Naruto Spoiler 463 Confirmed + Naruto Chapter 462 Breakdown + Discussion: What’d you say about my Dogma!? -__-

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 Hello there! This is DroSensei, filling in for Eatencookie this week. She had some business to attend to, and by business I mean kicking a certain website staff’s butt. Some of you may know me from the chat, others of you may know me as ‘the guy who posts crazy theories’, and yet others may know me as ‘Max Power’ (ok, I made that last one up 😛 ). This is my first breakdown so I’m a little nervous, but I’ll try my hardest to make it enjoyable. This chapter had it all; a fight for the World Heavyweight Title, some pretty awesome Genjutsu, and interesting plot revelations. OK! Off we go into the wonderful world of Manga! *grabs reader and jumps down a rabbit hole*

Umm Jugo, I don't think your arms are supposed to bend that way. O_o

Umm Jugo, I don't think your arms are supposed to bend that way. O_o

Huh? This isn’t the right place. Is it? Since when does Naruto have characters from ‘Ultimate Muscle’? Oh wait, that’s the Raikage (aka Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) vs Jugo (aka “BeastMaster”) it all makes sense now. Anyway, we see the Raikage covered from head to toe in raiton chakra rush at Juugo and ready a fist with Jugo’s name written all over it. There is an explosion as Shi looks on and sees that Jugo is able to block the Raikage’s strike, but at a price. As Shi is preoccupied watching the fight, Suigetsu sneak attacks him with his trophy from Iron Chef. The only problem is that he broke the most important part of a sneak attack, the sneak part of it. As Suigetsu is about to strike he is blocked by Darui and HIS Iron Chef trophy.

Apparently Suigetsu is a Kleptomania and Darui knows it

Apparently Suigetsu is a Kleptomaniac and Darui knows it.

Raikage’s raiton infused fist has torn through Jugo’s arm and chest and…TAKEN DOWN FROM THE WORD GO! Seems like Jugo is down for the count and all signs point to the Raikage retaining the World Heavyweight Title (thanks a lot Jugo, I owe ‘Cesar’s Palace’ in Las Vegas three grand thanks to you -____-) but wait…what’s this? The Raikage is so sure of his abilities that he has decided to make it a triple threat match and aims his sights on Sasuke, taunting his Sharingan. Professor Shi gives us an insightful lesson about the human brain and informs us that due to the Raikage’s synapses firing as fast as the speed of light and his body being covered in the raiton chakra even the Sharingan wouldn’t be able to keep up with his movements (*in fangirl voice* What are you talking about!? Sharingan is not only unbeatable but smexy too!). Well we never get a chance to find out because apparently Jugo is not out of this title bout just yet (‘Cesar’s Palace’ better call back the collection agency, they haven’t won my money yet)!

Jugo finally gets a chance to show off his Church Organ Jutsu.

Jugo finally gets a chance to show off his Church Organ Jutsu.

It turns out that Jugo wasn’t as down and out as we thought he was. What’s this? He has something up his sleeve! It’s the Church Organ Jutsu, and he’s aiming point blank at the Raikage’s face…doesn’t look good for The Rock The Raikage. At this point I kept on thinking of this song as the ‘pipes’ were about to fire…

Now imagine that playing right in your face as you are about to meet your doom, that’s the way I’d want to go out. 😉

Dun Dun Dun DUUUUN!!!!

Dun Dun Dun DUUUUN!!!!

As Shi is in awe of Jugo surviving the Raikage’s attack, Sasuke uses this distraction and immediately puts him in a Genjutsu that effectively eliminates him from the battle. The Genjustu is similar to the dark chakra that surrounded Sasuke a couple of chapters ago, but it has its differences. So here’s the poll:

As Sasuke administers an eye test to himself ( 😛 ), Darui scolds Shi and tells him that it’s no time for a nap. What a lazy guy, falling asleep on the job…THESE are the Raikage’s bodyguards? One’s a chef, the other has Narcolepsy! No wonder The Rock The Raikage is in such a bad mood all the time, he’s got to watch his own butt 24/7. Jugo stands victorious and is looking for some more action (-____- pervs), but I’m gonna be brutally honest here…Jugo you don’t look too good, you might want to check yourself into the nearest clinic and take care of the gaping holes in your arm and chest. The scene jumps to Karin and she still is as useless as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, but she continues to do her job…so I guess we can’t be TOO hard on her now. She suddenly senses something that suprises her (No, not THAT kind of suprise). Finally, The Rock has come BACK…to the Land of IRON (O_o)!!! Yes that’s right, the Raikage is still in this fight, and it looks like he’s all warmed up.

The Rock performing his signature move, "The People's Elbow" on Jugo...Do you SMELL??? What The Rock...IS...COOKING!! O_o

The Rock performing his signature move, "The People's Elbow" on Jugo...Do you SMELL??? What The Rock...IS...COOKING!! O_o

While these two guys sort it out, why don’t we switch over to see what “Madara Uchiha” is up to? *once again grabs reader and walks through a magical wardrobe*

This sounds oddly familiar...

This sounds oddly familiar...

So apparently “Madara Uchiha” (<_<) spilled the beans and told Kakashi, Yamato, and Naruto everything about Itachi, no hidden Mangekyo Sharingan to worry about here ( 😀 ). Kakashi doesn’t believe Mr. Uchiha’s story saying how “Sasuke would’ve done this…” and “Sasuke would’ve done that…” but Swirly Face puts a stop to that by informing them how little they actually knew about Sasuke, and how he’s the real deal when it comes to avengers. Naruto demands to know if Madara was the one responsible for Sasuke taking that path, to which the reply is “No, he chose it himself.” Naruto, being the hard head that he is, still refuses to believe him. That is until Madara mentions the Uchiha’s ‘Hate-filled destiny’ and their ‘Curse’.

Is there an echo in here?

Is there an echo in here?

Madara then unleashes a history lesson the size of which hasn’t been seen since my junior year in high school. Apparently the Sage of the Six Paths had two children, the elder of the two was born with the sage’s “eyes” and powerful chakra and spiritual energy…he believed that to accomplish peace Strength was needed. The younger son was gifted with the sage’s “body” and a strong life force and physical energy…he believed that the way to accomplish peace was with Love. So when the time came to choose a successor, the Sage of the Six Paths chose the younger sibling. The older son was so upset with the decision that he chose not accept it and attacked his younger brother out of hatred (Talk about sibling rivalry, yeesh.) . So time passed and the descendants of the two brothers came to be known as the Uchiha and the Senju clans respectively. The Uchiha were the descendants of the the elder son while the Senju were the descendants of the younger son.

Madara then tells Naruto that he see’s Senju Hashirama’s (First Hokage’s) Will of Fire within him. “Senju and Uchiha…” “Fire and Hatred…” “Naruto and Sasuke…”. Madara is quite the insightful guy, I mean…not only does he know alot about the origins of the Ninja world, but he’s able to bring it all home with nine words. Madara finishes up his monologue by saying how revenge is the Uchiha’s destiny, and that Sasuke has shouldered that revenge and made it his greatest strength, to Sasuke…revenge is not only his ally, but also his Dogma. The chapter ends with Sasuke charging at the Raikage with chidori in hand and hatred in his eyes.

This is what happens when you say 'Dogma' in front of someone who doesn't know what it means.

This is what happens when you say 'Dogma' in front of someone who doesn't know what it means.

Ok, so I’ve decided to do a top 5 this week for the Bubble contest winners…don’t worry, I wont be in them. 😛

Placing in at number five is:

OMAR101990! “Level 2 curse mark was supposed to cure my constipation.”

Number four is none other than:

SUPERTREK! “Alright, who’s ready for the greatest piggy back ride experience of their life!?”

Batting in the three spot we got:

AWESOMEBIJU! “im kookoo for coca puffs”

Close but no cigar is:

TAYISH! “sorry guys…..its just burritos they make me feel funny”

And this week’s Bubble Contest winner IS…*drumroll*

DEBITO89! “Ever heard of a four letter word? It’s called RAPE!!!”

My WTFUBBLE (yes i made this up, but hey…its new)award goes to BBGurly14 with: “Meow…”

OK! On to this week’s bubble contest!

Let's see what you guys come up with here. ;)

Let's see what you guys come up with here. 😉

Alright, that’s it from me. Hopefully I haven’t scarred you for life. Let me know what you think. Special big huge thanks to Reflex, Supertrek, and Ahsan for helpin’ me out. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Arigato gozaimasu *bows respectfully and poofs*.


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    Awesome Breakdown Dro and funny as hell! Especially loved “The Rock” references! xD Overall great job on your first post and I made the top 5 this week! 😀 *hands Dro monopoly money*…>_>

    Moving on to what Sasuke did it was just genjutsu plain and simple. You can make anything appear as it is just an illusion. I see no reason to associate it with what appeared behind Sasuke when he wasn’t using genjutsu. Except it did have the same eyes and hands…>_>

    The Raikage = kick ass and awesome! Not even hurt by Juugo’s organ jutsu peacock beam cannon thingy! Not even a scratch really. That lighting cloak must serve as a very helpful shield too.

    Shi = weak. He’s the Karin of team Cloud. -_-

    The Darui vs. Suigetsu battle should prove interesting though. 🙂

  2. MURRRRRR – and by that i mean 2nd!

  3. 2nd

    – IReFleX 😀

  4. Super you cheater! Second!

  5. super you cheater

  6. since supah cheated( he posted teh post) i am first and pickles second

  7. what did i disappear or something? 😛

  8. LMAO@ everyone’s comments! XD Btw, it says posted by ‘Dro-Sensei’ not Supertrek89. 😛

    *runs away happy*

  9. great job Dro….loved the wrestling references….and the one legged man thing made me spit coffee on the screen….

  10. Sigh, fourth…I can deal…

    Dun dun dun DUUUUN! Great job, Dro…


    Tobi: Call me Obito one more time, and I swear, I’m gonna stick this wood so far up your-

    Kakashi: Now now, Obito, not in front of Yamato and Naruto.

    Tobi: For the last time, I am not Obito! Why won’t you understand? I am a decrepit old man…

    Kakashi: Danzo?!

  11. bubble

    tobi: for the love of mother nature please take the raikiri out, the wood is already enough
    kakashi : if sasugay does it its ok , and if i do it its take it out eh?
    tobi: dont you dare call my emo boy gay , or i uchiha gay will kill you
    kakashi : so you admit youre gay ,??

  12. Bubble:

    Tobi: Ohhh Yamato, your wood feels soooo good!!!
    Kakashi: Are all you Uchihas gay?!
    Tobi: Why yes, yes we are.
    Why don’t you bend over and I can show how awesome the Uchihas really are.
    Kakashi: OMGWTFBBQ?!?!

  13. Hah! Nice breakdown Dro! Cookie’s been slightly down lately, so it’s great to have people filling in. 8D

    Btw, I’ve noticed that no one’s asked the question yet (and I only thought of it ten seconds ago), but have any of you wondered who was the mother of the Sage’s children? She must’ve had some sort of influence on the kids too… or else it was an ancient breeding mishap. And I don’t want to think about it.

    Maybe their mother might’ve been some sort of ancient relative to Naruto too? Making him even closer to the original Senju kin?

    Meh. I’ll stop now. All we have to do is wait for total and marksman to start up a new debate.

  14. I also know you by Supa lova Dro but who cares hehehe……..any who. Great break down, you had me dieing laughing the hold time. Like I said nothing like seeing Sasuke and his lackeys get beat down.
    (Just thinking of all of his ass beating he should get.)
    Well I feel better.

  15. okie doke. been a while since i’ve commented boys and girls but i’m back and better than ever!…ok maybe not, but i’m back anyways.

    finally we get into some serious fighting. i’ve been waiting for this for what seems like ever. i have a sneaking suspition that next chapter will be like “o by the way, sauske is like 1 mile away from you right now…” and then naruto’s gonna freak and break outta that wooden cage to go find him. i’m definitely ready for another naruto/sasuke showdown.

  16. so does this whole shit prove “sasunaru” was just a myth? >_> lol, hopes raikage beats up sasuke’s ass. 😀 the killa of itachi! >_<

  17. nice breakdown dro it was very funny. well later i will post my crazy thoughts that i found interesting.

  18. BUbble

    tobi: its an honour to meet youhatake kakahsi
    kakashi: damnit eery body knows me >_<
    tobi: thats becuz rin used to talk about you in bed at nights….
    kakashi: wtf , im so killing that bitch hey wait is she stil alive?

  19. how the hell do u people get here so fast! >_<
    Great Breakdown Dro. nice quotations around Uchiha Madara 😉
    I can sense another long prediciton of yours coming up.

    Hey so I saw someone mention this on Deviantart. And want some awesomene thoughts about what Im about to say…
    What ever happened to the Mizukage who was supposedly able to control bijuu (since he was one himself). You know the little Yagura, he was the junjuuriki for the 3-tailed beast, but as we all know when tobi and deidara had captured him, tobi mentioned how the bijuu didnt have a host. So what happened to the mizukage? how did he die but not his tailed beast?
    Any theories???

  20. @BB: That’s a good question. The Bijuu are supposed to die with their host’s body so if Yagura died then the Sanbi should have died to. That means the Sanbi must have been extracted from Yagura and escaped out into the wild? This would also kill Yagura btw so either was he’s dead.

    This brings up another question of how do these Bijuu keep coming back? I’m sure they’ve had many hosts in the past since the shinobi had to learn and practice placing Bijuu in a human host long before the series started. When the hosts die with the Bijuu in them how do these Bijuu keep coming back after death? Reincarnation? Bah, I hope Kishi explains the origin of the Bijuu at one point in the manga. >_<

  21. BUBBLE:

    Tobi: “WTF?!?”
    Kakashi: “Hey Tobi…”
    Yamato: “…Guess What?”
    Tobi: “Uhh, What?”
    *Charges Chidori*
    Kakashi: “We’re Gay”

  22. AGH!!! I don’t mean to be picky but aren’t the speech bubbles supposed to be…


    Lol, no joke look here.

  23. Finally the chidori gets a line, it’s acting talent has been so unappreciated

  24. swirly face…lol

  25. swirly face? u mean tobi or wat? O_O

  26. @Dro. Lol funny shit dude, a little to much wrestling though >_<.

    Pretty sweet what we learnt from Madara, i hope we learn more about the past nin, especially the 1st hokage.
    Well if we are to assume that fate will repeat it self, then that means that Sasuke will either kill the Raikage or escape in order for the show down with Naruto (will of fire v hatred). (to many sasuke haters around these days) So take that haters, Sasuke will win (imo) and will soon rest in order to get to Danzou.

    Madara wants to talk eh? does that mean he's going to pull a naruto on Naruto? Perhaps he's trying to make naruto give up on sasuke? then Naruto will respond as required 'you should give up on making me give up' 😉

  27. holy hell…i actually won a bubble contest? awesomeness!

  28. I just think it would be a little lame if Sasuke out right wins this fight. Just like when Naruto beat Gaara, I was kind of disappointed. Its just too predictable and too boring. I mean you root for the good guy but if he wins everytime, you dont have much of a story.

    Now, if Sasuke gets help from someone like Madara or Zetsu or gets taken over by some dark power and wins, ill be alright with that.

    And Ive been thinking of Madaras motives. Maybe he wants to turn Naruto against Sasuke so they can have a real fight, Senju vs Uchiha. And if Sasuke wins, he’ll not only pass Madaras final test but succeed in what he failed at.

  29. *Bubble*

    Tobi: God damn your wood is so hard…
    Kakashi: Thanks. I usually wake up every morning by having it push me out of bed.
    Tobi: I see…
    Tobi: …
    Tobi: Mind giving me a demonstration?
    Chidori: CrAcKlE???

  30. o ya…i forgot to put my thought on Sasuke’s tech on Darui. I’m pretty sure it was Tsukuyomi cuz he grabs at one of his eyes after using it.

  31. bubble
    panel 1

    kakashi : today on the exuction list is uchiha madara
    any last words

    panel 2

    madara :just 1 thing i thought there would be more people at my exucution

    panel 3 : …

  32. sweet 2nd not bad for my first time if i do say so myself 🙂 <.< (very humble) haha chapter was awesomeness i have to admit and that was genjutsu i doubt it is anything else

  33. うちは Fanboi maybe you are right about Madara’s intentions in turninh Naruto against Sasuke but that’s only ‘cuse there’s nothing good on tv lately and he just want to watch a good fight.By the way,there is absolutely nothing obvious in Sasuke winning against the Raikage/Mr. T because all of Taka almost died battling Killer Bee,while he was only playing with them and we all know the Raikage is stated by Killer Bee himself to be more powerful than him.Also I see blood in the Raikage’s eyes-he aint takin’ no prisoners this time 🙂
    I only wonder what random event will save Sasuke’s ass this time.Who knows,may be Naruto will use those sick new eyes of his and stop the fight.
    But do you know what would be cool-Naruto killing Sasuke…infront of Sakura…

  34. Nice breakdown.

    Well, I must say that things have definitely become interesting. However, it makes you wonder whether Madara is telling the whole truth, or if he is obscuring it just to play both sides.

    I mean, I can’t see why he would find it necessary to give away so much information, even if it is true, unless he is really confident in his own abilities.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Madara tried to offer Naruto a way to get his “friend” back, but with a very high price tag. To sacrifice himself and give himself up to Akatsuki in return for the means to end Sasuke’s curse of hatred, or something along those lines.

    He doesn’t seem to hold back when it comes to making odd alliances, so it would not surprise me if he tried something like that. Why else would he approach Naruto “just to talk” unless he had something up his sleeve?

  35. i really hope naruto is saving some sage chakra to pownd madara ass. I would like to see naruto saving sasuke. Sage naruto vs raikage… AWESOMENESS

  36. @to63to: What would be cool is Naruto Killing Sasuke in front of Sakura, And then Sakura sacrificing herself bringing sasuke back too life.

  37. lelulalilo yeah and then Naruto killing Sasuke once more 😀
    But now seriously, Tenrai Senshi I do agree Madara has something up his sleeve.We still don’t know what was the moon’s eye plan and I am beginning to get the idea that Madara’s intentions aren’t what he has stated them to be,at least not entirely.After all he could have captured Naruto a few times already.He seems to have strong interest in Naruto for some odd reason and I don’t mean just because he is a jinchuuriki.What if Madara was trying to reunite the two parts that are the Senju and the Uchiha and thus gaining the Rikudo Sage’s abillities.I still have some doubts about Naruto being a Senju as it wasn’t directly stated but ih he is that might be the thing that’s going on(highly unlikely though).

  38. @ to63to,Tenrai:I think the Moons eye plan or Madaras intentions could have something too do with the 2 chakras that naruto and sasuke possess the last time they fought at the Climax when Narutos fused Kyuubi chakra and his own chakra rasengan collided with Sasukes Chakra infused with cursed chakra thats why it was black down when both those chakras collided something wierd happened a black orb surrounded them and then it went bright with light and they were seen holding hands.

    That was a epic moment the two fated fighters battling it out at the Valley of the End. Madaras intentions could be that they fight again them both going at it and their chakra reacting too each other, I think what Madara could possible really want is the Kyuubi’s Chakra. Kyuubi chakra and spirit chakra fused is very powerful but Kyuubi chakra and Cursed chakra could be something else..Example Kyuubi and Sage chakra very powerful.

    But what I was getting at was what happened with Naruto and Sasuke colliding and the reaction that happened, It almost looked like a doorway or something significant. Madara possibly teleporting Naruto into the Heat of the Drama could cause significant change and a sped up process of Naruto Action.

  39. @lelula thats a very nice observation. zetsu was watching the whole battle and probably found it interesting enough to inform tobi about it. now if they fight sasuke doesnt have curse-mark chakra but something dark vs. naruto kyuubi+sage chakra could make something really bad happen.

    ok bare with me my next post might be a little long.

  40. ok i guees im going to be the only one.

    Does everyone believe this story seriuosly? its the same guy that lied to get sasuke in his pocket which is all he cared about at that time. the first story he told contained truth, lies, and other elements that are kinda iffy. i for one dont believe this story. his first story were based on events that any academy student who pays attention in leaf hisstory could tell you(and tell you the truth). this time he choses a story that no one alive has a first hand account of the events. who told tobi this story? im also assuming he didnt give the whole story of itachi and the uchiha clan or about him not being behind the kyuubi attack on the village or kakashi/naruto/yamato would call BS! also what was the point of the story think about it for a minute. it was to tell naruto he is destined to fight sasuke. R U F&#%!ing serious? i rflmao at this. lol i will put into a funny post this is not a bubble entry.
    Tobi: you are destined to fight sasuke you must fight him at all cost.
    naruto: that was the plan sinced he beat me the last time. i was going to do that whether you showed up or not.
    Tobi: really?

    heres the other problem i have with tobi’s campfire stories. check out the link. kakashi clearly states that the hyuuga clan is the leafs oldest and greatest bloodline. this tells me one of three things about tobi and his stories.

    1. tobi lied about how the village was formed exactly.
    2. tobi doesnt give two $h!ts about the hyuuga clan
    3. tobi didnt mention the hyuugas but the village might have been formed where the hyuugas were living at the time making them the original inhabitants of the land.

  41. bubble

    the talking wood: im kookoo for coca puffs
    kakashi-im also kookoo for coca puffs, but first ill rape madara
    madara #1-i, uchia madara, will never be raped, and i, uchia madara, too is kookoo for coca puffs
    talking snowflake-i also want coca puffs!
    madara #2-bc they are crunchy munchy and even more choclaty, and they are yummy for my, uchia madara, tummy!
    talking raikiri-u know u wanna f*** me

  42. @super i think the bubble reads like this.
    naruto or yamato?
    lightning sound effect.

  43. lol heres an alternate reason why orochimaru left akatsuki.

    Pain:so orochimaru tell us a litlle about yourself.

    orochimaru: well i hate the leaf i want to master every jutsu, the secret behind immortality, and i want to find the meaning behind existence.

    konan: well im the leader’s partner so im automatically awesome.

    kisame: i have the most chakra here and will be one of the last 3 alive. i mean who’s next.

    sasori: i’m already immortal and wiped out a village already and have the 3rd kazekage as a puppet.

    deidara: i blow sh!t up.

    itachi: i’m the only straight uchiha and i’m awesome.

    zetsu: i’m so awesome i dont need a partner i just talk to myself.

    hidan: i’m a real immortal you lame piece of $h!t

    kakuzu: well if you want to master all jutsu don’t you need all chakra manipulations? well ive got all that and im immortal. and you need a limb or two sewn back on i do that two.

    orochimaru:(man they are all cooler than me) well you know what im leaving since yall are so awesome.-attacks itachi and fails- well im going home and taking this out on my boy-toy kabuto.

  44. or forgot pain’s next line

    pain:i have the rin’negan so i have all nature manipulations as well.

  45. @Senju07 I think the Rikoudou’s wife was a Hyuga. That should explain why Kakashi said the byakugan was the oldest doujutsu. And the manga never said that the Rinnegan was older than it.

  46. Good job Dro and thank you for covering while I got my payback 😛
    Way to give an Alice in Wonderland vibe >_>

  47. LOL dro I love u! The rock reference was funny. I must say this was very well done chap, it was good combination of action and are “junior history lesson” *shudder* US. History ew ;). Sasuke has gone past insane it’s to the point of HSMFKMNOMG (holy shit mother fucking kill me now oh my god) insane :p. I wish I had that raiton power that way I could cover my body with it and super couldn’t get me *sigh* preggo………oh one last thing just to remind u ppl I’m a girl not a boy!!!!! Now deathcon4 signing out

  48. I am going to make one of my super 100% true predictions…. Naruto and sasuke are going to make a baby. It was foreshadowed when they meet had had their first kiss. Naruto is pushing a pro gay agenda, where is glen beck when you need him…he would get naruto shut down in a heart beat.

  49. @deathcon4 I hope that wasn’t a shot at me. 😛

    I have the feeling that this guy is trying to shatter every important bond in the ninja world. He is destroying the trust and partnership between the five countries and is collecting all the biju…hmmm. Weren’t the biju distributed evenly among the countries so there can be peace? At least I thought that was Hashirama’s Idea. So by doing so Madara is arming himself with the most powerful chakra weapons and at the same time he’s disturbing the peace that was created by his enemy (the first hokage).He is preparing for war. Divide and conquer, right? The kage meeting fits perfectly in his plans. Instead of restoring the peace it has resulted in an all out fight between one of the kages and sasuke, the conspiracy around the forth Mizukage has started to reveal itself. none of the ninja countries has any trust in any of the others, danzo is about to lose the hokage position and the authority of the Leaf(the strongest of the five great countries) has been destroyed along with the actual village. Its like Narutoverse right now looks to me like an armed grenade- all it need is a little push and it will explode. Madara is trying to use Sasuke to make that push, while he remains in the shadows preparing for the next stage of his plan. Cunning bastard!

    What Obi…*coughs* I meant Madara is trying to do here is shake Naruto’s faith in Sasuke. He feels that Naruto is the only one that can stop Sasuke so he’s trying to sever their bond by making them kill each other.Cunning bastard!

    And now a word from our sponsors:”This analysis is brought to you by BOREDOM. The only way to go crazy.”And now back to our program.

    There is going to be a war in the ninja world and the only ones to survive are the once who don’t participate in it. That’s why Akatsuki only move in the shadows. They’re trying to stay out of sight so they can do their evil deeds and disappear like ghost afterwards.

    I don’t know what was the exact point in this post but if you agree or disagree with it please contact redcopywheel 😉

  50. if my first buuble isent good enough lets gor the next idea
    talking wood-madara u know im hard on u
    kakashi-im cool
    madara-i, uchia madara will be a princess one day…
    snowflake- dont u wish ur girlfriend was hot like me, dont u wish ur girlfriend was a freak like me?
    madara #2-once i, uchia mdara will get out of here, im gonna “surprise” sasuke
    raikiri-kakashi, stop wasting time and give me what i want…
    *kakashi puts raikiri in his pants”

  51. You sure this was your first time Dro (not that way people O_O)? It was pure awesomeness :D.
    I think Kishi’s ripping off the Christian Holy Bible, with the whole “Isaac, Essau, Jacob” story. Its actually the exact same thing (except for the Sage’s kids being witches…er…i mean ninjas). Kishi you lazy ba*tard O_O, I’m keeping an eye on you O_o.
    Well as for the Poll, im neutral. I dont like Uchihas and i hate konohanians, so that means I hate Senjus too. And why did the Hyuga clan get the cold shoulder in this history lesson. Madara you 90 year old bas*ard!!!!

  52. @Kisu: Lol, you got the Cain and Abel vibe too? Exactly what I was thinking when I read the story of the two brothers. First Nagato as Jesus and now this? I wonder if Kishi sleeps with the bible in his hand after a nightly reading. 😉

    @Anyone: Naruto and Sasuke are destined to fight…we knew this since the beginning of the story by mere common sense. The important thing we learned in this chapter is that it wasn’t just obvious foreshadowing done by the manga, but instead a predestined ordeal. Fate set long ago in the etches of history.

    The question is whether Madara is trying to stop or encourage this destined fight. Most people would say he is obviously trying to instigate the fight but remember why he came to talk to Naruto in the first place. Naruto changed Nagato…and that’s why Madara wanted to talk to him. Would it not make sense for Madara to stop Naruto from doing the same to Sasuke? Obviously he wants Sasuke under his control and watch so that means keeping Naruto’s influence away from him. In other words stopping the two from encountering one other and there being no fight. It’s the boring route but it makes sense no? 😉

    What Madara is doing also shows his cunning. He knows Naruto’s stubborn attitude based off the info Zetsu collected seeing him fight. If Madara tells Naruto that he is “destined” to fight Sasuke how do you all think Naruto is going to react? We all know how Naruto feels about “fate” and “destiny”. He’s going to say f**k that and try to resist it as much as possible. Not saying that it won’t happen because it will no matter what. If Naruto and Sasuke don’t battle I’m kicking Kishi’s ass…again! >_>

    Now on the other hand Madara could be trying to encourage the fight because he believes it’s an inescapable destiny the descendants of the Uchiha and Senju must bear. Not only that but he may be interested in how the fight turns out. He lost against Hashirama so that’s 1 score for the Senju and 0 for the Uchiha. In all honesty it never says who won the battle between the two brothers (sons of the Sage). They must have lived though to have kids so maybe it was a tie and constant rivalry?

    Personally, I think Madara is trying to stop the fight from happening but we’ll see.


    Finally a chapter that didn’t suck….thankfully kishi remembered to take draco malfoys wand out of his ass and give us a decent chapter!
    P.S.- Long time no post!

    Speaking of the HP reference

    Madara: Ah Kakashi! i see you transfigured your and dumbledores’s penis into a very large, flexible, and (SLURP….) apparantly horny tree branch!

    Kakashi: I am Lord Voldyshitinmypantsmort! Fear my transfigured penis!

    Madara: hehehe….well, i’m TheChosenbigballedhermaphroditewithareallylargevagagathatcanhandleurshittypants One!

    Madara- I’m not lying, ask the guy doubled over like he has to REALLY shit in pants while you’ve got his Penis transfigured into the whomping willow shithead!

    Yamato- look MKakagonagall! even though this conversation is disproportionally full of very very insulting and confusing name calling with pointless harry potter refrences and Really REALLYYY(*FAAART*) have to go!

  54. I don’t know, it just feels like we’re way off. I think Kishis gunna pull something out of his sleeve thats gunna shock us all and/or piss us off. Maybe something so crazy as Naruto dying. =O

    Well at least we’ll be surprised, and we all love surprises (unless the surprise turns out to be rape).

  55. YOSH HARSHY!!! Long time no post indeed welcome back dude! 🙂

    I guess it’s my turn to give a go at the bubble contest the way it reads in the manga.


    Tobi: “I’m a fire type your wood won’t work on me.”

    Kakashi: “Yamatomon, just hold him still while I bash his brains in with a bat!”

    Tobi: “You two make horrible pokemon trainers…”

    Tobi: “For one thing you’re supposed to weaken me with another pokemon not a metal bat! Secondly, Yamatomon sounds like a Digimon not a Pokemon!”

    Tobi: “And that’s not a damn pokeball!”

    Chidori: *Crackle*

    That was harder than it looks… -_-

    @Fanboi: Lol, what if he just ended the manga next issue? Madara marries Yamato for his wood, Naruto breaks out and kills Sasuke then himself because he can’t live without him, and Kakashi goes beserk killing every ninja in Konoha. FIN! XD

  56. @super: Rookie 9 step on a paper bomb and all die, Sasuke gets his head punched off by Raikage. Madara, Yamato, and Kakashi are all shot in the head. 1st Hokage comes out of the shadows with a gun (he finally developed one with all that technology). Theres one full page of Naruto with a puzzeled face, then theres 10 more blank pages.

    Good Ol’ Sopranos ending. xD

  57. @drosensei: ok nice write-up, but worth noting is that madara told naruto that he could see hashirama in naruto….that hashirama might be dead but still lives on in naruto.

    @everyone: You see….YOOU SEEEE….i remember the bloody time i brought up the theory that naruto was of senju descent and you all thought i was dreadfully crazy. Well, was wondering if someone might want to have that arguement again. That was from IRA.

    What madara revealed is absolutely shocking. From the tale of the two siblings from the rikudou sennin, one thing’s for sure. Senju hashirama and madara inherited the abilities of the second and first sons respectively in their generation, and naruto and sasuke have now inherited those abilities very strongly. How? I’ll tell you how.

    From madara’s tale, the rikudou sennin gace birth to all ninjutsu. He did because of the awesome combination of his “eyes” and “body”, along with his powerful chakras and spiritual energy, and incredible life force and physical energy. Now when he was about to die, he befitted the first son with his eyes, spiritual energy and powerful chakras. In essence, the first son was able to use most techniques with his eyes, the eyes being his source of his power. As time passed, the descendants of the first came to be known as the uchiha, the powerful clan of sharingan users, reputed, fabled ad feared because of it. In the whole clan, madara inherited the abilities of the first son of the rikudou sennin very strongly, and hence his power stood out from the others. Now what i’m also a little sure about is that powerful chakra and sppiritual energy madara has inherited strongly could be at least a pizza slice to the “six” possible reasons he survived the fight with hashirama. According to wikipedia, madara’s “stubborn refusal to die” might result from the potency of his chakra. That could be explained from the fact that madara inherited very strongly the potent chakra of the first. Now, with respect to sasuke, madara has obviously seen so much potential in sasuke that he even once told zetsu “are these the eyes that would surpass my own”? Orochimaru also saw that sasuke had a lot of potential to be a lot more stronger than itachi. After sasuke’s fight with deidara, madara reported that “he definitely demonstrated the power of the sharingan”. Madara also remarked recently that sasuke can become, or will become stronger than nagato. Plus sasuke’s new dogma, thriving on the power of hatred, something the first son of the rikudo sage and madara showed very well, are signs pointing to sasuke inheriting this power strongly.

    Then next is the second son who inherited the body of the rikudo sage, with his life force and physical energy. Now with this body inherited from the rikudo sennin meant the second son had the body requirements to perform just about any jutsu, hence the “body” in apostrophe. It mearnt that with his body, he could learn and master just about any jutsu. Now shodai hokage inherited this “body” very strongly, and hence stood out from the rest of the senju. As a result he was able to use just about any jutsu, including mokouton, a jutsu only he could use. For all we know, the first could have a lot of other secret techniques in his arsenal we did not know about, but mokouton became pronounced as a result of it’s relevance in controlling the kyuubi. Remember the scroll of shodai hokage that naruto stole?……might you want to imagine the kinds of jutsu in that scroll? Perhaps not….but the point is it was an awful lot. It also explains why shodai hokage’s chakra could control the kyuubi, as a result of inheriting this life force and physical energy very strongly.

    Now i guess you all want to know what madara meant by saying shodai hokage lives in naruto? YES. Naruto, like sasuke, inherited very strongly the “body” of the second son, as well as his life force and physical energy. That has explained why naruto has been able to take a jutsu the fourth took three years to learn and finish in a week- the rasengan. Fine, determination played a key role, but don’t forget the fourth and jiraiya were also one of the most determined ninjas you could find. Also explains why he completed a jutsu the fourth died trying to complete……the FRS….essentially combining the rasengan with elemental chakra. It explained why naruto was able to complete sage mode…something jiraiya could not complete. It also explains why naruto seems to have incredible stamina, something sasuke himself has expressed surprise to. Finally it explains why naruto is able to withstand the horrible powers of the kyuubi. As yamato put it, naruto is not strong because of the kyuubi, but is strong because of his ability to withstand the kyuubi’s horrible powers, a huge thanks to the “body” inherited from the second son. Naruto’s stamina is explained from the physical energy inherited from the second son, and his ability to withstand the kyuubi’s powers from the life force as well. Another incredible thing that means is, with that body from the second son, naruto would be able to learn just about any jutsu, with hard work and determination, like he has always done. It also means if yamato decided to teach naruto mokouton, naruto would be able to learn it. I say INCREDIBLE.

    So one thing’s for sure. Knowing this, the raikage would be wasting his time on sasuke because sasuke’s anger and hatred far surpasses his, and naruto is the only one who can stop sasuke at the moment…not even the conglomerate of kages can. Madara knows this, and knows it instinctively, that’s why he readily set sasuke up, and threw him in the fray of lions. I also have a sneaky suspicion that naruto would speak with shodai hokage at some point….probably in his subconscious. Time would tell.

  58. @supertrek: I can see where you’re coming from, but naruto is destined to attempt saving sasuke and there’s no way that would happen without a fight.

  59. @total: MAD i tell u, another dude already tried to force us to believe that naruto was a senju but HELLLLLLO, the manga doesn’t state that naruto IS actually a senju, madara just says he gots the same beliefs as the 1st, now if u say naruto can be a senju descendant oh kk and half of the people in konoha if u think bout it cuz konoha was intially founded by both uchiha and senju clans, and remember the fiercefull chakra pool naruto have is because of the kyubii, it was stated in the manga that kyubii’s chakra mixture wid naruto chakra giving in a bigger chakra pool and also giving regenaration abilities.
    its also stated that all generation WILL surpass the previous one, so why cudn’t naruto surpassed both jirayia and 4th?
    now learning the FRS was kinda “easy” for naruto because of his abilities wid KBJ remember that he was able to learn the jutsu 300x times faster than any1 wud!!!!
    I’d think naruto gots where he is right now because of HIS OWN WILL and not because he inherited this or that!!!

    As for 1st hokage he only cud control the kyubii with mokuton not wid his chakra if not look at yamato case, course not as deleveloped because its not his OWN element.

  60. I Enjoyed The breakdown and the rock references drO. I also enjoy the thought of sasugay about to get his ass handed to him by the raikage. XD

    A little word off advice guys with the theoryies, If you write shorter post people will actually read them instead of running because of the intimadatingly long BioGraphys Known to mankind. 😀

    I do it to sometimes but im trying to cut back and take other ppls advice as well so im not excluded from my ranting >_<

  61. @total: hmmm guess i came in after you posted that theory on IRA. I’d always thought that most of the Konoha nin were decended from the senju, but that the name had sort of died out.
    Hmm i like ur theory/idea on why naruto can withstand the Kyuubi’s chakra – very likely indeed.
    However i find it hard to believe that Madara would let Sasuke lose in to the Kage summit without some backup or a secret weapon – i mean he’s to valuble to Madara and his plans.

    @marks: TLDR… na just kidding dude, point well taken.

  62. @acklikx and total: It indeed was never stated that naruto is a descendant of senju, but I do think he is and i think alot of people in konoha are. Madara said that the “fire” in Naruto burned fiercer then in alot of other people, which isnt actually that hard to believe. I actually believe most of the things that madara says, he also told the truth about Itachi and nobody doubts that either.
    As for Narutos huge chakra pool its not only the kyuubi chakra, im pretty sure it was also stated that naruto had alot of chakra of himself.
    the surpassing thingie I do believe that some of the main characters are meant to surpass there teachers but, thats not what always happen or all uchihas would ve long past madara and the same for the descendants of the 1st hokage.
    As last thing i dont believe naruto could learn mokuton since he doesnt own those elements and naruto is no copy of the senju or 1st, hes a descendant

  63. @Mudshovel: O_O

  64. @fearvano: actually, Madara DID lie to sasuke. sasuke called him out when he told madara he was responsible for the kyubi attack on the villae 16 years ago, then madara denied it and twisted the story. But we all know it’s true cuz Minato confirmed it when he spoke w/ naruto in his subconscious during the fight w/ Pain.
    This isn’t to say that madara’s lying about everything, but he’s definitely twisting some facts around for his own good

  65. here’s the link to what i’m talkin about if you’re curious:

  66. Ok Here is the translation of the spoiler text for 463:

    第二間接部分までしか刺さらず クソッ!!

    雷影 雷遁をまとったこのワシに傷をつけるとはその術ははたけカカシと同じものだな・・・
    雷影サスケをつかみくるっと反転させ これで終わりだ!!と


    カリン なんてチャクラなの・・・これは尾獣並のチャクラ><

    サスケの周りには骨の様な物体がさまよい 目から大量の血を流し 天照!
    マダラとの会話 長門と同じ様にサスケを説得させるかどうかサスケには無駄~
    カカシ   うちはの復讐に尾獣を集めてるのはなぜなんだ?
    マダラ   簡単にいうと 完全体 になるためだ

    お前らとの話は楽しかった~ っと時空間忍術みたいなのでマダラは去る
    ないサスケとりあえず防御作にでる スサノオウの不完全版の骨を身体の周りにバリア状にし

    憤怒の一撃 逆水平チョップ
    ダルイ  左腕をくれてやるとは雷影様!!
    おもいっきり吹っ飛ばされダウンするサスケに雷影が 止めだ!! とジャンプした所で 

    完です 来週はギロチンドロップですかね・・・

    more from Nja

    後シーが言っていたが 黒炎をあそこまで操る(鎧状にまとう)能力はイタチ以上か!?


    English text:

    The zigzag lightning pierce the heart of the shadow of the shadow dodge lightning erotic Bo
    Second only to the portion of indirect刺Sarazu Kusotsu!

    This eagle and scratch the shadows wearing a lightning lightning Myongjigeogari the same thing as art Hana Sono・・・Kakashi Hatake
    Innovation is the end of this highlight shadows come Sasuke grabbed the lightning! ! And
    Lightning bomb us! ! (Raigabomu) (I want to show what a tremendous power over the strength Bomb 2 pages)

    Sasuke’s back on the ground was bone叩Ki付Ke Susanoou previously issued by the weasel
    Out of the corner to protect Sasuke Sasuke something like
    Lightning give the shadows more chakra to leave the place I noticed the eyes of Sasuke is Wanhua

    Of a chakra chakra Nante Karin・・・This is the tail of barbarism “”

    Amaterasu Sasuke around a lot of bleeding from the bone like a body of wandering!
    Scene is to Naruto
    To convince Sasuke Sasuke whether to like the same conversation with the head gate and spotted the waste —
    Forget w
    Scarecrow of animal are you attracted to the revenge of the tail is why I?
    But rather to be easily spotted and full body

    You do talk and they like fun – I spotted him last Ninjutsu spatiotemporal Innovation
    To Sasuke
    Avoid eye ring is easy to copy or move the body art of lightning also hit a blink of the shadow is considered to Amaterasu
    And a barrier around the body like bones incomplete version of Sasuke Toriaezu Susanoou not set out on his defense
    The state can not make attacks in their bones Amaterasu

    Horizontal stroke of the wrath reverse chops
    Darui give the shirt off his left arm and the shadow-like lightning! !
    Sasuke’s lightning shadows to stop the blow down big time! ! The place was jumping and

    Next week you’re dropping a guillotine End・・・

    more from Nja

    Lightning is the art of shadow body Purorashii Shinobu
    Manipulate the flames up over the Black Sea was saying after (wear armor-like) or more capacity or weasel! ?
    Temashita saying.

    Yikes I survived the death ruled to・・Wanpi・・・・

  67. ???? damn wtf is that is that really a spoiler o.o? if it is again WTF????

  68. Spoilers 463:

    Sasuke dodges Raikage’s elbow and stabs him with the chidori…but his fingers only make it part of the way into Raikage (his fingers only get to about the second joint in)…Sasuke – Dammit!!

    Raikage – To think you were able to wound me when I have this Raiton chakra covering me. That technique must be the same as Hatake Kakashi’s…

    Raikage then seems to grab Sasuke, turn him upside down and say, “This is the end!! Raiga Bomb!!” (*The spoiler writer comments that this technique takes up over 2 pages, possibly because Kishimoto wants to show just how powerful it is) —-Translator comment: I think the Raiga Bomb is supposed to be a wrestling move similar to a Power Bomb where you pick your opponent up and slam him body/head first into the ground

    *As Sasuke gets slammed to the ground the bones from what looks like Susanoo (the technique Itachi used) protects Sasuke from the fall, helping Sasuke to get out of his predicament

    Raikage, noticing that Sasuke’s eyes are now Mangekyou Sharingan, withdraws and raises his Chakra levels even more

    Karin – What chakra…this is a bijuu amount of chakra.

    The bone-like shape is drifting around Sasuke. Then a large amount of blood comes from Sasuke’s eyes as he uses Amaterasu!

    *Scene changes to Naruto

    *Continuing the conversation with Madara. Madara says that Naruto won’t be able to talk sense into Sasuke the same way he did Nagato.

    *Spoiler writer seems to have forgotten part of the conversation

    Kakashi – Why are you collecting the bijuu in order to exact your revenge as an Uchiha?

    Madara – To put it simply, in order to be complete (*in order to reach my/it/something’s complete form*).

    Madara then disappears using his space/time ninjutsu saying, “It was fun chatting with you guys~”

    *Scene goes back to Sasuke

    Sasuke attacks Raikage with Amaterasu, but is easily avoided by Raikage, moving with speeds higher than the shunshin no jutsu. Sasuke, not even being able to keep up with the Raikage with his Sharingan, goes on the defensive. Sasuke uses the bones of the incomplete Susano’o to act as a barrier around him, though it seems as though he cannot attack through the bones with Amaterasu…

    *Then Raikage hits Sasuke with a furious Backhand Chop

    Darui – Way to give it to him with your left arm, Raikage-sama!! (*Could simply mean that Raikage is not messing around when he hits with his left arm)

    Sasuke goes flying and is on the ground when Raikage tells him that this is the end and then leaps into the air…

    That’s all for this week. The spoiler writer then wonders if next week will start with the guillotine chop (another wrestling move).

    *cough* Naruto version of WWE*cough*

  69. @everyone the next generation is “supposed” to surpass the previous one but in alot of cases most people dont. if this were the case 100% of the time every alive would be stronger thus the people from the past wouldnt stand out as much. naruto is an exception he has surpassed alot of people. asuma on the other hand never surpassed the 3rd hokage or he probably would not be dead right now

  70. @acklik why does everyone forget about the hyuugas.

    I’m officially starting the Hyuuga pride parade haters are not welcome.

    well this might be my last post until next breakdown.i dont like seeing spoilers. when the new manga comes out i like to be surprised.(not like that for you with minds in the gutter).

  71. oh also if madara’s potent chakra makes him immortal why wasnt the sage of the six paths and his eldest son not alive anymore shouldnt they have had longer lives than madara?

  72. Well WWE fans that also like Naruto will be quite satisfied. xD

  73. @cookie: interesting spoiler, if it turns out to be real. We’ll see tomorrow…or even tonight on some timezones. Personally, Sasuke’s the grass and Raikage is the lawn mower. There’s bound to be some serious carnage – or at least pools of blood – when this is over.

    And…what about the so-called power Naruto was “granted” by Itachi? Where is it? WHAT is it? Where will we see it? To save Sasuke? To save a still-decimated Konoha from a threat greater than Nagato? GAHHHH! That one has really been nagging at me.

    Oh and the bloodbath known as Sasuke versus Raikage has a purpose; to show that revenge is rarely sweet. 😀

    @total: Oh, how I’ve missed your LONG posts… 🙂

  74. One last thing…that “curse” comment from Madara: didn’t it remind you of a similar “curse” comment from Legend of the Gutsy Ninja (since that anime episode is coming in two weeks)?

  75. @senju well in asumas case i dont think most of the konoha nins would be able to beat hidan under those circumstances anyway. he had no info before the fight while the secondary team did. I wish he was still alive cause we never really got to see how strong he was.

  76. goddamit he was one of the feudal lord guardians HE HAD TO BE STRONG -.-

  77. @Penny: I think its the power to supress the Amaterasu. I mean, what else could he have given him? xD. And technically it makes it a fair fight, since sasuke seems to be able to supress the kyuubi.

    Also I was thinking and anyone else see any similarities between Kumo and modern day America, or how the rest of the world portrays us. I mean their warhawks, interacial (dont mean that in a racist way), rude, have a strong military, and seem to be into wrestling. I mean its not like Obama = Raikage but you see what im talking about. xD

  78. If the spoiler is true than we should prepare for a Saskebab. Raikage turned out to be exactly as powerful as I thought.

  79. @everyone didnt kishi say in n interview that madara was going to fight against kakshi’s group or something. assuming this is the meeting he was talking about i think i know what could possibly start a fight besides yamato touching people with his “wood” justsu. well if the sharingan can see chakra the longer madara stays there would he see itachi’s chakra inside naruto?

  80. @penny i thought naruto didnt read that gutsy ninja book until is in the middle of training with pa frog?

  81. @senju jirayia last moments were passed recording when he wrote that book and such

  82. @acklikxx: Ok man…..i don’t know what the rush of blood to the head is all about, but i would definitely, and patiently, reply to your post, as it seems you’re one of those people who needs to read stuff twice or more to gain understanding.

    If you read that release at all, you’ll find that madara was trying to tell naruto that in his time, himself and senju hashirama inherited very strongly the abilities of the first and second sons of the rikudo sennin respectively. Similarly, in naruto’s generation, sasuke and naruto, like madara and hashirama, INHERITED the abilties of the first and second sons very strongly. Of course, for a long time now madara has been trying to tell us that the lineage of the senju has been scattered around. Go to release 399 pg 13 for reference. I’m just one of those people who managed to relate it to naruto and sasuke then.

    And next time, if you settled down a little maybe you’ll make a more stronger point.

  83. @mudshovel: I agree with you.

    @acklikxx: You talk of naruto’s abilities to learn jutsu rising from will alone…at least it seems like that’s what you’re saying. If that was the case, why did the fourth, who is one ninja that beleves in hard work and, like naruto, never gives up, take 3 years to complete the rasengan? Why was the fourth also unable to complete the combination of the rasengan with his elemental chakra? Why did jiraiya, who was also dogged and tenacious a ninja like naruto partially complete senjutsu? They definitely had will, but they, unlike naruto, did not inherit that body madara spoke about….even though they were exceptional ninjas of course.

    Again you talk of naruto also able to complete jutsu because of the kyuubi’s chakra. I reckon that’s just plain silly. That naruto is able to withstand the kyuubi’s chakra is a feat in itself. Even yamato himself said it, that naruto isn’t strong because he has the kyuubi, but s strong because of his abilty to withstand the kyuubi’s horrible powers.

    And you talking about naruto not being able to surpass jiraiya or the fourth is yet again mumbo jumbo. Naruto, like sasuke, has more potential than any ninja in naruto verse…..and madara explained why. Fate. Destiny. I think these, for me, have been simplified more than they can ever be. If you need something else be sure to come calling.

  84. @penny: Where the hell are you? I’ve missed you like crazy.

  85. Am i the only one wondering about zetsu. does anyone else want two see him fight as badly as me. I know he has to be in akatsuki for more than garbage disposal and bening the akatsuki DVR/tivo.

  86. @total dude 1st why are u missaying wat i said

    2nd where here I state to say that naurot isn’t able to surpass J-man and 4th ” its also stated that all generation WILL surpass the previous one, so why cudn’t naruto surpassed both jirayia and 4th?” i ended in a retorical quest but with ma previous affirmation its OBVIOUS the answer.

    3rd total”why did the fourth, who is one ninja that beleves in hard work and, like naruto, never gives up, take 3 years to complete the rasengan? ” if u remeber naruto already
    had the 3steps done for him or hadn’t he? Alone he wudn’t evah finish just by seeing it! difference between copying and creating it urself 🙂

    4rd total” Again you talk of naruto also able to complete jutsu because of the kyuubi’s chakra.” I nevah stated smthing like this!
    what i said and i quote “and remember the fiercefull chakra pool naruto have is because of the kyubii” i was saying that naruto has a strong chakra pool also because of the kyubii!

    5th total”Why was the fourth also unable to complete the combination of the rasengan with his elemental chakra?” and i just answer u with “now learning the FRS was kinda “easy” for naruto because of his abilities wid KBJ remember that he was able to learn the jutsu 300x times faster than any1 wud!!!!” maybe because naruto is so SKILLED wid the kage bunshin and he cud learn it FASTER.

    Naruto recoveries are rlly fast because of the kyubii regenaration powers or else not even naruto cud learn either rasengan or FRS that fast even if he inherited what u said!

  87. Another thing before class starts would this fight be interesting.

    Neji Hyuuga Vs. Sasuke Uchiha (assuming neji has gotten stronger) i think this would be a good fight.

  88. plis not again : P we already had that debate here so don’t start it again i think some1 was killed cuz of that mwahahahahaha **smells smothing rotting in supa’s bunker*

  89. SPOILER:
    IT SOUNDS AWESOME 🙂 enjoy!!

    Title: Sasuke VS Raikage

    Sasuke: “Chidori”
    Raikage: “Elbow”

    *They clash against each other with their techniques
    The head-on duel of lightning and lightning!!

    *Hatred drives forward! Sasuke’s fate is…

    Naruto 463 – Sasuke vs. Raikage!!
    *Sasuke’s chidori stabs Raikage in the left side of his chest
    Sasuke: “Damn!”

    Raikage: “An attack whose strength and penetrating/stabbing power have been increased through Raiton…the same jutsu as Hatake Kakashi! To be able to touch me through the Raiton armor covering me…it’s quite the technique!”

    *Suigetsu, while fighting of course, look on at the Sasuke and Raikage fight
    Suigetsu: Dammit! It was no good!?”
    Darui: “Yeah, no good…and with that Sasuke’s a dead man.”

    Suigetsu: “!?”

    Karin (thinking): “! No way. This much chakra!!”
    Sasuke: “!!”
    *Raikage lifts Sasuke up and…
    Raikage: “Raiga Bomb!!!” *Basically a Power Bomb

    *The ground shatters beneath them
    Karin: “!!?”
    Suigetsu: “!!?”
    C: “Ugh”
    Darui: “It’s over.”

    Samurai (from behind the pillar thinking): “So that’s the Raikage’s Nintaijutsu…Sasuke is not likely alive anymore after that…I guess we didn’t need reinforcements afterall…)

    Sasuke: “Ug…”

    *Raikage lets go of Sasuke
    *Darui runs over to where C is
    Darui: “C, are you okay!”
    C, still on the ground: “Darui…is the fighting over?”

    *Sasuke’s body is surrounded by bones

    *Sasuke’s eyes turn into the Mangekyou Sharingan
    Raikage (thinking): “That’s the Mangekyou Sharingan, huh…”
    *Raikage goes Super Saiyajin: “Hmph!”

    *Darui, lending C his shoulder

    Darui: “There’s never been anybody who has eaten that technique and lived. Not to mention the damn bones…what the hell is this guy?”

    C: “I lost in a genjutsu fight…my body still won’t move the way I want it to…those sorts of geniuses pop their heads up once in a while…”
    Samurai (thinking): “Uchiha Sasuke…he’s persistent/tough…!”

    *Reinforcement Samurai come pouring in the room.

    Sasuke: “…”
    Darui: “! Hey, C. That Uchiha’s eyes…aren’t they a little different from before?”

    *Blood begins to come out of Sasuke’s eye…

    C: “The Mangekyou Sharingan!?”

    C (thinking): “I see. That’s why Raikage-sama is amping himself up this much…he’s going to use Shunshin no Jutsu to fight against it.”

    Suigetsu: “Am I…just too weak against Raiton? My body is so numb I can’t even turn to liquid well.”

    *For some reason Suigetsu has a sword sticking out of him
    Karin (thinking): “Raikage’s chakra is getting really huge. It’s like he’s turning into a bijuu!!

    *Scene change to Naruto

    Tobi: “Naruto…one day you will have to fight Sasuke. Rather…I’m going to crash Sasuke right into you. That fated battle stretched across generations…with it I’ll have Sasuke prove what the Uchiha really are.”

    Naruto: “Sasuke isn’t your damn toy!! Stop just saying whatever you like!!

    Tobi: “So what, you’re going to make Sasuke have a change of heart the same way you did Nagato? Sounds like you enjoy saying whatever you like too, Naruto. You have to know how to use the darkness in people’s hearts if you want to really control people. Nagato just happened to be easily influenced by people.”

    Naruto: “…Don’t lump Nagato in with you! Even if his way was different, at heart all he wanted was peace! But you, you’re different!!”
    Tobi: “Hmph…true…”

    Kakashi: “Ridiculous. If proving your point is your goal then why are you collecting the bijuu? What is your goal? What do you want?”

    Tobi: “…Well…if I had to give an answer…I guess it would be to become whole…”

    Kakashi: “Become whole…!?”
    Yamato: “What does that mean!?”

    Naruto: “…”

    Tobi: “Telling you all wouldn’t mean much so…I’ll let you know somewhere that’ll be a bit more effective…Our conversation was…pretty interesting though…See you.”

    *Tobi disappears

    *Bloody tears come out of his right eye…
    Sasuke: “Amaterasu!!”

    *The left side of Raikage’s chest starts to catch fire~~~? But Raikage uses Shunshin no Jutsu to dodge it.

    *The black flame then hits one of the Samurai who was standing behind Raikage The Samurai beings to burn.
    Samurai: “AAAAaaaagh!!”

    Samurai B: “I’ll put out the flames.”

    Samurai C: “Those are no ordinary flames. Don’t get too close!”

    Samurai B: “!?”

    C (thinking): “The technique Amaterasu where flames appear wherever the person looks!! This is…!”

    *As Sasuke looks at the burning Samurai Raikage appears behind him

    Raikage: “Raigyaku Suihei!!” *That’s a backhand chop.

    *Sasuke’s body is surrounded by the black flame

    Karin (thinking): “Nice!! A shield of black flame! Raikage’s Shunshin speed is too high a level so if you can’t catch him with your eyes then just make a shield that he can’t touch!! This way he can’t just attack Sasuke indiscriminately!”

    C (thinking): “He controlled the black flame!? He even spatially recomposed it!! Does that mean he’s more skilled with the black flame than Itachi?”

    *Raikage, not giving a damn about the Sasuke’s black flame shield

    Raikage: “Don’t underestimate the Raikage!!!”

    *And hits Sasuke with a backhand chop with his left hand

    *His left arm catches fire~~~~
    Karin (thinking): “Wha!?”

    C: “Raikage-sama!…It can’t be?”

    Darui: “To give up…your left arm…”

    *Sasuke falls to the ground. Raikage then leaps into the air~~~

    Raikage: “This is the end!!”

    Raikage, his furious determination!! What options does Sasuke have left!?


  91. spoilers video is up 😉

  92. If Naruto and Sasuke are fated to fight, then I think we can assume some things about the story moving forward. If it is fate that is moving Naruto and Sasuke to a violent battle, then we can expect that Naruto doesn’t want to be tied down by fate or destiny. Naruto, I think we can assume, wants his own path. He also wants this path to move towards peace.

    So the question is, how will Naruto deal with Sasuke if he wants to change Tobi’s predicted fate?

  93. “its also stated that all generation WILL surpass the previous one, so why cudn’t naruto surpassed both jirayia and 4th?”

    Just trying to feed you your words back so you’ll be convinced how ridiculous you sound….or is it that you don’t speak much english? That could obviously be excused.

    “As for 1st hokage he only cud control the kyubii with mokuton not wid his chakra if not look at yamato case, course not as deleveloped because its not his OWN element.”

    Again, one word to describe that remark- ATROCIOUS. If you EVER watched the anime, or even READ the manga, you’ll find that the necklace tsunade inherited from the first was a “CHAKRA CRYSTAL” again a “CHAKRA CRYSTAL”, one that responded to the chakra of the first hokage, and without which yamato’s mokouton would prove useless in supressing the kyuubi. So if you could permit me, i would interpret in your first language because i definitely envision you coming here and raving again. To dumb it even further, madara was trying to say that the senju and uchiha clans inherited the abilities of the second and first sons respectively, hashirama and uchiha also inheriting these abilities very strongly….so with naruto and sasuke presently. Hashirama inherited strongly the life force and physical energy that the second son inherited, along with the “body” and madara inherited the powerful chakra and spiritual energy quite strongly from the first son. That explains why hashirama and madara could both control the kyuubi. With regards sasuke, when he supressed the kyuubi n naruto, even the kyuubi said he sensed a chakra in sasuke as potent as madara’s, supporting madara’s suggestion that sasuke has inherited the power of the first son strongly, like himself. Speaking of naruto, inheriting the body, life force and physical energy from the second son, explains why he’s able, in the first place(before you start going on about how naruto’s chakra has increased a thousand fold from possessing the kyuubi)to withstand the kyuubi’s horrible powers, as yamato exclaimed. It also explains his incredible stamina. I understand the fact you say will counts. It’s definitely a factor, but not entirely an explanation to why he’s been able to accomplish things his predecessors couldn’t. If you’re going to bring the kyuubi factor as a reason to his success, you couldn’t be more wrong, as naruto decided, long ago, not to rely on the kyuubi’s powers anymore as it hurt those close to him. It was definitely not a factor to accomplishing senjutsu and FRS.

  94. spoilers from tayish sound a little more comprehensive. At least it’s not entirely the one-sided clash the other half-arsed spoilers have been proclaiming.

  95. Oi oi, what’s going on here? >_<

    Let me lay out the facts and I'm not taking any sides here…

    Mokuton jutsu does suppress tailed beasts as the 1st Hokage (Hashirama) had the power to control the tailed beasts with this Kekkei Genkei. The necklace only "helps" in controlling the tailed beast by reacting with the chakra of the 1st hokage and enhancing his jutsu. Yamato who was genetically created to inherit the 1st's power is nowhere near as strong in Mokuton jutsu as the 1st was, so he heavily relies on the necklace to help him suppress the Kyuubi chakra when it gets to strong. Still, at the end of the day it's the Mokuton jutsu that is doing most of the work.

    *sigh* I see you both are agreeing that the current generation must surpass the other as that it is one of Kishi's main themes for the manga. Why it keeps being brought back up I have no idea…

    You both make factual points. Thanks to the Kyuubi Naruto has had a major boost in his chakra pool allowing him to have so many Kage Bushins and learn techniques quicker. He also learned the Rasengan so quickly because, as Acklikxx said, he was taught the steps Minato had to learn himself.

    On the other hand of course it’s also Naruto's determination (attitude to never give up) and inherited "will of fire" or "body" Totalitarian brings up which allows Naruto to succeed in all his endeavors.

    Both of you make great points now stop arguing over who's more right. -_-

  96. I bet tobi’s next story will be to team guy and he will reveal guy to be lee’s dad.

    I still think that most of tobi’s story is bogus.(to put it kindly). I think he made up the sage part about about his two sons. i think that was just to tell naruto he is fated to fight sasuke and made up the story to tell him it has been this way since the time ninjustsu was made making it sound like fate has gone on this long and there is nothing naruto can do about. I dont think there was and body or eyes that was actually inherited. i think that was just to make the story sound more real. Also naruto will still fight sasuke. He even said he wants to fight sasuke this time for real. This makes me think naruto was holding back last time.

  97. On another note rembering previous post i read before i was a member. someone mentioned sakura as being the most useless naruto character. i’m not really a sakura fan but she has a heck of lot more use fighting wise than ino but i want to know what everyone else thinks.

    who do you feel like is the most useless ninja of all times in this series out of every ninja introduced so far.

  98. @senju: Hmm… well, Ino is pretty much as useless as you can get, but I’m thinking in terms of screen time, and Ten Ten comes to mind too.

    Now before anyone starts raving about how Ten Ten is so much better because she has worked hard on her weapons’ techniques (and may I remind you, we don’t know that– no screen time AT ALL), please don’t forget that the Yamanaka clan techniques are almost invaluable in some battles, and added to that, Ino knows medical techniques. That makes her pretty darn useful in the field. (note: I’m not fan of Ino, so nothing here is biased). >_>

    Otherwise, I’m guessing that most of the lesser characters and genins are pretty much useless. While Konohamaru KINDA SORTA earned his place with the rasengan (I still can’t forgive Kishi for flinging away a technique like that by lowering its level to KONOHAMARU of all people), his teammates have shown nothing.

    And then there’s Iruka, who couldn’t hold it out against Mizuki, the guy who got beaten by one technique… and that technique being kage bunshin. Now that’s pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

    Meh… too many useless characters in Naruto. And then, most of them are reallt useful in weird ways. O_o

  99. You know what i noticed? once you read the early spoiler one week its hard not to do it the next week.

    i was hoping kakashi would say “take off your mask tobi”. and i was hoping tobi to respond “i’ll show you mine if you show me yours”.

  100. @dynamicentrance: I think that Konohamaru is awesome. I think of it almost in the opposite way you do. To learn such a technique is a testament to not only Konohamaru’s skills as a ninja, but also a testament to Naruto’s ability to teach (which has not been explored too much in the story). But, for sure, people work hard to follow Naruto.

    @supertrek89: People keep bringing up the current generation because it has been a guiding force for the story. Because of the idea of the current generation surpassing the last generation, we’ve been able to predict things like, who will die, who will be defeated, who will survive, where the balance of power lies, etc. And this time around we can be pretty sure that Sasuke comes out alive because of this. And we can be pretty sure that Madara will be a central target, if he isn’t already.

  101. Hmmmm…looks like things between Raikage and Sasuke are getting interesting. The part that fascinates me is when Sasuke gets his nice body slam then Susanoo appears. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me. And, I’m not a Sasuke fan. One other thing: why is it when underliings fight they always can do so while watching their bosses/henchmen fight harder? Talk about serious multi-tasking! I can’t talk and type at the same time.

    @supertrek: Regarding that debate above, you forgot that Yamato included a seal on the necklace so he could both bind the Kyuubi should it appear and keep track of the number of tails he has produced – all while he would be away from Naruto. Pretty cool feature but, like that Sage jacket, cool things hardly last for long. Something tells me that Yamato won’t be hanging around Naruto for much longer should he figure out a way to control the Kyuubi.

    Then the next generation: Konohamaru’s great and the other two genin need a part. And, yes, the next generation always surpasses to the previous one. Major theme here. Nuff said.

    @Total: I’m here, dammit. Where the hell are YOU??? 😀
    Gawd, I can’t find anyone these days…

  102. Sorry for the spam but, Dro, Great job on the breakdown!

  103. @Gavin: Hmmm…indeed this is true but I was referring to Totalitarian and Acklikxx specifically. I’m just wondering why those two kept arguing on a point they both agreed on in their little debate (i.e. The current generation surpassing the other).

    @Penny: Yes, that is also true and a neat feature on the Chakra Necklace 1000! 😀

    @Sneju and Dynamic: Pfffft, the most useless character has to be Ebisu. He was so hyped up when he first became Naruto’s trainer after Kakashi, and he’s done nothing in the entire series! >_<

    He got captured, didn't even land a hit in, and was saved by his student, Konoamaharu from Nakara Path. XD

  104. @super: regarding the debate and why…because circular arguments can be so much fun to get into but so damn hard to get out of. heh heh heh But, I’m with you. Just agree to agree on the general principle and move along. I mean, how important is it anyway. Gahhhhh.

    Useless characters? Oh my…so many, Idk where to begin. Ino is one, Ebisu is another good one, Ayame is another…Iruka is kind of important in that he was the first one to truly believe and befriend Naruto as a child. A symbol, really.

  105. @senju07: regarding your comment…

    “@penny i thought naruto didnt read that gutsy ninja book until is in the middle of training with pa frog?”

    Given how fast these strings get all frayed, crossed, knotted on this particular blog, I am guessing you are discussing anime? Anyway, if it is…yes, Naruto read it while training with Pa Frog. However, it is mentioned and emphasized during Jiraiya’s fight with Pain, I believe.

  106. yup yup i said it after he asked but yay who reads what i say anyway loool xD

  107. Ok, I know that I have not been comment much on the blog but I wanted to toss out an idea about whats going on in naruto.

    Prediction time!…this time it is for real!..I hope no one has said this yet.

    Itachi is a bad guy! *shock* yes the guy that killed his clan is a bad guy. Itachi’s body gave out from over use of the sharingan…so like orochimaru Itachi needed a new body…and he had kept his little brother sasuke alive becuase he knew he would need another body. Right now the dark chakra in sasuke is just his brother taking over his body. Itachi could be a good guy…or a bad guy.

    If Itachi is a good guy he has a plan to stop madara and Sasuke is going along with it… on the other hand Itachi could be forcefully taking over Sasukes body. Karin was stopped so she could not get near the fight between Itachi and Sasuke…that is why she can’t recognize the evil chakra in Sauske.

  108. @scorp: that sounds so far-fetched and “Kishi-like” that one just might be plausible. You never know with Kishi where this will go.

  109. @seju07- Id rather say tenten is the all time most useless character in naruto, i mean seriously all she just about does is throw kunai’s and i must say in the whole history of naruto the kunai throwing never really proved useful at all neither the explosive notes or any of the artillary tenten uses hehe but yes beyond tenten id also say ino is as useful as the flowers she plants……..

  110. oh and id say by looking at madaras timing with hes exit in the spoiler hes gonna teleport sasuke away just in time

  111. @bakakage that is so true about the kunais i noticed that lol. how much of a useless character do you need to be to get killed by a kunai?!

  112. explosive notes hello and how was hidan defeated 😛

  113. @Scorp: That’s an interesting theory and I know a lot of fans would squeal if Itachi came back from the dead (or was never dead at all). It’d be an insane twist in story line if Itachi somehow implanted his being inside Sasuke when he poked him on the forehead. On another note he did stuff an entire crow down Naruto’s throat so wouldn’t that warrant he might be inside Naruto as well?

  114. if wat i have read it true then after madara leaves that should make way for naruto to getting his ass over to were saskue and riakage are and with his wind element and in sage mode i hope that as the two of them are going in for the final attack (both powered up with the strongest lighting forms) naruto uses the speed he has now that hes in sage mode lumps inbetween them and not only cancels there attack with wind (lighting’s weakness) he says something like ‘enough’ and sends them both flying make the way them came.

    saskue will try to keep his calm and collect self even though he’s shitting it.

    riakage will be thinking ;this kid brushed aside my attack like it was nothing, i thought he was just some average shinobi, and wasnt he supposed to be beat’en up there arent any healers with him so how can he recover so fast.

    from a wide streach view u see saskues team and riakages team shocked as well as the samurai and the body gaurds of the kages gone to look in on the fight, each will have a panel and say something on the line as ‘he brushed of a kages’s and saskue’s attack (who was fighting on par with the riakage) like it was nothing, just who is this guy’.

    karin will scan him and say something like ‘i never sensed a charka soo clam and in this situation and the amount of chakra he has is even greater than a bijuu.


  115. One of Sasukes Chidoris didnt do Shizen too Raikage but Im wondering what one of those Dark Chidori the type which collided with Narutos rasengan that should be his next lvl Chidori.

    @WRA:Just for future referance whats suigetsu gonna do about getting a new sword 1. do you think he will have Zabuza’s beheader sword reforged in a new style 2. defeat that dark fella take his sword and defeat that other seven swordsman for his sword 3. he locates a awesome new sword in samuraiville.

  116. @Smurf: Sounds pretty badass but you’re making Naruto to look like a God! XD

    @Lelulalilo: I choose option 2 but he gets the sword from Chojuro (the seven mist swordsman) not Darui.

  117. @super: Yea option 2 sounds about right he takes Daruis sword and defeats seven mist swordsman for his double handled blade, I wonder what his sword is all about anyhow. Do you think its similiar too a Kisame sword that is kinda living.?

  118. @Lelulalilo: It might be but the properties of the swords are completely different from one another so who knows. Kisame’s sword was huge and could eat chakra. It also cut anyone who weilded it if it wassn’t Kisame.

    …Zabuza’s sword…was just a huge ass kitchen knife. Nothing really special about it besides its sheer size. In other words Chojuro’s sword could be something crazy or just an awesome looking weapon.

  119. @super: yea Zabuza’s sword is like you say a meat cleaver. My take on Chojuros sword is that its living like Kisame’s, It also divides into a 2 handed weapon with some properties like light and darkness seeing thats the main topic at the moment that Kishi is displaying in the series at the moment. Or its something crazy or just an awesome looking weapon 🙂

  120. awesome rivalries in theird own ways

    L and Kira

    naruto and sasugay

    kakashi and gai

    sanji and zoro

    luffy and GOD ROGER O_o ( junior 😛 )

  121. @supertrek: Hmm….you talk like chojuro is some horrible push over. He’s a legendary swordsman, a feat suigetsu wants so hard to achieve.

  122. @Totalitarian: Meh..I never said it’d be easy to get the sword. I just see the progression of the storyline going in that direction.

  123. @supertrek: Yeah? Hmmn….suigetsu vs chojiro…..perhaps jugo vs aoi, then mizukage raises an eyebrow, goes to see what’s happening to her sexy chojiro, then danzo, with an evil grin, hypnotizes mifune. Mifune then shippishly orders the samurai to cross out gaara and the old, senile tsuchikage, labeling them allies of sasuke. Danzo, with aoi off his back, then escapes. That would be sexy, don’t ya think?

  124. @Totalitarian: As sexy as eating sushi off the Mizukage’s naked body but I can’t see that happening right now. Juugo is down, Aoi and Chojuro are secure in the Kage Meeting, and Aoi has his eye on Danzou.

  125. @supertrek: I see danzo hypnotizing mifune to squeeze mizukage’s breasts. Then all hell would break lose in that small room containing four kages and a hypnotized open pervert. What do ya say?

  126. @Totalitarian: LMAO, I can see what’s on your mind right now! XD

    Pervy thoughts…@_@

  127. @super and total: knock off the pervy thoughts, will you? Geez! Men, I swear…that Mizukage is more than T & A. 😀

    @total: you just missed me again…I’ll be off until later.

  128. @super and total: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wow er……….lmmfao XD !!!!!!!!!! mizukage would kill them, remember shes like the GIRL version of Mickel jackson she likes her little boys……..But i must say the next chap looks fing sweet i think kisu found some of my secret dope hes on a roll!

  129. kisu…. opps kishi lol

  130. I had nothing to do with the perviness! >_<

    Ok…Totalitarian started it….>_>

  131. After seeing the spoilers, (ashamed T_T) I think it’s obvious that the Raikage is very powerful indeed. The fact that he has both extremely high speed and overwhelming strength makes it clear why he is so confident.

    Add to that his raiton manipulation and you have a pretty formidable combination. It also shows that Amatarasu is not unstoppable, as some have often suggest, and like any other jutsu has a measure by which it can be defended against.

    Anyway… what I don’t understand is why Sasuke doesn’t just use a Tsukyomi on the Raikage or at least attempt to. I mean, he doesn’t have a bijuu to speak of, so that means the chances are he won’t be able to break it.

    I also wish the other kage would be a bit more involved in what is happening. I really want to see Gaara and co in the action again and I would also like to see what the other kage are capable of.

    We have all these interesting new characters, I just want to see what they can do. I think we’ll be seeing quite a bit of them coming up. ^ ^

  132. what i know is raikage knows a lot about kakashi and the l.b refrence suggest they headed out some time ago

  133. I think Madara will rescue Sasuke.
    But man….Sasuke losses again?!?

    He needs to drop the hate, if he wishes to win in a good condition.

    His hate makes his fighting style sloppy. 😦
    If he ‘s considering retreating, then maybe his hate isn’t blinding him as much as it could potentially do though.

  134. @schy: I agree. I think madara is going to rescue Sasuke as he is part of his grand master plan. Don’t want to lose that prize.

    I also agree on that Sasuke is rather focused on hate versus defeating an enemy. However, I think he is only thinking about retreating for one reason only: survival so he can exact his revenge elsewhere.

    Yup, Sasuke got in over his head on this one…almost like the “old” Naruto 3 years prior; impulsive and jumpy.

  135. If Sasuke does win, its…..
    It’s just…

    Sasuke always ends up looking like he’s the one who got beat up, when he wins.

  136. still…what i dnt get is why save him after throwing him into the lions den to begin with? Madara knows Sasuke is going to win or Naruto will be the one to jump in and save him.

  137. I think that the ultimate sharingan power that Itachi was talking about is the ability to see how one event affects the whole course of events. That’s why Madara is so good in manipulating people.

  138. @redcopywheel: Good call. Something is going on with ‘shaping events’ and manipulating people. Danzo seems to have it. Most likely Madara has it too right? Will Sasuke have it in the future? Maybe if he kills Danzo or Madara?

  139. BUBBLE

    Tobi: Hey guys, Yamato you hug to tight.

    Kakashi: Again Kishi now you put me up against Madara or Tobi or Obito or Madara younger brother or Dozan or Slade from teen titans or

    Tobi: Ok we get it you are put up against strong people.

    Tobi: I mean it is not my fault he keep on doing this to you.

    Tobi: Or maybe he don’t like your ass and he is trying to kill you. Ever think about that.

    Chidori: *Crackle* Owned *Crackle

    HAHAHA I am still dieing laughing at this. You better believe it.

  140. BUBBLE:
    Madara/Tobi:If you guys didn’t want me to surprise Naruto you shouldn’t have left him sleeping with the window open….
    Kakashi:Well we didn’t think you would surprise anyone, then again you did have Orochimaru in your group…
    Yamato:And we all know what happened to Sasuke…*whispers just dont tell Naruto*
    Madara/Tobi:Orochimaru was different…he liked emos…we just like bijuu’s….
    Madara/Tobi:Besides whats wrong with having a random surprise here and there?
    Kakashi:Yeah,your right…okay Yamato you can remove your hand from his ass now..

  141. ^^^ that bubble better win…its almost pefect dialogue..lmao..

  142. naruto is up now….
    now let me go check it out…

  143. it was alright …its no one piece but it will have to do for this week…lol jk

  144. Oh i see, Raikage gave up his left hand. In the Spoilers they made it seem like using his left hand was significant because it was more powerful. Im thinking Tobi is some kind of a ghost, maybe that arm is the only real substance him.

  145. Quality Manga Ep

    Raikage’s arm I now he isnt going too loose it only his arm guard is burning he’ll take that off, Sasuke is fighting on par with Raikage gotta give him credit they got some good fight moves involved.

    I was thinking about the story Tobi spoke of about the 2 brothers origins of senju and Uchiha I was also thinking about Tobi saying that he’ll be complete. Now this is the best theory I can come up with annd Im sticking too it.
    When the Original Senju battled Uchiha he sealed his eye techniques and chakras into animals and left only his Hatred, so when we see the bijuu and they have differant eyes but if Tobi can absorb them with Gedo Mazo he’ll have his original eyes which were sealed in the first place and all elemental powers. Something along those lines Ill have too clean that up a bit Im not the best writer.

  146. Looks like Manga Share made a big doo-doo on page 9 (or 8 if you don’t count the flip-out as two pages).

    Notice how Sasuke’s Sharingan is not activated when he turns around on the Manga Share page.

  147. lol raikage is a beast. Such a badass dude hes like the combination of wreastling and ninja action 🙂

  148. damn…i’m really worried now..what do u guys think about Sasuke’s future..??is he going to die?cause it looks, to me, like it.. 😦 hmmmm..

  149. i think sasuke will go blind of too much expendure of the MS

  150. @lelulalilo: Madara talked about attaining perfection, entirely a new body, from the chakras of the tailed beasts. I’m not sure about the eyes though.

    @babyface: Sasuke die? Where’s that coming from? Madara’s definitely not about to let that happen at all. Sasuke is absolutely indispensable to madara’s plans. Besides, sasuke on his own is strong. Don’t worry, he’ll be absolutely fine.

    @everyone: Has anyone noticed how danzo uses the word “akatsuki” in inverted commas? Could that mean there’s a relationship, direct or indirect, with danzou, root and akatsuki?

  151. chapter should be out in the next 2-3 hours…. I had way too much time ^_^”

  152. @Total: All the Tailed beasts powers revolve around there eyes I believe, I think every time naruto uses any Fox Chakra his eyes change. Well by memory I dont think they changed when he fought Neji but yea you could be right even if he did attain a new body he would have kick arse abilitys with Bijuu powers.

    @acklixx: I hope he keeps using his eyes too counter and battle agaisnt awesome Kage abilites so we can see mad counters and more ninjutsu, taijutsu and the like. Also if he abuses his eyes enough too the point where he does go blind then the story will get too the best bit of the show, Whose eyes he takes and they aint his Brother Itachi’s.

  153. and yeah, that raikage is insane. It’s amazing how he dodged amaterasu. But again from sasuke’s viewpoint, you have to hand it to him. The mate is a genius. Spatially recomposing amaterasu. Nice one. And the combination with susano was just insane.. The raikage, however, is a little paranoid. He’d better have the ability to regenerate, or he’ll just be a paranoid, unsettled and impatient fool, punching sasuke even on his amaterasu defence, and plunging at sasuke on his susano guard, one that’s supposed to be impenetrable and one that guarded sasuke from his raiga bomb technique. It seems though that the raikage might be putting his all in the next technique coming up. It just might be one capable of pushing sasuke to the most extreme of limits, unless he’s saved by madara.

  154. Sasuke counter measures, which should be on one of those Voting thingys.

    1. susano mirror protects him completly
    2. amaterasu completly covers Raikage
    3. tsuyokomi and raikage freeze and falls too the ground
    4. Sasuke uses his new MS technique
    5. Sasuke teleports outta the way and deals a devastating counter
    6. One of Taka save him
    7. Madara intervenes

  155. I love Sasuke’s new Sasano+Ametarsu combo.

    He’s got Sasano surrounding him, but each bone is coverd, or even made out of Ameturasu black flames.

  156. 😀

  157. LMFAO!!! I just loved how Sasuke used “chidori” and the Raikage countered with “ELBOW”! XD And then there’s the last dialogue at the end…”Don’t fuck with the Raikage bitch!” ROTFLOL! The Raikage is fast becoming one of my all time favorite characters.

    Much props to Sasuke too. As Total said being able to spatially recompose Amaterasu and activate Susano’o at the same time is quite the genius feat. He may even have more control over Amaterasu than Itachi had. I wouldn’t say besting Shii in genjutsu was much of a feat for a Uchiha though.

    And look…Amaterasu can be dodged. Sasuke offered proof to that way back when fighting Itachi but nobody seemed to care. -_-

    As for Madara’s perfect body…is he going to absorb the Bijuu like Cell absorbed the androids from DBZ? It would make sense though that he wants a perfect body besides the obvious benefits. If his story is true about the Senju and Uchiha past then he’d only have his descendant’s eyes. The Senju were the ones who were strong in body and life force. Maybe Madara is trying to catch up to the Senju and inherit their perfect bodies. Senju/Uchuha mix would be the ultimate ninja and most powerful after all.

    …or he could just have an injured body and want his full functioning body back.

    @Pickles: Good catch dude. 😉

  158. i have a feeling that moon eyes plan may involve sasuke, itachi’s eyes and those bijuu as well. madara does have plans on sasuke fighting naruto so its only a matter of time befores sasuke’s eyes go… he’s already bleeding profusely using both susanno and ameratsu together. and we all saw itachi’s eyes bleed like that when he was almost blind… dont forget to take into account that right after the killerbee fight sasuke was having eye sight problems. i think sasuke is gonna have to take itachi’s eyes soon.

  159. Meh, it’s a late one but here goes:


    Tobi: So you tied me to a tree. Wow, I’m so impressed.

    Kakashi: STFU, you’re not the one with a hand on someone’s ass.

    Tobi: Oh, but I am.

    Tobi: You see, while you’re holding me tied up here,

    My bunshin is actually in the Kagecon, groping the totally unsuspecting Mizukage.

    Chidori: *totally jealous*

  160. hey, you know what i dont get you guys, when sasuke was a young tiny tot he fought a ninja nameed Haku, Haku had a unique gekegenki (or tech i cant member how to spell itXD_) that allowed Haku to move at the speed of light between ice panels. Sasuke was able to track bits of Haku as he moved throughout the panels and he only had one part of the sharingon, not even the full extent of it. SOOOO why is he having trouble tracking Raikage when he’s moving at the speed of light and sasuke has full power of his sharingan???

    Haku moved really fast between the panels of ice but definitely not at the speed of light. That is why Sasuke was slowly catching up to Haku’s speed with his Sharingan.


  161. hatake kakashi is still my favourite char.
    the only one having the guts and brains to listen to madaras story and ask:
    WTF do you REALLY want??

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