Bleach 374 Spoilers Confirmed! Bleach Manga 373 Breakdown + Discussion: Wolves are Awesome Dangit! @_@

Spoilers vid provided by WillieeeZ.

Well, I’m not really sure if I should be posting this up, but someone has to do it and so far we’ve had zilch. >_> So here’s to a different Bleach breakdown! Dynamic’s on the job (and not too sure about it)! Now please bear in mind that I’m not that into Bleach as I used to be, so this might lack the usual steroid stack, but darnit, I want to try! O_o

So sit back folks and try not to burn the screen with your glares! It’ll hurt you more than it hurts me.

This chapter is brought to you by Tite Kubo, the Hulk. desiremeplz

So we begin with Starrk and his OMGWTFBBQ pack of wolves which seem to have appeared out of nowhere. Someone really has some issues with furry things. Now as cool as they look, the whole Disco Do in the middle of it all kind of ruins it even though Starrk is the hottest Espada yet and I am beginning to drool here.

Starrk’s wolves are obviously so amazing that they require three pages, two huge panels and different angles to show that.

"OMG what if we get bit by them? I'll get rabies! D8"

Rose: Gotta catch them... Love: ... don't say it -_- Rose: ... ALL! 8D

Starrk utters a command directed at himself because obviously no one’s going to listen to a guy who wears a furry cowboy outfit, and the game is on! Wolves versus Love and Rose, the misnomer duo of the age.

Rose’s mask is… weird. O_o Not to mention that he has the whole ‘art’ complex and is Deidara’s long lost twin, among other things. >_> <_<

HOLY TEETH, BATMAN! Those wolves are scary. O_O We zoom out to see a huge explosion in the distance made by Kami knows what and then zoom back in for one hellofa thrust by the cactus Love’s zanpakuto. He looks rather nervous, and I have a feeling that it’s got something to do with the fact that he’s now got a couple of rather angry wolves hanging onto his weapon.

We then get a super close-up on Rose’s zanpakuto, so aptly named ‘Kinshara’ (Golden Sal Tree, if we are to believe Bleach Wikia… which I don’t >_> <_<) which looks like an orchid. I can see another obsession coming up. -_-

Because flowers are the new trend in any shonen manga. ^^ Konan goddamn you

Because flowers are the new katanas in any shonen manga! Konan goddamn you. -_-

Kinshara looks like quite a powerful weapon though, excluding the cheesy presentation. It’s long rage and destructive, taking out a couple of wolves at the same time. However, that’s not enough to overpower Starrk’s furry little problem. They just keep coming. Like credit card applications, basically.

Rose gets angry. >( Fairies and magic piss him off good thing he hasn’t met Orihime. He thrusts again with his zanpakutou/whip and manages to get it stuck in a wolf’s face, only to use HOLY EXPLOSIONS, BATMAN… uhh, I mean some sort of special technique which creates a vortex of magic and sucks in the targets.

Love tells him that Rose’s technique looks ironically like magic. Rose says it’s art. I KNEW IT GODDAMN YOU! DEIDARA’S BEEN REBORN AS A VIZARD!

OMGWTFGPKNQfojawnsc;mzzzzzzzzife- what? O_o


But even that fails to subdue the wolves as they jump out of the rubble and attach themselves to Rose’s zanpakutou and Love’s leg. Now that is an awkward situation if I ever saw one. O_o Love decides to crush the wolf with his cactus (which has me wondering how he intends to save his leg), but before he can do anything, there is yet another explosion.

Is it possible? Does Tite have an even greater fetish for explosions than Deidara? O_O

This time, it turns out that it was the wolf which exploded. Love flies out of the smoke, coughing and yelling for Rose. He has the theory of the century: Starrk’s wolves are actually ceros! Wow, we so totally did not guess that. *note annoying sarcasm*

And just as he warns Rose (whose mask has mysteriously disappeared) not to let them explode in close combat, the wolf does just that. Talk about irony. -_-

As the smoke clears, Starrk appears in his lazy manliness and explains that the wolves were actually the supply of fur for his clothes pieces of his and Lilynette’s souls, which they are able to divide at will and control at a distance in battle.I wonder what Starrk meant when he said both his and Lilynette’s names together as the first Espada. Maybe she isn’t even a fraccion? Maybe they really are one and the same, for whatever weird reason. O_o Meh.

Love and Rose emerge, injured and coughing. Starrk, ever the sexy lazy guy, tells them that he won’t chase them if they run. Love blatantly refuses.

Starrk’s totally fine with that, although I really think the whole fighting thing is starting to get to him. He descends to finish the fight, only to have a HOLY EXCLAMATIONS, BATMAN (I need to stop being surprised) zanpakutou thrust right through him from behind. May I note that the blade is black, and we all know whose ban kai is that exact color. >_> <_<



So who d’you think is that sneaky guy?

And on that note we finish the chapter. >_> It’s kind of ominous.

Here’s this weeks Bubble contest! ^^

Do what you will.

Do what you will.

And now for the winners of last week’s bubble contest! ^^

5th – acegamer51


4th – Ice

Oh hell yeah that’s Togemon on a stick.

3rd – CyborgFranky

Worlds greatest hitchhiker mode….ACTIVATE!

2nd – CyborgFranky (kudos for making it twice 8D)

Any true whack-a-mole fan brings their own club to the arcade

And the winner of this week’s bubble contest…

Supertrek!!!... AGAIN??!! O_O 8D

Supertrek!!!... AGAIN??!! O_O 8D

Well, that’s the end of that. Sorry for the lacking breakdown, but I find no inspiration in Bleach. -_- And the chapter sucked. NO OFFENSE TO THE FANS OF BLEACH. >_> <_<

Next time, someone else will have to do it. -_-


~ by dynamicentrance on September 14, 2009.

36 Responses to “Bleach 374 Spoilers Confirmed! Bleach Manga 373 Breakdown + Discussion: Wolves are Awesome Dangit! @_@”

  1. *Slips Dynamic the promised amount for getting two spots in the top five* >_>
    Woop! Nice breakdown dynamic, i totally agree that this chapter was a little…*yawn* but for me, all these fights are feeling a little heavy footed…
    Anyway, maybe something super will happen next week like that actually being Yoruichi’s zanpaktou or what not…

    I see dead people…Oh wait, everyones dead in Bleach

  2. waaa second

  3. 3rd!!

  4. dang, i gotta catch up on bleach.

  5. Great Breakdown Dynamic I’ll comment more later.

    Mudshovel whenever you read this can I see you on chat. It’s about “that” post. 😀

  6. BUBBLE:
    Love:Why didn’t i figure this out sooner…it was Stark who let the dogs out!!!

  7. enjoyable breakdown dynamic 8). Anyhoo, I’ll comment more later as well

  8. hmmmm


    Love: Why do i have to be so YUMIIIII O.O!

  9. BUBBLE:

    Please dont say suprise…

  10. BUBBLE:

    Can anyone sense rape aproaching? I dont

  11. Bubble:

    Let’s play piggyback!!!

  12. @Dynamic: YOSH!!! Lol, you managed to slip two Naruto references in there (Konan and Deidara) so bonus points for you! XD Funny breakdown Dynamic and if there was lack of enthusiasm in it I didn’t notice. o_0

    Ohhhh, I won the bubble contest! 😀

    @Anyone: I love Tachikaze it’s an awesome Zanpaktou so I would choose to wield that. I wouldn’t become an Espada though because they live in a dreary desert and have to take orders from some dude with a serious God Complex. Not for me. -_-

    As for who I think stabbed Stark…definitely not one of his allies. It’s some shinigami and it might just be Ichigo’s dad.

  13. @Dynamic: Uni was a calling and i couldn’t do the breakdown this week. cheers on the cover.

  14. BUBBLE:


  15. @acklikxx: Sorry dude, for what it’s worth i had u placed 2nd in the bubble entries last week … but i couldn’t do the breakdown this week, so unfortunatly u missed out.

  16. Omg itd be so cool if that was Ichigos Dad Zanpakutou stabbing Stark.

    It would really get me back into Bleach again. It just hasnt been the same for me without Ichigo and crew. I did enjoy Loves boomstick tho xD

  17. rlly o.o? anyways do the next one my bubble entry can’t looooooseee O.O

  18. the bleach manga spoiler is out and its kyurikou is the one that stabbed stark and at the end it looks like stark took a starks takes a big attack

  19. Yay for Bleach…….. 😛

    I think it’s a possibility that one of those 2 vizard guys who’s fighting Stark, is who attacked Stark from behind.
    There zapato’s may have had some sort of other ability.

  20. its says that its kyuroku’s who attacked him from behind have u not read the spoilers’

    p.s the spoilers came out a day and a half early do u think that the manga might come out early aswell.

  21. @Smurf~Thats why is typed “possibility” 😉

  22. Poor Coyote (I think Tite’s doing an excellent job with the Cowboy references; Coyote Starrk, Buffalo Bill etc). Why don’t Shinigami ever die? *sigh* It doesn’t look like Ikkaku’s Bankai (too small to be his), nor does it look like Gin’s Shinso (the blade is too large). If I had to guess, I’d say its probably Yoruichi (she was an assassin so attacking from behind would be her kinda thing) or Isshin (we haven’t seen his Shikai, so maybe this is it, plus its black like Ichigo’s blade, father-son anyone?)

    I think Rose’s Zanpakuto is extremely cool, but I’d rather be an Espada. I’d want to be a lion-based Espada (like Ggio Vega). But why I want to be an Espada is mainly because Arrancars’ zanpakuto have no souls. NO ONE TO ANNOY ME! 8D

  23. BUBBLE:

    Love: “Why do I have the feeling I never ate the bacon in my back pocket?”

  24. LMAO great break down Dynamic!
    I still think that Rose’s sword is like a piano or somthing cause he moves his fingers like that on a keyboard… just saying. Plus he has the curly flowy hair XD

    and now for the BUBBLE:
    Love: They’re right behind me, aren’t they?

  25. BUBBLE:
    Love: Holy shit … is that ANOTHER Starbucks!?

  26. its a shadow which is gone through stark.that shadow is from kyoruku’s next we are going to see kyoruku vs. the end both are enjoying a well played

    P.S. spoiler with pics arrived now.

  27. that was an awesome chapter. i didn’t think shunsui would pull out all the stops now. its getting interesting with him and stark now. kinda makes me wonder if they were really pretending to fight like they mentioned earlier…lol i wonder if we will see a surprise appeareance of ukitake? i know he’s not dead but whats his status right now? if things get like this i see shunsui telling rose and love to fall back while those to fight it out.

    im still waiting to see shunsui’s bankai…

  28. Bubble:
    Who let the Dogs out?

  29. bleach is out

  30. BUBBLE:

  31. They’re playing twister and if you move to the wrong color you’re out! I’m a little confused by the rules of the game but hopefully the Binktopia version will clear things up a bit. Just some points.

    1. Shusui is badass for taking on the Primera Espada all by himself and succeeding in hitting him without his bankai. Even though he snuck in a hit from behind…>_>

    (Note: His shikai ability reminds me a lot of Yo Kaito’s “Taboo” from Yu Yu Hakusho. He extends his own territory, makes the rules to his game, and the winner is the one who says the right words.)

    2. Shusui’s bankai must be uber badass!

    3. I feel bad for Stark and Liyenette for being teamed up on like this and getting stabbed from behind.

    4. Love and Rose outgha feel ashamed of themselves for letting one Captain take all this glory. XD

    5. Aizen HAS to have a back up plan or else he’s just that damn strong not to worry.

  32. 3. I feel bad for Stark and Liyenette for being teamed up on like this and getting stabbed from behind.

    is just me or didn’t Stark did the same to Shusui 😛 and shot a cero from behind 😛

  33. Lol, yeah you’re right but he was still teamed up on unlike Shusui. Shusui was always teaming up on poor Stark…T_T

  34. Tonights Bleach chapter confused me.

    The games that are in the chapter…
    I hate it when i dont understand a game. >_<

    Well…it was still awesomeness 😉

  35. from what i can gather… u name a color, u can only attack something with that color…based on how much of that color u have on…the more powerful the attack… so shisui attacked stark saying grey… shisui had no grey on and so, despite how hard he swung his sword, stark only got a shallow cut… so when shisui says black…hes wearing all black and can only attack black (his starks leg?)and since shisui is at sooo much risk from being attacked, his attack is ultra powerful

  36. Thanks for the clarification.
    I understand better now. 🙂

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