YOSH!!! One Piece Chapter 558 Spoilers Confirmed + 557 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included! $_$

-One Piece Spoiler Video Below-

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Here’s this week’s spoiler video so go ahead and spoil yourselves rotten. 😉 The script for the spoiler video will be posted in the comments section below. Spoiler video brought to you by Naruto1piece4.

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome to another week’s One Piece Chapter Breakdown WRA style! FINALLY, after a long 1 week absence of One Piece we have our beloved lover back! I mean…not lover but you know…entertainment…>_> We all go through our own withdrawal phases folks don’t judge me. >_< I seem to recall some of you trying to commit suicide over a scare that there wouldn’t be any One Piece this week and you all even threatened Oda’s life! He has a FAMILY you heartless bastards!!! And did I see someone dress up as Oda and try to write the chapter himself? -_- For shame… *shakes head sadly and walks away*

Well it’s here now so let’s get started right after this week’s BOPP and AMV!


A lot of One Piece AMV creators are taking hard hits on Youtube because Youtube admins are being a douche bag and deleting accounts. I don’t remember if I posted this one up here before but it’s pretty damn good. AMV by MauoThunder23. Baddass One Piece Picture by *Brilcrist. Yeah, you know it’s badass and you can barely handle the awesomeness. 😉

Alright on to the breakdown now!

Pic 1

Is it strange that the dude running on his hands doesn't bother me as much as the 'rape face' the first dude has carryong the girl? Nope!

Yohohohohohoho! Brook is featured on this week’s cover story so that leaves Zoro for last. It seems like Namakura Island is in trouble with the Longarm Tribe which Scratchmen Apoo (The DJ Supernova) is a part of. The tribe members can be identified by the their obviously long arms and two elbows. They also have Kanji symbols on the front of their shirts. Seems like CyborgFranky may be right in his prediction that Brook could learn some musical skills from this island. Remember Apoo blew admiral Kizaru in half with his music (of course that could have just been a special power connected to his DF)? Either way this island is connected to music through the Longarm Tribe which Apoo (The DJ) is from and Brook does music! This is more than a coincidence so go learn some music Brook! Oh yeah…and go rescue the damsel in distress while you’re at it…

Don't speak bad of Boa Hancock unless you want stone balls! ><

Don't speak bad of Boa Hancock unless you want stone balls! ><

Back to the main story we start with a flashback of how Luffy and co. came falling from the sky in the first place. After entering through the Gates of Justice their ship was washed atop of one of Whitebeard’s tsunamis and then of course Aokiji froze the sea and all waves. Hence, we start with them on the biggest ice sled in the entire world! I wonder what’s Luffy’s plan for getting down…

Be careful of what you wish for...especially around Ivankov...O_O

Be careful of what you wish for...especially around Ivankov...O_O

Luffy immediately wants to go into action by sliding down the ice wave. Sounds fun, dangerous, stupid, and crazy as hell…it’s Luffy’s idea alright. 😉 Of course Buggy takes the credit and while the crew gets inspired the den den mushi on the ship rings to life. It rings to reveal the Marine’s not-so-secret-anymore plan of speeding up Ace’s execution. In response to this Team Awesome wants to get their asses in gear now! Now we all know what happens next… Ivankov, do what you do best…*WINK* The ice doesn’t agree with this and breaks beneath them sending them plummeting to their deaths to the icy floor below. It’s quicker this way says the ice… O_O

BTW, that's 'What Would Jimbei Do'! ;)

BTW, that's 'What Would Jimbei Do'! 😉

Thus, that’s the story of how the crew came falling from the sky! The end! ^_^ Back to current time in the manga luckily for them they land in the exact spot where Diamond Jaws heaved that giant iceberg from creating a pool large enough for a battleship to land in. Oda obviously planned ahead for all of this because that was 3 chapters back. All the DF users who land in the water get rescued and unfortunately so does Buggy. You could see Jimbei just thinking about it though on whether or not to rescue the clown.

Awwwww, family reunions are always so.......fiscal.......

Awwwww, family reunions are always so.......fiscal.......

After being saved from drowning Luffy finally comes in communication with his brother with a friendly wave as if they’re not at the foot of the Marine HQ about to witness his execution. I just love how care free this kid is sometimes. “Hi Ace how are you doing? Are the chains to tight? Don’t worry I’ll get you outta there in a jiffy and then we go home and eat all day but you’re cooking!” xD



In order to accomplish that though we need a super team…a team that knows no fear and no bound to their power. A team full of misfits and ex cons. We need…TEAM AWESOME!!! With Buggy replacing Inazuma I guess we have to give him some credit now for being on such an awesome team. If the country ruining bastard Crocodile can get some cool points and redemption then so can the awesomely funny Buggy the Clown! (I really don’t like Crocodile but I don’t really hate him this much either…I just like putting him down to annoy Mudshovel…>_>).

Shame on those who don't get the cuffs reference!

Everyone had a different reaction and shame on those who don't get the cuffs reference! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQTXawaAKNA

With Luffy’s arrival we get some quick reaction shots of enemies, friends, and family alike to Luffy’s entrance. Hancock drops an egg, Moria has an aneurism, Jimbei goes on strike and says I quit the Shichibukai! Wait, he arrived with Luffy what is he complaining about? I don’t think they paid him in fish… Doflamingo starts talking crazy shit again. What is he talking about all the current and past Shichibukai are here? What about probably one of your most powerful ones Blackbeard? He’s not here is he crazy man? Might I mention how kawaii Boa looks for my friend CyborgFranky down in the comments section? 😉

I don't even know where to even begin when poisoning a mustache. >_<

I don't even know where to even begin when poisoning a mustache. >_<

Well Doflamingo isn’t the only crazy one it seems because Mr. Sandman decides to attack Whitebeard from behind! >_< *sigh* What have we learned about people who have tried to SURPRISE Whitebeard? They all wound up hurt! Luckily for Crocodile Luffy rescues him by kicking his hand away from Whitebeard before it was broken. Crocodile should thank Luffy instead of arguing at him. 😉

Now we know why Luffy is the way he is... :)

Now we know why Luffy is the way he is... 🙂

On top of the Moby Dick Whitebeard recognizes the straw hat on Luffy’s back and realizes this is the pirate Shanks trusted in for the next generation. I can see a little rivalry here. Whitebeard entrusts the future to Ace to become the next Pirate King. While Shanks entrusts Luffy, who sees a lot of Gol D. Roger in him, to be the next great pirate and one day surpass him. Whitebeard vs. Shanks and their apprentices Ace vs. Luffy. Makes sense to me.

David vs. Goliath...excpet David has a mean right hook and Goliath can quake your ass!

David vs. Goliath...excpet David has a mean right hook and Goliath can quake your ass!

After a quick few words Whitebeard warns Luffy that he doesn’t know what he’s getting into. Luffy retaliates with a quick STFU old man and the rivalry is on! A friendly rivalry that is between a Yonkou and a rookie pirate. Place your bets and let the match begin! ^_^

That’s it for this chapter and with Whitebeard and Luffy teaming up together next week should be plenty full of action! Here’s this week’s demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Fire Insurance PosterArtwork by Remontant


The winner is…SHINOBIMADNESS!!! I’ll give him the last part because it’s obvious Sengoku has wanted Garp to stop his rampaging grandson for awhile now. 😛

“since luffy and the rest of those escapees have the attention of everyone i think its gonna shift to them now. it might show everyones confused look on there faces like who the hell are they sort like that filler/arch episode where they just came back from skypia…i think that sengoku guy might want garp stop luffy…” (Shinobimadness)

My prediction; Brook will obviously be on the main cover. Luffy will tell Whitebeard that they are going to speed up Ace’s execution. After that they are going to charge straight into battle but Luffy will head out first. Boa will cease fighting and become confused on what to do now that Luffy’s on the battlefield and in danger. Sengoku will order the men to attack Luffy and the renegade escapees. Now that the battle is in complete swing with all parties fighting the Marines will try to finish preparations and go for Ace’s execution. YOSH!

~ by supertrek89 on September 18, 2009.

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  1. FIIIIIIIIIIIRST!!! hehehe >_>

  2. yeah… i got second, won the prediction, (i was also right about luffy’s convo with whitebeard super 😉 but ill take this as a win….

    this chapter took forever to come out… im actually still waiting for it back at one manga to read it a couple more times. when crocodile was going for whitebeard for a second i knew he was gonna get pwnd but not by luffy….im curious to see who luffy and whitebeard will fight. i think they might have to fight together briefly tho.

  3. YOSH! That bopp really is amazing! Sanji and Zoro together > Club Whitebeard >_>
    Will start by saying you got a little confused Super. They’re ontop of one of the tsunai’s Whitebeard made at the start and Aokiji froze. Its a little flashback. No worries though 😉

    This cover story really proves to me that the crew are there for definate reasons. I just dont get why Usopp turned fat in a deadly forest.
    I wonder why theres always time for a team pose before the battle kicks off. Hancock’s kawaiiness was SUPER! *pose* She really looks better when she isnt being so mean. Still…Turn me to stone anytime.

    What would Croc have done if he killed Whitebeard? Fought off an enraged Marco, Jaws and others? Dumb ass…
    This fight looks like its about to kick into high gear when really i want it to end >_> Whitebeards posse is no substitute of the strawhat crew in my book…
    Anyway, great breakdown, really made me laugh. I had one of those funny coz its true moments when i saw the poster… ^^

  4. @Shinobi: I read that comment to but it really didn’t sound like a prediction. More like a suggestion of what you wanted to see not what would happen if you know what I mean. Still you won in the end so it matters not. 🙂

    Luffy and Whitebeard together and now they’re competing on who can save Ace! Gah, I can’t wait to see what happens next chapter and I hope Whitebeard doesn’t hold back because I know Luffy won’t.

    And yeah, why hasn’t it come out on onemanga yet? They’re usually the first to have out One Piece. o_0

    @Franky: Ahhh, thx good catch! I’ll change it immediately and now it all makes sense to me when I review the manga. 😀

    I still want to see Luffy fight and though I don’t want the Arc to go on for to long now I want to see Whitebeard fight!


    I’m a little sleepy so I’m going to hit the sack. I woke up to early to do this breakdown. -_-

    I think Cookie was waiting for me to finish…>_>

  5. i wrote my breakdown before you but you refreed to the team as team awesome and i as team awesomeness y did that happen?

    hmmm any way awesomeness breakdown as ussual and the ace poster FTEW

    oh and luffy will own everything in his way he is GOD XD

  6. Great work Super, as per usual! 😉

    Is is just me or has prison really changed Crocodile? In the Alabasta arc, he was so cold and calculating and made sure he had a hundred back up plans before starting the rebellion and trying to find his Pluton. And in this chapter, he just blindly attacked Whitebeard like…well, Luffy and Ace. I’ve got a theory that his cool planning side is actually a cover-up for his real personality which is a lot more like Luffy’s than he’d care to admit!

    I’m also sure that Doflamingo’s words about all the Shichibukai being at the same battle will prove prophetic and BB will show up with some humongous weapon in tow. In fact, I’m going to predict right now that neither the WG or WB will come out on top: BB’s just going to stab them in the back while they’re fighting each other.

    Team Awesome is back, baby! Did you notice that the first thing the Marines noticed was Iva’s face? XD It is rather big. *DEATH VINK* Gaaaahhh!

  7. 7th yeah !!
    Well i loved this chapter i only laughed and i was like

    Im just wondering when the rest of the crew is arriving

    I think Nami will be the first to appear.

    And hopefully will jimbei become a strawhat

  8. 8th the highest i have ever been lol,

    this is what i think will happen:
    luffy: they going excecute ace early. then goes into gear second, whitebeard: dont get in my way kid
    luffy: think u can keep up. does his laugh.
    (would like luffy to be smarter enough to notice that no new people that were arrested on archipolgo were in jail, and tell whitebeared, becuase i dont know what happened to kidd and law after they met kuma but if he could tell him and they were captured and whitebeard told some men to find were the prisoners were being held (500+ was said to sengoku) and once they are free they would thanks whitebeared but he says the credit goes to luffy.) (but that wont happen becasue luffy is charming ignorant)

    then both of them set off and start plowing there way though the marines like luffy did on the lobby arc.

    kizaru will try to shot them down from above but 1st division commander marco will get in the way and stop the attacks.

    the will people watching on the screen and saying:

    person 1:whos that kid who just turned up, seems pretty strong.
    person 2: isnt that the new rookie everybody’s been hearing about.
    person 3:oh yea strawhat luffy.

    it will end with an admiral or garp or sengoku infront of whitebeared and another warlord infront of luffy (the possible warlords see below:

    hancock – no even if it is to save her country after the comment see made in the last chapter i dont think it will be her

    mihawk – dont think so becasue he really want to fight zorro when he’s at his strongest and luffy is the captn that will take zorro to the new world so he can become stronger

    flamigo – probelly because everyone els has met him face to face apart from him and he will want to see wat hes got

    kuma – after letting him survive and saying we wont meet again i cant see them meeting face to face together yet (unless luffy goes after kuma when he sees him)

    moria – probelly because of revenge he wants to get on luffy for kickiong he ass and spoiling his plans

    the is also a chance smoker will turn up if he does he will ask why he’s with the croc.

  9. Ah, thx guys I just woke up a while back so forgive me for not responding immediately.

    @Ahsan: I don’t know but I always called them ‘Team Awesome’. You tell me what happened. 😉

    Oh, and I’ll get right to reading your breakdown Ahsan don’t think that I forget! >__< I wonder what Whitebeard did to him before for such a normally cool as a cucumber Crocodile to hold such a heavy grudge.

    I'll say this. He does have a chance of redeeming himself if he kicks Moria's ass. I for one would give Mr. Sandman a giant hug if he saps all the life out of that shadow stealing vampire. I could also see Crocodile and Smoker going at it. That would be an interesting match. Smoke versus sand who will win?

    @German: The crew arriving…not so likely. We'll probably be dealing with a Reunite Strawhat Crew Arc after this war is over.

    @Smurf: Ja, I wonder what happened to Kidd, Law, and the rest of the Supernovas. I can't wait to see them again in the New World battling with each other and the Strawhats! Those are some epic crew battles to come.

    As for who I think will ultimately fight Luffy. I'm sticking to Doflamingo and now that Whitebeard's in the mix the marines will to be to distracted to care about who fights Luffy.
    @Anyone: Does anyone think Luffy will gain his last nakama from this Arc. Someone who is impressed by Luffy's prowess and decides to join him. Then those two set out to find the rest of the crew and they all get surprised one by one that they have a new nakama? Maybe…even a little jealous. xD

  10. @super: i’ll let it slide as a suggestion…;) i dont think luffy would get a new crewmember because usually theres a namkama theme going on and there hasn’t been one since they left bonclay behind…*sigh* and if he does make it out of there most likely the rest of the crew will accept them, ie sanji, ussopp, and chopper, and maybe robin.

    @smurf: yeah i can actually see a couple of marines saying that about luffy and whitebeard..lol

    Here’s my prediction:
    Luffy and his temp. crew warns everyone of the WG plan to take ace out early. Whitebeard then tells the pirates to all focus getting to ace and making a path for him, luffy, and a few other strong characters(most likely croc, ivanokov*, Captain. Buggy…lol,and a few other of whitebeards namkama) Marco, and Glassjaw will provide cover against kizaru and other vice admirals. The Admiral( the one that eats his family..lol) will come straight for luffy, leaving whitebeard the chance to cover luffy to go ahead. with this either other vice admirals will come to stop him or perhaps sengoku or garp will be luffy’s final obstacle. although the last sentence wont take place for another 2-3 chapters…

  11. @super: i think that smoker would win purely becuase he has that sea stone on the end of that (stik/sword/staff, never did find out wat it were or did i miss something) otherwise i think is would be a draw like in the smoke vs fire battle i.e smoker vs ace.

    would love to see luffy get another nakama but i dont think it is very likely because in order for that to happen a pirate would have to abandon his crew and join the strawhats unless his crew would be wipped out and the only one that could survie that a strong person and after all dont need any weak people like usopp (granted his sniping abilities a the second best we has seen so far, casue we havent seen his dads ability yet) i would love it if a logia type joined, an when the battle is over the guy/girl goes up to luffy and ask if he can join and says a comment like hes the type of guy that should be pirite king not ace (but they could say whitebeard instead because i dont think that luffy knows of whitebeards intentions yet.

    at the end if ivan is still alive i think she will tell him were he could meet his father or atleast someone who knows the loctation/intouch with the revoultion army. but i still think that robin is with the revolution army.

    i would love it if there were some executioner type guys going to kill ace and luffy saw got really made and cause he was close he did i walk (i know dosent make sense he should be running as fast as he could) towards the platform and there to line of marines infront of him and because of his angry and determintion to save ace his haki is released like is happened for shanks on the moby dick and the start dropping like fly’s + i want there to be loads of people that notice is as well like whitebeared, garp, smoker, sengoku and the admirals + plus all the people watching the tv.

  12. oh yea love the video when its but together like that u can see all the things that the SH crew been thought and they been though a heck of alot + when u see a bit that u like i makes u go watch that episode lol

  13. Next episode looks like they’ll dive into more detail of Nami’s and Franky’s expenditures on their islands. Did I mention how hot Boa Hancock is? 😉 And Luffy is the luckiest bastard alive! >_<

    @Smurf: Crocodile could just reform his body around the Kairoseki juttes every time Smoker swings at him, but your right it does give him an advantage.

    The thing is Smoker's ability gives him the power to dodge regular hits, like most logia types, and hold up objects and people. Crocodile's power offers up so much more. He can do everything Smoker can do but more. Drain water from a body, create sand storms, cut with his sand, create sand pits, decompose solid objects into sand, etc… Plus he has that poisonous hook. Argh, a true pirate matey…and doesn't he smoke a cigar? o_0

    And don't worry. With all the media coverage and strong pirates around Luffy is bound to get some major recognition here.

  14. i have prediction

    our true team awesomenss (wb & luffy) will own every thing in there freaking way XD

  15. @super: but want i am wondering the most is if smoke has any mostiure like steam because if it did that croc can just suck the smoke dry. id love it if a strong marine say a vice-admiral who did really like the marines they just didnt know wat to do with there life say luffy and dicided that there life purpose will be making him pirate king and joined them that would be epic lol stealing a marine lol 🙂

  16. Well a new nakama needs the sad past, a main enemy to beat and also a dream. I dont see it happening. Maybe its judt me clinging to my hope of a female fishman or mermaid in the cfew though…

    I doubt Crocodile could hit Smoker in any way so ultimatly the win would go to the marine unless Croc got his hands on the jutte…

    I thought about some things earlier and was wondering about everyone’s opinion on them. First do you think there are any two zone animal that match each other? For instance a human with a reindeer fruit so they were Choppers opposite…
    Secondly, during the Moria fight, Luffy went gear 3rd in both arms at once. Could he transfer the air to his legs, blow again to fill his torso and then pump up his arms too, becoming a full giant? I think it would be awesome…

  17. @cyborg: that would be awesome if he could do it i think that it would have a longer time after spent as chibi luffy. andi think that the human have the reindeer fruit would not have the same transformation as chopper but could have think close to it.

  18. @Super: Yosh! I’ve done my breakdown so i can annoy you now XD. Awesome work as per the ususal
    Pretty Amazing chapter IMO. I get the feeling that the title pages of the SH crew’s adventures is a chapter countdown clock – but what it’s counting down idk – SH reunion?
    I’ll pretend i didn’t see those Crocodile quips, you can be forgiven for ur naivety – he has a plan … he just waitng >_> He will attack 2morrow … i mean it this time! >_>

    Luffy Vs Whitbeard – it’s on now, lets hope the old geezer gets his but into gear (he’ll probably break a hip though 😛 )


  19. @Smurf: Now that I think about it steam and fog have properties of water in them but I don’t know about smoke… Smoke just seems dry like sand.

    @Franky: A GIANT!!! O_O That may work but for how long could he keep the air in? All his Gear 3rd attacks seem to only be temporary and the side effect is a mini Luffy. I think the longer he uses it the longer he stays small. I would love to see a giant Luffy though to take out a building or two.

    As for the opposite of Chopper’s fruit…a human who could turn into a deer and speak the language of animals. When he went into deer mode wouldn’t he be a deer with human skin just like Chooper is a human with deer fur when he goes to human state? That’d be freaky. @_@

    @Mudshovel: For a moment there I thought you got lost on the blog. 😛

    I like that countdown idea but instead of it leading to the Strawhats reunion I think after Zoro is covered Blackbeard will make his announcement in Impel Down. I’m anxious to know what secret he has to reveal to the world and why he came to Impel Down instead of Marineford. I know it wasn’t just for the recruitment of Shiryuu.

    @Anyone: How much fighting do you all think Whitebeard is going to actually do next chapter? Not much I say because he’ll let Luffy take the lead and show off for the next generation.

  20. I say Luffy will just shout out they are killing Ace ahead of schedule and then slingshot himself towards the platform. Whitebeard will show a little shock and then order Luffys protection. Ivankov will give Croc another warning about revealing that weakness to win him over. The admirals all attack the flying Luffy but are intercepted. I will guess at Marco blocking Kizaru, Crocodile blocking Aokiji and Jimbei waterbending from that little section to block Akainu. It ends with Luffy facing off against the person he will fight, Doflamingo/smoker/garp…

  21. great chappy,
    Kizaru turned into a tough guy 😛
    hmm i think luffy is gonna get pretty much phucked up.
    Since even akainu mentions that they for sure have to kill this guy.
    But Whitebeard prolly wont let luffy die, I can actually see wb getting cut up to save luffy but i guess we will see.
    Im feeling sorry for garp lol he prolly wont let luffy die either no matter what happends i dont see him allowing the marines to kill luffy.

  22. anyone seen the new anime yet?
    I guess we’ll get to see through that how and what for upgrades the crew is gonna get.
    Nami is gonna get hell alot stronger if she gets that wind rope thing.

  23. luffy and Wb utter pwnage for the marines

  24. New episode rocked! Nami made a friggin tornado! >_<
    I LOLed at Hancocks imagination and 'this tea has SUPER flavour'

  25. lol seen the anime and now i deffintly looks like kuma but each on them on place to get them stronger i.e the way nami landed she didnt get shot from a distance it actually landed nicely. we didnt see vegapunks name on the signboard when franky was first shown so i guess they put it together with the front page of the chapter from a while back.

    @cyborg: i think that has the highest probability from everything i have heard so far.

  26. YOSH!!! LMFAO!!! This week’s episode was pure gold! XD Hancock’s dream about Luffy has me ROTFLOL! Nami and the old man were also a great comedy duo. Plus she obviously got a new weapon and made a tornado! Most importantly though…we got to see her in the shower again. @_@

    Franky was hilarious as always, Ow Ow SUUPEEERRRR!!!! XD I wonder if they gave him upgrades in that surgery room…>_>

    As I thought would happen the anime is covering in more detail what the manga couldn’t with the rest of the crew. If anyone wants to do anime breakdowns for One Piece let me know! 😀 This is important stuff.

  27. you should take any one from cyborg pumpkin bear smurf etc who are watching anime with passion XD

    i get a 10 gb bandwidth from next month then ill watch the animes as well ^^

  28. lol when i first started to watch one piece anime i loved it and watched it with hardly any sleep(down side is when u get to the end u now have to wait a week for each episode instead of it just being there) and because i watch like 400 episode in less than a week i then began to watch other stuff i.e hitman reborn, bleach fullmetal, etc. and i went over by 40 gb limit so now with parents paying an extra £40 a week its up to 80gb limit but the funny thing is not that i have caught up with every anime that i now watch i dont need to watch so many (plus i have downloaded all one piece, naruto, bleach, hitman reborn.) lol 🙂

  29. @super the only people i have seen so far that would definitely want to join luffy would be boa.

  30. @anyone and anyone who doesnt like the idea of boa joining then would not want to see nami and boa in the shower together.

  31. I wonder if Nami will get that bubble power the old guy used to walk through the storm. If she did, she could make mega powerful wide spread attacks and stand in the middle of it all.
    Franky NEEDS to fire beams! He would quadruple in greatness if he could. I remember he has an attack called ouchie finger where the fingertip bends back and a bullet gets show. It always seemed really pointless since he has for gun ‘holes’ when he uses his gun arm. So really the ouchie finger should be upgraded to firing beams! I also hope he gets a better or more compact way to store cola (or a new energy source) so he can fight full strength for longer. OW! SUPERRR!!

  32. @Senju: But Hancock just wouldn’t fit with the crew imo. Sure Sanji would be hilarious whenever she with Luffy but i have a lot of issues with her in the group. Her past is sad but in a completly different way to the rest. She would require a flashback, dream and main enemy to defeat. Her joining condemns the whole of her country. Finally, do they really need another paramecia onboard? *Really wants female fishman or mermaid to join*

  33. I agree with cyborgfranky. I don’t see Boa becoming a SH because she really wouldn’t get along with anyone besides Luffy. She’d kick Chopper around for being cute, treat Sanji like dirt (not like that’s anything new, but still…), and generally act like her usual haughty self. She’s not a team player and while she’s definitely a powerful ally, she wouldn’t make a very good nakama for the rest of the SHs.

    I definitely want to see a fishman join, or a mermaid as long as they’re badass! Maybe an expert in fishman karate? Not saying Jinbei, but someone like him: a former member of the Sunny Pirates who remembers Fisher Tiger and has a dream like freeing all of the fishmen who are still slaves of the Tenryuubito or seeing the world of humans. I definitely want someone who can become a new member of the family, like the weird aunt/uncle, or the kickass grandma!

  34. @Elisha: Yeah i agree. I don’t really think that Boa would fit in with the rest of the crew, but she will be a damn strong Ally should Luffy need her help.
    The Straw Hats need another fighter in the crew imo. The downside to this would be that Arc’s would extend longer to cover an extra fight, but i find it hard to believe (unless they all return from Kuma training camp three times stronger than before) that they will last very long in New World with the everyone ATM. A fisherman would be a pretty cool idea for a crew member – he/she would deffinitly come in handy when luffy falls in to the water (again) 😉 .

  35. I can only imagine the next member to be a fishman. Sanji is the only non-df, non-weapon fighter. Oda has developed this whole style of fighting, fishman karate, which also fits that catagory. A fishman is the perfect addition to the group of misfits: reindeer, cyborg, skeleton. Someone who can swim fast will be very useful too. If it was a girl i think that would be even better since it would balance the numbers a little and, due to fishman naturally being 10 times stronger than humans, she could stand toe to toe with the east blue trio.

  36. My only grievance with them gaining a possible Fishmen (hopefully female) nakama while down on Fishman Island is they’re all uglos! >_< I know we haven't seen a female Fishmen yet but look at all the men. The women can't be far off! That's why I'm hoping for a kickass Merfolk (hopefully female) nakama. She would have to be over 30 though to walk on land but hell she can still be sexy. Since they also inhabit the sea they could also possibly know Fishman Karate.

    Most likely though from what we've seen so far only Fishmen know Fishman Karate and the Merfolk are the more peaceful race. The Merfolk are the fastest swimmers in the sea though so I guess it's all about preference. If the Merfolk are just weak (fighting wise) but great swimmers I'd regretfully prefer a female Fishmen to join the crew no matter how ugly she'd look. -_-

    And no one wants to step up for One Piece anime breakdowns? T_T

  37. @ super: Of course we want OP anime breakdowns! I thought that was a given. C’mon guys, we all want super’s snarky take on the newest OP episodes, right? *casually cocks shotgun*

    And yeah, if we’re going for another fighter, the SHs should definitely have a fishman as their nakama! I don’t mind if he or she isn’t a looker as long as they’re strong and have a great character/back story. Although I’m kind of at a loss for what kind of services they could provide. A guide maybe or an oceanographer?

  38. I was thinking helmsman. If the waters are getting more dangerous a good pilot is key. Oda is a little to ecchi to make ugly female fishmen i think.
    As far as OP anime breakdowns, i feel i couldn’t do them justice.

  39. @Elisha: LOL, of course I want anime breakdowns too but you want me to do them and the manga breakdowns!? XD

    I say we force Franky to do them!!! O_O

  40. >_> I could look into it…


  42. @super:if you wanna see a female merwoman then look on the cover pages of the one piece manga from chapters 212, 214, etc. And yes they are UGGGGGLLLLYYY!!!!!

    i was just watching episode 405 of one piece, the episode where Kuma comes and makes them all the straw hats go POP! I really feel like crying when I see Luffy’s shocked face thruout the entire episode! Its heartbreaking!

    Boa doesnt fit in with the straw hats. Thats that.

    @Franky: You will do the OP anime breakdowns! I command you. I am GOD! DO it or you will be judged!!!! (pretty pleaseeeeeee)

  43. @Franky: That would be pretty sweet if you could dude.

    @Elisha: A helmsman? i seem to recall Frank (not cyborg XD) mentioning to luffy, just after he was recruited, that they would need a one (though i have no idea as to what a helmsman does…)

  44. I still stand by my previous prediction of Ace being executed and this rescue turning into something else. Can’t disprove my theory….yet… 😉

    It feels like the Navy still might have something up their sleeve.

    About that new crew member discussion, it obviously won’t be Boa even as hot as she is. I think she’ll end up playing a role again with love blind Luffy but not for a while. I think they’ll hook up eventually but it won’t be anytime soon. And because I think she’s his love interest, it wouldn’t make any sense for her to be put on the crew because Luffy wouldn’t see another crew member, his nakama, like that. But by keeping her off the crew, it keeps the possibility of hooking up with her open for a later date.

    And to be honest, I hope its not some random Fishman/woman or other (lame=non-fighter) character. I’d love to see a big change thrown in there as opposed to all the previous ones have joined. Make it someone mysterious or new that joins his crew, not at first because they’re nakama but because its either out of necessity of the results of the current battle or someone who forces his/her way on to the crew. Someone badass too.

    I don’t see Luffy fighting Doflamingo at least at this point in the story. Doesn’t it seem like though, that all the D. family members are starting to assemble or appear? I’d love to see Dragon show up. That would make my day. And I wonder if Blackbeard is ever going to make an appearance during this battle. It doesn’t strike me as though he would because he seems like the type of person who would rather sit and wait for the fight to progress and then pick off/take sides when the outcome has already been decided.

    Hmm…..I’m out of ideas for the night….let me know what you guys think.

  45. i think that nami will power up alot first by using getting that bubble power (what does everyone think, a form of haki, seeing though haki has a translation as willpower i would think anythink could be possible) that bubble would be amazing see could avoid lighting or her of cyclone and keep enemies away, if the whole crew is injured create a bigger bubble and put a cyclone around them to buy some time for them to have a breather is also a possibility. i think there is also a chance of her coming back with some new dials because they are rare and could be used for different things on the ship. concerning the climatack (nami’s weapon) its almost garantied that its going to have the wind knot on it but probelly its going to be changes to make it work better instead of throwing and yanking it lol.

    franky will hopefully come back with some lazer beams aswell as some seeking missiles because him shooting and missing is going to be a waste of his power source, i also think that his will make a big place to store cola i,e fill up from same place and have the extra room in his body storage space or the cola or change the power supply altogether but i dont think that will happen because its got a comic thing to it. i also think that he is going to find some of the metarial that kuma has something harder that steel and change it with his own body and with the help of some of the scientists it will also help him get the weakness of having a normal back because he couldnt reach it go away.

    if there were going to be have a merwomen then she would have to be sexy or it would throw is all out of wack with sexy women on the team but considdering that they are all ugly i dont think that it would be happening, but i could see why its a possiblity because if the merfolk found out that luffy went against the world goverment just like fisherman tiger (altough not to the same extent as him) then they would want to join the SH crew with the goal of stopping slavrey.

    @franky: not going to try and force you to do the breakdown but if u dont want to just do a simple one all we really need is a place to talk about the episode instead of using the one for one piece manga.

    dint think that it will be hancock joining the crew because luffy is funny how he has no idea about love and if she joins the crew then nami and robin are going to tell him and there goes the funny, but it would be intresting to see if the rest of the crew fall inlove with hancock like normal people do i.e zorro showing a love emotion lol that would be funny but who knows there still might be a meeting between the crew as they set off to mermaid island and hancock will see them off.

    i wonder if sliver rayliegh will turn up to the fight now that the announcement of who ace is went live? (probelly questions that we asked a few weeks ago lol, i also think that dragon might show up not a big chance but a chance.

    a while back jimbei rememberd something to do about arlong and said that ace is the priority now so wat does everyone think about that is he going to try and fight luffy after this while mess is done with?? or is he going to thank him.

    p.s all this talk about marfock makes me want to watch the arlong arc again because it reminds me how luffy kicked his ass lol

  46. so for the long post its just i have wrote anything in a while and there were alot of post that everyone had opions on so i thought i should give mine lol.

    i also think that the goverment have a trump card and that being the px’s i think that luffy will fight one of those on his own and beat it if he dosent get to fight against one of the warlords.

  47. Come on lets go everybody, oh we share the music!
    Come on lets go baby, baby, oh we share the one dream!
    Come on lets go everybody, oh we share the good times!
    Come on lets go baby, baby, oh we share the One World!

    by: ingwe137

    Title: Ace and Luffy

    Ivankov&Buggy: He’s arguing with Whitebeard!..
    Luffy: One-two… You just wait a little, Ace…
    Whitebeard: A brat like you… Are you a big shot or just a big fool that does not know when to be afraid? Gurarara!
    Crocodile: ……
    Kizaru: Now that we have permission for elimination, let’s carry it out right away.
    Marco: Guys! Enough with sight-seeing! Break through! Go with full strength!

    Luffy: It’ll be nice to fly right over there

    Sengoku: Damn you! Garp! What’s going on!?
    Garp: Ku… Luffy… Where have you popped out of at such a time…
    Ace: Even Luffy… Ku… Stay away!
    Sengoku: I won’t let the plans be ruined any more than this! Garp, you understand!?
    Kizaru: Of course, Sengoku-san, I will eliminate him in a moment.
    Garp: Ku… Ku…
    Kizaru: I’m coming…
    He kicks Luffy with the speed of light from above.

    Luffy: Eeeeee..
    He evades by hair’s bredth
    Luffy: The shining guy! Don’t get in my way!
    Whitebeard: Are you going to take on two opponents, Kizaru?
    Kizaru: Oops..
    (Whitebeard?) shatters Kizaru’s light with the air-quake

    Luffy: Sorry, old man, but I leave the light-old-man to you. Gomu-gomu no…
    Whitebeard: Impertinent brat…
    Luffy: Pachinko!
    Luffy jumps all over, pummeling the marine soldiers, the marines that are hit are blown off and collapse.
    Donflamingo(?): What’s that? Fufufu… That’s fun, Mugiwara!
    Smoker: Mugiwara:
    Kuma: …

    Ivankov: !? Kuma…
    Luffy: Oryaaaa! Gomu-gomu nooo
    Aokiji: suuu
    Luffy: !?
    Luffy: GIGANTO…
    Aikiji: ICE AGE
    Luffy’s arm is frozen

    Luffy: Ice old man!.. my hand…
    Aokiji: Suuuu Fu.. It’s been a long time, Mugiwara. I’m sorry but you won’t accomplish anything here. That time I could afford leaving you alive, but today I’ll have you dead.
    Luffy: I’ll save Ace! I won’t lose any more! Get out of my way! GIGANTO ICE PUNCH!
    He punches down with the gigantic ice-frozen fist

    Marines: Uoooo! Aaaa
    The frozen sea is broken and tens of marines fall into the water. As the hand reaches under the water surface, ice is melted off.
    Marine(s): You… are you dead?

    Luffy: !?
    Aokiji: …!?
    Marco at the rear (? not sure of tl)
    Marco: I will be your opponent

    Pirates: Hey hey! Now that the ice is broken we can’t come across nicely any more!
    Sengoku: Garp! Since you’re here, I’ll have your cooperation too! (not sure of tl)
    Garp: Luffy…
    Hancock: Ah… Luffy
    Kuma: Mugiwara
    (no idea what is this line about)
    The End

    thats the spoiler i have seen soo far and if its true like it says it is btw is have jap writing so i more than likely to be true. looks like kuma is taking an intrest in luffy.

  49. to check out spoilers vist this website:

  50. @everyone about boa being a SH pirate i didnt see any really good reasons for her not joining. kicking chopper for him being cute and sanji drooling over her would just add to the funnyness of the crew.

    @cyborg chopper or sanji dont have main enemies they will fight they have dreams they want to accomplish. im pretty sure boa is dreaming of marrying luffy

  51. Sorry, i was unclear. I meant Luffy and the crew always beat a group or organisation before the nakama joins. zoro = captain morgan, nami = buggy/arlong, usopp = kuro, sanji = krieg, chopper = wapol, robin = croc/CP9, franky = CP9, brooke = moria. Im surprised i could remember them all.. >_>

  52. @Pumpkin: That’s a picture of a female Fishmen and you’re right she’s uuglllyyyyy!!! >_< Merfolk look like mermaids (Cammy and Kokoro) and are much more beautiful. Gah, well Kokoro isn't so beautiful but I'm sure she was when she was younger.

    @Mudshovel: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&defl=en&q=define:helmsman&ei=dky5SpepK8GOtgeNtfH1Dg&sa=X&oi=glossary_definition&ct=title (I like the first definition the best) xD

    @Zekks: Nooooeessss, you still say Ace is gong to die!? Noooeesss, Whitebeard is going to die saving Ace! It all makes sense in that Ace will be forced to take up the old man's dream of making Ace the next Pirate King! Whitebeard always wanted Ace to become Pirate King and if he dies Ace will accept that dream and strive to do so. If Whitebeard lives Ace will keep trying to make Whitebeard the next Pirate King. 😉

    @Smurf: About Jimbei…I don't know if he holds a grudge against Luffy for trashing his nakama (Arlong) or whether he is thankful to Luffy. I read that chapter over and over again but it could be translated either way. I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

    @Senju: I agree I don't see Boa joining the crew. She is way to powerful for one thing and would make the crew nearly unstoppable. She can turn men and women to stone who even have an inkling of liking to her. She has controlled King's Disposition even though she hasn't mastered it fully. Plus she's a Shichibukai and has a kingdom to run. It's like with Vivi who couldn't leave her country because they needed her.

    @Franky: I just want you to know no one's pressuring you to do the anime breakdowns. I know how tough breakdowns can be on a busy schedule and how much work goes into them so just think about it. 😀

    "Come on lets go everybody, oh we share the music!
    Come on lets go baby, baby, oh we share the one dream!
    Come on lets go everybody, oh we share the good times!
    Come on lets go baby, baby, oh we share the One World!"

    YOSH!!! XD

  53. ……………… o__o ………………… Why on earth are you singing?

    Because I got the urge… 😀


  54. omg i missed a day of op awesomeess but im bak here 😛

    my prediction stil stands if luffy will fight any one it will be kuma or donfalaimogo( f*** his name ) X_X

    lol 😀

    since every body is singing

    who let the dogs out ?
    who let the dogs out ?


    also the one in which i said sh come bak in 10 chaps around 4 chaps ago 😛

  55. @super: at least it’s in english – cause the japanese version caused my ears to bleed XD *shudders* chopper – NEVER AGAIN!
    Also – of course they need someone specialised in steering a ship … it’s a tough job that hardly anyone can do…

    *pushes over chairs in haste to get out of here quicker*

  56. I hope Garp dont get killed saving luffy anytime soon.

  57. seems like that other spoiler was a fake and the new one is out but dont worry super i wont post it on here becuase it wuld be likely that u kill yourself after seeing it *guess theres an upside to u see it though lol* but if anyone want to see the spoilers vist one of these websites.

  58. @cyborg ok thats more clear lol i would have to have looked some of it up.

  59. Ok i looked around for excuses but couldn’t find any >_>
    lol, seriously though, im fine with doing anime breakdowns if i can work out the particulars with you (Super) some time

    @Smurf: Domo Arigatou for not posting the spoilers ^^

    Sure thing Franky I’m free on chat if you want to discuss it now. 😉


  60. SPOILER SCRIPT FOR ABOVE VIDEO (close your eyes) >_<

    pic 1
    Chapter 558: Little Brother
    Final episode: Satan begins his music composition

    Iva: Kuma!!!
    *dodges the beam* "Rolling Aesthetic! HEEWWWHAW!"
    Iva: Bertholomew Kuma…!!
    (How dare you!! I understand you have to keep your position as a Shichibukai…
    But geez, don't shoot lasers at an acquaintance like me for real!)

    pic 3
    Hina: I'm not gonna let you get away! Awase-baori!!
    Luffy: It's you!! from back in Alabasta!?
    Hina: Everything that passes through my move… will be captured!
    Luffy: I'm sick of jails!!
    ???: Hey!! Watch it Hina!
    Hina: He's too fast… I couldn't see him! Hina is shocked!

    Giant marine: OoooooooohhhH!!!!!
    Luffy: Gomu Gomu no…. Gigant Rifle!!

    Luffy: AAAACCCCCEEE!!!
    Say whatever you want! I'm going to save you even if I die!!!
    Whitebeard: Marco…. don't let that boy die.
    Marco: Roger!

  61. raw has been out for a couple of hours so shouls have scans later today

  62. New issue’s out and its a real killer….Its a short one again though -_-

  63. YOSH!! That was some issue I was tearing up on some pages.

  64. that was an awesome chapter. i didn’t think so much action could take place already since luffy’ dropped in..lol boa didn’t surprise me with her comments once again since she’s addicted to loving him like most of are to OnePiece. I was pretty close on the preciction although the lava admiral didn’t make an apperance, but for the most part yeah… i truly can’t wait for this chapter to be animated…:)

  65. lol true when i see this as an anime i think i will be getting chiills lol cant w8.

    so wat does everyone think not that luffy has gone into gear 3 do u think that he will go small stright away and have to be protected or stay big and attack some more people. or the other possibilty is that while small he will go into gear 2 until he goes back to normal and during the time he is small he will advance towards the captured ace aswell as taking out as many poeple as possible.

  66. Yosh – awesome chapter. Hmm i get the feeling that that wasn’t Kuma who was firing at Ivankov, though i can’t really say why. Dammit Moria, you all ready got your arse handed to you – why not just hide in a corner till this is over 😛
    Hmmm Luffy and Marco to team up? Damn! just need crocodile to join and they’d be invincible 😉 😛

  67. http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/558/01/

    OP 558 is out !! 😀

  68. lol mud I dont think it was the real kuma. It was probably one of the pacifistas. Awesome chapter, gets better and better

  69. Great chapter indeed! I’ll save all my thoughts for the next breakdown though. Should be out in a couple of hours…>_>

  70. awesome as usual, i thought most of those ppl allready knew luffy was dragons son, but its still funny to see all those shocked reactions 😛

  71. so what do u guys think will ace’s execution be scheduled befor? or is it all just a setup. Anyways i hoped to see wb rush to sengoku and wipe his azz :P. But i guess he aint falling for it.

  72. LOL wipe his ass! Whip maybe! *Wipes tear from laughter away* funny typo

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