Updated W/ Spoiler Vids. Bleach Manga 374: Grey, Red, Black, White… Dammit, Why Didn’t I Wear Pink?! Breakdown + Discussion

Spoilers from : KisamoriAEspada

G’day all.

Now this might be quite an optimistic statement, but I think, I hope, that Bleach may be getting a second wind and returning to its previous glory. This chapter was plain badass IMO, and I hope that it kick starts Bleach back to the grandeur of the Rescue Rukia Arc. 

Well we kick Bleach off still wondering who the hell just stabbed Starrk. We get a nice close up, and then pan out to a full body shot of Starrk showcasing his winter outfit I mean with a blade gutting him. We then learn that the shadows are attacking O_O I knew they’d come after us one day >_<.  

Shadow style, and you thought ninjas were stealthy ;)

Shadow style, and you thought ninjas were stealthy 😉

The answer to our question is revealed when Shunsui eerily rises from the shadows (wait how does one rise from a shadow when shadows have no mass or volume of which to ‘rise’ from…?). Seriously though, he seemed to give off the vibe that he has a part-time job as crypt keeper, but he traded in his shovel for a couple cutlasses.

Yeah ... I hate getting up at 5am too

Yeah ... I hate getting up at 5am too

Starrk and Shunsui invoke Man chat #2, much ado about getting stabbed in the back (with chatter … O_o). Starrk is a little annoyed that Shunsui has being holding out on him, and enquires if there are any more ‘parlour’ tricks left? We then find out that Shunsui’s blade is exactly like … Shunsui, it just didn’t feel like playing, but when it does it can turn childhood games into reality (yeah cause I played stab the person if they touch their shadow all the time).

Also take note of my handsome manly features...

Also take note of my handsome manly features...

It appears that his shikai’s ability establishes rules that within the radius of ‘Katen Kyoukotsu’ Reiatsu must be complied with. I’m unsure if Shunsui’s blade has a set amount of rules that it can invoke, or if the rules change to suit Shunsui, either way it’s a badass skill.

Shunsui continues talking, that he feels like a puppet dangling on the whim of his blade(s) (does this support that it has a set amount of rules?) but that his blade rocks so hard, you get over it pretty damn quick. The man chat stops and Shunsui kicks off the battle with an, for the lack of a better word, UBER sweet shadow blade strike.

WOW, i knew it would come in handy one day O_O

WOW, i knew it would come in handy one day O_O

Starrk flees to the high ground, gripping his chest and thinking back to his past (as a vasto lorde?). He then pulls out a reiatsu (/spirit?) blade and confronts the Captain. It would seem that rules change to colour strike (through incantation) meaning that Shunsui can change the rules to suit him.



The draw back to these rules would appear to be … that they’re rules (go figure >_<). In the latest set, it can be surmised that the larger the risk to oneself (of the spoken colour) means the greater the amount of damage the opponent will receive. In Shunsui’s case he had very little of the colour grey on, so even though Starrk had plenty of that on his body and the attack could have removed his hand, very little damage was dealt.

Paper cuts, it feels the same way when it happens to me :P

Paper cuts, it feels the same way when it happens to me 😛

The primera quickly surmises this as well, and swiftly takes advantage. Although Starrk barely grazes Captain Kyoraku, his back gets a massive slash imbedded in it. Shunshui sends his accolades to Starrk for deducing this quickly, and so after a bit of ranting decides to get serious (-__- you will show us your Bankai dammit!!!!)

Irony - getting injured by your own rules

Irony - getting injured by your own rules

Again we get a little flash of Starrk’s past. I find it refreshing that we finally have a ‘villain’ who envies the weak and feeble. Starrk’s comrades all perished because of their association (this could perhaps be implied 2 ways, 1 – the enemies Starrk would have attracted or 2 – His reiatsu pressure killed them because they were weak) to him. He then decided that forming a chick out of himself was the best course of action, and so split his soul into 2 entities to escape the loneliness.

See Gaara all you had to do was split your soul into two entities, DAH

See Gaara all you had to do was split your soul into two entities, DAH

Starrk, preoccupied with his thoughts, allows Shunsui to slip out of his Captain’s cloak into an all black outfit. He then speaks this colour and slices Starrk right down the middle and perhaps bringing this battle to a close. However we all know that in manga, a character isn’t dead until we have seen them bleed out, they are buried 6ft under and the island/land they are buried in is blown up by scud missiles. 

Chapter conclusions ... we all know that in a week that it will just be a flesh wound ;)

Chapter conclusions ... we all know that in a week that it will just be a flesh wound 😉

Okay it’s time for this weeks extras, and it will begin once again with the random poll. I’d like to know which is your favourite Ichigo battle so far and why? Mine would have to be the Ichigo Vs Grimmejow, simply because i think there was better build up to that fight than the Byakuya one.  

This weeks Bubble contest, you know the rules.

It begins...

It begins...

And last weeks bubble winners. Supertrek choose this weeks Top 5, so if you have any complaints send them his way 😉 (this was mainly so it wasn’t treked up this week XD )  Thanks for the help super *insert Franky pose*.

5th – Acklikxx:

Love: Why do i have to be so YUMIIIII O.O!

4th – Mudshovel

Love: Holy shit … is that ANOTHER Starbucks!?

3rd – Noom

Love: Can anyone sense rape approaching? I don’t

2nd – Shinobi Madness

Love: Why didn’t i figure this out sooner…it was Stark who let the dogs out!!!

And this weeks winner…  

LOL, nice one Franky (now do the pose XD )

LOL, nice one Franky (now do the pose XD )



~ by mudshovel on September 20, 2009.

52 Responses to “Updated W/ Spoiler Vids. Bleach Manga 374: Grey, Red, Black, White… Dammit, Why Didn’t I Wear Pink?! Breakdown + Discussion”

  1. 1st :DDDD

  2. now that’s totally unfair u can’t put urself on the bubbly entries o.o and to not being mea but superfreak bubble entry was so much more funny any of those 😛

  3. i didn’t choose the bubbles, supertrek did and superfreak didn’t enter the contest.

  4. supertrek den i confused the nasme yay lol xD he diserved a place

  5. YOSH!! Awesome breakdown Mudshovel and way to lay the blame on me for the bubbles! 😛 Hehehehe, I could have put my entry in there but that would have just been unfair of me Acklikxx. 😉

    I thought the chapter was great but I still feel sorry for Stark. First he had to fight Shusui but Ukitake jumped in. Then he had to fight Love and Rose. Now it’s finally 1 on 1 again but he’s exhausted and getting his kicked. *sigh* No rest for the weary…

    What happens next chapter? Toshirou, Lisa, and Hiyori vs. Harribel?

    My favorite Ichigo fight so far would have to be the on with Byakuya simply because of the bankai. It was to badasss for my eyes to handle. T_T The fight with Grimmjow would come in a close second and then the fight with Kenpachi for third. The fight with Ulquiorra was crazy and all but for the most part all Ichigo did was get his ass kicked until he lost control to his hollow…again.

    On a side note I think Stark also ate and consumed his comrades to grow stronger and move up in the hollow chain. I remember that’s what Grimmjow said you had to do in order to evolve. Consume your allies and enemies.

  6. Awesome breakdown. Who knew Shunsui could have such a unique shika. im kinda wondering what his bankai is now….i dont think Stark is out of it just yet. i think those two are even now(although Stark started the cheapshots first…lol) i really want to see how this ends. it would be great if Stark became an allie for the shinigamis but i doubt aizen would let that happen. i could see stark and shunzui’s convo leading him to go somewhere where he can enjoy the company of others like with ichigo or something back inthe real kankura town.<- all of that was just wishful thinking…;)
    Byah!!! i got second, which ain t half bad. Anything in the top 5 is good for me…And now for the bubble
    Shunsui:Do I Really Need To Say It?….*sigh* Surprise.

  7. Im sorry but wheres Ichigo? This is the longest from a main character ive ever seen! (at least in a manga).


  9. Great breakdown, and I agree that bleach is really starting to kick it up. ^^ Probably because Shunsui and Starrk are just awesomeness at its best. 8D

    I’m thinking Starrk got owned. Yup… definitely. Not dead, but owned and bleeding in the uber style of Kubo. He might just heal or get up or something in the next chapter… or use some freaky power. O_o

    I’m really waiting for the other battles and/or characters to come into the light. Vizards, Ichigo, Rukia, Urahara, and Ichi’s dad are WAITING goddammit. -_-

  10. i think that it will go back to seeing ichigo fight after starkk and number 3 are killed and gin asks to step in.

    but i dont really see aizen winning this battle with the current forces he has with him because the head captain hasnt even gotten involed yet so the only way for him to turn the tide is if he had other esparda that the current ones dont know about.

  11. This manga is definitely picking up steam but like Fanboi hinted at I wouldn’t mind seeing what’s up with Ichigo over in Hueco Mundo.


    Shusui: “Ah f**k, how’d you know I was the wicked witch of SS and where’d you get that bucket of water?”

  12. Stuff Ichigo. I’ve been waiting 300 plus chapters (okay not that long but at least a hundred) for Old man Yamma to get into a fight with someone who might match him (or at least puch him a little). I am curious as to what’s going down in Hueco Mundo, but lets see a few more Bankai’s and the old man get serious!!!

  13. Eeeehhhhhhhhhhh? Stuff Ichigo!? He’s the main character and totally awesome!!!

    Who’s Yamato going to fight all out anyway? Aizen is occupied with Shinji. Tousen is occupied with Komamura and Hisagi. Harribel is occupied with Lisa, Hiyori, and Toshirou. Then there are the vizards Kensei and Mashiro who have only just warmed up and will probably be taking on Gin. Not to mention none of the captains are dead yet and still have fight left in them. I can see Yamato fighting but not all out like he’s the last hope left.

  14. @Super: Yeah Ichigo’s mad, but lets have a break from him and stay with the characters who’s abilities we know little about 😉
    You honestly think Shinji has a chance? Pffft, Aizen will roll him with ease. Aizen’s shikai is pretty much absolute, it’s only weakness is on his side 😉
    The Old man is the one with the best chance of defeating Aizen (he can use his flame ability to surround himself, therefore allerting him when Aizen tries a sneak attack through illusion 😉 ) He has one of the strongest Zanpakuto in the series (the strongest fire based) – lets see it put to the test!

  15. Yay! I won the bubble contest at last *clutches golden globe and fights off tears* but Supers was really good too….Though im kinda glad you judged this time >_>

    I think that if neither Stark or Lilynette resemble the original then they can probably do a reserection with her as the main body…I dont think No. 1 espada would be destroyed from just the shikai or a normal shinigami.

    Now the BUBBLE
    Its a secret but…I used to fondle Lisa with this.

    Lets wrap this up. I have a date with Shikamaru soon

  16. HELL YEAH! I knew it was Shinsui!:D Badass Zanpakuto. And Starrk isn’t dead, like they would end a battle that quickly. Finally we get some awesome fights, I was beginning to wonder if we would be stuck with the same reruns for the next 142 chapters -__-”

    Great Breakdown anyway, Mud 😀

    Don’t you find it ironic that the best battles aren’t the Main characters? lol

    But still I am glad from the break from Ichigo, I want to see the captains fight. But I would think that Urahara is trying to rebuild the bridge for the others to return to do battle… 😀

  17. Bubble

    Shinsui:water… I’M MELTING I’ MELTING, tell nanao chan her butt is awesome!!

  18. Bubble:
    I’m sooooo hot right now…

  19. i have waited 374 chapters to see urahara fight on full now dont make me wait more where is that bankai you achieved in 3 days?

  20. Bubble:

    Im so hot…i melt like chocolate

  21. Use your Bankai >_<

  22. I’m thinking if 2 vizards and a captain were able to push back the primera espada to his near defeat then the 2 vizards and captain Toshirou should be able to handle the #3 espada, Harribel, fairly easily. Granted Toshirou is hurt and not as badass as Shusui but the 2 vizards he’s fighting with (Lisa and Hiyori) aren’t hurt at all and fresh to fight. Harribel has been fighting for quite awhile now and is being teamed up on 3 to 1 by very powerful enemies. In retrospect her battle should only last 1-2 chapters at most.

    I wonder if we’ll get a back story on Stark and Harribel when they’re killed or defeated. Maybe the “God of Hueco Mundo” was a special case…?

  23. well this chapter definitely made me like bleach even more now i know shunsui is my favorite character so far unless gin’s shikai and bankai are way cooler

  24. Great job Mud :)!

    DUDE! This chapter got me pissed! Oh darn it, I feel extremely sorry for Starrk. The guy just wants to be left alone, but he doesn’t want to be ALONE. The Espada are strong enough to be around him without being crushed by Spiritual Pressure (even Aaroniero lol), and now he’s seen six of them bite the dust (four if u dont count Grimmjow and Ulquiorra). Right now Starrk’s fighting on empty after all the guys he’s been forced to fight so far.

    In fact, I dont think any of the Espada are evil, Aizen’s the real evil asshole.
    Aaroniero- joined Aizen because Aizen said he’d make the pain go away.
    Zommari- joined Aizen because he saw Aizen as the man that would save Hollows from the tyranny of Shinigami.
    Grimmjow- joined Aizen to gain more power and come closer to becoming King (however Aizen used his power to force Grimmjow to obey him). Despite his hostility (as the Espada of Destruction, this is to be expected), he did do a few good deeds (didn’t kill Ichigo when he was weak as hell, didn’t kill Nel even though she’s the definition of annoying and didn’t knock up Orihime, even though she’s the definition of knock upable lol)
    Nnoitra- joined Aizen to gain more power so he could fight stronger opponents and die on his feet (literally).
    Ulquiorra- as the Espada of Nihilsm, he believed nothing has value, and so he might have joined Aizen because of this belief.
    Harribel- idk why she joined him, but she isn’t evil. She was actually concerned about her Fraccion and wanted revenge for their deaths (even though she would be fighting uber powerful Yamamoto) and she was even concerned about Toushiro, but i guess this is because she’s the Espada of sacrifice.
    Barragan- joined Aizen to kill him (DEFINITELY NOT A BAD GUY lol)
    Starrk- my guess is he joined so he wouldn’t be alone anymore…he is the Espada of loneliness after all.
    I left out Szayel and Yammy because on of them was a perfect psycho (though extremely cool) and the other is a raging maniac. I think as far as Szayel (Espada of MADNESS lol) and Yammy (Espada of Rage blah blah blah), they can be considered evil. http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/356/14/

    My favorite fight is actually Ichigo vs Grimmjow. The build up was there. (BTW! Grimmjow has a record of 2-1 against Ichigo, Grimmy’s that badass).

  25. Gin’s Shikai?

    We know that already right?…
    It’s a shooting type.
    Capable of 1 hit attacks….

    I remember Ichigo’s original strategy against Renji, when they battled in soul society.
    Ichigo remembed what Kisuke said…
    It was something around the lines of “the less times an attack can be chained, the stronger it is. For example…A revolver has 6 shots (so it can be chained 6 times), a missile has 1 shot. And a missile is stronger than a revolver.”

    It’s the same way with Zanpatou.
    Ichigo found out Renji can chain 3 attacks.
    Gin’s Shikai can chain 1 attack (so it cant chain attacks)…meaning it’s got high power.

  26. @Superdude, Shunsui’s ‘teammates’ are two former Captains lol. And Toushiro is weakened, while Harribel looks like she was just toying with him before, and his backup were only lieutenants. Probably a four chapter fight, AT LEAST.

  27. @Kisu: But those ‘Lieutenants’ are pumped up Vizards now with Captain level power. All the captains realized how strong they were when they first made their appearance and brushed off that massive group of Grande Hollows like they were nothing.

    Two Vizards and a weakened captain I say is more than enough to take down the #3 Espada.

  28. Kisu: i agree with pretty much everything you said! ive always felt like the espada ( excluding Szayel because hes a pschyo) werent really that bad. Im really hoping that Yammi will prove himself to be a serious badass now that his Zero number has been revealed and he is (supposadly) stronger then stronger then Starrk.

    My favorite fight was Ulquiorra vs Ichigo manly because ulquiorra is one of my top favorite charecters (definetly my favorite espada, although starrks a close secound) and his secound release was kickass.

  29. whoops i said stronger then twice. sorry!

  30. @BUBBLE:
    Shunsui: hello i was wondering if you had the time to discuss the church of later day saints….

  31. BUBBLE
    You think santa’s the only one breakin’ into houses at night?

  32. Bubble:


  33. Am i the only one that didnt noticed at first that Stark almost in the end summoned another “reiatsu” blade…hmm this leads me to think there will be some awesomeness between Stark and Shunsui in a double blade clash

  34. I noticed the reiatsu blade but I didn’t hold any significance to it. It does bring up something though. When Stark appeared he had two guns right?


    What happened to them? I think the guns (Liynette) are most of the wolves because he did say those wolves were pieces of their soul. Liynette is half of Stark’s soul because he split in two. Plus you can clearly see he’s not carrying the guns anymore, so Liynette being completely gone out of gun form must be most of the wolves.


    So right now Strak is fighting with a reiatsu blade and Liynette, in the form of many wolves, is chilling somewhere. I think she’ll step in next chapter to save Stark.

  35. @super

    not only one reiatsu blade, but 2! ok i dunno whats so exiting about it XD

    nice speculation, i wonder if w are ever going to see stark as he originally was..

  36. AHA! Shusui was the first one to attack Stark from behind!


    That’s a cheap shot Stark was busy talking to Ukitake! It was Shusui who swung the first cheap shot! 😛

    Just because Stark blasted Shusui from behind doesn’t mean anything when it comes to this. It’s in the middle of a battle he should of had his guard up like Stark did when Shusui attacked him from behind first! Hehehe, just wanted to point that out…and Stark likes attacking people from behind. -_-


    Yeah, Stark should of had his guard up but that doesn’t make Shusui any better. 😉

    @Noom: Yeah, maybe if he combines Liynette with his soul he’ll be uber powerful in his original state. I like that theory…

  37. wow nice breakdown mud sorry for doubding the awesomeness anyway i dont think is over yet and i agree with super on lilynnett stepin in or maybe a summon of their original form guess will have to wait and see bubble: shudent have eaten all that tapioca, 2. weird,huh

  38. Im really feeling this current saga of bleach its awesome now that we are seeing new Shikai’s if only we see the Awesomeness of zee Bankai.

    But most of All I want too see all those Captains and Ichigo take on Espada 0. I have a Prediction that Kenpachi hears the Name of his Zanpakto I mean it should be about time dont ya think.

  39. Stark how he is really 2 people but when the combine the are stronger and the like, because he was originally one and then became 2 then becomes one again for more power does that mean he has a release state.

    I like too no assume or predict anything from Bleach or OP but this Im wondering can someone enlighten me on that possibility?

  40. @cookie: I wouldn’t say best battle … more like an uncertain battle. Uncertain in that we don’t know for sure what the outcome will be and what attacks to be used. Also i’d say it’s atticipation that is making this fight more entertaining.

    @Kisu: Yeah i’ve never really thought of the Espada as evil – there are just doing as (after)life dictates them to do – fight the shinigami.

    @Super: Yeah Harribel is in trouble, but i think she’ll have an ace up her sleeve. Lynette is still around – i think she’s back in the gun holster since blades are the only way to play this game. Also if ur in a fight anything goes – there is none of this lame BS like honour that they like to cite so much in manga. but this is manga so … Shunsui is a cheating-sly-rat-prick.

    I wonder if Starrk is proficient in the art of 2 style swordsmanship…? it was his lack of concentration that caused the ending … it’s looking less and less likely that Shunsui will show us BanKai T_T .

  41. confirmed spoiler

    n Starrk’s flashback he asks to join Aizen.
    Kyouraku kills Starrk.
    Love thanks Kyouraku and says he hasn’t changed
    and other stuff.

    Kyouraku says that once war begins the outcome will be bad either way.
    Harribel and Lisa fight.

    Hitsugaya also has an exchange with Hiyori.
    Aizen looks on.

    Aizen: “That’s enough, Gin.
    Let’s finish things…”
    Harribel: “Aizen-sama…”

    Aizen cuts down Harribel. “I have no more use for you. You’re not good enough to fight under me.
    Gin, Kaname, go.”

    The end.

  42. so aizen kills harribel thats a bit harsh i also think that for aizen gin and tousen to think that they could beat all of the remaining people i think that they have hollow powers and they will be greater than the vizard becuase aizen said that they were falied experiments.

  43. Noooo, poor Hali 😦
    Really WTF 😦
    Now Yammy is the only Espada left, who would have guessed that a year or 2 ago.

    Im sure Aizen would have used the Hyogyoko (or whatever its called) on himself.

    Aizen’s shikai gets to control people’s senses. Since bankai is the “full release”, while Shikai is the “partial release”, it means Bankai will be the full, perfected form of the Shikai…..So it’s like Shikai, only you get all the power from the zanpatou, instead of only a bit.
    That also means Shikai is only part of the Bankai.

    So im thinking Aizen’s Bankai could control people completely….
    In Shikai you get part of the Bankai, in Aizen’s case, his Shikai gets the control senses part.

    Maybe his Bankai is a reason he’s confident….Aizen’s group is down to 3 now. If Aizen can control people, not only would it be a Bankai thats satisfies me and would suit Aizen well IMO, but it’ll also make up for the lack of members in Aizen’s group.

    Im hoping Aizen’s Bankai is apon us.

  44. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! STARRK!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T…….and harribel (u deserve it Harribel, never trust a traitor like Aizen that much). At least Grimmjow may still be alive!
    WAIT A SECOND! I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING! http://read.mangashare.com/Bleach/chapter-012/page009.html NO ARRANCAR HAS GONE TO HELL! That means they’re all in Soul Society now! No wonder Tite gave them all retribution and then killed them 8D! Now Shunsui and Starrk can be best buddies in Soul Society! And Harribel gets to go to Soul Society as well because she gets killed by Aizen’s ZANPAKUTO, which cleanses her sins as a Hollow. This is great!
    @Schy, i know right lol. I thought Yammy would be the first to die lol.

  45. if anyone has trouble understanding shinsui’s attacks go on http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Shunsui_Kyōraku#cite_note-84 but what i’m curious about, is, if all his attacks so far have the word “oni” at the end which means demon, and his shikai command is Flower Wind Rage and Flower God Roar, Heavenly Wind Rage and Heavenly Demon Sneer… maybe the games part is only the “heavenly demon’s” attack…so i’m wondering if his shikai has another ability based on the “Flower God”

  46. his bankai must b the shit

  47. man i really dont want to belive that spoiler, Kyoraku must at least show his bankai before starrk dies! =( also if Harribel dies that esaily then why the hell was she ranked higher then Ulquiora? his first relase could esaily beat hers not to mention his second release. Also if this is all that starrk can do then i dont see wgy he was ranked above barragen either. Barragens age power was strong enough to beat everything we have seen from starrk so far.

  48. @takashid: well stark must have a greater power level than Barragan, But it could be due to the fact that stark is a long distance fighter and Barragan what can he really do but swing and axe and turn things to dust. Stark could surround him and unleash a barrage of constant attacks which would ware him out.

    What do you think?

  49. Lelulalilo: yeah long range is the only way to fight barragen, if you get close youre screwed. i thoght that maybe starrks wolves were one of the reasons he is ranked above Barragen, he could spam the wolves at him. Would they be affected by the age power though? thats the main reason we cant be sure who would win between Starrk and Barragen; we dont know if the “death breath” would affect starrks wolves and ceros. if it did starrk would be screwed, espically seince barragen can shoot the death breath forword long range. if it didnt work then all starrk would have to do is spam ceros and wolves to win. thats what i think, but now that barragen is dead and starrk seems to be going the same way i guess well never know? now if only hachi had used a cero when he fought barragen lol

  50. Bleach is Out


  51. Well I knew the battle with Harribel wouldn’t last long but I had no idea that Aizen would be the one to put her down. O_O

  52. WTF is this bleach or da twighlight zone dude there at most 3 espadas left and in no condision to fight unless aizen has a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng,brutal,mistchiveuz plan its pretty much over

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