Updated W/ Spoiler Vids. Bleach Manga 375: Flashback, owned, drool, WTF! Breakdown + Discussion

Spoiler video by Itachi21x’s

G’day all.

YOOOOOOSHHHHHH! Kon makes an appearance, in classic style. He’s here to celebrate 8 years of Bleach, and i LMAO at there expressions in the final panel. So to celebrate Kon’s return (one chapter only by the looks of it T_T ) i’ll post some of my favourite youtube vids featuring him. Kon FTW!

The first vid is all about Kon while the second just has a few moments in it, anyway, enjoy.

Okay back to the Bleach chapter. I thought this weeks chapter was epic. It had everything in it and ended on a massive cliffhanger, perhaps this is the turning point, does anyone else hear those gusts from the north, because the second wind is coming!! XD

Bleach - subliminal style ;)

Bleach - subliminal style 😉

Well excluding the winter clothing catalogue, we start off this chapter in flash back mode. When I saw this, I thought back to Barragan and sighed, how wrong I was. We begin with Starrk sitting down while Aizen asks him what’s with dead body mountain. It would appear that the hollows couldn’t survive being around Starrk, as he would have accidently killed them with his reiatsu pressure.

Even in death he's still angry

Even in death he's still angry

So after Aizen has Barragan under his control (and Hueco Mundo) he was out recruiting. Seeing Starrk after this happened, I guess it could be implied that he didn’t really want the crown as king, he just wanted company. Fearing that Aizen’s allies would be weak and the subsequent death that would follow, gives Starrk pause, however he soon replies ‘you look like you could stay with us without dying’ and thus joins Aizen.

I'll buy you at a high price ... stranger

I'll buy you at a high price ... stranger

We finally get our answer from last week, the primera has been felled. The 12 voters who predicted this are probably smug as all hell because I didn’t think that he would die from it. Starrk falls from the sky with an insanely huge gash in his chest; he’s like a body pez dispenser. Aizen refuses to even look at him while he falls and Starrk is mentally apologising to Aizen, as Aizen freed him from loneliness.

Who ever said the majority are always right was full of sh!t *cough* 94% *cough*

Who ever said the majority are always right was full of sh!t *cough* 94% *cough*

As we return to Starrk’s past, it would seem he took a ‘split personality’ one step further. Lilynette is created? Formed? Born? I don’t know, either way she is. They exchange formalities and Starrk say’s that as long as they stick together they can do anything forever… excluding beating Shunsui at games.

If only you looked 10 years older ...

If only you looked 10 years older ...

Finally the primera hits the ground and Shunsui looks down in regret. I could be wrong, but I got the impression that Shunsui liked Starrk, sort of like enemy’s respect. Love then Shunpo’s behind the captain expressing his thanks. He then questions Shunsui’s style while the Captain replies that only the victory counts in battle but when you start a fight (and subsequently end it) you are in the wrong in his opinion.

Adios Primera, you were awesome.

Adios Primera, you were awesome.

Aizen Glances over at the final battle taking place, the 3rd Espada vs Hiyori, Lisa, and Toshirou. We get some great fan service as Lisa is battling Harribel. With the command of crush, her Zanpakuto (Haguro Tonbo) transforms in what appears to be a lance.

*drools* catfight

*drools* catfight

While Harribel is reading to deal with Lisa, she hears Hiyori releases her zanpakuto with the command of chop. Hiyori’s blade greatly resembles Zabimaru except that the extended blades are larger. Toshirou releases his as per the usual and they all clash together in the sky.

Woooooah Motion blurrrrrrrr

Woooooah Motion blurrrrrrrr

Aizen calls an end, to Gin, as it appears that he was squaring off against Shinji. He decides to end this and shunpo’s near Harribel. She calls his name in an uncertain voice and without even battering an eyelash, slices her across the chest! WTF!!!! Tiny, I mean Harrrrrrrrrribel NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

T_T NOOO ... *drools* ... NOOOOO

T_T NOOO ... *drools* ... NOOOOO

She cries out in shock as Aizen announces that he’s done with her, that the espada aren’t strong enough to fight for him. He then calls out to Gin and Kaname, it’s time to go. Though I doubt he’ll be able to leave without a fight.  That ends this week’s chapter, which I thought was freaking AWESOME! It had everything this week, perhaps more proof that Bleach is returning to the old ways.

Okay now for this weeks extras. There will be no Bubble contest this week, i didn’t really see anything that would work/something that could be made of. This weeks random poll though – who is your favourite ‘villain’ in Bleach. I say ‘villain’ – anyone who has ever been shown to be evil in the manga even if they turned out to be good. Mine would have to be Gin, i can’t really say why, he doesn’t get alot of manga time, but he’s just awesome, and i know he’s got mad skills waiting to show us.

Last weeks Bubble winner though was:


2 Weeks in a row ... SUPER!

2 Weeks in a row ... SUPER!



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  1. FIRST!?!?

    Hopefully xD i read it

  2. Great Breakdown Mud!

    Aizen is a real heartless bastard. I dont think hes a good villian. I think villians should have a good reason for being bad like Nagato. Gin is a very cool character but i dont really see him as a villian xD.

    Also Kisame on the villian poll? lol, and no bubble this week =*(

  3. @fanboy: woops *facepalm*, my bad i’ve been doing the Tournament part 2 and writing his name alot, well i better fix that up

  4. i guess this chapter establishes the fact that Starrk was a vastro lord.
    he is an arrancar who has gained humanoid form without the use of hougyuku. isnt that right?

  5. and can we be sure that starrk has really died? i am still hoping that harribel’s reiatsu will somehow combine with him (making her the ‘sacrifice’) and he will rise again.
    on a side note, i would like to see him battling against aizen.

    Another thing, when aizen said let’s go, what did he mean by that?
    does he want to retreat? or finish off the rest?

  6. @Jiraiya: Although i wouldn’t say that Starrk has died immediately, he will unless, for some reason, Soul Society decides to heal him, although i see no chance of that happening. Although that would be mad if Starrk could live on (at the cost of Harribel though! Never) XD.

    I assumed he meant it simply, but then again you can never tell with Aizen. I find it hard to believe that he would risk fighting All the Captains and the Vizards with only himself, Kaname and Gin. Perhaps he is moving on to get what he really came for, but for now i think he will retreat to bolster his forces – he doesn’t seem like the type to risk his life at all.

  7. Yeah The good guys are kinda stacked at the moment. Im thinking Vizards vs Gotei 13 is a big possibility. Bleach needs more baddies = /

  8. Awesomeness breakdown mud! ^^

    Although I find it hard to imagine Gin as an antagonist. He’s just so damn cute! *.* *cough*

    Well, I think Aizen’s just trying to intimidate his enemies a little more by killing Harribel. He’s going: “Look at me, I’m so powerful I don’t even need other powerful people backing me up!…”

    Typical villain crap. When he dies (Oh I’m sure he will), I have a feeling that he’ll start regretting some things, and that may be one of them. Unless he’s gone Kanye and turned into a heartless bastard with no going back.

    Oh well. *shrugs*

  9. Ah yes, Resident Evil 4 FTW…I got a lot of good things on sale stranger…Epic

    Awesome breakdown Mud, but then again when haven’t your breakdowns been awesome? ^__^ *extends hand for a high five*

    As for Aizen’s douchebagarry, I’m saying that Aizen was just looking for (expendable) people who could stand toe to toe with the other Captains, I’m almost sure that this is all some sort of distraction and now its on to bigger and better things (making the key). To me it sounds like something someone like Aizen would pull.

  10. i hope there is some kind of explanation like this battle being a distraction for aizens real goal because otherwise him killing hallibel was just completly retarted. i mean comon you have a bunch of captins AND the vizards out to get you and you kill off your own warrior? Who is in the middle of fighting/distracting three of those enimes who want to kill you!? WTF KUBO!? is this just an excuse to remaind us how evil and strong aizen is? because we didnt forget kubo! Hallibel was weak too, she definetly didnt deserve to be ranked higher then Ulquiorra, he could probobly win against her release without even using Secounda etapa.Also, i thought that when aizen said “go” to gin and Tousen i thought he ment to start killing the captins, not leave.

    P.S Starrk must come back/ turn good/ ANYTHING! him and ulqiorra were my favorite espada and now there both gone…sob

  11. also great breakdown as always, nice job!

  12. Nice breakdown 😉

  13. wonderweiss FTW!
    its like a hallow version of forrest gump with autism

  14. Excellent Breakdown Mudshovel I was waiting for this! 😀

    Aizen is a cold hearted bastard but he IS the best villian this entire series has offered. He’s stronger than all the espada, captains, vizards, and shinigami out there. He’s so damn evil he’s the guy that you love to hate and he’s been the main baddie ever since…well the beginning of the series! We just didn’t know it yet. Even though I hate the guy he makes the series that just more interesting and when he dies the fans will cheer. That’s what Kubo is building up to and he’s doing a great job. I’ll keep on reading just to find out what Aizen’s demise is.

    As for the chapter hell yeah it was awesome! I agree with Takashid in that when Aizen said, “let’s go” he meant it’s our turn to fight. I don’t think Harribel is weak though just because Aizen took her out in one hit. Aizen is just that damn strong. She survived Toshirou’s ultimate attack which had the whole battlefield in awe. She batted off two Vizard’s released zanpaktou and Toshirou’s zapaktou at the same time. I don’t think Ulquiorra could have beaten her without his second release.

    Damn, now it get’s interesting I can’t wait for Aizen to start PWNing some people! XD

  15. Awesome breakdown Mud! Truly awesome.
    Bleach really has turned great in these recent chapters.
    Someone said that Aizen may be taking the nessecarry spirit energy to make the key from the captains and espada. I really do believe thats what he is doing now.

    Yosh! I won the bubble contest again! ^^ With none this week, i shall perch at the summit for three weeks strait! *Happy*

  16. hey what if everything that has been happening the last couple of chapters has been an illusion created by aizen

  17. Oooh wtf that would be insane if that were true

  18. @senju: yeah I was thinking the same thing

  19. @senju: That is possible, but it would rate almost as highly as Kishi’s ‘bring everyone back to life’ dick move IMO. We would have just wasted 10 chapters of the demise of the top espada, but if it turns out it was an ‘illusion’ it would be the same as ‘wakeing from a dream’ BS – and that’s just cheap.
    Aizen is a cold hearted ruthless prick – this just adds to his style IMO.

  20. No…just no…no offense but that’d be terrible. >_<

    Why? all these chapters would be weeks and weeks of wasted time and story development even if there was only a little. I'd stop reading Bleach if Kubo did that to us.

  21. @jiraiya, A Vasto Lorde is a Hollow with a humanoid appearance, so I’d say the top three Espada are Vasto Lordes. Barragan had a complete human skeleton, you cant get more human than that. Starrk and Lilynette both look human. When an Arrancar uses Ressureccion, the get parts of their Hollow form, so considering Harribel kept a complete human form (and adding her level of power into the equation), I’d say she was a Vasto Lorde

    I’m thinking this whole battle is a rouse. First off, Aizen’s been planning this for over 100 years, I honestly don’t think he’d risk his plan on a final battle. This is the same thing he did with Orihime, he’s leading the 13 Squads like a master leads a dog on a leash. What I’m more interested in right now is Kaname. The fact that Tite has included him in this battle means he must have new tricks, and I expect the same from Aizen and Gin. When it comes to Bankais, I want to see Gin’s more than anyone else’s. In fact, I don’t think we’ve even seen his true Shikai. Everyone knows Captains can control the size of their Zanpakuto, so I think that’s all Gin’s doing. P.s. I think Gin is gonna screw Aizen over and Kaname is going to die (sadly).

  22. Forgot about the random poll >_<! MY favorite villain wasn't on there. HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE SZAYEL APORRO GRANZ (I only said his full name cause its kinda cool)! XD. I voted Grimmjow instead. He's so much like Ichigo its scary. Plus he isn't a COMPLETE bad guy and he wants to achieve something, i.e becoming king of all Hollows (be careful or Barragan will kick your ass).

    Most importantly! Great breakdown Mud 8D

  23. The author is DEAD WRONG. Aizen used sonido, NOT shunpo. This is a hint telling us he isn’t just a shinigami.

  24. It is sonido because whenever sonido is used, the katakana will be written.

  25. @Whjc: Sonido can only be used by arrancar, perhaps he used his illusionary ability with shunpo. Unless he has given himself hollow powers he can’t use sonido.
    Authors can make mistakes as well.

    Also you could check the attitude of your comment and phrase it better, rather than coming off as an asshole.

  26. Oh boy…and I was about to rip into him since he was talking about you Mudshovel…>_> I had a long ass comment and everything but it’s good you stepped in first…

    *whistles and walks away*

  27. @mudshovel: I highly doubt it.

    http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/210/12/ (example of shunpo and sonido)

    Not only arrancar can use sonido, anyone with hollow power can potentially use sonido.

    I really hope supertrek89 actually use his brain to judge because he talks =) jks.

  28. I’m not the only one who noticed this. In fact, I am not the first one to notice this. There are many forums out there debating about this.

    more onto it. Ichigo performed sonido when he was in the hollow state.


    As showned, katakana are used.

    sry if Im posting bit by bit. because I kept remembering bit by bit.

  29. interesting point whjc , you are actually convincing me ^^

  30. @Whjc: Heh, I think you meant “uses” and “before” he talks? I’m not the only one falling short here am I? 😉

    Well, you make some good points just check your attitude and we’ll be fine. xD

  31. I did not notice the use of katakana first. I will not take credit of it. But I think it is good to know. Thanks Ahsan.

  32. Alright, hopefully these evidences are enough. Thanks supertrek89


  33. Hmmm…when Byakuya used Shunpo aren’t there katakana being used also?


    Very much similar to the katakana used when Hollow Ichigo did Sonido.


  34. I believe that’s the katakana of their sword slashing. lol.

  35. Oi, the sword is stuck to the ground still and Ichigo is just picking it up on the page I showed you. That’s Byakuya’s Shunpo that’s making that sound. The slashing doesn’t start until the next page.


  36. From other forums I have read, they are talking about the sound effects of sonido and shunpo. Unfortunately, I do not know how to read the sound effect of them.

    This is what I found

    “In your 1st paragraph you said that the signs are the same however they are clearly different. Sonido’s character looks like the > symbol, while shunpo looks like an incomplete # sign.” quoted from Lnrd

  37. Ok, I see your point, you and the others on different forums have made a great observation. I’m not arguing against you for the hell of it I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate to stir debate but I’m far to sleepy to go on now. XD

    So I’ll just leave it as it could go either way. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aizen had hollow powers to tell you the truth. I believe you’re new here so welcome to WRA, goodnight, and thx for the mini debate. 😉

  38. @whjc: I really dont care if everyone else has forgiven your attitude, i really dont. Not once have you even apologised or conceded that you’re in the wrong at all. I know how much effort goes into breakdowns and Muds are always high quality. The fact that you didn’t even notice this feature about sound effects yourself makes the audacity of saying ‘the author is dead wrong’ even worse. Honestly…
    And as far as I’m aware this is your first time here too…

    @Debate: It could well be sonido but didn’t Ulquiore say ‘there’s no way for a human to use sonido’ apon seeing Ichigo’s? Clearly the statement is wrong but would mean Aizen never performed it infront of him if he does have it. Since he apparently decided to skip up to a distracted Harribel with it, there is no reason for him not to use around Ulquiore. I can’t really debate about sounds since i dont know katakana and dont just want to regurgitate other people’s points….

  39. after reading this episode f bleach, all i ever keep muttering is “AIZEN”. Great breakdown mud, don’t think i’ve seen you write before. Possibly cause i’ve been out for sometime.

  40. @CyborgFranky

    same goes for you ^^, i don’t care about you?

    Breakdown isn’t just a summary. I read the breakdown because I want to know more in-depth about the chapter. Not just a reword of the chapter. Thus, detail is a must.

    I know that mud spent a lot of efforts in this. I appreciate it, that’s why I am reading it. But as an author, he should make sure the info is correct since many people are reading it.

  41. Fuck it, I’ll just post the comment I was going to post the first time. -_-

    @Whjc: You need to calm down Mr. Dead Wrong.

    1. There’s no actual proof that Aizen used Sonido besides the assumptions of a fan based community and that’s all fine and dandy but it’s not concrete. There is concrete proof though that Aizen is in fact a shingami so therefore would most likely being using Shunpo. His past is mysterious but he’s been a shingami for hundreds of years. Even if he was more than a shinigami how would you know which one he used (Shunpo or Sonido)?

    Since you like using fan based communities here you go. Users of Sonido and users of Shunpo.


    2. You could have just said, “I believe that Aizen is more than just a shinigami and therefore might have used Sonido instead of Shunpo.” That would have been acceptable because it’s your own opinion and a nice theory. Instead you came on here insulting the author with your first comment ever on this site being,

    “The author is DEAD WRONG. Aizen used sonido, NOT shunpo. This is a hint telling us he isn’t just a shinigami.” (Whjc)

    How could the author be dead wrong for saying a shinigami used Shunpo? o_O Even if Aizen did in fact use Sonido for the author to say that right now would be a mere assumption before it is confirmed in the manga.

    3. Check the attitude of your comment next time or we won’t be seeing you at this site anymore. People come on here to have fun lively debates and discussions about manga/anime. We’re not as serious as most of the other sites out there on purpose, but rather more in it for the love of the manga/anime and fun. We know what the hell we’re talking about nonetheless. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Have a nice day.

  42. -_- I never once said whether i care for you or not. Your attitude however makes your points very hard to care about. What makes Mud (sorry about talking about you so much without you ever here lol) any different from you, me or any other person who missed the difference in lettering? A breakdown is indeed that…A break down of the events. If you wanted more in depth you really shouldn’t read something meant for conciseness since simplifying things is in a breakdowns nature…If it wasn’t you may as well read an essay on every possibility and feature rather than the chapter itself. Since, however, i think that point you made had little to do with the original i will move on.
    It is a point worth raising and i thank you for pointing it out because, as i said, i didn’t even consider it. But your assumption that an author should check the crediblity of everything is pretty unreasonable especially when such a thing as sound effects is easily missed or impossible to spot for someone with no knowledge of japanese lettering. How did you find out about it? You read from somewhere else…You didn’t even notice it yourself but still come criticising as if you’re Tite himself. Why not just point it out and put it up for debate rather than be an ass about it when you didn’t know yourself?

  43. So uh, i only posted something here once i’ve been with bleach since the beginning. But i’m new. So you’ve gotta wonder how powerful aizen, gin, and tosen truly are. I mean, thier going to be taking on all of the captians/vice captains and the vizard (Excluding the ones in hueco mundo kenpachi, byakuya, unohana, shunsui) all at the same time. Sure aizen has his absolute hynosis but that’s quite a feat. My guess is that they have become more powerful from the Hogyoku. But thats just a guess. I’m not drawing too deep into it. Honestly, i just can’t wait to see the next manga.

  44. @Superdarry: welcome to the crew 🙂
    Hmmm it would be awesome if Aizen, Gin and Tossen decide to fight the captains and vizards – but for some reason i can’t see them doing it. Perhaps i’m the only one who thinks so (and completely wrong) but i don’t see what Aizen will achieve by fighting them and so will leave. It just doesn’t seem like he’d risk the afterlives of Gin and Kisame… i doubt anyone could kill Aizen though.

    However it would be nice to see a few chapters on Gin’s abilities – DAMMIT i want to know what he can do. As well as Aizen.

    Also what’s with the super name spreading, it’s everywhere these days >_< . Why isn't the 'mud' name growing XD.

  45. @mud: I agree. I think Aizen and co. will leave now. I see them maybe fighting off one or two pursuers but nothing major. Hopefully Toshiro eats a zanpaktou of theirs at some point ^^
    Hmm…MudCyborg….It would never catch on 😛

  46. @Franky: cheers for the backup above 😀
    hmmm – Franky Mudborg? XD it’ll catch on i swear >_>

    And yeah how could i have forgotten little teapot *prays for Toshirou to do something stupid* XD

  47. Glad to be here. Hmmm…i don’t know. (Super)darry just sounds better than (Mud)darry to me. just my opinion.

    Anyways, you’re right. I hadn’t thought of that. If either side, Aizen or the gotei 13 and vizards, were defeated it would kinda defy the point of letting us know more about Aizen’s plans. The show would be sorta pointless with no reason to continue. So yeah, maybe Aizen, Gin, and Tosen’ll run. But i guarantee the gotei 13 and vizards are going to give them a hell of a chase. I do still stand by my belief that Aizen will either kill someone or seriously injure someone on his way out (because he’s that badass!!).

    P.S.- I can’t wait till they reveal Gin’s Bankai. And truly, correct me if i’m wrong (i’m not sure), couldn’t Aizen’s absolute hypnosis be his Shikai’s ability and not a bankai. If that’s the case we’d have Aizen’s Bankai to look forward to as well because Kenpachi was the only captain to make it to captain without a bankai.

  48. And come on on man Toshiro is my favorite captain just because he looks cool, he’s powerful yet undeveloped, and let’s face it…..he’s a freakin genius. He’s a cool, calm, mellow captain

  49. … I’ll let u off this time … but the mud name will reign supreme one day *insert evil cackle*

    Hell yeah, here’s to hoping it’s Toshirou *raises glass*
    *wonders why everybody is just staring*
    Meh. Yeah i hope at least a mini battle will follow also i hope the commander will intervene to some extend aswell.

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to Gin’s aswell (has secret theories that it’s a gun XD jkjk). Still it should be awesome. And yeah you’re right, Aizen’s shikai has illusionary powers which really amkes me wonder how his Bankai could top this.

    Plus i wonder how the Vizards will be treaded by the captains, considering that the Captains are quite conceited, should be funny to see the vizards rub it in, that they needed saving.

  50. @Mud: I really rofled at Franky Mudborg! Genius!
    Yes! Never forget that the small one must die! He will probably chagre at Aizen for momo’s sake anyway…

    @superdarry: Yep, Aizens bankai is still a mystery. In truth we haven’t even seen what his released shikai looks like since everyone who has been shown it was instantly hypnotised and we see things from their perspective. The absolute hypnosis is an ability of it i believe so its like getsuga for Ichigo. He may even have more shikai moves. Scary.
    Toshiro is so easy to hate though…He’s a prodigy, arrogant, frigid and quite a mean guy -_- I think Hyoinmaru (spelling) is a cool zanpaktou. I just dont like him that much…

  51. I Can’t help but think that aizen’s bankai is going to be a huge advancement of his illusionary powers. Aizen’s potential is unknown. Thumbs up to the author on that. to get so far into the series without revealing too much. Definetly makes you look forward to seeing Aizen and Gin’s powers. And (Previously stated) Tosen’s gotta have some new tricks up his sleeve…..The anticipation is amazing. Can’t Wait.

    P.S. CyborgFranky And Mudshovel- Toshiro doesn’t put himself out there like that until matsumoto starts hugging him. But come on, you’ve gotta love the young guy being in charge. But I can understand why he’s the guy everyone loves to hate. He puts himself out there too much in battles.

  52. aizen’s bankai X_X but i want kisuke’s bankai LMAO

    lol looking forward to next chap after a long time i had lost my interest in bleach now its coming back

  53. Glad to have you interested. We need bleach to surpass naruto on onemanga. It’s time bleach took it’s rightful place as the number one manga anyway……..

  54. *Cough* One piece is number one! *Cough*

  55. Definetly true that one piece is at an amazing point right now but i have to say in my opinion bleach fights top one piece fights.

  56. onepiece it da bestest 😀

  57. BLEACH ブリーチ 376 Spoiler
    Source : 2ch
    Verication : Confirmed
    Credits : Nja

    ハリベル様が 最後の力を振り絞り 愛染っ!! と腹に突き刺すが 鏡を割った状態みたいになり
    愛染  面倒なことはさせるな 私に二撃めをさせるな

    見たいな事をいい後ろから型らへんをずぶりと突き刺し ハリベル様は落下…

    さあゴテイ13隊?と中途半端な仮面ども かかってきなさい な事をいい

    場面は変わり マシロさんへ
    マシロ  あららエスパーダさんみんなやられちゃったね…
    2人の攻防が続き 69が いったん仮面を戻せ!もう時間が限界だろ というが



    って所で 完です


    Translation by sheetz @ FLOL

    Harribel, with her last ounce of strength, cries “Aizen!!” and stabs him in the abdomen. However, it’s just a shattered mirror.
    Aizen says things like, “You’re causing me such trouble. Making me attack you twice.”
    and then skewers her from behind. Harribel falls…

    Then he asks the Gotei 13 captains and rest of the vizards to come.

    Scene changes to Mashiro.

    Mashiro: “Look at that. The Espada were defeated…”
    But WW revives and attacks her.
    The two have an exchange, and Kensei yells at her to temporarily put away her mask because there’s still a limit.
    But she doesn’t hear him and as she’s making a riposte her mask dissolves.
    WW fires at her face and she’s blown away.

    Kensei catches her in his arms,
    and says that kid or not, he’s not going to go easy on him.

    The chapter ends.

    source is the same as the others 😀

  58. Wonderwise,toushiro all these little boys need to die period then the adults can play

  59. mudacklikxx it rlly sounds catchy 8-P though it wud be pretty big though anyways mr dead wrong xD lol jk jk, i do think aizens don’t got a bankai (it wud just be awesome xD seeing such a powerfull guy w/o a bankai cuz he nevah cud achieve bankai), now

    @superdarry: captain are chosen by 3 ways if i’m not mistaken (some1 correct me if i’m wrong cuz i’m gonig to base on what i know right now w/P gonig to check up on the manga)

    – defeating the previous captain in fornt of 100men or smthing like that.
    – Achieving bankai form
    – being nominated by 3 captain, submitted to tests and den being accepted by oter 7 captain.

    now correct me if i’m wrong but i think it’s something around this =P

  60. oh btw and srry for doubling posting good work mudshovel and 5bubble entryyyy xD i like my name at the breakdown seems like i worked for it heheheheh =P

  61. @acklilxxx@ I think Yoruichi told Ichigo Kenpachi was the first to become a captain without bankai. Of course Aizen could have just created the illusion of some random bankai with his powers but i really see no reason for him to not actually be able to do it. If anything there may not be a need to use it since it apparently makes a shinigami 10X stronger and he’s already hella strong.

  62. hmmmmm i think its not a requirement to a captain to have a bankai but rather logical to a captain to have a bankai

  63. Well the reason Ikkaku keeps his bankai hidden is so he isnt considered for captaincy so it must have something to do with it.
    Aizen is so strong without it anyway. His shikai is rediculous and he can do level 90 kido without chants…

  64. @supertrek89

    If the author doesn’t know whether it is shunpo or sonido. Then simply don’t use it.

    It is extremely important because many people do read the breakdown to understand more. More importantly, I think that it is really important for the author to research a bit before writing a break down. Not only this will enrich the contents of the blog, but it can also provide different perspective of the chapter.

    Like I told you last night, we`ll find out soon enough whether it is right or wrong.

  65. @whjc I think people would agree with me when I said STFU!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. @jdizzlex212 So I can’t write back when people write to me? what kind of logic is that? If you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t say at all?

  67. @whjc Well seems to be trouble in our little world. I recall someone trying to pull off an argument like this before on IRA (trust me young fella you wont win) Even if it turns out ur right its all about your tone; we are kinda like a family here and we dont appreciate it when people come in here being rude (especially if they are new). So if you dont mind just take this as a lesson and let it go. we all make mistakes and we can all forget this little thing happened if you can. lol just let it go man.

  68. Indeed, take Fuuton’s advice and simply move on Whjc. It’s not your theory that bothers us it’s your attitude. Reread your first comments on this blog and try to understand why you come off as an asshole and you’ve made no attempt to redeem yourself.

    Moving on…

    @Superdarry: YOSH! Welcome to WRA and I like that first part of your name dude. 😉 I agree Toshirou is a little genius and all but he’s arrogant which is a personality I never liked. The worst part is he’s a little kid. Arrogant + Little Kid = Not on my favorites list. 😛

    (For those who don’t know Superdarry and I go to the same college but I had no influence on his name…>_>)

  69. Whatever, I’m not really the one holding the bone like a dog not letting go. Its just that different people popping up commenting on the “dead wrong” post. I welcome anyone come here to debate about the possibility of this.

    A little hint or something like that from the author can help us predict the future plot of the story. Here’s an example. — An author in another forum made a comment in the following picture.


    I forgot what the author said exactly as it had been quite a long time, but it was about Naruto being lazy or some sort of trash comments. But later in that week, some crazy Naruto fan actually came up with the whole throwing Rasen Shuriken theory before it was revealed during the fight with Pain.

    The purpose of this example is to explain the importance of these details and we should squeeze these hints as much as possible!

    If everyone insist on “wording” that much, then I apologize for using the term “dead wrong”. Come on, Aizen has HOLLOW power is something interesting to be thinking about. It might be telling us he is ready or some sort.

    Anyways, as a author, I do feel that it has a huge responsibility. The responsibility comes from understanding the chapter equally or more than average bleach readers (cannot be less for obvious reasons), providing different possibilities of outcomes or theories, and attempts to rewrite the chapter in a more comical way.

    In fact, I do believe that the author did a good job so far. An example is the use of “Tiny” in this chapter’s breakdown.

    There is no doubt that this position is extremely difficult, and making a mistake isn’t the end of the world.

    For those people who think the theory i wrote is trash because it is too insignificance, consider the following:
    – Did you notice the pattern on ichigo’s mask changes everytime he uses it? If not, here’s proof.
    Are these hints for future plots? Who knows. Maybe it was to symbolize his inner hollow is getting stronger.

  70. @ super damn you 😛

    hitsugaya is my 3rd fav X_X

    then comes kenpachi a

    and of course kisuke the first 😛 dang where is that bankai

  71. hmm i dont remember bleach getting this much posts 😛
    Seems like Bleach is indeed winning some populairity back
    I just hope Aizen wont go running off and we get another arc were Aizen gets even better allies or sumthin.
    Hmm maybs Aizen did use sonido guess it wouldnt be all that strange if he figured out how to controll hollow powers
    After all he wasnt that amazed when he saw the vizards putting on there masks.

  72. @whjc: Do you really not get where we are all coming from? Your very first post and it is little more than an attack. As stated by others, the contents you were bringing up was valid and i myself find it interesting but you put it across as: 1 – the author being inferior in some way to yourself, 2 – as the most obvious thing in the world when so many missed it, 3 – a definite fact when it is a theory none the less.
    Every further comment you made concerning the use of the word shunpo all seen redundent. You keep making people out to be at fault for possibly missing a difference in sound effects which is just petty. The whole link about Naruto is the same as right now i agree. Someone could simply say ‘looks like he wasnt being lazy etc.’ and there you have a discussion…Do you truly wish to read a breakdown like its gods law? In that instance and this one they were just interpretations.
    Finally, the whole do research beforehand is like telling someone (forgive the use of a random example) to search their home every night when they get back. Search for what? You dont know…But perhaps something should be there. Its really unreasonable.
    I approved your last post because im trying to pacify this issue now. It isnt even so much about your first post anymore or rather that issue is somewhat shadowed by constant defenses and an unwillingness to address our point of view: that what you are doing is rude and troublesome. I am trying to figure out where it is you are coming from but see no relation between someone reading a breakdown for insight and you, who seems to pointing something out. You clearly found it out yet still refuse to yield. Its a mindset i dont get…What would be wrong with just saying ‘the sound effects are katakana. It was sonido.’ Even though this wouldn’t be considered polite in my eyes it still 1000X nicer than the way you have been saying things.
    Most of all, the ‘im right’ attitude you’re showing to your treatment of everyone is exactly why more people keep jumping in. Just say sorry and we could all talk about what you’re bringing up properly.

  73. oh man, when will they show Aizen’s true power?! Im d4ead tired of waiting…T_T

  74. where do all these people with shapes are their pictures come from?
    (example: whjc,Senju07,feavano,grimspada,takashid…) and im sure theres more

  75. i meant as their pictures

  76. this debate seems interesting. Perhaps I’ll join later. BTW, i think the Sonido katakana is no more than an error and should not be taken into account until the anime reaches that point (Shunpo makes a “woosh/swoosh” sound, and Sonido makes a “boom” sound, both can only be TRULY recognized in the anime).

  77. great chapter cant wait for the next one aizen going hitler on haribel so unexpected. I tink hes gonna go with making the key cause aizen and co. vs gotei,vizards,hurahara,and so on whoud be ridicules hes problaby runing out of time or something.(just ridiculus theory) heheheheheh ou by the way who’s the douge i agree total rudness (not awesome)so dude just apolagise and move on,

  78. Guys and gals, you forgot something very important. Haribels power is sacrifice… and Aizen just sacrificed her… her ability to end lives has just been released by Aizen. Perhaps “killing” Haribel was just a front for something more devious.

  79. @boyruns I nvr changed the picture or anything. It just comes with the wordpress accounts

    @axelgerhard If that is true and harribel and her abbility to sacrifice goes on that would be kool :P.
    but why wouldnt she be the #1 then if shes actuallys Aizens trumbcard? well i guess we will see. ^^

  80. Gay chapter ! Starrk, the Primera, gets beat without even facing a Bankai, and Halibel gets slashed by Aizen just because Tite is too lazy to give her a real death ?
    Or is it because she embodies sacrifice ?

  81. I think Kubo is keeping us guessing.
    Nobody would have guessed that the Espada to die suddenly like this.
    This manga is coming up with all sorts of unexpected twists and turns.

    I can not possiblely predict accurately what will happen, without seeing the spoilers each week.
    Where is Aizen going?
    What happens with the Vizards?
    How will the battle unfold?
    What will happen in las noches?
    Will there be any new developments?
    When is Kisuke, I-Kurosaki and R-Ishida going to appear?
    Why is Youroichi not at the battle?
    WW was created when Hogyoku was at full power, is WW the strongest arrancar?
    Kubo has this manga in the palm of his hand right now, he can do whatever he wants with it and anything could happen, in any order, at this point.

    And that makes a on-going manga, awesomeness. 😀

    If only 12 voters correctly predicted Starks death, then it just shows how this manga is doing the unexpected and keeping us guessing.

    For all we know, Aizen may have a army of Vastro lords still….and thats where he’s leading everyone. Or he could be a Vizard.
    Anything could happen.

  82. Hi guys long time no see. Im glad to see the awesomeness continues…

  83. Wow the latest chapter was a HUGE letdown. Mashiro vs Wonderweiss and it wasnt really the interesting. *sigh* I just wanna see Aizen kick some shinigami butt now!

  84. Yeah i agree with pumpkinbread 110%.

    Just about to get to the good stuff, and we go to 2 of my least favorite characters fighting.

  85. Welcome back RofRa 😀 =D

  86. *Spoilers*

    Confirmed Spoiler :

    Starts with Kensei.

    Mashiro: You’re avenging me…

    Kensei: You didn’t even follow my instructions so why would I avenge you?
    It’s just that I can’t approve of this cheeky kid!!

    Bankai!! Then they start fighting.

    Switches to Aizen. His back is turned to the battle between WW and Kensei.

    Nja says he’s sorry but he doesn’t remember what happens very well.

    Aizen starts saying provoking things.

    Hirako: Hiyori, it’s no use rushing in without a plan. This guy’s ability…

    Aizen: What are you so afraid of, Captain Hirako?

    Hiyori gets fired up.

    Aizen says things like ” It’s ok to not be so afraid. After all you all have died once before, so what’s to be afraid of?”

    Hiyori erupts with an attack.

    Her body get pierced by a sword and her body is split in two (from the waist down)..(I heartless.)

    Ichimaru: Customer, it’s over. She was cut down by Ichimaru’s extended sword.

    Hirako: Hiyoriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii He hold her upper body.

    Hiryori: Shin…ji…My insides…I… can’t bear it….

    Hirako: “Hachi!!” He sees him without his right arm.

    If Orihime-chan were here she could heal it…

    Ichigo!!!!What are you doing? Ichigo, hurry up and come…

    The text reads, “Where is Ichigo headed? Will he be in time!”

    The end.

  87. Spoiler looks interesting is that Kensei’s bankai that we see?

    BTW where is the new breakdown? This spoiler should go in the new breakdown. 😦

  88. Bleach is out!


  89. GAH!!! Hiyori got PWNED!!!! XD Aizen is killing me I want him to do something not just stand there looking like a badass villain! >_<

    This manga ended quicker than I expected but that's a good thing because it left me wanting more. Great chapter!

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