(Updated) Top Non-Leaf Ninja Of The Naruto World! You Decide Who’s The Best! (Part 1)

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Artworks by melllorine, goldenhans, tyrranax-hawk, and wasil.TopArtworks by melllorine, goldenhans, tyrranax-hawk, and wasil.

Welcome WRA to the ultimate battle of the ninja part 1! It’s a fun post Mudshovel and I came up with to stir up some interesting debate here. On the list below you may notice the absence of Leaf Village ninja and anyone born and raised in the Leaf Village. Why? Simply because they would dominate the poll and debate. We’re talking about Hashirama, Sarutobi, Minato, Naruto, Madara, Itachi, Sasuke, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, etc… Yes, we do count Orochimaru, Itachi, and Sasuke as ninja from the Leaf Village because not only were they born and raised there but they learned a lot of their techniques and experience there. At heart they are from the Leaf Village it matters not that they’re missing nin. Also, other great ninja would get pushed out of the way for the pick of fan favorites and they’re mostly catered to the Leaf.

Do not fret though. We have saved all of those top notch ninja for a later tournament post exclusively for the Leaf ninja! Right now enjoy putting these fine ninja to the test and see if your choice comes out on top. 😀


1. This is a tournament involving non-leaf ninja we have seen in at least one battle! The poll at the end of the post will determine which ninja moves on to number 1 spot. Of course that’d be the choice with the most votes. The ninja with the most votes automatically moves on to the Part 2 post next week.

2. In the comment section make a top 10 list of who you think are the top 10 ninja on this post. From those lists we will determine who moves on to the spots 3-10.

3. Spot number 2 will be determined by debate of who you think can take on the ninja with the most votes in the poll and based off the top 10 lists you all create.

4. The winners of spot numbers 1-10 will be revealed in Part 2 of this post next week. Also in Part 2 winners of spots 1 and 2 will be matched up against each other through debate and poll to determine who the true victor of this tournament is.

5. The victor will be announced on Part 3 and that’s also the beginning of the Leaf ninja tournament. If this goes well enough we’ll put the winner of the Leaf ninja tournament against the winner of the Non-Leaf ninja tournament to find out the ultimate ninja!

Let’s begin! 🙂



Suigetsu; The man made out of water. Normal attacks don’t work on him and he has enough strength to swing around Zabuza’s big ass sword with the power to manipulate his muscles as he sees fit.



Juugo; We’re talking about full curse mark Juugo here no holding back! The Juugo that pulled out the pipe organs and shot a giant laser cannon at the Raikage after surviving some devastating hits. That’s a lot of endurance…



Karin…ummmm…she can sense your chakara REALLY WELL!!! If you’re into sexy redheads she’s your pick because blood would be rocketing out your nose and she just bested you in battle as you fly off to a *ding* in the sky. 😛



Kimimaro; At full health and no disease. It’s a known fact that he  would have beaten Gaara 3 years ago if the disease hadn’t ended his life at that crucial moment in battle. Some people might even say Gaara with the Bijuu is stronger than the Gaara now. With his Kekkei Genkei he’s hard to hit, flexible, fast and an amazing fighter.



Kankurou; Lol now don’t let that picture fool you. It’s not confirmed whether or not he has Sasori’s body under his control  but we all do recognize those guns that sprout from Sasori’s hands. Kankurou pulled out a hooded puppet with guns sprouting from its hands at the Kage Meeting. Suuusssspiccciooous!!!



Temari; Able to cut down entire sections of forests with her summoning without even breaking a sweat. Almost bested Konoha’s genius genin Shikamaru in the Chunin Exams.



Gaara; Kazekage of the Hidden Sand Village and former owner of the Bijuu Baki (1 tails). Some say he’s weaker for losing the Bijuu while others say it was only a burden. Benefits of the Bijuu were increased chakra pool and automatic sand shield with no cost to chakra. Cons of the Bijuu was little to no sleep, emotional instability, and near insanity. Besides that he has an impressive array of sand jutsu and still retains the ability to manipulate sand without the Bijuu.



Sasori; A self made immortal and puppet creating genius. Holds the puppet body of the Third Kazekage and with that puppet has the ability to manipulate iron sand. A very powerful technique that made the Third Kazekage the most talented Kage in Sand history and that combined with Sasori’s impressive stash of puppets and poison makes Sasori a formidable opponent.



Kakuzu; Another immortal in the infamous organization Akatsuki. Has multiple lives according to the number of hearts he posses on his body including his own. That’s 5 hearts and 5 times you have to kill him. On top of that each heart has a different element he can freely use at A and S class levels and even combine them for greater attacks.



Hidan; A true immortal if you’ve ever seen one. A human in flesh who can live even after having his head completely decapitated from the rest of his body. His most dangerous technique though is his ritualistic circle he creates to inflict damage on himself…in order to inflict damage on his opponent who cannot recover as he can.



Deidara; An explosive young member of Akatsuki both literally and figuratively. Has fought an impressive amount of ninja including Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke. Escaped from Kakashi and Naruto’s grasps after almost killing them and a few other formidable ninja with a fake self detonation, and nearly defeated Sasuke if the chicken bitch guy didn’t run away in a snake after having “no chakra left”.



Kisame; Said to have the largest amount of chakra supply in Akatsuki. Going off that information that’s more than Nagato (Pein),  so that’s a hell of a lot of chakra. One of the legendary Seven Swordsman of the Mist who carries a huge shredding sword around that eats chakra and cuts anyone else who tries to wield it. He also defeated the 4 Tails Jinchuuriki on his own.



Zetsu; He eats people…he also seems to have a split personality divided between the black and white half of him. He can freely split his body in two and is able to move through solid objects. He also has a long range sensor that can sense people’s chakra from miles away.



Konan; Not only useful for toilet paper emergencies she’s a formidable opponent that took out multiple Jounin level ninja in the Invasion of Konaha Arc. Her body is made of paper so she can split in many parts and be harder to hit. Not to mention the fact that she was trained for 3 years by the legendary sanin Jiraiaya.



Pein; Yes ladies and gentlemen this includes the other Paths and Nagato hiding away somewhere as his zombies fight for him. The trick is to know his secret and if you don’t you’re screwed. They’re very formidable opponents who can resurrect themselves and manipulate gravity at the least. Not to mention an insane amount of chakra and a versatility of techniques.



Karui; Not much is known about her fighting ability but she did stand up to Naruto and elbow his Kage Bushin in the back of the head. Now I know Naruto’s Kage Bushins aren’t all that but it was his only one and he usually has more control over them the fewer there are.

She’s like Sakura and likes to beat up blond boys for her own satisfaction…except she cries much much less!



Omoi; Another badass ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village he has a worrisome attitude that turns little situations into hilarious ones. He aptly sent Sakura flying with a kick to the stomach during a confrontation with the Konoha ninja for information on Sasuke. Sakura was a ninja trained to dodge by the legendary sanin Tsunade but either Omoi was to quick for her or Sakura is the same old…Sakura. Well we know she changed but Omoi put her down anyway and pretty easily to.



Shii; A genjustsu expert one can only imagine as that is what he resorted to in his fight with Team Taka. He was even surprised when Sasuke bested him in genjutsu and called him a genius for the feat. Now either Shii has a huge ego or he was genuinely surprised.



Darui; A pretty damn good ninja who solely stopped Sasuke’s first advance on the Raikage with a combination of Suton and Raiton jutsu. He also bested Suigetsu in battle which says scores for his swordsmanship.


Killer Bee; The coolest rapping Jinchuuriki you’ll ever find in ‘Naruto’. A master swordsman who can wield up to 7 swords at a time and use them effectively. So effectively a swordsman like Suigetsu can’t even keep up with is sword work. On top of that Killer Bee has full control of his Bijuu making him that much stronger and genjutsu completely ineffective against him. He managed to nearly defeat Team Taka by himself and this was after Sasuke received his powers from Itachi.



Yugito; Another near complete mystery regarding fighting power and style but she does seem to have good control over the 2 Tailed Bijuu as she surges it forth in the fight with Hidan and Kakuzu. In fact she makes them retreat as she does her transformation and fiery attacks completely destroying the area around them. She has even received the acknowledgment of Killer Bee.



Raikage; Stated in the manga to be the most powerful man in Kumogakure he has taken up the position of Raikage for his village. Now whether or not he is stronger than his little brother Killer Bee is still up for debate despite this. In his current fight with  Team Taka he is able to survive a giant beam cannon, dodge Amaterasu, confuse Sasuke’s Mangekyou Sharingan, and pummel at an Amaterasu covered Susano’o.  He is also able to raise his chakra level to Bijuu level…

IT’S OVER 9000!!! (it’s hard to resist..>_>)



Haku; One of the few ninja we’ve seen in the series to posses a Kekkei Genkei, a unique and extremely rare blood inheritance. This “guy” combines the elements of wind and water to create ice, a unique property only “he” can do. Haku has extremly fast movement and “his” ultimate attack is Demonic Ice Mirrors which was finally put down by Naruto after he accidently drew out Kyuubi chakra with his rage.



Zabuza; A demonic ninja who earned his nickname ‘Devil of the Hidden Mist’ for his lust of killing. Also holds the title of one of the Legendary Swordsman of the Hidden Mist and carries around a giant ass head cleaving sword. A remarkable jounin he almost bested Kakashi in their first duel. He has high will power to live and endurance as he is seen rushing at his enemies with only a kunai in mouth all the while being stabbed continuously in the back.



Samurai; The only non-shinobi to enter this contest and personal favorites of mine. =) Mudshovel and I thought over it and we came to the conlsuion…Never underestimate the power of useless people in large groups! XD Yes, the Sasmurai are the only ones allowed to attack in force on this comeptiton so think about that while you throw your votes in! 😉


Now that you have reviewed the enitre list pick who you beleive deserves the number one spot. The one with the most votes by the end of the week automatically moves on to the next round!

Remember that the poll decides #1 and your lists below decide the #2 – #10 contenders. Now go down to the comments section, create your top 10 lists, and debate over who you believe should take the #2 spot and battle numero uno in next week’s post!


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83 Responses to “(Updated) Top Non-Leaf Ninja Of The Naruto World! You Decide Who’s The Best! (Part 1)”

  1. I voted Pain as #1 non-leaf ninja.
    Top Ten:
    1. Raikage
    2. Sasori
    3. Killer Bee
    4. Kisame
    5. Gaara
    6. Deidara
    7. Kakuzu
    8. Juugo
    9. Yugito
    10. Haku

  2. FIRST!!!

  3. huh, dang. Second!!!!

  4. Third!

  5. 1) Pein
    2) KillerB
    3) Raikage
    4) Gaara
    5) Hidan
    6) Kakazu
    7) Kisame
    8) Zetsu
    9) SASORI
    10) Shi 😛

  6. Top 10:

    1. Pein
    2. Raikage
    3. Killer Bee
    4. Kisame
    5. Sasori
    6. Kimimaro
    7. Deidara
    8. Kakuzu
    9. Gaara
    10. Hidan

    I believe Pein is the greatest fighter here and his match up for next week should be the Raikage at the #2 spot. Raikage was stated as “The most powerful man in Kumogakure” by the manga.


    To me that means stronger than Killer Bee so that’s why I put him third. I also believe that Raikage has the most chance of taking on Pein because he’s super fast, super strong, has Bijuu level chakra, and a crazy do or die attitude. I can definitely see him take on God Realm. Remember the Shira Tensei and Banshou Tenin can be resisted like the Kyuubi did by digging it’s tails in the ground or concentrating chakra into your feet to stick to the ground like Tsunade did.

    The Kyuubi busted out of Chibaku Tensei and the Raikage with Bijuu level power should be able to do the same. Last but not least the Raikage has an amazing Raiton Shield that protects him from most damage like Juugo’s giant beam cannon and Sasuke’s chidori.

  7. sixth!!!

  8. I wonder if Raikage could take on Itachi….

  9. my top 10 non-leaf ninja:
    1. Pein
    2. Raikage
    3. Kisame
    4. Killer Bee
    5. Gaara
    6. Sasori
    7. Kakuzu
    8. Deidara
    9. Juugo

    awesome bunch! 😉

  10. u serious? no itachi? damn u! >_< he better be in part 2 then! my vote goes to peeeeeeeeeeeeeein. 😉

  11. gosh, why does wordpress keeps deleting half my comments?
    8-temari (?)

  12. top 10
    1-Naruto, ups no leaf ninja, so PEIN
    2-Killer Bee

  13. 1. Pein
    2. Raikage
    3. Killer Bee
    4. Kisame
    5. Sasori
    6. Deidara
    7. Kakuzu
    8. Gaara
    9. Kimimaro
    10. Hidan

  14. Here’s my list:

    1. Pein
    2. Raikage
    3. Killer Bee
    4. Kakuzu
    5. Sasori
    6. Deidara
    7. Kimimaro
    8. Gaara
    9. Kisame
    10. Hidan

  15. 1. Pain
    2. Kisame
    3. Kimimaro
    4. Raikage
    5. Hidan
    6. Killerbee
    7. Sasori
    8. Deidara
    9. Zabuza
    10. Kakuzu

    I put Kisame and Kimimaro over the Raikage because Kisame has yet to show his full power, but from what we’ve seen, he’s a true monster. Kimimaro, I put him over Raikage because we didn’t get to see him in combat until he was arely alive. For him to beat Naruto’s demon fox-enhanced clones, Gaara and beat Lee so easily would have made him about as strong as Kakashi, imagine Kimimaro at 100%!
    I chose Pain for obvious reasons. AND simply knowing his secrets don’t guarantee you a win either, because as Karin pointed out, Nagato is the “Outer Path” and has the collective abilities of all the bodies.


    Screw the top 10, I ain’t playing by your rules 😉 muahahahahaha

    @Super: Beaten by Nagato? i think not. We have all seen Peins techniques, but we still don’t know the full power of the Raikage (Over 9000 bishies!!!) We have all seen Killer Bee fight it out and take down Team Taka single handedly, he even fooled Sasuke with a tentacle! So if Raikage is the strongest then that means he can top his skills and we haven’t even seen his full potential. I doubt that this is it. I mean he has to have stonger skills than what he has now to be of Kage position! HELL YEAH! 😀

    And what, no Omoi? 😛


    And Omoi must count. And Shisui. Did you forget the most badass nins on purpose, super? -_-

    *gasp!* And what about the other Kages? (Danzo the D-bag excluded because he’s from leaf and he smells) AND THEIR BODYGUARDS? D8

    CHOUJIRO!! NOOOOO~~~!!! T.T You deserve better than that!

    Now get up there and fix that post, super! I don’t care if they lack info, Gimli and the Hot Mamacita are PWNING this! *nods*

    Oh, and just in case, my top 10 would be along the lines of:

    1. Raikage
    2. Pein
    3. Killerbee
    4. Kisame
    5. Gaara
    6. Kimimaro
    7. Juugo
    8. Kakuzu
    9. Hidan
    10. Yugito

  18. @Dynamic: HELL YEAH!! With you on this one, fix your post lmao 😛
    AND KARIN!? Are you serious? Is she going to overdose others on her blood? AAAAAAAAH she is going to feed us blood to death 😉

  19. I’m gonna have to go with Raikage on this one…he’s a super sayain for god’s sake! Nothing stronger in ANY manga/anime than a super sayain. 😛

  20. Top 10:
    10.Temari/Konan/Haku=3 Way tie…

  21. where the hell is itachi, or any of the hokages, kazekages, sannin…come on… horrible lists, we dont even kno anything about darui…how would u kno if hes so strong…

  22. sorry didnt read the rules

  23. Top 10:

    2.kiler bee

  24. Top 10:

    1. Pein
    2. Raikage
    3. Kisame
    4. Killerbee
    5. Deidara
    6. Kimimaro
    7. Garra
    8. Kakuzu
    9. Sasori

    I went with Pein as above Raikage because lets face it, almost no one could beat all six paths of Pain togther at full power with no handicaps. Naruto only managed to (barely) win with the help of practicly an army of toads helping him and even then Pein was handicapped by not being able to use god realms power from the beggining of the battle. while it has been shown that shinra tensei can be resisted by the six tails Naruto, raikage has no tails and would almost certinly be affected by shinra tensei. even if it didnt send him flying it would slow him down while the other paths attacked him: Animal realm spam summons(the multi headed dog), Deamon realm shoot missels, etc. while it would definatly be a close(and very epic!) fight i think that the chibaku tensei plus Peins ability to revive the other paths would cause him to win.

  25. 1. Pein
    2. Raikage
    3. Killa B
    4. Kisame
    5. Deidara
    6. Kimimaro
    7. Gaara
    8. Sasori
    9. Kakuzu
    10. Darui

    Now my first choice was Pein. We all know why, the ninja he beat and the soul he took then gave back made him my number 1.

    My second choice was Booker T him self. I mean after what we seen what he can do showing us that Sharingan is not all that crack up as should be. Right now he is shitting on Taka Believe it!!!

    Then its my main man himself Killa B. Again we know what he can do and he prove it by beat some Taka ass. Then made Sasuke look like a fool.

    THE MOST CHAKRA IN AKATSUKI. Shark boy had to be number 4. He even beat lava girl father all by himself.

    Then its Mr. Bom-omb. Just because Kishi had to give some bullshit way for Sasuke not to be killed by him.

    Then it The Truth aka BONE COLLECTOR. Man I still get chill when I see his fight.*See window open and close it* Well solve that problem. But who do you know that could of beating Gaara, Rock Lee, and 9 Tail energy power clones Naruto’s all in one day. If he was alive to day He would of been with Akatsuki no doubt.

    My second fav character Gaara he is just to hard enough said.

    So that all the rest i put up there to fill space.

  26. @Dynamic: Sure we could have the other kages and their bodyguards, yet we haven’t seen them fight so they really have no chance. Little point adding in others that we know nothing about since the majority decide the list. I don’t know why super put Karui and Shi in there but meh.

    #1: Killerbee
    #2: Pein
    #3: Raikage
    #4: Kimimaro
    #5: Kisame
    #6: Gaara
    #7: Sasori
    #8: Kakuzu
    #9: Deidara
    #10: Juugo

    For all you Pein lovers, Killerbee will roll his ass. He’s a strong swords man with 8 blades, can power each with the lightning based element (which will cut through allmost anything), Has control of the 8tails, resistant to genjutsu, a massive chakra pool, and intelligent.
    It’s said that Raikage is stronger, yet that could just be assumed that because he’s the kage he must be the strongest (*mumble* Tsunade *mumble*). No Proof that KillerBee couldn’t take him down.

  27. Oi oi, what’s with all the teaming up on Supertrek89? Poor fella deserves better than this. 😛 I added Karui to have more female characters and I added Shii because we’ve seen him in a fight. I added his teammate who we saw in the same fight so it’d only make sense for me to add Shii to.

    @Cookie and Dynamic: Adding those Leaf ninja Dynamic…? No comment. -_- Now if silly Cookie and Dynamic read the rules before going to rave on (good song btw) the comments they would have understood why I didn’t add all those Kages and bodyguards we known nothing about (fighting wise). It would have been pointless and irrelevant. o_0

    @Cookie: Seeing as how I’m the one that said I believe Raikage could take on Nagato (Pein) I do agree with your points since we both basically said the same thing. The Raikage is a ‘BAMF’ after all! XD

    And nope…no Omoi and it’s a shame really because she has such a great figure. 😉

    @Omar: No problem at least you understood the rules unlike some people…>_>

    @Mudshovel: I’m sure Pein would have a hard time in taking down Killer Bee but I’m still giving this fight to his big brother. While Pein may have a hard time in bringing down the Killer Bee he’d have a harder time in bringing down the Raikage. The manga does state the Raikage is the strongest in the village and while you can look at it as an assumption I see it as a clear and stated fact. After all there are no question marks at the end of the statement…

    Raikage; “The most powerful man in Kumogakure”.

    It pretty much just says it right there. The only reason Tsunade was picked is because Jiraiya denied the position but that just further proves the Kage is meant to be the strongest in the village. They went to Jiraiya first because he was the strongest. Unless Killer Bee denied the offer to become Raikage the Konoha situation doesn’t really apply to Kumogakure. And come one! Do you see how he’s handling an amped up Sasuke and full curse mark seal Juugo in the manga right now? 😀

    don’t turn this into another one of our wars debates, cause i will if need be :P. Also check your email super, i need your assistance pls.

  28. 1. Pein
    2. Raikage
    3. Killer Bee
    4. Deidara
    5. Kakuzu
    6. Kisame
    7. Gaara
    8. Sasori
    9. Yugito
    10. Konan

    First and for most, I want to point out the serious underestimation of Deidara. His C4 is nearly unavoidable, and his ability to take flight and attack from the air makes him an extremely powerful shinobi. What would Sasori or Kakuzu do against his attacks?

    Pein at full power with all 6 paths is just too much for anyone. For all the people who say Raikage or Killerbee are stronger, think of Chibaku Tensei.

  29. #1: Pein (duh)
    #2: Kimimaro (think about it…if he wasn’t sick,he’d pwn every ninja in the naruto world. survived gaara’s sand burial for swayze’s sake!)
    #3: Raikage
    #4: Killer Bee
    #5: Kisame
    #6: Kakuzu
    #7: Deidara
    #8: Gaara
    #9: Sasori
    #10: Juugo

  30. GARA would own any one , lighting of raikage weaker to gara ‘s wind . GARA FTEW

  31. 1.Pein
    3.)Killer Bee
    4.)Kisame (A Big x-factor we know some but I hightly dout we know all that he can do. And he was team with the coolest bad guy of all Itachi so u know he can do more than what we have seen so far!!!!!!!)
    6.)Deidara (I hate to do it)
    7.) Gaara
    8.) Kakuzu

    Hmmmm I think Naruto should be not allowed to be put in of the Leaf ninja tournament when u do it for a cople of reason 1.) his powers our gorwing and we don’t know all. 2.) we know things about him that he dose not know. Like the key to the fox cage is inside of him. And what about the power Itachi as gave him. 3.) he the hero of the story. but it’s ur tournament so it’s ur call

  32. Hmm i forgot Gaara in my post.

    If it matters id put him between Kisame and Sasori on my list, not like anyone cares xD.

    They really need to put an edit feature to comments.

    Not to worry I edited Gaara in there to your list. Hidan at #10 got kicked off though if that’s alright with you.


  33. 1)pein and raikage tie
    10)haku and kinan tie

  34. oops meant konan not kinan

  35. @super: Thanx!

    Poor Hidan, No Ninjutsu or Genjustu = No Bueno

    That doesnt mean hes not a badass character! =D

  36. I do agree with you Fan boy about letting us correct our post.
    But I just got a good idea from what someone said.

    Many are saying that Gaara is weaker but I wonder. What if he make up for that with Wind jutsu. I mean that would be great him using the sand and such Lighting is the weakness of Earth his wind jutsu can help back him up.

    Yeah I think that would be hard if they gave Gaara that. I can see a whole new Gaara and a whole new fighting style for him. He might be even better.

  37. @Ice: I always thought that you got Sand when you combined earth and wind chakra, but i might be way off xD.

  38. @super: First of all, I never mentioned any leaf nins in my comment *rereads comment for the upteenth time*

    All I ever wanted was to have the Mizukage on my list! T.T A guy with the friggin byakugan was scared when she got pissed off! -_- And gimli could PWN everyone if they gave him an axe, right? RIght?

    *sniffle* LOTR is widely unappreciated in these meagre circles of OCD’s.

  39. @Swimsean: I see where you’re coming from and it’s true about Naruto’s unknown potential. Still it wouldn’t be a Leaf Village ninja list without the main character Naruto. 😉

    @Dynamic: Ahem…you did mention Shisui from the Leaf Village did you not?

    “And Omoi must count. And Shisui. Did you forget the most badass nins on purpose, super? -_-” (Dynamic)

    I didn’t forget the most badass nins on purpose. I skipped them on purpose though for a later post (Leaf Ninja Tournament).

    Now I do appreciate the cinematic marvel that is LOTR but we haven’t seen the Tsuchikage (Gimili) fight. We did see him slip the disk in his back but it’d be near impossible to go off his fighting abilty just from that. Same for the Mizukage no matter how hot she is. >_<

    I added Omoi to the post for your viewing pleasure. You’re right he is badass and deserves to be up there. I just didn’t put him up there because all he did was kick Sakura and that’s not saying much is it? 😉

    And…I might have forgotten about him…*cough* *whistles and walks away*…>_>

  40. 1.Killerbee
    10.Samurai XD

  41. If the Tsuchikae pulls out a battle axe, I am going to seriously ROFLMAO and the FDSLMAO
    would be epic xD

  42. @ – Cookie – Pein is above life and death! How can a Raikage get past death? All Pein needs to do is take his soul!!

  43. Seeing as Pein and the Raikage are the main contenders for #1 spot, I think we really should critically analyze them both, and see who really deserves to be number one.

    Personally, I think Pein at full power would win in a battle against the Raikage. It definitely would be a close one, but in the end, Pein would win the cakewalk. Apart from God Realm, all of the other paths are capable of performing some crazy moves. God Realm, we all know, is insanely powerful in his own right. Raikage would have enough trouble with him alone, not to talk of the other paths. So far, I think it’s safe to assume that the Raikage doesn’t really use ninjutsu (not like it would help him with Hunger Realm in the mix) and the fact that Nagato has six bodies, all sharing their fields of vision is a big plus, especially against a person who’s dominant form of jutsu is taijutsu.

    @Mudshovel: “Killerbee will roll (Pein’s) ass.” In my opinion, that’s…kafkaesque (sorry, I’m just trying to make sure I don’t forget this again). It’s unrealistic to assume that Killer Bee would own Pein. All that you mentioned about Killer Bee can easily be rendered useless by Pein. I’m not saying Pein would take down Killer Bee effortlessly, I’m just saying Killer Bee can’t easily take down Pein. I believe he’d give Pein a hard time, but in the end, Pein would win…just like I feel would happen with the Raikage.

  44. @Pein: Raikage can use Shunshin no Jutsu to avoid that attack. Even Sasuke is having trouble trying to out match Raikage’s speed.
    @Pickles: I will debate you on that (is in that kind of mood)o_o
    I doubt that he would have trouble with God Realm. After all, we still don’t know amount of power that the Raikage actually has. Because, as I said before, he would need more stronger techniques to claim the Raikage position! All god realm powers evolves around repeling and attracting( Oh come here you ;-)… Couldn’t resist… Too hyper o_o) But it would be useless in the face of Raikage’s speed. How can you block what you can’t see?

    😛 Bring on the debate 😛 hehe

  45. @super: oh darn. My mistake. I always mess up with the japanese names. -_- I think I meant Samui. Meh, both start with S and end with ui. Do the japanese lack imagination? O_O

  46. I had to go with Pein one this one. Anyone who encountered him without preparation for the battle didn’t have a chance, they were dead from the start. Even knowing the secret wouldn’t be a total edge.
    However if the Raikage knew the secret and Pein didn’t know anything about the Raikage then we would have a good fight.

    But if they just started fighting without knowing anything about each other then Pein would eventually win, not dominate, but win.

  47. I dont understand why Zetsu is in the contest. He hasnt been in a fight, unless you count eating dead bodies. O.o

  48. Fan you might be right.

  49. Alright, how do Karin and the Samurai have more votes than Kakuzu, Deidara, and Konan? >_< I know Karin is sexy (in the manga and fanart) and the Samurai are fun but really? XD

    @Dynamic: Lol, that’s what I was thinking. Samui, Omoi, Karui, Darui, and Shii? That can get confusing. @_@

    @Pickles: Yep, seems it’s going to be a close race. It looks like they’re going to be in the top 2 next week but I can’t tell who’s going to be #1 in the polls at this point.

    And don’t forget about the 5 second interval between God Realm’s attacks. Raikage can easily take advantage of that with his speed to get close to Pein and put him down.

    @Fanboi: Lol, he’s been in plenty of fights! 😀 He was always just on the sideline…>_> Plus eating people’s bodies is a badass move your opponent definitely won’t see coming. XD

    And don’t forget he wrestled with the Raikage and got his neck snapped. X_X

  50. Need more lists!!!
    Over 170 ppl have voted … WHERE THE HELL ARE UR LISTS DAMMIT!!!

  51. I just hope to god the people who voted for Karin are not serious. If so, I lost all hope in the world.

  52. 1. Raikage
    2. Pein
    3. Killer Bee
    4. Kisame
    5. Sasori
    6. Deidara
    7. Gaara
    8. Konan
    9. Kakuzu
    10. Suigetsu
    Special mention: Sage of Six Paths although he is long ago dead and never fought in the manga.

  53. @super: about the 5 second intervals between God realms attacks, if raikage is hit by one of those attacks he would be blasted away and most probably wouldn’t have enough time to retaliate before the 5 seconds are over, and that is not counting all the other realms that could be attacking him at the same!! and also Pein defeated Hanzou that man that fought the 3 sanin and was basically victorious!! I highly doubt that raikage could go against all 3 sanin at the same time and win! So even though i said the raikage and pein tie a think that pein would win in the end no doubt about it!

  54. Pein vs Raikage

    hmm inbteresting… i would have to say pein wins
    i simply find to powerful all the realms fighting against one man at once + summons from one of the realms, its to much to handle dont you think?

  55. 1. Raikage (I see him owning pein in few seconds)
    2. Pein
    3. Killer Bee
    4. Kakuzu
    5. Kimimaro
    6. Kisame
    7. Sasori
    8. Gaara
    9. Deidara
    10. Hidan (even thought he is so slow and with one tech)

  56. 1.pein
    3.killer bee

  57. @Tayish: That’s true if the Raikage doesn’t learn from the first hit. The next time he sees Pein about to do a Shira Tensei he could just stick his feet to the ground and bunker down. It’s not easy pushing a big man like that around when he doesn’t want to move.

  58. @Super: very true but raikage seems like a naruto type of guy just rushes is and doesnt think much, and true he could stand his ground but that same technique destroyed konoha and blasted away three giant frogs alot heavier then raikage so i highly doubt that storing chakara in ur feet can rly stop it cause it seems he can change the power of the gravity push or pull, so i still stand by my point that pein would beat raikage

  59. Lets also remember that pein represents all the paths, not only deva pein, so theres alot more to it

  60. @Noom: that was in my previous post abt all the oher realms attacking not just God realm

  61. to all those who say the raikage would win: i have already voted and thrown in my reasons for why Pein would win but i thought id remind everyone that if we are talking about an even fight when they both start at full power then if he really was in trouble Pein could just use his super powerfull shinra tensei that nuked konoha to crush the raikage into the ground! think about it, the raikage would at least be incapacitated by that insanly powerfull move. it destroyed one of the most powerfull villages after all

  62. 1. Kisame
    2. Pein
    3. Deidara
    4. Raikage
    5. Sasori
    6. Gaara
    7. Hidan
    8. Killerbee
    9. Kimimaro
    10. Zabuza

  63. @Alec: Im pretty sure Kisame’s water sharks wont be enough to take Pain or Raikage, cool list tho.

    Also, Killerbee at #8? Im pretty sure he could handle Hidan xD

  64. I would really like to see what powers Gaara does have left? I will miss “Giant Sand Coffin” or his lesser-known “excrutiating sand rape” Jutsu if indeed his powers have diminished.

  65. I just thought of this…if Kisame’s sword is able to absorb chakra, wouldn’t his fight w/ Pain be kinda easy? I mean Pain has chakra sensing rods, that’s how he controls his paths of pain. What’s not to say that if Kisame uses his chakra absorption on Pain, that the 6 paths will be unable to function properly? I dunno, just saying…

  66. I can see why the leaf village was left out.
    However, unless all ninja are included, then this isn’t really “Top Ninja Of The Naruto World” is it.
    Especially considering most of the best ninja derive from Konoha.

    Whats the point of winning the title “strongest in the world”, if the strongest opposition and people weren’t even in the competition.
    Do you see where i’m going with this?
    It becomes a meaningless title, because you know your not worthy to have it, you haven’t gone up against the best, the title becomes a lie.

    The same applies to this.

  67. Hmmm forgot to tell you guys, GREAT JOB!!! I loved the idea, and you did a good job on the choices 😉

    >_> I can just tell you are both going to use this against me one day >.<

  68. @schy: Perhaps u didn’t read the first couple of paragraphs – this is the best nin outside of konoha. We will be makeing a Konoha tournament in the near future, just chill everything will come together.

  69. Wow Raikage and Pein neck and neck

  70. Man i cant beleive yall put Killerbee so low, he fought Taka and laughed in the end!! (He’s badazz guyz) Raikage for sheer stupidity is way low b/c he’s ineffective and all his attacks fail or backfire!(I didn’t see Guren, why not?)

    1.Killerbee(gawd this guy is awesome! seriously guyz revote!
    2.Kisame(I think he will be essential to the story from here on)
    3.Pain(all of 7 of em! lol)
    4.Kakuzu(an all time fav of mine)
    5.Sasori(he has puppets AND iron sand.take that Gaara!!)
    6.Gaara(he had to sheild his village with the biggest sheild EVER)
    8.Deidara(I dont like em but damnit he’s good)
    9.Guren(she aint on the list but I dont beleive she’s from Konoha)
    10.SAMURAI ( GO TEAM SAMURAI !!!! ) 🙂

  71. Guyz OMG Killer bee and Kisame all the way!! Pein has less chakra then Kisame! that means if Kisame had pein’s powers he would have made a planet not a rip off sage moon(in your face Pein!!)As for Killerbee, well He fought Sasuke,Jugo(who is shot a multi-beam Kamehameha at Raikage) Karen and Suigetsu!!! He has full control over his Bijuu(not just control but what seemed to be a partnership)He is a sword master even better then Suigetsu( remember his sword wouldn’t have broke if it wasn’t for Killerbee)
    His chakra levels plus his Bijuu’s must be over 25,000!!
    It’s also the Eight-Tailed beast the second strongest next to the nine-tailed fox.He uses his head(most the time,transformes a tail into himself to trick Sasuke)unlike Raikage who is ridiculously high on yall’s list!!!!!!! REVOTE!!!!!

  72. Whats up with you guys, not even mentioning Temari-chan in your top10!?

    Cmon that girl kicks serious ass without even trying; she was the only one at the chuuning exam being able to freaking fly around, hitting Tenten so hard (with her jutsu), her whole character was pretty much wiped out of future naruto chapters!

    Shes one vicious bitch i wouldnt ever want to piss off! 😀

    Then next thing she does is killing a cursed seal2 oro-minion, the collateral dammage being half of konoha forrest 😀

    Oh well.. shes just a side character so kishimoto wont make her stronger then gaara, im just demanding her to be in your top10!!


  73. Good lord! I’ve seen so many people try to sneak Leaf Ninja in here…It ain’t about the Leaf this time. Sheesh.

    Ok, my tops:

    1) Pain/Pein
    2) Raikage
    3) Darui
    4) Killer Bee
    5) Yugito Nii
    6) Sasori – poisons PLUS tactical genius; dangerous combo
    7) Juugo – CS2 all the way
    8) Omoi – a lollipop sucking, french fry loving powerful swordsman who is badass
    9) Gaara – bijuu or no bijuu (btw…his bijuu was named “Shukaku”), he’s still very powerful
    10 Temari – that fan full of wind plus the tactical genius that rivals Shikamaru. Not too bad!

  74. @ raketenrita

    Your absolutely right! Temari did keep up strategicly and in the end won against Shikamaru.(doesnt matter if he gave up or not.he had no chakra left)And took out the leaf forest with some random bodyguard ninja who isnt important to the overall story..
    She is pretty badazz and since Guren wasn’t on the list i replace her as my number nine for Temari.

  75. Guren…she was a filler character and therefor is of even less importance to the storyline than a useless bodyguard. >< But feel free to add her to your list of course. 🙂

  76. @supertrek89

    But damn man she took on the 3 tails.(Guren I mean)
    Her style could go up againstthe rookie nine plus Kakashi and Yamato.*whistles notoriously* Sounds pretty AWESOME to me.And so much cooler then a random bodyguard ninja! 🙂

  77. Damnit man, Yall need to revote for Killerbee.
    A battle between Pein and Raikage would be one sided as hell.Now Killerbee vs Pein would be awesome!

    Dear Everyone,

    When my brother became Raikage he raised taxes and neglected our foreign allies! He’s cut budget cost for schools and instead sent that money to secret Military Bakyugan programs.

    If u vote for me I will not only lower taxes but return our ninja academies to the envy of the world..


  78. I aint changing anything. OMOI AND RAIKAGE (Gaara too >_>) FTEW!!!

    Oh and you forgot that Killer Bee is a crazy rapper 😛

  79. 1: Fifth Mizukage (The girl with Yoton jutsu)
    2: Chojiiru
    3: Guren
    4: The crazy bat guy Kabuto took.
    5: That one girl – I forgot her name – that ultimately went after Gaara in their arc – I think they had a group of ten? Matsui wasn’t it? Excuse me, Matsuri. Her and her group.
    6: Ao
    7: Monkey De Luffy?
    8: Rukia
    9: Mifune (he has to have some crazy badassness around?? Especially if he’s the samurai leader for God’s sake)
    10: Sai (wasn’t he raised in the land of waves with his semblence of a brother, and went under that rigorous kill-all-people test?)

    Seeing as at least two of these do not count I have prepared three more. 🙂

    11: Akatsuchi?
    12: Kurotsuchi?
    13: The old hogey kage of the land of earth?

    Just thought I’d add some that were forgotten. XD Konan needs more votes. :O She’d be very useful while camping. ^,^ She can make stuff out of paper for God’s sake. :O She can also use her paper for burning. :3

  80. @holydemonandy

    LMAO what!? impossible!! it cant be!! an awesomeness list!!

  81. I would definitely say that Pein, Bee, and the Raikage are at the top, with Pein probably taking the number 1 position.

    He did destroy a village on his own.

    Hanzou would also be near the top, but the rules say we need to see them in at least one battle, so I guess he can’t be included.

    Gaara, Deidara and Kisame are also very high level. ^ ^

  82. raikage owns all ( super sayin FTEW_

    second comes pein

    then gara yeh , sand owns swords X_X

    killer bee 4th

    p.s KAKASHI ftw

  83. 1. Raikage!!! (Dont underestimate the Raikage, bitch)
    2. Pein
    3. Killer Bee
    4. Gaara
    5. Kisame
    6. Dont care
    7. ^^^^^^^^^
    8. ^^^^^^^^^
    9. ^^^^^^^^^

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