And the New Manga is…Fairy Tail! Summary and Breakdown Ahead ^__^


Hello and welcome to the very first Fairy Tail Manga Breakdown on WRA! I’m DroSensei, and I’m both honored AND excited to bring you this great manga that has found a special place in my heart. Many of you may be thinking “What is Fairy Tail?” or, “Why should I read it?” and even, “Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Let me answer these questions as simply and as clearly as I can…

Fairy Tail FTW!

I know what you're probably thinking, but give it a chance and you might just find yourself a new favorite manga. ^__^

Strangely enough... There has been quite a few reports on their 'latest location report' that mysteriously disappear. Don't check Natsu's stomach... Some things are better LEFT missing in action..

Here’s a little bio on the main characters of Fairy Tail, just to get you started.




This is Lucy, cute right? ;)

Lucy can poke your eyes out... And not with her finger either. Yes, she uses the keys to do it. What were you thinking? 0_0

Lucy Heartphilia is a 17 year old girl who has aspirations to become a great mage (mages are basically people who can manipulate magic, there are MANY types of magic in Fairy Tail). She left the comfortable life of a rich man’s daughter to get away from her father and to explore the world. Lucy is probably the most sane member of Fairy Tail, showing a great deal of common sense that other members seem to lack. She can be a bit clumsy at times but most of these are due to bad luck. She is an avid reader and is quite resourceful. Lucy tips things in her favor by using her good looks and flirty attitude, she is a bit vain and superficial but she isn’t high maintenance. Lucy’s type of magic is called “Stellar Spirit” magic. Using the keys she keeps at her hip she can summon spirits from another world to assist her in different situations. Lucy has two types of keys, gold keys and silver keys. Silver keys are common and can be bought at magic stores while the twelve gold keys are extremely rare and very powerful.


Yes he has pink hair...Got a problem? He'll incinerate you until you're nothing but a pile of ash.

Natsu is your own private barbecue. Don't feed him chocolate. You will understand when you are trying to find your big toe.

Natsu Dragonil is a fire mage and the lead male character in Fairy Tail. When Natsu was a baby a dragon named Igneel found him and raised him as his own, but one day Igneel left and Natsu was forced to fend for himself. Natsu eventually joined Fairy Tail and is in constant search of Igneel. He is the most carefree and hard-headed character in the manga, but he will fight tooth and nail for his friends. Natsu’s most well-known characteristics are that he suffers from motion sickness whenever he is on any form of transportation and the scarf around his neck. Although Natsu may act like an idiot, when it comes to fighting Natsu is no pushover. He adapts to situations quickly and is a good “spur of the moment” type of thinker, he will change his plan if he sees that the outcome can be changed to his favor. Natsu uses the rare form of magic called “Dragon Slayer”, with Natsu’s specifically (there are other types of Dragon Slayer magic) his body can take on the aspects of a dragon, he can exhale flame, he is immune to fire, and he can eat fire to replenish his strength.




Gray Fullbuster, badass, cold as ice, and...exhibitionist?!? O___O

Gray Fullbuster, who said being an exhibitionist pays well? Funny enough you won't find it on his resumé. O___O

Gray is Natsu’s biggest rival and (even though both of them will never admit to it) his best friend. Gray and Natsu share a lot in common in their personality, Gray is more cool headed (no pun intended) than Natsu is and won’t rush into situations as haphazardly. When Gray was a child his parents were killed by a demon. He was found by a powerful mage named Ur who took him in and taught him how to use magic. She became a mother figure to him, Ur eventually sacrificed herself to save Gray. While training under Ur, Gray developed his exhibitionist traits. In order to fully get in touch with the source of his magic, Gray would strip to his underwear. This has now become part of his subconscious and he has a bad habit of doing it in public. Gray is an ice mage with the ability called “Ice Make”, with this type of magic Gray can create shapes and objects out of Ice. Gray is one of the strongest members of Fairy Tail. He is very proficient in his type of magic, and is capable of instantly freezing boiling hot water effortlessly.




O___O *drools*

Erza Scarlet *drools* can kill you in any one of 412 ways. None of them involve a feather or rope. ^_^

Erza Scarlet is one of the most powerful members of Fairy Tail. She is also both a close friend and a great rival to Natsu and Gray. She has a very strict nature, and often scolds the louder members of Fairy Tail…rather than making her angry, people quiet down as soon as she has shown any displeasure. Erza has great loyalty to the guild, and will protect it with her life if necessary. Although she is strict most of the time, she shows her playful nature from time to time. Her type of magic is called “Ex-Quip”, more frequently called “The Knight”. Since she is the only mage capable of exquipping armor while fighting she has earned the nickname, “Erza the Titania”. With “The Knight” magic at her disposal she is able to swap her weapons and armor at a moments notice (Her magic is quite revealing. Oh how I wish I was a fly on the wall for that *continues to drool*). Erza has an array of armor and weaponry which she uses in battle situations, in addition to this she can ex-quip normal clothes for non-battle situations. Imagine never having to go home and change, what a night on the town you could have. The possibilities are endless…*starts to daydream*.


Aye! It's Happy! Isn't he just the cutest little blue cat you'll ever see?

Oh sh-t!! Who is wearing the fish cologne *screen suddenly goes dark after several horrifying screams* Aye! >_>

Happy is a blue cat that has the ability to speak. Happy was born from an egg that Natsu believed to be a dragon’s egg and took great care of, once hatched Happy’s first words were “Aye!”. Happy is the most peculiar member of the group and usually says unusual things in difficult situations, Happy’s interpretations and responses tend to greatly annoy Lucy. Even though Happy might seem like the least intelligent member of the group he can pick up on things very easily. Happy is also very loyal…if asked to complete a task he will see to it that it is accomplished, no matter what. Even though he may not seem important, Happy has a very special magical ability called “Aera” which grants him the ability of flight. He can carry objects and people (Happy is limited to one person though) at high speeds until he runs out of magic.


From right to left...Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Gray (the exhibitionist), and of course...Happy.

From right to left...Natsu, Erza, Lucy, Gray (the exhibitionist), and of course...Happy. Now don't forget they are about to glomp you. So run, run for your life, run as far as those ropes restraining you will allow...

Now, to answer your second question…

Why should you read Fairy Tail? Well the answer is simple…Fairy Tail rules! You have a DroSensei guarantee (I haven’t trademarked that yet so please don’t steal it! >__<). What’s not to love about Fairy Tail? It comes out early in the week, so instead of waiting for Naruto and Bleach spoilers you can read Fairy Tail. Also, Fairy Tail’s comedy is fresh (I’ve found myself  laughing at things so hard that I’ve teared up, something that other mangas have yet to do) and the action sequences are some of the best in any manga(the fights are on an epic scale). It is easy to understand (it doesn’t dumb it down though) and since it only has a hundred and fifty-two chapters in it so far it won’t take too long to catch up if you’re interested in reading it. All the main characters are memorable, and are very easy to like…I haven’t found myself mentally yelling at any of the main characters to shut up so far…

<_< >_> uhh, thanks Happy...thanks alot.

<_< >_> uhh, thanks Happy...thanks alot. *makes mysterious phone call* Yes, it's me. Release the fish to him >_> <_<

So here’s a quick breakdown of the manga so far, just in case you haven’t read it yet (if you haven’t, why are you reading this breakdown BTW? O__O).  I won’t include any real spoilers, that way you can actually be surprised if you do decide to read it. Ok, here goes…!

Lucy meets Natsu and Happy in a small town, they inadvertently help her so she invites them to a meal and pays for them. Later when Lucy runs into a bit of trouble Natsu and Happy save her and offer her a spot as a mage of Fairy Tail, she accepts and joins the guild. Shortly after her initiation as a Fairy Tail mage, she accompanies Natsu and Happy on a search for a lost member of Fairy Tail. After the search Natsu, Lucy, and Happy form a team and go on a mission to get some money in their pockets, when the mission is over they return to Fairy Tail with smiles on their faces. As the team rests up from their recent adventure one of the most powerful members of Fairy Tail (Erza Scarlet) returns from her trip and offers a team up with herself, Natsu, and Gray to investigate a dark guild banished by the council, Lucy and Happy tag along too. 😉

Fine! Jeez, stop complaining!

Fine! Jeez, stop complaining!

After the team returns from their investigation, Natsu decides to take an S-Class mission…since he is not an S-Class mage he has to steal it and do the mission without the guild’s consent, Natsu drags Lucy and Happy with him on the task. When the guild finds what Natsu, Lucy, and Happy have done they send Gray out to stop them and return them home. Eventually the guild is forced to send out one more person to stop them when Gray is unable to bring them home. When the team returns to Fairy Tail they find it completely destroyed by their rival guild, Phantom Lord. This act on their guild causes all of Fairy Tail to retaliate and the two guilds go to war.

I know that most of the members look pretty scary, but in reality I'm more scared of Happy...He had his supply of fish at Fairy Tail, and he lost it all when the guild was destroyed.

I know that most of the members look pretty scary, but in reality I'm more frightened of Happy...He had his supply of fish at Fairy Tail, and he lost it all when the guild was destroyed. He is NOT a happy camper.

Lucy finds herself a new Stellar Spirit and she along with Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Happy go on a vacation to a fancy shmancy hotel where they have everything to their heart’s content. Things go awry though when a few shady characters take the group by surprise and kidnap one of them. The others go in search of their missing teammate and find out about a very disturbing plot that would spell disaster for the Fairy Tail universe.

You do NOT want to mess with her, especially when she's pissed off. O_____O

You do NOT want to mess with her, especially when she's pissed off. O_____O

When this ordeal is finally over and done with the team returns to see that Fairy Tail has been rebuilt, and it looks better than it ever did before! Everyone is ecstatic with the new changes to Fairy Tail, well almost everyone…Luxus, the grandson of Fairy Tail’s master, is not so pleased at the way the guild is portraying itself…He decides to use an upcoming festival to weed out the guild’s weaklings and make Fairy Tail a guild to be feared.

I'm not sure if you can read it or not, but apparently Luxus' favorite type of music is old school Rock and Roll...the man has great taste.

Apparently Luxus listens to music all the time. Imagine how cool it is to have a soundtrack in the background as you're kicking someone's butt?

After the festival Lucy does some soul searching about her past and is finally able to put it behind her. Not long after, Fairy Tail puts on its game face and forms an alliance with three other guilds (Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, and Cait Shelter) to destroy Oracion Seis (one of the three main Dark Guilds) and deal a crippling blow to most of the dark guilds. Fairy Tail sends Natsu, Erza, and Gray (Lucy and Happy tag along too) to meet up with the other guilds and take care of the situation.

Funny enough this is, panel for panel, the exact same way that I met my ex-girlfriend. I'm starting to think that Happy is based off me. ;)

Funny enough this is, panel for panel, the exact same way that I met my ex-girlfriend. I'm starting to think that Happy is based off me. 😉

Alright, we have reached the current arc in the manga…if you haven’t read yet, I highly suggest that you do. If you don’t you’ll be missing out on a great manga. Oh yes, I almost forgot…As for your last question….well that’s easy, I’m DroSensei and I’m bringing you the very first Fairy Tail breakdown! *draws a door on the wall, grabs reader and walks through it*

P.S. I would like to give a big huge thanks to those who helped me out this week…BB, Cookie, Fly, Mudshovel, and Tenrai. Arigato Gozaimasu! *bows*

~ by oldmeisgone on September 16, 2009.

26 Responses to “And the New Manga is…Fairy Tail! Summary and Breakdown Ahead ^__^”

  1. SECOND!!! Yes i know I’m cheating… 😛

    Mud is the real winner!

  2. YOSH (looks around to see if super heard)
    Nice one dro! (hehe read an advance copy >_> )

    My favourite arc so far, would have to be when the Master of Fairy Tail get PISSED and joins them in fighting a guild – EPIC.

    *drools* Errrrrrrza
    Happy always provides the laughs – comic gold indeed XD

    Ohhh and GRAY FTEW!!!

  3. 2nd dro doesnt count , nice , i read the first chapter yesterdaty 80 freaking pages but i liked it it has op + bleach + naruto + death note

  4. Finally abreakdown about fairy tale
    thx drosensei

    when are you gonna make the next breakdown because the new chapter is there

  5. It’ll be out by early Saturday, at most…i have last week’s done, but I’d rather just post this week’s breakdown instead…I mean, what’s the point of posting old news, right? 😛

  6. Well its a great manga so im not complaining i didnt get Kenichi… >_>

    Loads of awesome stuff has happened lately. Grey and Leons fight really made me laugh when they both started stripping, Lucy will probably get all three of the zodiac keys from that stellar spirit mage she beat and we’re finding more out about the dragons.

    Great breakdown Dro, are you doing them now? I really like the style you use, totally different from everyone elses (in a good way 😀 )

  7. @CyborgFranky: Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! It was a bit nerve racking because it’s an introduction to the manga, so if I did a crappy job people might not want to read it. Hopefully people catch on to the awesomeness that is Fairy Tail. And Yes, I will be doing the weekly Fairy Tail Breakdowns…and if cookie (or any of the other writers on the blog who read it) ever wants to give it a shot one week, they are more than welcome to. Just as long as they tell someone first. 😉

  8. great breakdownd dro…im kinda glad we picked a manga im up to date with. you did good on the character breakdown. you should have added the guildmaster…lol
    for those who are reading you should hurry up and get to the part where fairytale and the phantom guild fight….its almost like the sasuke vs naruto fight level…but with more people…

    *considers naruto vs sasuke one of the top anime fights excluding dbz

  9. @ shinobimadness: Thank you! BTW the reason I didn’t add the guildmaster was because I wanted to keep it to the main characters only. It was too bad to, there are at least 5 or 6 other characters that I really like (guildmaster is one of them lol)but didn’t ’cause it would spoil some of the manga for the new readers. And I agree the Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord fight was one of the coolest fights ever…it reminded me of the Soul Society arc in Bleach, which was when Bleach was amazing. 😉

  10. @Dro: You know they were examples, don’t you? lol
    Brilliant summary of the chapters so far, sweet and simple 😉

    Natsu = *cough* manly pink(red) haired *cough* >.>
    Erza = Answer the questions immediately, or face the horror of us red heads… Yes we head butt @_@
    Happy = Says it all, never a dull moment with that non transport
    Lucy = Natsu’s worst transport 0.= NOW WHERE IS MY AWARD!? I NEED FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN *lucy tackles reporters* 0_0

    I love Fairy Tail, glad it won in the polls ^_^

  11. YO-…damn you Mudshovel. -_-

    Great job Dro on finally bringing Fairy Tail to the blog and now that it’s official I decided to update the Front Page. It’s simple, it has the name, and it’s colorful so it’ll do for now. Whenever you find something better feel free to change it. 😉

    I’m on chapter…52 right now and I can honestly say it’s a great manga. I wouldn’t call it awesome but great is good enough right? I’m enjoying it and I recommend anyone who hasn’t started it yet to do so. After all it is the newest manga on the blog and a quick read. 😀

  12. i love fairy tail good choice, and the picture of them invading another guild for retallyation thanks for reminding me i going to go read that arc again.

    read it all and loveing it, cant for the next chapter to come out even tho the last one only came out 2 days ago.

    p.s if anyone knows any websites that show spoilers/perdiction for fairy tail or any other of the good manga i loved to kno

  13. dammit dro, now I have to go read the damn thing….

  14. does anyone one know if they were still in production of the animme? i rememeber reading about them getting ready or in the process of doing it but i dont remember where i read it at?

    it would be pretty good to see this animated… the new design or drawing of op or bleach look awesomene compared to naruto. i hope whoever animates those two does fairy tale if its true…

    <–would love to see mira, lucy and ezra together 🙂

  15. @shinobimadness: The anime should be out my October…I don’t know the exact dates but they have said that by October it will be out. 😉

    @Mandi: then go read it! -____-

  16. Hah, well I need to finish reading it. -_- I was actually quite gripped by the first chapters, so maybe I’ll find the time and inspiration to get up to date.

    Great summary/introduction/breakdown dro! I had to miss out on some stuff because it would spoil things for me. -_-

    So far I’m on chapter 10. >_<

  17. says that fairy tail the anime will come out on 12 october 2009

  18. @ dynamicentrance: GO READ NOW!! >__< 😛 In reality i didn't really spoil things, i just gave you a basic idea of what to expect from the arc…but yes, i agree that reading it is much better than readin something from me…and right now I'm working on the newest chapter's breakdown. 😉

    @ smurfclassic: thanks, I will mark my calendar. ^__^

    @ BBGurly: -_______-

  19. Gray seems like the sasuke in this manga =S. I had no idea that there was a manga called fairy tail. Only the name makes me not wanna read it but i’ll give it a try and see how awesomeness it really is.

  20. No no…Gray is NOT emo…there really isn’t room for people like that in this awesome manga… 😉

    BTW, its name has a meaning…so yes, check it out…who knows…you might like it. ^__^

  21. nice breakdown…and yes gray is not emo….*strips off clothing and the ladies gather* I learned a few tricks from him.

  22. Who dares take the name of Gray in VAIN!!! -__- .
    If you must make fun of someone, it’s gotta be Natsu – LOL Pink hair, it’s no wonder why he’s angry most of the time XD.

  23. lol gray is awesome how he always strips as a habit. lol

    @dro: np about letting u kno but i just hope the vocies for the character are not a letdown like the one in Mahou Sensei Negima!

  24. @dro: thanks…oh and wow really october? yes!!! just an another 3 weeks or so..

  25. FAIRY TAIL FTEW!!!!!

    dont give me that face Dro!
    you know my reasons 😉
    Great breakdown, I see what you meant by a quick overview of some of the arks.

    I ❤ Erza!!!
    She's a red head and kicks ass! you cant have a better combo of awesomeness

  26. wow =0.. i get it grey is not emo. But actually what i meant is that grey kinda looks like sasuke (in the way that the girls in this manga probably act around grey as ino acts around sasuke)

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