns: You know, come to think of it, that scene makes me think awfully similar to Gibs and Donozo. They even have the same color hair, to SOME degree, don’t they?

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