A New Manga In The Air?

One day very near from now, they'll appear on 'Where Are they Now?'

One day very near from now, they'll appear on 'Where Are they Now?'

Hey everyone,

I think the title speaks for itself, don’t you? Well if not, then I will yell it out to you using a bullhorn. After some discussion between some of the members, we have decided to add a new manga to our little community here. ^_^

So what are your ideas? What would you like to see be written here? What is your favourite manga?  How does it feel having questions forced upon you on a Monday? @_@

I would like to point this out though. Death Note has been and gone, so no it does not count, sadly enough. Also NO! One Piece anime is not classed as a manga, and no amounts of bribes will change that! >_<

If none of the mangas you want are in the poll, then name them in the discussion! 😀

Also I would like to add, once the new manga has been chosen we will be looking for a new writer for it. But no need to lose your socks to get the position until the manga is chosen. I will update the post at that time and also give you the details about how to sign up for that position. 😉



~ by eatencookie on September 7, 2009.

44 Responses to “A New Manga In The Air?”

  1. i think history’s strongest and fairy tail…those are pretty good…ohh and another thing…first!!

  2. HSD Kenichi, Fairy tail and Hajime no ippo are all pretty awesome >_< I cant choose!
    Natsu (from fairy tail) is way too much like Luffy (from One Piece) though 😛

  3. If anything I am wishing for Fairy Tail 😉 I love the manga… Damn you Mud for getting me hooked on it >_< 😛

  4. Oi!!! Who said anything about adding the awesome One Piece Anime to the blog anyway? Even though it would make the blog 10x better….>_>

    I’m going for Ippo. I haven’t read HSD yet or Fairy Tale but if it’s anything like One Piece I’ll take a look at it. 😉





    And a One Piece episode breakdown doesnt sound too bad either.

  6. Hmmm If fairy tail wins I might just have to start writing breakdowns again >_<. I think I am the only person that reads Beelzebub.

  7. HSD kicks ass. Freezing, relatively new and awesomeness! check it out.

  8. ah, i wouldnt want fairy tail on here. Its a decent manga, but it feels a bit…. cheap, i guess would be the right word. I mean, you can pretty much guarantee that whatever fight natsu gets in, no matter how much he gets beat up, when he should technically lose…… he wins. I hate it when the main character does that and it just ruins the story for me.

    I’d much rather see air gear. Its extremely funny (if a bit more on the mature side when it comes to the girls >_>) and has a great story. Ikki’s drawings are always hilarious.

    Of course, if the majority want fairy tail than, by all means, add it. You need to pick a manga that the readers will support.

  9. I like the idea of having Fairy Tail on the blog…I’m really diggin’ it right now. If you need a weekly writer for it( <__>) I’ll do it! ^__^

  10. i love that picture. you know what would make it better lee crashng into franky’s fist while he is doing his suuuuuper pose. they could call the combo suuuuper! dynamic entry.

    as for a new manga. a long series or on going one would be good i will head over to onemanga.com as they have the biggest selection i have seen so far and start looking for some ideas

  11. Hmmmmm. Hajime no Ippo or HSD Kenichi or Fairy Tail?
    (i think i’m the only person who reads Kekkaishi and Bakuman).

    If Tsubasa or Vampire Knight is choosen i think i’ll go postal, and Basilisk is completed but still i doubt many have read it.

    Well i’d have to choose HSD Kenichi. It’s one of the funniest manga’s out there, it’s got great action and a fairly solid story line.
    Fairy Tail. Hmmm it’s aite but personally i find it a little repetitive and as Gangly said – he always wins, which is a little lame.
    Hajime no Ippo. Brilliant, awesome manga but i think the 860 plus chapters will put alot of ppl off reading it. Plus i doubt many are into boxing, but it is plain badass so that sort of makes up for everything.

  12. If Fairy Tale win I would like to take a whack at it.
    I do read it and really like so hey.

    Oh and yeah supa ur going to like Fairy Tale.
    Natsu is Luffy brother I swear to u man.
    At first i thought they was done by the same person.

  13. @scorpion: naw i read alot of mangas on onemanga..i just saw the latest one and it was pretty good…
    @redshotta:yeah freezing is pretty good as well..its a shame its only about 15 episodes…

    @everyone: you guys should check out VERITAS, its a martial arts type..its only up to 50 chapters but its pretty good.

  14. you cant forget hitman reborn. theres alot of good mangas there but have mature warnings on them…but they are worth it…

  15. I vote Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles!!

  16. I voted Fairy tale (I’d vote detective conan…but it’s not a series 😦 )

    just a tip for anyone who cares: why don’t you open a fan club? like talking about a paritcular character…their appearances in chapters…their lines and stuff? liking them/hating them, etc? It would be a perfect place…and would really serve as an archive for anyone who cares.

    and @harshyt: wow! didn’t know you were back! wb dude 🙂

  17. i vote for fuckiun onepiece anime rather than thinking about adding other mangaas you should getsome one to do it

    <——biggest op fan ( suck it loosers) O_o

  18. hmmm…Kenichi is very badass and im not sure how much longer it will be around for but Tsubasa seems to be coming to a close so that was my second choice. so…

    Kenichi all the way!

  19. well i see alot of mangai never heard of so im going to go check them out.

    i read the first chapter of fairy tale and i thought oda? but i like it so im going to go read more.

  20. I would like to have Buster Keel or Flags
    That are some Graet mangas but they just started so i dont think they are very popular

  21. Or maybe 1/2 prince ,gamaran,veritas.
    but when not one of them i would take Fairy tail
    Do you guys also writting about soul eater?

  22. 1/2 Prince or nothing. That manga is too good to be true. *nods* When I first stumbled upon it, I couldn’t stop reading all day, and that doesn’t happen too often. >_>

    BEST. MANGA. EVER. Hilarious, shonen AND shojo at the same time, gender-bending and full of BISHIES. *.* Too good to be true, seriously.

    But other than that, I would give ANYTHING to have Skip Beat here as well. It’s way better than Vampire Knight as a shojo, and it’s probably the funniest manga I’ve ever read. What’s better is that even guys love it, seeing as there’s not much shojo in it in the first place.

    And at least Skip Beat has a more-or-less scheduled release date every two weeks. ^^

  23. @shinobimadness & everyone – i fully agree about hitman reborn also historys strongest disciple is awesome so one of them

  24. HSD Kenichi, Fairy tail and Hajime no ippo, akaboshi, kekkashi, air gear.

    BUT I PERSONALLY RECKONED Mahou Sensei Negima! and Katekyo Hitman Reborn! both are great and they have over 200 chapter each and still ongoing so should keep u busy and entertained.

    p.s dont u hate is when a manga or anime ends and there is still tones of ways to continue it for example to-love-ru

  25. @Smurf: I heard to-love-ru ended because it was constatnly coming in dead last in the shounen polls each week (for over a year) so they finally decided to can it.

  26. Mahou Sensei Negima!
    That is really good one.
    I would like to see that Fairy Tale or HSD Kenichi.
    All are very good choices to me.

  27. i feel like im the only one that chose Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. >_>

    @ice: oh, negima is very nice. not to mention sexy, also. lol. 😉

  28. As much as i’d prefer HSD Kenichi, i think this blog should do a breakdown for Fairy Tail – how many other blogs do?
    Hardly any that i could find.
    This could help increase traffic for the blog aswell as give us regulars another place to bitch. let’s do it.

  29. D.Grey-Man when it is made into a monthly in SJ after getting moved around and put on hold for a bit

  30. aaah now i got to pic up with yet another manga 😛
    i cant actually say which manga i like better, since i havent read any of them, but from what i hear fairy tale is damn good.

  31. But fairy tail is so damn similar to One Piece…I dont get how it has so many fans here who dont read OP at all….
    I think HSD is consistantly more gripping than fairy tail not to mention contains a completly different battle style that Naruto, OP, Bleach etc. which fairy tail resembles a lot…

    Yep i completly agree dude, and yea how can so many ppl that dislike OP love Fairy Tail O_o. (mumbles something about a carbon copy) 😛

  32. op anime only 😀 or ill kill you all

  33. @cyborgfranky: not similar to one piece. It’s like chicken; tastes like everything….there is nothing new in there and we all know that 😦

  34. Lol, let’s not give Fairy Tale such a hard time. No matter how awesome it is One Piece is a lot to catch up on so people are deterred from it…unfortunately. -_-

    Out of all the new manga it’d be AWESOME to add Ippo or HSD but again just like One Piece those are also harder to catch up on, and resultantly not many people read them…at least on here. (It doesn’t matter that Ippo is totally kickass and different from what this blog has right now…>_>)

    So now we have Fairy Tale…a fairly new series, not to many chapters, and from what I hear it’s fairly good. I haven’t started reading it yet but I’ve heard both sides of the tale. Seems like everyone has read the damn thing but me but I’ll be done by Monday! I’ll give a further analysis on it after I’m done.

    I’d rather catch up on Ippo and HSD but meh…majority rules I suppose so Fairy Tale it is. ^_^

  35. FAIRY TAIL FTEW!!!! I love it 😀
    hmmm by the way things are looking Fairy Tail and HSD are entering the blog 😛 ( 1 or 2 mangas, meh) But I am not counting the votes until Tuesday so anything can happen. Not to mention I will have to choose a writer(s) ^_^” I just had to open my mouth.

    And YES we are meant to be doing Soul Eater too. Though I am unsure about who is meant to be doing that too 😀 Hope that helps

  36. Oh Cmon. This poll is hacked! WRA NEEDS Hajime no Ippo!! CMON! Fairy tail?! What the crap….

    And One Piece anime breakdown FTW!

    Yeah but few ppl understand the awesomeness that is Ippo, they just look at the amount of chapters and don’t want to read it. Still i wonder how many more chapters this Walli fight will take, my money is on another 10.

  37. Just because more than one person likes Fairy Tail doesn’t make it hacked :O
    And anyone… FAIRY TAIL FTEW xD
    NO Anime! This is a manga post darn it, Super >_>

    Ummmm…what? I didn’t do anything. Not once did I say add One Piece anime to the blog it’s just in popular demand that’s all. 😉

    you were the one who wanted it in the chat you baka lol, remember?


    Oi, the chat and blog are two separate things. I never brought it up on the blog…you did. 😛


  38. lol Well I still stand for my top three.

    Fairy Tale is very good and funny. It do remind you of OP but it still got it’s own flava. I believe it would be a good choice.

    HSD Kenichi is also funny and the fight are really good. Some one said that it bring a whole different style to WRA. So that is also a good choice.

    Mahou Sensei Negima! Now this start off kinda slow but when it speed up it get good. Very good fight and some very hard and funny character. So this would be a good one also.

    You Better believe it.

  39. i did X_X and i will bring it X_X 😛


  41. KINGDOM HEARTS! :O KINGDOM HEARTS 2! 😀 KINGDOM HEARTS CHAIN OF MEMORIES! ^,^ There are mangas for it and them by the way. :O

  42. i like detective conan the anime but its crap if u watch more than 5 at once and there about 550 episode so its going to take u like a year to complete it.

    does anyone know it fairy tail is cmoing out this week or not

  43. Im up for Air Gear, might get me back into reading the manga, although im happy with what ever, might find a new manga i enjoy

  44. what about Negima?
    it is a pretty awesome manga

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