Soul Eater Manga Breakdown 64 – Readiness

Yo. No introductions let’s get into this. Soul Eater has returned to I-WRA. Last chapter (63) was the beginning to training SPATROI. Soul has finally become a Death Scythe, Kid is off in wonderland, and Black Star should be but won’t remain in the standard recovery zone for SKIGF. (Student’s kicked in Groin.) Just remember that can happen at ANY TIME, and that’s during a fair fight.  Maka’s soul takes after the Gigori Form, and together with Soul embark on a series but not limited, humorous yet sexual reference you know the sort she atop of her and he upon her, Maka riding Soul and broom between the legs. Meanwhile Black Star spars with Stein, Patty has the restraint of a blind man and Tsubaki acts as substitute monster.  63 end with Gopher’s mission to assassinate Maka. Spirit cuts off to lead into the next chapter.

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  • (1)  Maka (Grigori) + Soul (Death Scythe) =  Demon Wings
  • (2) Patty, the aim of the blind, deaf and incapable yet range of a sniper  (Can you say Rocket launcher)
  • (3) Black Star begins training with Stein. (Sparring)
  • (4) Tsubaki + Kids = Cannibalism? (Baby Sitting psst it’s because their better than everyone else.)
  • (5) Noah sends Gopher to assassinate Maka. (Fetish)
  • (6) Death Scythe (Spirit) ends with information to tell Maka & Soul. (Tension)

Soul Eater 64 – Readiness (Video)  [Haven’t heard the music so tell me how it is?]

Now with that out-of-the-way, lets enter the throw shall we? The chapter begins with a bang, or better yet a lack thereof. Poor Soul, he’s been downgraded. Behold Make the first female out of the 60 you’ll ever meet that prefer something a little smaller. As Soul recounts his embarrassment, (Don’t threat you still got the girl right?), our view returns to a flashback. Spirit announces that from now on the enemies target is Maka.  Noah and at the least Medusa continue to hide and will attempt to acquire Maka’s soul perception and eliminate it. In short Shibusen need to protect Maka at all cost least find a mage, one witch and the ever so sane Kishin entering at the rear. Protection is a good thing right? However Maka (jokingly) believes otherwise… 
And just like that, the unbreakable vow

And just like that, the unbreakable vow

Back onto the current timeline Soul and Maka return to following Kim and Jackie. Soul makes a feeble attempt on Spirit’s behalf but Maka makes it clear and obvious that it was unneeded from the start. The conversation shifts when Soul continues about becoming a Death Scythe. It’s natural. Even after becoming a Death Scythe it’s not over right, they still got to rescue Kid and then from there  all sorts of stuff. However between them exists  just one problem and Soul doesn’t think their ready yet and unfortunate to the situation, no matter how Soul had chosen to start; him, her or them, the result remains no different. Jackie worries about the rising argument. Their brawl cuts short when Maka has a sudden realization and asks Kim and Jackie back to Shibusen. Soul asks the question and Maka leaves her reply. She is sensing someone, a wavelength with strong killing intent. It isn’t Justin.
Groundhogs Day has come...

Groundhogs Day has come...

 Gopher has found the target. Noah doesn’t mind and the mission is simple. Kill Maka Albarn and take her soul. Unfortunately our assassin doesn’t waste any time. A first strike takes Maka at the shoulder, the next delivers a series of needles, that’s one dodge directly into a head shot.  Maka hits a mountain. GOAL! The kick is worth 4 points. It must hurt to have your soul targeted because after his explanation Gopher moves for the finish maneuver. His chest just opens up and wait what!?
Holy Hell. He took a gun to a knife fight

Holy Hell. He took a gun to a knife fight

As Gopher screams and a cannon releases from his chest. It’s point blank range. However in a stroke of fortune Maka and Soul just manage their evasion. The attack pierces through the background. Gopher leads asking them not to dodge when Soul notices something abnormal. It’s unlucky. Soul isn’t paranoid and Maka can see it as well. Their opponent has the same soul as Maka. Gopher comments on her peeping. The scene switches to Shibusen.
Peeping Maka

Peeping Maka

The ice cream reference incase you missed it is a business parody and the brand Death 42 Robbins is based after a real life company. Our introduction begins with Tsubaki. She is worried about Maka and has noticed recent change around her. Liz suggests its burnout syndrome. Patty on the other hand has three scoops too many to care. Liz sympathizes with Maka and states she might be worn out after turning Soul into a Death Scythe.  Black Star disagrees and believes the reason Liz understands is because, she’s usually the one that’s slacking off or worn out. In contrast rushing is one trip between success or a massive loss of taste. Discounting a possible brain freeze Black Star is sure the situation is temporary and that Maka will return to normal soon.

You never notice how close you are to choking

Back at the mountain terrain Gopher continues to take the advantage  Another set of blades are fired and the dance resumes. Maka manages a dodge but the situation remains obvious and Soul states they can’t win by running away. Maka agree and the two progress for the attack. Unforcunatly the difference between their speed is too great. Gopher proves that offense is far from enough and sidesteps the assault to strike their reputation once more. Unlike Arachane victory remains a line in the distance.
025 - Soul Eater 63 
Price value drops 70%. Mint condition they are not.

To make it short their losing and Soul asks if they should take the fight to the ground. However through her pressure Maka begins to realize something important. It’s a known fact. Every student’s goal is to make a Death Scythe but it’s not as if its over is it? The wings they’ve produced resume their movement. Maka awakes to a sudden epiphany and as an angles lead her astray straight into a Soul Resonance and her partner in all agreements.

Yes its fact. Sakura, Card Captors, is the only one who should be trying that mess

Yes its fact. Sakura, Card Captors, is the only one who should be trying that mess

In an moment trump Maka’s soul finally takes onto a burst of power. Gopher enters a shock Soul declares the charge. Maka shoots down her rock and Egigori spreads. 

Gopher senses beware.

Gopher senses beware.

Now it’s a proper fight…This is the power of a Death Scythe.

A feeling that accels onto the field. Battle resumes its true form...)

It's a feeling that accelerates onto the field. Battle resumes its true form...

Xth. That’s it for today. Please discuss below. Suggestions are welcome complaints are not. Since I’m not opt for signing up to activate the poll system place your opinions below, chapter video (yes- no), music video (yes-no), (de)motivational poster contest (yes-no). I know the text is ordered strange. Tried to build suspense, anyway if you approved then (yes) if not then I’ll work around it in a later breakdown. Reviews are offered at MangaHelpers visit for varying opinions and critique.   

PS: First… (Extra Story/Character Page:

Chapter 65 (Bink):

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  1. FIIIIIIIRRRSSSSSSST!!!! Another manga to catch up on eh? XD

    I haven’t read this far into Soul Eater but I read the breakdown anyway and great work Kyouto! It’s every thing a breakdown should be! 😀

    Soul is a Death Scythe now!? O_O

  2. 2nd!!!!!epic ,, now i need to start reading it

  3. 3RD!!!!! =D

  4. 4th!!

  5. 5 th
    great breakdown loved it
    wow and the next chapter is great

    Ps: i love the sun in soul eater

  6. 6th!!!
    Another great manga and nice breakdown Kyouto but I am afraid you are a little behind since chapter 65 has been out for two weeks now on mangafox.

  7. Also my advice to anyone who is going to read the manga and watch the anime is to do the latter first because 1) the storylines in both diverge at a certain point and 2) although the anime is good, the manga is definitely better and you can just skip to chapter 37. That’s the diverging point.

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