Updated Naruto Manga 466 Spoilers Confirmed + 465 Breakdown And Discussion: Cat And Mouse With A Lemon Twist

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It's a struggle trying to find the right arm ._.

It's a struggle trying to find the right arm ._.

Hey everyone,

Well this has been an amazing week, I am so peppy at the moment that is it shocking, and the peppyness will only get worse next week. Well unless gravity tries to get its way. Well we have another early breakdown this week, as most people seem to actually enjoy an early breakdown strangely enough.  But we have another amazing manga this week, which leaves a question burning on my lips.

Last week we were introduced to Sasuke’s deep, dark and badass Susano’o lit up in black flames for those long cold nights alone.  Of course as Kankurou points out to everyone, those blasted Unchihas always have a trick hidden up their sleeves. In Sasuke’s defense, he did try to use snakes up until they started to bite.

Being ignored by your siblings amuses Sasuke greaty

Being ignored by your siblings amuses Sasuke greatly

But Sasuke puts on his best impression of actually having a plan and uses Susano’o fiery sword to knock down the pillar. Now this is the bit were the main cast stand and look pretty while the building collapses on top of them. Or just sigh in exasperation. Gone are the days when your enemies avoided using the laws of gravity to thwart your ass kicking.

The amount of concentration between them both could blow up a building -_-

The amount of concentration between them both could blow up a building -_-

Though our heroes aren’t out yet because Gaara, being resourceful as ever, uses his sand to protect his siblings and Durui. Sasuke uses Susano’o to protect himself and uses the nad to fling Karin into the corridor he is standing in. Using the destruction of the ceiling as a cover, Sasuke orders Karin to lead him to Danzou and forget about Juugo and Suigetsu. Karin agrees terrified by Sasuke’s new attitude. I think Kakashi would be shuddering if he saw Sasuke concept of teamwork and comrades after the amount of lectures he gave them back in Team 7. Where is the love?

Raikage and Gaara, break their way out of the rumble anything but happy campers. Raikage punches the falling ceiling to protect himself and  C. Gaara uses his sand to create a makeshift marquee. The group notes that Sasuke did just use that distraction as an opportunity to escape. Raikage orders everyone to get their torches and pitch forks to chase after at once Sasuke. Which is one of the reasons Raikage is one of my favourites. There is no need to over analyze a situation, just walk through a wall and do some ass kicking. 8)

Now equipted with tea cups for those troublesome days

Now equipped with tea cups for those troublesome days

In the midst of everything. Gaara takes a brief pause to wonder what Naruto would have done in all of this. Do we even need to ask? Why yes, yes we do.

Juugo and Suigetsu are still tailing behind on the events that just happened. On the brighter side for them, Suigetsu is free of the sword and arching hid eyebrow in confusion. Did that roof really fall down, or was that the bad taco he had earlier? For Juugo he absorbs the samurai’s body fluid. Well at least they are not entirely useless. They seem to provide the enemy with some extra stamina. Like your own on the go, sports drink.

Job descriptions for a samurai... If you are a balloon stay away from activites that unclude human vents...

Job descriptions for a samurai... If you are a balloon, stay away from activities that include human vents...

Inside the meeting room everyone looks up to see Sasuke standing watching them from the roof. Somehow I get this feeling he never thought his plan all the way through. Mifune attacks Sasuke when he is busy catching Danzou’s eye. Danzou blows up a wall and escapes leaving the other Kages to deal with Sasuke. Well maybe not Tsuchikage, he has a back to think about after all. Ao acknowledges Mizukage’s warning about not chasing after Danzou too far.  Ao then leaves Chojuuro and the Mizukage to handle things with Sasuke and Karin. This is basically going to boil down to Ao fighting Danzou or just his lackeys.

Staring contests are better left when you aren't in the middle of a battle

Staring contests are better left when you aren't in the middle of a battle

Mizukage spits lava from her mouth and melts the wall with her Kekkei Genkai ‘Yoton’. Which prevents Sasuke from chasing after Danzou. Mizukage decides to do her speech while comfortably sitting down. The chapter ends when the Mizukage tells Sasuke that he is indeed handsome, but this will be such a waste.

Child Molesting, the Mizukage does it with a smile o_o

Child Molesting. The Mizukage does it with a smile o_o

11 Tips On How to be hardcore. Akatsuki style

11: You are the ultimate wheelchair pimper. (Nagato)


10: Big boys don’t play with barbies. They make themselves into barbies (Sasori)


9: When you lose your head, you actually lose your head (Hidan)


8: Teamwork involves physically hurting your partner as much as possible (Kakuzu)


7: When it comes to art, you will blow up! (Deidara)


6: You always keep little boys nearby (Orochimaru)


5: You make paper a deadly weapon (Konan)


4: The world is a four course meal (Zetsu)


3: There always must be a lightning show when you make a life changing statement. Always… (The man formally known as Madara)


2: You never want to miss out on any action. So you create it (Kisame)


1: Your whole existence has been to annoy your brother until death. You achieve it every time (Itachi)



This weeks Bubble 8)


And this weeks winner is:

Well done DroSensei :D

Well done DroSensei 😀

Well that is it for this weeks breakdown. So lets enjoy the discussions, character bashing, cups of tea and of course predictions. Or cowering from spoilers in some other peoples case. Either way, I will let you attack it for faults with your beady little eyes. @_@



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  5. oh ya great breakdown ^^

  6. this chapter was very BLAH….it didnt have the IT factor that makes chapters great. I mean I expected Sasuke to go rampaging around with Susanoo or something interesting. But o well. At least One Piece and Bleach delivered nicely this week.

  7. BTW I believe the Mizukage’s Yoton release should not be confused with “Lava” release which only the 4-tails could do. It can also be translated as “Solvent” release which makes more sense as one would need the water element and another element to perform it. The solvent release can corrode anything it touches but i dont think its lava.

  8. @pumpkin: Yeah, i’d be better if it was some type of corrosive Kekkei Genkai.
    It struck me as odd that the leader of the Water Shadown, the Mizukage, is using Lava.
    But that little dork said it himself, it was Yoton.

  9. Typos. Leader of Kirigakure, the Water Shadow.

  10. Great breakdown cookie and I love the Akatsuki hardcore handbook. Maybe Aktasuki should right novels instead, they seem to be very popular ^__^
    @Rai That is a common misconception about the kages. Look at what I said in the previous breakdown:
    There is no universal rule that says a kage must wield only the element of his/her nation or else there not of been a 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, (6th?) hokage as none of them used katons (as far as I know Hiruzen could wield all five so he is like the emperor of all nations then) nor a 3rd (magnetic fields and iron sand)or 5th kazekage(regular sand…still cool sand ^_^) as kaze means wind.

    @pumpkin: Corrosive release would definitely make more sense than lava, but now you put a damper on my jinchuuriki children theory, but I’ll post it here just for fun >_<

    "What would happen if a jinchuriki had a child. Would that child gain both his/her parents bloodline as well as the tailed beast’s powers or an infant of the beast being apart of the child? Is this crackpot idea even logically? Who knows? It’s not like the nations even bothered to experiment with this idea as far as we know."

  11. It does seem more acidic than heat based but i have been told the kanji used was very confusing. It can be read as hot water, acid, solvent, lava and probably more. Personally i think its water and fire element even though a while ago i thought that would make steam.
    We also shouldn’t get carried away with the nations elements. Mizukage doesn’t necessarily have water element and Tsuchikage doesn’t necessarily have earth. No hokage or even Naruto uses fire element but they come from the land of fire. I believe more clans proficient in an element stem from each nation, e.g. Uchiha, fire but not every person uses it.

  12. Actually the Third Hokage had fire element….

    And I know the Mizukage’s element doesnt necessarily have to be water…but lava was a special combination of fire and earth only the 4tails could do. It doesnt make any sense that Mizukage can spit out lava.

    But then again who knows. Maybe shes the daughter of the 4-tails and somehow inherited his lava jutsu. Idk.

  13. @pumpkinbredd… exactly, this chapter was BLAH. i just want to see new entrances maybe naruto kakashi and yamato, madara and zetsu, aw hell even Sakura and shikamaru!! (i highly doubt those 2 appearing)… but still :\ mizukage is sick!!

  14. Whoa. O_O Early breakdown FTW! 8D And kudos for putting up a gabzillaz’ crack comic at the top. ^^ It’s great to see it here on WRA.

    But this chapter was… meh. Except for the child-molestor part at the end. 8D

    (somewhere in Oto, a dark-haired sannin sneezed)

    Mizukage rules! Raikage pwns! 8DDD

    … I have to lay off the POCKY. T.T

  15. @pumpkin: Third Hokage=Hiruzen. Nice to see someone else liking my jinchuuriki child theory ^_^

  16. YOSH! Great job on the breakdown Cookie and funny 11 tips Akatsuki list.

    @Anyone: I have no clue anymore on the “Yoton no Jutsu” and what it actually is. I’m far to lazy to do the research but the 4th’s lava justu was called “Youton”…it has an added “u”. >_>

    Lolz, personally it doesn’t look like lava to me and I find it highly unlikely that she could spit lava from her mouth, but people spit fire from their mouths so it wouldn’t be unheard of in this manga.

    The chapter was decent I thought Sasuke was going to do a little more fighting but I guess he has to conserve his chakra for Daznou. I have a feeling Ao is about to get his ass kicked if he confronts Danzou alone. Ao could probably take out the bodyguards but not Danzou. I forgot who said it in the last breakdown but yeah, Juugo is definitely a prodigy of Cell from DBZ. 😀

  17. YOSH! *does a little dance* I won, I won, I wo~~n!!! I’m not rubbing it I’m just happy I finally won a bubble contest! I’m just a WRA member, I’ve always dreamed of what it would be like to win one of these…*Kanye West walks in front of Dro and takes the mic* Dro, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Supertrek had one of the best bubbles of all time, one of the best bubbles of all time. *Kanye shrugs and gives the mic back to Dro* T____T you jackass…T____T

    *recovers from crying* Anyway cookie, great breakdown! *puts on helmet and cup, extends his stump arm to give cookie a high five* I loved it, and you know what…I don’t care that you cheat anymore, just as long as the breakdowns keep being awesome! ^__^

    Sasuke: Hey Mizukage, where are your manners? There’s still a piece of cheese on you lip…

    Mizukage: Oh excuse me…did I get it? I should really find a new way to make fondue, this lava gets so messy sometimes.

  18. Ok i have to say…YOU DON”T EFF WITH MIZUKAGE no wonder she wants younger boys…they are so naive. Seriously she was coming on to her younger assistant person and now sasuke?

    Lol anybody else see that?

    Anyways the Teleporting Ace wants to say something

    Here is my quote of the day, or the week, or maybe even the month?

    Sasuke: Holy crap how old are you?

    Mizukage: Thats for me to know and and you to find out

    Mizukage: *No wonder I became Mizukage…I have never lost to a man*

  19. @Super: The kanji used for the two yoton’s is different.

    By the way…Sasuke is at least 16 right? So he can get married….Its all good Mizukage

  20. BUBBLE:

    Sasuke: You’re nearly hot enough to make me straight!

    Mizukage: You’re kinda cute… BUT ITACHI WAS BETTER… oooh sooo much better…..

  21. BUBBLE:

    Sasuke: Damn woman! You make me wanna spank my Monkeygoo Sharingan!

    Mizukage: PFFFT! The Mangekyou?!? You wouldn’t even know what to do with it… or me! Just ask Kakashi! Oh?!? He didn’t tell you?

  22. @Dro: LMAO, I wonder if that joke will ever get old. 😀

    @Ace: OMG, Ace dude where the hell have you been!? I haven’t seen you in like…months! Welcome back and Hinata is still mine! 😛

    @Franky: Exactly, this is stuff I’m to lazy to research myself. XD

  23. @supertrek: haha as if dude. Who would want the salad when they could have the buffet?

    @ Prawl: lol at the bubble

  24. Wacky Predictions:

    The Raikage will have to face off against a cheap impersonator:
    The Rye-Kage (bread shadow)
    The Ryekage will attack with bread-no-jutsu. The Raikage will reveal his new chainsaw-hand that Ash from Evil dead gave him.

    We’ll see Naruto ask Kakashi something about the “fated battle”

    The Mizukage will try to envelop Sasuke in her warm, moist… uh..Lava! yes, Lava! And somehow he will win.

    Danzo will send the green hornet and robin (his guards) to fight the byaku-douche from the other village – may they die easily and not take up more than a page of the issue.

    Tsuchikage will be informed that his back is broken, as are his hips, and that those bumps on his nose ARE IN FACT HERPES!

  25. @ Supertrek – The mizukage’s yoton – it’s not lava… and appears white… and… oh nevermind!

  26. BUBBLE:
    Sasuke: I think I just jizzed in my pants.

    Mizukage: He’s so cute I just want to ravage him. To think eleven chapters ago I wanted a man.

  27. @Ace: What are you trying to do make Hinata fat!? She’ll stick with the salad especially since it has the right kind of flavor and dressing on it. 😛

    @Prawl: LMAO, of course I haven’t seen you in a while either and you burst on here with craziest/funniest predictions and bubbles. XD


    Sasuke: “How old are you woman?”

    Mizukage 1: “Old enough to make you a man Sasuke-kun or at least feel like a man in an awkward position.”

    Mizukage 2: “Now lay down and let me show you why over half the boys in the Mist Village have restraining orders against me!”

  28. This weeks chapter was….

    This weeks breakdown was good 😉

  29. @supertrek: I am going to let you finish but….the battle over hinata that we had while we were on IRA was the best of all time

    Yeah tbh this weeks chapter was kinda stale and apparently Sasuke is turning into Kanye (by Kanye I mean a heartless basterd)

  30. BUBBLE:

    Mizukage 1: Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. “Yes” is the answer.

    Mizukage 2: Don’t worry my mouth is clean, except for the herpes. What you don’t like my jokes?

    Sasuke: You know, there’s a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can’t get away.

  31. BUBBLE:
    saskue: what’d you do to me last night?

    mizukkage: drugged, rapped, and took naughty pictures of you… oh, and you now have herpes.

  32. bubble:sassuke:i know what youre trying to do but im gay,mizukage1:thats what itachi said too,before he saw it,mizukage2:my gaygone no jutsu

  33. I thought the Yoton no jutsu was acid. Makes more sense in my opinion. Maybe she combined water and fire? 😀 Hmm…

  34. @CyborgFranky – “It does seem more acidic than heat based but i have been told the kanji used was very confusing. It can be read as hot water, acid, solvent, lava and probably more. Personally i think its water and fire element even though a while ago i thought that would make steam.
    We also shouldn’t get carried away with the nations elements. Mizukage doesn’t necessarily have water element and Tsuchikage doesn’t necessarily have earth. No hokage or even Naruto uses fire element but they come from the land of fire. I believe more clans proficient in an element stem from each nation, e.g. Uchiha, fire but not every person uses it.”

    If the Naruto-verse worked the way you say it did, then water and earth would not equal wood, it would equal damp earth. And water and wind would equal a tsunami or something. Or hurricane?

  35. Nice one cookie.

    This chapter was a bit of a let down IMO. Sasuke breaks Susanoo out only to break a few pillers and leg it. I was hopeing for more actions, so we could see how this Susanoo differs from Itachis (beside being spawned from emo).

    Hmmm i’m 50/50 about this Kekkai Genkai – one hand it’s not an eye doujutsu and we haven’t really seen it used in battle (could be used more versitile than spitting 😉 ), on the other – Why does it have to be a kekkai Genkai? is it so Sasuke can’t copy it or is it because Kishi is getting a little lazy and doesn’t want to explain it at length?

    I hope it goes back to Naruto next week, i’d like to see what they’re going to plan/do now. Gaara better get some more time than!!! and hopefully the raikage gets some automail.

  36. I think it’s supposed to show that more often than not the kages are people that can do something special, or have some special ability that no one else can do, except seeing as Naruto’s going to be hokage – I’m hoping seventh or eighth, he’s going to do it through hard work and enormous stamina? I don’know. XD

  37. LOL

    I havent read half the breakdown yet but instead skipped to both questions which made me laugh histericly mainly b/c so far everyone agree’s owith me on those polls.

    now ill go read breakdown!

  38. I have to admit that I didn’t think that was lava.
    I thought it was some kind of pink goo.
    And Mizukage did look evil when she talked with Sasuke.

  39. Bubble:

    Sasuke:How do you know about the Uchia, and have you met Itachi?
    Mizukage: Itachi, Itachi…just hearing his name makes my mouth drool…Those are some big shoes to fill boy….

  40. When I look at the Mizukage, she reminds me of jiraiya.I think they’ll be a perfect match 😀

  41. @Holydemonandy: Im very sorry you find my perceptions off to the point of being silly. But how is lava element made? Earth and fire. What is magma/lava? Molten (fire) rocks (earth) so i guess what i said isn’t completely idiotic. *Sigh* I was on the thought process of ice being one of the double elements so maybe steam should be too. But really if it bothered you so much you shouldn’t have said anything. Its not like any of my comment was based around it.
    As far as tsunamis, hurricanes and damn earth go, they all come across as a single jutsu while imo steam seems more versatile as a whole element (look at smokers powers from one piece)

  42. @CyborgFranky Meh. X.o; Sorry about that – and you’re right. :O The thought process makes sense as far as I can see. :l

  43. BUBBLE
    In English Style, LEFT TO RIGHT.

    Mizukage 1: I am Robin Swallows.
    Mizukage 2: Middle Name Spits, Mmmm.
    Sasuke: Well which is it Baby? Spits or Swallows?

  44. Bubble

    sasuke: oh mizukage-sama , so good
    Mizukage: *slirp*, although is small…
    Mizukage: It tastes really good…

  45. About Raikage’s arm what if its like Pains Jutsu how he used too make them sticks and piercings the ones metted with Chakra.
    What if Raikages new arm is his Blood and Chakra turned incredibly hard if it breaks he can remake it.
    I think it would be cool he could proberly shape it like Venom or Carnage does in Marvel comics.

  46. @lelul: Have you ever read the manga “deadman’s wonderland” because they have the exact same power you are suggesting where they can mold their blood into a certain form or weapon depending on their brand of sin. The problem with this power in both cases is that the user is limited to the amount of blood in their body so if used too much in one day they would either blackout or die from the lack of blood.

  47. @doomien: No I havnt read “deadmans wonderland” But it sounds preety cool I might look it up. Now that you mention it the only person in any manga I think capable of this would be this guy I forget his name elray something along those lines its on the tip of my tongue but in this manga its D.grey man there is this guy elray and he has a parasite innosence-(im not sure if I spelt that right) its a type of weapon all of them have but anyway he gets stabbed alot in one issue and all the blood from his body comes out and he is his blood in human form and he hardens and shapshifts and stuff.

    That would be preety cool if Raikage can do what we suppose he can it wouldnt be half bad if thats what Kishi decided. The concept sounds preety cool, Ill look that manga up you were talking about it sounds preety good.

  48. LMFAO! You got sand in my Amaterasu! that just made my day!

    Sasuke- The FUCK lady, i was okay with the beans, but did ya HAVE to bite the frank too?

    Mizukage- Ah well, since you’re gay, it’s probably better to die from genital blood loss rather than HIV right?
    Though you were really really small, i mean, REALLY small, heck even I’M bigger than THAT!

  49. Hmm thinking about it more, the 4 tails jinchuuriki is from iwagakure so the chance lava element is related to the mizukage is real slim.

  50. Unless he went to Kirigakure and got his freak on 🙂

  51. That dirty old man! 😉

  52. To put it bluntly I really dont believe the 4th Bijuu and the Mizukage jutsu are the same though in the anime Kisame said the 4th bijuu tech was a erosion technique, and the mizukage tech looks like goo if it was lava it would look like the Lava DP user in OP. And if it was acid it should be more of a liquid spray like water, that artwork looks like spoof that burns so its a bloodline limit it could be anything Kimimaro had a blood line limit his bones could grow what element is that we dont know but blood line limits are supposed impossibly unique. I guess some bloodline limits are elemental but I dont think they, All Have To Be!
    Just saying..Or he could of just got his freak on.

  53. Well of course not all bloodline limits are elemental. All dojutsu are bloodlines and as you say Kimimaro as well. The thing is the ‘ton’ suffix translates as element/release so yoton is ‘something release.’ If you are comparing to one piece then it clearly looks more like Magallens poison powers than Akainus magma. The wall also comes away unscathed. What you said agreed with what i said the acid part aside.

  54. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannd next up:

    Sasuke versus every strong ninja in the whole entire world at the same time….

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand guess what???

    HE WINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sigh…enough said.

  55. BUBBLE:
    Sasuke: You have a sharinggan behind your fucking hair don’t you?!
    Mizukage: Yes! Bc everyone in this world who covers there eye means they have a damn sharingan

  56. ^^ jdizzlex’s bubble FTW cause its so true lol.

  57. Speaking of that eye dammit why is it hidden behind her hair like that!? Kishi’s hiding something and if it turns out to be another doujutsu I’m kicking ass! Ok, I won’t kick ass but I’ll rant long enough until someone wants to kick my ass. 😉

    I wonder if Sasuke will beat the Mizukage after fighting the Raikage or will Chojuuro (the swordsman) step in if need be. As for Karin…she’s useless…fighting wise at least.

    I wonder if Sasuke is really feeling that bad of a chakra drain everyone keeps talking about on the blog. It hasn’t been commented on in the manga and Sasuke looks pumped up and still ready to fight when confronted by the Mizukage. He doesn’t look tired at all to tell you the truth; sure a little roughed up but not panting and chakra deprived.

  58. Karin can transfer her chakra with a bite cant she? Since she is useless at all else she might as well give the gay guy a fresh start. I think there were some clouds outside too so if Sasuke blows the roof we may see a Kirin.

  59. guys u have to watch this week’s anime….soo sad…

  60. @everyone it wouldnt be surprising is it was lava release. the second hokage was a water specialist. but i think it is more like acid.

    is it me or is sasuke once again showing he isnt madara’s pawn. he was sent to kill all 5 kage but he is only interested in killing danzo.

    also does anyone notice in this manga how much conflict could be solved with a little communication. ill put into script what might happen with communication.

    sasuke: i’m here to kill danzou and your brother is alive raikage.

    raikage: oh good danzou is that way do as you wish.

    gaara: need help raikage. oh, he is here for danzou go ahead.

    tsuchikage: fine with me my back is killing me.

    mizukage: your cute. i don’t care for danzou kill the bastard.

    Danzou: guys i’m right here.

    mizukage: guys!? (goes into crazy rage and kills danzou) oops 🙂

  61. @cyborg i think kimmimaru’s bones are light manipulation? i think kakashi said this in the anime when he explains to naruto about nature manipulations.

  62. Actually i dont think kakashi explained light and dark elemental manipulation because they were far more complicated than the others and it would confuse naruto ;). Yet another element in the story left half-done.

  63. @omar: Great anime epi, everyone should watch =)

    The Anime has been great lately =)

  64. Great Breakdown!!!!!

    @ Fanboi & Omar: ‘Twas a great animé episode indeed, so sad… I liked the part where nagato, pain and Konan were showing Jiraiya their jutsu – I can’t wait till more of the manga comes to life ^_^

    @ Senju07: My thoughts exactly, so true what you said – just a little communication at the beginning could have prevented all of this. Sasuke acted like a hothead rushing in like that :-S

    @ Supertrek89: Sasuke has been defying logic since Kishi-san has been making him do such miraculous feats. I’m still waiting for him to show signs of chakra depletion. Imagine that in the fight with deidara he did not even use that many techs but he was panting and depleted at the end
    but now it’s like he’s not even depleted after throwing around so many techs? I’m confused, did he get an upgrade between then and now? Haha “upgrade” I’m talking like sasuke’s a car lol >_> 0_o

  65. the next few chapters will certainly affirm how the next generation is so much stronger than the previous… 5 on 1?

    btw, no anime breakdown yet? 😉

  66. @angel: hell yeah i loved that part lol, had to watch it again it was so cool =) Nagatos red hair isnt as bad as i orginally thought.

    About the manga, Sasuke should get his ass handed to him by Mizukage. I mean, he cant keep taking down Kages one by one…right? xD

    Also ill be the first to call it, Ao will get ambushed by Danzo and Co.

  67. Yea, Ao is definitely gonna be ambushed by Danzo. And if that doesn’t happen, whenever he meets up with Danzo, his two boys will fight him.
    I’m getting mad at Kishi at this point cause I want Naruto to come back on the scene! Is Naruto gonna get to fight Sasuke or is Sasuke gonna get away like always and Naruto fume about missing his chance? To be honest, I just really want to see some tailed-fox+sage mode action soon!

  68. @Senju: If i remember right, Kimimaro’s ability is nothing ninja related. He had complete control over his osteoblasts and osteoclasts so could control bone growth and decay at his whim.

  69. I didnt notice until that ninja got his head cut but those were all pain in the flesh.
    I thought Hanzo also would of had cursed eyes I thought they were dark in the manga.
    And Damn jiraiya was cool proberly make a AMV outta that footage.

  70. @Marlboroman: Just your name had tempted me for a smoke. I agree with what you say but I hope kakashi and them run into Danzou before sasuke some MS action is gonna get kick started.

  71. This battle has got to end quickly IMO. Sasuke has used a ton of MS techs and seems fine, yet we all know how much it’ll fuck up his eyes in the long run. Unless Karin helped him out, I’m guessing he’s low on chakra as well – so why is he wasting his time with the Mizukage?

    In all likelyhood i’m thinking that he’ll re-group with team Hawk (that is if Suigetsu still want’s to be apart of the team) and return to an Akatsuki headquarters.

    However there is still a few unanswered questions – what was Madara trying to achieve by making Zetsu spill the beans? Is Zetsu only going to have one personality now? Why would Madara risk the chance of Sasuke dying (i have a theory that this is all working towards sasuke attaining Gedou Mazo but i digress). ANSWERS please Kishi

  72. i too don’t understand what was the point of having zetsu just jump out during the meeting…and i bet Ao will get killed or at least beaten up by Danzou.
    i also think that madara’s plan has to do with sasuke but i can’t put my finger on it yet…but i don’t think it has to do with the gedou maso.
    @senju07: lol! so true!

  73. I thought Sharigan eye techs as powerful as they are use up little chakra, but for someone like kakashi it takes up tremendous amouts because he isnt uchiha. Example Nagato had the best eye techs and used tons of techs, I know he had alot of chakra but just to make sure do we agree Nagato had bijuu lvl chakra cause if not the bloodline limit eye techs are powerful but needed minimal chakra.

    I think sasuke is just about done spamming his eye techs they should make out his eyes are alittle sore and he start using some ninjutsu to the best lvl he can use and if need be take out the noobs with a tsyukomi. Then suck on Kirin for some more juice then start using eye techs once he gets too Danzou.

  74. Well I must add my part before I leave 8)

    Teehehe watching the anime now, pretty good so far 😦 I don’t want him to die 😦 PLYWOOD FTEW, LMAO and then he gets sucked into the toad world… Yeah I will avoid narrating as I watch 😛 Though Toad world is pretty darn bright and you get that team rocket vibe when he throws the snake into the air xD EPIC

    @Angel: Or he could of just hacked his teeth into Karin’s arm while she was walking innocently beside him.. Why else do you think she is so scared? 😉 But seriously, he is defying logic here. Where is his chakra loss? Or is he just ignoring it so he can kill Danzou.

    Well anyway it would be so typical if Chojuuro turns out to be Suigetsu’s brother.

    @fanboi: He technically didn’t take any Kage down yet. The only thing he did take down was the roof

    @Mud: I do recall him telling her not to get in his way (Mizukage that is) He could of been doing that because he was actually low in chakra. As for Gedo Mazo, I agree. But it would be to tempt him with more power so he could take down all the kages. Or because Sasuke may get to battle Danzou yet and gets his ass pwned. Join the Gedo Mazo side, we have power… Just has a Sasuke ring to it.

    @Pain: I wouldn’t agree. Ao has had a lot of battle experience so he could have that advantage against Danzou’s lackies. He has also faced against Shisui’s sharingan before and survived so this is another advantage to him. But he would most likely get get his ass kicked -__- Logic never seems to work in Naruto anymore

    @Lelulalilo: Sasuke has a large amount of chakra anyway. Kakashi said it near the start of the manga. But even still, Sasuke will lose a lot of chakra. Kirin might work because it technically doesn’t take up any chakra because he is using actual nature. But Mizukage might have some crazy fire eating power or Raikage could walk in a absorb the lightning:P Leaving Sasuke flabbergast and slightly frustrated because his best techniques have been bested! Not that he isn’t that already hehe 😀

  75. @Angel: Ja, he had an upgrade alright. The battle with Deidara was before he received Itachi’s powers. Also Sasuke seems to be running on not only his normal chakra but a vast amount of ‘dark’ (evil?) chakra. I don’t know if his regular chakra just turned dark or if he unlocked some kind of hidden dark Uchiha vengeful chakra within the depths of his emo soul.

    @Fanboi: I could see Ao getting his ass kicked but it’s kinda hard to ambush someone wielding Byakugan. If he’s chasing down Danzou I suspect he’d have it activated.

    @Mudshovel: Yes, answers would be nice but Kishi probably won’t answer all of them until the chasing and rubble has settled down a bit.

  76. Bubble:

    Sasuke: Nothing you say will change my mind, I love boys only

    Misukage: Are you sure, it’s very good when I remove my teeth

  77. ok, i realize how incredibly off topic and random this is, but it’s been bugging me so i’m going to ask anyway. and if this question has already been answered then i apologize.

    i was re-reading the manga the other day and i was at the part where shippuuden just started and naruto and sakura first see sasuke. and he was about to use a technique on them when oro stopped him.. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/309/14/ and it hit me that it looked a lot like he was about to use “kirin” from when he fought itachi

    thoughts or comments would be much appreciated 🙂

  78. @ eatencookie: HAHA That part in the anime was so funny I so got that Team Rocket vibe with the snake! And the snake looked like Ekans too lmao! http://pokelibrary.com/images/pokemon/ekans.jpg I was just waiting for the star after he threw it 😀

    Oh and as for sasuke it is so odd with his everlasting chakra, but as i read supertrek89’s comment, it makes sense now: maybe this whole dark chakra thing is giving him some kind of boost, no wonder they kept mentioning it in the manga, probably so we could link it. And poor karin, no wonder she looks like she wants to bolt! She’s like the prime steak at dinner time and he’s the one eating lol!

    @ supertrek89: thanks for the response! That whole dark chakra theory makes sense – more sense than the fact that i was starting to wonder if the Energizer Bunny is his Bijuu (j/k) LMAO 😛

  79. @dish11 you are absolutely right about that.Sasuke was indeed about to use Kirin on them.

  80. Hmm I always wanted to grumble that there weren’t any clouds in the sky then but never got the chance…

  81. @CyborgFranky Sasuke could make the clouds with fire release.Anyways I decided that this was kirin on the sole fact that Sasuke raised his hand the same way he did when he really used it in the fight against Itachi but then again I could always be wrong.I guess we will never know for sure.

  82. No, no. I think you’re right too. I just wanted to have a go at Kishi for inconsistancy sinse Sasuke was ready to do the jutsu but hadn’t made any clouds yet ^^

  83. Yeah I too remembered when I watched the anime that it was somehow strange there are no clouds but when you have to draw so many different pictures it is easy to miss a detail or two.

  84. Yea when kishi made so much effort too describe the kirin attack with the clouds there wasnt any clouds it sure could of been kirin though.
    At the time when he was about to do it I thought that maybe Sasuke had his very own lightning Rasengan, I know maybe he doesnt but it would require alot of chakra and he raises his hand like naruto does and could of shot off a few or just the one, and that could of wiped them all out kirin is meant for 1 person I dont think it could of blasted all of them but who knows it could of jumped.
    The fact that he hasnt used this tech could mean that its his ultimate trump card but I really can say that he has the tech but it would be awesome if he did have such a tech because he was away for 3yrs the time too learn it plus with his sharigan could of taken it to the next lvl because he is so good at lightning manipulation.
    Inconclusive speculation but somewhere down the track I will say sasuke will have the rasengan tech.

  85. ok is it just me, or is the raikage a pussy? I love how he hid behind the walls upon seeing susano’o. That was actually the first time he thought before attacking, and when he actually did think he found out he was a big, fat pussy, then decided to stay behind the walls, allowing shii to sound the retreat cry to the darui and the rest of them. Pathetic for a raikage.

  86. Sheesh what is it you want from the guy? A dropkick on susano’o? We have seen he is a melee fighter that uses ninjutsu as a back up. Raikage got torn a new one for attacking through the mimi susano’o but this time thought he better not stick his wet finger in the preverbial plug socket. i think ‘tactical retreat’ is the only thing similar fighters like Gai or Lee could do.

    @Lelu: Hmm it would be interesting but Sasuke would have used it on Itachi if he had it. Not to mention Sasuke cant do shadow clones so he cant look left and right at the same time. I also think Kakashi mentioned Naruto being one of very few who could use clones like that.
    What i have wondered recently is whether someone, say Kakashi, could add lighting nature to Narutos rasengan to make a lighting version of rasenshuriken (though it probably wouldn’t be a shuriken)

  87. i get the feeling Fu would have to fight Aoi, given Fu’s the sensor type, would be able to sense Aoi’s chakra and wait back to delay Aoi while danzou and Aoi get away. I also get the feeling Fu might shit-kick Aoi.

  88. @total: I agree Sasuke cleary owned Raikage, Everyone of raikage’s attacks did nothing only his elbow connected to his face and after that he would of been krispy kream. If Gaara didnt step in Raikage would be dead. And your right when he noticed susanoo he should of understood that he was no match for him, Raikage is just a Taijutsu fighter with physical lighting jutsu nothing special.
    Gaara is more of a specialist when it comes too conflicts, Mizukage I hope she atleast does something to Sasuke, That Earth Kage I think he has something hidden besides his sore ass hips. I think Danzou is a Strategist he would have no problem with sasuke I imagine allready his wind attacks nullify lighting based attacks.

  89. @cyborgfranky: Yeah i just thought he was the type to rush into any situation because he never thinks. But this time he thinks “tactically” and decides he’s a pussy and so should hide behind the rocks. Very funny for me.

  90. @cyborgfrank: Yea I getcha like A team mate just push the elemental manipulation into his rasengan and he uses it.

  91. @cyborg: About the rasengan thing, there’s no way kakashi would be able to add his elemental manipulation to rasengan because he already said it needed a lot of chakra and it was a technique only naruto could do because of his huge chakra reserves.

  92. @total: I only think it uses alot of chakra because he makes it so dense and power that he is able to throw it if he just did it normal then he could just push it into something.

  93. Meh, you’re probably right. I just hope Naruto gets another element and makes a new rasengan. Hopefully water…Since it would be a bitch slap to Sasuke.

  94. from the look of things, it seems no one would be able to trump sasuke’s susanoo, except naruto. I’m eager to see how naruto prevails in that situation. Would that fall on the power itachi gave naruto? Did itachi know something about the invincible nature of susanoo that he thought it wise to arm naruto up for that? Maybe gaara’s rhetorical question to naruto “Naruto, what would you have done?” is all related.

  95. ok…i see some people want answers to the moon’s eye plan. I’ll give my version, and then let you all release amaterasu, susanoo, chibaku tensei, FRS and Kirin on me once i’m done.

    There’s this theory that says madara plans on cracking the moon created by the sage of the six paths to release “something” in the moon necessary to his achieving perfection. Well that’s just one of those hurriedly rushed theories.

    Well in my case, i reckon the “moon eye’s plan”, as was put in inverted commas, is a secondary step to a primary objective if you get what i mean, just to kinda prep you up.

    First of all, madara said naruto threw a “wrench to his plans”. Secondly, madara talks about “not syncing sasuke with the gedo mazo for a while, but waiting to see how it goes”. He also talks about how sasuke could become stronger than nagato, but needs to be controlled. Hence the moon eye’s plan has facets. Madara plans on having sasuke becoming strong. That way, with the kinda of battles madara is pushing sasuke into, sasuke would begin to see the need to obtain the EMS. Hence madara sending zetsu on his betrayal mission. With sasuke gradually giving in to the darkness within and going through progressive battles, he would definitely se the need to obtain the EMS, which makes him twice as strong i believe, and a necessary step to syncing with the Gedo Mazo(obviously you have to be monstrously strong to handle the horrible chakras that horrifying statue possesses). Madara also talked about using the right techniques to manipulate the darkness in the heart of men. I believe he already wants to have sasuke be his puppet once he’s attained that strength. That way, with sasuke syncing with the statue, his attaining perfection would be assured.

    Again, and most importantly i think the “moon eye’s plan” serves as a distraction. Madara told sasuke that because of what him and pain did, the kages are holding a summit. Madara knew the topic was going to be on akatsuki, and with the successful conclusion of the summit, the hunt for akatsuki was going to be the hot topic in the summit’s manifesto. Hence his aim was

    – to ensure the unsuccessful completion of the summit. That way, he could sow discord into the minds of the kages, discord enough to even cause internal conflict and chaos, maybe leading to a ninja world war.(with the way things are going, raikage is already blaming danzo for a lot of misdeeds, mizukage is trying to cross the similarity between danzo’s technique and the one that controlled yondaime mizukage, tsuchikage is proving his ability to be an annoying, senile git, so things might just be working out as madara has them planned out.

    – to attack the those hunting akatsuki and sasuke with the element of surprise. Sometimes attacking with the element of surprise could give the invader the upper hand, and madara was counting on the fact his “attack” would be seen as impromptu by the summit. It’s like British military personnel drawing the schematics for airsrikes on terrorist base, and while in the drawing room they find out terrorists are already making a move to hit the room with their plan unfinished. That would hit them hard. That’s what i mean. By using that element, madara has succeeded in keeping the kages guessing, plus he has most importantly succeeded in keeping himself off the radar, giving him enough time to implement his real aim of achieving perfection. Plus, while using sasuke to do his dirty job, he shifts the gaze/focus on sasuke, making him the evil genius instead of himself, plus with that gaze on sasuke he makes sasuke understand that to handle all that negative attention he’ll have to get stronger than he is now. Off course sasuke getting stronger benefits madara more as he gets to sync with the gedo mazo and also speed up madara’s process of achieving perfection. Hence the moon eye’s plan being a secondary step to a primary objective.

    Bring on all you’ve got….i have something stronger than susanoo to reflect all the jutsu you all have.

  96. Oh no!!!!! Total has cookie’s powers!!!!! >_<
    AS for your theory, very detailed and logical. You should hide if in case kishi decides to use it instead of coming up with ideas himself 😉

  97. @Total: That definitely would explain why Madara threw Sasuke to the lions. There’s nothing like training someone to get stronger than pitting him up against 5 Kages and a neutral country. Also, you’re probably right when you say Madara is doing all this on purpose to draw out the dark chakra in Sasuke. He wants Sasuke to get stronger not only to snyc with Gedo Mazo but to beat the shit out of Naruto, and the only way to do that is to make him draw on the Uchiha’s greatest weapon. HATE!!! O_O It’s like a power source…the sun is to Superman as hate is to Sasuke…>_>

    Still, I do believe the ‘Moon’s Eye Plan’ is the main objective as I believe it is the plan that will lead to Madara obtaining the ‘Perfect Body’. In fact, I believe Sasuke proving the Uchiha’s worth by beating Naruto is actually the secondary objective in the overall scheme of things. Madara is selfish and obtaining the ‘Perfect Body’ would make him the ultimate ninja and he could prove the Uchiha’s worth by himself. He’s just using Sasuke as a distraction and a means to obtain that ‘Perfect Body’. Hell, I think he’s using all of Akatsuki just to obtain this ‘Perfect Body’ so he can live forever as the immortal ninja with supreme power. Then he can raise the Uchiha to the power they once were before. Hence, the ‘Moon’s Eye Plan’ would make the most sense to be his main objective as he states to Kakashi, Yamato, and Naruto that obtaining the ‘Perfect Body’ is his goal.

  98. @to63to- ahh thankyou, that’s what i assumed too but i was just wondering what other people thought.

    so i sasuke going to have to fight EVERY SINGLE kage before he leaves the summit…? this could be a rediculously drawn out battle if that’s what ends up happening.

  99. Well Ace is now about to jump in the mix this time

    @totalitarion: Dude I haven’t heard your theories in a while (mostly cause I haven’t been on). But anyways I believe your theories are correct, but except for the one that he is going to fight all of the Kage’s. I don’t think that is going to happen, but 3/5 is good enough (Gaara, Mizukage, and Raikage). I also believe when Gaara steps in that is when Naruto and the gang will finally intervene with the fight…

    I believe this is now finally the climax of not only this arc, but this entire series….I think it is soon about to come to an end

    but thats just me guessing and speculating.

  100. @ Ace

    I think you should not forget about Tsuchikage, i think the old man got something hide in it sleeve, like a sage jutsu or something like that. Because it suspicious how the nose of tsuchikage look to the nose of jiraiya in sage mode and we don’t have to forget he probably kage for good reason


  101. @jay: yeah he could end up being just like the third hokage….grandpa is going to kick some ass! hopefully

  102. This is to all the people talking about naruto getting a new element and I agree with the people who say he will get water bc the name is naruto: shippuden which translates to naruto: hurricane chornicles and this coulf have nothing to do with it but i think he will be able to make a seperate water ressangan and then make then hit the target at the same time and creating some kind of hurricane ressangan

  103. Water and Air complement each other nicely so that mix would work. Hopefully Naruto didnt show us everything in his Pain fight.

    @super: Byakugan still needs a Line of Sight to see. Thats why Neji couldnt find Kidomaru in the forest during their fight. I agree thats its useful somewhat for sniffing out ambushes but Aos up against 2 Jonin level shinobi and a kage which some people might think of as the weakest (to their defense he is running away from a 16 year old emo right now) but in my opinion is heavily underated.

    @cookie: lol your right, he hasnt really beat one but it just pisses me off how he keeps on going from one to another. These are supposed to be the most powerful shinobi alive.

    I would appreciate it if Kishi had Mizukage finally end his rant. Give the kages some respect.

  104. @ace: Yeah matey, thanks. however i never said sasuke i meant to fight all the kages. I’m saying sasuke is being dragged into this situation by madara so he can realise the urgent need t be stronger, which would come to be of gain to madara.

    @supertrek: Got ya, but if attaining perfection is his main objective, which we all know, then the moon’s eye plan is a means to that. Given that’s the situation, i like to term it as secondary, since his main objective is attaining the perfect body, and the moon’s eye plan is supposed to facilitate that. That’s why it’s called a plan in the first place, because a plan facilitates and drives to a major objective. A plan is more like a phase to achieving an objective, and a plan works toward an objective. A plan tells you how you intend to go about achieving and accomplishing a set-target. E.g. you want to have a huge bank account. How do you go about that? You save, or diversify income sources. Now that’s a plan, saving/increasing income outlets to have an improved bank account. The process of achieving that improved bank account means you have to sacrifice many expenditure alternatives to save. Simply put, the moon’s eye plan is a step to the main objective, achieving perfection.

    And yes you’re definitely right about him using akatsuki to achieving this aim. Akatsuki is a means to an end. Sasuke, however, though his plaything, is more important as he plans on using sasuke to “revive” the uchiha clan.

  105. @ace: Sorry i was going to say i never said sasuke “was” meant to fight all the kages.

  106. Naruto ナルト 466 Spoiler
    Source : 2ch
    Verication : Confirmed
    Credits : Nja


    水影VSサスケ 溶遁・溶解の術をスサノオで防ぐがヒラメカレイの一撃を喰らい

    血系限界?wを2つもつ水影さま 沸遁 なんとか〜
    チャクラを使い切り腕が溶け始めたところに ゼツの胞子の術で水影様の体から
    ゼツが生え始めチャクラを吸い取り サスケと融合チャクラが復活し密室をスサノオで破壊し
    脱出 土影・付き人どももゼツに縛られているが 土影 ワイらもやるかと
    ゼツから脱出し 分子レベルまで分解してしまう術をサスケにかけサスケを消し去ってしまう



    お前らに 月の眼計画 の話を聞いて貰いたくてここにきた

    見たいなところを言ったところで 完です

    English Translation by shounensuki @NF

    Mizukage VS Sasuke: Sasuke uses Susanoo to defend against the Mizukage’s Lava Release: Dissolution Technique¹, but takes a hit from Hiramekarei.
    He flies back and is locked in a room with the Mizukage

    It looks like the Mizukage has two kekkei genkai: something called Boil Release
    She uses this to create a strongly acidic mist from her mouth to try and melt Sasuke…
    Out of chakra, his arm begins to melt, but at that moment Zetsu uses his Spore Technique³ to grow out of the Mizukage’s body and suck up her chakra. Sasuke is revived with fusing chakra and the locked room is destroyed by Susanoo.
    They escape – Zetsu binds the Tsuchikage and his attendant, but the Tsuchikage says: “Shall we get involved too then”
    They escape from Zetsu. A technique is fired at Sasuke that would disassemble him at the molecular level, but Sasuke has disappeared.

    Then the Raikage and Gaara enter the conference room

    Then Madara appears, carrying Sasuke on his shoulder

    I came here to tell you a story about the “Eye of the Moon plan”

    ¹ Youton: Youkai no Jutsu (溶遁・溶解の術)
    ² Futton or Futsuton (沸遁)
    ³ Houshi no Jutsu (胞子の術)


    サスケは分解されて カリンも サスケのチャクラが消えちまった… 見たいな事
    言ってたんだけど その後 マダラが服着たサスケを背負って登場って感じです

    酸で結局溶けたのはサスケの右腕の皮だけですかね… それを見て サスケが 酸の霧か… っていってたから


    from Shounensuki about the additional info though not full translation yet.there is still to come

    It seems the acid did melt away the skin of Sasuke’s right arm… Seeing that, Sasuke goes “acid mist…?” and summons Susanoo to guard him against the acid, but all the cells in his body start to hurt…”
    from the second spoiler regarding the cellular lv attack at the end of the chapter by apperantly the Mizukage

    I think Sasuke was hit by the attack and did get hurt, but Madara saved him from the full effect

    白ゼツの方です 水影の体に巻き付いた白ゼツが
    俺の胞子の術すら気がつかなかったか…五影もたいしたことないな っていい
    水影のチャクラを奪い サスケにチャクラを渡しにいった


    カリンが サスケの…の後
    土影が お前もすぐ後を追うんじゃ〜 見たいな事いってました


    土影 もう分解しちまったぞいあんなやつにデイダラはやられたんか


    計画話してお前らの意見も聞いてみたい って感じだったと思う><

    Credits : yasha @NF
    Karin says Sasuke’s chakra is vanishing.

    The acid only got his right arm’s skin. He blocked it with Susano’o.

    Every cell in his body is screaming in pain. If an incomplete Susano’o takes such a toll, what kind of suffering had Itachi been through?

    Sasuke almost dies, he stays alive because of his pride

    Trivia : Yoton no jutsu is a high level nature manipulation technique with the combination of water and earth element to create a torrent of candle

  107. source : http://www.mangaspoiler.com/naruto-%E3%83%8A%E3%83%AB%E3%83%88-466-spoiler/

    sorry for double post and i about completely agree with you total

  108. Well certainly sounds plausible.Up intil now the really cool looking spoilers were more than wrong.

    If this spoiler is true it looks like Sasuke is out of chakra(about time) and the Mizukage is more than a lovely lady. ;D

  109. if this spoiler is true then i will go crazy. i think zetsu is awesome so if i finally get to see some of his abilities i will yell in caps with joy 🙂

    and if that spoiler is fake and i dont get to see zetsu in action i will find the person who wrote the spoiler(not you ahsan) and destroy them.

  110. @jdizzle i was going to post that same thought thats what i think will happen. hurricane would be better than a whirlpool.

  111. Well if Naruto got water element couldn’t he do all kinds of cool combinations like that water typhoon him and Yamato made to stop Kakuzu’s fire attack? Just using shadow clones instead…It’d be so cool.
    I doubt he could do two rasenshurikens/other element equivilent since he only has 3 clones to play around with when in sage mode. Or can he make more as long as he doesn’t have clones gathering natural chakra somewhere?…Im not sure now -_-

  112. @cyborg maybe he can now that he can use kyuubi+sage chakra at the same that would make that easier.

  113. @holy are you saying that the 3rd hokage’s fire attack wasnt fire?

  114. @Franky: I think he can make 3 clones at a time while 2 more are gathering Sage Chakra back at Myobokuzan. He makes two clones at the very beginning of the fight with Pein and he still has the two other clones gathering Sage chakra.


    So basically he had 4 clones out at one time (2 in Myobokuzan and 2 on the battlefield). He says here he can use 3 clones to help him fight while away from Myobokuzan.


    So if he can have 4 clones out while in Sage Mode we know the limit isn’t 3. The 3 clone limit is just at the point where it almost interferes with the 2 clones gathering Sage Chakra back at Myobokuzan. Any more than 3 and the clones can’t gather Sage Chakra. In conclusion if those two clones weren’t being focused on to gather Sage Chakra Naruto could create 1,000 clones in Sage Mode just like he does in regular mode. @_@

  115. Heh heh heh… *maniacal chuckle continues*

    Boy, I love those spoilers. X) It’s about time Sassykay runs out of chakra and has his butt kicked (by the Hot Mamacita no less).

    … But now I began thinking about WHY IN THE WORLD would Madara start revealing his plan to the Kages (minus Danzo, Raikage, Gaara… well, basically to the Tsuchikage >_> ). Does that mean that the Moon’s Eye plan is already being carried out and nothing can stop it, or maybe it’s ready and it’s “so good” that nothing can stop it? God, superviallains are such complicated people. -.-



    NO SIGN OF THEM????????????????????

  117. @dynamic: Well, it says Gaara and Raikage are there to hear the plan. I think hes gunna turn them against Konoha. Don’t really know why, i mean hes already destroyed it. Im thinking this will spark a Kumo-Kono war.

  118. OK, so zetsu pops out of nowhere and licks mizukage boobs out of chakra. Is it the black or white zetsu? What’s happened to the mizukage as a result? What does the spoiler writer mean by zetsu binding the tsuchikage and his attendant? Fine i get the tsuchikage and his attendant escaping from zetsu, but are they still the ones who fired the attack on sasuke aimed at dissembling him at molecular level? This spoiler sounds cool, but not detailed enough.

    @damien: Yes the moon’s eye plan is on-going, and from the look of the situation it is insurmountable.

  119. @Ahsan

    Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato might be “tucked” in bed in the midst of chaos.. lol

  120. lol i dont actually miss naruto and them at all. im tired of seeing naruto there are other characters. if the spoilers are true then naruto will once again arrive late then whine about and go back home. lets see some kisame vs killerbee or under tobi’s mask. does anyone else think that if tobi reveals his plans that he will also remove his mask if he is tired of being careful. i mean not alot of peoplke would recognize his face anyways.

    and did i read in an earlier post that the 3rd hokage had all 5 chakra manipulations lol why is there such confusion about that mman he had earth and fire.

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  122. @Senju: Exactly what I’m thinking. It wouldn’t help for Madara to only place half of the Kyuubi into the statue or the balance would be thrown off. That’s why I believe Madara has a way to retrieve the other half sealed away in the shinigami. It wouldn’t surprise me if he knew only half of the Kyuubi’s chakra was sealed away inside of Naruto.

  123. @super maybe that was what naraku pain’s ability was for and would explain why tobi was so upset about it.

    but that shouldnt be a problem as the rinnegan was aparrently easy to put into other bodies i wouldnt be surprised if tobi’s other eye was a rinnegan.

  124. or was it nagato’s. it was one of them.

  125. @all: im disappointed that u all overread my posts.
    the moons eye plan has something to do with his missing eye.
    i dunno the requirements to get his eye back, but ask yaself:
    why did minato split the chakra of the kyuubi?
    and i remember the strange thing about yin and yang chakra and “controlling the double MS”, it seems theres a coincidende with yin and yang and the 2 MS eyes. 1 uses genjutsu and 1 ninjutsu, together it creates susanoo. only 1 sharingan seems to limit the abilities of a user. example: tobi (having only the left eye) can teleport himself and kakashi (has only the right eye) can only beam things into another dimension. isnt that strange?
    i think minato sealed away half of madaras chakra together with kyuubis and sealed the other half into naruto, jiraiya said to gerotora so that naruto can use “that” jutsu, i guess there has to be more than rasengan 😉 ) and sealing this half of chakra in him has another meaning, just to prevent tobi gaining this “perfect body”.
    i just dunno if he wants sumthing from the moon, i think the plan only refers to the sharingan.

  126. @salamiyo: I havnt read any posts Im trying to not read the manga for three weeks so im avoiding spoilers but what I think your saying was very interesting good idea and concept about the Sharigan I know what your saying about the double and its power to control, I dont think Ive seen Madara control any beasts and it could be that he cant cause he needs the power of both eyes I guess he proberly does have another sharigan eye but it doesnt work because like you say Minato split his chakra and power.

    Do you think that Maybe the Chakra of the Fox and of Tobis Sharigan ability was sealed along with the Fox inside Naruto, And something I want too hear your opinion on aswell do you think that because of the one Half of sharigan inside naruto from Tobis madaras chakra and Itachis power that he put inside of Naruto could he be able to use a power similiar to the Double MS like Control a tailed beast or something else for him to pull a susano out of nowhere would be over kill but the power to control a beast that would work in his advantage agaisnt the Fox.

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    And here are my counter arguments from WRA
    – If itachi gave naruto susano’o aor the sword of totsuka or iata’s mirror , he couldn’t have used them in he’s fight against sasuke.

    – Susano’o is the MS highest tech and Naruto dosen’t have the sharingan

    I’me just asking what the hell did itachi left behimd and if he had a trump card higher then Susano’o what in the word was it ????

    Itach said that if Sasuke would come to destroy konoha Naruto wouldn’t stand a chance agaist him without the power he gave him, so this is a two part question, How strong was itachi at full power and if he was a strong as i think he was why the hell didn’t he stand up to madara.

    And i got an answer to that 2 madara said ” i’ve kept some secrets even from itachi” so i’me guessing that madara allready knew what itachi was like at full power.

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    @hellyeahjay that’s not flying … it’s falling with grace 😉

  155. @Franky: Oh, Tobi can definitely attack and he packs quite the punch…or kick.


    @Eugen: I don’t think it’s a sharingan attack because you need a sharingan in order to use a…sharingan tech.

    Whatever it was Itachi gave to Naruto he hoped he would never have to use it and it was a “power” which won’t allow me to believe it’s a memory of what really happened or anything like that.


    I believe it’s a power to defend against a MS techique or a power to hurt Sasuke when Naruto is confronted with the MS. That’s why Itachi said he hoped he would never have to use it because either way Sasuke was aiming to kill Naruto (which is bad beacuse then Sasuke would have gone off the deep end) or Naruto has to hurt Sasuke.

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