Naruto Manga 464 Breakdown and Naruto Manga 465 Spoiler Discussion: Join The Dark Side Today, They Have Cookies 0_0

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He isn't hazy, you are just going blind 0_0

He isn't hazy, you are just going blind 0_0

Hey everyone,

Another unexpected twist in the chapter this week, but did we really think it would over this fast? Where would we be without the heart-breaking plot twists? Yeah, we would be in a happier place. Well we take what is thrown at us and then blast it back at ’em with our rocket launchers.

So onwards with a manga started ridiculously early!


Raikage brings this weeks chapter in style, and by style I mean dropping his foot disguised as a guillotine. How did he manage to slip that passed security, anyway? I get this impression that he was trying to behead Sasuke with his foot and trying to relive ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ But that last bit was probably just me. Sasuke uses “Flame Release: Kagutsuchi” which covers the Sasuno’o bones. Just before Raikage gets a heat rash he is left hovering in mid-air like a ghost.

OF WITH HIS HEAD!!!---- Damn... I knew I shouldn't of taken that walk of the beach beforehand

OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!---- Damn... I knew I shouldn't of taken that walk of the beach beforehand

Surprises are in order when Gaara and his siblings stop Raikage from becoming a kabob. Which left me wondering something in horror. Gaara why? Is Naruto bribing youIf so, when did you join his religion!? Kankurou de-clothes the samurai using his puppet skills leaving the samurai feeling awkward and  slightly nervous. But on the plus side a little less crispy.

Kankurou proves that the Sharingan in the most well known eye technique when he concludes that the fire on the samurai’s armour was ‘Amaterasu’. Someone wrote a book on the techniques recently and now it seems to have caused a craze to obtain the Sharingan.  Gaara orders the samurai to fall back, so off they go with their tails behind their legs feeling useless.

Gaara prevented Raikage’s attack on Sasuke to protect his body (>_>) and to have a conversation with Sasuke. So in an act of manliness Raikage cuts off his arm with his right hand, because he is just too hardcore. FUCK YOU ARM, HE DOESN’T NEED YOU!! I swear that arm is going to be frosty to him after all this…

Shi is ordered to heals it, so while he does that, he is left to assume that 1: Killer Bee might have been captured after all 2: The left eye is on fire 3: The shinobi world is royally going to be f*cked over. Those are the thoughts that are sure to bring Shikamaru nightmares late at night.


Some moments just find themselves repeating over and over again -__-

Some moments just find themselves repeating over and over again -__-

Gaara reminds Sasuke about their conversation long ago about having the ‘same eyes’. Indeed, Sasuke did just steal your eyes. Gaara tries to persuade Sasuke to stop this because even those who walk in darkness have a glimmer of hope for them. Even if for the briefest of moments, Sasuke may of actually have listened to him. But after he refuses to allow Gaara to persuade him any further, Gaara is forced to abandon any of his own hopes and must fall back to his position as Kazekage. Though it hurts him to do it, he excepts they must fight.




In the meeting room Fuu has noticed Karin’s attempt to track down Danzou. But Ao senses it too and orders them to stop discussing privately. They will fight them, so Danzou’s group are not allowed to move. Tsuchikage is finding the bodyguard’s announcement of their powers very interesting himself. Everyone knows screaming out what your powers are is the best way to win a battle. Some people must have skipped Ninja 101. -__-

Kukuku, That's it... GIVE ME YOUR BRAINS!! I mean information on your powers >_> Kukuku

Kukuku, That's it... GIVE ME YOUR BRAINS!! I mean information on your powers >_> Kukuku

Gaara uses his sand to protect Temerai and Kankurou while they launch an attack. In the meantime Raikage is urging Shi to hurry up and heal his arm. Missing a battle like this is just driving him crazy. Darui and the Sand Siblings launch a combo attack but meet a slight inconvenience. Sasuke’s Sasuno’o is now surrounded with Amaterasu. No one is ready to back out of this wrestling match now.


Yes that's right bishies, I cheat in Tag. So who is going to be the first to climb inside @_@

Yes that's right bishies, I cheat in Tag. So who is going to be the first to climb inside @_@


So as the chapter ends with everyone having a ‘WTF’ moment, I can says this. The darkness is strong in this one. Gaara use the force sand sword you have been trying to hide in those layers of clothes!


The Akatsuki Handbook

Lady Khali on Fanfiction.  I am not one for advertising, but it’s funny because it’s true ^_^

Duties and Responsibilities by Kisame Hoshigaki

Edited by Pain

Updated by Kisame Hoshigaki

Additional Update by Madara Uchiha

Like all organizations, Akatsuki has certain expectations. The duties and responsibilities that follow are a basic list of those expectations and are in no way intended to be comprehensive. Some members are more responsible than others and have additional duties not described herein. Those of you with additional duties (and you know who you are) are still responsible for those duties regardless of whether or not they are listed below.

1. Do not undertake any activities detrimental to Akatsuki (“the Organization”) or the Organization’s Goals as described in Section 2 of this manual. For those of you who do not know, detrimental means “tending to cause harm”. Please do not ask any more questions regarding common definitions. There is a dictionary in every Akatsuki base for this purpose. Alternatively, you may ask your partner. Don’t be surprised if your partner beats you up for asking a stupid question.

2. If you question whether or not an activity would harm the Organization, don’t do it without discussing it with either Pain or Madara first. Until further notice, see Kisame Hoshigake for preliminary approval. He may or may not, at his discretion, refer the matter to me for final approval. Due to recent events, no outside activities may be undertaken without approval from Madara Uchiha. Yes, Sasuke. This section was revised because of you.

3. Think with your brain, not your hormones, gut feeling, personal ambitions, or any other nonsense. Hidan, your brain is located in your head, not lower down. Until further notice, all decisions for Hidan will be made by his partner Kakuzu. Apparently, he deprived his brain of oxygen one too many times and is now sorely lacking mental capacity. Juugo, you pointed out that while transformed, you were not rational. You are correct in this statement and will not be held to this rule while transformed. During all other times, we expect you to abide by it.

4. Bi-weekly visits to a local psychologist of the Organization’s choosing are optional, but may be required from time to time at the sole discretion of senior management. Due to the manner of both Sasori and Deidara’s deaths, it is now mandatory for all non-management members to attend bi-weekly sessions with a designated psychologist. See Konan to schedule your appointments. Dude, you think you’re a god. Don’t you think that warrants a little counseling? Pain, in answer to your earlier question, no, you may not kill or harm Kisame for his insinuations. Therapy is mandatory for all active members and associates and that includes you. If it makes you feel better, Konan and I will both go to your first session and hold your hand. Be good and maybe the psychologist will give you a lollipop afterward.

5. Each member who is not part of senior management must capture their assigned tailed beast. This is not negotiable.

6. Proper hygiene and the dress code are not suggestions. Follow them. Neither I nor any other member will protect you from Konan’s wrath if you don’t. Believe me when I say she will personally scrub your skin RAW.

7. Each member should undertake the following:

A) Identify and collect appropriate bounties. Kakuzu, you may NOT collect bounties placed on other members. I know Itachi’s is particularly high at the moment, but NO!

B) Identify and call to the attention of senior management potential new members. Several of you have recommended Subaku no Gaara and Naruto Uzamaki as potential members. Regardless of their power, they are not now nor will they ever be candidates. Correction: Due to his resurrection, in the highly unlikely event that he deserts his village, bijuu-less Gaara may be considered for membership.

C) Recruit new members as ordered. Deidara, blowing them up without warning is not an acceptable recruiting practice.

D) Gather intelligence. This does not apply to Hidan. Members of Team Hawk are not subject to this rule as their hormones interfere with their cognitive abilities.

E) Understand the basic political structure of the five shinobi nations and their allies and how to exploit it. Classes will be held each Monday from 0800 to 1700 with a one hour lunch break beginning immediately. Instructors: Kisame Hoshigake and Madara Uchiha. Attendance is mandatory for all members of Team Hawk!

F) Memorize all S and A-rank shinobi listed in our bingo book. See Konan for stiff paper to make flash cards. Bingo Book Memory is quite fun and a wonderful way to brush up.

G) Recommend additions to our bingo book. Konoha’s Team Gai and Team Kakashi are already in our Bingo Book. This includes the pink-haired brat. Please don’t recommend her again. Shikamaru Nara is also in the bingo book, as are the Sand Siblings.

H) Retain control of your temper during meetings with other members.

8. Do not leave evidence of Akatsuki techniques behind on the battlefield. Unless you are deceased, you are responsible for the clean-up. Zetsu is responsible for body removal, but you are responsible for summoning him. If you fail to summon him, you will spend the next three weeks as Akatsuki’s self-healing practice dummy.

9. While in the hideout, each member is responsible for the following:

A) Washing your own dishes.

B) Removing towels and other laundry from the common bathroom. Under no circumstances should you leave your dirty underwear on the floor for someone else to trip over.

C) When drinking milk, use a glass, not the jug. Other people live here to.

D) Clean up the kitchen after cooking and/or preparing food.

E) All jutsu other than genjutsu is strictly prohibited within hideouts unless you have prior approval. This means no exploding clay, great fire balls, puppet ‘shows’, water dragons, or any other jutsus on the restricted list. For a complete list of restricted jutsu, see Konan. Due to the tsukuyomi incident, genjutsu is now forbidden.(Deidara, I really am sorry. I honestly did not expect Itachi and Kisame to team up and shave a stripe down the middle of your head.)

F) Properly re-shelve books when using the common library. The system is very basic. Locate the shelf with the same letter as is on the spine of the book. Then, put the book in numerical order using the number printed below the letter. If you cannot follow these instructions, do not use the library.

G) Do not eat Zetsu’s human food. If you don’t know why, feel free to ask, but keep a barf bag handy. Do not eat anything out of the green refrigerator. That’s Zetsu’s.

10. Several members of Akatsuki are overly religious. It is unwise to insult their religious preferences and tolerance should be practiced by you as it will not be practiced by them. Please refrain from insulting this god’s angel, as well.

11. The following activities, while not explicitly banned, are not recommended:

A) Placing icy hot on another member’s deodorant or in his jock strap.

B) Saran wrapping toilet seats and/or urinals.

C) Coating the floor of a member’s sleeping quarters with tar while the member is asleep.

D) Sushi jokes.

E) Knock-knock jokes using Sasori’s head as the door.

F) Switching the hot and cold water-pipe hookups on the showers.

G) Serving poison to other members.

H) Placing super glue on another member’s weapons, cloak, gloves, hat, shoes, toes while sleeping, or jock strap.

I) Placing random objects in front of Itachi’s door. Trust me, he gets very angry when he falls on his face.

J) Using genjutsu to encourage another member to sleep while your partner shaves a stripe down his head.

K) Dousing Konan’s paper with water and/or honey.

L) Burying Pain’s spare bodies.

M) Gopher trapping Pain’s spare bodies.

N) Using potted meat for cake filling while covering the cake with chocolate icing.

O) Hiding snakes inside weapons shipping boxes and pretending you aren’t strong enough to open them.

P) Placing axle grease on another member’s weapons or inside his or her shoes, hat, and/or gloves. Placing it inside another member’s mask is also highly inadvisable.

12. While away from the hideout, you are a representative of Akatsuki and must act accordingly. This means under no circumstances should you undertake any of the following activities:

A) Rescuing kittens and/or puppies.

B) Helping old ladies cross the street.

C) Helping old ladies with their groceries.

D) Donating money to charitable causes. Other than our own, of course.

E) Comforting small children.

F) Singing with the local choir.

Note: Hitting on women while away from the hideout is still an acceptable activity provided you understand love ‘em and leave ‘em. If you don’t understand this, see Hidan, our resident expert.


This weeks winner is the Incerdible Marksman. Don't call it a comeback >_> He has been perched ready to strike since you buttered that toast ;-)

This weeks winner is the incredible Marksman. Don't call it a comeback >_> He has been perched ready to strike since you buttered that toast 😉

And then came a time when a new bubble was given…

Bubbly bubble 0_0

Bubbly bubble 0_0


Well that’s it for me this week.




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    Raikage: Hey bitch, do you want to feel…
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    Quickest breakdown ever? 0_0
    I wonder if this is because of my influence over you from a month or 2 ago Cookie? 😉

    Anyway, great breakdown, super quick.
    You have possibly surpassed everyone else, at breakdowns 🙂

    🙂 🙂 Well Done 🙂 🙂

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    Raikage: Sand?!
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    Randomness ftw! Great breakdown Cookie! ^^

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    Sasuke: You got sand in my Amaterasu!
    Raikage: You got Amaterasu in my sand!
    Raikage: I wonder how an Amaterasu SANDwich would taste?
    Sasuke: The possibilities make my eyes rain…
    Samurai: !
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  16. I loved that Akatsuki thing BTW =D

  17. lol jokes breakdown especially the akutsuki handbook.

    raikage: maybe a roundhouse kick would have been better
    sasuke: providing it had been by chuck… then yeah
    raikage: and here i was thinking that i was better than him
    sasuke: it’s ok man just dont do anything drastic like cutting yourself… thats my job!

  18. LMAO@ Taylor Swift and Kanye West reference! XD Great Breakdown Cookie and loved how you got it out so fast. Keep it up. 😉

    @Anyone: I wonder if Sasuke’s Susano’o would have protected him from that Guillotine Kick. We all know the Raikage would have been done for kicking at a Amaterasu covered shield. You can’t fight with only two limbs Raikage! -_-


    Sasuke: “My brother taught me this trick just do it!”
    Raikage: “Alright here goes nothing!”
    Raikage: “It really did get all the sand out of there!”
    Sasuke: “The hell, he even had sand in his pants!”

  19. Nice one cookie (though i know you cheated 😛 )

    Susanoo looks damn badass, and OMG HE’S GOT 3 HANDS!!!!!!
    pretty cool to see Gaara back in action (and to a lesser extent Temari and Kankuro). Fuck, what is up with the number of Amaterasu’s used by Sasuke? I dare say he’s running extremely low on chakra now.

    Sasuke: Wheeeew i was just about to say Fudge Nugg…
    Raikage: FUDGE NUGGETS!!!
    Raikage: *How does he know my language?*
    Sasuke: *Fudge Nuggets FTW!*

  20. The handbook missed out #13:

    Also, the way Garaas pudding-all-around no jutsu(earth style) stops the Strikages electric dropkick!

    Apart from that, an awesomeness chapter, yay!

  21. ok, can sombody PLEASE PLEASE describe for me, what exactly is a susanoo? and how is it that susake has every god damn greatest thing? how is naruto supposed to fight him? he’s a sage yes but he cant beat that? and didn’t sasuke have the two eyes before? whats so different now? thanks

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    Sasuke: You fool, i can never be defeated nor killed regardless of how powerful you are!!
    Raikage:Yeah right, your not even Kishi’s favorite…
    Raikage:WTF, maybe he’s secretly Kishi’s favorite!!!
    Sasuke:At this rate Kishi might actually change this manga to SASUKE UCHIA!!

  27. Awesome job cookie: super fast, super funny and did I say fast.

    With Fuu being a sensor, he will know if Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato come to the Kage meeting. Now that Madara have left, Naruto has to be heading there. The next two or three chapters are going to be very interesting.

    Wonder what Karin will do now that she knows where Danzo is located. Seems the rest of her team are preoccupied.

  28. god i hope that atleast at the end of the next chapter naruto will show up or atleast be shown because in the last 2 chapters naruto has only been seen in 5 panels granted if he isnt seen while the fight progresses he can have his amazing entrance.

  29. Heya!

    Well, this was one of the most awesome chapters that we’ve seen lately. Things are really picking up now, in fact they’re hardly letting up anymore.

    Firstly, all I can say is that I am very happy to see the Sand Siblings back in action. It’s clear that all three of them are even more powerful now than they were before and Gaara actually seems to have just as much control of his sand as before, if not more.

    It’s also confirmed that Kankurou’s puppet is, in fact, Sasori’s puppet body. I mean it is easy to see that just looking at it.

    Another thing is that to me… the Raikage just lost a few awesomeness points. I mean, he is really powerful and all that, but his impatience and massive temper are a major drawback in battle. I mean he is doing more damage to himself that Sasuke is to anyone.

    He lost his arm because of his own reckless attack, allowing his pride to blind him and stick his hand where he knows it is gonna get burned, and then he almost took it further after that, only being stopped thanks to Gaara.

    And all for what? He didn’t achieve anything in all of that. It was a needless loss. Gaara is one of my favorite characters and now he is even more awesome. I am glad to see him back in the picture and I hope he sticks around for some time.

    I also hope the other kage get involved so that we can see what they are capable of.

    All in all… an epic chapter! I can’t wait for the next one.! ^ ^

  30. BUBBLE:

    Raikage:Give us back our cookies!
    Sasuke:Get away from me you freak!
    Sasuke:Man, I shouldn’t have given him so much sugar this morning!

  31. Another thing…

    I think the manifestation in Sasuke that we saw before was, in fact, the darkness inside him and I also think that Susanoo is physical manifestation of that power. The figure we saw in the genjutsu Sasuke used on Shi was also related, as I suspected, as he mentions that it is the same chakra he felt when he was trapped in it.

    So that confirms that it is not a bijuu for now. I think Susanoo may actually be a manifestation of the darkness in all Uchiha and it may even be the essence or spirit of the older of the Sage’s two sons.

  32. @Tenrai: Lol, indeed it’d be quite impossible for the Bijuu theory now wouldn’t it? I’ll accept that and move it to the back of my mind though don’t think I’ve given up on it! 🙂

    @Anyone: I think Sasuke would have beaten the Raikage if Gaara hadn’t interfered. From the Raiga Bomb all the Raikage did was fracture one of the bones on Sasuke’s Susano’o. Then the Raikage chopped at it which managed to knock Sasuke on the ground but the Susano’o was still intact. What are the chances that the Guillotine Kick would have completely destroyed the Susano’o and the rest of the structured bones if the first two attacks didn’t?

    Now Raikage was going to lose an arm and after kicking into the Amaterasu he was going to lose a leg too unless he wanted to be consumed by the flames. In other words Raikage would have been left with a right arm and a left leg…2 limbs…no one can fight with two limps especially if they’re on different sides of the body. Sasuke would have felt some pressure from that kick but I don’t think it was going to break through and if it was starting to break remember Sasuke had more Susano’o up his sleeve and could have ramped it up.

    In my eyes it’s the Raikage’s loss and the most he could have hoped for was a tie with Sasuke. Sasuke did all this by himself with no help or interference and now he’s up against another Kage and three bodyguards but still standing strong. Sasuke is a pure hatred filled beast! Possibly the most powerful emo ninja on the planet! @_@

  33. Woot, Love it! The Amaterasu Susanoo 😀
    Third: He isn’t moving.

  34. @Supertrek89 Sasuke is rlly strong and powerfull and he’s beating raikage arse but he’s depending too much on the MS and he’s gettin weaker by the minute, he’s bleeding out of one eye already so tell me rlly won’t he collapse at some time, and what u said in the other manga post about sharingan blindness that people like Kakashi and Itachi wud alrady been blind that’s not rlly true about using ms techniques!

    1st of all the MS of the 2th is totally different so the ms usage is totally differente
    2nd don’t compare the expendure itachi had wid sasuke, sasuke don’t have the ms in a long time and he’s already overextending it and using it like a regular weapon.

    Ur saying sasuke is the most powerfull emo ninja because of his ms w/o what is he? Without MS we got a sasugay being beaten by raikage, by killer bee almost by deidara.

    Anyways nice breakdown cookie fast as hell *.* i loved the akatsuki fanfic


    Acklikxx 😛

  35. wow……wow. Gaara looking more badass with his folded arms. Temari looking so sexy i just wanna……. Kankuro with a new puppet(possibly sasori). Darui proving he’s no slouch like shii. Fu and Aoi showing they’re the strongest of danzou and mizikage’s guards respectively, and that they would be an excellent match. Tsuchikage showing a bit of grey hair wisdom. And last but the most sasuke showing he just might be a match for all the kages and ninjas in the summit.

    One thing that caught my eye in this chapter is the raikage’s blatant stupidity. I mean it’s ok if you’re stupid. It’s shocking if you’re a stupid kage. However, it’s unforgivable when you’re a stupid kage and you don;t realise it, and then you show it. When he says stuff like “is that how he defended against my attack?” i’m thinking, “are you a pathetic, dumb brute”? When he punched sasuke covered with the bones and amaterasu, i said to myself “this bloke is going to lose his dick next.” And i was almost right, because with that senseless guillotine drop amaterasu was going to burn his leg and spread up to his raiton-armoured balls, until gaara took pity on the adrenalin pumped beast.

    It’s also funny how sasuke said “my goal is now in the darkness”. He didn’t say “my goal is darkness.” Well maybe i’m wrong…maybe i’m just hoping sasuke’s not beyond redemption.

    @tenrai shinshi: I like your opinion that suggests that susanoo could be the darkness manifestation of the uchiha, and could actually be the soul of the first son of the sennin. That sounds plausible, given as sasuke said only those with the double mangekyo eyes could use it. That possibly means only uchihas, and not just uchihas but exceptional uchihas like madara, itachi and sasuke could use it….as they possibly inherited the first son’s power.

  36. @supertrek: If you say sasuke’s the most powerful “emo” ninja out there, the yes i’m with you all the way. But i’m sure you’re smart enough not to suggest, or even dream or as much as wish, that sasuke’s the strongest ninja out there. That’s where you and i would presently turn awesomeness into konoha shattered by pain.

  37. Ok, Cookie. Ya beat me this time but only because I was *sniff, hack, cough* sick. I’m still sticking to my “normal” schedule, dammit. But, great job, nonetheless. 🙂

    So far, what I’ve read from everyone is, um, how do I put it…obvious? No, wait, a bit harsh…I guess this is mostly first impressions. Flame me if you want, idc. 🙂 Hey, this is what you get from someone still trying to figure out how to smell right (stuffy nose, nothing more guys…)! 😀

    Based on what I’ve read above, it comes down to this:

    1) Raikage? Stupid? Of course he’s stupid! How many times have you gone into something full of pure emotion and NOT made stupid-ass mistakes, or worse? This is a battle based on pure rage so SOMEone was going to do something so stupid it would be considered one of the top ten reasons why they shouldn’t have gotten out of bed that morning.

    2) Darkness…hmmm. Yeah? And, your point is? We all knew Sasuke was angry, pissed, bitter, pure “emo.” I mean, back when they were stating their goals with Kakashi after the Academy Sasuke made it clear he was an “avenger.” So, is anyone surprised by that big-ass darkness version of Susanoo popping up at the end? Yeah, it’s impressive and yeah, it’s making Sasuke’s body take one helluva beating. But should we be surprised by this? Nah. Call this “Price of Power” take 2 (Naruto and pre-Sage Arts FRS).

    3) Badass Gaara. He was always badass. Didn’t need crossed arms to be badassed. (Yeah, I mean, YOU, Total) What I was impressed with was the amount of power he STILL has despite Shukaku’s extraction. Now, THAT’S badass!

    4) Kudos to Kishi on his sense of humor. Kankuro’s newest puppet, Sasori, was one to treasure. lmao

  38. @acklikxx: Why would you take away Sasuke’s MS? That’s like me taking away Naruto’s Kyuubi, Gai’s Gates, or Neji’s Byakugan. I won’t even debate you on this. He does rely on the MS a lot because he’s fighting at a Kage summit with very strong opponents. He needs to use his most powerful techniques and I know it’s exerting his body. He’s still doing a hell of a job though.

    @Totalitarian: Nope, never said strongest ninja in the world. Now that would have been just completely wrong. 😉

    @Penny: I believe I agree on all your points made. XD

    @Anyone: I would like to change the scene up a bit and ask whether or not people think Gaara is weaker or stronger for the loss of his Bijuu. I think he’s stronger since then because he’s more stable emotionally and physically. A stable fighter is a better fighter who can train and fight at 100%.

    It’s impressive what we’ve seen so far but still he’s done a hell of a lot more when he had Ikkaku inside him. The giant sand shield that protected his village. If given the time I would love to see him really cut lose and make waves of sand like he did against Kimimaro. That way we could know for sure that he’s stronger or at least just as strong as he was before.

  39. lol yeah supa ikkaku inside of him xD he jumped manga’s now mwahahahahaha xD shukaku u mean :P? madarame kkaku has no place in this manga O.O

  40. @Acklikxx: LMFAO!!! XD Gah, you’re right. Shukaku I meant thx. 😉

  41. Great breakdown cookie. I enjoyed the akustiki rules lol.
    I am also glad to see i won first place on the bubble contest xD

    Now onto the manga that was epic awesomeness indeed. I really hate how kishi is all up sasuke ass right now giving him a hell of alot more power to him then itachi and also suggesting he has surpassed him as well. Lets not forget itachi was going blind, already injured from a previous fight and was dying of a random deases so suddenly, didnt have the intent to kill sasugay and still kicked his ass.

    @ super your comment about sasugay being stronger then the raikage. It diffenantly seems to be the case as the raikage has made alot of dumb decisions out of anger. But i doubt he was going to lose the fight completly. He is stronger then his younger brother who whipped all of team sasugay’s tail will little effort. But we will see how kishi plays this out.

    Oh and Btw cookie. Congrates because this is the fastest ive ever seen a breakdown get done on Wra and ira. O_o

  42. Bubble
    Raikage: Die you emo punk!!!
    Sasuke: AHHHHHHHH
    Raikage: WTF? Is that sand?…
    Sasuke: Oh my god! Naruto was right! I just had a ton of sand in my vagina!

  43. @everyone now that i look at it the chins of both sasuke’s susanoo and the god statue look kinda similar. also at the rate sasuke is going i think he will change his mind about implanting itachi’s eyes.

  44. Hah! Great breakdown cookie. I have to admit though, I read over the Taylor Swift and Kanye West reference thing three times before I got it. T.T At which point I was rolling around laughing my arse off, but… yeah. >_>

    And I was RIGHT! Mwaha! Even though I really didn’t want this to happen, the whole Gaara thing happened exactly how I predicted it two chapters ago. SUCKERSS– meh.

    I wonder if Madara has a blog posted up somewhere with all of the Uchiha secrets written out in detail. >_> Wait, so now everyone knows amaterasu too? -_-


  45. i really want to see the kages get a part in this fight especially the tsuchikage! i bet he fights like yoda =D.

  46. Teehehe I scored 79th place in top posts of the day… but now I am at 82 0_0 No wait make that 77th… Nope 65th now. HELL YEAH, I feel so special 😛 lol! Read ’em and weep 😉 That and can’t stop I laughing =O Though I feel hollow now. Must be the crazy stalkers *_*

    Thanks again, guys…and girls 😀 The more I look at that picture I made of Sasuke and Gaara… The more I wish I added Obama into the mash ….Next time…

    @Schy: Pfffft!!! What makes you think that? I could of just decided to get them done early 😉 >_>

    @Dro: *tries to high five him, but ends up hitting his face* Damn.. I knew I should of worn safety gloves..

    @Penny: So that really was Sasori then. If anything I would of thought Kankurou would be awkward using the man who tried to kill him as a puppet. Some people can really hold a grudge… 0_0

    @Super: Madara is the most powerful emo ass on the Naruto Planet -__-… He has his own book about the sorrows of the Uchihas… As for Sasuke beating Raikage. i have my doubts about that. Take a look at the condition Sasuke is in right now. He is using extremely powerful attacks repeatedly. He won’t have much chakra as it is at the moment. As for Raikage, we all know what a Pro wrestler he is so he would of most likely of broken that Susano’o. Why else would he have defended with Amaterasu, unless he knew he couldn’t deflect the attack. Sasuke is running out of chakra and fast, Raikage is armless and majorly pissed. Not to mention he has back up from the sand siblings and also his own team. Not to mention Deidara’s sister (If that is really who she is claimed to be 0_0).

    @Supafreak: Hehehe, if he comes out with an axe, It will be an epic read or else a light saber 😀 😉

    @Mud: Whaaa— me cheat? Never! I don’t know what you’re talking about, you crazy man! *hides starting time of post* 0_0

  47. @dricedt: Susano’o is an ultimate technique that can only be achieved when you have Mangekyou Sharingan. First shown being used by Itachi during his fight with Sasuke, it helps protect you from any attack…and in Itachi’s case it held a sword that had the ability to seal anyone it hurt in an everlasting genjutsu. Here’s a link to let you know more about it…yes I know its a wiki, but its info is up to par.

    @Supertrek: After alot of thought on it I have decided to change my stance on whether or not I thought Gaara would be stronger without Shukaku…the whole reason I said I didn’t think whether he was stronger without his Biju is because we hadn’t seen him fight…Now I see that I was wrong, he seems alot stronger now more than ever. 😉

    @People who say that the Raikage made decisions out of anger:
    Ok, I’m not going to disagree with you all, but I will bring this up…Raikage sacrificed his arm and almost his leg to try and deal a finishing blow on Sasuke…was it reckless? Yes…But it’s something that Sasuke would never have expected someone to do, if you look at it that way it was actually a pretty decent plan. Was it stupid? IMO no, Raikage saw that Sasuke felt like a god hiding behind his jutsu, so he took advantage of it. Raikage wanted to win and sometimes to win (especially in tough situations)you have to sacrifice something in order to achieve that goal (even though you should always leave that as a last resort).

    @dynamicentrance: Once i saw that Gaara had entered the battle I knew we were gonna hear it from you! BAH! These ladies and their ability to predict things! >___<

    @cookie: OW! -____- BAKA!!!

  48. Hey everyone. First time blogger here at WRA but I have been keeping up with u guys since IRA and just finally stopped being lazy and jumped on the naruto bandwagon. Firstly, great breakdown of this week’s chapter cookie. Well detailed and loved the akatsuki handbook lol.
    Now I c alot of u guys talking about the raikage losing his fight with sasuke cause he is just reckless and weak compared 2 sasuke. For me, raikage has shown uber taijutsu pwnage that hasnt been seen since imo rock lee going super saiyan red in the chunin exams >_<. They r both my number 1 fav characters in the series. As 4 the recklessness, I will agree he is reckless, but SO IS NARUTO. I am not saying he should just go breserk and hope 4 the best but I dont think he was at a point where he did not know the risks of his actions, as stated by drosensei. Look at the third hokage, he gave up his life trying 2 stop oro because it was the best possible option, even though in the end he only manged 2 get oro's arms. For raikage, if taking out the guy whom he thinks kill his bro, I am sure he has no problem going all out. I mean the badass cried when he heard bee was capture which obviously shows how much he cares 4 him. Now about raikage doing damage 2 sasuke. We already know raikage is uber strong in taijutsu as seen when he facepalmed jugo and the raiga bomb redecorating the floor :). So far there have only been 4 attacks on sasuke, 2 elbows, raiga bomb, and guillotine drop, with only 2 making contact. If we dont take into account that the sasuno skeleton blocked the raiga bomb, sasuke would either be dead or badly injured right now. With the guillotine drop, I think would have made contact with sasuke's chest as raikage was aiming in between the rib-cage and if this attack has more power than raiga bomb and did hit sasuke, even if he got comsumed by ametarasu,he would surely have died. U have to remember that this is the man that can take on bee's eight-tail form and beat it as well as having bijuu chakra lvls himself. Sure sasuke has his darkness sasuno (I agree with tenrai and penny on the darkness theory), but he is almost out of chakra after using MS so many times in one day while raikage has both speed, pyhsical strength and higher chakra lvls in his favor. I definately dont like how the fight has turned out between the 2 of them right now but I still c raikage with the edge. That's my 2 cents on the topic. Sorry 4 any bad grammar or spelling.
    For the bubble:
    Raikage: It's time to kick ass and bust some walls
    Sasuke: But we're out of walls
    Raikage: NO WALLS?!!!
    Sasuke: Oh shit

  49. Gaara doesnt have shusakuu anymore right?
    then why does he still have sleep-deprived eyes?
    i thought it was a cause of his bijuu because he wasnt allowed to sleep or am i wrong?

  50. I think that’s just make-up, like kankuro.

  51. Lemme just say one thing that is keep coming to my head.

    We can say that raikage is stronger than bee but does it state anywhere in the manga that he ever faught with him? it just say he’s stronger than him but is it strength all? if we think about it shikamru isn’t that strong but he faught and won against many opponents, raikage is a mindless fighter, he’s cocky and arrogant, but he isn’t a strategic fighter he just fight with raw strength and that isn’t enough in a fight, we know bee is strong but he thinks on strategies and he isn’t that reckless so ma 2 cents on the thing goes to.

    Raikage is stronger but he’s be pwn by his brother in a normal fight between the 2 without emotions.

    srry for the long post and i hope someone doesnt agree with it 😛 so we can have some fun =D

  52. @iaregerman its because kishi said so.
    @ sauke vs raikage : i was thinking about why sasuke didnt use the sasanoo to block the guillotine drop and that’s because doomien is right. this attack was sure to bust right through that skeleton, probly one of his strongest moves beside the raiga bomb. Another reason i just cant get on the sasuke band wagon is because he never really trained for his abilities compared to the other characters. his most powerful jutsus are bloodline limits bs… the raikage is better then he is but sadly like diedora they weren’t born into the uchiha clan. i already have a feeling people arent goin to like what i just said… but what ever get at me.

  53. @iaregeman: we all thought that the first time we saw bijuuless gaara at the start of the kage con. Maybe he still doesn’t sleep that often. Anyway… picture gaara without the sleep deprived eyes (remember he has no eyebrows). To me he would look like a chemotherapy patient with a red wig =S.

  54. @acklikxx I will take u on. Maybe we r looking at raikage the wrong way. We know based on his love of making holes in walls that he is a very reckless guys. There is no doubt about that, BUT he is the raikage. Even if he does act this way alot I cant c a village choosing a steroid-driven super saiyan 2 look after them. Every kage must have a certain amount of strenght, skill, and intelligent 2 even b called a kage. I just thing the reason he is acting more reckless than usually is because of his bloodlust 4 sasugay’s head. I think under more normal circumstances he wouldn’t b like this. Remember the hyuga arc where they explained why neji’s father died. For u turn an attempt at kidnapping the daughter of the head hyuga into a political issue of treason after just signing a peace treaty with konoha, i dont think the raikage is no fool. That was pretty smart imo. Also the whole mifune describing raikage as being driven by his emotions 2 much might of been a exaggeration on danzou’s part 2 make raikage look like a bad choose 4 the leader role of the alliance. Even Shii and Darui we’re surprise as 2 how far raukage went when he let himself get caught my ameterasu and cutting off his hand. He is filled with rage toward the one he thinks killed his brother and thus wants his revenge by any means neccssary. Thats just how I c it. Feel free 2 argee, I will take anyone of u on >_<.

  55. @doomien hmmm but u didn’t read the important subject bout ma post, that is killer bee beating raikage arse xD u just counter the anger thingy and it wasn’t just me saying it

  56. YOSH!!! Welcome to WRA Doomien and enjoy your stay! If the awesomeness gets to be to much just jump in Hinata’s bosom and they’ll put you out quick. Just wake up before Neji gets there or we won’t be seeing you again. 😉

    @Doomsien: The Susano’o is a transparent shield of chakra. Just because the Raikage was aiming in between the rib cage doesn’t mean the Susano’o’s protection wasn’t active there.

    Raikage never made physical contact with Sasuke or else Sasuke would have had his head cleaved off. The Raikage hit up against the Susano’o’s transparent shield cracking the bones and knocking Sasuke down by force. Not only that but look how the amaterasu is lyingn down on Susano’o’s transparent shield of chakra.

    It lays there and then forms the sprites of amaterasu to burn off the Raikage’s leg. It wouldn’t be much of a Susuano’o if only the bones offered protection.

    @Cookie: Nah, Madara’s not emo he’s just vengeful and evil. Just like Orochimaru and he wasn’t emo he was just a freak. What makes Sasuke emo is the way he flip flops with his emotions and lets others control him all the while thinking he has the worst existence in life. First he wanted to avenge the Uchiha now he wants to avenge his brother who helped kill the Uchuiha. Now that’s emo. -_-

    @Anyone: I see what you all are saying and I believe you all are correct for the most part. Sasuke is being worn out by the Susano’o but of course he is it’s an MS technique. The thing is the Raikage was about to sit on an Amaterasu and was already being consumed by the one on his arm. If that would have happened the Raikage could not have possibly won.

    In a 1 on 1 fight without the help of Shii to stop the bleeding from his cut off arm the Raikage would have been screwed. Then he goes out to lose a leg and what would happen then when he cut that off? Fight with a left arm and right leg? We don’t know for certain that the Raikage’s attack would have broken through Sasuke’s Susano’o but what we do know for certain is that he would have been burned by Amaterasu on both his arm and leg. I’m not saying that Sasuke is stronger than the Raikage I’m just saying that he could have beaten him. It’s the Raikage’s strategy of fighting that would have led to his own downfall.

    I do agree that it was very courageous of him and all but you can’t avenge your brother with only two limbs…

  57. @super thanx 4 the welcome. Yes hinata bosom makes a great pillow (gently stroke with head). Ur probably right able the invisible shield. It was the fact sasugay’s head bent from the attack why I though raiakge’s attack would make contact. I still believe him 2 being a rational thinker from time 2 time, I guess this is just not 1 of those times >_<. And just when kishi brought a new, kool face into the mix. I can still dream of raikage pwning his ass.

  58. Also for everyone complaining about sasuke’s chakra waste, lets remember he still has kirin which is pretty devastating, i dont think anyone there could shield from that

  59. @Noom in this case is a fairly bad choose of technique due 2 the preparation time. Since everyone seems 2 knowing everything about sasuke, 4 him 2 fire random fireballs into the air 2 create the lightening clouds needed 3 the technique and no one do anything about it or take notice, i find unlikely. Also its a lightening based jutsu. Isnt there one right close 2 sasuke who has far better control over that element, i think his name starts with rai :). Sorry dude but i just c raikage sucking up that kirin like a human lightening rod ( I will defend my client’s awesomeness points until the end off time, RAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN)

  60. @Doomien

    Kirin is an extremely powerful, one-shot lightning technique that strikes in the blink of an eye. The user draws lightning directly from thunder clouds to supplement the power of his or her strike, and controls it with chakra. Because the technique uses natural lightning as opposed to elemental chakra, its power easily outmatches all other Lightning Releases…natural lightning can reach a temperature of 30,000 °C, so that even if it misses the target, the sizable blast will likely eliminate the enemy -Narutopedia

    and about the preparation time, i dont think it could be a problem while he has susano on, that will grant him enough time and confort to launch Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique and summon kirin, he can even stand right there, as susano will guard kirin also

  61. Anyone notice Zetsu still has chakra flowing through his body when Karin takes a look in the meeting room?

    Do dead bodies still have chakra flowing through their entire body?

  62. @super, yeah hes prolly alive, i mean, someone that dematerializes can most probably survive a neck break

  63. @noom:
    i don’t think sasuke would/could use his kirin attack because unlike the fight with itachi, he also has karin, juggo, and suigetsu all within the possible area of impact.. even tho sasuke is going down the path of darkness he still would take out his own crew just for a “possible” ko against the raikage.. and if he did manage just to take out the raikage he would then be either low or about to run out of chakra by then, leaving himself totally open. he’s already used ameratsu and susanno both more than 3 times as well as a couple of chidori’s and genjutus… also since he’s not like naruto with the vast chakra reserves he should be nearing his limit in a few minutes.

  64. Haven’t posted in like forever, but I was just wondering…

    All three of the MS techniques had detrimental effects on Itachi. Sauske seems to be experiencing those effects as well. I’m wondering if Sauske’s eyes are going to go white and if he’s going to start coughing up blood like Itachi did as well…

  65. @Noom maybe I shouldnt have talked about raikage sucking up the chakra, but like the wiki said the person uses his chakra 2 control the natural lightening for the stirke. Being the raikage, i am going 2 assume he is better able at manipulating lightening than sasuke. Also, even thought u could argue that kirin would b 2 fast 4 the raikage 2 c coming, he has already shown us he is capable of achieving speeds that far surpass normal ninjas or logic 4 that matter. i would not dismiss the possibility that at full raiton power he could in fact travel at the speed of light if not faster if only 4 a brief amount of time. Of course this is all just theory-crafting based on raikage’s trait skills since we dont know his limitations but 4 now i will assume he can beat it. If u have an objection 2 my theory, please feel free 2 say so.

  66. @super: Yeah, I noted that too – Zetsu’s chakra. Cut plants usually can’t survive a break like that but…what about a carnivore plant? Maybe he’s growing replacement parts? Idk. Dead bodies shouldn’t have chakra…

    @cookie: yeah, it’s Sasori and why wouldn’t Kankuro want to use the puppet that tried to kill him? Not awkward at all. Pure justice, if you ask me. And, a nod to Kishi’s sense of humor. Maybe Kankuro has another dead Akatsuki in his puppet brigade…?

    What I want to know is…did anyone else notice that last week, our “lady of darkness” Susanoo had a cracked rib and this week, she doesn’t? Was Shi busy healing back then, too?

  67. @Doomien

    Yeah i agree with you, almost all this points are based more on speculation than on facts, so it all depends on kishi i guess XD


    I was just saying it could be used as a last desperate move, i mean, if he’s done, his crew is pretty much dead to right?, lets also remember that kirin doesn’t use a large amount of chakra scince its just elemental manipulation, im not saying he isnt gonna run out of chakra, its pretty obvious he’s reaching his limits already, but as i said, kirin is still a powerful move on his side that he could use on the last moment causing at least great damage to everyone around

  68. Yeah Sasuke lovers ill say it again…

    The only future for Sasuke is blindness or death, and right now its looking like death. Temari and Kankuro are right, Sasuke is an international criminal now. For the rest of his life hes gunna be hunted by the 5 villages. Even if he gets redeemed somehow, he’ll probably be blind. Hes using MS way too much, considering he just got it.

    I dont think Sasuke killing Gaara will be enough to enrage Naruto into hating and wanting to kill Sasuke. He needs to kill either Sakura or Kakashi. Im thinking one of those 2 will die to lead to the fight. Probably Kakashi, due to Kishis whole Student surpassing Teacher philosophy.

    Right now i just want to see Naruto back in action xD

  69. sasuke cannot kill kakashi , he is his master and knows all of his techniques and fighting style , above all his signature move chidori < kkaashi lighting blade and tsukyomi wont work on kakahi as he also as ms . amretsuri can be dodged as raikage showed us and kakashi mostly uses showdow clones , and sharingan cant see through it hence sasuke may use it on a clone as for susano'o thatt is something you cannot say for it will be interesting though if kakashi's ms can send susano'o to another dimension?

  70. and sasuke cannot use ms too much now he has already over used it chances of him going blind are very high i agree on that point fanboi

  71. @Penny: By looking at the latest form of susanoo – it look like it wasn’t actually the ribs – idk what was protecting Sasuke – a third hand? but it didn’t look to be connected to the ribs of Susanoo when it finally appeared.
    And are we sure that the puppet is Sasori? I mean Kankuro could have just taken his body and then reconstrced a new model based on it… but then again Sasori was the ultimate puppet master, so maybe Kankuro just thought stuff it, it’s probably the best all ready… (i wonder if he stole the 3rd Kagekage XD)

  72. @Ahsan: I think it would be a good fight, but Sasuke would end up winning. He’d have to win, Kishi is too in love with Sasuke. Itd be interesting to see Kakashis MS vs Sasukes MS though.

  73. my first time to post….
    nice breakdown but its too short….
    just passing by….

  74. I just hope Naruto arrives soon…pfff >_<

  75. WOW! wra got bz!

    I love reading your posts as much as Gaara’s showtime! 😉

  76. Im interested into who will win out of Garra and Sasuke….
    ….however Garra does have other nin to help.
    So it’s not exactly a fair battle.

  77. who cares when is naruto going to get there and own people lol

  78. @SCHY: Sasuke did not learn those eye techniques by himself also… thats make it unfair also to Gaara… Hehehe

    I hope Naruto will show up and kick all their butts.. hehehe

  79. lol@chromer

    lets starts sasuke v.s kakashi cmman peoplez

  80. gezz ahsan we aren’t starting again that debate are we? last time it passed the limits x.x so plis don’t start it again

  81. With all this talk about Sasuke going blind from over use of MS, I thought that the comment from

    about “My objective lies only in darkness”. It could be just a play on word but if you are blind everything is in darkness.

  82. @gudoruto thats is my problem with sasuke beig so powerful, its complete bull. he didnt train for those powers and he claims them as his own. if it was between the raikage skills that he learned and mastered vs saukes skills he learned (that weren’t given to him) and mastered it would have ended at the raiga bomb. but of course itachi loves his dumb little brother so yeah he gonna reap havoc and probly srsly hurt gaara.

  83. good point futon and the move with which he was able to touch raikage isnt his own as well its kakashi’s

    sasuke has nothing of his own

  84. @ Incredible Marksman: Congratulations on the bubble entry win, it was one of my favourites last week 😀 Sasuke and his impossible wins 0_o

    @ Doomien: Welcome to the WRA Family, you’ll lvv it here ^_^

    @ Penny: I was so distracted by all that was happening in the manga this week to notice (you know, the early release, gaara’s appearance, gaara’s tears, sasori being recycled, Raikage taking self-mutilation to a new level >._>

  85. WTF, my post didn’t get properly printed 0_o

    My comment to penny was supposed to be:
    @ Penny : I was so distracted by all that was happening in the manga this week to notice (you know, the early release, gaara’s appearance, gaara’s tears, sasori being recycled, Raikage taking self-mutilation to a new level >._>

    I hope this one gets posted correctly…

  86. madara is sooooo coming to save sasuke when he is about to die and i thin the naru,kaka, yama team wil be heading to the scene as well , knowing that kakashi and yamato are pretty good jounins and they would have sensed the montrous chaka levels of sasuke and raikage and cm level 2 jugo

  87. @1angel thx for the welcome.
    @fuuton I agree sasugay is useless by himself. If he only used the techniques he mastered which are his katons and normal sharingan then there is no way he could beat raikage but the same argument can apply to naruto as well. Other than shadow clones which he taught himself from the forbidden scroll, his rasengan, most of its variations, and sage mode were not his techniques. You could possibly look at rasengan being passed down to him from his father through jaraiya, but the variations and sage mode were taught to him by jaraiya/yamato/pa frog. I say yamato because he was the one training him to combine his wind element chakra with rasengan. The difference between the two in this case is that naruto always shows his appreciation for learning the techniques while finding ways to make them more powerful. Sasugay does this too with chidori but shows no real appreciation to kakashi for teaching him it or any other techniques he has aquired. That’s how I see it.

  88. Sasuke isn’t gonna die!

    he still has to fight naruto, which i dont think will take place there :p, i mean, he can still loose, but he is not gonna die

  89. Does the fact that Sasuke didn’t need to learn his eye techniques, have any relevance to who wins? 0_o
    The eye techniques are a part of Sasuke’s power, regardless of how he obtained them.

    I’m interested into who wins, between Sasuke and Garra…. 1 on 1, with their current abilities.
    However it’s unfair to Sasuke because, it’s not 1 on 1, he’s up against a bunch of nin and he’s weakened.

    We are not exactly going to see a fair clash, between both Sasuke and Garra’s current powers.

    I want to know who’s stronger, however their are certain variables in the way preventing me from being able to know this information.

    If Sasuke beats everyone, its obvious he’s stronger than Garra.
    However if Garra wins, his team will need to win outright easily, in order for us to tell that Garra’s stronger than Sasuke and Garra wouldn’t have needed advantages.

  90. is it me or does kankuro look like the only one who could pass for an actual ninja? everyone else looks like they’re ripoffs of ninja or something…lmao..

  91. @SCHY


    i personally think sasuke will win the battle pretty easily

  92. Ninja should be wearing tight cloths that camouflage them >__<

  93. Lee and Guy would make great ninja in a forest. 😛
    Dynamic Entry!!!!!!!!!!

  94. @Ahsan and doomien: Havnt you drifted a little from fuutons point? Most ninja dont just make up techniques, they learn them through training. Sasuke trained for chidori just like any other….Whats irritating is a poke to the forehead GAVE him crazy power with no work attached. (I know everyone will pounch and say he worked to develop the skills but he still got them for free >_< ) Think about Naruto. His rasenshuriken is his own but everything else is a tech someone else has used. He still trained for them all though…

  95. hey everyone i know that sasuke’s susano’o just took shape, but do u think that he used the amaterasu so far just because he couldn’t use the Totsuka sword, maybe that’s the gift itachi left for Naruto iata’s mirro for sasuke and the sword of totsuka for naruto, just a guess but i guess we’ll c next chapter it sasuke uses it. BTW great breakdown cookie 😉

  96. @Eugen

    As far as i remember, itachi’s talk wih naruto took place before the battle betwen itachi and sasuke, so i think he couldn’y have gave naruto the sword or shield since he used them in battle right?

  97. Jeeeez lots of characters had everything given to them huh?

    Lee is the perfect example of a character that had to work for everything.

    But Sasuke had the Sharingan, M-Sharingan, and Curse Seal all given to him. And he had to work very little (or considerably less) to achieve some skills that other nin would have had to train 10 times longer to achieve, due to the fact he’s been given the gift of being a genius of a elite/genius clan.
    Sasuke’s had it easy in some area’s. 😛

    Even Garra had his sand castle given to him. ^_^

  98. @ うちは -Noom~I was thinking that too.

    Itachi used those items when battling Sasuke, so he probably didnt give it to Naruto.

    Im wondering if Sasuke has the 2 items? Or who has the items? if the 2 items are exclusive to the Sasano jutsu? And why the items only show when Sasano was summoned by Itachi? Could Madara of taken the items? But how could he when the items were not with Itachi, because Sasano vanished. It’s confusing @_@

    I think Sasuke could be using Ameturasu to make up for the lack of the 2 items…although, regardless of weather he has the items or not, he’d probably use Ameturasu to cover Sasano anyway.

    BTW is Eugen the same dude as Erich?

  99. hi everyone nice breakdown cookie super kudos now i had to post this here as well for everyone to my strugle just imagine the naruto breakdon seising to be over night oh and akatski hand book still lmao great dude is saturday WTF with this time zone but to the question is bleach dead cause this week episode wasent that bad defenedly left big spectencion for next week any way realy hope someone does the break down i woud do it my self but i totally suck and share my computer so somebody anybody please take the breakdown and sorry for the bad gramar

  100. Bleach breakdowns are relatively slow in comparison to Naruto breakdowns 😦

    It’s always been that way. 😦

  101. @cyborg I did imply naruto making rasengan is own somewhere in my post and that he trained for them, where as sasuke justs gets what he wants like a spoiled rich kid.
    inner voices:
    Itachi: Sasuke I dont think you are ready for my techniques.
    Sasuke: shut it Bro. I NEED YOUR MS JUTSU TO GO FULL EMO POWER. Plus I are Uchiha. You hear me, UCHIHA!!!
    Itachi: Fine, whatever. Just dont start crying when the fans enrage even more on you.
    Sasuke: Who cares about them. This manga will soon be mine once I use my uber MS on kishi to give me more power that I dont deserve.>_<
    itachi; Its a good thing I am about to die. (damn emo bitch)-___-

  102. Hey give the Bleach ones some credit. It’s not like they start as early as me, and anyway, even the breakdown writers are entitled to their own free time. They have to live their own life too, So sit down and wait 😀

    Thanks for the back up cookie 🙂

  103. Wassaaaa… ok not

    well i think the yata mirror and the sword are with sasuke, but he prolly needs to release it full power to get them

    as for the ones attacking sasuke for being ‘cheap’ i think even if he is indeed chep he is still powerful and the techni

  104. damn, pressed enter accidentaly…

    the techniques he has belong to him, and theres really no use in saying ‘if he hadnt had this, if he hadnt had that’ cause he already have them!!

  105. @doomien I thought Yamato was only there to make sure that Kyuubi didn’t get out while Naruto was training.

  106. your right if we go from that point almost no one is powerful in his own skills but the diferens will lie on who trains hard hits harder then does who dont. and gonna try n be more pacient

  107. Bah, I don’t know why people are arguing over who worked more for their power. Both Sasuke and Naruto were given power without work. Sasuke was given the MS at the cost of his brother’s life. He was born with the sharingan but he awakened it himself like all Uchiha members are required of. Naruto was given the Kyuubi at the cost of his father’s life and the hate of the village in his childhood. They both worked hard for their techniques and worked under masters to learn others.

    Once people understand that you can see why Naruto and Sasuke make such great rivals besides their destiny and fate.

  108. I agree with Super, trying to argue over who worked more is like arguing with a turtle…people think that Naruto was the only one working these past 5 or so years (im talking manga timeline here) while Sasuke was too busy being emo and having parties at the Orochimaru compound…that is false.

    Don’t say that Sasuke was handed things to him, I’m sure he’s worked just as hard as Naruto has. Recently my opinion of Sasuke has changed. It’s like that quote from Anchorman: “From deep down in my stomach, with every inch of me, I pure, straight hate you. But goddammit, do I respect you!” Yup, that just about sums up my thoughts on Sasuke. 😉

    Naruto is the main character of the series, of course we’re going to see him train more than Sasuke! Look, Sasuke worked for his chidori much like Naruto trained for his rasengan. Naruto got the summoning contract with the toads, Sasuke got the summoning contract with the snakes. Naruto made rasengan his own, Sasuke made chidori his own by changing it and making it something that has not been seen before(the chidori blade that extends). Naruto trained for Sage mode, Sasuke trained regular Sharingan to a point that they could keep up with MS…even dispelling Tsukuyomi! He killed his brother and awakened his own MS.

    After looking back in the manga I discovered something that I missed before…the very first time that Sasuke used Amaterasu (on “Madara Uchiha”) his MS was exactly like Itachi’s, but during his fight with Killer Bee (and even when he uses it now) when Sasuke uses MS it is the star shape. This has led me to believe that Itachi did not implant MS directly into Sasuke, rather that Itachi implanted the “Uchiha fail-safe” that would activate if Sasuke ever came in contact with another Uchiha (I’m thinking something along the lines of the 4th Hokage appearing in Naruto when he was about to break the seal). Therefore (in my mind), Sasuke’s MS is an accomplishment of his own, not his brothers gift. So i want to ask you guys, did you notice this before? Am I the last one to notice this? I’m not even sure if it was ever stated that he gained MS from Itachi, if I’m wrong please let me know. Thanks! ^__^

  109. @supertrek89…i tottaly agree.

  110. @Dro: Madara did say Itachi gave him all his dojutsu. The reason his MS wasnt star shaped the first time is probably because he didnt do it himself. If i may speak for everyone (or at least the ones i have discussed things with) we are in the belief that Sasuke has his own technique to discover.

    @Everone: When Sasuke talked about the double mangekyou did he mean people with two eyes? Basically saying even if a non-uchiha transplants a sharingan they can never use Susanoo? Does that further imply that each Uchiha has a technique for each eye and also Susanoo when they get MS? Sorry if it doesn’t sound like it but im actually asking these questions….Hope someone helps ^^

  111. @cyborgfranky: yes i saw that Madara said so, but I tend not to believe alot about what that guy says…Besides, that was Madara’s guess as to why Sasuke was able to use Amaterasu, not neccessarily fact. I’m talking MS here…the honest to goodness real thing, not something set up by Itachi to protect Sasuke from the “truth”. The whole reason I bring this up is ’cause it might explain why Sasuke’s Susano’o is so much different than Itachi’s was…that’s why I think that Sasuke awakened MS on his own, and that it wasn’t neccesarily a gift from Itachi.

  112. for dro sensei ,

    read with a smile on your face ^^^^^

    “He killed his brother and awakened his own MS. ”

    he killed his brother ? all i can see is itachi dying of coughing up blood like pein. besides that

    we all know itachi pre planned that battle … here zetsu says died “that” itachi , i think you get what he is saying ^^

    here he says it a little more clearly

    and i seriously dont like the fact that you say he “killed” itachi 😀

    i think tobi pretty clearly says that some how at the last moment he transfered all of his eye techniques to you

  113. @franky sharingan is really getting messed up man i want to see what or even can danzo use any “ms ” techs as being non uchiha kakashi has made his own ms tech of one eye , i wonder what tech danzo has or even if he has one ,, and will non uhchihas be able to do diff ms if they have 2 sharingan s???? and a super ms like susanono

  114. Hello my leaf peoples 🙂 Awesomeness noob here, this is my first time posting here but I’ve posted at Iareawesomeness before.. ne wayz,alot has happened since my first post so I’ll just get right into it.I beleive Sasuke’s Susano’o is a bit dif in looks.but it could be me so here’s the links. and

    sorry i dont know how to post links properly ;P ne who
    so yea I’m not talking about the black flames covering Susano’o either.I honestly dont know what is happening here.I mean if u compare this fight to Itachi vs Sasuke then I would say Sasuke is almost outta steam,especially since he had Orochimaru sealed.A battle with the five Kages or even Danzou seems to be a fleating dream for Sasuke.And as for Naruto…Well, who knows what will happen when he gets there,WAIT.! Let me guess.. Naruto:SASUKE!!Sasuke:…..!? Sasuke leaves…! but thats just me.seriously tho i hate IMO sasuke, I mean come on how much chakra can he have!!?
    His power levels are off the chart!!? over 9000!!! If it turns out Susano’o is dif from the one Itachi made then i think each Susano’o is a manifestation of that paticular Uchiha, who can then use double MS to summon him forth.

    Now i think I’ll go over to Danzou b/c i beleive this is where Kishi intends to bring Naruto back in the theatre.
    Doushe-ou *cough* i mean Danzou is back in kage HQ being nancied by a Byakugan user..*pwn’d bitch* but whats funny is Danzou’s boy clearly states”They gots them a user boss” to which Doushe-ou replies”When the shit goes down, we’ll make like hockey sticks and get the puck ouuta here!” to which One-Eye-Willy replies
    “I’m a Doushebag too..! So i know the shits gonna go down and when it does I’m gonna fight like crazy and give u the chance to escape!!!!” …>.<… too much ? Ne wayz Naruto will show up here before his other half does. which will allow a part of the story to unfold that i have been waiting for more so then Sasuke getting beat up by Chief Idiot and the still depressing Gaara.

    WHO WILL BECOME HOKAGE!!! now that it has been revealed Danzou was controlling the kage guy. will he be aloowed to remain Kage? Will the other nations accept this kind of manipulation? I think not,and I dont think the elders or Tsunade will be very happy with him..*get well soon Tsunade! :)* plus Naruto might show up and give a epic speech that inexplicably changes Danzou forever…

    :O I almost forgot my favorite part..DUN DUN DUUUUUNN…Zetsu is still out there…somewhere…and I think hes near the Kage HQ waiting to do something really mean to the kage's like put an chalk eraser over a door for when the Raikage gets back.. Maybe we'll get to see a Naruto vs Zetsu.. bad matching prolly o well.

    well thats it for me.. need to shout out to cookie xD good post. Loved Akutski Handbook, I'm printing one up lol. Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time..!

  115. @Ahsan: sure Itachi had this planned out all along, but Sasuke was still the cause of his death…If Sasuke had never shown up for some reason at that point, Itachi would still be alive until he met Sasuke…Itachi was staying alive for his fight with Sasuke…so yes, I’m saying that because he was the main cause of Itachi’s death (by this I mean pushing Itachi to his limit) then Sasuke killed Itachi, regardless of whether he did it with his own hands or not.

    But that isn’t what I’m trying to figure out here…your last link is already something I addressed, look at my above comment where I say that that seemed more lime a guess on Tobi’s part, not necessarily fact…I’m saying that Itachi only put the fail-safe Amaterasu in Sasuke to stop any Uchiha from ever getting to Sasuke, and that Sasuke awakened his own MS…not that he got it as a gift from Itachi. That’s what I’m thinking about the most, not the technicalities of whether or not Sasuke killed Itachi.

  116. Well, this is a pretty complicated issue yall got going on now.
    and quite frankly i think you got sharigan, mangekyou sharigan, and permanent Mangekyou sharigan.Mangekyou is the same as permanent mangekyou cept for the shape of the eyes and being able to not go blind lol.Now I want to point out that up to this point with the Sharigan,both genjutsu and ninjutsu have been seperated to their own eyes.(This is stated in 463 or 464 by some random bodyguard ninja that isnt important to the overall story)Amateratsu is done thru the left and so is kakashi’s “blackhole” jutsu.(I beleive Kakashi’s genjutsu is limited b/c of this.)So for the final(or at least the third. 😛 ) technique “Susano’o”
    You need both eye sockets to posess the Mangekyou Sharigan.


  117. @drosensei: Now as for Sasuke and Itachi.Yea Sasuke killed him,doesn’t matter if It was Itachi’s will or not.Sasuke
    directly pushed him to his limit forcing him to use more
    and more chakra till ultimately indirectly killing Itachi.
    So basicly i agree with drosensei.

    As for the “gift” Sasuke received,who cares he’s a doushe.
    I wanna know what Itachi gave Naruto..Though i suspect it’s a
    genjutsu trap for Sasuke if push comes to shove.I mean Naruto doesnt have Genjustu or any skill getting out of em’,and Itachi,Madara,Doushe-ou,and the elders are the only ones who know the truth. So maybe the trap will show Sasuke.This is intense speculation now of course.

  118. i have been out a few days, and i see some people are already trying to excuse the raikage’s stupidity? Blimey!!! if you read one of my posts above you’ll see where i said “it’s okay to be stupid, shocking to be a stupid kage, and absolutely unforgivable when you’re a stupid kage and you don’t seem to realise it, and then you show it.” Nuff said. When the raikage says stuff like this after seeing susanoo “is that how he guarded against my attack?” Even shii and darui were able to deduce the reason sasuke survived all this while, and knew those bones weren’t normal bones. Then again, the raikage saw the mangyeko, even said obviously knew about amaterasu, and still plunged at sasuke with amaterasu? Not even with a long range technique, but with a punch? A kage? Letting your emotions control your thought process as a kage is absolutely inexcusable. Hence mifune in that score was right. Not only are his techniques pro-wrestling(short-range), he absolutely doesn’t think much before using them. What do you all think would have happened if gaara hadn’t interfered? Why do you even think gaara interfered in the first place? Because the raikage was going to lose his RAITON ARMOURED BALLS THAT’S WHY. There’s no way that stupid guillotine drop was going to penetrate amaterasu, much less susanoo, and still kill sasuke. 5% chance, maybe. I’m eager, however, to see what the raikage does now he’s lost an arm, and also what sasuke does with susanoo(susanoo’s ability). Has he added extensions to susanoo? Is his susanoo more than we can imagine? How does gaara and co respond to this mind-blowing jutsu? Has kankuro absorbed sasori’s moves in the process? How would shii, darui and raikage react if sasuke uses kirin(because that seems probable)? These are the issues i think would come up in the next-upcoming chapters.

  119. @cyborgfranky: It definitely has something to do with uchihas, but i believe he specifically talked about the susanoo technique being an uchiha ability, as it was virtually impossible for a non uchiha to have the double mangyeko.

  120. that’s right, how many people would want to see a naruto vs kyuubi fight? I get the feeling that’s going to happen anytime soon. I’ll explain before WRA devours me.

    The kyuubi, although being the strongest bijuu, has been shown to succumb to pure strength and power. MAdara and the first were able to subdue the kyuubi because of their strengths, implying the only language the kyuubi understands is brute strength and abrasion. Now for naruto to get to the level of controlling the kyuubi, he’ll have to prove to the kyuubi he’s stronger, and that might be through an inner battle with the kyuubi. I get the feeling killer bee had to go through the same thing, and for naruto to get to the level where he could even summon the kyuubi, he might have to go through this inner battle with it.

    Bring on the raiga bombs.

  121. Those who say sasuke vs gaara, darui, kankuro and sexy temari isn’t a fair match might just be wrong. Sasuke’s susanoo is one hell of a jutsu, and for all we know gaara, raikage and co might not be able to find a way around it.

  122. Sasuke vs the Sandlot being a fair match!?
    Well if Sasuke fought the sandlot alone and from the
    start,then NO the Sandlot would get pwn’d.Gaara(as cool as he is)
    is far weaker then he ever was before.I know alot of you are hoping to see Gaara use the waves of sand tech again,but the truth is he lost his bijuu and with that alot of chakra as well as the Ikkaku sand shield.(the giant fat sand guy)Now yes he can still control sand.b/c he has his own chakra but without the bijuu he will never control sand on a massive level like before.
    Now that he doesnt have so much chakra he could begin developing new moves(smaller more precise moves)to compliment his new chakra levels.Kankorou absorbing Sasori’s techs or whatever.? lol .
    Thats kinda dumb in my opinion, Kan is a regular ninja with no apparent skill or ability, he merely took Sasori’s puppet(whatever the puppet had, Kan can prolly use) but as for absorbing his techs….Well he doesnt have Sharigan you know ;P
    I predict Sasuke will get pwn’d but somehow thru someone’s intervention,will be rescued..( IF SASUKE WINS THIS BATTLE I WILL FOREVER STOP WATCHING OR READING NARUTO)Simply b/c in the Itachi vs Sasuke or Deidara vs Sasuke Sasuke would be damn near empty by now.PLUS he hasnt got orochimaru or the curse mark now so WHAT THE F*!? is going on! is Kishi on crack, has he joined a college that forces him to take LSD tabs?

  123. @awesomenessnoob

    I actually disagree with your reference to Gaara being weak. In fact, we have seen that you don’t need a Bijuu to be powerful. Assuming that Gaara is weaker without one, or not on the level he used to be is inaccurate.

    Firstly, Deidara doesn’t have Bijuu, we all know that. Yet he defeated Gaara even though he does have one. An “ordinary” mortal vs a Jinchuuriki and still he won.

    What does this tell us? Well, it shows that a person’s strength can’t only be measured by the power they contain. Another factor to consider is the fact that using a Bijuu’s strength means risking loss of control.

    They have a mind of their own and we have seen that just about every time their power is overused, it results in a loss of control and in some cases (Naruto vs Deidara) it puts them at a huge disadvantage.

    If you ask me, I would bet that Gaara is stronger than he ever was with the Shukakuu inside him. He has more control over his own power rather than relying on something inside him to do all the work. By building on his own strength, he will become even more powerful than relying on a Bijuu. I also think his determination would have grown after being rescued. He knew he needed to grow stronger to prevent it from happening again, knowing that he was needed to protect his village.

    The same goes with Naruto. He only really started growing more powerful once he stopped relying on the Kyuubi. Up until then he was simply stagnant, allowing himself to lose control every time his own power was not strong enough.

    Since turning away from the Kyuubi, he has learned the Rasenshuriken, Sage mode and grown stronger in himself and the results have spoken for themselves. He is smarter and stronger in battle and he keeps a cooler head. He has shown more strength now than he ever did with the Kyuubi.

  124. @Tenrai Senshi, Dear Tenrai

    I knew that was I beleive Gaara IS the man.
    I agree with u about how much Naruto grew without using the Kyuubi.And yes you dont need one to beat a Bijuu, but Gaara ISNT Naruto.Gaara relied on it(as u stated) his whole life,(it hasnt been very long since he lost his bijuu,maybe a half a year)
    so i dont think he would be as strong or stronger then he was.You said he will become more powerful then a Bijuu which is possible but the keyword is BECOME.I dont think he’s there yet or even on par with Bijuu/Gaara.Now I would like to take back my previous statement about Gaara being weak.That was an awful thing to say.(Sasuke’s still a doushe)Gaara isn’t weak just now as strong as he was before(in my opinion lol) but i like the clear headed thinkin u do Tenrai.Sorry for the Weak comment.

  125. @awesomenessnoob

    There is no need to be sorry. After all, it is only my opinion and you should never be made to feel bad for having your own. After all, it could very well be completely true that he is weaker than he was before.

    Only time can tell, but to me, Gaara will always be pure awesomeness. ^ ^

  126. Heh just reading above posts are the Same written rewritten recycled comments over and over and over again, its all very funny and Im not trying too be distasteful.
    But a consensus would be interesting that way things arnt repeated like a shit pussycatdolls cd, even a new blog something perhaps like weareawesomeness wiki, seeing that this is one of the best blogs on the net.
    But anyway maybe I didnt read a post containing this question though Im sure someone here might know the answer what does sasuke’s MS technique EntonKaguTsuchi mean?

  127. Nobody answered my question >_<

  128. @lelulalilo

    Yes, things do tend to get recycled in debates.If u watched america’s last presidential campaign you’d prolly know that. ;P
    But as for “Enton KaguTsuchi” Enton i beleive is flames or something other and the kagutsuchi controls it.(I beleive, not sure tho I dont read japanese.This is off topic a little but o well.In an above post i wrote about the Sharigan and how each eye posess’s it’s own ability.(Genjutsu,ninjutsu)In 463 or 463 a random body guard ninja who isnt important to the overall story stated that he beleived Sasuke was manipulating it with his left eye.This is how I’ve come to understand it.I would like ALOT more feed back on the Sharigan honestly.

  129. @SCHY I have no idea who the two ppl you stated are lol sorry.
    But as for the two items Itachi had, I can only think of one of the top of my dome and dont feel like searching back thru those chapter’s.But the sword was invisible to begin with,you prolly needed the eyes to see it.That being said I beleive Madara has the sword. 🙂 He was first to arrive on the scene(besides Zetzu who was there already and left to retreive Madara) and got Sasuke.
    He prolly got the sword as well. who knows tho, but personaly
    I dont think Kishi would give Sasuke the
    Uber Sword of instant kills.

  130. @awesomenessnoob: In a past manga issue its showing sasuke use both eyes too extinguish the flames he never says Enton, Though Its most likely the same power also on this page it emphasies his right eye using the power so it could be the same.
    so assuming he does use this new power in just his right Genjutsu power eye then, hes left amaterasu eye must have another power.
    I think this is the page you were talking about.

  131. @lelulalilo

    Your awesome and belong to a secret group!
    anyways, yes thats the page and you make a good point. I beleive he says Enton before his normal fire attacks, like suiton or whatever.This is exactly why i wanted more feedback on the sharigan because theres so much out there about it that makes things confusing.( like needing both eyes to summon Susano’o)
    Does this mean a non-uchiha cant summon him? What if someone transplanted both eyes? So much is unknown about it!! ARRHHG damn you Kishi! damn you!

  132. @awesomenessdude: when he uses fire jutsu he says Katon, Enton must relate too something else the way it moved the Amaterasu might correspond with shi said about sasuke using shape manipulation on the flames.
    He also changes the shape of the flames when he uses Enton, you see the process

  133. @lelulalilo

    I dont think he has another power.He himself said there are 3 far! 🙂 Amateratsu, Tsukiyoma, and Susano’o.
    It always shows him use the left to bring forth Amateratsu,
    But in that manga you linked
    It shows his right eye TRANSFORMING…but then shows both eyes controlling it. Enton (Fire i think) and Kagu Tsuchi(manipulation or what not)

  134. @awesomenessdude: kakashi can only use his MS ability say about 3 times and hes done in by using it, Though he has no physical changes too his body only he gets hospitalised.
    On this page Danzou says he cant use his MS all the time. When Danzou doesnt use his MS there is no visable sign of Shizu chakra, thats info from a byakugan.

    Though I believe when he does use it instead of being hospitalised he gets taken over by more of shizu chakra.
    So Danzou and Kakashi’s conditions and symptoms of using the MS are completely differant.
    This page hinted that Danzou is after a Sharigan eye possibly to complete his MS, So the Possibility that regular people can attain the Complete form of the MS is true.

    Even Itachi was shocked too discover kakashi had the MS so having a complete MS is in their case is possible.

  135. @awesomeness: Still speculation but there isnt enough information too determine whether Tobi can use Susano, he could have a complete MS and having a complete MS being Double strengthened maybe he just needs the one Eye too Summon, Who knows but its interesting what other powers besides the obvious ones the Sharigan is capable of if you watch the last Shippuuden episode where it reveals Tobi claiming too be Madara you clearly see his eyes are black like a cursed seal so theres more too his power or even that of the complete MS, The more Mangas the Better to brainstorm over.

  136. Ahhh you are correct about Enton and Katon but perhaps it was enton (black flames). I dont know im back to square one thanks to you lol..Hmmmmm and as for Tobi…..I think he is Danzou!!!! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!! no just kidding but he can teleport and would be in control of Konoha if Tobi,Madara,and Danzou are all the same…
    Maybe madara lost an eye in the kage or nine tails fight(nine tails summoning) NO.. im kidding of course thats all non-sense but ima go watch the last episode again then I’ll finish my thotts on the Permanent Mangekyou Sharigan and the abilities it may posess.

  137. @total: Regarding Susanoo…there is ALWAYS a weakness with a jutsu. Always. Susanoo is a powerful technique that has huge risks – the amount of chakra and the strain on the eyes. Remember, Madara almost went blind due to his usage of the Sharingan and more advanced dojutsu and had to rely on a loan from his younger brother. Itachi was also going blind…as is Kakashi. Sasuke has experienced the beginnings – his depth perception being impacted when he was recruiting Hebi/Taka.

    Just because someone has the double mangekyo – and related techs -doesn’t mean he’s invincible. Even Madara was surprised that his longevity increased with his bro’s fatal gift. All Sasuke’s doing is delaying the inevitable – defeat at the hands of Suna/Kumo – unless someone from Taka comes through to bail him out. At this point, Suigetsu is almost liquid and has a meat cleaver for a weapon, Juugo is badly injured and Karin is trapped like a rat in a cage but found by every single sensory ninja – which is almost half of the cast of characters in this fight. I think this tactic is called “ambush.”

    It’s going to take some additional assistance from the outside (the trio from Konoha?) – or even other Kage to put an end to this one…or Madara to rescue him (not very likely).

  138. *coughs* Well I figured I must do my part and throw my 2 cents in 8)

    @Anyone: I can see a possible flaw with Susano’o. It only seems to defend from the outside, but from the inside I don’t see any protection. Say Shikamaru attacked Sasuke with his shadow ninjutsus, then how can it defend against that? Or a tunnel dug underneath? How can it defend from below, when it’s only focus in the top, front, back, and sides.

    Sasuno’o true, is a valuable defence, but I doubt it can defend from the inside. That would be the users job and once Sasuke overuses his chakra and has little if none left, he will somewhat weak of sight and only defenceless. His only job would be to defend himself from the inside but he would find that difficult if he went blind.

    Taka is pretty much f*cked at the moment. With both Suigetsu and Juugo out of action, the only possible hope is Karin. That is reassuring for them, isn’t it? Madara will pretty much come and bail Sasuke out at the last moment, killing/ injuring one of Sasuke’s attackers. After all, Madara wouldn’t want to lose the man who was meant to be proving his point of superiority above Senju.

    Even then Naruto will see it his goal to try and confront the Raikage again, and possibily stumble upon the fight. Or else the Rookie 9 might do the same.

    Either way, Sasuke appears to be a fish out of water at the moment. No matter how cool and effective his jutsu’s are att he moment, they are only as strong as his ability to keep them going. And seeing as how Susanoo and Amaterasu are both new jutsus for him, he is going to be worn out quicker. Remember Naruto’s training with ALL of the Rasengans? After all of them he was worn out because they were a strain on his body. The same will go for Sasuke and his MS.
    How long can he really keep this up? Not much longer in my opinion.

  139. ALright, i’m going to take my time with all of you.

    @awesomenessnoob: What matey, are you taking a piss? What’s dumb about kankuro absorbing sasori’s moves? Did you understand how, in the first place, kankuro was able to obtain sasori? If you did not understand the first, then how can you understand the possibility of his absorbing sasori’s moves? Would it not sound stupid if he’s able to use sasori as a puppet and yet not retain at least some of the moves? When sasori killed the third kazekage, wasn’t he able to use the iron sand techniques of the third? There’s nothing dumb about that, mate. It’s infact highly probable.

    @penny: Obviously i do agree with you. But the thing is, from my viewpoint of invincibility i mean it is supposed to guard against all ninjutsu, so in that sense it’s impenetrable. Yes the side effects is an indispensable topic, but the jutsu, at the time of it’s usage, is supposed to make the user invincible.

    @eatencookie: I agree with you, and possibly susanoo has a weakness from the inside, but from the outside it would be a little hard to penetrate. Shikamaru’s shadow jutsu classifies as ninjutsu, and susanoo defends against it.

    @lelulalilo: What makes ya think danzo has the mangyeko? Wanting sasuke’s eyes seems to me he wants to achieve the mangyeko, plus the only way you can achieve the EMS is taking your brother’s eyes, and it seems only the uchihas have a way around that.

  140. @cookie:

    I totally agree with you on Taka’s fate, as well as most everything else you said. SOL is what I call them. Karin is in a seemingly hopeless situation. I haven’t seen this girl use any sort of Taijutsu – just some serious sensory powers, which are useful but when your teammates are down due to injury, doesn’t get you very far.

    Susanoo – Like I said, Sasuke is stalling for the inevitable. It’s as if he’s trying to show he has balls to call Kumo/Suna’s bluff – even when he has no chakra to speak of. He’s backed himself into a corner, if you asked me. Yeah, he could pull out Tsukiyomi but what good will that do? His eyes can’t take much more, if you ask me. Yeah, funny that no one else caught the “what if you can dig underground” option on Susanoo?

    Konoha: they are the wild card, if you ask me. My understanding is that Shikamaru and company were still in Konoha (orders not to leave the village, but hey, Naruto broke it) but I could be wrong. Even so, this would be far more than the Konoha 9 could handle. Sakura still would be Sakura – emotional and ineffective. Add Ino to that category. Weapons are of no use so count Tenten out. Byakugan vs. Sharingan – perhaps it could locate that oh, so needed weakness in Susanoo…Kage Mane: could do the digging underground on Sasuke. Sai…lots of options with him. Forget Lee – taijutsu won’t do it here.

    So, it comes down to Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto. What will they do is anyone’s guess. Remember – wind defeats lightning.

  141. @total: so, THIS is what you meant by being online. Men! 😉

    This is just so you can have the last word…except that I beat you in that department. Nee ner nee ner 😛

  142. @totalitarianhypnosis

    Sasori turned the Third Kazekage into a puppet that retained all of the bodies original jutsu.(So yes i do understand go take a pee break 🙂 ) There was no ORIGINAL body for Kankorou to turn into a puppet and dont think he would ne wayz.Therefore wouldn’t have any of Sasori’s tech.Now that being said i wouldn’t see why Kankorou couldn’t use the puppets tricks.As in chapter 464
    he uses some kind of bullet attack,why not water and fire? (Tho at this point I’m still sceptical myself at this idea of absorbing tech lol…Also the bullet tech seemed a lil dark too me? If ur theory is correct,then it might be an iron sand attack no?

  143. Heh, I’m putting my chips on the table then. I have entered this debate 8)

    @Total: I was using Shikamaru as an example. When it comes to outsmarting an enemy, that is Shikamaru’s job. From what I have saw so far, Susano’o only defends against physical attacks and shadows aren’t physical. After all Sasuke tried to defend against Itachi by throwing his weapons, but it deflected it.

    Raikage managed to smash Sasuke’s first Susano’o. So Sasuke was left with no option but to use Amaterasu to cover it. Obviously Susano’o cannot defend against that immense power.

    Possibly this may lead to a Senju trait to defeat the Susanoo. After all their is only so much that Susanoo can actually offer and to call it ‘invisible’ would be an overstatement. If attacks from Ninjutsu and weak Taijutsu cannot get throw it, then using an enormous amount of power can obviously shatter it. Raikage is enough proof of that.

    @Penny: “What if you can did underground” I am usually the first one to come up with these crack pot theories. I just keep them to myself lol. And anyway with Naruto, isn’t simplicity usually the key?

    Karin is really out of her element here. Unless she has some secret monsterous power hidden behind those glasses, I would think she is about done for. I can’t see what more Sasuke can do with Tsukiyomi, unless he intends to fry their brains with Amaterasu at the same time. -_-” Even if he did use it, I doubt many of them would collaspe. None of them seem willing to back down now and Sasuke has just got him into more then he can handle.

    Konoha: Sakura and Sai, will most definately break that rule and follow after Naruto. She said it herself, she was going to talk him out of it, so she would most likely want to do it as soon possible. Hey don’t count Lee out yet. All they is to work the fault in Amaterasu to their advantage *cough* set Sasuke or his team on fire with it*cough* And then Lee can finish that off with Lotus. Who knows how far he has actually improved with that move.

    But is Naruto willing to fight Sasuke? That is the actual question here. Naruto is never one to play by the rules, and if he was so willing to take the punches back behind the shed, would he be any less willing to take the punches from Sasuke?

    I have thought of another thing when writing this out. Remember back in the inn when Itachi set the wall on fire to escape the belly of the toad? Yes? Well Jiraiya collected a sample of that flame. Amaterasu. It is possible that he too could have found a way of over coming it. So why wouldn’t he share that imformation with Konoha and Naruto? It is just a theory, but it is a possible as everything that has been happening around here lately.

  144. @Puppet discussion: Sasori only used the puppet ninjutsu anyway so there wouldn’t be any techniques Kankuro could take. Using the puppets weapons is exactly how Sasori fought and is what Kankuro should be able to use.

    @Susanoo discussion: I do not believe in anyway that it blocks all ninjutsu. Ninjutsu is always like rock paper scissors. One thing works, another doesn’t and the third options slam into each other until one gives. Susanoo should be no exception and probably has a natural weakness. The things Cookie said all make sense. I doubt it could defend from every angle at once either.

  145. @total noob in order for a puppet to retain abilities of the person it needs to be made into a human puppet. sasori turned himself into a human puppet so kank wouldnt need to do anything but reassemble him. i dont think kank can make sasori use those scrolls on his back because they were used up. i think sasori used them all? kank could also have reassembled the other puppets like the kazekage’s and made his own summonings scrolls which he can already do and make the sasori puppet use it and summon more puppets like all the red ones which he could have also reassembled because there were free parts everywhere so why not?

  146. @lelulalilo

    So as I stated before you are correct about Katon being “fire”.
    but in this link he protects himself from the Sandlot +1’s attack.
    He does this by using “enton” and you see the black flames on the sand.!? So iI’m guessing “enton” means black flames or whatever.


    I went back and read chapter 464 to see Kankorou’s attack once more and confirmed my suspicions of Kankorou’s iron sand tech.
    His attack appears to be Black Dagger-like objects with what im guessing is explosive bombs on them.So maybe, just maybe,
    your right.But still it doesnt make sense how he would have absorbed powers from a dead guys being a complete noob that he is.

    i couldn’t agree with u more.Sasuke should be outta chakra by now.Without orochimaru or the cursed mark(i dont think Itachi gave Sasuke chakra just tech)how can Sasuke keep performing miracle after miracle and not die(i think kakashi warned Sasuke about the effects of overusing techs lol)Karin might have something up her sleeve(she is last seen saying Sasuke! and what appears to be preying lol) and in most anime especially naruto there is a law that states these people must work up the courage to save people.Anime law 17 section 9.As for Naruto i honestly think he will be directed to kage HQ to confront The hokage and maybe Zetzu.Asfor Sakura who cares what is she and the artist going to do.? honestly.

  147. I don’t even know where to start and I have little time before practice so I’ll just cover the Susano’o thingy.

    It’s true it’s weakness may be from below and I’ve heard the theory before on IRA believe me. That’d be kinda lame (no offense) but Narutoish in a way so I can see it happening strangely enough. As for Susano’o blocking ninjutsu we have seen that in the latest chapter when Temari, Darui, Kankuro, and Gaara all shot their ninjutsu at Sasuke’s Susano’o and it was all deflected. That’s 4 different techniques all from powerful users and not a scratch on Susano’o. I agree that the more power of the attack the more likely it is to break Susano’o but from what we’ve seen so far it is an ‘absolute defense’. What would it take to break it? The Shira Tensei Pein did on Konoha?

    Sure you could bring up Gaara’s ‘absolute defense’ and how it was broken but Sasuke’s ‘absolute defense’ is far superior in obvious ways. Sasuke even comments on it but of course it is his own technique so we can’t really take his word for it. The thing is Gaara’s ‘absolute defense’ can be broken with speed. Sasuke’s ‘absolute defense’ is constantly surrounding Sasuke and now with Amaterasu flames abound. It deflects all ninjutsu we’ve seen so far and allows the user to move freely.

    Once again what could break it? An ultimate ninjutsu attack? A special ninjutsu attack? Is it avoidable by going underground? Is it something much more simpler? I’d like to hear some more theories on it because all I can see right now is an unbreakable fiery force.

  148. @Senju

    lol Totalnoob haha catchy i like it. kinda like Kataang!
    any ways you are quite right I beleive. I forgot about Sasori turning himself into a puppet.BUT! I also beleive the body Kank has is actuallythe third Kazekage and not Sasori as everyone beleives( he would still gain techs like iron sand) Sasori turned the third into a human puppet and used him as his body.
    (Tho i could be completely wrong like usual. I’ve only seen the episode of this battle and not the manga and even tho Sasori is one of my all time fav nin i dont feel like rewatching Sakura battles!!)

  149. penny heya

    “as is Kakashi.”

    kakashi is going blind ??????????????????????

    i have read every manga page that has kakashi or is talkin g about him , i have no clue of what you said

  150. ever wondered what 2nd ms kakashi would have had if he had another sharigna ,or anyh other nonuchiha would he also have 3 ms ? 1 froom one 1 second from second and third from third?

  151. @supertrek89

    I think speculating on Susano’o is kinda pointless..
    Its just a shield that can be caught on Amateratsu fire.(like ne other old shield you might have laying around)But I dont think you could dig underground even to attack b/c i think up to this point we’ve always seen his upper body while everything from the waist down is gone OR underground perhaps.

    I also agree with eatencookie as to no Justu is perfect or “invincible” Hell Deidara really is invincible but there was a trick to it!(bury him alive lol)I agree that a massive force or power could bring Susano’o down.(more so then Bijuuless Gaara and the others)

  152. @ Ahsan 阿赫桑

    Like any other Magekyou Sharigan technique.Kakashi’s Blackhole jutsu must cause damage to the eyes as he does not have Permanent Magekyou Sharigan..Nothing really needs to be said on this issue,it’s a common fact about the Sharigan.

  153. @ahsan yeah its weird why kakashi doesnt have amaterasu and has some weird random tech for his ms.

    @awesonoob yeah kank might not have all of sasori’s tech at his disposal. puupetmasters like to tinker with there pupppets so he probably has alot of new techs and traps. definitely more puppets with him than just that one. i hope he has gotten strong and has alot of new awsome techs because he was pwned by sasori then we got to see two real puupet masters fight and that made me think kank was just lame compared to them so i hope he will redeem himself in my book.

  154. his eye was already transplanted so he doesnt go blind awesomenessnoob^^

  155. @everyone i hope the next chapter goes in depth about susanoo since we all want to know about it. i think the next chapter might go into detail unless kishi pulls a switcher and goes to the all out battle between kisame and the eight tails.(we better get to see kisame go all out).

    also does the raikage have a name or is it ironically raikage?(over ambitiuos?)

  156. dunno his name but kishi aint gonna switch now thats for sure

    ( or ill kill him X____________X )

  157. @ Ahsan 阿赫桑

    Can you link the manga that states that transplanted Sharigans dont cause damage to the eyes?
    I dont know about this knowledge so plz link it for me.

    @ Senju07

    I agree Kank did get pwn’d and I REALLY hope he redeems himself.(but seriously those dark blades with the balls attached dont look like Kunai,possible iron sand tech)Sasori said that a true show of a puppetmaster’s skill is a display of how many puppets he can control.If nothing I would like to seem him wield ten puppets like Elder Chiyo.And yes the scrolls were used up but you can pick those up at any ole ninja store.(Shikamaru used water scroll on Kakuzu)

  158. It really is unclear if Kakashi is going blind. He gives a little squint while talking to the Itachi copy but thats all. If we knew more about the eternal MS transplant then it would help. Kishi hasnt said whether the eyes need swapping or if one set absorbs another. The patterns of Madara’s and his brother’s did merge which leans me to the absorbtion thing. If it realky is the case, Kakashi is going blind. If they just need a swap then he should be all good.

    @Senju: Well Itachi supposedly gave his eye techs to Sasuke so thats why he has Amaterasu. Kakashi having a different jutsu implies every eye gets a different skill which makes sense when the symbols are different.

  159. awesomeness noob actually we had this discussion at ira and as far as i can remember the majority was with he not going blind lets wait and see others opinon on it shall we

  160. @ Ahsan 阿赫桑

    sO THIS IS SPECULATION BY MAJORITY OF AWESOMENESS PEAOPLES?sorry for caps lol.If it wasn’t in the Manga then I’m more inclined to believe he will go blind. All non-permanent MS tech cause dmg to the eyes.Thats why i think Danzou wants to complete his while Kakshi isnt so greedy and doesnt over use his tech.


    Your theory is very sound.this would explain why Tobi/Madara/Danzou 🙂 can teleport and other cant.Also why haven’t we seen him use amateratsu or Susano’o? perhaps your theory is correct.and if so then the Uchihaa are way bad ass

  161. BUBBLE!!!
    Raikage: omg did he just….
    Sasuke: Did i just….?
    Raikage: i think he just shit himself!!
    Sasuke: i think i just shit myself!!!
    Samurai: omg he shit himself!!!
    C: no way raikage mad him shit himself!!!

  162. This is something for every fan of Sasuke or the Sharigan.
    If it turns out that cyborg is correct and each sharigan is unique with it’s own abilities.Then wouldn’t Sasuke still have 3 tech’s of his own to create for the Sharigan?(I mean if Itachi gave him Tsuchiyoma,Amateratsu,and Susano’o) Then he should still have techs of his own or are the tech’s Itachi have the same as what Sasuke would have due to the similar eyes?(due to heritage)

  163. @noob: Maybe there is a set number of symbols/techs and any MS user recieves one of them. I doubt the list is endless. Also remember that an Uchiha has to be born able to use the mangekyou. Its decided by fate (or good genes) and then they also need the traumatic experience. Its not like all the granparents die and they just get the abilities.
    The issue with Kakashi’s eye is whether iy has become eternal or not because of the transplant.

  164. nice one awesomeness noob , in every debate arguments are backed by facts ….

  165. :O ooooOOOOO bubbles!

    ok so here goes my first bubble

    Raikage:I’m an Idiot
    Sasuke:I’m a doushe
    Raikage:I love you
    Random bodyguard ninja who arent important to overall story:.!?

    >_< BOOYA!

  166. @ Ahsan 阿赫桑

    noob is right there in my name 😛

  167. @noob


  168. Goodness…it’s been so long…and everyone with so many theories…Sasuke is invincible, Sasuke can’t take much more, Sasuke going blind, Sasuke this, Sasuke that…bring Naruto, don’t bring Naruto, let Gaara win, don’t let Gaara win…let me go on…don’t let me go on.
    The point is that Sasuke (inherited powers) (please note the specially erected Uchiha ‘wall’, within Susanoo for purposes of eye tech transfer) to page 14-15) or no inherited powers which shows that he woke his MS himself by dragging himself (I know I said it 2ce) through emotional self-pity….the point is that he’s still standing and I don’t know about you guys but he’s not acting like he’s running out of chakra…you can refer to his fight with Itachi and Deidara (tired of posting links) and you will clearly see that he was tired, twitching, hyper-ventilating and looking bone tired….this is different, he looks different, even his chakra is cold, dark and different (per Karin) implying that he may not not even be using his own chakra (which by the way is pretty substantial – you’ll have to go way back to when he was 12 for that reference)…I know everyone wants to see him taken down several pegs but the fact is I don’t think anyone (and I mean everyone on the battlefield at the moment) will be able to bring him down just like that…I definitely don’t seeing him fainting due to over-exertion…I think it would be best in Sasuke’s case to see the extent of the power that Kishi gives him…remember if he’s going to fight Naruto at some point in the future, then he has to be mad strong (I’m talking over Kage levels) because I believe Kishi will make Naruto even stronger than he is right now (has to be to defeat Madara) and WE ALL WANT TO SEE A GOOD FIGHT (e.g. Senju v Uchiha special – 1st Hokage v Madara) which was so good, they had to put up statues of the two guys.

    Ok…that said…why do I have this feeling that Shi healing Raikage’s arm might mean Shi regrowing the arm esp. as we can’t really see what Shi is doing? If Shi can’t regrow the arm, I’m sorry but he’s a pretty useless jounin of all he has are the flashlight genjutsu and chakra sensors plus 2nd rate healing.

    And someone mentioned that Naruto may one day fight the fox…that is most probable seeing as mangas like this one usually have a whole section dedicated to fighting one’s inner demons (e.g. Ichigo and his powdered imaginary friend). Once he’s done that…who knows, it might just even up the power difference betweek him and a Sasuke that has an absolute defence like Susano’o plus who knows, maybe the sword and shield.

    I think Madara only collected Itachi’s body (not for his eyes or the sword but because like any other ninja clan, he didn’t want other ninja’s pilfering the dead bodies of his clansman to steal techniques that should only be handed down from one generation to another…bloodline limits, jutsus, or secret menu ingradients in the case of Ichiraku’s ramen)

    I have several other theories but … let’s wait a while…

  169. @CyborgFranky

    Hmmmmmmm, I see I see.Well I suppose all it takes is the death of someone close to you(brother/best friend, whatever)Someone does die in the process of the transplant….I dont I’ve sat for about ten minutes now thinking about this one and cant come up with a solid answer,it very well could be Permanent MS but then again it’s the eye’s user dying not someone close to the user.
    I dont know, it’s in the air for me.

  170. @Noob: Nah, I wouldn’t say it’s pointless to speculate about Susano’o after all it is the main technique Sasuke is using to fend off his enemies right now. It would help to know if there are weaknesses to this technique and if it can be gotten around. Saying it’s pointless to speculate about Susano’o is like saying it’s pointless to speculate about whether or not Kankurou has Sasori and if so does he have Sasori’s powers. Or pointless to speculate about whether or not Gaara is stronger after the loss of his Bijuu.

    All these characters and powers are upfront right now in the manga so it would be best to discuss them properly. I’m not saying I know the facts about Susano’o which is why I asked for others opinions on it.

  171. @ darkgeenie

    ROFLMAO I was thinking the same thing about Shi regrowing Raikage’s arm.Mainly b/c if Shi can regrow then maybe Raikage wasn’t being so dumb after all.(if thats the case i would move him up a few notch’s on my list)

    O and I beleive you just pwn’d everyone here including me who pretty much agreed with you ne ways.(Sasuke receiving powers.) I dont think he awoke MS himself,Just used it for the first time.
    and yes Sasuke did look boney and dried up when he fought Itachi and Deidara but he still had Orochimaru in him and now he doesnt so why is he still standing.(the dark chakra you mention above is a good explanation tho,my pure hatred for Sasuke blinded me from this)As for the final battle theres 2 ways I see it going down.

    1.Naruto dies saving Sasuke from the darkness during a fight with Madara.(goes good with the whole naruto/hero complex)

    2.Someone here once mentioned Madara having the Eyes of the sage and now wanted the body.If so a combined effort of Sasuke and Naruto(Sasuke:the eyes,Naruto:the body) would prolly be needed to win and it would make for a good fight!!

  172. @ supertrek89

    So be it!!! Let’s speculate away! lol
    Susano’o is crazy awesome covered in black flames that apparently the kage-phiilicus or Raikage are incapable of spotting.(this is due to lack of brain size from under development in the womb,his brother was on the way ya know!)
    Darkgenie mentioned the uchiha wall inside Susano’o which is used for eye tech transfer’s.Maybe this is the key to defeating the absolute defense.

  173. bubble:

    Sasuke: NO mean No, i don’t want to touch your pipi
    Raikage: ARGGGGGG!!!!!
    Raikage: WTF?!?!
    Sasuke: … Okai i really have to stop cocaine!!!

  174. @ahsan:

    My bad. Read the next TWO pages after the link I posted to Naruto chapter 257. Itachi was unaware that Kakashi had developed the Sharingan to the level of a Mangekyo, which causes blindness. It explains why Madara had to have his eyes replaced with his younger brother’s – Itachi did not do the same as he loved Sasuke enough to merely grant him the powers he possessed. Question is…will Sasuke have the same fate?


    KAKASHI!!!! you couldn’t have!

    suspenseful.this is already known but is it PERMANENT MS or
    not.!? ARRRG damn you Kishi!!!

  176. It really doesn’t definitely say though and you know how mangas are. That squint could even be wrote off as a pity of sorts since Itachi was going blind.

  177. Well.. i didnt wanted to mention this before, but i think its time to say it

    Kakashi vs Sasuke


  178. @Noob: Great job now keep on speculating, lol. 😉

    I also have a theory that the way to defeat Susano’o is through a Fuuinjutsu (sealing technique). A jutsu that can seal away another technique just like Jiraiya sealed away Itachi’s Amaterasu in a scroll.

    I don’t think Kakashi has a permanent MS (which causes no blindness and is referred to as the EMS). I believe you need to have the MS and then do an eye transplant with someone else who has the MS before you can gain an EMS (this is what Madara did with his younger brother). Still…it does make me wonder how Kakashi has that power to warp others into other dimensions which is similar to how Madara/Tobi warps his own body into another dimension and travels at the speed of light.

    Itachi and Sasuke both don’t have that kind of power and they both posses the regular MS. But if it’s true that all you need to do is do an eye transplant with the sharingan to gain a permanent MS (EMS) then wouldn’t Danzou have one?

  179. @super

    i think EMS requires the user who is being transplanted to previously have MS to get EMS

  180. >.< im so confused now

    @ supertrek89

    So then we agree that Kakashi doesn't have EMS.Now about his "blackhole" jutsu,EMS is the same as MS but without the downsides,so then Kakashi wouldn't have a problem overcoming an EMS tech like the "blackhole" jutsu.

    @うちは -Noom


  181. Last comment wasnt finished had to walk dog and got rushed.. any ways Kakashi can use MS tech like Blackhole Jutsu but he damages himself each time b/c he doesnt posess EMS.

  182. @Noob

    True kakashi wouldnt have any trouble getting a technique like “blackhole” but, i still dont think kakashi and Madara’s techniques are the same, maybe it’s because the sharingan mastery madara has, but he doesnt seem to make alot of efort or anything when using the justsu, while kakashi gets all done when he uses it…

  183. @ うちは -Noom

    I don’t think their tech’s are the same.I beleive Kakashi’s manipulation of space/time is only capable of tearing a hole in the fabric of space/time,while Madara it seems is capable of moving his entire body through space/time.Kakashi’s tech focus’s on other objects or people while Madara’s tech focus’s on himself.

    Tis true that Madara is uber badazz and capable of doing the above mentioned awesomeness without any apparent fatigue.(or even a handsign)

    It’s funny but now that I think back doesn’t the members of Akutski contain a bijuu until they create their “weapon”?
    Or do they keep em’ in the statue?I remember 2 members of the A TEAM asking the other if he was going to get the bijuu or not.

    It would explain alot.(Madara teleporting across the globe with no handsigns.Kisame’s ridiculous chakra levels,more then pain.)

  184. Wow, akatsuki having bijuus…

    hmm… i really dont think so, if that was the case, one of the already dead members would have had one, and we haven’t seen something like that happening so far… maybe madara has one…kisame… who knows, i guess its up to kishi now to explain those amazing powers, maybe they are just pure awesomeness

  185. great breakdown, cookie. <33

  186. bubbles: take this fraekin emo!!!!
    sasuke: here we go again with the emo thing
    raikage: what!!! is that poop!!!!
    sasuke: I think he made poop on me!!!!
    XD hahaha

  187. hi allZ
    i didnt read everything but i thought it was different with sasukes MS. he didnt get it from itachi and not because itachi died.
    somewhere it was said, that itachi planned the fight, so that itachi can kill orochimaru. with the dead of orochimaru he obtained his MS, i dunno how it worked, but i think that makes sense, since tobi said: will remain a snake or become a falcon? or something. maybe it was the death of itachi and oro, i dun get it, but the difference in sharingan was the first that i noticed ( lol dro XDD ).
    double mangekyou means both eyes, 1 eye is for tsukuyomi and one for amaterasu, susanoo needs both eyes and it seems sasuke is able to do it now Oo
    still, im wondering what itachi gave naruto and how can some1 break susanoo?

  188. @Noom: Yeah…that’s what I said…

    “I believe you need to have the MS and then do an eye transplant with someone else who has the MS before you can gain an EMS (this is what Madara did with his younger brother).” (Supertrek89)

    The user and the donator both have to have MS during transplantation in order to gain EMS. At least that’s the only way we’ve seen EMS gained so far.

  189. But the issue is when Itachi said to Sasuke they needed to swap owners. Also, though it isnt much to go on, Zetsu watched the whole fight and never once questioned Itachi going for Sasukes eyes despite not having MS. I think Zetsu would know personally.

    @Salimayo: MS requires the death of someone close to an Uchiha born with the potential to obtain it. Oro never died, he’s just in a perminent genjutsu.

  190. @Franky: Kakashi gained MS and he wasn’t Uchiha born right? I assume he got MS because of the death of Obito or just through hard work. Both Madara and his younger brother seemed to have gained MS through sheer hard work because it’s never mentioned that they killed their best friends to gain their MS.

  191. They lived on the battle field though. Enough friends and relatives must have been killed.

  192. That’s true and convenient…damn you Franky…>_>

  193. then i have to get that quote, some1 said so. the question is, why did itachi want orochimaru out of him? and that point with “potential to obtain it”… i never heard it before.

  194. Itachi wanted oro dead to free sasuke from the seal of heaven

    and i think that the “with potential to obtain it” refers to the one that’s trying to get MS, i mean, if a lame uchiha with no potential to get MS saw someone close die, he prolly wouldn’t obtain MS

  195. House MD airs today!!!!!!!!!!!….(ok, srry for being off topic)

  196. I cant believe it took me a hour too read say around 65 posts that kinda did my head in but I was bored.

    About Kankarou: Him using the Sasori puppet the Head looks the part but the puppet itself is just a puppet. Sasori had a container which contained his chakra and life force which was destroyed by the Puppet Parents. After Kakarou’s three puppets were destroyed he created one new puppet. Going to a battlefield with so many awesome puppet parts and weapons wouldnt surprise me that he recreated his prime puppet using Sasori’s head as a symbol the guy almost killed him and did kill his brother. Any Chakra based weapons of any puppet previously used could possibly be used through the supposed Sasori puppet with Kakarous own Chakra manipulation.

    About Sasuke: Itachi just wanted too save his brother from being polluted by Orochimarus Filth, and knowing he would die anyway made sasuke believe that he killed him. I think when He came too terms with what had happened it hit him like a wave of emotion and that awakened the MS. Manga issues 400 – 402 explain his complete Ordeal. Itachi knew Madara covets Sasuke.

    About MS: Every one with a MS is going blind no exceptions its been explained through the Manga its true those who arnt Uchiha arnt immune to its blindness.

    About Susano: Seeing that its a Uchiha technique I believe its only counter could be Yamatos very own Senju Mokuton ability which can surpress Kyuubi Chakra, Why not Uchiha cursed chakra.

    And now that Madara has left Naruto his next destination is the Summit followed by Konohas very own new missing nins Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato they will be arriving soon.

    I can go on but this Rant is long enough

  197. @ penny and all about kkaashi and his ms

    1- y is his ms so familiar to madara’s ems then ? any guesses is it just thatems or that he has his own ms , this is becoming confusing

    2 it obviously shows that kakashi had the ms but in no way does it clearly say that his eye sight was deterioating though i may agree with you to some extent ( lets say 20%) as when kakashi said say itachi how far has your eye sight deterioated? it ay suggest it but then again , it could all be as itahi said he figured all of that out by their first encounter and what kisame said “you know its dangerous”

  198. @anyone

    anythoughts on sasuke’s chidori v.s kakashi’s raikiri ?

  199. We dont even know if madara’s space/time is EMS. He never has his eyes activated that we can see (In MS mode) when he teleports, everyone else looks about ready to die after a couple of MS techs but he’s always buzzin around with no problem, his power (namely his eyes) is not what it once was so him having such control of MS is unlikely and lastly, it is just assumed its a dojutsu but maybe thats the exact reason it isnt. Its similarity to Kakashi’s supports the Tobito theory but perhaps Kishi just wants that. It also seems different to every other sharingan tech which are all cast on the focal point.

  200. @CyborgFranky I can see why you have doubts about Madara’s EMS and there is no way of us knowing what that jutsu really is but since Madara is the only person with EMS we have seen so far it desn’t leave us much space for speculation.What I mean is that we have absolutely no idea how the EMS works and what I have read and heard so far is that unlike the standart MS it doens’t have the same detrimental effects on the eyesight.I have stated in one of my earlier posts that this teleportation Madara uses might be one of the weakest available jutsus of the EMS and that the more serious one might be the reason he requires the bijuu’s chakra.

  201. @ashan…

    raikiri vs chidori

    unless it was some upgraded or modified form of chidori, i think raikiri is more powerful scinc it an S-rank technique while chidori is still an A-rank
    This brings my question again, Sasuke vs Kakashi
    Im voting for sasuke in this one… XD (im gonna get raped ain’t I)

    TRUE!!! i never noticed that when madara teleports he never uses MS or at leat no one notices…hmmm so maybe he’s just pure awsomeness and has that special ability…or MAYBE!!! because of him having an “incomplete body” or something similar, he may be able to move through things and travel around time/space because of it…although the techniques does seem to require some active use, scince he was stroke by amateratsu and traped in mokuton while distracted XDDD

  202. @ CyborgFranky

    Madara hasnt shown us his EMS eyes yet.So you could be right..The teleport very well could be his first tech.(capable of being done without EMS.

    @ to63to

    Madara isnt the only one with EMS Sasuke has awakened his EMS.
    Though i suspect u mat be correct about Madara needing Bijuu’s chakra for something other then a “weapon”.(perhaps a senju body,
    or more powerful techs which need more chakra.)

  203. @Noob

    Sasuke EMS…i dont really think thats right, you know, EMS is supposed to nullify the damage cause by MS like the blindness, and sasuke is already starting to get it

  204. this may sound dumb but anyway… How the hell do you transplant another person’s eyes and make them your own without losing the ones you already had? I mean, first step: take out your brother eyes. second step: take out your own eyes. 3 step: insert your brother’s eyes into your eye sockets and LISTO? WTF?! or maybe somehow you find a way to have 4 eyes in 2 eye sockest? please someone explain =(.

  205. @ Supa: I always assumed that once you get another MS you just seeing through new eyes would awaken a new power. I dont think it matters if the eyes you get are blind like itachis you awaken the new power.
    What I dont get is if Madara took his brothers eyes and got the new power why didnt he give his eyes to his brother, Madara says the Eyes last for 15 years.

  206. One pair of eyes may need to be ‘absorbed’ by the other

  207. @awesomenessnoob I believe you are wrong.The Eternal MS is only aquired when an uchiha takes another uchihas eyes and implants them into him.Sasuke has the “normal” MS and thus his eyes get damaged by the usage.If Madara still has the EMS he can use his eyes as long as he has chakra and they will have no damage whatsoever.

  208. @lelu:Madara’s brother died, however it wasn’t after the transplant. i guess its meant for only one to have that power. the sharigan does have dark secrets about it like how to obtain just the regular MS, so idoubt having the EMS would be just eye swapping with your sibling…

  209. @noom *rapes * dont dare voting for sasugay again


  210. All those who posses the MS Sharingan (whether through birth or transplant) loses his eyesight remember the conversation of Kakashi and Itachi on save Gaara arc? Thats why Itachi was so shocked…. Its impossible for Kakashi to know the side efffect of it unless he himself felt it.

  211. There is something about kakashi I want too speak about, Every Uchiha has a affinity to fire. Now Kakashi has 4 affinitys people are only supposed too have 2 any more than that and it would be a bloodline or w/e and Kakashi aint no genius like the 4th was. Now seeing that he has 4 he has Fire, Earth, Water and Lightning. I would say his own Affinitys are Lightning and Water, The other 2 he has are Fire and Earth I think he got these affinitys as a added bonus for having Obito’s eye now I never saw or cant remember Obito using any jutsu I would have too check but the same underground tech he uses too hide chains and attack is the same tech Tobi uses too hide the mines, Just something else I picked up on but if this is true then wouldnt that suggest that having a eye transplant not only gives you Doujutsu but Physical attributes aswell if that aint true then wtf is up with Danzou.

  212. @Gudoruto: agreed

    @shinobimadness: Thats a mystery on how he got his brothers eyes it would be some revalation too discover the real truth. Itachi said he stole his brothers eyes. But Tobi said his brother gave the eyes over. Tobi twists words to make himself sound in the right but hes full of too many holes.

  213. WOW!!! Does anybody keep tabs on comments here? I think this is by far one of the busiest wra posts in recent memory.

    My two cents is that no jutsu is invincible nor perfect – it is made by imperfect beings, thus searching for one is madness… right tobi? hehe…

  214. @Gudoruto: But the way to stop the blindness is to transplant the eyes. Remember Itachis talk with Sasuke? Since we dont know the ins and outs of aquiring EMS you cant just glaze over like that.

    @Lelulalilo: Kakashi has 3 affinities, he only uses fire in the anime. People aren’t ‘supposed’ to have two, other than saying a normal ninja cant have all 5, no limit is specified.

  215. It almost seems like Sasuke is experiencing the effects of the MS already. Meaning that his progression to blindness is possibly faster than previously thought. This presents the problem of leaving the main antagonist of the series crippled.

    Ever get that really bad feeling in the pit of your stomach like you just know that something truly awful is going to happen in the future?

    ……… Sasuke eventually ending up with Madara’s eyes?

    I’m having that feeling right now.

    Madara wants to continue the cycle of hatred, get his revenge on the Ninja world and control Sasuke. Didn’t we kinda see something similar relationship-wise before like this…with say Orochimaru? We all know that it doesn’t seem like anyone (especially from our non Hanzo Leaf group) is ever gonna get the balls to take Sasuke out and probably instead the focus is rapidly growing on Madara even while he’s basically using Sasuke as his proxy, an extension of his own ideals to get the things he wants done, done. I think this will, not anytime soon of course, wrap up with somehow Sasuke taking/getting Madara’s MS to not only prevent his own blindness, but to keep the cycle of revenge going somehow because we all know how Kishi likes to show the repetition of the cycles through the generations as we’ve already seen so many times.


  216. @Zekks: Yea my thoughts about Madara and Sasuke’s Eyes I really dont want sasuke too swap his eyes for Itachis because even though Itachi transfered all his tech into sasuke eyes it would be pointless kinda too get those eyes then its like there aint no surprises.

    And I think if Kishi makes something like sasuke putting in say Madaras eyes I mean he has one to start with continuing hatred idk its not something genetic if so itachi would be one badass mofo.

    I think it would be fknfantastic if sasuke got one of his eyes ripped out by Danzou disabling his ability too use Susano and Kishi making a awesome story spawn from that and or Kakashi meeting with sasuke saying I understand whats happend madara told me well this isnt true I can tell you something else I knew about your brother and Sasuke swapping with kakashi thus sasuke having 2 differant eye techniques and spoiling Madaras intended plan.

    But if your saying that maybe Madara doesnt have EMS and that he has standard MS and say hes already implated Itachis eyes and the eyes he really gives too sasuke are his ones then that would work and sasukes eyes somehow end up in Danzou and Kakashis heads. That would be cool also I dont personally want danzou to die hes just as powerful as madara I imagine. But if your not sayin that I dont know what your sayin then I think im buzzing too hard and I keep ranting on my Bad 😉

    I totally understand what you mean about repition of the cycles through the generations, Personally all japanese manga revolves around karma. Well thats what I rekon 🙂

  217. spoiler for naruto says that madara and zetsu inturupt the fight and saskue goes blind so i think that madara will be giving him EMS because he will most likly accept it now because he has to go after danzou still

  218. @ahsan: don’t you read? GAHHHHH!!!!

    Kakashi: “Itachi, How far has your eyesight deteriorated?”

    Itachi: “Kakashi-san…Impossible. You…”

    Since it appears that someone needs to read this to you, let me spell it out:

    When one’s eyesight is deteriorating, they are typically losing the ability to see – dude, that means you are going blind! It also says that Itachi was NOT aware that Kakashi with his transplanted sharingan could have developed it to the level of a Mangekyo, which we all know he did. So…Itachi WAS going blind, as is Kakashi, in his sharingan eye.

    Now, you can’t tell me because it doesn’t say “I’m going blind,” it means he isn’t…*shakes head in disgust*

  219. -________________________________- <<<<

    you seriously dont want to come to the point i am , that since his sharingan is transplanted he should not go blind ,

    i read i have read that page more than 10 times it may suggest in a way as i said before assume that since kakashi's eye sight is he would know itachi's is also , or he would know it by kisame;s comment but the main thing still stands

    you assume that kakashi 's sharingan will act like any ordinary one and he will loose his eye sight where as i assume that his eye sight may not deteriote as his eye is already transplanted ………. and his ms …. it aint anything like amretsuri or tsukyomi or susano'o which we all know deteriote the eye sight

    but you fail to see any thought behind my comments i wonder y ….

  220. @Ahsan & Penny:

    I do believe that the permanent MS only works between clansmen “Brothers”.
    So even though Kakashi’s eye is a transplant, it is not permanent and therefore behaves like a regular sharingan would and with extreme use has a great toll on its user.
    Itachi explained it all 😀

  221. lol thankyou manny for removing the confusion i wonder how i mised that , well penny did as well 😛 lol

    but still one thing that i want to ask is that if every one has his own ms jutsu then like kakashi has his own , itachi had his own , madara has his own(supposingly) , sasuke is he using itachi’s ms techs since madara himself said that itachi transefered all his eye techs to sasuke . will sasuke create his own ms techs as well ???? and if yes do itachi ‘s ms techs deteriote sasuke’s eyes ?????

  222. @ashan

    do itachi ’s ms techs deteriote sasuke’s eyes ????? yes they do, up till now sasuke has just used Itachi’s MS techniques and he is going blind already

    will sasuke create his own ms techs as well ???? theoretically he could, but thats up to kishi

  223. Here is a very poor translation….

    Sea, to complete the treatment arm of the shadow of the thunder, lightning and shadows will begin to Sasuke

    Capacity already gone Susanoo, Sasuke struggled down the power to control Amaterasu

    Man joins the girls to cover the sand and there, invoking multiple Tsukuyomi against Sasuke, the man fall to the ground sand and girls
    Thunderstorms are also avoided or Masu shadow kick
    Sasuke is almost blind state

    At Zetsu and Madara appeared like a tank, but it took
    Sasuke spotted in the tank “is a new copy wheel eye Sasukee!”入Re替mischief and two eyes of Sasuke and say
    There is a new kaleidoscope copy wheel eye …!

    Here is what I pull from it

    1. Gara and his team possibly get takin out.(or Sasuke takes them out)
    2.Sasuke possibly uses his thunder technique.(or Raikage uses one)
    3.Sasuke is basically blind at this point.
    4.Madara and Zetsu appear in the middle of the fight.
    5.Sasuke’s sharingan changes form once again.
    6.Sasuke possibly attains EMS from Madara.

    has japanesse writing so probelly real.

    to check out spoiler see this website.

  225. HA ha I was just looking there.Anyway I realy think that spoiler is as fake as it can get and god help us if I am wrong cuse Kishi is realy gonna do it if he lets Elmo the emo ninja get the Eternal MS.

  226. lol true i think that naruto will shows up before he goes blind/ or gets his punk ass emoself killed

  227. yeah i dont think sasuke will get ems in the next chapter but tobi and zetsu showing up is a possibility since tobi is tired of being cautious.

  228. If sasuke gets EMS he will be oficially unfairly overpowered…

    WHICH IS PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. Sasuke getting EMS it feels too soon.

    (Totally Unrelated)
    Its 6.45am in Sydney right now and the Sky is Pink or Red Cloudy covering I think the whole of Sydney Ive never seen anything like it in my life.
    Is the Sky differant where any WRA member is right now??

  230. The spoilers aren’t confirmed yet, so don’t go rushing to those conclusions. It is likely that Madara would encourage Sasuke to use Itachi’s eyes now that he is pretty muched doomed. But even so, it does seem unfair if Kishi hands Sasuke a safety raft in the form of EMS. If he does I can guarentee a serious bitching section. -__-

    @Ahsan: Kakashi was never a true member of the Uchiha clan so he did not have their blood that is compatible to the Sharingan. Remember when Kakashi first showed his sharingan against Deidara it showed his vision flashing? Even if Kakashi eye was transplanted it does not make him an exception to the effects of MS. In fact it would appear to quicken it’s effect on his eye.

    @Lelulalilo: LMAO, I am pretty sure if I looked outside right now I would see a black night sky lol, but thanks for the weather update in Sydney 😉 lol

    @Lousy: You should of seen the views for this post… It’s shocking 0_0

  231. @ashan

    I’m glad you came to your sense about Kakashi going blind.
    As for the dif tech’s they have.Someone was commenting on something i mentioned and stated that he beleived;There are set lists of abilities that each eye posess.(this is just speculation still! 🙂 but whatever it sounds plausible to me.!?

  232. Hey where would we be without speculation? In a moderately happier place, maybe. But still, SPECULATION FTEW!!! It makes the world a lively place to live in 8)

  233. @Eatencookie: Yea we got some wierd ass Dust storm thingy come in it was so strange something that has never happen before. Must be all the Global warming or w/e changing weather and geography.

    And I wanted too go to the beach today and wash all the damn dust off my car pain in the ass 😦

  234. It was a nice day up in Frostburg. Nice weather during school hours and during track practice the sun went behind the clouds so I was really thankful for that…ahhhhh…>_> WTH, why are we discussing weather!? XD

    Ummm…yeah Kakashi is going blind.

  235. @Lelulilo: Maybe an unbrella would of came in handy? So global warming is causing Australia to become dust? Interesting theory… lol

  236. @Super: LMAO Because we have outgrown the Naruto Manga and have decided to go back to basics. 😉 Watch out, we might turn into a global weather station on WRA 😀

  237. OMG where i live ice if falling from the sky!!!! and we are at 40C i think thats like 104-106 not sure…

  238. the confirmed spoiler says this

    Shi completed the treatment of Raikage’s arm, Raikage went back to face Sasuke again.

    By then, Susano’o had already faded, Sasuke’s having a hard time controlling Amaterasu.

    There, with the barrier, Suna and, Darui assisted in the fight, Sasuke’s invoked a multiple Tsukuyomi, Suna and Darui collapsed.

    Raikage kicked but was avoided.
    Sasuke’s almost losing his eyesight.

    Then, something like a tank seems to arrive with Madara and Zetsu on it.
    From the tank, Madara said to Sasuke “Sasukee, the new Sharingan!”. Sasuke’s two eyes were exchanged with new ones.

    And then, the new Mangekyou Sharingan…!

    The end.

    Yesterday was a bit busy, sorry.
    This is what’s this week’s Naruto is.

  239. SHIBBY!!! 🙂

  240. Raikage’s arm is fully healed, and he rejoins the fight against Sasuke. Sasuke, using Susano’o, is in a bitter fight with the sand ninja’s. The sand ninja’s collapse.
    Sasuke has used his mangekyou too much and is becoming blind. Raikage is about to defeat Sasuke with a thunder kick, but Zetsu and Madara appear in the middle of the fight. Madara tells Sasuke that he will give him “The new sharingan eye” After saying that Madara implants his own eyes into sasuke [?!] giving him the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!
    That is where it ends.

    Credits for this go to a guy named Jord

  241. @Cookie: Lolz, WRA (Weather Radio Announcement)! It’s our side job…>_<


    *jumps off a cliff* X_x

  242. YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! new overpowered awesomeness made sasuke!!!!!!!!!!

    fear the sharingan!!!!!! *_* (sharingan face<<<)

  243. really hope thats not this week chapter i mean with the EMS sasuke woud be pretty much invencible naruto is gonna have to come with new techs and it woud be total kaos for the kages at this poit with tecnically two down plus i think the eye replacement cant be done like that or maybe im wrong let me know oooh and its a nice fresh nigth on P.R.(puerto rico)

  244. i meant just like that it cant be done just like that

  245. well…on someone commented somewhere…aha i dont really remember where, that sasuke made some seals before getting the eyes… and something about madara having a vial with a pair of eyes

  246. super i know u hate spoilers lol but other people dont so why not make a breakdown for spoilers and perdictions 3 of them or is possible 1 with 3 sub parts to it and then people who want to know about the spoilers can see there and others like u dont accidentally read them

  247. lmao

    I just got a flash of Madara wearing a Doctor’s coat and the eye glasses and mustache gig. idk why tho . o well 🙂

  248. These spoilers arent the WHOLE manga just a summary.
    I’m sure Gaara and co. dont just fall over.(I’m sure Sasuke blinds them with his awesomeness)and the eye transfer idk, ima go read the RAW and see for my self whats what! peace

  249. @ahsan: normally, I’d let a comment dissing me pass, but I couldn’t this time.

    Apparently, you felt the need to laugh about a supposed error I made. Not cool! Not cool at all. This is about debate, not about putting down someone who may have made an error in judgment. In addition, my point was the fact that you apparently don’t understand the meaning of “deterioration of eyesight.” Sasuke’s eyes were suffering immediately after he fought the 8 tails and…the previous link, which you immediately dismissed as irrelevant, indicated that Itachi was losing his eye sight also alongside Kakashi. Madara nearly lost his but his brother offered up his own and now Madara possesses a much more powerful Mangekyo.

    And, Ahsan, comments like yours are part of the reason I don’t post much on WRA anymore. Too many heated arguments disguised as debates and people dissing each other’s opinions as wrong or stupid or whatever. This is about a manga, not about claiming whose right or wrong.

  250. oh BTW does somebody know what “enton kagutsuchi” (the technique sasuke used to guard against Gullotine drop)means? ???

  251. @Smurf: Ja, we thought about doing that but then the One Piece, Bleach, and Fairy Tail spoilers would get consumed by the Naruto spoilers in the comment section. If you would want to discuss spoilers solely for one manga you would have to sift through comments of spoilers for other manga.

    One dude talks about Bleach spoilers, another about One Piece, and this dude over here follows up with Naruto spoilers…it’d be a messy comment section. -_-

  252. i think is black flame shield or something really dontknow sorry

  253. Hey i have an idea, why not, kinda as a rule, people talking about spoilers have to write *spoiler* at the beggining of their comment

    can we get a poll or something for this…

  254. great i can dig that

  255. うちは -Noom

    Good Idea,poll or no poll Ima do it from now on!

  256. Also that enton kagutsuchi thing, sasuke seems to activate his Ms before using it, do u think it could be one of his personal MS techniques, maybe if the MS techniques are developed based on the abilities of its owner, maybe sasuke MS techniques are some kind of upgrade to Itachi’s MS, i mean enton kagutsuchi, multiple tsukuyomis…i dont think Itachi could do that…

  257. *theory*

    If spoiler is correct what if Sasuke gets his new eyes and then completely pwns everything and everyone.Then Naruto show up and see nothing but death and chaos!!

  258. I don’t think there’s a need for a poll deciding on whether or not to force people to post “SPOILER” at the top of their comments because this is a discussion/spoiler thread after all and people are supposed to post spoilers here. It’d be nice though and should be taken up for consideration to those who post spoilers. I’d like people to keep in mind that there are people on the blog who like to keep up with the comments but at the same time don’t want to read any spoilers.

    I’m not knocking your idea Noom I think it’s a good idea but it’s better if it’s done by free will rather than poll votes.

  259. Now this is UNconfirmed. Don’t be surprised if some of this doesn’t happen…

    Here is a better translation for the naruto 465 Manga spoiler, yet its still unconfirmed
    Sasuke: Feel my hatred!!

    The Ethereal figure that envelops Sasuke begins to take form of a demonic knight wielding a halberd and underneath his elbow an arm sprouts holding an hourglass.

    Gaara: Damn it! Again!

    Kankoru: It didn’t work the first time. What the hell is that thing?

    Shi: The mythical beast from hell…. things are going to get ugly..

    Sasuke starts walking towards them. The beast stares down at Kazekage, Raikage and everyone else.

    Gaara: Stay back! *The sand begins to dance lively around Sasuke and Susanoo. Suddenly the sand goes dead.

    Gaara: What the… I can’t control it anymore.

    Shi: !!! The hourglass.. It’s filled of chakra. Sasuke’s aura must of sucked in the chakra from the sand.

    Sasuke: Gaara. Your desert techniques won’t work on me. I can see chakra and now to end this. You’re all in my way.

    Raikage: IT AINT OVER TILL IT’S OVER!!!! *Raikage’s severed arm regrows as a form of chakra instead of flesh.*

    Shii: Thinking*That ability gives the Raikage to use ninjutsu for only a limited of time…..

    Now everybody on a count of three aim with your best shot.

    Darui, Shi, Gaara, Raikage and Temari does handseals.

    Darui: Suiton: Mizujinheki!!
    Raikage: Raiton: Colliding force!
    Gaara: Suna: quicksa- !!!

    Susanoo absorbs the chakra made from those techniques and stabs Raikage with the Halberd.

    Karin, Suigetsu, Juugo, Darui, Shi, Gaara, Temari, Kankoru, Deidara’s sister and Samurai: !!!!!!

    The hourglass is filling itself with Raikage’s chakra.

    Sasuke: AHHH!!! *His vision fades out and the Halberd is extracted from the Raikage only removing some of his chakra. Susanoo is slowly fading. I must use that power!!

    The hourglass from Susanoo’s elbow-arm explodes into chakra for Susanoo’s technique. Sasuke pulls out his Kusanagi and commands Susanoo to do the Samurai’s sword technique with the halberd.
    A tainted glow of darkness that slowly drawing the light out of the Iron country emanates from Sasuke.

    Sasuke: Surge of Chaos!!! and with one swing of his sword. It causes a huge explosion of dust. The room where the summit is being held begins to shake and rumble.

    Outside Naruto see several of Samurai rushing towards the area.

    Kakashi: A huge explosion at the summit occured. *A huge smoke cloud is shown.*

    Naruto: It’s Sasuke. Let’s head over there now!!! It’s not far from here.

    -Scene switch back to Sasuke-

    Sasuke has fallen into a pool of blood. Susanoo is gone. Gaara and everyone else is protected by the sand shield Gaara created. But it took a lot out of him.

    Fu and Torune leaps from the shadows to grab Sasuke body….. However…. They are impaled by a variety of blades, axes and spears.

    Madara appears over Sasuke with his EMS activated without his mask..

    Sasuke: ugh… *thinking: I used the Mangekyou too much. Plus that technique of Susanoo also done a recoil on me as well depleting a huge amount of my chakra.*

    Raikage: Damn it!!

    Madara: Sasuke. Come with me. We have other important matters.

    – Next time: Escape

    I made the other spoiler…disappear if that’s alright with you Penny…>_>


  260. @penny



    i like the idea of placing a *title* for the comments you write, like *debate*,*speculation*,*spoilers etc


    Nja, summary
    Title: New Light.

    Shi completed the treatment of Raikage’s arm, Raikage went back to face Sasuke again.

    By then, Susano’o had already faded, Sasuke’s having a hard time controlling Amaterasu.

    そこに援護で砂やギャル男が加勢するも、サスケが複数相手に月読発動、砂とギャル男はその場に 倒れる
    There, with the barrier, Suna and, Darui assisted in the fight, Sasuke’s invoked a multiple Tsukuyomi, Suna and Darui collapsed.
    Raikage kicked but was avoided.
    Sasuke’s almost losing his eyesight.

    Then, something like a tank seems to arrive with Madara and Zetsu on it.
    マダラが戦車からサスケに「サスケェ新しい写輪眼だ!」と言って目玉が二つサスケの目と入れ替 わる
    From the tank, Madara said to Sasuke “Sasukee, the new Sharingan!”. Sasuke’s two eyes were exchanged with new ones.
    And then, the new Mangekyou Sharingan…!

    The end.
    Yesterday was a bit busy, sorry.
    This is what’s this week’s Naruto is.

    i guess it was already posted sumarized srry if it was

  261. @Noom: It was already posted but that’s ok.

    Like I said, the new one I posted is not confirmed yet and I have a couple of issues with it – first of all, how did Danzo’s attendants slip away from Danzo when they were told not to move from the room? Was it the supposed blast from Sasuke’s tech?

    And, Madara without his mask?!?

  262. it’s like u said penny these are quick translations there messy and a bit innaccurate but overall it seems to be correct

  263. @super: *whispers* yeah, cool! You may want to alter my next post to remove any reference to my error…

    Gawd, this is so sinister…

    Ahem…what error…>_> <_< ^_^


  264. I am fairly confused on the sharingan transplant.

    If both brothers wanted EMS then why didn’t they both just take each others eyes?

  265. @bored

    i dont think it is that simple, if the spoiler that came put is real, its probable that the implant its more like a fusion, so theres no pair of eyes let to transplant…just theorizing

  266. *spoiler speculation*

    Maybe whatever happened to sasuke sharingan has to do with the Moon’s eyes plan

    i think the talk in there has much to do with sasuke and it also involves gedo mazo so… maybe madara will then offer to sync sasuke with gedo mazo (giving him the rinnegan on top of his sharingan) in exchange for somehow getting Sasuke to use Rinne Tensei on madara…

  267. @noom: I think that is a very distinct possibility. I believe in the same chapter he refers to having Sasuke sync with that nasty nine-eyed statue but…what will Sasuke get in return? More power is what he’s after and it is obvious.

    However, I don’t think Sasuke will be given much of a choice. Sasuke thinks he’s “done” with Akatsuki but…Madara has different ideas about that. He may be pushed into a corner to make a deal – or else, so to speak. Sasuke’s his guinea pig; his trump card to ensure that Madara’s power is felt in all of the shinobi world. Nothing like a little revenge, now, is there?

    I’m still trying to figure out what this “Moon’s Eye Plan” really is…

  268. Naruto Manga 465 spoilers…
    Here is a better translation for the naruto 465 Manga spoiler, yet its still unconfirmed
    Sasuke: Feel my hatred!!

    The Ethereal figure that envelops Sasuke begins to take form of a demonic knight wielding a halberd and underneath his elbow an arm sprouts holding an hourglass.

    Gaara: Damn it! Again!

    Kankoru: It didn’t work the first time. What the hell is that thing?

    Shi: The mythical beast from hell…. things are going to get ugly..

    Sasuke starts walking towards them. The beast stares down at Kazekage, Raikage and everyone else.

    Gaara: Stay back! *The sand begins to dance lively around Sasuke and Susanoo. Suddenly the sand goes dead.

    Gaara: What the… I can’t control it anymore.

    Shi: !!! The hourglass.. It’s filled of chakra. Sasuke’s aura must of sucked in the chakra from the sand.

    Sasuke: Gaara. Your desert techniques won’t work on me. I can see chakra and now to end this. You’re all in my way.

    Raikage: IT AINT OVER TILL IT’S OVER!!!! *Raikage’s severed arm regrows as a form of chakra instead of flesh.*

    Shii: Thinking*That ability gives the Raikage to use ninjutsu for only a limited of time…..

    Now everybody on a count of three aim with your best shot.

    Darui, Shi, Gaara, Raikage and Temari does handseals.

    Darui: Suiton: Mizujinheki!!
    Raikage: Raiton: Colliding force!
    Gaara: Suna: quicksa- !!!

    Susanoo absorbs the chakra made from those techniques and stabs Raikage with the Halberd.

    Karin, Suigetsu, Juugo, Darui, Shi, Gaara, Temari, Kankoru, Deidara’s sister and Samurai: !!!!!!

    The hourglass is filling itself with Raikage’s chakra.

    Sasuke: AHHH!!! *His vision fades out and the Halberd is extracted from the Raikage only removing some of his chakra. Susanoo is slowly fading. I must use that power!!

    The hourglass from Susanoo’s elbow-arm explodes into chakra for Susanoo’s technique. Sasuke pulls out his Kusanagi and commands Susanoo to do the Samurai’s sword technique with the halberd.
    A tainted glow of darkness that slowly drawing the light out of the Iron country emanates from Sasuke.

    Sasuke: Surge of Chaos!!! and with one swing of his sword. It causes a huge explosion of dust. The room where the summit is being held begins to shake and rumble.

    Outside Naruto see several of Samurai rushing towards the area.

    Kakashi: A huge explosion at the summit occured. *A huge smoke cloud is shown.*

    Naruto: It’s Sasuke. Let’s head over there now!!! It’s not far from here.

    -Scene switch back to Sasuke-

    Sasuke has fallen into a pool of blood. Susanoo is gone. Gaara and everyone else is protected by the sand shield Gaara created. But it took a lot out of him.

    Fu and Torune leaps from the shadows to grab Sasuke body….. However…. They are impaled by a variety of blades, axes and spears.

    Madara appears over Sasuke with his EMS activated without his mask..

    Sasuke: ugh… *thinking: I used the Mangekyou too much. Plus that technique of Susanoo also done a recoil on me as well depleting a huge amount of my chakra.*

    Raikage: Damn it!!

    Madara: Sasuke. Come with me. We have other important matters.

  269. like this one better i wuz begening to tink kishi was the one who stole my stash LMAO and raikage seems to be sharper than i imagine (shi making a chakra arm) but still a pretty balsy move

  270. @iamstrikr…bad news. That was the same one I posted a while ago. Got it from the same place. Old news…

    1. The thing with Sasukes Susano and its limited chakra absorbtion could it be perfected or is there more to it say if it could absorb Bijuu chakra or even chakra from directly from the Gedo Mezo?

    2. I hope sasuke doesnt get a eye transplant just yet and not from Madara cause then wtf Kakashi and Danzou gonna do?

    3. Im wondering Who-T-F Tobi looks like and does he look cursed?

    4. And if Susano Halbard Chakra Sucking technique is like the SHinigam Chakra Sucking technique?

    I guess on Manga chapters will tell but interesting..(thinks to self 2 more days) 🙂

    HERE IT IS NARUTO SPOILER: not very gd scanlation sry will post a better when on is up

    Naruto 465 Chapter Source: Powermanga / 2ch
    Credits: nja
    Raikage’s arm is fully healed, and he rejoins the fight against Sasuke.
    Sasuke, using Susano’o, is in a bitter fight with the sand ninja’s.
    The sand ninja’s collapse.
    Sasuke has used his mangekyou too much and is becoming blind.
    Raikage is about to defeat Sasuke with a thunder kick, but Zetsu and Madara
    appear in the middle of the fight, in what looks like some sort of tank,
    Madara tells Sasuke that he will give him “The new sharingan eye”
    After saying that Madara implants NEW eyes into sasuke [?!] giving him a NEW Mangekyou Sharingan!
    That is where it ends.
    Nja, summary
    Title: New Light.

  273. @penny it was merely a joke X_______________X

    im sorry if were wrong


    If that spoiler is true Sasuke will get way overpowered I think but after all we should have expected that-every time Naruto makes a step in terms of gaining power Sasuke takes a giant leap.About the “Moon’s eye plan” what if Madara found a way to combine two Eternal MS’s a achieve the ultimate level of the sharingan which is even more powerful that the rinnegan.Maybe that is why he needs Sasuke because Itachi would never have agreed to take his little brothers’s eyes.

  275. @Ahsan: it didn’t come across as a joke. It came across as a major dis. It was rude.

    As far as being sorry, it has nothing to do about being right or wrong; it is principle. The only way for you to make amends is to not do it again – either here or on my other site, WOM.

    Done with soapbox speech – back to the debates.

  276. LOL @ Whoever called Raikages Voldemort arm!

  277. Regarding the spoilers…if the part about Sasuke losing his vision during his tech is correct, then it means that not only is Kakashi going blind, but that the Uchiha can also go blind with the Mangekyo. The way to relieve this is to transplant a family members’ eyes.

    That was how Madara gained HIS brother’s eyes – and the eternal MS; he was blind and wanted more power to keep the clan in the hunt for dominance.

  278. if the spoiler is correct sasuke is getting itachi’s eyes ^^

    and danzo i want to know how his sharingan works as he uses an uchiha’s chakra to use it …

    @penny ok i wont do it again ^^

    @all raikage will own everything he is God X_X to hell with susanono , handchops FTW

  279. p.s i dunno what dis means X_____________________________X

  280. I reread the SPOILER and Deidara’s sister is mentioned again.Correct me if I’m wrong but since when did Deidara have a sister.Since i saw she was mentioned in last weeks spoiler I tried to fins something about her as well as reading the manga very carefuly but still there was nothing.Am I missing something and to whome do they reffer as Deidara’s sister in the spoilers.Please end my confusion.:)

  281. @Ahsan: Danzou when he uses his MS from what the Manga has shown when he uses the MS Shizu’s chakra manifests itself and he is able too use the techniques they contain though when he doesnt use it there is no Shizu chakra visable. So if its a Uchiha’s chakra he is using then I doubt it has must physical strain on him like it does kakashi but by using his MS he is being slowly taken over so in his case he doesnt use the MS tech everyday because hes being taken over thus this intention too contacy Kabuto. It doesnt really state whether he has MS but its such a high lvl technique that it would have to be a MS.

    UNRELATED: I can see that if indeed Sasuke has his brothers eyes implanted then Danzou and Kakashi will have a eye swap, So frustrating I want Kakashi too have EMS most of all aswell as Danzou just too cause more Havoc.

  282. Well guyz I know I said I’d move Raikage from 7th to maybe 5th lol(It’s a CHAKRA arm it doesnt count!!)So in my book he’s still an idiot.


    465: Conference Room Assault

    Gaara is surprised about Susanoo

    The ceiling collapses

    Through the collapsed ceiling, Sasuke accompanies Karin to Danzou’s location
    The cold Sasuke seems to influence/attract Karin

    Ao successfully detects Sasuke

    Sasuke breaks into the conference room

    During the opportunity created by Mifune VS Sasuke, Danzou escapes

    Sasuke chases Danzou, but is halted by the Mizukage

    Next week: Sasuke VS Mizukage

  284. I KNEW IT!! Shi is using the voldemort arm fixing jutsu xD..

  285. Dear Spanky,

    That spoiler you posted seems to be the black sheep outta the bunch sorry.The one i posted as ewll as most others seem to be the majority consensus


    Since the dark figure of 460 was entitled Enton: Kagutsuchi and Sasuke’s Susano’o seems more demonic, I thought it was more proper to be Izanami, the wife of Izanagi, Susano’o’s father in the Shinto mythology.

    1) She had descended to the Land of the Dead and when Izanagi came to retrieve her, she acquired an hellish appearance, which scared Izanagi and set him running away. Izanami sent Shikome (foul women) to pursuit him, and that’s why Sasuke’s Susano’o summons 4 Shikome, which are like imperfect Susano’o.

    2) Sasuke’s Susano’o is surrounded by Amaterasu, which is the goddess of the Sun, which makes it more feminine, and that’s why it holds the necklace (the third royal treasure of Japan, being the first the mirror and the second the sword, like Itachi’s Susano’o had)

    3) Izanami dies giving birth to Kagutsuchi in Shinto mythology, so it’s only natural to be Izanami casting Kagutsuchi.

  287. The above statement was written by someone else, but I didnt see a name posted o well. TY whoever u are 🙂

  288. MY FAV PRDICTION YET!! by:Numinous

    Now the prediction!

    (Sasuke Scene)

    Sasuke: This is Susano’o. (Susano’o takes the form of a female spirit with horns, with Yata no Kagami, the mirror, in its left hand and Yasanaki no Magatama, the necklace, in its right wrist)

    Kankurou: What the hell is that?

    Raikage: Don’t you think you scare me with that ghost!
    Sasuke: You really don’t know what is before you, do you?

    Raikage: Quit your snootiness, brat! Shii, go get that sensor! Darui, let’s go! (rushes towards Sasuke, followed by Darui)

    Shii: Yes, Raikage-sama! (he vanishes)
    Gaara: Temari, Kankurou, assist the Raikage, we need to learn the weak spot of that jutsu.
    Kankurou & Temari: Right!

    Sasuke: It’s no use, Susano’o has no flaws, it’s the perfect, absolute defense.
    Gaara: Keep convincing yourself of that…

    Sasuke: Since you underestimate me so much… Kuchiyose: Shikome! * (Susano’o performs the Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Ram hand seals and places its right palm in front of Sasuke, summoning four ghostly figures, similar to the incomplete Susano’o)

    Raikage: You’re so full of crap! When I get my hands on you again, I’ll break your skull into a million pieces, b*tch!

    Sasuke: Tsh…
    *Summoning: Foul Women

    read other spoilers and predictions at

    (Karin Scene)

    (behind a pillar)

    Karin: (thinking) One… no, two chakra sensors are in the Summit’s room… and the Kumo’s one is coming in this direction… this is bad, I got to hide my chakra… (stand up and jumps across the roofs)

    (Summit Scene)

    Fuu: (thinking) The chakra signal disappeared… whoever is, is not a rookie… (talking) Danzou-sama.

    Ao: The signal vanished, I know. That’s no excuse to leave this room, not on my watch!

    Danzou: Hmpff…

    Tsuchikage: (thinking) Ooo, this is heating up… hmmm… (talking) The Raikage and the Kazekage are taking so much time… is this Sasuke really that strong?
    Mizukage: I heard he’s the last of the Uchihas, is that correct, Hokage?

    Danzou: Yes. His brother, Uchiha Itachi, murdered all the Uchiha clan with the exception of Uchiha Sasuke.
    Tsuchikage: Who is now a rogue ninja… the irony…
    Mizukage: The reason behind it, was it found?
    Danzou: The information that Konoha holds tells it was has a test to enter the Akatsuki.
    Ao: (thinking) His chakra changed. (talking) You’re lying.
    Danzou: I beg your pardon?!
    Mizukage: Oh my, Hokage, first mind control, now lying?

    Mifune: These are serious accusations, Hokage.
    Tsuchikage: Spill the beans!
    Danzou: That is Konoha’s confidential information.

    Ao: How predictable…

    read other spoilers and predictions at

    (Sasuke Scene)

    Kankurou: Shiro Higi: Jukki Chikamatsu no Shuu!* (ten white-cloaked puppets appear; each puppet connects to one of Sasori’s fingers) Now that’s the stuff! (the puppets rush towards the Shikome)

    Raikage: You’re going down! (breaks one of the Shikome with a punch)

    Temari: Kuchiyose: Kirikiri Mai!** (sways her fan and summons Kamatari)

    Kamatari: Cut, cut, cut!! (another of the Shikome gets its bones chopped)

    Kankurou: Fuuinjutsu: Shishi Heikou!*** (three of Kankurou’s puppet release the Lion-Headed Kannon, that grabs one Shikome and seals it in a near wall; seven of the puppets and Darui struggle against the last Shikome, while Gaara stares at Sasuke)

    Gaara: (thinking) Something is wrong here…

    Raikage: Don’t send puppets to do a man’s job! (approaches the Shikome and shatters it)
    Darui: Calling me a puppet, that’s cold, Raikage-sama.
    Raikage: Quit yapping and let’s bring the pain on that brat!

    Sasuke: Tsh… Enton: Kagutsuchi! (Susano’o starts to shake its right wrist and moving its head as it was in agony. The darkness that surrounds it starts to gather in its right palm, casting it a few meters in front of Sasuke, forming a dark entity ****)

    Raikage: Another freak? Bring it on!

    Gaara: (thinking) Definitely something’s wrong… he bragged about the absolute defense of Susano’o… but he’s focusing on the offensive… what are you trying to hide, Sasuke?

    Darui: You should be careful, Raikage-sama, Chii isn’t here to heal your arms.

    Raikage: I know what I am doing! Kazekage, prepare your sand!

    Gaara: Yes. (Gaara’s sand flies nearby the Raikage; Kagutsuchi tries to attack him, but the sand stops the attack)

    Sasuke: I was already missing your meddling sand, Gaara. (Sasuke’s vision starts to blur, making him cover his eyes with his hand)

    Gaara: (thinking) The Sharingan is ruining his health, like they said…

    * White Secret Technique: Ten Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu
    ** Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance
    *** Sealing Techinque: Lion Closing Roar
    **** Naruto 460 Page 14

    (Flashback Scene)

    (Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura are in Suna, Gaara and Kankurou are nearby)

    Sakura: Chiyo-sama’s funeral is in a short minutes, isn’t it?
    Kankurou: Yes…
    Sakura: I want… to say goodbye to her one last time…
    Gaara: Of course.

    read other spoilers and predictions at

    Naruto: Kakashi-sensei…
    Kakashi: What is bothering you, Naruto?
    Naruto: That new Sharingan…
    Kakashi: Mangekyo Sharingan? What about it?

    Naruto: You think… Sasuke got it?
    Kakashi: I hope not…
    Naruto: Why?

    Kakashi: The more the user casts the Mangekyo Sharingan, the more damaged is the user’s health… and to achieve it… it isn’t good… (thinking) Rin…
    Naruto: Really? I hope you’re right…

    (Sasuke Scene)

    Sasuke: (now staring at Gaara, who smirks; thinking) Does he…?!
    Gaara: Raikage, don’t rush things
    Raikage: Are you nuts, Kazekage? (Kagutsuchi almost hits the Raikage’s face, but he evades)

    Gaara: The biggest flaw in his defense… is himself. We got to tire him in order to get him.
    Sasuke: (thinking) Crap… he knows… no matter, I got more under my sleeve…

    Next Chapter: Hide and Seek

  289. We will finally see the sexy Mitzukage in action !!!

    here is a pic of her from the confirmed spoiler.

  290. @ everyone who believed that spoiler: I wouldn’t be surprised if that spoiler is a fake…oh wait it is!

    465: Conference room assault

    Gaara is surprised about Susanoo

    The ceiling collapses

    Through the collapsed ceiling, Sasuke accompanies Karin to Danzou’s location
    The cold Sasuke seems to influence/attract Karin

    Ao successfully detects Sasuke

    Sasuke breaks into the conference room

    During the opportunity created by Mifune VS Sasuke, Danzou escapes

    Sasuke chases Danzou, but is halted by the Mizukage

    Next week: Sasuke VS Mizukage

    It seems so, next week to Sasuke VS the Five Kage – Complete Collision…!!

    It seems like the Mizukage uses a kekkei genkai like Lava Release¹.

    ¹The element used by the Four-Tails

    Both Suigetsu and Juugo survive. Suna is also safe

    Karin guides [Sasuke] to Danzou

    With the ceiling down, Sasuke finds Danzou and faces him

    Mizukage: “The Uchiha clan, hm… haa… He’s a good-looking man… better-looking than he deserves”
    She’s like a female panther.

    Susanoo is clad in flames?
    Sasuke is inside Susanoo, smiling

    When he goes after Danzou once the ceiling is down, he isn’t wearing Susanoo

    Gaara: (At a time like this) Naruto… what would you do?

    Juugo fuses with the samurai (Maybe to turn back to his original self)

    Choujuurou: “She left… I’d say that’s the Mizukage-sama’s Lava Release technique, no doubt”

    It should be youton not toton.
    but it is the same name as the Four-Tails’ Lava Release
    There’s one thing about the Mizukage’s youton that might make a difference, but which could just a easily be a mistake by either the spoiler giver or Kishimoto-sensei
    There are two ways to write the first kanji in Youton: 溶 and 熔. The first kanji uses the water radical, the second the fire radical. The one with the water radical is most common and is the one used in the spoiler, but Kishimoto used the one with the fire radical for the Four-Tails’ youton.

    It could be done on purpose, meaning that the Mizukage’s youton is water-related, rather than fire-related and thus different from the Four-Tails’ youton, but I think it’s most likely a simple mistake.

    The kanji on their own simply mean ‘to melt’ or ‘to dissolve,’ so they don’t inherently imply lava.

  291. (SPOILER Small hints into the new issue)

    Funny how there always seems to be a fake I hate that. Sasuke is one tough ass mofo I can see him getting past the Mifune that Samurai doesnt have a Prayer. But coming across a Cougar such as the Mizukage she gonna rattle sasukes snake. Should be good but finally ending up fighting Danzou I think its gonna be a real Hard fight one which he wont win.

  292. You know somebody is going to crash this party and somehow save sasuke. If Sasuke still has chakra then my theory of zetsu is correct. It has to be!

    Sasuke + Dark Zetsu = Pwn Everybody!(except madera!)

    If I’m wrong I’ll eat a Tsukuyomi! (^_^;) haha…

  293. hahahaha i was right when i said that it looks like flames on susnoo and according to the spoiler to provess that, plus i dont get it because the spoiler seems to miss out the fight with riakage ??

  294. @everyone: there are two spoilers running around on this board that repeatedly keep getting posted. As the “produced” youtube spoilers aren’t out yet, I wouldn’t get TOO excited – for anything. I saw a third one on youtube that I am deeming is a fake as well.

    Nice to theorize but…all these repeat spoilers are making my head spin. That’s just me…

  295. @ Penny : I have seen the spoiler with Mitzukage in a preaty reliable source and it came with a raw pic with Mitzukage herself so i would tend to believe that spoiler.

    However you can never be too sure until the real thing comes out 😀

  296. @Penny: Well this latest spoiler has what seems like a real pic of the final page so this could be the real deal. Like you said, the produced spoilers will confirm this or not.

    Anyone else find it strange how the ceiling just happens to collapse now that karin found danzou and sasuke unleashed his susanno, ready to pwn all how dear question the emo king? ^__^
    And why is the mizukage protecting danzou or has this now turned into a werid three-way fetish to rape sasuke? <____>

  297. @everyone why do people post fake spoilers for anyways?

  298. @doomien: Yeah, I can see your POV.

    And, yes, it is unusual, assuming the spoiler for the conference room disaster, for the roof to collapse. I believe that spoiler also has Danzo’s thugs managing to escape – how?

    And, how does Sssuke escape Susanoo to be led by Karin to the site of where Danzo is? That isn’t exactly a chidori he’s using. On top of that, he’s still under attack…

  299. @senju07: fake spoilers are posted because they know that the demand is there for spoilers – any kind of spoilers – for the upcoming chapter. To me, it is total dishonesty to do so but then, I’m kind of a “strange bird” here on WRA.

    Never mind that these “fraudsters” get more hits on their YouTube sites lol

  300. CONFIRMED SPOILER:enjoy!!

    Part 1:
    Here we go~
    Gaara: “Susanoo… you say?”
    Temari: “That is the Mangekyou Sharingan…?”
    Kankurou: “Uchiha… The always have something up their sleeve… always”
    From the shadow of a pillar, C: “Darui! Step back from the Suna group for a moment!!”
    An ominous darkness envelops Sasuke…
    Susanoo is surrounding Sasuke
    Inside Susanoo, Sasuke is smiling demoniacally
    Susanoo uses the sword it is wielding to break down a pillar…
    Temari: (He’s aiming for that pillar…!?)
    Samurai: “The pillar!!” Samurai: “It was holding up the ceiling!!”
    The Raikage and Gaara stare at the ceiling
    Hatred produced a great collapse!
    What will be the end of this implacability…!!
    The ceiling starts to crumble
    Samurai: “UWAAA!~!”
    Suigetsu, still stuck to the sword: “W-what the hell! Heeey!!”
    Gaara and co are protected from the rocks by sand.
    Sasuke puts the sword away
    Karin [is taken] from the cave-in by Susanoo’s hand…
    Karin falls over showily
    Karin: “Uuh…”
    It seems like Susanoo is protecting Sasuke and Karin
    Sasuke: “Did you find out where Danzou is!?”
    Karin corrects her glasses: “Yeah…”
    Sasuke: “Show me”
    Karin: “What about Suigetsu and Juugo…? Their chakra is still…”
    Sasuke: “Forget about that, focus on Danzou!”
    Sasuke: “Hurry up and show me!”
    Part 2:
    Karin is frightened: “I-I understand…” (What are you doing…Sasuke!?)
    The Raikage punches [through] the collapsed ceiling
    Temari, Kankurou and Darui were protected by Gaara with his sand
    Darui: “Pardon me for your trouble… Kazekage-san…”
    Kankurou: “That Sasuke… Looks like he used the oppertunity to escape”
    Raikage: “Chase after Sasuke immediately!!”
    C: “…It looks like he’s heading upwards…”
    Gaara remembers Naruto’s face: (Naruto… What would you do…?)
    Suigetsu: (At least I got freed from the sword, but…. what now… What happened to Sasuke, Karin, and Juugo…?
    Juugo is isolated: (This will do for now…)
    He absorbs the bodies of the fallen samurai? Sort of like Cell.
    Juugo: (All right…!)
    Part 3: Final Part
    Conference room
    We enter through the crack in the wall
    Ao: “They’re coming!”
    Danzou: “…”
    Fuu: “Above!?”
    Everyone looks up
    Sasuke comes upside down through the ceiling and meets Danzou’s eye.
    Mifune jumps up and is about to kill Sasuke with his sword
    Sasuke evades the sword
    Mifune: “I’ll take care of you”
    Ao: “!’
    Karin: “Sasuke! Danzou’s escaping!”
    Ao jumps over the desk and chases Danzou: “Mizukage-sama, Choujuurou, stay here! I’ll chase Danzou! The conference still hasn’t been concluded yet!”
    Mizukage: “I understand… But don’t chase him too far!”
    Ao: “Okay! Well then, I’ll leave the Akatsuki insurgents to you”
    Tsuchikage: “I’ve got my back to worry about. Everyone else, do as you please”
    Akatsuchi: “Are you okay with that?”
    Sasuke comes down from the ceiling: “Karin, come!”
    Karin: “IE~~~~~~~~!”
    Sasuke: “!!”
    Syrupy liquid? attacks Sasuke, but he evades it
    The wall melts
    Sasuke glares at the Mizukage
    As the Mizukage restrains her mouth: “Akatsuki, who toyed with the Fourth Mizukage and overran Kirigakure… …Now that I get a good look, you’re still a good-looking man, aren’t you. Uchiha clan…”
    Choujuurou: (I came out… Mizukage-sama’s kekkei genkai – The Youton technique…!!)
    Sasuke: “You’re in my way”
    Mizukage: “Haa… You really are a good-looking man… far more than you deserve”
    Sasuke VS the Five Kage – To a complete collision…!!


    has a raw picture enjoy

  302. @tayish Thx this spoiler definately clears things up.

  303. If my spoiler was wrong, my bad.It prolly was.(all of them,I posted a couple to be safe 😉 )

  304. How can i sum-up this weeks Naruto…….

    “This happens, that happens. Just some more stuff happens AgAiN, in this chapter….”
    Yeah……this seems familiar…..
    I want something to happen…….
    Fights keep on starting, but they are ever being finished. -_-
    I bet Sasuke VS Misuke will go undecided to….

  305. LMAO anime guru above me !!!

  306. @everyone if that spoiler is correct sasuke will be wasting more time with another kage. if that keeps up how will he beable to handle danzou?

  307. Here’s the spoiler, guys…

  308. i think the power that itachi gave naruto would probably be something that can counter susano..

    ok i have always wondered about this.. if you just need to transplant someone elses eyes with MS to gain EMS then why did’nt madara and his bro just exchange eyes and both gain EMS … 🙂

  309. Wow, why couldnt he just fight Gaara? I dont care about Mizukages abilities xD

  310. @fanboi .. well we know gaara’s gotten strong ofcourse.. judging by the way he can block amaterasu by sand… but he’d get EATEN alive by sasuke…. SORRY!

    oh nd, btw im new !! 😀

  311. @ うちは Fanboi

    I dont agree.(I like Gaara but I don’t think he has ne thing new or really awesome to show us.)Quite frankly I wanna see other nin from other villages being super badazz super saiyen(lol I cant believe i forgot how to spell saiyin)level!

    Also, I’m not referring only to the Kage’s either.Danzou is prolly a bitch.(b/c he wasn’t recomended until after Jaraiya,Tsunade,Kakashi AND Naruto at one point!!)Though I’n not saying the other Kages are gay,just Danzou.But Naruto isn’t Hokage yet so I wanna see some of those random bodyguard ninja’s who aren’t important to the overall story kick some major ass and have really awesome powers!

    If not then the Leaf village must a town full of Idiots not to coquer the world with such weaklings in it!!! j/k Gaara is awesome.Raikage not so much.

  312. @cannonfg: lol, Heya. Totally agree Sasuke has so many Trump Cards Gaara doesnt have a Prayer, I dont think he would even have a chance even if he did have Shukaku.

    @awesomenessnoob: I rekon Danzou is alot stronger than most people think hes number 1 ninja outta ANBU and ROOT, He prefered staying in the Shadows. I think the only other reason he was never really selected for Hokage is because Jiraiya, Tsunada, Kakashi and even past Hokages they all possess that will of fire the good intentions too do the right thing for the village were Danzo he seems too be a totalitarian dictator who will use the strengths of the village and purge out the weak.

    @ my own thoughts: Im wondering if Mizukage has Lava jutsu or Acid jutsu, If spoilers are true.

  313. @cannonfg: actually Gaara understood that Sasukes weakness is his Susanoo, and through chakra endurance gaara could outlast the battle seeing that he can block his attacks and stuff. But yea Sasuke EMS wins.

  314. Wow! Sasuke must have a lot of chakra! Oh wait! I guess when you’re a bad guy that doesn’t really matter… Maybe he used his Genjutsu on Kishi…?

    BTW! I bet Madera wants Danzou dead because Danzou prbly knows a way to defeat him or maybe he knows what Madera might really be planning!

  315. @lelulalilo

    I didn’t mean Danzou is weak,just a bitch and I dont even wanna see what he can do.Let him stay in the shadows!Also I’ve read at one website that posted the spoilers that the symbol used for mizukage’s tech means *water* while another symbol that is very similar means fire.They said they seen an attack like it before with one of the tailed beasts and that it should be fire not water and beleived it to be a mistake on Kishi’s part or that it is an actual water attack(or water-based ne ways)and there mistaken in similarities between the tailed attack and Mizukage’s.Although I’m not suree which tailed beast there talking about or what the attack looks like b/c I haven’t downloaded the RAW manga.That being said I dont know if it’s true just thott I’s give u what info I’ve heard about Mizukage’s attack.

  316. @awesomenessnoob

    I believe a member wrote above details about the mizukage and everything you explained we’ll just have too wait and see. About Danzou I never said he was weak I said es alot stronger than most people think, But I guess I can see where your coming from.

    But really a Bitch is Bitch if only that Bitch were to act like a Bitch which had habits like a Bitch who acts like a Bitch in any known cicumstances where one could call one a Bitch, Does that makes sense.

  317. Sasuke is going to own the kages!!!!!!!!!!

    that is.. until he runs out of chakra of course

  318. ok guys since sasugay is the topic of the month ive come up with this

    itachi v.s sasugay bring it on im with itachi !!!

    this shall destroy WRA XD lol

  319. @lelulalilo .. “But really a Bitch is Bitch if only that Bitch were to act like a Bitch which had habits like a Bitch who acts like a Bitch in any known cicumstances where one could call one a Bitch, Does that makes sense.” . i TOTALLY get it :p

  320. lol.. on a serious note.. ppl tend to under estimate danzou. i mean he couldn’t have had that sharingan all this time and not be skilled with it eh? but i dunno.. we just gotta wait and see.

    @Ahsan… btw , thats just pointless… bigger brother ALWAYS gives the beat down to his younger sibling.. thats just how it is 🙂

  321. Naruto is out!

  322. just about to say wat super said

  323. Naruto is out!

  324. Pretty good chapter, looks like Sasuke’s Susano’o may have that special sword Itachi’s had. The sword was hidden in the smoke last chapter so Kishi must have done that on purpose for some reason. It could just be a regular sword though but who knows?

    Sasuke is able to partially form Susano’o and throw around his teammates like trash. It must not have been Amaterasu though that covered his Susano’o because he was able to touch Karin with it.

    Juugo is more of a freak than I thought. Gaara is idolizing Naruto and his sand jutsu is still strong as ever. Sasuke seems to have plenty of chakra left. Danzou is quick as hell to get out of a tough situation. Mizukage is hot as hell and her Kekkei Genkei is…acid? What two elements make acid I wonder. I know one is water.

    I’ll save my thoughts for the next breakdown…

  325. @smurfclassic: lol

    I wanted to be first but w/e. I’m going to bed (it’s 3:42 a.m where i live)

  326. @supertreak: maybe fire since acid burns =P

  327. Yea those spoilers really do take the surprise away from an issue when you know whats going too happen, I wont read the blog until after it comes out.
    That Danzou was so quick on his feet hes going too have too wait, Im assuming this battle will last 3 manga issues, Makes me want too wait 3 weeks then watch them all at once.
    When I saw Daruis blade fall from Suigetsu I bet he uses that sword for a while until he gets choujuros mysterious blade, and we’ll get to see its abilites, Aswell as see Karin fight in this one.
    But one thing I think will come as a surprise is that the Sensor types are gone and I dont think Zetsu is dead just yet, perfect for him he can ambush one of them.
    To much to Assume but cant wait for the finale end of this ordeal until then it should be good.

  328. Hmmm – the chapter was good … but it still lacked something… (it wasn’t OP 😛 ).
    Sasuke is as conceited as ever
    Mizukage… *wipes away drool* … weird Kekkai Genkai
    Danzou ran like a little girl
    Juugo drinks ppl O_O
    Gaara’s still got it!!! I hope he catches up soon

  329. NARUTO 465 OUT NOW!!!!

  330. @Supafreak17 acid does not litterary burn but rather reacts with the water inside of the body or the material it comes in contact with and in this way desolves it-that’s why sulfuric acid can’t desolve anything that has no water molecules(for example glass) .Isn’t this supposed to be Lava rather than acid beacause shure looks like lava to me but hey, we won’t know until a translation or a colored picture.

  331. This chapter was alright; not bad, not great.
    @lelul I Suigetsu is going for the four swords on the samurai in front of him, not Darui’s blade and it would make since for him to go after Chojuro’s swords once he catches up with sasuke and realizes another seven swordsman is here.
    Juugo must be related to cell, that was sick. Poor samurai, R.I.P @__@
    As for mizukage, her kekkei genkai could be the same as the four tails; Lava release. There is no universal rule that says a kage must wield only the element of his/her nation or else there not of been a 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, (6th?) hokage as none of them used katons (as far as I know Hiruzen could wield all five so he is like the emperor of all nations then) nor a 3rd (magnetic fields and iron sand)or 5th kazekage(regular sand…still cool sand ^_^) as kaze means wind. Now if she is using lava release and it’s a kekkei genkai, wouldnt that mean the mizukage is somehow related to the four-tails????
    This is the part that needs some clarification on kishi’s part because if it’s the same technique, a combination of fire and earth which of itself is branded as a kekkei genkai because of its uniqueness, then how is it both the four tails and the mizukage can use it?

  332. @doomien:
    Yea I was observing that page cause I was reading it again, I do believe your right in that he was looking at the swords but this above his head ! also tells me he’s going to put on the Samurai Armour Juugo aswell it should help them get around, wait and see.

  333. Well that was a pretty BLAH chapter (compared to One Piece of course). The best part were the last two pages and thats not sayin much. Even BLEACH was better than usual….

  334. wooo boy that was a good manga.465 is out for those who dont know.I’ll wait for the breakdown to say ne thing more.

  335. @Doomian
    prolly coincidence.There is also no law stating that two ppl can’t have same Kekkei Genkai.In an above comment I stated that someone believed the symbol used for the Mizukage’s tech can be mistranslated.Fire and water symbols are very similar so it might not be the same attack.They said this is their fault in mistranslation or Kishi made a mistake! who knows.

  336. @supertrek: i think her kekkei genkai would consist of water and electric for the fact that acid’s(if it is acid) are results of the electrons interacting with each other…idk something like that its been a while since chemistry class..lmao i don’t think its lava though because theres’ no indication of heat coming from those liquids or from the mizukage’s mouth.. although her wiping that drool did make her look a lot hotter….;)
    im curious to see when or if naruto is gonna arrive within the next few chapters since garra keeps thinking about him….and they are only a little bit away from him.

    a cool situation would be naruto, kakashi, and yamato run into danzou along with sasuke and danzou orders naruto and them to kill sasuke or they will also be treated as missing nin lmao…danzou’s such a a douchebag..

  337. @noob I remember that arguement. i was just throwing it out there for opinions. This is actually in conjunction with a theory I came up with a year ago about what would happen if a jinchuriki had a child. Would that child gain both his/her parents bloodline as well as the tailed beast’s powers or an infant of the beast being apart of the child? Is this crackpot idea even logically? Who knows? It’s not like the nations even bothered to experiment with this idea as far as we know. HAs this theory ever been discussed on WRA?

  338. we had talk of a Huuga and Uchiha having a child once. The results were…inconclusive

  339. @doomien I actually thought about the mizukage and the four-tailed jinchuuriki being related but I remebered that it was stated somewhere that the four-tailed monkey thing gave that ninja the abillity to use lava techniques yet that doesn’t prove they are unrelated though.

    Your idea is also prety weird as I don’t think even Kishi has thought about that.But how can a child inherit lets say the abillities of a bijuu because if the person dies the beast dies as well.

  340. @Doomien: I dont think its been discussed but it does sound logical seeing that Gaara having his Bijuu removed still retains the ability to control sand. The Bijuu Physically change the Jinchuriki’s appearance so it must have some genetic properties it cant all be just chakra.

    @CyborgFranky: Did the topic of Uchiha and Sharigan ever come too a consensus. My opinion the new eye would have both abilities though when Mangekyo was achieved it wouldnt go blind, But only Dark doujutsu users would transplant a new eye for more power, what’ya think?

  341. @super: earth… >_> BUT! a little lightning as well to encourage a more powerful hydrolytic reaction. Heat(fire) would work as well, but not as well as electricity. 🙂

  342. @to63to I was think more along the lines of the jinchuuriki and bijuu being two entities sharing one body. Technically the bijuu is a tenant but if the host is weak then the bijuu can have some control, like shikaku and kyuubi have done. Now the whole bijuu baby theory comes from the fact that bijuus are chakra beast that can take on a physical form. Should the jinchuuriki conceive a child, that child is basically his/her mother, father and bijuu’s child since the bijuu mixes himself with the host’s chakra and thus the baby would either gain the bijuu’s powers or have an baby bijuu sealed inside.

  343. @doomien I am starting to get what you mean but I was wondering-since most of the bijuus we have seen so far have been sealed inside his host isn’t this seal the very thing that prevents such kinds of chkara leaking from the hosts.After all,the bijuus are pure chakra so if there is a “leak” they may escape trough it.

  344. @to63to yes the seals are there to prevent an overflow of bijuu chakra in the host but like with naruto and gaara, the seal can be broken or weaken from overuse of the bijuu’s chakra or uncontrolled transformations. Besides this the host can force the chakra out through strong emotions once he knows which of his/her emotions works best as a trigger. I see the seal as more of a fail-safe to prevent the bijuu from having full or very little control over their host and keeping them from rampaging across the land in their physical form since their chakra can still be used, despite the seal.

  345. @doomien well I didn’t actually look at it that way and I guess you have a good point there.

    Hmmm,I wonder there if Madara finds a way of fusing all the bijuus in one new entity – a 45-tail something 😀

  346. … since were kinda on the topic of RANDOM possibilities.. immagine Madara somehow gets all the doujutsu fusing them somehow ( IDUNNO DONT ASK ME) to create.. a Byakusharinnegan :O!!

  347. 465 breakdown is up in case no one knows 🙂

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