Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 152 Breakdown + Discussion: Descent Into Madness, Have Your Boarding Passes Ready XP

Hiya reader! *kicks reader in the face* O____O…oops, sorry I got a little carried away there…I’m excited to bring you this week’s Fairy Tail breakdown! Ok, and away we go…! *grabs reader and puts on Ring of Power*

Fairy Tail FTW!

Does anyone else think that the rainbow is a bit suggestive? O__o

Does anyone else think that the rainbow is a bit suggestive? O__o

YOSH! So the chapter starts out where we left off…Jura (the big bald dude) completely owning  the leader of Oracion Seis, Brain. It turns out that Jura is actually pretty strong and not as much a pussy useless waste of space like we originally thought. Brain complements Jura on his skill acknowledging the strength of the Ten Great Holy Mages. Brain then gets serious and unleashes his magic, Dark Rondo, on Jura. Jura uses his magic to put up a rock wall to protect himself from Brain’s attack, the only problem is that Jura walked right into Brain’s trap…As Jura protects himself from the oncoming attack, Brain sprints to Jura’s blind spot and shoots off another type of his magic, Dark Cappricio (according to Brain it is a type of magic that will easily tear through rock). Jura is forced to change his rock barrier to try and block the oncoming attack, but Brain’s attack pierces through it and continues to head towards Jura. Just as it is about to hit him, Jura goes into his “Heisman Trophy” pose and bends the rock wall forcing the oncoming attack to shoot off into the sky. Lucy and Gray look on, surprised…Brain knows he’s screwed…and Jura huffs, just what you’d expect from someone like him.

Aww, how cute...behind all that rock lies a softy afterall. Who would've ever imagined that Jura was so sweet. ^__^

Aww, how cute...behind all that rock lies a softy after all. Who would've ever imagined that Jura was so sweet. (not pictured, Jura's backup singers) 😛

Jura doesn’t let the fight continue on much longer, he encases Brain in a rock prison and then crushes it with his magic. The group is in awe at Jura’s display of magic…As Brain lies on Nirvana, defeated, Jura asks him what Oracion Seis’s intention with Cait Shelter is. Brain doesn’t respond, his last words are words of encouragement for the last remaining member of Oracion Seis, Midnight, and then he follows up with a cryptic warning just before he seemingly dies.

O___O What can he possibly mean by this...? Hopefully he's referring to Patrick Swayze, how we miss him. T___T

O___O What can he possibly mean by this...? Hopefully he's referring to Patrick Swayze, how we miss him. T___T

Jura starts to think about Brain’s last words and Gray asks if anyone noticed that some of Brain’s facial patterns have dissapeared, Lucy scolds him and tells him not to say things like that because she’ll get nightmares. With the battle now concluded, Wendy runs in to inform the group that Nirvana is headed towards her guild, Cait Shelter. OH NO! THOSE POOR CATS!! T___T

Why would anyone in their right minds want to hurt this poor cat? Sure he ate your cookie, but that's no reason to kill them! >___<

Why would anyone in their right minds want to hurt this poor cat? Sure he ate your cookie, but that's no reason to kill them! Look how sorry he is! >___<

As Wendy tells them what Nirvana’s destination is, the group informs her that the situation is taken care of…with Brain’s defeat Nirvana is sure to come to a stop. The group is going to head to the control room to make sure that it comes to a stop. Hmm, I wonder what else is happening in Nirvana…let’s take a look. Buckle up! *Drives Mystery Machine around Nirvana to see what’s going on*:P

Hey man, it wasn't us...We don't even have a dog with us.

Hey man, it wasn't us...We don't even have a dog with us. You're obviously delusional.

So it turns out that Midnight is actually alot tougher than he (she?) seemed, “he” was taking it easy on Hot Eye…”he” is apparently the strongest mage, and surpasses his father. Midnight quickly disposes of Hot Eye and yet another mark vanishes off of Brain’s face (remember, Hot Eye was originally a member of Oracion Seis). I suggest we get out of here before Midnight sees us…*drives Mystery Machine back to the good guys*

After a search the group realizes that there aren’t any controls to stop Nirvana, and even with Brain’s defeat it is still on its way towards Cait Shelter. As Gray and Lucy contemplate the situation, Wendy is trying to heal Natsu from the poison. She detoxifies him but is still confused as to why Natsu is still sick. Happy informs Wendy of Natsu’s weakness to vehicles and she whips up a cure to fix that up…T__T sure it’s better for Natsu, but what about those of us who are fans of his motion sickness!?

I can't believe this happened again...what's the world coming to?

I can't believe this happened again...what's the world coming to?

Gray rains on Natsu’s parade when he informs him that they don’t know how to stop Nirvana. Charle brings something ever more disturbing to their attention, there seems to be no one driving it and even though Brain has been defeated…Nirvana is still heading towards Cait Shelter. Nirvana’s destination is locked in and it will continue on its trek (this trek is not so super) to Cait Shelter, unless they find another way to stop it. Wendy begins to cry over her guild (and those poor cats!) but Natsu reassures her, saying that he will repay his debt to her and stop her. The chapter ends with Midnight (who is talking to herself…can you say Cra~zy?) saying how Nirvana will not stop as long as she exists.

Is it just me or does Midnight look like Demi Moore in the movie "Ghost"? :P

Is it just me or does Midnight look like Demi Moore in the movie "Ghost"? 😛

Alright seeing how popular the “guess DroSensei’s reference” is (T___T), I’ve decided to add a mini manga with WRA members as the cast instead of the reference contest…So, in the weeks to come I will take the people I see on the blog that have done interesting things, made debates lively and enjoyable, etc etc. Then I will add them to the WRA manga…this week’s manga has a simple start, the characters are…

Luffy as Supertrek89…


A cookie as Eatencookie…


Mudshovel as himself…


Erza as BBGurly14…


Happy as DroSensei…


OK! Read away!

All this over hair color...can't we all just get along?

All this over hair color...can't we all just get along?

Alright, now onto the bubble contest:

Have fun! ^__^

Have fun! ^__^

Alright, that’s it from me..hopefully you enjoyed the read. Let me know what you think in the comments below. ^__^

P.S: I have two last things before I go…1: Super big huge thanks to cookie for the help this week…Arigato Gozaimasu! And 2: Cookie (and BB) is under the impression that Natsu’s hair is red (or some obscure sort of red) and not pink…I say pink…with cookie it got so crazy that we even had a draw-off to see who was right…Here’s what that debate looked like…thoughts? (cookie also thinks that people yell out “Timbo” when they cut down a tree -____-)



P.P.S: I’m gonna show you guys this stuff directly from the IEatManga translations regarding Midnight’s gender…one of the panels calls “him” a she!!!

So many situations where it's called a he, the writing right above Gray and Lucy's panel is a translation from Binktopia...the others are from the IEatManga translations...Make up your damn minds!! >___<

So many situations where it's called a he, but then Gray and Lucy say otherwise! The writing right above Gray and Lucy's panel is a translation from Binktopia...the others are from the IEatManga translations...Make up your damn minds!! >___<

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  2. dagnab you bb

  3. Second!! you probably didnt even read it!

  4. @ BB: You only got 1st cuz i let you…>__<
    @amaterasu: no way u read it already either…

  5. FOURTH!!! Of course she didn’t read it I sure don’t when going for placings. XD

    Now time to catch up…eventually…

  6. well, im only on chapter 12! >_<

  7. Awesome Dro – I think you get this weeks Most Random post award (u don’t actually get anything but u beat cookie XD ).

    Natsu’s hair is pink, no questions about it. (just look at the colour pics that the mangaka adds in to the manga from time to time)

    Tht whole Natsu is a jackass compilation pic – LMFAO!!!

    That ‘midnight’ chick looks pretty hardcore – Super(trek) healing abillities?! OMG. Looks like it’s up to Gray to save the day (again)!
    Awesome work again dro!

  8. i have read 2 chapters uptil now and have to say its like op + BLEACH + DEATHnote + naruto ~ but still not the awesomeness it should be if all of them were combined still not bad

    i am liking it ^^

  9. I say….Ice make saves the day!! Grey is a million times cooler than Natsu (pun very much intended 😉 ) mainly because he looks like he might loose his fights from time to time…
    Alas, i move on…Natsu’s hair is totally pink. If the colour pics dont do it, he gets called sakura brat and the like all the time. What sakura is red?
    Didnt Midnight say magic wont work on her? I would guess she has some magic absorbtion power then. If not, then its crazy healing magic…
    Funny breakdown as usual Dro, i only fear you might run out of the amazing random adventure things….It will be a sad day if you do…

  10. natsu has red hair O_O

  11. I could never run out of random adventure things…the possibilities are as endless as the stars in the sky…*points at the sky* O wait, its daytime…well you get the point…BTW, for Natsu…on more than one occasion it’s looked like he was going to lose, as is with every anime character. But usually the main characters ALWAYS win, Naruto is the same way (except vs Sasuke) and Ichigo…Fun fact: Natsu has lost a fight in the past, see if u can remember it…if u can, u get a cookie 😉

  12. @Dro: yea the owl dude beat him up – u told me XD

    @Candy: i think u forgot to include a question mark at the end of ur statement XD. because… he has PINK hair! 😉

  13. @mud: pfft…cheater. Why don’t you use that brain of yours to try and figure out the reference contest instead! >___<


    Well awesome breakdown Dro, it made me lol! And you were actually copying and pasting our competition? How unfair T_T How am I meant to draw properly when I can’t see what I am actually drawing? I could of drawn dynamite for all you know 😉

    And the Timbo bit… IT’S TIMBO OVER HERE! Screw your American way of thinking 😛 lol

    Yep loved the breakdown 😀

  15. @cookie: Manly red? You have lost it…besides, look at the very first pic…PINK! *mumbles something about hard-headed females* >____<

    Also, I told you I was gonna use that! I'm a baka who keeps his word! You're just jealous cuz Mudshovel granted me the "random post of the week" award! HA! *cuddles golden trophy made to look like a crumpled paper and a garbage can*

    And finally, it's timber…don't believe me? Here's proof! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv032OK3L_w
    are you calling Daffy Duck a liar? -_____-

  16. Well the truth is Natsu has lost quite a few fights really. He’s never beaten Erza or Luxus on his own, Urs daughter got the best of him in the demon island arc and he lost to the owl…My real problem with his fights are they’re so reminiscent of Luffys except he takes the extremes even further….Well Grey’s just much more awesome than him! >_<

    @Cookie: Look at the top pic! Red would be the fire in his hand…

  17. BUBBLE:
    Grey:He’s gonna surprise him in broad daylight!?!
    Lucy:He’s gonna surprise him in broad daylight!?!
    Happy:Does that mean i can’t surprise anyone today?
    Natsu:All this talk of surpises bring back memories of Igneel…

    Awesome breakdown dro. i dont think grey and natsu will be enough to stop that one chick midnight. hopefully lucy will help out a little bit more since she does have atleast 4 gold exodiac keys now(leon, horse, taurus, and that water one right?) even tho i don’t watch tv anymore i got that reference of the vma’s from the other day.

  18. What ever happened to allowing others to have our own beliefs? Stop trying to force your way of thinking down mu throat 😛 It is Timbo here, Natsu has manly red hair 😉 Only a rue man would make their red hair look pinkish 😛

    And aren’t we meant to be discussing a manga here, not the sex of ones hair?

  19. @cookie, dro: Hmmm… I’m tempted to say timbo, but I would NEVER betray Donland Duck. Q.Q

    And as an objective reader, I’m vouching for pink. Sorry cookie. >_<

    In other news, I've moved up to chapter 15. Yay! *waves flag* ^^

  20. is midnight a man or woman?

    and i think that when midnight shows up everyones magic wont be able to do anything on him/her and natsu will have a semi-immunatiy to it .

  21. @smurfclassic: Midnight is a he…Natsu’s group calls “he” a she on a couple occasions, but that’s due to “his” appearance.

    @dynamic: I see you’re on the winning side, good choice ^__^

    @cookie: you’re right…Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so you can have your incorrect red timbo (XD) I’ll keep my correct pink timber (XD) observations to myself. ^__^

  22. You know there is such thing as picking a fight you can’t handle, don’t make this be one of them 😉 lol
    *prepares to punch the next one to diss her belief with flame covered fist* ^_^

    That is a good question Smurf… Neither of the manga translators can decide on which gender to make ‘it’. Jezz you’d think they’d make it more obvious. >.<

  23. If you wanna go Ms. Eatencookie, if that is your real name…I’ll take you anytime…anyplace 😛 meet by the jungle gyms after school, I’ll be there -____- 😉 *prepares to punch anyone who thinks that Natsu’s hair is anything but pink with an iron covered fist* ^__^

    BTW, typo…I meant to say that Natsu’s group calls Midnight a “she”…im still under the impression that its a he though…

  24. if its a h then u cant blame me for thinking its a she because it looks like a girl,

    i thought that a few chapters back when natsu did that dragon roar and it showed a picture of a dragon i thought he turned into one then but sadly i was disapointed. 😦

  25. @Smurf: LMAO – i thought the same as well and was sorta depressed that he didn’t transform into one – how badass would that have been 😉
    @Dro:On a side note – did wendy cure Natsu’s transportation sickness permanently or just temporarily? Although it would be cool if it was permanently – it would take a way some of the comedy.

    @Cookie: Why are we even arguing this? I don’t see how it really changes anything (except the occasional crack at having Sakura hair). Well when the anime comes out … we’ll have our answers

  26. YOSH!!! I finally caught up and I decided on my favorite character…LOKI THE LEO BITCHES!!! 😀 He’s cool, handsome, a ladies man, strong, and loyal! Just like all awesome Leos! ^_^

    Well enough about that great job on the breakdown Dro and yes I’m the only Supertrek around. 😉

    No comment on the hair and “timbo”… -_-

    @Mudshovel: I don’t think it’s permanent because Natsu asked if she could teach him the magic and if it was permanent Wendy would have just told him so.

    On a side note I wonder if Hiro reads One Piece…like over and over again. >_>

  27. @mudshovel: I’m hoping its temporary…I mean sure it’d be nice if Natsu’s main weakness is taken care of, but like you said…it would take away some of the comedy…his motion sickness is part of him…it’s like his scarf! Wendy did say that it was to give him a sense of proportion so it seems as though it’s temporary.

    @smurfclassic: lol, yeah…that would’ve been sick…But it was a little too out of the blue imo, i mean…nowhere did it even hint that Natsu could do anything like that. Hopefully at some point down the line though we see something like Gajeel did when he was in dragon slayer mode (his arm getting all dragon-like) imagine that, but with fire…that would blow my mind.

  28. @super: good choice, Loki is pretty awesome…but I’m going to have to go with Happy as my favorite character…I don’t know if you saw it in the summary post, but Happy is based off of me, I’m sure of it. 😉 But it terms of who I think is the coolest character…that might go to either Natsu or Gajeel…they rock, Gajeel reminds me of Vegeta trapped in Raditz’s body…and i loved both of those guys. ^__^

  29. Grey FTW!

    Oh about that dragon changing thing. Cant all dragon slayers do it if they’re good enough? Well so far they have taken on the traits of dragons (scaled and claws mainly) but it wouldn’t surprise me if they could go full dragon. Natsu turned scaley in his fight with Gerald after eating the energy stuff (i forgot the name)

    @Midnight confusion: I think Brain called ‘it’ his daughter though i might have just made that up

  30. I do recall that being mentioned, but the only think that reminds me of a female is the lipstick and the eyes. Other than that we have a hard metal girly man running around >.<

    I think it would be rather difficult for the others to fight Midnight without magic. That is what their powers are all based from. Lucy would get her ass owned unless she uses Virgo to dig some holes. Natsu and Gray are out of their elements. How can they be expected to fight when they can't use their own skills? Erza might have a chance. With her swords she could cause some major damage. Gerard would offer back up too, mainly because he is sticking to Erza like a lost puppy 😉

    Wendy can use Sky magic, but how could that help if she can use it against her enemy? She would only be able to heal her friends. Unless her and Natsu decide to go Dragon Slayer on Midnight's ass.
    Juru would probably be the first to go down. That is what I think anyway. lol 😉

    Yeah here is a comment to the actual current manga events! 😀 lol

  31. So much winking!!!! >___< BTW, when scowering through the recent chapters i encountered something that caught my eye…
    here Natsu tries using his fire breath on Midnight, but it just goes around "him". Maybe this is what Midnight meant by no magic being able to affect "him"…as for the healing, THAT i have no idea on…

    @cookie: -______- 😛

  32. @Cookie: If magic attacks dont work, wouldn’t Lucy be one of the characters with the best chance? Sagittarius, Taurus and Cancer dont use magical attacks plus she has the whip 😉
    But yeah, Erza is probably the best bet. Though Natsu does punches and kicks and stuff when he fights so he wouldn’t be totally useless.

    @Everyone: Is Wendy invincible? She recovers just by breathing right?

  33. @Cyborg: Agreed, but to use them against Midnight wouldn’t work very well for Lucy. Midnight is meant to be the strongest of the Oracion Seis, so Midnight would have an counter attack for those. And by far, they are not the strongest attacks Lucy owns.

    If worst comes to worst, Natsu can bite Midnight.. Seemed pretty affective with Brain lmao. 😉

    No, I doubt she is invincible. She could be smothered after being defeated, so that wouldn’t work for her advantage. There is always a flaw in someones attack, we just don’t know very much about Wendy’s fighting skill to understand hers.

  34. @cookie and cyborgfranky: we know enough about Wendy that she isn’t a good fighter…she and Charle have said so herself, she’s more of a support character…as for the air thing, i think her “breathing” the air is different from “eating” the air, or else she’d b 1: full at every moment of the day or 2: very fat… 😉

  35. Yay, fairy tail, another great manga. It reminds me alot of rave master (and it should since they r both done by the same author) and like Ahsan pointed out OP+naruto+bleach.

    Its obvious Natsu is sporting a pimping pink hair. Only pimps wear pink. >__<) but the dude took out phantom lord's sub-divisons single handedly and stood toe-to-toe with luxus.

    @cookie couldnt natsu use his magic against midnight like he did to Yuuka?

  36. 😦 Why does my internet hate my post so? 😦

  37. @doomien: nice catch doomien, I forgot all about that…in the link I posted above it seems like no projectile magic can harm Midnight, so like you/cookie/cyborg have stated…physical attacks seem like the best option. Hey, if worse comes to worst Natsu could even force Midnight to attack herself with her own magic like he did with Toby right after his fight Yuuka… XD

  38. damn it all i want to say is how i like luxus and mistgun 😦

  39. @Doom: Er I think these guys may behind your post loss ‘>’ ‘.< They pretty must delete the entire post!

    He could, But he would get beaten to a pulp first. The decide to do that. But I still think Erza would be better suited for the job. The entire group would be at lost for their attacks, and using their elements as a booster may not even work.

    @Everyone: Well I was rereading this earlier and a thought came to me.


    What if Mistgun was actually that Gerard? The one that Erza knows, to my belief, might of been captured by that time. Or else he would of been straight after this happened.

  40. @cookie thx man I just realized that in my posts.

    Now I was trying to say earlier that I was surprised no one said luxus as a favorite. He reminds me alot of vegeta more than gajeel and even though he is not a true dragon slayer he stilled pwned natsu and gajeel for most of their fight. Cookie touched the point I was going to make on gerard and mistgun. There is obviously some connection between them and the fact they look the same (evil twins) we should look forward for that climax. Mistgun is also someone who deserves some awesomeness points. He took out all of phantom lord’s sub-divisions by himself and went toe-to-toe with luxus.

  41. O_____O uh doom…cookie is a girl. And sure I like Luxus, but he’s a moot point now that hes out of the guild…that’s why I like Gajeel. I’m pretty sure he still has a large role to play in the manga, besides…his magic is badass.

    @cookie: notice the stick (sword) that he’s carrying…it might just be a coincidence, but it looks alot like one of the weapons mistgun uses. 😉

  42. ‘___’ OMG, cookie please forgive my rum-induced masculine remark (showers cookie with rose petals, wine and a free ticket for a one-night date with Chuck Norris at Fight Club). Imgaine the romance when chuck round-house kicks a guys head off in the name of love 🙂

  43. XD that’s more like it doom…I’m a little jealous though…I want a date with Chuck Norris! *steals cookie’s ticket and uses it for himself*

  44. @dro You bastard, now how I’m I going to gain cookie’s forgiveness. the ticket was the key to the bribe!
    *Tosses suitcase filled with $100 bills into the ocean*
    Now what am I going to do? Oh great fairy gods, send me a holy message for the key to cookie’s heart.
    *A bright light shines upon doomien, revealing cookie’s greatest desire to be…*

  45. Also no spoilers dro? Fairy tail normally comes out monday/tuesday. I rarely see in out on Wednesday. Is it the copyright issue with the makers of fairy tail thats causing the delay?

  46. *pops out of Ocean with suitcase full of 100 dollar bills* Hey, look what I found! Who would throw this in the ocean? ^__^

    As for the spoilers, well this week’s chapter came out later than normal so I’m not sure when the new one will be out…also surfing the internet I have yet to find a credible place for Fairy Tail spoilers, I will continue my search though. 😉

  47. @Doom: Very true, if they hadn’t paired off up, Natsu and Gajeel would have been beaten badly. I would like to remind you all though, that the leader of phantom wanted to retrieve the lightning dragon power he gave Luxus, therefore there will most likely be a rescue Luxus arc.

    W-why do people think I am a guy? Is it because I know wrestling, have unbelievable powers, hold a position of power and read Shonen mangas? Or is it because I wanted to wear a top hat? A girl can dreamn DAMIT!! 😦

    Hmmm a ticket for a date with Chuck Norris? Dro… GET YOUR OWN! *Pulls out a laser gun and a pair of shades from bag pack (because pulling things out of thin air is just silly)* Time to Terminate 8) *Rooms goes dark and a shrilled scream is heard* *Lights turn back on and Dro is found in a bin bag beaten up badly* *The cause is unknown but it is speculated that it was a roundhouse kick to the face* @_@

    Now to use that ticket 😉

    o_O *takes note of the man holding a light bulb over Dooms head* Well you don’t see that everyday… And my desire!?!?!?!?! 0_0

    @Doom again: I understand, but it is difficult to come by spoilers of Fairy Tail. Not many members of of Youtube post spoiler videos and even then, we are still trying to track down a site that shows spoilers pictures. Not to mention we would have to also find ones that are in english, NOT spannish lol.

  48. @Cookie: *Gasp* Wasnt it Luxus’ dad, the guildmasters son, who wanted the thunder dragon stuff?
    As for why people assume you’re a guy…I think your psychic powers are growing too rapidly and leaking out of your body. The wonders of the internet then transfer this power to everyone where it greatly alters their perception and gives them an inability to refuse being pawns in your world dominating schemes…I myself retain the powers of a ghost if you remember (the fated enemy of the psychics) which gives me immunity to your mind attacks. Or so I’m told >_>

  49. @Cyborg: Indeed, the leader of phantom. He has long since stopped caring for the safety of others, including his own father who he tried to kill repeatedly. For what he wants the power he gave Luxus, I still haven’t thought of.

    I have a leak? That explains NOTHING about the perception of my gender!lmao :O Though I would never want to rule the world. It has been done far too many times 😉 I will never do such a thing. When it comes to someone’s plot for world domination I will be on the rebel side, fighting against that dictator 8) Sorry to disappoint you but you have your facts entirely wrong.

  50. Dro our drawings look like preschoolers!!! 😛 That is a lesson to all of you! Never draw on MSN. >_< It doesn't work very well… That and you can't see half of the drawing -_-

  51. @Cookie: Errr…I could have swore Ivan, Luxus’s dad and master of Raven Tail, was after his son’s dragon Lacrima not Jose (leader of Phantom). It was Ivan who implanted it into his son in the first place not Jose the leader of Phantom.

    @Anyone: Any thoughts to why they’re targeting Wendy’s guild first and how Brain knew Wendy in the first place?

  52. @Super: Er… I was thinking of the wrong guy… DAMIT >.<

    Hmmm her guild may have some hidden magic? When they talk of the lost magic, then maybe that guild itself were the ones that put A slumbering spell on Zeref to prevent him from reawakening. Maybe Mistgun had something to do with that too.

    As for him knowing Wendy, there are so many ways. Meeting in the street and having a cup of tea 😉 Knowing her link to Gerard, or because Wendy has skills she is not yet aware of. As it stands, there is still so many options.

    LMFAO @ obama calling natsu a jackass XD

    @DRO: Its RED! i refuse to agree to pink hair… i think it makes his character lame and weak. RED IS A BAD ASS COLOR! and thats what im sticking with. >_<

  54. its red as hell , and hi bb you comment on the blog as well XD

  55. LOL hi ahsan! yes i do!
    now i just need to think of a bubble entry…

  56. BUBBLE:

    Natsu:Ahsan hasnt even read 2 chapter yet X___X

  57. Bubble:
    Grey: Oh my God!
    Lucy: It’s so big and long…
    Happy: I didnt think that size was possible.
    Natsu: Guys, stop! All this talk about Jura’s man-skirt is making me sick.

  58. @Cookie: I like the idea of their guild putting Zeref to sleep and if Midnight turns them evil with the dark light they can awaken Zeref again.

  59. I see my comment did not show…damned firefox… T___T

    @ cookie: Our drawings look like pre-schoolers because i was paying a pre-schooler to draw mine, and i thought u did the same?

    @supertrek: My speculation as to why Nirvana is headed towards Cait Shelter is that maybe some of the members of Cait Shelter know something more about Zeref (this might also explain why they only sent one member instead of how the others did, unless Cait Shelter is full of assess), using Nirvana they can make those people turn to the dark side (lol) and help awaken Zeref. (much like you stated super)

  60. can someone tell me the chapter that ingel is talking (natsu;s dadthe dragon) cant find it, its also the one were they say that zeref is not dead so it was stupid to try and revive someone whos not dead so i think that its after the tower arc

  61. here ya go smurf!

  62. Ja, that was an interesting chapter and I wonder why all the dragons left on the same day and for what reason. Plus, what’s the dragon’s position in the hierarchy of the world. It seems they don’t like tampering in human affairs but they are at liberty to train humans in the art (magic) of the dragon? This dragon feast should be interesting if it’s covered.

  63. what i wonder is why they said “we’ll meeet at the feast” and i started wondering will they eat their students?

  64. like dragon slayers eat their elemment to be recovered i wonder if dragons got to eat their student to recover powers
    srry for doubling posting

  65. nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they cant kill of natsu!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hope its something like a battle royal of the best dragon slayer (dreaming because all other things are to depressing to think about i.e training and treating a human like and son and him feeling the same way about u then eating him, thats just horrible parenting) lol 😦

  66. Bad news everyone, seems like no Fairy Tail this week…im still not 100% sure, but from what I’ve read it seems that way…also i think that the dragon feast sounds delicious. 😉

    @acklikxx: it seems (with the possible exception of Metalicana, Gajeel’s Dragon) that the dragons care for their foster children…Igneel got pissed when Grandine (Wendy’s Dragon) threatened Natsu. So i dont think that eating their kids is something they’d do, but hey…I’ve been wrong before.

  67. just wanted to say that i’m really diggin fairy tale so thanks drosensei for suggesting it =). I’m still at chapter 10 so i wont be commenting until i’m with you on manga terms… don’t wanna spoil the fun :).

  68. btw, LUCY ftw *drool*

  69. Post has been updated with WRA manga…let me know what you think! ^__^

  70. @Dro: LMAO – Gold. but we all know it’s pink 😉

  71. no fairytail this week?

  72. LMAO! Burning house! XD Funny as hell and completely random Dro. 😀

    @Acklikxx: Nope but next week there will be of course.

  73. Omg that was priceless, I still can’t stop laughing!! a Mud shovel.. that bit still makes me laugh 😀 Loved it!!! MANLY RED FTEW!!!

  74. FAIRY TAIL IS OUT 153 :p

  75. I just read 153 chapters in 7 days =0. This sh%t is addictive :P.

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