The Death Of An IRA Icon Patrick Swayze. May The Ghost Of Swayze Always Be With Us.

patrick_swayzePatrick Swayze 1952-2009

After a long and enduring battle with pancreatic cancer an IRA icon, hero, and inspiration passed away yesterday at the young age of 57. Unfortunately I wasn’t with IRA in the beginning of things to completely understand why the Swayze was so revered by original members (Jeremiah, Ibiki, Scorp, Alec, etc..) but us noobs learned quickly that the power of Swayze bested all. After all he was the only one who could take down Captain Planet and sometimes Swayze was Captain Planet! o_O  Long story… In IRA memory we thought it best to do a tribute post.


Even though Patrick Swayze has many more he’s best known for his roles in Dirty Dancing and Ghost (both awesome movies). He’s also had a prominent acting career in Broadway and television (Grease and North and South). A singer, an actor, a dancer, and a family man the Swayze could do it all. He may be gone but the ghost of Swayze will live on in the minds and hearts of all IRA members who remember the power of Swayze and in all his fans.

-R.I.P. and may the Swayze always be with you.


~ by supertrek89 on September 15, 2009.

15 Responses to “The Death Of An IRA Icon Patrick Swayze. May The Ghost Of Swayze Always Be With Us.”

  1. First!!

    R.I.P SWAYZE!!

  2. 2nd , swaze noooooo

  3. Bye bye Swayze…..:(

  4. Patrick Swayze, you taught me many things…like “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!” and how to show someone you truly care for them with one word, “Ditto”. You will be missed… T___T

    “Adios, Amigo!” *cries as he waves at Patrick Swayze’s ghost*

  5. A true icon. What would IRA have been without him? (innuendo jokes only 😉 )
    Adios and may the Swayze be with you.

  6. swayze swayze you will! be always rememberd now into the light

  7. I thught the dude was a fictional character 0_0

    Until today……

    Im out of the loop huh? 😦

  8. May you rest in peace Patrick Swayze. I know it must have been hard for him and his family. I too know the feeling of losing a loved one. My mother just passed away two weeks ago from liver cancer.

    Good times we had in IRA with the Swayze and now we have lost both(sort of).

    Adios Mr.Swayze.

    May you find peace in whatever comes next.

  9. Rest in peace Swayze… and IRA… and Prawlkage.. WAIT! I’m not dead yet!
    *evil shadow-spirits from Ghost (the movie, duh) creep up from the earth and drag Prawl’s soul to hell*

    *moments later Prawl is spat back out of hell*

    PHEEW! the Power of the Swayze be with us always!

  10. wow, im so confused…. O_O
    well, bye i guess. >_>

  11. I’ll miss you dude!! *sniffle*

  12. The Swayze… brings a lot of memories from IRA…

  13. Thanks Super, beautiful and eloquent. *salute to the captain

    Ibi expresses her thanks and regrets as well.

  14. Thanks everyone for the thoughts and thanks Swayze for all the years of entertainment and awesomeness.

  15. May you rest in peace, Swayze. I, for one, am glad to know you are now in a place free of the pain of cancer. You have touched all of our lives, including those of us IRA veterans, and you live on in our hearts.

    @super – awesome post. Very well said. 🙂

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