YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 559 Spoiler Confirmed + 558 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included! ~_~

-One Piece Spoiler Video Below-

caption-380265-20080726023320Artwork by Blue Gem

This week’s spoiler video by Naruto1piece4. Script for the video can be found in the comments section below. Enjoy it now because it’ll ruin your manga reading experience when it actually comes out. 😛

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome to this week’s edition of the One Piece Chapter Breakdown WRA style! I can see from the comments on the previous breakdown that most people thought this was an awesome chapter. For me…? Meh, not so much. It was great and quite enjoyable but I thought there’d be more Whitebeard action but alas I was hoping for too much. -_- Luffy is making fine progression though and the chapter had a lot of emotion in it so let’s get into it!

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!


This week’s AMV brought to you by MauoThunder23. It’s a short AMV covering the loss of the Strawhat Crew to Kuma on Shabondy Archipelago and a real good tear jerker.  BOPP by Ryukai-San and I know it’s not the most “badass” picture out there but I just wanted to highlight this artist for his colorings. Go to his profile and see what I’m talking about. He’ll probably have this week’s cover drawn too.

Alright, let’s get to this breakdown!

What happens in stays in Namakura Island...and gets written into a melody...

What happens in Namakura Island stays in Namakura Island...and gets written into a melody...

Brook stars on the cover page again and he found something better do than save the pretty damsel in distress. He’s writing a melody…about men’s underwear!? O_o The good thing is it’s likely we’ll be able to hear this new song because they are animating the cover page stories for those who don’t know. I just hope the melody isn’t about men’s underwear unless it really funny! -_- You leave Brook alone with a dark cult for a few chapters and he turns into a gay pervert! He’s going the same way as Sanji… XD (I’m really crying on the inside)

His mustache would make a good holding to place your foot in...>_>

His mustache would make a good holding to place your foot in...>_>

Lol, on to the main storyline most of us guessed right when it was revealed that Luffy would be the one to inform Whitebeard of Ace’s early execution. He was right next to the huge man so it would have been rather rude if he just made the challenge of who can get to Ace first without telling Whitebeard the stakes. There’s a decreased time limit on who can get to Ace first and Whitebeard is confident enough to let Luffy head out first. Actually the old bastard doesn’t move at all! The only explanation is he has arthritis! >_< Everyone is shocked at Luffy’s innocent naivety for talking to Whitebeard so casually and Luffy charges straight into battle starting off this action packed chapter.

Everybody wants to be like Luffy now! ;)

Everybody wants to be like Luffy! 😉

We are shown though that Sengoku purposely leaked the information about the hastened execution plans to the pirates. Why? Now I have a little theory so bear with me. Remember how Whitebeard highlighted with Luffy that the “preparations” are the key to this plan? I believe that these preparations are plans to capture Whitebeard and execute him together alongside Ace. Oi, they knew he was coming, they didn’t enact the plan until the pirates breached the bay showing they were waiting for them to get closer, and they see Whitebeard as one of the most dangerous pirates in the world. They leaked the plans on purpose to draw Whitebeard out personally; they wanted him to find out Ace’s execution was speeded up so he could step into their trap. Plus, wouldn’t it send out a powerful message if the marines were able to execute both the son of Gol D. Roger and the #1 contender for the title of Pirate King at the same time? That’s a serious loss for the pirates no matter how you look at it.


Alright enough of my crack pot theories…>_> *secretly plans to brag about it if he’s right* Luffy charges onto the battlefield and guess who meets him? An admiral and Kizaru of all people yapping his mouth off about the Tenryuubito getting on the marine’s case if they don’t capture Luffy for what he did back at Shabondy Archipelago. Ahem…fuck the Tenryuubito! That is all I need to discuss about those pompus assholes. Kizaru delivers a light kick but Luffy is saved from major damage due to a Death Wink from behind by Ivankov as a humongous explosion follows Kizaru’s kick. Yeah, look at the GIF above and remember the power of that kick! @_@

No, you didn't cause the explosion but you make a funny Steve Urkel impersonation! :D

No, you didn't cause the explosion but might have killed Luffy.

Now you have to look at this carefully. Luffy gets right back up after a Death Wink and thanks Ivankov for the assistance! O_O You know how powerful a Death Wink is? Enough force to bat away cannon balls, silence Level 6 prisoners, hurl hundreds of people in the air, and break giant ice waves with its force! Luffy doesn’t even seem fazed!

And Little Red Riding Hood thought she had it bad. Wolves don't shoot BEAMS!!! *_*

And Little Red Riding Hood thought she had it bad. Wolves don't shoot BEAMS!!! *_*

Moving on, lol, Buggy is praised for wanting to stand up to Kizaru but he was actually crying to go home. Ah, here’s something more interesting and actually possible! Kuma vs. Ivankov! Seems they used to know each other back in the day too. Now some folks in the comment section have speculated that isn’t the real Bartholomew Kuma but in fact a Pacifista. I can see how he looks a little stoic there like a robot but he’s always stoic. On the other hand we haven’t seen the former tyrant pirate Kuma attack a former nakama before. Seems like all the old famous pirates know each other and Kuma never attacked Rayleigh so why would he attack Ivankov? What do you all think?

When you refer to yourself in 1st person that is also an EPIC FAILURE!!!

When you refer to yourself in 1st person that is also an EPIC FAILURE!!!

Back to Luffy he encounters our old friend Hina who captured Bon-Chan and his crew sending them too Impel Down in the first place. I remember her ability well *cough*no I didn’t*cough* and it’s the ability to trap anything she touches or passes through her cages. She fires her cages and Luffy immediately goes into Gear Second and disappears quicker than her eyes can follow making her capture her own men. Badass…

Come on...you all didn't see the Thriller reference coming when zombies started arising from the ground? ;)

Come on, you all didn't see the Thriller reference coming when zombies started arising from the ground? 😉

Luffy encounters some more marines and Moria uses the endless supply of dead bodies on the field to create zombies. 1. Where did Moria get the shadows from to create the zombies? and 2. OMG, people actually are DYING here in One Piece! XD Lol, I know it’s a war setting like back in Alabasta but it’s always a surprise to see dead bodies here and there in this manga. Now if only Whitebeard would die…>_>



Luffy is feeling the pressure but he keeps on pushing until Ace finally snaps. Ace yells at Luffy to not interfere with his problems and live his own adventure with his own nakama free out on the open sea. He doesn’t want a weakling like Luffy to save him but that’s just to cover up the real truth of him not wanting Luffy to die here saving him. Luffy doesn’t care and simply because he’s Ace’s brother no matter if it’s not by blood. Brothers have to look out for each other right? It’s the heart that matters and the bond they created with each other when they were little and that’s why he’s there to save is big brother Ace! T_T

Because we all know zombie's greatest weakness is a clean bath. And yes I do see Wolverine. :P

Because we all know a zombie's greatest weakness is piss water. And yes I do see Wolverine. 😛

Moria’s annoying ass pops back up  to send some zombies Luffy’s way but Luffy is spared from wasting his strength by our favorite water bending-fishmen karate-jedi-ninja-pirate Jimbei! Salt water to the face bitches! Jimbei vs. Moria? Hell yeah!

ACTION!! We'll call it 'Saving Fire Fist Ace' and we WON'T get sued!

ACTION!! We'll call it 'Saving Fire Fist Ace' and we WON'T get sued!

A giant gets pissed and charges forward at Luffy while Garp makes the announcement that Luffy is indeed “Revolutionary” Dragon’s biological son! Everyone goes into the frenzy and the reporters back at the Shabondy Archipelago report to HQ to get the message out to the rest of the world. Out of all the reactions though I enjoyed Boa’s the most! I don’t think that lady would mind birthing demon babies for Luffy if it came down to it! DEMON BABIES! XD Luffy either doesn’t care for the announcement or he doesn’t hear it as he immediately goes into Gear Third to confront the giant charging his way. I think it’s the former…

For all the slow ones out there that was an awesome Dave Chappelle reference! :)

For all the slow ones out there that was an awesome Dave Chappelle reference! 🙂

With a Gomu Gomu No Gigant Rifle he PWNS the shit out of the giant with a giant’s fist! Luffy’s fist is bigger than the giant it hit! O_O Luffy screams out his determination to save Ace even if it leads to his death and I realize how much Luffy has done to get here. Shortened his life span by 10 years after breaking into the world’s “impenetrable” prison to save Ace almsot dying countless of times. Yeah, you best believe Luffy is ready to die to save you Ace. I love Whitebeard’s and Marco’s conversation at the end.

Whitebeard: “Marco…don’t you dare let that boy die…”

Marco: “Roger that.”


That concludes this week’s breakdown and sorry it was so long but there was a lot on my mind. Here’s this week’s demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 🙂

Samurai Luffy Demotivational PosterArtwork by Wasgoed


No one won but people were really close. Chuck Norris takes the cake again…and roundhouse kicks it! This is why we can’t have nice things… -_-

My prediction; Marco will go out and attack clearing a path for Luffy to get to Ace. Whitebeard WILL finally jump into battle dammit! The preperations for Ace’s execution will be completed next chapter and the pirates will rush forward. Luffy will get stopped in the middle of the field by Doflamingo! Yosh, the end! Why do I have the feeling this will be horribly wrong?

~ by supertrek89 on September 25, 2009.

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  1. first >_> hehehe

  2. Savor your victory, oh delicious-baked-good-that-was-consumed, for we shall return the favor on your Naruto post!

    Awesome review, super, but that’s only to be expected from such an epic chapter! No Moria, MJ is dead, no more cheesy thriller references, plzkthnx! Yup, Jinbei’s gonna toss the overgrown leek aside like a champ. Moria’s not even a contender in this fight anymore!

    I wonder about Sengoku’s plan: obviously he factored WB and all the NW crews into grand scheme, but did he also include Luffy and the rest of ID’s jailbreak crew? If he’s as great a strategist as they make him out to be, he most likely has. What I predict is that the WG has some kind of great weapon on standby that they’re preparing to take out the entire bay before Marineford and everyone fighting there, including the Marines. Think Buster Call on elephant growth hormones.

    I don’t know whether Garp is finally going to choose between his family and his work, but with Luffy in danger as well he might be pushed to betray the Marines for the sake of his family. I certainly hope Dragon will show up at this point, now that the cat is out of the bag as far as his son is concerned. 😀 Speaking of which, I just loved Mihawk’s reaction to that. “Meh, after that huge reveal of Roger’s son, anything is possible at this point!”

    “Marco, look after the boy!” “Roger!” Looks like Luffy’s been semi-adopted by Whitebeard! I doubt he’ll join the WB pirates even temporarily, but it’s nice to know that WB values him now more than just the little brother of one of his sons. Can we now call Marco…the Bodyguard? X3

  3. 2nd shit >_> i was away , and was waiting for this for quite some time

  4. 3rd i guess

  5. YOSH!! A chapter that gives more answers that the number of questions it raises.
    Marco is really cool and all but what is it he’s been doing? Flying around and comes back for a pit-stop? Just shout you all need to hurry and show us what pheonix can do! >_<
    Hancock got one panel again but did her best 😉

    A question: Why was Luffy's gear 2nd time so short? Since he is accelerating blood flow by pumping i figured he had no control over the duration. He also gets 'more normal' the more the flows speed goes back to what it should be. I doubt black-cage Hina would loose sight of a half assed attempt so what really went down?
    Also, Luffy is so full of emotion, haki's gotta be pouring out everywhere….

  6. @Elisha: Yeah, Moria is nothing more than a shadow thief that needs his minions to do all the work for him. It’s a wonder that he’s a Shichibukai because there are plenty of better pirates out there on the sea. Jimbei has that battle hands down but I know we can’t underestimate Moria. Even if he’s not extremely strong by himself like the other Shichibukai his powers allowing him to build up his numbers is where his strength lies. Also his own shadow is a pretty good weapon.

    As for Garp. Yeah, I don’t see him betraying the marines. He nearly killed Luffy and his crew when they were escaping Water 7.

    @Franky: Speaking of Marco what is Diamond Jaws, Aokiji, and Akainu doing? Big players like those could wipe out the battlefield easily if they wanted too. I wonder how strong the other divisions are in the Whitebeard pirates.

    Doesn’t Gear Second put a strain on Luffy’s body? He’s going in and out of it like it’s nothing now. I wonder if it’ll shorten his life span even more. ARGH! The life of a pirate is a short and adventurous one! Ahem…yeah…>_>

  7. Well i think its Odas intention for Luffy to die/be executed at the end of the series since he keeps shortening the guys life. Every friend Luffy meets always says we’ll meet again when he leaves. Every one of them! So Loguetown will be packed. This is my final issue prediction. Luffy will probably rekindle the pirate age by saying he added to the treasure rather than took anything. I guess i’ll know in ten years.

    Aokiji could just do a huge land version of ice age and own them all couldn’t he?

  8. great breakdown =D
    I had the same idea on the marines trying to set up wb.
    As for the MJ’s Thriller reference theres actually a amv of thriller bark with the song thriller lolz.
    My prediction over the next 5-10 chapters:
    Garp will die trying to save Ace, getting flashbacks and saying i kept my promise old friend while thinking of Gold Roger.
    As for next chapter I think Akainu is gonna try to kill luffy and WB will prolly stop akainu. Kizaru might go for a second round agains marco.
    Im also putting my money (no real money :P) on Luffy using kings disposition.

    Eeeh i dont think Aokijis power reach that far although he did freeze the whole freaking sea @_@
    If he could Marco and/or maybe someone else ultra strong would stop him

  9. Epic super. epic.

    Although i was joking that Moria should hide since he’s useless – are u all forgetting how dangerous he can be? If he takes Jinbei’s shadow then he’s dead since there is sunlight over Marineford 😉 although that’s easier said than done – if he does that’s the ball game.

    Luffy is going pretty good, hopefully he gets closer to Ace before running into his opponent.

    @Franky: If he only pumps the blood around for a little bit – Gear 2 will end quickly.

    Hopefully Whitebeard finally decides to do something, it’s getting kinda annoying that he is doing jack – but then again somebody has got to organise his troops attacks 😉
    I think WB will step in, but not until there are few obsticles baring him from getting to Ace. (ACE MUST DIE) 😛

  10. @everyone:

    BTW I strongly reccomend everybody reads the cover stories of the manga. They show a lot of interesting details that were never shown in the anime. Like Ace tracking Blackbeard, Enel’s trip to “Fairy Vearth”, How Baroque Works comes together again, CP9’s whereabouts and more!

  11. @Franky: OI!!! Don’t say such bad things Oda might hear you! >_<

    Luffy can't die he has to find One Piece and sail with his crew back through the Grand Line dropping them off at their various destinations. Brook at the entrance of the Grand Line to live his days with Laboon at the lighthouse, Franky back at Water 7, Nico at a history museum (?), Chopper at Drum Island, Sanji at Baratie (the floating restaurant), Usopp back to the smoking hot doctor Kaya in his village, Nami back at Cocoyashi Village, and finally Zoro back at Shimotsuki Village to run his old dojo (?)!

    Then Luffy has to sail home to his village where he can brag about being the Pirate King making his village notorious. Then there will be an AWESOME reunion of Strawhat pirates where they'll all go out to sea again and rule the ocean! I have it all planned out in my head you see!? MUHAHAHAHAHAAHA! @_@

  12. T_T How about they dont find One Piece this time and just go again on a different log route thus making the series 20 years longer…

  13. Uh oh Supertrek, I’ve got another believer on my boat that Ace is gonna die in mudshovel. Hah.

    It seems like everyone’s been saying it but I don’t think that DoFlamingo is going to end up fighting Luffy. I think his ability is going to be done out right in a large battle elsewhere. And thank you for the comment in the breakdown that I thought the first time I read it. When I first saw that beam come from Kuma, I immediately thought it was another Pacifista and not the original but I’m still not convinced either way at this point that the real Kuma isn’t there somewhere. Still also interested in seeing what Boa’s going to do as well as Mihawk.

    I agree with the above comments though that I think that WB is going to enter the main scrum himself soon. I also think that the idea of the race for the title of the next Pirate King between the son of Dragon and the son of Gold D. Roger is something that these events could very well be building up to.

    Howevaaaaaa, since I started it, I still have to subscribe that Ace isn’t going to make it out of here alive and that spurs Luffy on for the future.

  14. ace wont die that wouldn’t be interesting and luffy would become a much darker character if that happened. WB is goin to die if anyone and the WB pirates will follow Ace because that was WB wish from the start. the real question is who is gonna take on the awesomness that is KUMA?

  15. I also think that ace will die and that luffy will have some depression chapters and flashbacks like naruto.
    and im still sticking at my theory that jimbei will be their new nakama.he is fitting perfectly in luffy crew and i do believe that he isnt in a crew or?

  16. @Zekks: HA! That just means you and your followers will all be wrong when Ace walks away from this with his head on and Whitebeard’s lying down on the floor dead! 😛

    As for Kuma… I don’t know if that’s a Pacifista or the real Kuma but I have my bets on that being the real one. I don’t know where the marines would pull out more Pacifistas from. Most of them were damaged heavily or destroyed at Shabondy Archipelago, and they were commented on for being very expensive and difficult to make. Maybe they had some in storage though.

    @Fuuton: That’s a good question. I say Crocodile could give him a run for his money or Ivankov may step up to take him down whether it be the real him or fake him. We know the real one is there because he did the ‘Ursus Shock’.

    @Iraegerman: Gah, that’ll turn Luffy into the pirate version of Sasuke! -_-

    I could see Jimbei joining the crew but man I hope another female joins their crew instead.

    @Anyone: What would happen if Luffy doesn’t save Ace but Whitebeard does instead? Do you all think Luffy would become indebted to the Yonkou especially after Whitebeard DIES! >_>

  17. luffy is save ace and after whitebeared will thank him and ask if theres anything that he can do to repay him and he says either something like speared the word to find my nakama and tell them to meet using the paper, or info on shank i..e his last known location.

  18. @Trek, Hah. Followers/fellow believers are growing. Be afraid, very afraid. But on a more serious note, like I said before, I’d be glad to be wrong. But I don’t think that this is always going to be such a happy go lucky manga that everyone seemingly wants it to be. The “good guys” aren’t always going to win and the “bad guys” lose and this might be one of those scenarios. Personally I think that’s what wrong with a lot of American series of cartoons or even mainstream television and movies. Think the ending of the movie “Dodgeball” with Vince Vaughn as my case in point. But that’s a tangent that’s a whole other matter. Back to OP talk.

    I think that the story would gladly like to go in the direction now of “the son of the Dragon and the son of Gold D. Roger” leading the pirate revolution as the next set of Yonkou, like the next generation taking over from their mentors/father figures of Shanks and WB, respectively. But from what we’ve seen so far, who’s gonna take WB out? I haven’t seen any candidates that seem to have the power to. Even the admirals seem to be being handled by WB’s top men. Right now, analyzing the situation like that, you have to logically think that Ace has a higher percentage change of dying.

    That being said, HOWEVAA , Ace is a huge fan favorite and kinda become the face of the next gen. That makes the him a less logical choice to kill off. Especially, moreso if you take into the consideration of all the whiny emo manga/anime followers that are out there that would cry and complain like burnt kittens if he did die. The way I see WB dying is only as a self sacrifice either allowing others to escape or from saving someone from certain death.

    I also think that there’s still someone big named that we (probably) haven’t seen yet during this battle that’s going to do something to turn the tide of the battle one way or another. Whether that’s someone like Shanks, the other Yonkou, (Pirates faction) or the big mysterious reveal of the navy’s plan, or even the wild cards like Boa or Kuma, Rayleigh, or especially Blackbeard. Of all of these scenarios, I think that the most likely logically is that the navy has something else up their sleeve and its going to in the end cause WB to sacrifice himself. But who knows? I still think that there’s the possibility of Ace dying. Only time will tell.


  19. @ super I very much doubt that Oda will break from his convention of nobody dying outside of flashbacks. And out of all the characters that he could possibly kill off at this point, a character like Ace is the last person he ought to kill off. If, and this is a big if, he decides to kill off a character for the sake of drama and plot, it would definitely be Whitebeard at this point. Think about it, not only would it give the WG the upper hand over pirates, but it would also provide chaos for Luffy and his crew to face when they reach the NW as a response to the vacuum of power that WB would leave behind. Alternatively, Ace could take over the WB crew if his captain dies and become a serious rival for Luffy to fight to become King of the Pirates.

    However, I doubt that this will happen as Oda probably has something much more unconventional up his sleeve. 😉

  20. @Zekks: My thoughts are you made some very good points. The bad guys may just come out victorious in this battle strength wise which will keep them at the top of the world. Remember how Doflamingo said whoever wins this battle becomes justice…in other words the rulers of the world who set the standards and principles thereafter. The pirates couldn’t possibly win or else the series would basically be over. I see the pirates barely retrieving Ace but at the cost of many lives then retreating.

    That in affect would make Ace a very guilty consciousness character and make the manga a little darker. Then again…do we really want to see a darker One Piece? There have been many sad moments both in the past and present timeline of One Piece but it has always worked out in the end with a feel good bang! That’s the One Piece we’ve grown and known to love. Look at what’s happening to ‘Naruto’ with emo Sauske running around and Naruto crying over his loss. I don’t think that’s going to end too well. -_- We don’t want that with One Piece do we?

    I can understand wanting a more serious manga and I do too. Hell, I wouldn’t mind seeing a few important people die here and there that’s for sure. Just not a ‘darker’ version of One Piece per se… You know what I’m getting at? Nothing emo and shitty like that… XD

    @Elisha: Oi oi, I’ve always said Whitebeard should die instead of Ace so you’re agreeing with me right? 😉

  21. *Puts hand up* I too always wanted beard face to die.

    One piece is not an anime where ‘good guys’ win, ‘bad guys’ suck. Luffy repeatedly gets owned by people. Lost to Smoker in Loguetown, Crocodile twice, Enel once on maxim, Lucci once in Galley-la building, was owned by Morias shadow stealing and got massacred by the Sentomaru, Kizaru, Kuma force along with the crew as well as loosing to and never eventually beating Magallen. Overall its a lot less cliché about victories than other manga. Only the very limited death count suggests ‘good guys’ win but the ‘bad guys’ stay alive too.

  22. lol jimbei is going to pwn pickle-head but i hope its a good fight

  23. man i want all of the admirals to attack luffy and maybe donflamingo can hold off moria then wb will have to move his lazy ass and kick some fucking marniness sorry assssssss ya damn i wanna see the white beard (with no beard) in action oh ya and also save luffy lol

  24. Pretty good chapter, great breakdown. Good job, Super. You never fail to deliver.

  25. ONE PIECE 559 Spoiler Summaries

    Soruce: nja @ 2ch
    Translation: Aohige_AP
    Verification: Confirmed

    559話 天命
    扉絵 ゾロ
    ルフィー対スモーカー、しかしルフィーの攻撃は当たらない。そこに怒ったハンコックがスモーカーに蹴り一方 、イワンコフ対クマ
    いくら話しかけてもクマは応答なし。それを見てドフラミンゴ「お前とクマがどういう関係か知らないが、お前 の知ってるクマはもう死んだ」終


    バギー白ひげと共闘 白ひげセンゴクの策を勘づいたらしく新世界の船長達に指令をだす
    エース 覚悟を決め 仲間の手がさしのべられたら手をとり・刃を受けるなら捌きを受ける とじたばたしない 発言
    は海軍兵の影を吸収しでかくなったモリアがジンベエに襲い掛かるが 魚人空手 正拳 をくらい一発で退場? w


    SUUUPAAA fast trans, coming thru.

    Chapter 559: A Mandate from Heaven
    Coverstory Zoro

    Luffy vs Smoker, but Luffy’s attack doesn’t hit him.
    Angered Hancock jumps in, and kicks Smoker.
    Ivankov vs Kuma.
    Ivankov tries to talk to him, but no response
    Seeing that, DoFlamingo comments
    “I don’t know what your relation is to Kuma… but the Kuma you knew is already dead”

    Nja Adding to this already posted spoiler,

    Buggy fights alongside Whitebeard
    Whitebeard realizes what Sengoku is up to, and gives orders to the NW captains.
    Ace makes up his mind. If his crew gets to him and reaches out to him, he’ll grab their hands.
    But if the blade gets to him first, he’ll accept the punishment, and won’t try to struggle.
    Hancock rushes to Luffy’s aid, and joins him.

    Jinbei vs Moria
    Moria swallows the marine shadows and becomes massive.
    He attacks Jinbei, but Jinbei simply counters him with a straight fist, blowing Moria away.

    ハンコック 愛しのルフィに殴ったり棒突き立ててんじゃないわよ
          こんな腹が立ったのは生まれて初めて 貴様なんぞバラバラに
          切り裂いて獣の餌にしてくれようぞ!!    こんな感じだったw
    ケムリン 俺に攻撃だと!? クジャの覇気か!!!!
    ルフィ  ハンコック!!

    でいつもの惚れ顔に戻り (ああ・・・また名前で呼ばれてしまった…ハンコックと…ハート) みたいな

    バギーは 白ひげが赤っ鼻はともかく後ろの囚人達は面倒だなって事で共闘に持っていったw

    >>711 似てるけど 嘘 がかなりあるねw

    Hancock: Don’t you dare swing that stick of yours or hit my love Luffy!
    I’ve never been this angered in my life! I’ll tear you to shreads, and
    feed you to the beasts!!

    She said something like that (<- Nja's comment)

    She appears with a raged face looking like a Hannya. (a demon of wrath)

    Smoker: You land attacks on me!? It must be Kuja's Haki!
    Luffy: Hancock!!

    Hancock's face turns back to lovey dovey
    (Oh… he called my name again…. he said Hancock….)

    Whitebeard decided to work with Buggy, because while he doesn't
    find the red-nosed clown a threat, the escped prisoners could be cumbersome.

    picture of cover story : http://i37.tinypic.com/16iz6vl.jpg

    looks like its true lol

  26. i remembered that we still dont know who opened the gates of justice…Who could it be…

  27. i still dont believe its wb, im still on Dragon =)
    or maybs BB has something to do with it but i actually dont believe he made it from impel down that fast unless his new crewmate shiryuu (i believe) helped them open it for some reason.

  28. Nah it wasnt any of the BB squad, they couldn’t overtake Luffys group. I see no way for it to be Whitebeard since his team had just arrived when the gates were opened so they couldn’t be by the controls. It really has me puzzled ~_~ I see the only way being an ally within the marines themselves but who could it be? Garp, Coby and Hancock were all outside… *sigh*

  29. @Pickles: Thanks man long time no…read? Where have you been?

    @Franky: That’s true there’s no “good guys” win and “bad guys” lose theme in this manga because Luffy has lost plenty of times. In truth, Luffy and his crew are the pirates so therefore the “bad guys” in the series. We’re rooting for the baddies! 😀

    @Fear and Franky: I have no clue who opened the gate but it seems like it could be a pirate. The control room must have been trashed and taken over.


    The only marine I can think of to have the balls to help Luffy and Whitebeard is Garp, but like Franky said he was on the outside with Sengoku. Whitebeard could have just snuck a small infiltration team in from under water to sieze the control room and open the gates.

  30. I dont even think i noticed that Super. Good Link. Hmm…It could be Whitebeard but i dont understand how he would know they were on the current. In truth i am wondering if Blackbeard left someone/thing to open the gates when he was coming back and they simply mistook Luffys ship for his. Or maybe its Rayleigh >_>

  31. ah i remember now it was allready told! It was cap’n buggy ^^
    hmmm couldnt it be that it was a setup from Sengoku to get luffy (the son of dragon) also caught?

  32. Hmm, i wouldn’t put it past him but if you look at Supers link above he shows shock and there wouldn’t be a need to act in front of the other marines if it really was part of his plan.

  33. @super: wooowww i knew that hancock is was going to chose luffy over the protection of the her village. u said that i was wrong.

    buggy with whitebeard wat a mismatch. lol

  34. @Smurf: I have no idea what you’re talking about! >_> Are you referring to the spoilers Ahsan put up because I don’t read spoilers…

    Besides, Hancock chose the protection of her village and Luffy by going with him to Impel Down and ultimately Marineford. 😛 She has already attacked marines but is still forgiven because of her beauty. If she blatantly starts helping Luffy out now she would probably still be forgiven (at least by the lower marines) because of her beauty.

  35. ok i just thought of something about the WB pirates.

    1st division commander: marco the phoenix

    2nd division commander: Heat-fist Ace

    3rd division commander: ????????

    4th division commander: diamond jose

    whose the third? maybe i just forgot.

  36. @Senju: Diamond Jaws is actually the captain of the 3rd division.


    Thatch (the man killed by Blackbeard) was the captain of the 4th division, so the question is who took over for him and is now captain of the 4th division?

  37. We only know Marco, Jaws, Ace and Atmos (the big guy with swords who got ‘taken over’ by Doflamingo) as the active commanders right? Whitebeard has 16 divisions with 100 men each so really we have only scratched the surface…Though most are just fodder probably. I think the flame sword and the drum-from-stomach guy shown during the WB pirates rush forward were probably captains too.
    What i wonder is how the Old man gathers such crazy powerful df users together. Do you think Marco and Jaws had the powers before meeting Whitebeard like Ace or found the fruit after like Thatch?
    Another thing. Why is everyone in his huge crew young? What happened to all the people who would have fought alongside him against Roger? (presumably being as old as him unless the whole crew was apprentices like Buggy and Shanks on Rogers ship lol)

  38. @super thxs i think i read on of the first translations to come out and i thought it said fourth.
    but i just went back now they all say 3rd. i think they are messing with me.

  39. @cyborg he probably got them the same way he got ace, by pwning first and then taking them in.

  40. ok i thought of something. assuming ace survives later on down the road to show how strong he has gotten maybe luffy fights one of the emperors not shown yet and maybe ace will fight the other.

  41. Kaidou is named as a yonkou but apparently fought even with Moria (though he eventually won) which just makes me scream weak!! Well compared to Shanks and Whitebeard at least. I definitly think Luffy will fight this guy.
    The Supernovas interest me. I think we might see the other crew members taking out main enemies when they meet them. (Captain Morgan, beat by Zoro, is the only main enemy Luffy hasn’t beat himself.) I think Brooke and Apoo will have a musical duel, Robin and Jewelry Bonneys powers are both near instant looses if they work so perhaps they will meet, zone clash with Chopper and X Drake but most of all Zoro has to fight that acrobat Killer while Luffy takes on Kidd.
    I hope the crew take out a pirate crew they just meet while sailing between islands and plunder ^^

  42. So I was re-reading throgh the past few chapters and I caught something we see whitebeard say when he sees ace “i see my son is still in ONE PIECE” which makes me think that rogers “treasure” wasnt actual treasure but instead ace!

  43. after all this is is said and done concerning ace’s possible or inevitable rescue what is luffy’s bounty gonna be…
    -he assaulted the teruiybo
    -broke into impel down, and fought magellen
    -released over 200+ dangerous prisioners all over level 3,
    -stole marine boat
    -participated in the assualt on the marine’s headquarters, as well as co-lead, the attack(with his own group)
    -and being related to dragon…
    all of that all before ace being rescued….
    im guessing his bounty would round up to about 450million beli,
    or 600 after him and his crew re-unite and they have there own arc…

  44. spoiler pics


    Spoiler pictures translation by Aohige_AP

    page with hancock vs Smoker

    Hancock: Damn you, get off of him!!
    Smoker: Wha!!?
    ….!!! You just landed attacks on me, when I’m smoke!?

    Smoker: Hancock! Do you plan to quit Shichibukai as well!?
    Hancock: Hush!! I am so outraged, I cannot hear a word from you!!
    How dare you hit and hold dowm my love!!!

    Random marine: the “Pirate Empress” just saved Strawhat!!
    Luffy: *coughhurl*

    Hancock: I’ve never been this enraged!!!
    I will cut you to shreds and feed you to the beasts!!!

    Smoker: I see, it’s Kuja’s “Haki”…!!!

    Luffy: ….!! Hancock!

    page with Iva vs Kuma

    DoFlamingo: Heh heh heh… I don’t know how you two are connected…
    But it’s no use talking to him, Revolutionary officer, Emporio Ivankov.

    Ivasan: What do you mean!?

    Doflamingo: The one you’re thinking of is “Bertholomew Kuma”, right?
    The one feared as a Tyrant…..
    Well that man, is already dead.

    Ivasan: !!!? What!!?

    Jinbei vs Moria is fine the way DM translated

    Moria: Come and become my strength, shadows of marines!!
    Why don’t I take your shadow too, Jinbei!?

    Jinbei: hrm, he got bigger…

    Samegawara Seiken!! (Sharktile Straight Fist!)

  45. @Jdizzle: Yeah, a few members noticed that too when that chapter came out and a few discussions broke out. I have no idea what we ended up with though.

    Personally I think Ace was actually Roger’s “One Piece” and the term ‘One Piece’ is refers to whatever dreams/hopes/treasure one holds dear to their own heart. Roger made people go searching for ‘One Piece’ with a dream in mind, and in searching the whole world and accomplishing that dream they have obtained ‘One Piece’.

    Then again…he did say go search for “my” treasure so it could be something Roger wanted to share with the whole world and not related to personal dreams and whatnot.


    @Anyone: If you’re looking for a spoiler script Ahsan has already posted the confirmed one right above this comment.

  46. Hey super, i dont think that ive ever commented on your one peice breakdowns before? anyway ive been reading them for a while now and their great! always fun to read each week, offten better then the Naruto and Bleach breakdowns ive been seeing recently (although maybe ive just lost some of my intrest for Naruto). I have been a fan of one peice for a long time and I am very interested in seeing where this latest arc goes. I am also waiting to see the Straw Hat crew reunited!!!

  47. nice break down super 🙂
    I have been following all of this but didn’t feel like posting anything 😦

    there is nothing to criticize…I know One Piece will never fail to amuse me…but come on dude! you are a human! Will it kill you to make a mistake(or say something not so acceptable) just once in a while? There is nothing to rant about!!! seriously! you don’t have any feelings for people like me 😦

  48. @super: no it was about a month ago u said that even if luffy is in truoble hancock would just follow her duty and keep attacking both sides and not dilibratly get in the way to save luffy.

    the making of ussopp the legend:

    one way to make ussopp a legendry pirate is for him to show up at this battle with not only a longer range, a more powerful weapon and bullets that could even go though diamond, and have him free ace from his shakles from miles away and both wrists at the same time and make him able to get free, plus the camara will show him for the whole world to see and it will be without his mask lol that would make him know thoughtout the world and get his bounty doubled even after the tenruybito incident.

  49. It would be better if he it Sengoku in the face with a rotten egg! ROFL!!

  50. @CyborgFranky: By any chance do u live in Puerto Rico?

  51. @CyborgFranky: That would be SUPPPERRR!!…lmao… if ussop was there i could picture him taking someone out like he did at enies lobby with the help on zoro…lol

  52. one piece is out!!!


  53. Great chapter as usual. Hopefully binktopia version will shed some light on things.
    Super! Dont you dare put that ‘angry’ Hancock in the next breakdown!! >_< The other panels are fine though 😛 I dont believe Oda drew her like that!

    @Pumpkin: Afraid not. I dont live in Puerto Rico. Or was that a joke?… 0_o

  54. awesoooomeee chapter! really loved buggy now wb is phucked for sure =O
    hmmm seems smoker mastered his df, i only hoped luffy would actually hit him with his haki, but i guess we will have to wait a bit longer befor were gonna see him control it that much. Hancock =D.
    guess we’ll save the rest for the next braekdown =)

  55. awesome chapter from what i think that reason why luffy and crew were saved by kuma is because he is also part of the revolution army and knew that he was dragon’s son (mybe sent by dragon to make sure he dosent die) and the reason he said that he wouldnt meet again is because after first letting them escape after the moria arc and then dilibratly helping them get away for a second time he knew that the marines will use vegapunk to override the human part of him and make him basically that same has the px’s and that is what i think was ment when daflimingo said that he was dead.

  56. @smurfclassic: yeah i think your right… back when kuma was fighting zoro on thriller bark, he said he was an incomplete project called the pacisfista, and he was already covered with mechanial equipment and guages on his arms,eyes?, and mouth already. it would make since that he would do all that he can before he has his mind taken over. he did say himself the only difference between him and those px-1’s is he still has his self concious…hmm…good point. that could also mean he did save his crew and that luffy wouldn’t meet him again not in a literal, but more as in a personal way..

  57. @Takashid: Ah, why thank you for the compliment and glad to have another One Piece fan here on the blog. 🙂

    @Sogeking: Actually on the last breakdowns (chapter 557) I made a huge mistake in the beginning which Franky quickly pointed out to me in the comments section. I immediately changed it but if you want to know what it was just go back and look. I am as faliable as the next guy. 😉

    @Smurf: Alright alright you got me…>_> I was wrong I didn’t think Boa would interfere in Luffy’s battles at the fear of getting in trouble with the higher ups. Seems she still doesn’t care or probably thinks she can just get away with it…probably a mix of both.

    @Franky: Now I have to put that angry picture of Hancock in there. She can’t always be pretty. 😛

    @Fear: Yeah, lol Smoker kicked Luffy’s ass. He has a little ways to go before he can properly fight a logia type still.

    @Everyone: This chapter was awesome indeed and I don’t care that Whitbeard didn’t step in this time. We had plenty of other action to make up for it. Luffy vs. Smoker, Boa vs. Smoker, Jimbei vs. Moria (RAPE), and Ivankov vs. Kuma. Seems like that’s the real Kuma (bible in hand). I have to agree with Smurf and Shinobi in that the human side of him has been completely overwritten so when he said he’d never meet Luffy again he meant the human side of him. If the human side of him has been completely wiped out he’s as good as dead. Vegapunk probably did it to him after Kuma dissapointed the WG twice now (Thriller Bark and Shanbondy Archipelago).


  58. @ super Agree about Kuma becoming a “full-Pacifista” in that his human part was overridden by VP’s programming. But you know what this means? Kuma was probably reprogrammed completely because of his disobedience at Shabaody and he probably knew that it would happen but saved Luffy and his crew anyways. He essentially sacrificed himself on Luffy’s behalf! Wow…just wow. T_T

    @ franky What are you talking about? Hancock’s…*looks at her angry!face*…damn scary when she’s angry! Damn, never piss her off! *hides in corner*

  59. @CybrogFranky: Hahaha. No it wasnt a joke. You mentioned something about Sengoku getting hit in the face with a rotten egg. Just two days ago someone threw a rotten egg at the governor of Puerto Rico. I just thought it was a wierd coincidence you mention that….which it WAS!

    AWESOME chapter BTW. Hancock FTW!!!!

  60. @Smurf: Like the theory. I always figured Kuma may have a big connection to the revolutionary army. Your idea makes more sense than anything i was thinking though.
    I figured Hancock wouldn’t jump in after Luffy but it seems i was wrong which brings an end to my prediction streak. I think Oda was wondering what he would want his wife to do in that situation….If they were pirates…With dfs and haki.

    The blatant confession of Hancocks love which Luffy seemed to miss completly made me laugh.
    About the cover story. Why does Zoro have Kitetsu in hand i wonder and why is Perona floating about in her spirit form?

  61. @Super: Another reason why Luffy has to master Haki! This chapter was pretty good, however the first 6 or so pages with Buggy was quite annoying – did anyone actually think for a second that he was going to attack whitebeard?
    Other than that it was pretty mad. As for Kuma … idk, perhaps he’s a full pacifista, but i think that there’s something else going on… can’t really say what though.
    Awesome – we might get to see Hancock fight a few strong Marines – looking forward to it.

  62. Did anyone else notice that there was foreshadowing for brook back in the water 7 arc right before they got to it..

    isn’t that weird…makes me wonder if theres more foreshadowing oda’s been hiding…

  63. @shinobi: Yeah, i was re-reading the series the again acouple of months ago – and i noticed that Luffy used Haki against Arlong, when he broke the weird sword arlong was using.

    And we found out about Haki 400 chapters later didn’t we? Pretty damn good foreshadowing there 😉

  64. @mud: wow…you’re right i didn’t think it would be that early of him using haki… it almost seem like oda is some sort of genius like vegapunkt having all this planned out from the get go…lmao… who know maybe 10+years from now we’ll be seeing luffy and boa’s kids running around on the Thousand Sunny lmao…

  65. @shinobi: that woulld be funny but no way in hell is it going to happen.

    yyyeeaaa people agree with my theory makes me so happy lol

    hancock gets satisfied with the smallest things i.e luffy saying her name lol wat do u think would happen if luffy kissed her die of shock/happiness lol.

    i always thought that luffy performed a little haki when he was about to get his head cut off at lougetown but that was probelly just dragon making the lightning,

    am i right in asuming that dragon is a logia type and has the wind wind fruit??

  66. @Mud: Is that haki? I figured he was just holding it really well. The first time Oda ever showed haki was in the very first chapter though when Shanks sends the sea king running with a glare and ‘get lost’. He had it planned from so long ago. What a guy…

    @Smurf: Since he controled more than just wind it has to a weather of storm power. Lol, i swear this crops up every few weeks.

    @Shinobi: Before the water 7 arc Luffy draws a picture of what their shipwright should look like and it vaguely resembles Franky so you could call that foreshadowing too. In which case i think Jimbei steering the battleship from Impel Down to Marinford shows that fishmen are capable helmsmen meaning the next member will most certainly be a fishman and will be the ships helmsman ^^

  67. A random post of everything Luffy hss done since his bounty was last raised.

    Beat another schibukai
    Punched tenryubito
    all the fighting on shabondy plus destroyed a pacifista
    Broke into impel down, fought a lot, and broke so many out
    everyone now knows he is Dragons son
    owned that giant while the world was watching ^^

    Whats he getting raised to? Breaking into a government place (enes lobby) and taking out one of their forces got him a 200mil increase so he should at least go to 500 mil next right?

  68. @Kuma theory: i agree with u guys thats a totally plausible theory however i dunno if kuma had been “revised” after he let luffy escape i actually think its more sumthin like self developping technology and he was beeing taken over bit by bit because of it.

    @Franky: yeh lol his bounty is gonna incease alooot, but what would happen if he was actually gonna release a huge load of Kings dissposition. That would actually make him the most terrifying rooky sofar lol and his bounty would go over the top. =)

  69. double post,..

    I would say 500mill bounty now, but if luffy does use Kings disposition then im gonna go too 750-900 (call me crazy) 😛

  70. lol damm power went on laptop now i have to write this all again.

    first the front page with zorro and the cross marking mybe a greave of something make be think of mihawk with him and his cross on the neckleace and the big sword shaped like a cross.

    cant wait to see the whole crews new bounty

    i think zorro will definelty go higher than killer but i want robin and sanji to go to the same as killer if not higher.

    i think that luffys bounty will go up about 150-200 mill after all he did as franky has shown above, if captian kidd was not captured then i hope that when the new bountys come out that oda shows a screen of him seeing the bounty 200mil higher that him and him with and angry face, after all i hate it how kidd has a higher bounty than luffy even though the only reason for that is because he attacks random innocent citizens for no reason. i would also like it if it would show shank lokking a luffys new bounty and has a little flashback of weak little luffy and he should smile and say ‘you’ve come a long way’ lol that would be amazing.

    all in all after the whole crew caused that mess in shabondy arc i think that the whole crew bounty will go up from something like 667 mil and 50 to over 1000 mil.

    after all if they realise that they have to add the 30mil or so for brooke now that he has joined as well as finding out that chopper inst a pet that should but it up alot as well a the other incident of ussopp falling on the old man tenruybito (lucky ussopp)

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