Updated W/ Spoiler Vid! Bleach Manga 372: Stark’s Apathy. Breakdown + Discussion

Bleach Manga 373 Spoilers confirmed!!! from Shounenspoilers

G’day all.

Well we return again to Bleach in what I thought was a pretty ‘meh’ chapter. It had plenty of fighting, we learnt a little and it set up a nice ending for us to wonder what’s going to go down next week. But the underlying reason I wasn’t that pleased with it … is well the pacing. Bleach is moving along sooooo freaking slow, I mean there is still another 4 – 5 fights still to be fought in this phony town which could mean more than 20 chapters… [sigh]

Well we start of this week with Love doing a nice flip onto his feet (most likely buried in rubble before hand) before observing his surroundings and telling Rose to speed it the hell up.  Rose tries to pull of a dynamic reappearance but Love decides ripping him out by his hair will be faster.

Air bike - Fuck your guitar

Air bike - Fuck your guitar

Rose and Love then discuss how the enemy losing a comrade could be dire for them. There is only two ways that this can go for Starrk, either he goes ape shit and brings out the beat downs or he will hesitate and lose his edge. Instead of waiting to see which one Starrk will choose, Love rushes forward and releases his shikai.



With the cry of ‘smash’, Love’s blade turns into a 20ft metal cudgel.

"...and soon they will make a board with a nail so big it will destroy them all!" OMG THEY WERE RIGHT!

"...and soon they will make a board with a nail so big it will destroy them all!" OMG THEY WERE RIGHT!

Starrk somehow sees out of his left eye and fires of a few ceros at the incoming cudgel. Now for some reason the ceros dissipate/ have no affect what so ever. Personally I think it has something to do with the insane size and the amount of riatsu within the cudgel.

Take that you oversized spiked gerkin... ohhh crap!

Take that you oversized spiked gerkin... ohhh crap!

Starrk dodges the attack only to be smacked from the side by Love and into the ground. Love taunts from above while stating the obvious in that Starrk has indeed lost his edge.



Starrk’s gun then starts talking to him as it becomes all to clear that the shot to the head from Love has rattled his brains, as he soon believes that fighting is better than running away O_O. Seriously though, Lilynette starts yelling at Starrk to show some pride, that Aizen had made him primera for a reason. Starrk initially wants to leave, he doesn’t want to witness more death, yet Lilynette reasons to his sentimental side telling him that if he doesn’t want to see others die, then he must do something about it.

Gun Jobs... somehow not as rewarding as i was told...

Gun Jobs... somehow not as rewarding as i was told...

While this is going on, Love and Rose decide to have themselves a little man chat, you can tell by the insults and lack of care they show. With Love throwing out the line ‘eat me’, I was getting a little worried, but before this can go anywhere Starrk jumps/fly’s out of the dust cloud.

Man chats - look past the insults, i swear there's an idea somewhere

Man chats - look past the insults, i swear there's an idea somewhere

Love charges again, however this time Starrk blocks easily. Love seems quite happy that Starrk has regained his nerve and decides to throw a couple insults his way. I admit I did lol as Starrk replied to the comment of ‘you hollows’ with “hey Mr Kettle I’d like to introduce you to Mr Pot” – an oldie but a goodie 😉 .

just when you thought it was safe to call others 'hollows' O_O

just when you thought it was safe to call others 'hollows' O_O

To which Love’s reply is his hollow mask. He then uses ‘Hifuku no Kotsuchi’ which I originally thought was ‘heyfuku no kotsuchi’ but turns out its translation is ‘fire spitting mace’. A high powered flame strike then appears to smash Starrk to the ground.

2 attacks in one

Two attacks in one

Love then gazes off into the sun set before removing his hollow mask. I’m guessing Starrk used sonido to dodge the attack as Love comments that ‘he really loves to play hide and seek’.

My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...

My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows...

Rose directs Love’s gaze to the sky where we find out how Starrk acquired his outfit, seems he controls packs of wolves and also sheers them in his spare time… O_o . Anyway we close with a pissed of Starrk who looks ready to deal the hurt.

Scapewolf no jutsu!

Scapewolf no jutsu!

Once again it’s time for the extras, let start with random poll to get discussion: 

Well this weeks random poll; tell me which Espada Resurreccion did you like the most and why. I’m not going to include the #10 – #0 Yami for obvious reasons.

Here’s this weeks Bubble contest. 

Do what you will

Do what you will

Now for last weeks winners. I decided just to do a top 5 this week, seeing as how there wasn’t that many enteries as per the usual.

5th – Pumpkinbread21

Aizen: Join me and I’ll give you, the almighty king of Hueco Mundo, more power … Wait that doesn’t even make sense. Who wrote this!

Barragan: Yeaaaaa this flashback IS pretty much pointless … and yes this is my happy face.

4th – Ahsan

Aizen: dude check this out i got this baby on super sale…. for a buck ….. its sharp as hell
Barragan: ya right just put it along with the other tra.. i mean gifts you bring …

3rd – Captain Pickles

Aizen: Yes, it will be as long as this if you follow me.
Barragan: Where do I sign up?

2nd – Redcopywheel

Aizen: I warn you…If you don’t put my name on The Good Kids list…
Barragan: For the last time: I’m not Santa.

Finally this weeks winner:

Treking it up yet again. Nice one super *insert Franky pose*

Treking it up yet again. Nice one super *insert Franky pose*


~ by mudshovel on September 6, 2009.

55 Responses to “Updated W/ Spoiler Vid! Bleach Manga 372: Stark’s Apathy. Breakdown + Discussion”

  1. First! Woot!

  2. second! 😛

  3. third 😉

  4. Great breakdown, Mud…



  5. WOOOOOHOOOO I went from seventh last week to second this one in the bubble contest and I didn’t even consider myself a contender this time.

    Love: How am I supposed to fight with a cactus damn it !?!?!

  7. 4th

  8. <— cant beilve he is on no 4 with only 1 entry xd

  9. ok mud, seriously. I love your breakdowns, you’re hilarious.


  10. @mandi: thanks alot 😀

  11. YOSH!!!! Awesome breakdown Mudshovel as funny as ever! XD *returns Franky pose* ^(0_0)^ Lol, now I know it’s 2:10 am over there so go to sleep! 😛

    Am I the only one who thought this chapter was awesomeness? Plenty of action, Loves is awesome, and Stark bringing out a ghostly pack of wolves? The battle may take up two more chapters but hell it’ll be awesome right?…right? 0_0

    Why are they doing Toshiro vs. Harribel after the primera fight though? Seems like Tite should save the primera battle for after the 2nd and 3rd espada are downed. Meh, doesn’t matter I suppose I just don’t really care much for another Toshiro battle. -_-

    The battle we’re all waiting for though is with Aizen!!! That’s guaranteed last and the one that’ll prove to be the most epic! 😀

  12. Toshiro ftw!!! Ok, maybe not. I think he’s gonna get his ass handed too him.

  13. *Sees Super and Muds Franky poses…* Wear these boys! *Throws speedos and takes pose*
    Amazing breakdown Mud, it took a while to read between the rofl’s.

    Worlds greatest hitchhiker mode….ACTIVATE!

  14. Bubble.
    Oh hell yeah that’s Togemon on a stick.

  15. BUBBLE: Love: I’m not over-compensating this IS MY D!ck

  16. @anyone are freaky mask ppl on anyone else’s nerves. i know they’re cool and all but if i dont get 2 see shunsui’s or ukitake’s bankai because them i will hate them all.

  17. BUBBLE:


  18. BUBBLE
    Any true whack-a-mole fan brings their own club to the arcade

  19. @EVERYONE: Commmmmmme ooooooon! Which Resureccion did you like the most?
    The one i liked the most was Harribel’s. She went from hiding behind a collar, to hot and ready to kick ass!
    My favorite though, with ero put aside, would have to be Ulquiorra – he turned from emo into badass and pretty much owned ichigo (always a plus 😛 ).

    BUBBLE (once again because i’m bored)


  20. *BUBBLE*

    Love: THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

  21. BUBBLE

    love: and I declare you, SIR stark of bleach with the power invested in me ash Quee, i mean king ._.

  22. BUBBLE:

    Kowabunga Dude!!!

    for those that don’t know its michaelangelo from tmnt…

  23. My favorite release was from my favorite emo Ulquiorra because that badass had two releases, and was probably the strongest Espada. Plus he looked kinda like batman which is always badass…even though superman is obviosuly better…>_>

  24. BUBBLE:

    Nah I think Stark’s one was the best! Who else could make a little into a illegal weapon?:P and now the pokemo—– I mean wolves are out 😉

  25. BUBBLE:
    Love: Fuck the police, NWA.

    That would be a cool sword release phrase as long as you don’t mind it’s randomness.

  26. Good job Mud (can i call u mud?), ah what the heck, Mudshovel ;). Well, I liked Love’s Shikai, but if that is so freaking huge, how big’s the Bankai? O_O

    Favorite Resurreccion……Szayel Apporo Granz FTEW! Dude! He gains the ability to make clones of his opponent with all the powers of the originals. He can “lay” his “egg” in a female’s “womb” (seriously, Szayel should be the Espada of lust, not the Espada of Madness). He has those weird voodoo doll thingies. His resurreccion is total awesomeness. Hell! even his zanpakuto has an awesome name, Fornicaras (you will fornicate)!
    (Grimmjow is a close second)

    BTW, why wasn’t Charlotte Cuulhourne a choice? O_O

  27. On a side note. I think Barragan was the most powerful Vasto Lorde, but not the most powerful Arrancar. The Hogyouku draws out a Hollow’s potential when it artificially creates Arrancars, so maybe Starrk was not as powerful as Barragan, but he had more potential than him. This would also show why Barragan has no respect for Starrk (he challenged both Harribel and Starrk when Aizen, Gin and Tousen got trapped), he is very egotistical after all (even his Zanpakuto’s name shows this “Arrogante”=Arrogant). I think this was originally Mudshovel’s theory, I’m not sure though……Screw that! I’m taking credit 😛

  28. BUBBLE

    love: I MADE ITTTTTT, touchdown *crowds goes wild*, will i make “love” tonite wid some groupies? *thinks*

  29. @Super: Hmmmm. but we all know you choose Harribel on the poll 😛

    @cookie: I’m betting starrk doesn’t remember much of the 80’s though – i mean what else could explain his clothing 😉

    @Kisuzachi: Yea that was a pretty badass release. Though how Mayuri owned his ass was way cooler 😉 .
    Also there are many reasons why he/she wasn’t in the list. First off he/she wasn’t an espada, secondly he/she’s release was pretty lame, thirdly who else besides a couple of die hard fans know who he is (for those of you that don’t – he’s the dude that wears the skirt and got owned by the dude with the eyebrow and eye lash extensions)? I’m actually suprised ppl know who the #9 espada is 😛

    As for Barragan – he used to be king while to others were just like ‘cbf’. He used to rule over all other hollows in Hueco Mundo,But if another hollow under somebody else took over, i’m pretty sure that would have damaged his all ready highly inflated ego.
    You could be right in that he was the strongest, however i still think starrk is stronger than him now. I mean he has taken a few good hits from Love and it has hardly hurt him at all, now that he’s seriously pissed… we might just see why he’s primera.

  30. @Kisu: LMFAO!!! XD You have a weird taste for releases. 😛
    (I know that doesn’t sound right…>_<)

    Also, why do you think Stark, Barragan, and Harribel are Vasto Lordes? I don't think any of them are except for maybe Ulquiorra. Just seems like the Vasto Lordes are the ultimate baddies of Hueco Mundo and would be much more powerful than this.

    @Anyone: Any guess at what Stark's new power is? Because I honestly have no idea. -_-

    @Mudshovel: HA! I voted for both of them! Once for Ulquiorra on my laptop before it crashed and once now for Harribel in the computer lab. Because she's so damn sexy! Xd

  31. BUBBLE

  32. LMFAO! Charlotte’s release was so badass I choked on a piece of candy when i first saw it, then i fell out of a chair LMFAO! Laughing till your stomach hurts has gotta put him on at least the top 15 best releases 8)

  33. @Superdude, I almost forgot 8P lol. Here’s why I think Starrk, Harribel and Barragan are Vasto Lordes. It’s stated that when Vasto Lordes become Arrancars, they always retain a human form (Arrancars like Grandfisher, Demora and Iceringer have no human form), and upon their release they should keep a human form because when they were Vasto Lorde they had a human form to begin with. A Resureccion just makes them gain back their hollow form’s power.

    Haribel has a very human-like Arrancar for, and when she releases, she retains her human form, same for Starrk. AND we can see that Starrk is enough for 4 Captain-level Shinigami (Shunsui, Ukitake, Love and Rose). Harribel took on Hitsugaya, who is one of the strongest Captains (I couldn’t believe it myself), and she fought him and made him use his best move, then she crumbled it and is now unscathed. She’s gonna be fighting 2 Vizards AND a Captain, she’s definitely a Vasto.

    Barragan had a human Arrancar form, he was human-like when he was a hollow, AND is release is THE MOST human-like one so far (you cant get more human than having a human skeleton). He easily overpowered a Captain, a lieutenant, and a Vizard, only losing because one of them flipped a coin basically. Plus the dude’s powers would pwn Ulquiorra. Respira is the most deadly attack I’ve ever seen in Bleach, its right up there with Vegeta’s Galick Gun 8).

    Why Ulquiorra wasn’t a Vasto….pretty simple. When he released, he lost human form by getting horns and wings, then he COMPLETELY lost human form by using Segunda Etapa and gaining a huge tail and even bigger horns. Ulquiorra was most likely just a VERY powerful Adjuchas. By the way, I dont think Segunda Etapa is specific to Ulquiorra. He said its a Second Level of Release, so that would mean other Arrancar have the potential to learn it, so maybe the Starrk has one up his sleeve, maybe?

  34. @Kisu: I see… I don’t know that much about Bleach to provide any in-depth feedback, but after a little research I’ll be prepared! 😉

    Arrancar, Adjunchas, Vasto Lordes, Espada, Fraccion, GAH!!!! To many levels dammit!!!! >_<

  35. My fav release would be Wolf boy or Tony the Tiger. Both are just hard. I like GrimJaw or however you spell it. But is it just me or do he have the hardiness name.

  36. Spoiler Vid posted – for the person who hates surprises … 😉

  37. @kisu ulquiorra said he was the only one who could release twice.

  38. BUBBLE:

    love: I like to see you say size doesnt matter after this.

  39. BUBBLE:

    Love: It’s a good thing my shikai double as a parachute. !? WTF a giant cudgel. DAMN YOU AGAIN ACME!!!

  40. BUBBLE:

    Love: I’ts PeanutButter Jelly Time!

  41. @ice well ulquiorra has a hard name to spell and say. if no one posted his name alredy i would have to had looked it up. still cant pronounce it.

  42. WTF, does Aizen stab Stark in the heart? 0_o

    That would be soooo heart breaking.

  43. I know since 373 isn’t even out yet predicting this is putting my credibility on the line 😛 but if Aizen did in fact stab Stark through his heart this only signals to me that he wants stark to transform into a Vasto Lorde. Yes i know i sound crazy @_@ but if we take into account that Ichigo miraculously turned into a, yes presumably, “Vasto Lorde” after having his heart blown out by Ulqui http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/349/02/ then can the same be said for the primera !? Remember aizen is ready for this battle to be over! ?THOUGHTS?

  44. Isnt Stark already a Vastro lord……
    ….That also transformed into a Espada……

    And WTF i thought hollows didn’t have hearts 0_o

  45. I’d say Starrk was a Vasto Lorde before becoming an Arracar. Barragan was one, so the primera HAD to be one to outrank him.

    @peediwee, Ichigo didn’t become a Vasto Lorde. To become a Vasto Lorde, a hollow must first become a Gillian by eating other Hollows (I don’t think hollows are a part of Ichigo’s diet O_O), then the Gillian must obtain a personality, then this new Gillian with an attitude must eat a lot more hollows and become an Adjuchas, and then eat even more hollows to become a Vasto Lorde. I’d say Ichigo’s transformation was his “true” Hollow state instead of the one that showed up in his Vizard training.

  46. urahaa kiske , where the hll are you !!!!!!?!!!?!!?!!!!?!?

  47. if i’m not mistaken it wasn’t aizen that “kill” stark but rather gin sword extension it’s what it looks like to me

  48. i dont think is was ichigo but i hope to god it was.

  49. Whats the deal with “Aizen” supposedly stabbing Stark.
    It looks like a big unknown to me-thats responsible for stabbing Stark.

    The blade is black.

    I wonder if Ichigo’s dads zanpato is black?

  50. Stark was kicking ass too dammit! >_<

    I don't care who it was he/she is a coward for attacking him from behind, and I was just getting to wonder if Stark might just win! I wonder if the attacks weaken him though. You know taking out pieces of your soul and exploding them to defeat your opponent… Didn't seem like it though because he was cool as a cucumber. Until someone stabbed him in back!!! T_T

    It couldn't have been Aizen, Gin, or Tousen because none of their blades are black and why would they take down their own comrade? Especially when he was doing so well. I think it's a shinigami or vizard.


    I just finished reading the new chap. (heheh… I’m always late >_>) and when that blade came out I nearly had a heart attack.

    First thought in my head: ICHIGO, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? D8

    Second was slightly milder: OMFGZZZ STARK’S BEEN SHISH KEBABED! DD8

    Third thought went something along the lines of: Hmmm… I wonder if Arrancar blood contains the cure to the swine flu…

  52. @Dynamic: WTHLMAO! XD Don’t be silly we all know Chuck Norris’s blood contains the cure for swine flu. 😛

  53. …so Chuck Norris stole ichigo’s sword and stabbed Stark?

  54. @Super: What are you talking about! No one knows what Chuck Norris’s blood is like, or what it can do. And that is because nothing can make Chuck Norris bleed!

  55. @Debito: Yes…that’s exactly what happened…

    @Pickles: Oi, you’re right but how do we know his tears can cure cancer but he’s never cried? o_0

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