One Piece 419 anime breakdown and discussion.

Hi! Hi! This is CyborgFranky presenting a breakdown to you all. This breakdown’s feature is ‘firsts’ so be on the look out. ^^

Well this is the debut of One Piece anime in WRA and is also my first time being the one to do the summary for you all. After a lot of threats persuasion and a quick lesson from Super-sensai, I hope to bring you all something good.

The downed marine is me. Hancock is all of you. The persuasion was similar to this.

The downed marine is me. Hancock is all of you. The persuasion was similar to this.

So we start off with Hancock’s wild imagination and Luffy’s wild appetite. We see her acting like a school girl for the first time and a couple of marines also sneak a peak only to end up as ornaments. This is the creation of the ‘example’ for all the others on board. Note: you may see heaven for a moment when you look at her, but she will soon send you to hell.

Is it weird that the eyebrows interest me more than the woman?

Is it weird that the eyebrows interest me more than the woman?

All in all, its a nice little piece where Hancocks imagination comes trumps on the laugh-o-meter again. Lets move on shall we.

Side effects of the rumble ball include crying, memory loss, halucinations and gang rape.

Side effects of the rumble ball include crying, memory loss, halucinations and gang rape.

Chopper has a scary dream and we all notice for the first time that he has no clue whats going on. Truthfully, I wasn’t looking forward to Choppers story all that much since I assumed it would envolve endless plays for time much like Franky’s dance last week. Thankfully I was wrong.

The poor guy wakes up staring at the giant birds that the island is known for. He also has the audacity to ask if this is the dream, thinking nakama popping up in a forest is very normal. Either way, they play with him a little and then toss him aside like a played out Bart Simpson toy.

I edited this image myself. If you squint your eyes and stare for one minute the words 'Reyleigh' change to 'gulable'

I edited this image myself. If you squint your eyes and stare for one minute, the words 'Rayleigh' change to 'gullible'

Chopper starts to break down before remembering that he has the vivre card that will lead him to candy mountain to the crew. For the first time another Straw Hat shows the initiative to follow that card. I was relieved that Luffy wasn’t the only one to think of the idea since that would make him the most intuitive of the group….Oh and they might not get back together. The reindeer runs around in glee until he gets surprised from behind *sigh*

Not with that attitude you won't! Now hush up and stew well!

Not with that attitude you won't! Now hush up and stew well!

Chopper wakes up to a brewing hotpot that isn’t for him to enjoy. For the first time we all see Luffy in a new light. Seriously, these guys make him look like a brain surgeon, taking idiocy and loving food to a whole new level. The inhabitants of the island discuss the pros and cons of various fine dining until they are rudely interrupted by a baka-tori who happens to be annoyed one of these fine fellows wanted some good ingredients. Some creatures are so unreasonable….

Ask a friend how it was. DO NOT go on the brochure's opinion alone!

Ask a friend how it was. DO NOT go on the brochure's opinion alone!

Sanji wonders how he got into this mess…He thinks back an hour but I would have thought back to East Blue when a strange rubber boy sent a cannon ball into your restaurant before defeating a villain, having a flashback and deciding on your dream. Just me? Well our favourite potty-mouth was hanging on the edge of consciousness and is saved by an ‘Elizibeth-cha-‘ *pukes from repulsive quote*

Well...Its almost true...

Well...Its almost true...

Sanji has a taste of some TLC for the first time *pukes* and then clutches the hand of this ‘woman’. *pukes again* He was always a little too forward and it scared the girls away. If only he gave up after the first try…It would save him from questioning his preferences heartbreak. Obviously, this isn’t going to be the first time the East’s no. 1 chef let a ‘female’ *pukes* escape so he engages pursuit mode.

Lurking in the shadows are more ‘maidens’ as well as other strangely homosexual animals…Seriously, how have hey all grouped like this? Well, after a little pleading and some false hope, Sanji gets a foot places squarely in his…..

Moria dared call Thriller Bark a nightmare...

Moria dared call Thriller Bark a nightmare...

Well with the truth revealed Sanji runs from women for the first time in his life. Unfortunately there was no sign of a closet anywhere so the nature behind his change is still a mystery. Its implied that he may have been forced so I’m off to buy some prayer beads…

I'm told Usain Bolt did the same speed training.

I'm told Usain Bolt did the same speed training.

So thats it for this weeks episode. I’ll throw a quick poll at you guys. I’m with Usopp on this question. Maybe we can dig some usefulness out of him becoming a fat-ass when we see it in technicolour.

There you have it. Do tell if you think things can be improved and I’m also taking suggestions for the extras section. For all those who counted the ‘firsts’…Good effort *thumbs up*


~ by CyborgFranky on September 27, 2009.

14 Responses to “One Piece 419 anime breakdown and discussion.”

  1. FIRST!!!!

  2. YOSH SECOND!!!! Now time to go watch the anime and read the breakdown…>_>

  3. 3rd…. From what I gathered from scrolling down… This is very colourful o_o

  4. wow better get in on this 4th

  5. YES CYBORGFRANKY you are my HERO!!!

    Finally OP anime breakdowns. Awesomeness!

    I definitely wasnt one of the people who “persuaded” you into doing them right?

    *Hides staff of judgement*

  6. LMFAO!!! Awesome breakdown Franky…no…it was SUUUUPEEERRRR!!! XD

    I laughed the whole time through this episode and it was kinda embarrassing because I’m in the campus library…>_> Chopper’s part was sad and heart wrenching how much he missed the crew, but he’s a strong little guy so he’ll be fine. Boa Hancock and Luffy are a great comedy pair as always even though Luffy doesn’t realize it. -_-

    Sanji’s story was definitely the best though. The momentum built up to the revelation of the ‘maidens’ true identities had me snickering the whole time. For some reason I want these side stories to continue more than the actual story line. It’ll give the manga more time to get ahead and make it less likely for fillers to take over.

    Last but not least the story I want to really see is Zoro. He’s the last one left and he’s probably off training somewhere because he’s badass like that. Besides him I do want to hear Brook’s melody. And Franky…Usopp is AWESOMENESS!!! πŸ˜› Great job on the breakdown again. πŸ˜‰

  7. Franky, you’re awesome! I daresay even…SUPER!! Thanks for taking the time to do breakdowns on OP anime!

    Chopper’s adventure actually brought a lump to my throat. As level-headed as he is compared to Luffy, he’s still the youngest of the crew and it really shows now that he’s on his own!

    Even so, his story can’t compare to the epic tragedy of Sanji’s! Seriously, that poor guy seems to be turning into Oda’s chew toy. I have a feeling his arc is going to collide with Luffy’s the soonest seeing as Ivankov is the Queen of Kamabakka Kingdom. I just hope he’s spared the humiliation of having Zoro see him beforehand!

    This may sound weird, but I’m really looking forward to Robin’s arc. Her story seems tie into the Lost History and the dark secrets of the WG. Not to mention she later gets rescued by none other than the Revolutionaries and you know what that means… screen time for Dragon!

  8. Thanks guys ^^ The overall reception is positive! I was really worried since everyone’s breakdowns are so unique here and i can see some issues with what i did but its because i was trying to get my own style to add to everyone elses. I promise to improve for next weeks!

    @pumpkin: I was wavering on having you and your staff alone being the ‘persuasion’ πŸ˜›

    @Super:I laughed while watching Sanji but i was crying on the inside. The poor guy really didn’t know what was going on. I have to agree that these are 1000X better than regular filler and the humor level is off the charts. Its a real shame there’s only two left. Dont you also think its wierd that the week we find out what Zoro is diong is the week its animated.

    @elisha:I do agree that Robin’s will be one of the more interesting stories that will tell us a thing or two.

  9. @Franky: Ah, I didn’t notice they were covering Zoro next because I don’t look at the previews for the next episode. I did notice this though… They’re covering the characters out of order from which they appeared in the manga. In the manga we find out where the characters are in this order… Nami, Franky, Sanji, Usopp, Brook, Robin, Chopper, and then Zoro.

    In the anime so far they covered their whereabouts in this order… Nami, Franky, Sanji, and Chopper. I wonder why Usopp, Brook, and Robin were skipped. O_O

    I know the cover page stories have been covered in this order… Sanji, Robin, Franky, Usopp, Chopper, Nami, Brook, and then Zoro. So it still doesn’t make sense. -_-

    I hope that’s not to confusing…>_>

  10. awesomeness breakdown franky , sorry for not being the first to yell first and awesome breakdown lol my net is acting weard using some one elses net right now p.s you know whos story i wanna see dont you πŸ˜‰ zoro FTEW

    great breakdown bye ^^ dont know when ill be able to comment here again

  11. Awesome breakdown dude. The Maiden *pukes* part of the episode was hilarious. I find it pretty cool how they are covering these in more detail, as super siad, it take up more time so the fillers don’t catch up and we learn what really is going on.
    I want to see Zoro’s story the most … yeah didn’t see that coming did you XD … i’d like to see what training he’s up to – mastering his newest sword?
    And surprisingly – I’m also looking forward to Usopp’s story, i’d like to see what crazy new weapon or attack he has come up with (makes me think back to when luffy knocked the tabasco sauce in his eyes LMAO)

  12. @super: I havnt looked at the previews either. I just assumed since it’ll be in two weeks that zoro’s cover story is fully revealed thats when he will have the episode.

    @Everyone: You’re seriously interested in zoro’s? The episode will consist of him getting taken hostage by Perona and then hunting his swords down. I see so many places where the piece could be quite bad/filled with plays for time

  13. awesomen breakdown franky… i wasn’t sure if op would get an animebreakdown, so thanks. now its only a matter of time before op finally dominates wra…lol
    i feel bad for sanji…of all the crewmembers, he gets it the worse…chopper doesn’t even come closer, and although franky isn’t as super like always, he did do his super perverted dance right off the bat…*sigh* nami so far has had it the easiest even to luffy… she took a shower for us…i mean to get cleaned up, got somewhat of an upgrade, and hasn’t had any major trouble yet…im really curious to find out if zoro is actually just resting and recovering or something to help him out. if anything that perona girl may ask about ussop’s strength lol…

  14. @Franky: Well considering that the anime is going into more detail I’m sure they’ll show Zoro doing more cool stuff than just looking for his swords. Plus if Peronna tags along I’m sure she’ll make the situation with Zoro funny because they make such an awkward team. The only thing I would regret from watching that episode is hearing Peronna’s annoying laugh again. >__>

    Ahem… I wonder if Oda is trying matching up the Strawhat crew with mates by the end of the series. I can see him doing it now actually. Now I know this is a blasphemous topic when concerning One Piece but here it goes.

    Luffy X Boa
    Zoro X Tashigi
    Sanji X (Pick any beautiful girl in the series)
    Usopp X Kaya
    Nami X (???)
    Robin X (???)
    Chopper X (???)
    Brook X (???)
    Franky X (???))

    As you can see he has nearly half of the SH matched up and who knows how long the series will go on? Plenty of chances for him to find more matches. O_O

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