Naruto Manga 463 Breakdown + 464 Spoiler Discussion: Ever Been Introduced To Wrestling By Being Dragged Into The Match? @_@

It gets hardcore when the shirts are the first to go @_@

It gets hardcore when the shirts are the first to go @_@

Hey everyone,

Apologies for disappearing from my breakdown duties the last two weeks, but I am back again to bring you non stop Pro wrestling battle action! So let’s get to the breakdown on another amazing chapter.

This weeks manga continues on from where we left off last week. A rampage of power that Sasuke can’t overpower. Which is why kids, you must always remember to eat your vegetables if you want to grow up big and strong like Raikage. Or to have that healthy glow.

When you have a hog on your belt, your enemies know you mean business. And THAT is the reason you pay your monthy debts

When you have a boar on your belt, your enemies know you mean business. And THAT is the reason you pay your monthly payments

My first thought when Sasuke landed a hit was something along the lines of “that is one small move  for a baka and one giant bitch slap from Raikage kind” and surely enough the attack didn’t work out as well as Sasuke might have been hoping for. After all when a man has an armor of lightning protecting him it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.  But it never is in Naruto.

Hangover just found a new meaning ^_^"

Hangover just found a new meaning ^_^"

Raikage uses ‘Raiga Bomb’ to smash Sasuke’s head into the ground while the after effects of the technique breaks the earth in the surrounding area. He is going to have a serious headache after all this.

The samurai prove their ability to be extremely useless as they hide behind the pillars nearby too scared to get down and dirty and curse Sasuke for making them look bad earlier.  Sasuke proves his ability of stubborness and uses Susano’o to protect him from the attack and pull out Magenkyou Sharingan on everyone.

Durui breaks away from his fight with Suigetsu to help Shi out, who still continues to lie down on the job. His life assurance just hit sky high so he is cashing it in. Durui lends him a shoulder seeing as he can’t walk after his fight and Shi realises that Raikage is going to use Shunshin no Jutsu. Karin begins to realise the true situation when she senses that the Raikage’s chakra is at Bijuu level. Over 9000, believe it! @_@

On the bad side for Sasuke ( But when is there a good side for him?) Suigetsu has a certain someone’s sword stuck inside him and can’t change into liquid properly. If the fish in the sea can handle lightning then suck it up  man and get back to fighting. But it is the samurai’s reaction to Sasuke persistency to live that takes the cake.

We need more power... we need more spikes!!!! >_<

We need more power... we need more spikes!!!! >_<

What could Madara have been possibly aiming for when he added Sasuke to his collection? Just to cause the fated battle between Senju and Uchiha and use Sasuke to prove the true capacity of Uchiha. Nothing too insane then. Here everyone was fearing that he was going to use Sasuke to actually be useful. Naruto is also faced with his worst fear, an intelligent conversation. As intelligent as it gets with a man who wants the perfect body. He can’t seem to stand that Nagato was grouped with the bad guys, even after Konoha went under some major reconstruction after Nagato payed a visit.

Smashing teenage, hormonal boys together!? You really are a crazy man 0_0

Smashing teenage, hormonal boys together!? You really are a crazy man 0_0

He is also using the Bijuu to make himself  ‘perfect’. This was the bit that made me think of how Itachi told Sasuke that Madara was a broken shell of what he use to be. Somehow the First Hokage may have incapacitated  Madara, leaving him unable to fight properly. Either that or he is one hungry man…

Madara leaves them in confusion telling them how he will tell them what he means where it will be more effective. So it’s a date then.

Sasuke is running out of options fast so he uses Ameterasu, which Raikage uses Shunshin no Jutsu to evade it. Pity, the samurai gives a new reason to get insurance on costumes against fire. Fire that can’t be put out which only the 3rd samurai has the brains to realise. Good help is hard to find, then again it doesn’t help when the employees are put on fire.

Raikage tries to use Raigyaku Suihei to backhand Sasuke but he uses Ameterasu to protect himself as a shield. Versatility at its best.  Somehow you got to wonder how toasty it is inside of that.

Raikage ends this weeks chapter sacrificing his left arm to knock Sasuke out of the oven and launches into the air ready to give him a world of pain. Not to mention gives Sasuke a valuable lesson. World Wrestling all the way in this chapter! 😉

Moments like this are epic @_@

It gets epic when they can label you as their bitch @_@







There are 15 rules you must follow to ever become Raikage. It is considered as the gospel to Ninjas everywhere:

Rule 15:

You always keep a sexy woman on the scene


Rule 14:

Your office work is a punching bag


Rule 13:

You are never afraid to cry


Rule 12:

Your brother is a tentacle


Rule 11:

Your workers are most likely to die from writing


Rule 10:

Your groupies always bring the party music


Rule 9:

You question peoples sexuality on a daily basis


 Rule 8:

Old age doesn’t occur to you. Old age cries in fear at your name


Rule 7:
You leave a lasting impression on gravity
Rule 6:
You always look down on othersUntitled
Rule 5:
You make a boar belt look fetching and full of manliness
Rule 4:
 You help others facepalm when they can’t do it themselves
Rule 3:
 Since your birth, you have become the number one cause of collateral damage 
Rule 2:
 You never use a door. Ever
Rule 1:
 You are over 9000  and go Super Saiyan for ownage
This weeks Bubble ^_^

This weeks Bubble ^_^

And last weeks Bubble winner is…….. 0_0

Congrats Ms Mandi :D

Congrats Ms Mandi 😀

 Another round of applause for Tenrai’s Senshi for his art work again.



Well that is it for me for now.




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  2. 2nd YAHOOOO

  3. bla….i could have been first if i didnt read the whole thing in detail >_>

    Nice speedy breakdown and very funny XD
    Nice jub 😉

  4. Whats a “jub”
    Imean *job 😛

  5. Third, mhm. 😉

  6. Whooaaaa. Raikage is now my favorite character, hands down.
    He can dodge a Amaterasu’s gaze, become a Super Saiyan, risks his left arm to punch people in the neck, and actually used the Batista Bomb on Sasuke. But it’s not a surprise … I mean, he is the World Heavyweight Champion.

    Props to Sasuke for using Amaterasu and a partial Susanoo simultaneously.

  7. BUBBLE:
    I think you know what’s next;


  8. 4th bakas

  9. Ok I give credit where credit is do! This was epic to the max almost as awesome as raikages steroid induced muscles are!!!!!! Damn cookie this is why u are over 9000 in awesomeness ^_^ great job!!!! Not saying the peeps who filled in for u wernt awesome while u broke into the one piece headquarters!! But damn I missed your humor 🙂 ok done with the compliments remember cookie while u may be 9000 I am 10000000!!!!

    This chap the d-bomb! Not only did we get some scope on the reason mandara wants the tailed-beast but we also got ninja/wreastling action rolled into one!! Like I said in a post a few days ago kishi has broken into my secret stash >_< and has begun a awesome chap roll!!!

  10. Raikōben is 4th and Ahsan is 5th 😛

  11. 7th! =D

  12. Madara mentions that he wants to attain ‘perfection’ (perfect cell moment much 😉 ) but i think he’s talking about becoming just like the Sage of the 6paths. Madara has the ‘eyes’ and is gifted with powerful chakras and spiritual energy, however i think with the help of the bijuu he will try to gain the ‘body’ (with huge Life force and physical energy) this in turn would make him invincible and ‘perfect’.



  15. wow, that was really fast, cookie. O_O

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    “Did someone order some Global OWNAGE!!!”

  17. Bubble

    I hate sasugay!!!!!!!


    Machamp , hand chop!!!

  18. YOSH!!!! Awesome breakdown Cookie and very funny indeed! XD
    Now get off the One Piece page unless you plan on reading it! 😛

    Lolz, anyway I completely agree Mudshovel and that’s exactly what I said on the previous brekadown. Madara Uchiha has the ‘eyes’ now he wants the ‘body’ just like the Senju have. They just about near have the “perfect body” and if Madara does obtain that he’ll have the power of Uchiha and the body of a Senju. Ultimate Ninja! 😀

  19. I have a theory

    Raikage is secretly….

    *Drum Roll*




  20. wow! very nice art…. can’t wait to see this on anime! 🙂

  21. @ Fanboi 😀 LMAO! So if Raikage is pikachu, who is Raichu?

  22. LMAO great breakdown cookie! 8D You forgot Rule No. 0: The Raikage stomps everybody and their mommas.

    As for what Madara’s doing: I WAS RIGHT SUKERZZ! Everyone here was theorizing metaphysics while I said Kishi’ll use something really simple in a devious way.

    Outcome: Madara’s main plan is just to prove that Uchihas are better and to get uber powerful/immortal with the bijuus. Now tell me, is that any different from any other super villain on this earth/hell/limbo/MJ’s coffin?

    … I know this’ll come back at me some day, when we find out what’s really happening, but for now I’m satisfied. -_O

  23. great chapter breakdown, and an epic chapter to match. That raikage is one crazy bastard. First, he dodges amaterasu. Then he punches sasuke with amaterasu on his body. Seems to me the fact he is willing to sacrifice an arm means he’s really got sasuke at an arse rapping position. Or else he’s just plain stupid. Another thing, is it just me, or is the raikage a short range fighter? He might keep losing other body parts(probably his balls next), if he doesn’t think of something else other than German suplexes and body slams.

  24. @supertrek: Hmm…interesting theory about madara wanting the body the senju had. The thing is, doesn’t he need al the bijuu to achieve that, i mean i would want to think he’s inability to obtain the kyuubi should be enough to prevent that cruel transformation. However, if that happens, then the only way i see madara coming down would be a naruto-sasuke collaboration. Naruto-the body, sasuke- the eyes.

  25. Sorry to go off-topic, but i stumbled upon this video and it really blew me away. If anyone likes the Pain Invasion Arc and colored Manga pics you should definatly watch!

    Great Breakdown Cookie as always. Good to have you back. I really do like that first pic, kudos to you for getting it! =D

  26. @fanboi: Awesome video…..who’s the artiste band to the song?

  27. fanboi? You there?

  28. Great breakdown Cookie, you really did the wrestling theme justice.
    I dont know if its just me but it seems like its only the gold bracelet thingy on raikages arm thats on fire.

    @Mud and Super: I agree that Madara wants to be like the sage of six paths too. Do you think the bijuu may have something to do with Senju? Like their origins….Which could be why the first could control them and also why Madaras eyes worked on them.

  29. Good to see you back with another great breakdown, Cookie.


    Raikage: You think I’m done? Wait ’til you taste my Raiga Fart!

    Franky: Good call…in which case, he could simply take it off, and he wouldn’t have to worry about the black flame on his arm.

  30. OK! Cookie, as always great breakdown! You put mine to shame! T___T (:P) *extends hand to give cookie a high five*. Tenrai, awesome coloring as always…you truly are a master. 🙂

    As for the ‘smashing Sasuke into Naruto’ thing? I think that Kishimoto just fulfilled Havoc’s dream. BTW, what are you using for the scans? ‘Cause that and the ‘Don’t fuck with the Raikage Bitch’ parts seemed a little TOO far out there. I haven’t lol’d this much since Gaara’s ‘they’re hardcore’ comment.

    Also, I’m a bit confused cuz I think that I might be the raikage…I have almost all of those things that cookie posted!

  31. BUBBLE:
    Raikage: What the…? That’s not the toilet.
    Raikage: Prepare to get pink eye, Sasuke!

  32. Real funny breakdown!

    “Time to smash you Biaaow ow! outch! HOT! HOT! it freaking burns!”

  33. Oh yes, how silly of me how could I forget? >_< Great job to you too Tenrai for your artwork! 😉


    Raikage: "Muhahahaha, welcome to HELL bitch!"

  34. bubble

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    Raikage: How Bout A Tasty Serving Of Foot In The Mouth BIOTCH!!!

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  39. Holy shitake mushrooms! I actually won the bubble contest?! >.< Wow….

    Great breakdown Cookie, I misseded you!

    Bubble: Can you smeeeeellll what the Raikage is cooking?

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    DAMN my arse is on fire !!

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    Are all of you Uchihas gay? STOP LOOKING AT MY ASS!

  42. OH MY GOD!!!!! I knew raikage would be my favorite characters!!!!! he straight up wrecked sasuke multiple times. but sasuke using susanoo was pretty cool/smart so props to him… But the raikage’s super saiyan form is just awesome. I rly hope madara runs away with sasuke and sasuke doesnt win; cause thats what seems to be the current set up for the next chapter.

  43. @total: Sorry I went to bed after i put that up. xD

    Band: Hollywood Undead
    Song: Young

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    You could’ve had a V8!!!

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    It can be its the Peoples Elbow!

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    Yes I shit on the Uchihas HAHAHA.

  47. HELL YEAH! Raikage FTEW 😛
    Nice to be back with the breakdowns, funniest one to come back to! lol
    @Death: You said I was over 9000 and that means I am over 10000000000000000000000 hehehehe 😀
    @Dro: *ends up doing a really complex high five* Yours was still good! I was thinking the exact same think when I was writing the breakdown, but decided NOT to mention Havoc into it lmao. I am using Binktopia’s manga on Manga shares, I trust it more than sleepyfans, and come one! How can you not think Raikage would say that when he tears his clothes off so easily???? 😛

    So who would win in a battle between Uchiha vs Senju? By bet is for Senju, the heart always wins 😛 I can so picture the end result of Sasuke vs Naruto battle lol 😀


  49. BUBBLE: The People’s Elbow!!!

    Heh. XP 😛 I think I may’ve liked the onemanga translation better. :O Well, the translation uploaded to there. XD

  50. hold up i just realized wat was snapping in the lat panel of this chapter?? sasukes neck or his susanoo cause it clearly is crackable since part of its rib did break off with the raiga bomb. and darui kinda owned suigetsu; i mean if he can just pin him up on a wall like that he must be good.

  51. @Dricedt: That’s some real dedication to claim first you got there! XD

    @Fuuton: Yeah, I don’t think anyone is going to win this match. Someone is going to stop the match so that there is no clear decisive winner and we’re left to wonder. I hope I’m wrong though because I really want Raikage to win this one! Hell, if Sasuke wins this singlehandedly I’ll be quite surprised. >_<

  52. Yeah I already post it but I realize that it was not where i was suppose to post it at.

    I do agree with you Fan boy about letting us correct our post.
    But I just got a good idea from what someone said.

    Many are saying that Gaara is weaker but I wonder. What if he make up for that with Wind jutsu. I mean that would be great him using the sand and since Lighting is the weakness of Earth his wind jutsu can help back him up.

    Yeah I think that would be hard if they gave Gaara that. I can see a whole new Gaara and a whole new fighting style for him. He might be even better.

  53. Bubble
    Its the electric BIG BOOT!!

  54. I was thinking about Madara and his Abilitys his technique which allows things to pass through him Im not 100% positive on this analysis but I dont think you can classify his technique as a space/time jutsu well his teleportaion is space/time.
    But his phase technique is more like a bloodline limit im assuming because hes able too control his molecular density where things pas through him or he could also change his body to become very dense harder than steel basically invunerable more stronger than Kimimaros Bone ability.
    I realised this when suigetsu struck at Kisame and hit his arm and he said Hard I thought at the time that oh hes Obito and hes got a strong metal arm or I thought he had iron skin cause his skin colour is differant.
    But when I saw Madaras eyes Black and his skin is also black then Im assuming he has a Blood line limit which is similar to Juugos ability but more advanced in a way it activates the same but differant in ability
    Im ranting on but on my personal notes of Naruto it makes me believe that what Itachi said about Madara being nothing more than a shell though I believe Madara has Assimulated many people in his life time too achieve a Perfect Body like Orochimaru only better.
    I had too right this or Ill forget, well not really but I dont like to harbour ideas.

  55. BUBBLE
    Raikage:Say hello to my little friend…

  56. Hey everyone. I just thought it was about time to start a new debate to get things a bit more lively again. ^ ^

    So, I was thinking of a few things and some ideas popped into mind. One of them was a Senju vs Uchiha debate, seeing as how it was a running theme at the time.

    The other was a Bee vs Raikage debate, which also seemed like a great idea, but it has been pointed out to me that that wouldn’t work.

    So, I think the best option is a Naruto vs Raikage debate. Seeing how Sasuke has fared against Bee’s big bro, it would be interesting to see how Naruto would have done any differently.

    Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  57. Well some debating is needed on here, so lets bring it people 😛 Tehehe

    I think Senju would beat Uchiha.
    For one thing, Uchiha may have the Sharingan techniques for Senju has the body to beat it. Judging from what was said by Madara before the Uchiha would have the larger chakra supply for jutsus than the Senju clan. But that said the Senju clan would have more physical strength to maintain fighting for longer. But with Naruto now being a Senju, he has the Kyuubi’s chakra to offer him the spiritual energy that the Senju doesn’t have as much as the Uchiha.

    The Senju clan has the strength of heart. So no matter what or how the outcome may look they won’t give up and will continue to protect what is precious to them. The Uchiha fight fuled by their hatred(except Itachi… That wee trouper) The will fight to force their pain on others and to have a reason to ‘live’. So the Senju would fight for a true reason, while the Uchiha would fight for themselves.

    And then there is the whole Senju = love and Uchiha = hatred. What always seems to prevail?
    What would interest me more in the Naruto vs Sasuke fight… Mostly because if Naruto is a relation to The First, would that mean he would have his ability over wood? The same Bloodline limit? It just has me curious.

    And then for the Killer Bee vs Raikage fight… HELL YEAH! Neither can keep their clothes on… Or rather don’t wear any to start with lol 😉

  58. I am trying to figure out when was Madara skin discolored. When he took of his mask to show Sasuke he skin look fine. I thing it just the mask and how it was made.

    Plus what do y’all think about Gaara having Wind Jutsu. Like would it make him better then b4 he lost his 1 tail. I mean controlling sand and wind is a good combo.

  59. WB cookie. Good to see you conviced Kishi to kill off sasugay while you were away. O_O
    Nice Breakdown and i look forward to next weeks.

  60. BUBBLE


  61. NICE breakdown Cookie!

    @Tenrai: Personally, (and i hate saying this) I would think the Raikage would own Naruto. The only reason I say this is because, Naruto would be at a slight disadvantage because (dont hate me everyone) he does not have the sharingan. I think Naruto would be unable to keep up with his speed. With Sasuke, at least he stands a little chance to predict or follow Raikages movements.
    The only thing Naruto really has going for him against the Raikage is his sage mode because his body will become alot tougher or harder, which could help against those terrifying punches from the pro wrestler. ^_^
    But that cannot last forever, and who knows if Naruto’s rasengan would even leave a mark? Naruto’s only chance at winning is his strongest technique, because as we know Wind beats Lightning. But I still dont think itll be enough to take down the big guy.

    hhmmm ill try to think of a bubble entry later….

  62. finally after a long day at work i can finally post.

    great breakdown cookie.

    also did anyone notice that sasuke never fully formed susanoo.
    i didnt see the mirror or the sword that itachi gave to susanoo when sasuke used it. maybe this was becaused it wasnt fully formed or maybe itachi gave the weapons to naruto.

    sword= best counter for sasuke sword (mentioned by orochimaru)

    mirror= can deflect any attack which would be good against amaretsu.

  63. @bbgurly14

    naruto’s speed is enhanced while in sage mode also it is mentioned sasuke’s eyes cant keep up with the raikage so they arnt being very helpfull to him at all.and we havent seen naruto fight in sage kyubii mode yet. oh yeah and he has rasen shuriken that is a ranged wind attack so with all that he may be raikages worst opponent.

  64. Bubble

    My last and most powerful move…. SUPER-SAIYAN FARTS!!!!

  65. @ Eatencookie

    NICE JOB, you just read my mind with the picture of Raikage going super Saiyan. Fuck that shit It’s Super Saiyan time 🙂

    @ Fanboi

    Pikapika pika pikachu chu chu pike LOLLLL!!!

  66. Sorry i press submit to fast..

    Pikapika pika pikachu chu chu pika


    Fuck that shit It’s Super Saiyan time!!!

  67. raikage can easily dodge rasen shuriken… he dodged amaterasu and u can see a rasenshuriken coming unlike a flame manifesting out of nowhere. and narutos speed isnt enhanced that much, i mean comparing it to the raikages super sayan mode which is so fast it leaves an illusion of his presence after he has left area. also naruot is a close quater fighter so he would have a lot of trouble with a master at hand to hand combat like the raikage. omg Raikage is a freaking monster!!!

  68. YOSH!!! Alright I got some time so I’m entering this debate of Uchiha vs. Senju! …it’s a tie! >_<

    Lol, I don't know really it's hard to choose who's stronger. Hashirama defeated Madara in battle but Madara’s still alive and Hasirama is the one rotting in the ground somewhere and being summoned back from the dead to attack his own village. XD

    Sasuke Uchiha defeated Naruto, the boy who inherited the will of the Senju, in battle and whether or not that defeat was legit matters little. I know all the arguments pointing to Naruto not aiming for a vital area on Sasuke’s body but instead for his forehead protector. Sasuke did the same thing not aiming for a vital area on Naruto’s body so as not to kill him. In the end it would have still led to a tie between the Uchiha and Senju wouldn’t it if they both hit each other in vital areas?

    Now the first battle between the descendants we don’t know who won their matches. Just because The Sage picked the descendant of the Senjus (youngest son) doesn’t mean he was stronger. The Sage just thought his methods were more suited for peace.

    Given all the information we have it’s hard to discern which clan is stronger. Especially when we know so much about the Uchiha and so little about the Senju comparably, so I’m sticking to it’s a tie until I see the result of the next Naruto vs. Sasuke fight.

  69. BUBBLE: thought i was gonna kick you….MEGA THUNDER FART!!

  70. Now for the Raikage vs. Naruto debate…are we talking about a fully prepared Naruto with Sage Clones hiding off somewhere and him already being in Sage Mode? Because without those Naruto doesn’t stand a chance. -_- I’ll just assume we’re talking about a predeclared match then and both opponents start at their fullest.

    *sigh* If I say Naruto could beat Raikage and Sasuke winds up losing to Raikage then I’d be totally wrong. If I say Raikage would beat Naruto and Sasuke ends up coming out the victor against Raikage I’d feel a little more comfort…just a little. Why you may ask? I still think Sasuke is ahead of Naruto that’s why. 😉 *fortifies bunkers and prepares for onslaught* >_<

    Moving on…

    Sage Mode gives him enhanced strength. Enough to pick up giant stone statues many times his size and weight. Also enough strength to hurl giant summoned monsters into the air. It's Tsunade like strength like when she was able to pick up Gamabunta's humongous sword in her weakened state and pierce through Manda's mouth.

    Frog Katas which greatly enhances his Taijutsu and combined with his immense strength and extending chakra no one else can see makes for more of a threat.

    Last but not least there's the increased speed. Not as fast as the Raikage of course but increased speed helps nonetheless.

    Downfall of all of this…there's a time limit. He can only hold Sage Mode for so long since he can't fuse with Ma and Pa frog. Once he runs out of Sage Mode he's screwed unless he resorts to the Kyuubi power again.

  71. On the Raikage against Naruto debate:
    I think if Naruto went into the battle fully in sage mode and completely prepared we would have a good fight on our hands, but Raikage would still win due to his experience and knowledge. From what we have seen of the battle that he is in now, he doesn’t analyze things, he doesn’t use tricks, and he rushes head in. Very Naruto like behavior but the Raikage has been doing these things far longer than Naruto, he has probably picked up a thing or two.

  72. How long can Naruto hold sage mode if he doesn’t use rasen shuriken?

  73. I believe the time limit is 5 minutes without the use of major chakra draining techniques like Rasen-Shurinken.

  74. @supertrek89 you are absolutely right about the,shall we call it “standart” sage mode,but we have yet to see the abillities of Naruto’s Kyubi-Sage transformation.After all he easily resisted Pain’s chakra from point-blank.I still don’t claim that Naruto will beat the Raikage but he may have something up his sleeve.

  75. @to63to: I think the timelimit would probably be about the same in sage/kyuubi mode. Simply because the timelimit is when the sage chakra will be fully used up (not counting rasenshurikens) adding kyuubi chakra should bolster his strength and speed etc but it wouldn’t add to the sage chakra.

  76. Bubble:


  77. Great breakdown Cookie! Way to go!

    Ok, Super…here’s the deal. Sorry to rain on your parade but Naruto is stronger than Sasuke. Why? Well, let me tell you – our orange hero has healing abilities from two sources, Kyuubi and Sage Mode. You see Sasuke healing that Ameratsu very quickly? I keep waiting for Sasuke to check into the local infirmary to get that taken care of.

    Stamina: Naruto wins, hands down. Kyuubi and Sage Mode…Sasuke is showing that even he has limits.

    Next, Naruto can use both Kyuubi and Sage Mode together which give him awesome power. Dojutsu (eye techs) can only do so much as Sasuke is clearly demonstrating. His left eye is giving out after one round of Ameratsu. If Naruto uses Sage Mode right, he can have up to three rounds of Sage mode (clones). If it lasts 5 or so minutes each, that could make the difference in a battle. Ah yes, don’t forget Sage Arts: FRS. Since it is wind based – say bye-bye to lightning based Sasuke. And…it tends to cut anything in its path. Even if his sharingan can work right, the chakra that is spinning expands. Not even the Rinn’egan could handle it very well. Sasuke can no longer use Kuchyose no Jutsu and summon Manda as he once did. Naruto has his gang of toads – including the dynamic singing duo of Ma and Pa.

    Plus, there may be other techs we haven’t seen from these two – including any remaining parting gifts bestowed on these two from Itachi. Jiraiya taught Naruto everything he knew, which was immense, as did Oro with Sasuke.

    Bottom Line: don’t count Naruto out. Sharingan isn’t everything you know…it may be able to control the Kyuubi but, as Naruto has proven, he is clever enough to find a way around it all.

  78. I agree with Penny.

    MS is extremely powerful but has some big down sides. The biggest by far is the blindness issue. And whos eyes can Sasuke steal? No ones, which means his future = either blindness or death. Take your pic Sasugay lovers. *My moneys on death*

    I mean i dont want to sound like Naruto loving fanboi “cough” who always roots for the good guy, but yeah this time the hero has the upper hand.

  79. @Penny i agree that naruto is stronger than sasuke, but i don’t think the difference is huge. Plus in a fight with him Naruto will be holding back the FRS or he could kill him for starters. Bottom line is Naruto is stronger, but i still think it’s gonna be the most badass fight ever to happen in ‘Naruto’ (it’ll probably make the invasion of Pein look like a walk in the park 😉 )

  80. it might be it, it says confirmed!!! i doubt anybody saw this coming if it is true!! enjoy!

    by: Sho , vered – NF

    Is this spoiler even real? I’m not even sure if I should bother with it since it’s so retarded (even though it apparently comes from nja). A few examples:

    Gaara interrupts Raikage’s attack
    Gaara says Sasuke has the eyes as he once did
    Gaara starting to cry from his left eye
    Sasuke praising Gaara for his complete defense against Amaterasu with his sand
    Sasuke forms a pitch-black Susano’o
    Karin: “He’s no longer the Sasuke from before. He’s too cold!”
    Sasuke saying: “Gaara, this is my absolute defense! When I activated the Mangekyou in both eyes, the third cheat power I attained is Susano’o ”

    And much more

    Utter garbage if this is a real chapter from Kishimoto
    Nja- As I thought, it starts from the Guillotine Drop

    Sasuke moves the Amaterasu in front of him to oppose the attack

    その時 砂が雷影の攻撃を防ぎ吹き飛ばす
    That’s when sand rushes in to defend, and blow off the Raikage’s attack

    雷影 風影貴様場合によっては容赦はせんぞ!!
    Raikage: “Kazekage, you’d better have a good reason for me to forgive this!”

    ガアラ あんたにこれ以上怪我をされても困るからな
    Gaara: “Well, you’d be in some deep shit if you got yourself hurt anymore than you are now”
    雷影自分の腕を切り落とし シーに治療させる
    Raikage cuts off his own arm and has C cure him

    Sasuke and Gaara have a conversation

    “Now you have the same eyes as I once did in the past”~It’s still not too late, come back with us”~

    “Even if I returned back, what would I have~?” “I’ve grown aware of it, but you should be able to see that small light as well”

    “My eyes have already been closed to the light; what’s left is only darkness”

    テマリ もうよせ~そいつは時期に国際手配になるそうしたらもう戻れる場所なんてないんだ~私情をはさむな !お前は風影だろう!!
    Temari: “Stop it already~That guy is to be internationally wanted, and once that happens, there won’t be any place for him left to go to~ Don’t let your personal feelings interfere! You are the Kazekage!”

    ガアラの左眼から涙が流れる  分かっている!! とヒョウタンからすべての砂を出す
    Tears fall from Gaara’s left eye “I understand!” He releases all his sand from his gourd

    Taking advantage of the chaos, Karin locates the Hokage’s location

    Scene change to meeting room

    居場所がばれたのでダンゾウは混乱になったら外に出るぞ とヒソヒソ 青が大人しくしていろと 一括
    Since the meeting room was exposed, Danzou whispers: “Let’s get out of here if it turns into mayhem”; To sum up what Ao says is something like: “You’ll be quiet”

    場面は戻り デイダラ妹 すごい!!
    Scene returns to Deidara’s sister [trans note: nja’s comment]: “Awesome!”

    すべての天照を砂でガードするガアラ サスケ「さすが絶対防御だな俺の炎遁をここまで防ぐとは な」
    Gaara guards against all of the Amaterasu with his sand. Sasuke: “Your absolute defense lives up to itself. Who would’ve thought you could defend against my Katon* [trans note: nja used the wrong “fire” kanji here*] to this extent…”

    ダルイが 加勢します私が最初に術を放つので一斉に皆さんも 風3人 おk!!
    Darui: “We’ll assist you. Since I’ve been firing off jutsu since the beginning, now all of us and the three Sand shinobi will do it simultaneously!”

    攻撃があたる瞬間にサスケのスサノオがついに現れる (真っ黒なスサノオ)
    The moment all their attacks hit him, Sasuke’s Susano’o finally appears (a pitch black Susano’o)

    カリン 以前のサスケじゃもうない 冷たすぎ
    Karin: “Sasuke’s now completely gone. So cold”

    サスケ ガアラこれが俺の絶対防御だ!!
        両眼の万華鏡を開眼したときに得られる 第三のチート能力 スサノオだ!!
    Sasuke: “Gaara, this is my absolute defense! When I activated the Mangekyou in both of my eyes, I was able to attain the third cheat ability, Susano’o!”

    The end

    サスケのスサノオは まだイタチの様に完全じゃないっぽい
    Sasuke’s Susano’o still isn’t complete as Itachi’s was

    ただの骨人形  頭蓋骨もあり骨が黒色です
    Another bone figure. There’s a skull and the bones are black in color

    Around it is a pale grey type of aura that adorns [Susano’o]

    (To be honest, the color of the aura is pretty hard to explain but it’s dark in color)

    ちなみに 最初に天照を食らった侍は カンクロウに宙に浮かされ
    By the way, around the beginning Kankurou floats the Samurai who ate the Amaterasu

    and has Temari strip him using Kamaitachi

    He gets messed up but he lives lol

    Since he was talking calmly when he opens his eyes, Sasuke seems in pretty good shape

    ただジュウゴは 試したかったのはこれの事か・・・ と呪い状態から人になっていて
    But Juugo: “Was..this what I wanted to test…?” from the cursed seal he turns human

    Seems like it was a dangerous state

    雷影は  シーまだか!? 
    Raikage: “C, I’m still waiting!”

    シー   もうすぐです 
    C: “Almost there”

    雷影   腕が回復しだいサスケに攻撃するぞ!!
    Raikage: “I’ll need my arm restored to attack Sasuke!”

    He says it pretty gung-ho so he’s in good health lol

    I wouldn’t say it’s due to him stopping the bleeding

    since after he cuts off his arm, it’s burnt to ash…

    I thought Sasuke came off pretty cool

    Too bad Kurotsuchi had a one-word panel lol

    Wonder why Temari was out more than C or Darui

    It seemed that when Sasuke opened his eyes, blood didn’t come out

    I think it’s at the level after crying blood

  81. Is Susano A spirtual Summon of his Own Karma?

  82. if these spoilers are anything to go by, then gaara has made up his mind to fight sasuke? Well…we’ll see. It’s only monday, so i’ll say it’s a bit too early for spoilers. Good heads up though. The thing is i was thinking it would make more sense for madara to appear in the vicinity of the fight, save sasuke and kill the raikage. That way, the kage summit believes sasuke’s taken down a kage, and hence the more reason to have him wanted, enough time for the summit to get their gaze off akatsuki, and also enough time for madara to achieve perfection. Konoha also become a massive target as well, for their failure to take care of their missing nin. Madara in that score would have ended up killing two birds with one stone- distracting the summit from their main objective, and having revenge on konoha, something he has always wanted.

  83. and yeah, if this spoiler is anything to go by, the raikage would be really dim. Punching an amaterasu protected sasuke and asking darui to heal his hand. Plain stupidity.

  84. @penny: Yeah, just to add to what you said about a kyuubi+sage naruto, i feel that is naruto fusing with the kyuubi inside of him, the same thing he tried to do with fukasaku that the kyuubi rejected. I feel the kyuubi wanted naruto to make use of it’s huge chakra reserves to make sage mode last longer, rather than have to rely on someone else for that. Hence the kyuubi+sage combo is definitely a sign of monstrous things to come from naruto, and with more practice and perfection, naruto might just be able to keep sage mode longer with that combo. (remember fukusaku thought fusion would be the key to solving naruto’s exhaustion from sage mode, so fusion with the kyuui should solve that problem.) There’s also the issue of naruto entering sage mode while running, no one knows for sure if he’s learned that. Hopefully he has. And yes, one more thing you said, you think jiraiya taught naruto everything he knew? I really hope so. Because if he did, naruto’s about to become a terrifying being.

    p.s.- i missed ya.

  85. @senu07: I really like your theory of itachi giving the sword and mirror to naruto. But something tells me itachi at least gave the sword to sasuke, and the mirror to naruto. I reckon he gave the mirror to naruto because he knew naruto would not want to kill sasuke, so he needed a form of defense from sasuke’s new found rage. Well, that’s what i kinda speculate, and at the end it’s only speculation.

  86. @senju and total:

    Correct me if im wrong, but didnt itachi give his powers to naruto before he fought sasuke? is that is the case, he couldn’t possibly give naruto the sword or shield cause he used them in battle

  87. @admins: I am SO lost when it comes to these time stamps. I never know when someone has posted. I am ten hours behind of the time stamps. UGH! What time zone is this based in and is there any way to change this?

    @total: missed ya, too. FYI: in the event the time stamps are really bugging you, I posted at 1 am CDT (Central US time). I never know when you are going to be on these days.

    @senu07: like I suspected, we have no idea what Itachi gave to these two. It would make sense he would have given them offsetting parts to one amazing jutsu. Why? If Sasuke had it all, he’d be dangerous but if he gave the other half to Naruto, it would ensure the power would be distributed and FORCE Sasuke to work with Naruto (nice one, Itachi!) to bring down Madara. After all, all Itachi wanted was peace and his brother to be in Konoha and safe, in a manner of speaking as does Naruto. Interesting that they both agree on that point but go about it differently. That theme sound familiar???

  88. @tayish: I’d initially dismiss that spoiler as a fake. However, with no Shippuuden episode this week, it could come out early as it did recently when there was an anime “off” week. We’ll have to see…

  89. @noom: Yeah, we’ll see about that.

  90. @total: WTH are you???? GAHHH! I was in chat and you disappeared…

  91. i’ll really like to see a fight between tsunade and the raikage. Like what happens when two elephants fight. Only the raikage is a faster elephant. maybe tsunade is the harder one.

  92. @penny:aww….ok i’ll be in the chat room now.


  94. Should The Amateresu flame on the raikage arm just spread until his whole body is consumed.
    sasuke Mangekyou sharingan has know key different traits ten itachis S he has all te same techs tranfered to him. i wonder what unique traits his Mangekyou sharingan poses beside what itachi gave him.

    And scine we know know that the sharingan and the bykugan are decendents spawned and branched from the rinnegan, I wonder if it possible to have someone born to you with the rinnegan or bykugan if your part of the uchiha clan.


  95. @marksman: Now THAT, my dear, is an idea for one EPIC fanfic. X)

  96. Naruto vs raikage

    This is a tough one. I dont see a rasingan doing anything to him unless its a rasen shurikan but raikage lightning jitsu would problobly deflect it depending on his lightning level.

    Sage mode would do great agaisnt him however. The speed factor is on raikage side so naruto would be at a slight disadvantage.

  97. Hmmm, unfortunately, following my debates post, life happened and I have been unable to actually post any comments following…

    So now is as good a time as any, I guess, so here it goes.

    In terms of a Naruto vs Raikage fight, I think Naruto would fair better than Sasuke currently is, simply because of the different advantages he has.

    Firstly, in Sage mode, he has a staggering amount of strength, probably even more than the Raikage does. He is also practically impervious to physical damage, having even fallen off a cliff with little more than a scratch to show for it.

    Because the Raikage is largely a physical combatant, using Raiton jutsu to supplement his speed, power and attack range, this gives Naruto a slight advantage in close combat.

    However, at the same time, although I believe Naruto is stronger, I am certain that the Raikage is faster. But speed means nothing if you can’t damage your opponent. Another thing I have noticed is that although the Raikage’s lightning chakra seems to encase him in a form of armor, it does not seem to harm anyone touching it.

    I’m not sure if it is because Sasuke himself has the same affinity, but even when the Raikage is holding him, the lighting itself doesn’t seem to have any effect. Even with Juugo, we don’t see any highlighted examples of any actually damage done by the lightning armor.

    Another factor everyone seems to miss out on, or just gets completely wrong, is that Sage mode does NOT drain the users fatigue while it is active.

    If you look there, Fukusaku mentions the fact that because Sage chakra is drawn from one’s surroundings, its use does not exhaust the user and instead causes him to recover more quickly.

    I think the only reason Rasenshuriken causes it to dissipate, is because Naruto needs to use a large amount of his sage chakra to form it and maintain it, which in turn causes his chakra to become unbalanced, hence the sage mode fails…

    The only other thing I can think of is that it’s something Kishi overlooked. -_____-

    Anyway, the downside for Naruto is if he does come out of sage mode. Although he is still strong without it (he did defeat Deva Pein without sage mode) I think the Raikage would have an overall edge. The fact that he also has a massive reserve of chakra is also helpful as well.

    However, I think he is a bit overconfident and somewhat hasty when it comes to battle as well. Although he is strong, he lets his temper get ahead of him. Naruto has shown a lot of wit recently and I think he could outsmart the Raikage, or use his temper against him.

    Overall, it’s a close call. They each have there Pro’s and cons…

    – The raikage has the speed advantage…

    – Naruto has the strength advantage in Sage mode when it comes to taijutsu, but the Raikage’s speed makes him formidable and his chakra armour seems to give him a lot of protection. The only other factor is the fact that the sage chakra extends beyond Naruto’s body, increasing the range of his attack and that is something the Raikage may not take into account and could be caught off guard with.

    – Ninjutsu, Naruto has the elemental advantage, while both have immense chakra reserves…

    The only other factor I can think of considering is the fact that Naruto can summon, which is something that may give him an edge. Bringing Gamabunta into the battle, or even Ma and Pa toad could tip it in his favor. Summoning is a part of a shinobi’s arsenal, after all and should be considered a factor. Even most of Jiraiya’s jutsu involved summoning frogs, or… different parts of them. lol.

    Other than that, it seems like more of a draw to me. If it weren’t for the Raikage’s speed, I would give this to Naruto, but the fact that he is so fast really does make a huge difference.

  98. OMG… that post was soooo much longer than I remember typing… >_<

  99. @Penny, Mudshovel, and Fanboi: Pffffffffffffffft, Sasuke would own Naruto right now hands down. Let’s take the scenario of them running into each other in the middle of a forest randomly. Naruto without his Sage clones and no Sage Mode at all. Naruto would get handled obviously. The only way to make it fair is to give Naruto time to prepare for the battle. Sasuke could just jump right in on the other hand and be ready to fight. Naruto needs preparation if he is to beat Sasuke. Sasuke wouldn’t need any to defeat Naruto. Which one is truly stronger?

    Now we’re all talking about the wonderful techniques Naruto has but what about the techniques Sasuke has? Raiton jutsu, Katon jutsu, Tsukoyomi, Susano’o, and Amaterasu. I think Sasuke has surpassed his brother Itachi by now (this is just a personal opinion) but after all he did combine his powers on top of Sasuke’s. Not to mention Shii’s comment about how well he controlled Amaterasu. You could say bye-bye to Sasuke’s Raiton based attacks but then I can say bye-bye to Naruto’s Fuuton based attacks because Sasuke’s Katon tops it (wind fuels fire).

    Naruto’s Kage Bushins are basically useless against Sasuke with his Sharingan as they’ve always been. Summoning all those giant toads back just to fight Sasuke would be a waste of a lot of Naruto’s chakra. This is because Sasuke would just put them all in regular genjutsu like he did to Manda. He did it to Manda with “no chakra left” so the toads don’t stand a chance at a full powered Sasuke with Itachi’s powers.

    Plus, notice how he didn’t wince or hold his eye after using Amaterasu twice. Once on Raikage and another time on his Susano’o. He didn’t even flinch he just bled a little. We know the techniques has consequences but Sasuke is obviously getting a better hang of it than before.

    I do have more points to make but I have to go to class so will save them for later. Just think about this. Sasuke is quicker and smarter. I’m not saying Naruto isn’t in battle tactics but Sasuke definitely tops him there. Also how is Naruto supposed to get passed a Amaterasu covered Susano’o? That’s all for now. xD

    I updated my comment so people won’t get confused to who I am talking to. 😀

  100. @supertrek89

    Hmmm… as far as I recall, this was a raikage vs Naruto debate, not a Sasuke vs Naruto debate. I also recall you telling me that if the manga says something, then it must be true… (in reference to my Raikage vs Bee idea).

    Well, here is what the manga said. Zetsu mentions that it is likely that Naruto is stronger than Sasuke. He has seen them both battle and knows all of their capabilities, so I think he may know what he is talking about. To assume that Sasuke is all mighty, one again because of his Sharingan, is not really fair.

    As for your random encounter, you seem to have avoided so many factors and just assumed that Naruto would get a beating. You didn’t consider henge, kage bunshins, etc that Naruto could use to by himself the time he needs to prepare. Not to mention the fact that Naruto is no weakling even out of sage mode.

    Everyone seems to underestimate him all the time. >_<

    Anyway, Naruto has immense chakra reserves even out of sage mode, and he can summon over a 1000 clones if he needs to just to buy him time. He can also summon toads to assist him and although you think this would waist chakra, Naruto has a lot of chakra to waist. Then he still has the Kyuubi's chakra if all else fails.

    Don't just assume it's an instant fail. Remember that Naruto can still use wind chakra enhanced rasengans out of sage mode.

  101. I agree with super about the naruto vs sasuke thing, i do think sasuke will win against naruto on an unexpected match, that is, if the battle was basd on facts, ‘but’ lets remember that somehow naruto always comes of with something that alows him to win, afterall the show is called Naruto

  102. Oi Tenrai, I can see where the confusion may come from but my comment was directed at Penny and a few others not you. Go up and read the previous comments and you’ll see what I’m talking about. As soon as I posted my comment I saw yours. In truth I haven’t even read your comment yet, so my comment has nothing do with yours. o_@

    But since you have seem to jumped in the debate anyway I have little time to counter because my next class starts soon. I’ll make some quick points.

    1. I have never underestimated Naruto and as a former member of IRA you should know that. >_<

    2. I think the Sharingan is overrated but it's a hell of a weapon. But never did I assume Sasuke is all mighty because of it. I have no idea where you even got that.

    3. Zetsu saw Naruto fight Pein and Sasuke fight Itachi. That's when he made that judgment call (Naruto is stronger than Sasuke). Sasuke is now fighting the Raikage and has much more control over the powers Itachi gave him. Which is why I said weeks ago the turnout of this fight will give us a clearer understanding of where Sasuke is at in terms of power currently. The judgement call Zetsu made was in the past. Sasuke has gotten stronger since then and Naruto hasn't done anything.

    Bah, that's all I have time to say now.

  103. But Sasuke beat Naruto at the final valley……
    Actually he nearly always seems to beat Naruto….
    But maybe the crow that Naruto has inside his gut, that was given to him by Itachi….will help Naruto beat Sasuke….or Madara.

  104. I think Naruto may be able to get past the ameterasu+Sasanoo combo thing with his shadow clones…..

    His shadow clone will vanish. But it should land a hit on Sasuke like The Raikage has done, especially if Naruto’s in sage mode (or Kyubi sage mode)

    Kyubi/Sage probably has about as much strength in a punch as Tsunade 😛 And way greater speed.
    So even if its a clone….it’ll probably (like the Raikage did) hit Sasuke before vanishing.

  105. BTW… the spoilers sound interesting ^_^

  106. Naruto really wouldn’t stand a chance against Sasuke as far as i can see. He is rediculously slow compared to the emo, he isnt noticably faster than he was in the Oro hideout arc where he was totally overwhelmed by Sasukes speed. Combined with the movement prediction of the sharingan he is further disadvantaged in terms of pace. Naruto is, regardless of his victory over deva pein, absolutly no match without sage mode and that takes time to build up. It also means he only gets use of three kage bushins. Since sharingan keeps track of the original, the deceit factor is minimised meaning it would probably come to a straight up fight.
    Naruto has that wind affinity but which of Sasukes attacks actually gets countered by that Rasenshuriken? It takes a little while to make while Sasukes are near instant. Loads of chidori senbon (which effectively counter mass shadow clone by the way) are unlikely to be countered but its still possible i guess. Chidori current (another counter for mass shadow clones) travels on the floor. Kirin actually hits at the speed of light so there isnt really going to be a reaction for that at all. I dont see Rasenshuriken hellping out too much.
    All it would really take is Sasuke stabbing Naruto by using his crazy speed (he can be stabbed in sage mode) and sending a big chidori through him. Speed is nothing if it doesn’t hurt? Perhaps, but he could just cut and electrocute Naruto. Then theres also MS techniques and genjutsu.

  107. @supertrek: I hate to say, but i hope you’re not one of those who thinks naruto is one of those characters destined to remain dumb throughout the series. Talking about kagebunshins…did you see how he used it against karui and omoi, the visiting squad from kumogakure? He didn’t even utter it, just said it inwards, stopped karui’s sword slash and prevented omoi from kicking sakura. I know the sharingan factor counts here, but you cant rule out the fact naruto’s become smarter with kage bunshins, and knows how to use them for different purposes than just taijutsu.

    Second, you talk of amaterasu/susano’o combo. Have you taken a good look at sasuke’s eyes? The kind of blood that leaks out? Seems to me overdependence on those eyes would get him blind.

    Third, there’s the possibility of naruto finding the clue to running while attaining sage mode, the possibility of jiraiya teaching him all he knew, the collaboration jutsu with the toads, itachi’s powers to naruto, sage+kyuubi combo, and so many possibilities enough to make you cautious of concluding that sasuke’s stronger. It could even be possible that at the time he left fukusaku to hone his Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken ability he also improved on his use of wind jutsu. So many things we could get to know the next time naruto fights that we dont know, which is why for now i’m just going to stick with what madara says and go with naruto being stronger.

    Madara was the one who saw hashirama in naruto. I’m going to stick to the fact he sees something in naruto that makes him conclude he might now be stronger than sasuke.

  108. when poeple are talking about ‘C’ do they mean the charka sensing type whoes called ‘shii’???

    i think that why everyone is thinking that in sage mode is draines charka is because after naruto couldnt keep in sage mode any longer he made loads of clones and transformed them into rocks and used a rasengen thats why he was tired, sage mode help u recover says the pa frog.

    i think that in sage mode naruto is better then riakage because when the 5th was being attacked and the anbu guy was next to her (anbu are supposed to be the best ninja in the village so i thought that they should be fast and have good reactions) but u only see the anbu guy being able to react and in that time naruto had already move atleast 100 yards and made a rasengan so i think that he is faster then riakage.

    i think that wat itachi gave naruto was something that will help naruto talk saskue around by make him see that itachi didnt want this for him i.e mybe a once chance genjutsu with itachi talking to saskue.

    -wat do think of saskue’s saskue black susano when i wnet back over laft chapter it made me think that it could be amatasaru wraped around it so thats why its black making it a both an offensive and a defensive move.

    i dont know how naruto will turn up mybe on gamebunta jumping to get to the kage summit fast as they could with naruto onto in sage mode, or naruto running in sage move after telling kakkashi and yamato that he will go on ahead but i think in 2 weeks that naruto is going to shows up and ask garra to stand down for a second soo they he can talk to saskue but riakage will get angry and charge right in but naruto will will block his attack and say ‘a ninja respect strenght and actions so can u give me a mintue plz’. naruto turns to saskue ands say’s ‘i know why u are doing this and i know understand how it feels to lose something important, u once said that ‘when 2 ninja;s fight they can tell wat each other is thinking while fight’ so are u ready’ then they start fighting.

  109. @Total: I know how smart Naruto is when it comes to unconventional battle tactics and use of his Kage Bushins. I also know how much of a genius Sasuke is when it comes to battle tactics on and off the field. I also know how easily Sasuke is able to counter Naruto’s Kage Bushins with his sharingan. I’m won’t rule out the fact that Naruto is using them smarter but I also won’t rule out the fact that Sasuke has always been able to counter them and now his eyes are even better.

    I have taken a good look at Sasuke’s eyes. People like Madara, Itachi, and Kakashi have had MS far longer than Sasuke. They haven’t gone blind yet from use of their techniques have they? So far Sasuke has used MS in only two battles (Killer Bee and Raikage). He still has a long way to go before the side effects really start to show.

    Last but not least you say there’s a possibility of Naruto learning to gather natural chakra while running. I’m not even going to say that’s impossible because it’s not…somehow. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does learn to do something like this or a variation of this. In the end though he hasn’t learned to gather natural chakra while moving (currently). He hasn’t had any time since the battle with Pein to learn to either.

    And I can’t recall ever reading where Madara says Naruto is stronger than Sasuke. In fact he never says that. He saw Hashirama in Naruto…ok I understand this but what does that have to do with how strong he is compared to Sasuke? It has nothing to do with it.

    In the end they both still have more unlimited potential and growth ahead of them. Naruto with his Kyuubi+Sage chakra and Sasuke with his sharingan growth. Every MS is unique and holds a special power only the user has and we have yet to see Sasuke’s unique power. I just don’t see Naruto taking down Sasuke in this stage of the battle unless he gets more powerful of course.

  110. @super:

    u really think sasuke allready passed itachi?
    his susano’o isnt even completed yet. Itachi had it completed.
    he was hellish fast and even tho he was back then way faster then sasuke, zetsu said he was slow for his doing. The only real fight weve seen from itachi was against sasuke and he was sick and heavily weakened then. sasuke has amaterasu so does itachi and i think he could just put the flames out with it. tsukoyomi (spelling) the other ms technique. They both have/had it. so that would be a fair battle. then sasuke has some nice other techniques with his lightning but im sure itachi had quite some other stuff up his sleeve too. And be honest in the end the only reason sasuke has all this stuff is because itachi gave it to him. Without him he was really nuthin, so as for beeing a genius and mastering techniques Itachi was so much further then sasuke.
    I guess sasuke will surpass Itachi sometime but he atleast needs to get a ms or sumthing else of his own.

  111. @super well sasike’s eyes are starting to get worse a little bit but not much.

  112. Sasuke’s sooo gunna go blind….if he uses his techniques like he’s doing VS Raikage.

  113. @Fear: Meh, you’re probably right Fear in saying that Sasuke hasn’t surpassed Itachi yet in terms of power but I still think so.

    @Senju: Indeed, his eye sight is deteriorating but like you said not by much. It’s a slow and descending process into blindness. Look how long the others have had it and how many times they used their techniques. Sasuke is a long way off I would think.

  114. swayze died…just thought i should report it…for the IRA people


    It’s a sad day for IRA, WRA, and the world alike.
    May he rest in peace.


    Tis a dark day indeed.


  118. TT_____TT Not Swayze…
    may he rest in peace.


  120. Raikage has way more experience than Naruto and just as much rage, he also has bijuu level chakra and can fight agaisnt his own brother and deflect his attacks so he can handle himself but I dont think he is a strategic fighter he is mainly a Taijutsu fighter with Lightning based attacks. Agaisnt Naruto who is also a Taijutsu fighter with Rasengan attacks if he was Sage mode he would put up a good fight, I believe when naruto activates his fox cloak his speed will go up dramatically and surpass Raikage. Fox Chakra also burns a little so it would have the same annoying affect Raikages lighting would be doing too Naruto. I think Naruto wins against Raikage I would be even more confident with Naruto beating raikage if he had Neji’s Wind Punch, Danzo’s Wind attack or even Sora’s Wind chakra manipulation attacks.

    If Garra can counter the Amaterasu I assume thats because his sand is comprised of his Chakra and amaterasu cant burn Chakra, A great counter for naruto would be a Oodama Rasengan.

    @smurfclassic: I like your prediction of Naruto turning up and encountering Garra and Raikage, What you said that naruto could say would be Awesome. I thought those were the perfect lines he could say.

  121. While it’s true Raikage has A LOT more expirience than Naruto up until now it seems he relies more on brute strenght rather that some kind of battle tactics.I can’t do anything more than speculate about a fight between these two mainly because we do know that Naruto’s sage+kyubi mode increases his overall fighting capabillities but it is unknown to what extend.He may be more than a match for the Raikage or he may just have some slighty altered abillities in sage mode.What I can say,though,is that Sasuke is getting PWNED.Wasn’t susanoo’s supposed to be undestructable because if you haven’t seen a rib of the skeleton got broken and also a reason I don’t believe the spoilers is that the Raikages metal bracelet is the only thing that got burnt or at least that’s what I saw so if that is correct he would not need to cut off his arm.

  122. Yea me too I rekon his bracelet only gets burned and he cuts that off or something.

    About the Susano when Sasuke used Kirin it ended up looking like a rib cage. When it forms that susano form of the mirror forms I dont think Raikage would of been able too break through his susano because the mirror is supposed too deflect all attacks even raikages arm and maybe even a 8-9 tail Chakra Cannon Blast.

    Too bad for Swayze I liked him in Ghost no he a real Ghost, He was Bad ass in Point Break.

  123. Interesting-I just read that in order to sustain susanoo in the human realm he must feed it his life force which means if Sasuke relies on that too much he is as good as dead.Also Sasuke’s variant of the jutsu is missing the shield and the sword or at least that’s what I think, otherwise why would he need to engulf himself in amaterasu if he could use the shield.

  124. WOW irony or is it a concedence! emo sasuke has a jutus that has the potentional to kill him -____- hehe

  125. @Super…

    My bad, I’m really sorry. X_X

    It just came right after my post, so I thought you were referring to that debate. It was stupid of me to jump to that conclusion, so I apologize.


  126. well heres a joke theory.

    my last post showed sasuke knocking over his glass of milk because of the MS eating at his eyes. the lack of milk is reducing his calcium intake thus why susanoo was not complete.
    milk=strong bones

    from this i can conclude that itachi drank a gallon of milk daily.

  127. @t063to whee did u read that about susanoo i dont remember it in the manga

  128. @fanboi i think sasuke still has itachi’s eyes he can implant tobi still has them.

  129. @Senju07 I read it in naruto wikia so I guess I read it in naruto wikia so I suess it is from the data books.I am trying to find it in the manga so if I do I’ll tell you where it is.

  130. i know this is going to sound wierd but whos swayze? i dont remember actors by name but what roles they play in movies

  131. @to63to can i call u taco it is easier for me to spell 🙂

    do u or anyone else have link to databooks

  132. Ha ha-sure,call me whatever you wish 🙂

    About your first queation-it is Patrick Swayze-he plays in mocies such as ghost ans Dirty dancing.Too bad i’ve never whatched one of his movies or at least I don’t remember

  133. Damn, that’s awfully a lot of typos there 😦

  134. @Tenrai: No problem dude anyone could have made that assumption. I should have labeled it better to so it’s not all on you. I heard about your computer good to know it’s up and running again. 🙂

    @Senju: Patrick Swayze (Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Point Break, etc…) I wasn’t that big a fan of his until I joined IRA honestly. Now the ghost of Swayze lives on in all of us. 😉

  135. @taco yeah i never seen those movies so no wonder i never heard of him. lol i miss type alot also

  136. Naruto 464 confirmed spoiler:

    Nja- As I thought, it starts from the Guillotine Drop

    Sasuke moves the Amaterasu in front of him to oppose the attack

    その時 砂が雷影の攻撃を防ぎ吹き飛ばす
    That’s when sand rushes in to defend, and blow off the Raikage’s attack

    雷影 風影貴様場合によっては容赦はせんぞ!!
    Raikage: “Kazekage, you’d better have a good reason for me to forgive this!”

    ガアラ あんたにこれ以上怪我をされても困るからな
    Gaara: “Well, you’d be in some deep shit if you got yourself hurt anymore than you are now”
    雷影自分の腕を切り落とし シーに治療させる
    Raikage cuts off his own arm and has C cure him

    Sasuke and Gaara have a conversation

    “Now you have the same eyes as I once did in the past”~It’s still not too late, come back with us”~

    “Even if I returned back, what would I have~?” “I’ve grown aware of it, but you should be able to see that small light as well”

    “My eyes have already been closed to the light; what’s left is only darkness”

    テマリ もうよせ~そいつは時期に国際手配になるそうしたらもう戻れる場所なんてないんだ~私 情をはさむな !お前は風影だろう!!
    Temari: “Stop it already~That guy is to be internationally wanted, and once that happens, there won’t be any place for him left to go to~ Don’t let your personal feelings interfere! You are the Kazekage!”

    ガアラの左眼から涙が流れる  分かっている!! とヒョウタンからすべての砂を出す
    Tears fall from Gaara’s left eye “I understand!” He releases all his sand from his gourd

    Taking advantage of the chaos, Karin locates the Hokage’s location

    Scene change to meeting room

    居場所がばれたのでダンゾウは混乱になったら外に出るぞ とヒソヒソ 青が大人しくしていろと 一括
    Since the meeting room was exposed, Danzou whispers: “Let’s get out of here if it turns into mayhem”; To sum up what Ao says is something like: “You’ll be quiet”

    場面は戻り デイダラ妹 すごい!!
    Scene returns to Deidara’s sister [trans note: nja’s comment]: “Awesome!”

    すべての天照を砂でガードするガアラ サスケ「さすが絶対防御だな俺の炎遁をここまで防ぐとは な」
    Gaara guards against all of the Amaterasu with his sand. Sasuke: “Your absolute defense lives up to itself. Who would’ve thought you could defend against my Katon* [trans note: nja used the wrong “fire” kanji here*] to this extent…”

    ダルイが 加勢します私が最初に術を放つので一斉に皆さんも 風3人 おk!!
    Darui: “We’ll assist you. Since I’ve been firing off jutsu since the beginning, now all of us and the three Sand shinobi will do it simultaneously!”

    攻撃があたる瞬間にサスケのスサノオがついに現れる (真っ黒なスサノオ)
    The moment all their attacks hit him, Sasuke’s Susano’o finally appears (a pitch black Susano’o)

    カリン 以前のサスケじゃもうない 冷たすぎる><
    Karin: “Sasuke’s now completely gone. So cold” >.<

    サスケ ガアラこれが俺の絶対防御だ!!
        両眼の万華鏡を開眼したときに得られる 第三のチート能力 スサノオだ!!
    Sasuke: "Gaara, this is my absolute defense! When I activated the Mangekyou in both of my eyes, I was able to attain the third cheat ability, Susano'o!"

    The end

    サスケのスサノオは まだイタチの様に完全じゃないっぽい
    Sasuke's Susano'o still isn't complete as Itachi's was

    ただの骨人形  頭蓋骨もあり骨が黒色です
    Another bone figure. There's a skull and the bones are black in color

    Around it is a pale grey type of aura that adorns [Susano'o]

    (To be honest, the color of the aura is pretty hard to explain but it's dark in color)

    ちなみに 最初に天照を食らった侍は カンクロウに宙に浮かされ
    By the way, around the beginning Kankurou floats the Samurai who ate the Amaterasu

    and has Temari strip him using Kamaitachi

    He gets messed up but he lives lol

    Since he was talking calmly when he opens his eyes, Sasuke seems in pretty good shape

    ただジュウゴは 試したかったのはこれの事か・・・ と呪い状態から人になっていて
    But Juugo: "Was..this what I wanted to test…?" from the cursed seal he turns human

    Seems like it was a dangerous state

    雷影は  シーまだか!? 
    Raikage: "C, I'm still waiting!"

    シー   もうすぐです 
    C: "Almost there"

    雷影   腕が回復しだいサスケに攻撃するぞ!!
    Raikage: "I'll need my arm restored to attack Sasuke!"

    He says it pretty gung-ho so he's in good health lol

    I wouldn't say it's due to him stopping the bleeding

    since after he cuts off his arm, it's burnt to ash…

    I thought Sasuke came off pretty cool

    Too bad Kurotsuchi had a one-word panel lol

    Wonder why Temari was out more than C or Darui

    It seemed that when Sasuke opened his eyes, blood didn't come out

    I think it's at the level after crying blood

  137. I’m started to hate that bit*h Sasuke! What the fuc* is with him trying to kill Garra. You mess with my Garra and I will bitc*slap you so hard Sasuke!

  138. BTw, I guess the gourd cracking wasn’t just fate. It meant something will happen to Garra. :(. Curses, Kishimoto.

  139. omg wtf? I swear… that spoiler. D8

    Sasuke… you’re getting on my last nerve…

    But yay! Sasuke vs. Gaara part two is imminent… maybe 😀

  140. that spoiler still sounds a bit off to me. I can’t see raikage cutting his arm off maybe taking out the wrist band he has but the ARM? And how could C fix that? If they pull some voldemort arm fixing jutsu am gonna be pissed -_-‘

  141. meh….not sure about that spoiler. It was the same one posted on Monday further above in the discussion. I won’t buy it until I see the actual spoilers with pics…

    Still, a Gaara vs. Sasuke fight would be cool. That would bring some interesting dimensions to this…and Karin finding Danzo? Well, about damn time!


  143. @jizzlex: Thank You for the pics

    Im just glad Gaara is back in action, even tho Id like Raikage to finish his own fight. Looks like you guys were right about Kankorou and Sasori.

    I dont know where Kishi is going with this fight, but I dont think Sasuke can kill everyone from the Sand and Kumo group and go on to fight Danzo. MS takes way too much from you. Im thinking Tobi or Zetsu will bail his ass out.

  144. If the Spoilers are true then it states that susano can only be unlocked with the power of both eyes from the MS, So Danzo, Kakashi and Tobi cant obtain this power.

    And if Raikage really does have to cut his arm of then Im guessing one of his companions is a medical ninja who will use his Lighting too stimulate the cells in his arm so his body regenerates a lost arm.

  145. ‘SPOILER’
    Ahh those pics clearly show that the thing which was in the back ground behind sasuke that we all assumed was Bijuu or black Zetsu or just something else. Was actually sasukes Susano if you look at his shoulders and the shape of the Head it similar actually not similar but the same.


  147. @lelulalilo-if electricity regenarated your cells they’d have tesla generators installed in hospitals 🙂

  148. @to63to: lol I know I know, I was thinking that if he’s gonna cut his arm off there will be something electrifying which his cells or something along those lines some type of Jutsu could revive his arm.. Though it sounds abit la dee la doo, it just might work hahaha. Thats if his arm is cut off in the spoiler it didnt show a cut off arm but its so extreme too cut his own arm off I imagined he must have a way of replacing it.

  149. Oh And Sasuke is Freaking Awesome

  150. bubble: say good bye to your model bubble:killer beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  151. its gig,model gig

  152. That Sasanoo looks awesomeness 😉

  153. BTW…was that really Sasori?…
    …That Kankuro was using 0_0

    Lol…it looks it.

  154. I thought Zetsu ate Sasori 😛

  155. @suepertrek: Sorry matey, my bad about madara saying naruto was possibly stronger. That was zetsu, and that’s chapter 453, pg 15.

    However when you talk of sasuke not experiencing the side effects of using the eyes yet, i think there’s a reason for the strong emphasis on the spill of blood from saauke’s mangyekou eyes. The blood spillage becomes a lot more pronounced and conspicuous than previously. I could come to your aid by saying sasuke has itachi’s eyes and just has to transplant them like madara suggested. At the same time, i could also counter you by saying naruto has the prospect of the sage-kyuubi combo going for him, plus getting to learn the secrets of his body, like madara also suggested.

    At the end, it comes down to the point that they’re rivals, with naruto being a little stronger like zetsu suggested. I’ll take zetsu’s word for it…..cause kishi’s using zetsu to send a message to curious naruto subscribers like ourselves.

    And lastly, about naruto having hashirama in him, it has everything to do with him being stronger because from the myth, the sage of the six paths choose the younger as successor, and hashirama trumped madara.

    Aarigato Gozaimasu.

  156. see…at the end of the day, itachi is a genuis, a “half-blood prince” in my opinion, drifting descriptive terms from harry potter, in the sense he was able to conjure his own jutsu. This shows that itachi found the sword of totsuka and yata mirror on his own, given that orochimaru once sort the sword but couldn’t find it, according to zetsu. Hence it seems the sword of totsuka and yata’s mirror are extensions to the susano’o jutsu. Itachi is one tough dude. Now i see why madara was a little hesitant in teaching itachi all there was to the mangyekou. Sasuke s still not up to itachi’s level one bit, but would surpass him in time.

  157. @Total:Yep I agree, Sasuke will Surpass Itachi Like Naruto will Surpass Minato.

    Im guessing the colour of the chakra around his Susano is Purple like the time he awakened after the Curse seal.

  158. @total: naruto learning the secrets of his body? 😉 who will teach him, sakura or hinata? 😉
    well, the spoiler is awesomeness, i think sasukes susanoo looks more aggressive than itachis. maybe its an amaterasu-combined-susanoo! O.O
    i cant tell whos stronger now, naruto oder sasuke? i guess the FRS cant break that defense.
    does any1 have any ideas what naruto could learn to overpower sasuke now? oO

  159. @salamiyo: naruto could learn Minato’s flash step his teleportation jutsu and teleport inside his susano to fight close combat. Or maybe learn some secrets of the Demon Fox Im sure Kyuubi knows many secrets of the MS.

  160. @taco: interesting point about sasuke having to feed susano’o his life force. According to the myth, the first son inherited the eyes, powerful chakras and spiritual energy of the sage, so i’ll assume sasuke would have that somehow. The second son inherited the body, “life force” and spiritual energy of the sage, so it’s assumed naruto’s connected to this. That being the case, let’s view a scenario where sasuke is exhausted from feeding susanoo his life force, it then would come down to naruto saving sasuke, just like he helped chiyo out with chakra when she revived gaara. I believe madara realises the uchiha suck in terms of life force, so in order to obtain that he needs the perfect body from the bijuu.

  161. sasuke was doing well on his own against raikage but was just holding on what can he possibly do against 2 kage and 4 Jounin tobi is going to bail him out of this within 2 chapters.

    “madara realises the uchiha suck in terms of life force”
    if they suck in terms of life force how comes mandara’s life force still exsists?

  162. @total: they suck in life force? how can madara live that long then?

  163. Well Minatos teleportation jutsu is based on seals. He puts them on kunai and using a reverse summoning technique he moves himself instantly to the marked destination (his seal on the kunai)

    the link can probably explain it better than I can

    So for Naruto to get that technique he would have to develop a certain skill with seals first. That’s what I think anyway.

  164. Hmm yea Thunder God Technique Ive seen how its been used too fight multiple enemys even when he fought that Nin marked him then took him out, Its a great technique.

    Madaras Teleportion I have no Idea how that works well I know its with his MS but even Sasuke how he teleported away with Manda that wasnt with Ms.

    Like you know what I mean when he teleports in there too fight it sounds as if it could work too get past it cause it deflects it wouldnt reject anything inside its zone I dont think.
    If there was a tech kinda like maybe a learned doujutsu were you could look some where mark it with your mind and teleport straight there, Ya know what I mean its a step beyond Minato’s Yellow flash tech but this seems too be the case with Naruto he always takes new jutsu that extra step further.

  165. @ lelulalilo Remember teleportation is merely high speed movement, even if it is at the speed of light.

    In that chapter hinata could see him with her byakugan and shino had his bugs attached to him and the bugs could sense his chakra so if he moved using teleportation they would know. So maybe it is an MS eye tech that lets him travel in a different dimension to reach the place you want to go. its worth arguing different opinions =D

  166. i said that susino being black might be because of amatasru (cant spell) being around it and looking at the spoiler video it looks like its on fire, so i might have been right

  167. Yea Im following you on MS jumping through other dimensions, it makes sense.
    I read in the Manga all the time Shunshin is that fast movements like flash step or is that teleportaion like Madaras tech but a little less advanced. Or if teleportaion is just speed of light movements would you classify it under the same principle as DBZ Goku’s Instant Transmission how he travels super speed to any destination.

  168. @smurfclassic I dont think its Amaterasu around Susano it think its his Cold Chakra if it was Amaterasu it would look like black flame it doesnt. More than likely its Dark Purple Chakra .

  169. In DBZ goku does travel at the speed of light he mentions it to trunks when he comes back from namek

    I dont think he could have teleported away from shinos bugs but i think teleporting may be within his capabilities anyway. We can assume he has a space/ time ninjutsu from his MS or he might even be using seals like minato but i doubt it =D

    its quite late right now and im almost dead =) G’night WRA *crashes on floor*

  170. @King Khaos another time but Im guessing your Australian cause you say its really late.
    Im from Sydney too the Best city in the world for all you WRA people its a Good City Cause the Chicks Down Under Party Hard how Chicks Oughta 🙂

  171. @Total your idea actually makes a lot of sense.Maybe the Eternal MS has techiques beyond everything we have seen so far but the cost of those is too high for an uchiha.It may have granted Madara immortallity and insane jutsus but the downside of this is that those techniques use incredible amounts of chakra.When itachi said Madara was a mere shefl of his formeslef he may have ment it litterary as his body just couldn’t handle the Eternal MS.I am starting to think that the teleportation Madara uses may be one of the weakest abillities of his MS and at his current state he may not be able to use the others or at least the more powerful ones.If thats the case this may be the reason for him wanting the bijuu’s.Imagine what jutsu’s he has in store if they require bijuu levels of chakra to perform.

  172. Madara trying to do all this (as he said to Naruto) so he could get people to recognize Uchiha seems like so much BS. Last time I checked Madara helped Itachi annihilate the WHOLE Uchiha clan. For someone that wants Uchiha to gain acceptance, that is a pretty poor start.

  173. I know there’s this awesome debate going on in the Senju v. Uchiha area, I just wanted to say something about the spoiler for this week.

    We all knew that if it wasn’t Naruto, it would be Gaara to try to work on Sasuke. I find it interesting that it is Gaara, who can relate to revenge for the sake of revenge, that tries his damnest to bring Sasuke back. Too bad that Temari had to remind him that Sasuke has no where to go to anymore…never mind Sasuke hasn’t had a chance to even say he hadn’t killed Killer Bee, but I guess it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t seem that Sasuke even cares anymore. So now, Sasuke is a personna non grata everywhere and has a “kill on sight” order over his head.

    The amount of sand that is released is amazing. It was always said that there was a fixed amount of sand in that gourd but that fixed amount was never truly defined. Between him, Kankuro and Temari, that is one hell of a Sand Village combination. Most would perish in that onslaught.

    I also noted that Susanoo wasn’t fully developed – and it wasn’t as developed as Itachi’s was. Is this because of expended chakra because of the battle with Raikage? Is it because Sasuke hasn’t learned to fully control Susanoo’s power? Or, is it something else?

    After last week’s spoiler ruined the manga chapter for me, I had vowed not to look at this week’s but couldn’t resist. There’s going to be a lot of action and it is amazing. I wonder who is going to pop up next? Madara? Konoha? Who else is going to join – or attempt to leave – this party?

  174. @Penny Didn’t Sakura and Shikamaru head toward the Kage Meeting?

  175. Ok, I’ve crawled up from my hidden-work-village bunker (forced labor death camp tot he rest of you) to sew my crazy-ass theories yet again:

    Tobi + Madara = Tobirama Senju – How the hell did we miss this! Two brother fated to fight? Uchiha? Other random words… Pure coincidence?

    Hashirama’s brother was TOBIrama, and when you have a Tobirama extraveganza, you know it’s gonna be a good boy!

    Ok, so no real TObirama = Madara theory, but just a thought.

    RAIKAGE! – Proving to be a character worth reading after all!
    I think he’s going to regenerate his arm like Picolo next issue!
    Then he’ll drop the wrist-weights (approximately 4 tons a piece from the looks) and beat the holy sh*t outta Sasuke.

    Sasuke’s eyes will be for sale on E-bay as keychains by chapter 465! – as well as a blown set of Juugo subwoofers…

    THE SAMURAI – they will form a “big gay manpile” to try and deal with the Sasuke/Raikage problem, just as the men of Southpark did to stop the illegal immigrants from the future. (They took urr jobs)

    Ok enough of my shite! have fun peoples!

  176. hey can somebody please explain to me, what exactly is Sasuke’s Susano’o?

  177. To me it appears it appears to be covered with Amaterasu, but I would need to see the actual manga before I can conclude that ^_^”

  178. Don’t you think madara might be a pathetic shell of his former self is because maybe after his fight with the 4th hokage. i mean if he was a pathetic shell before his fight with minato how would he get the kyuubi and nearly destroy konoha, i think its like what the third did with orochimaru, that maybe minato sealed madaras mangekyou eyes with shiki fuujin, while also the kyuubi.

  179. @Total: Whoa, I never said anything about Sasuke’s eyes not experiencing any side effects. I’m saying the worse of the side effects are gradual and not immediate (blindness).

    As for what Zetsu said I do trust his statement about Naruto being stronger compared to Sasuke…back then. Sasuke has grown since then and is now battling the Raikage. Anyone who battles gets stronger after every match whether they win or lose. Naruto got stronger after fighting Pein and Zetsu said he was stronger than Sasuke after that match. Now Sasuke is fighting Raikage and I believe he’ll get stronger because of it. Naruto had his turn to get stronger and now it’s Sasuke’s turn.

    As for Hashirama vs. Madara. We don’t know the full circumstances of that battle but we do know in the end Hashirama bested Madara in combat. Even so Hashirama is the dead one and Madara is still alive. Still, it has little to do with Naruto vs. Sasuke in terms of fighting power. Just because Sasuke’s ancestor lost to Naruto’s ancestor doesn’t mean Sasuke is fated to lose to Naruto. Fate is BS in this manga as Naruto himself has proven. The Sage didn’t even pick the youngest brother (Senju) because he was stronger but because he thought his methods were more suitable for peace.

    Naruto and Sasuke are the new generation with their own power and beliefs. Their fight of “fate” will not be decided on who won in the past but on their own strength and power they worked hard to achieve.

    @Prawl: Tobirama…shit dude I like that theory! O_O Hashirama Senju’s younger brother was Tobirama (Tobi + Madara). The only thing is there’s an added “a” and “d” in Madara missing from Tobirama.

    Oh…and Tobirama was summoned back from the dead by Orochimrau so it’s kinda confirmed that he’s dead and gone…>_> Dammit ><

  180. @ all:
    i think a theory is nearly confirmed, tobi says himself: he wants to be complete, so it means, that minato sealed away an eye and somekind of tobis chakra (yin).
    what do u think?

  181. @tigerpalm: No, Sakura and Shikamaru didn’t, at least that was the interpretation I have. They needed to talk to Naruto and his being gone made things complicated because everyone was under orders to not leave the village as they are on alert. The mission that Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto are undertaking was clandestine (secret) and if the current Hokage found out, they would be thrown in jail.

    Unless you know something that I don’t know then…no, they are not en route.

  182. @tigerpalm: sorry for the spam, but…I see what you may have been thinking. In my comment above, I mentioned that “Konoha” would possibly be in the picture. When I said “Konoha” I meant, Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto. Sorry, should have been more clear.

  183. @dricedtea: This is cheating but it is a great resource, Naruto Wiki. To summarize…Susanoo is an extension of the Mangekyo Sharingan. Here is the article from Naruto Wiki:

    “Susanoo is a technique that creates a spiritual being resembling a yamabushi. It wields the sacred Yata no Kagami (Eight Span Mirror), a mirror that’s considered one of the three sacred treasures capable of reflecting all attacks, as a shield in its left hand. In its right, the legendary Totsuka no Tsurugi ( Ten Hands Long Sword), also known as the Sakenagi Longsword (Sakenagi no Tachi; Sake Cutter Longsword), is held. The Totsuka no Tsurugi, commonly sheathed in a sake jar held by a third hand growing from Susanoo’s right forearm, is an ethereal weapon with an enchanted blade capable of sealing anything it pierces in an eternal dream-like illusion, and is described as the perfect counter to Orochimaru’s Kusanagi Sword. Like the Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, Susanoo is an ability of the Mangekyo Sharingan. Zetsu said that Susanoo’s Totsuka Sword combined with the Yata mirror essentially makes Itachi invincible. Susanoo has been labeled as the “Raging God of Battle”.

    The Sword itself can be presumed as an extension added to the technique as Zetsu mentioned that “Where ever he (Orochimaru) searched he could never find it”. It is also possible the Mirror can be another extension, as Zetsu also mentioned that it is another legendary item, on par with the Sword.

    Like the other Mangekyo Sharingan techniques, Susanoo comes with its own risks. To keep Susanoo sustained in the physical realm, the user must act as a medium for the deity, allowing it to consume their life force energy. This puts a severe strain on the user’s body and prolonged use will lead to their death.

    Sasuke has also been shown to use Susanoo’s bones to protect himself from the Current Raikage’s Lightning Self Bomb. Though Sasuke managed to survive the impact, one of Susanoo’s rib bones snapped.[3] Sasuke has also combined Susanoo with Amaterasu for defensive maneuvers, wrapping himself with the black flames of Amaterasu as a shield while protecting himself from it with Susanoo.”

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    Last time the match was interupted…..and Sasuke lost to half Shukaku Garra.

    Who will win this time?

    Oh yeah, this weeks chapter should be out in Japan by now….

  186. Sasuke Wont get Owned he will near defeat every one of them and then All the Kages Will know that Sasuke is a force too be rekoned with and Madara Knows this, Madara knows sasukes potential and Power.

  187. Okay can ppl who are posting spoilers or discussing spoilers please lable as such at the top of your COMMENTS! Pls.
    Just so those who don’t want to know can skip ur comment.

  188. @lelulalilo sorry but I’ll have do disagree with you about Sasuke nearly defeating everyone.As we can clearly see he has taken a lot of damage from his current fight and by the looks of things the raikage is far from over-hell, he doesn’t even look tired.Sasuke is taking his revenge way too far and anger has clouded his mind.i doubt he can be reasoned with anymore and his judgement is far from what we have seen.Although he is strong I don’t think it is enough even for the raikage and even if he defeats him(not happening)there are four more kages left.He is already worn out and injured so if he wants to stay alive it’s best for him to run his ass off.

  189. NARUTO IS OUT!!!

  190. Damn this chapter was AWESOME. Susanoo looks Badass!

  191. damn this was a badass chapter!!!!!! gotta love Garra hes like the missionary for narutos church! but of course you cant bring over the fallen once they enter the darkness *sigh*.

  192. (SPOILER)

    On a Above post I made the Assumption that those with one MS cant use Susaso only those with a double MS can do it this is true coming from sasukes lips.

    But Im wondering if those who have the Complete MS can use it so people like Danzou and Kakashi cant use this Power. But Tobi its not confirmed whether he has Complete MS, And if he doesnt then he wants too implant Sasukes eyes I assume.

  193. This Ep and last are better watched in sequence this issue was full of awesome action I can only imagine sasuke plowing through these fools and heading straight for his resolve.

  194. Well of course Madara had a complete MS.Whether he has it now its a different question though.

    Anyways,great chapter and I guess the only way to stop Sasuke now is to overpower his susanoo with brute strenght…or just wait until he drops dead from exhaustion 😀

  195. YOSH!!! Sasuke does seem to have full control over Susano’o he was just holding back! Not only that but it looks like Susano’o is completely covered in Amaterasu…or it could be just dark chakra. Either way you don’t even want to touch it.

    I can’t believe the Raikage would be so dumb as to kick at the Amaterasu. He knew he was going to lose an arm and then he was going to sacrifice a leg. -_- He’s as foolhardy as Zoro! XD I can’t imagine him fighting with only a right arm and a left leg. I think Gaara just saved him from losing this match to Sasuke. Unless someone else can tell me how a 1 armed 1 legged man can fight who was also already being consumed by the Amaterasu on his arm…

    The Samurai are useless yada yada yada….

    Sasuke has officially gone to the dark side. (We knew that but Gaara is just catching on) I thought it was very caring to see how Gaara cried for him though. Sasuke needs a lesson in respect for others feelings. No matter how powerful he is he wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for others like his teammates. Everyone must choose their own path but why choose the path that turns your back on all your friends? The emo bastard…

    Last but not least I think the Tsuchikage is about to get into some action! Old people FTEW!!! They’re always badass fighters and I’m sticking to it! 😀

  196. @everyone did anyone notice familiar about sasuke’s sunanoo?

    doesnt it look like the statue tobi want him to link with?

  197. Nope-that statue has a lot of eyes and looked exactly like the jutsu that Nagato used against that salamander guy from the rain village-the one that stabed a lot of chakra blades in Nagato’s back.

  198. Wow i just randomly looked on Onemanga and both Naruto and Bleach are out awesomeness 😉


  199. @taco maybe they are brothers 🙂

  200. @Mudshovel: I read the chapter a little while ago and it. was. AWESOME!!!! It was worth every minute of staying away from the spoilers!! My goodness, just when I thought it couldn’t get better than last week’s wrestling match. Poor sasuke – he really has lost his soul to the darkness…

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