Naruto Shippuuden 125 Breakdown

Hey everyone! It’s Tenrai Senshi here again with another weekly anime breakdown.

This week mostly concentrated on the aftermath of Sasuke’s battle with Deidara, so considering the kind of episode it is, it pretty much went as expected. This is the part where all the loose ends are tied together and a lot of dialogue takes place, but in all honesty, that didn’t stop it from being great.

O.M.Gawwwwd! A big explosion... (yes, this is my 'surprised' expression. Wait until you see my confused face.) O_o

O.M.Gawwwwd! A big explosion... (yes, this is my 'surprised' expression. Wait until you see my confused face.) O_o

Actually, I am pleased to say things have pretty much moved forward quite nicely without deviating too far off course (for those who have read the manga, you may know what I am talking about) and the pace managed to keep up without becoming too tiresome.

Straight after seeing Deidara’s parting goodbye, in the form of a giant pillar of fiery light, everyone rushes to the scene to find out what happened. I guess there must have been no other shinobi on duty within a 100km radius, because oddly enough, no-one else seemed to be bothered to find out who was playing with matches after eating baked beans for breakfast.

You’d think that someone else would at least be concerned about what could be a potential threat.

Alright! Whoever the hell is playing that creepy organ music, STOP NOW! It's freaking me out already!

Alright! Whoever the hell is playing that creepy organ music, STOP NOW! It's freaking me out already!

After that, in the interim, we get a glimpse of Akatsuki once more as everyone gathers for their daily afternoon tea break. Of course, tea can’t go without gossip, so Zetsu decides to share some of latest hits with his fellow “I Wear Freaky Nail Polish” club members.

It’s strange, but it’s these kinds of scenes that I actually enjoy quite a bit, even though they mostly consist of dialogue. It’s always great to hear some more insightful feedback with regards to the events that are taking place. Of course, Itachi looks as nonchalant as ever, while Kisame proves to be the most insightful this time round, offering his two cents on just about every development.

After that relatively short scene, it’s back to the real world, where team hawk initiates their contingency plan for these kinds of situations. Who would have thought they could be so prepared? O_o

Dammit! That isn't the was it was supposed to come out! >_<

Dammit! That isn't the way it was supposed to come out! >_<

Apparently, these types of situations must be common if Sasuke had already thought of a procedure to follow should things start blowing up and he happened to disappear. Hiding himself inside Manda and then using a transportation technique to escape his doom, only to be re-summoned by Suigetsu who would notice the vanishing snake crest on the scroll given to him, it all seems pretty insightful.

Almost too insightful.

What really bothered me about this was the fact that Sasuke was able to summon Manda at all. If he was too low on chakra to even use a simple jutsu, how was he able to summon the greatest snake summon?

Alas, sometimes these things happen, something we just have to overlook and move on from.

Kisame... so you do care after all. You softy! T_T

Kisame... so you do care after all. You softy! T_T

Then we come back to another scene with just Itachi and Kisame. It’s at this point that we get reminded of the ever looming battle that will take place and the future that awaits. It’s almost depressing when you think about it and you can actually feel Itachi’s silent tension as he stands there in the rain.

It makes you wonder what thoughts must have been going through his mind.

Elsewhere, the two Konoha squadrons finally arrive at the scene of the blast, only to find the after-match of Deidara’s temper tantrum.

It doesn’t take them long to pick up a trail, however, and Kiba shows that he didn’t come along just to enjoy the ride.

Yep... definitely baked beans... >_<

Yep... definitely baked beans... >_<

The look on Akamaru’s face says it all…. <_<

Ahem! If anything, this chapter actually managed to fit in quiet a few different scenes, continually jumping back and fourth between multiple regularly.

Now that is what you call "foot in mouth". O_o

Now that is what you call "foot in mouth". O_o

The scene with team Hawk resting was actually one of my favorites. Kishi really brought in an interesting crop of new characters along for the ride and I have to say it makes things that much more fun to watch. The exchanges between them are really great. I bet he made Suigetsu out of water just so he could introduce scenes such as the one above and I personally wouldn’t blame him if that was the case.

It looks like he’s no luckier than Naruto is when it comes to the temperamental women in his life…

Thank you Karen, once again, for stating the glaringly obvious. -___-

Thank you Karen, once again, for stating the glaringly obvious. -___-

With our new trio slowly growing, erm … closer … together, You can’t help but grow attached to them in some way. That’s what I love most about this show, you really become fond of the characters. However, I would like to know who your favorite new addition is.

And so our chapter ends with a scene we have all been waiting to see. The meeting between Tobi, Pein and Konan and the revolution of the identity of the true leader of Akatsuki.

That's right, keep staring at me. I will never blink. O_O

That's right, keep staring at me. I will never blink. O_O

Sheesh, you’d swear these people seriously need to lighten up a little. I mean have you ever seen more serious faces than those of Konan’s and Pein’s? O_o

Of course, no such meeting would be complete without one of those epic plot twisting, stomach churning, reality altering, and bunny-fluff inducing revelations that every manga should have.

Kukuku!!! Don't you just love those conveniently timed weather effects? ^ ^

Kukuku!!! Don't you just love those conveniently timed weather effects? ^ ^

Surprise!!!!! Guess who just came out of the closet?!?!?! XD

Well, that’s it for this weeks breakdown. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the new caption contest, so I guess it’s time to see who had the right ideas.


Forget Dojitsus>_< Chest Moves with Long tongues FTW. (The Incredible Marksman)


OH GOD! THAT’S NOT WHAT I ATE!!! (holydemonandy)


And this kids, is what it looks like when you don’t floss. (holydemonandy)


How the hell did Orochimaru get in there!? (supertrek89)


And this weeks winner!!!!!

Warning: Play-doh may cause OCD, insanity, and thoughts of suicide. Please handle with caution. Diabolical mouth and tongue sold seperately. (pumpkinbread21)

Warning: Play-doh may cause OCD, insanity, and thoughts of suicide. Please handle with caution. Diabolical mouth and tongue sold separately. (pumpkinbread21)

I hope you guys enjoyed the idea.

Although the number of entries was not staggering, I think it’s still fun to have for those who enjoy these types of things.

So here is this weeks new screen.

*insert caption here*

*insert caption here*

Good luck guys!

And thanks for reading! 😉


~ by Tenrai Senshi on September 6, 2009.

55 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 125 Breakdown”

  1. fiiiiiiiiiirst!!!

  2. SECOND!!!! Cookie was tipped off…>_>

  3. was not >_>

  4. fourth?

  5. @dro: third.
    @me: fourth. ;)q

  6. CAPTION: Ummm … oh.

    Pokemon anyone ? 😀

  7. YOSH!! Finally saw the episode and it was great! Awesome breakdown Tenrai really enjoyed the humor and insight! XD

    @Anyone: Just one question…didn’t Zetsu already know who Tobi really was (Madara)? So why would he say he probably died in Deidara’s explosion so nonchalantly? He was talking to himself after observing the battle and with no one else around. I think he actually believed it and didn’t give a rat’s ass. This would mean Madara and Zetsu weren’t so close after all and Zetsu probably didn’t even know about Tobi being Madara until later. It never shows Tobi revealing himself as Madara to Zetsu in the manga though does it? Now I’m confused. -_-

  8. caption

    1-hey wasnt riding rabbit banned?

    2-and that is how you act if you get little screen time


    Ride like the wind Bullseye!

  10. top 10! wohoooOOO!!!

  11. Caption:

    Go Akamaru! Just a few more laps and you’ll be as fast as Road Runner!!

  12. Yeah Kiba is in something.
    OMG OH happy day.
    Thank you thank you. I finally feel like my favorite character Kiba has a purpose again.
    Please Kishi don’t take what little joy I have left in life.
    First you made Gaara take a unpaid vacation.
    Stop hurting me please.
    *Start to cry like a little bitch*
    I really need to get a……………………………
    Fuck it i am to great to say it.

  13. Caption

    Faster then a speeding Bullet. Super Man No!!! It Brain from Family Guy on the Juice.

    Oh I better be in the top five because it is Kiba.
    I already got screwed over in the manga when he was in the bubble.
    Lol just playing….*Start to sharpen a large axe while looking up direction on how to get to Tenrai house.*
    Yeah just playing >_>

  14. By the end of this Anime it revealed something Ive always thought about now its been proved, Madara has some kinda Cursed power. His skin is dark like Juugos and Sasukes cursed seal and his eyes were black just like Sasukes when his eyes were black and he had his sharigan activated, So its not Iron skin.

    Also something about Juugos Cursed power his cursed seal that is on Sasukes neck looks like the Sharigan, Im starting too wonder if theres more to it, Cause when sasuke first originally got the curse seal it used too activate and go crazy when his sharigan was turned on it even gives sasuke the Ability to overpower the Tsukyomi. I think with the Cursed seal its a pyhsical evolution of the sharigan, What Im saying is that its kinda like a sage mode in a way but instead of natural chakra its cursed dark chakra.

    Im Want too Brainstorm on this because i think its a significant observation that Madara could have acursed power it could possibly be linked to the Hatred of the Uchiha and a possible Evolution theory of the Sharigan.

  15. And where the Hell was Kabutorochimaru in this episode he was supposed too appear in front of Naruto.

  16. hell yeah! itachi week! O_O
    @lelulalilo: didnt he ran off? >_>

    doggy style no jutsu… its the best way to get around

  18. @candy_cane: Nahh I didnt see him run off he wasnt in this episode or the past episode either to my knowledge.

  19. @lelulalilo: well on the manga it just shows him that he vanished with the line “until we meet again”. >_>

  20. Caption:

    Mooooootion bluuuuuur!

  21. @candy_cane: The Manga is Great but when it comes too the Anime you expect it too be revealed though they will eventually show that scene I hoped too see it, Kabuto is one of the Best characters in Naruto.

  22. @lelulalilo

    Kabuto already appeared and confronted Naruto and company in episode 122… just before Deidara tried to blow up Sasuke, I think.

    Then after that, it was the Deidara/Sasuke battle.

  23. Caption:

    Introducing the new Lassie MIII!!!!

    With improved performance and a new, modern design, You couldn’t ask for a better companion.

    Available in different colours and sizes. Saddle sold separately. Playing fetch will never be the same again… O_o

  24. @tenrai: Thanks I must of missed that Ep, Ive Dying too see him. Ill watch it now cause Its really important to me.

  25. @Tenrai: Yea I meant too say after the death of Oro and around the time Deidara is searching for Kyuubi or Sasuke. Diedara finds Sasuke and Kabuto finds Naruto.

  26. I noticed something odd when Madara was talking about Sasuke… he said he didn’t have long(as in Sasuke) So I wonder if he was saying Sasuke was going to die or he needs to be turned before their master plan…. it just struck me as a hint for the future in the manga >_>

  27. I feel like the way Sasuke escape Bomb boy last big bang was still gay.
    As we see the Anime had to give some bullshit ass way. Man I hate that guy.
    But enough about that.
    Kiba is shown again yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  28. wait i just noticed i won the caption contest…

    WOW Im a little late….

  29. No one can help me out on my question? Meh…


    There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!

  30. @supertrek: He probably knew because he is a creppy stalker but still, to understimate madara that much… Maybe he knew that madara was in charge but didn’t know that tobi was in fact madara. arggg now i’m confused…


    *Plays clip in slow motion with some really mellow music*


    Tiny! Goooooooooooo!

  33. Captian

    And This is why we say dog is dogs best friend. Or is it Man is dogs best friend whos noes since of smell is better then dogs………..Wait >_< Its Dog is mans best……..ok if you havent got the F*cking point by now I QUIT!!

  34. Caption

    And who said Dogs cant grow Three sizes bigger then humans when they run? >_>

  35. I enjoyed your breakdown as always tenrai. Keep it up man i look forward to your next one ^_^

  36. CAPTION:

    Fetch boy … cause i can’t be fucked walking to Konoha

  37. caption

    i wonder if rabb..ahem dogs fly….

  38. CAPTION: (Hehehehehehe)

    Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where Are You? We got some work to do now!
    Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where Are You? We need some help from you now.
    Come on Scooby-Doo, I see you… pretending you got a sliver
    But you’re not fooling me, cause I can see, the way you shake and shiver.

    You know we got a mystery to solve, so Scooby Doo be ready for your act.
    Don’t hold back!
    And Scooby Doo if you come through you’re gonna
    have yourself a scooby snack!
    That’s a fact!

  39. Looks like Jiraiya dies on October 1, 2009. Its gonna be an hour special! Look it up on wikipedia. The episode is called Invading Ame! Jiraiya’s Decision PART 1 and PART 2.

  40. Caption

    What New Scooby Doo?
    We’re coming after you.
    Got to solve that mystery.
    The trail lead back to you.
    We’re coming after you.
    What new Scooby doo?

    Don’t look back, you may fine another clue.
    The Scooby Snacks will be waiting here for you.

    What New Scooby Doo?
    We’re going follow you.
    Got to solve that mystery.
    We see you Scooby Doo.
    The trail lead back to you.
    What new Scooby Doo?

    Na na na na na na na na na (Stop to breath) Na na na na na na na na na na

    What new Scooby Doo?

    Just to one up Supa.

  41. Caption
    High hoe silver away.

  42. The reason I didn’t help you with you question Supa is because. Right now I get why it happen but if I try to tell you I would become confuse and then question myself.

  43. DAMN YOU ICE!! YOU STOLE MY LINE!!! We hates you.

  44. CAPTION: “HURRY UP FALKOR! We must go to the Ivory Tower before Fantastica is destroyed! “

  45. @caption:
    HI HO SILVER AWAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. @Ice: Gah, that’s the new one you bastard I love that song! XD You tried to one up me but the olide is the best! 😛

  47. That might be true supa but I have greatness on my side.
    And we love u to Mandi. 😀


    Pikachuuuu!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!!

  49. Caption


  50. That moment when Tobi says he was Madara.
    It’s supposed to be so epic. 😛

  51. W00t I WON SOMETHING! 😀 *Victory dance, despite not getting first place.* XP ^,^;

    Anyways, I think I’m starting to understand Konan a little more. She’s very laid back, has been hurt in the past and doesn’t really have her own agenda. I wonder what she may’ve experienced that tore her parents away from her, na?

    CAPTION: Epic Scenes – For when you’re returning from exile like Simba from Lion King.

    I thought it was interesting to see how attached some of the team Hawk/Snake are to Sasuke. They all have their own reasons but are attached nonetheless. I would imagine Suigetsu was a little creeped out as he watched Juugo and Karin staring intently at Sassy Uke Koochi-Koochi Hah-Hah. 🙂

    I liked Konan’s question I think – which was cut off – regarding whether or not Nagato was crying too. Normally I liked rain, but I think the red buildings made it seem more evil-eventful-like, rather than relaxing and comforting. Anyone else notice on his building there’s a rinnegan eye carved into it or whatever? As well as the statue, but nonetheless. X)

    I can’t wait to see Nagato with colored hair in the flashbacks and all that. 😀 I can only imagine what people will be thinking when they see he’s a redhead. X3

    And I think Sasuke may’ve just been trying to deceive Deidara into thinking he had little chakra left. If I remember correctly, doesn’t Manda need sacrifices for his summoning though? I forget. Might’ve been somewhere else I heard it from and all that jazz.

    That’s all from me for now. 😀

  52. I could’ve sworn they already showed the scene with Hinata, Naruto, and Yamato coming across Kabuto.

  53. @holy 1st nagato doesn’t got red hair 😛 he gots black hair, yahiko or whatever he’s called gots red haired (god realm pain)
    2d manda demands sacrifice for him to “obey” but isn’t required to be summoned

  54. @Acklikxx: Actually Nagato does have red hair and Yahiko has orangish hair.

  55. damn u supah for correc5ing meeeeeee hate youuuj @,@

    I’m sorry…>_>


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