YOSH!!! One Piece Spoiler 557 Confirmed + 556 Breakdown And Discussion! New Demotivational Poster Included! #_#

-One Piece Spoiler Below-

One_Piece_heroes_by_DanphilArtwork by Danphil

Spoilers for chapter 557 are finally out and up! Don’t ask me why ‘Paper Planes’ is playing in the background of the video I don’t make these things. >_> Spoiler video provided by Luffyq1.

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown! This week’s chapter had some action, philosophical views of a crazy man, toasty marines, defeated giants, a sad grandpa, child abuse, and flying pirates. We have a lot to cover so let’s get started shall we?


First, let’s kick this off with an awesome AMV made by Jani713 and uploaded by ScreamDragon.  Haha, the opening is kinda funny and I’m like the biggest Usopp fan out there so enjoy it while you can you bastards. XD The AMV is real high quality so loads kinda slow and it has an annoying advertisement at the bottom of it. If you want to see a faster lower quality version without the advertisement go here. Badass One Piece Pic by *Nesskain.

What's the point of umbrellas for contolled rain? -_-

What's the point of umbrellas for contolled rainfall? -_-

Nami’s gaze wonders up to a giant orb that produces clouds and provides rain water to the farmers below…while our gaze shifts down to Nami in her short shorts. @_@ Ha, even the old man has a peculiar glee on his face as he looks at Nami….pervy thoughts right!? Honestly, it’s probably just me…>_> That’s about it for the cover page. Yay, Nami gets an upgrade to her Clima-Tact (obviously). Who’s next up for the cover story? Zoro or Brook? My money is on Brook and Zoro going last. It’s not save the best for last it’s save the most injured for last. 😉

If Oars is dead then Moria is the next "hot" vampire! ;)

If Oars is dead then Moria is the next "hot" vampire! 😉

The chapter starts us from where it left us off last time; with Oars reaching out to Ace and going down to take a dirt nap. Now is he dead? Nope, of course not and I can agree with that this time. It’s not like he’s living from an impossible situation (falling into an ocean of clouds and surviving when you’re a DF user Enel…). He got his leg cut off and was pierced through the chest with a shadow sword. Now that may sound bad but it could have been worse and this is a manga folks. He’s a BIG tough guy he’ll live. Doflamingo and Moria , the two resident Shichibukai crazies, are laughing at Oars’s defeat. Way to be humble… -_-

Don't f**k with Whitebeard! You may lose your life and virginity...>_>

Don't f**k with Whitebeard! You may lose your life and virginity...>_>

In the time it takes Doflamingo to lose thought and foam from the mouth (very quickly) giant Vice Admiral Ronse attacks Whitebeard from behind thinking he’s lost in thought over Oars’s defeat. Wow, what comes next he fully deserved. Whitebeard quakes the axe (sword?) to pieces, grabs him by the hair like a dirty bitch, slams his head on the deck of Moby Dick, and sends a shockwave through his head shattering his mask and probably his skull. I think there was a hollow vibration inside Ronse’s skull when the shockwave went through because anybody with brains knows not to attack Whitebeard from behind by now!  Whitebeard has claimed his first victim and it was RAPE!!! Without skipping a beat Whitebeard commands his troops to get past Oars’s body and invade the bay as animals nearby panic over unexpected earthquakes. Hasn’t the farmer read Animal Farm?  Animals are smart…and they can talk apparently. @_@

I SEE THAT!!! @_@

I SEE THAT!!! @_@

Seems like Doflamingo wasn’t such a dick like Moria. He wasn’t laughing at Oars’s defeat at all but instead at something much more funny! Being in the core of this era…Hahahahaha, I get it that’s f**king hilarious! XD Ahem, before we get into that though notice how Doflamingo so easily took command of one of Whitebeard’s Division Commanders. Now notice something much more important…that teme flipped off the entire reader base of One Piece! >_<

He eats people I just knew it! >_<

He eats people I just knew it! >_<

Before Doflamingo explains himself we cut to a scene of Coby reverting back to his Cabin Boy cowardly self and running from battle. Come on man you have Soru now you can run faster than that! XD Helmeppo tries to save him from becoming tonight’s dinner for Akainu (because we all know he loves roasted marines) as they discover cowardice is not tolerated in his eyes. Before Coby can run into him Akainu confronts another marine running away, but we don’t get to see Akainu punish him as Coby and Helmeppo duck their heads back around the corner.

Those are some mad rhymes! He makes more sense each and every day. o_@

Well the rhyme DID say he wasn't crazy! He makes more sense each and every day. o_@

Back to crazy Doflamingo…*sigh* dammit don’t you hate when the crazy people start making sense? At that time either you have gone crazy yourself, the crazy person was never crazy in the first place, or worse of all it’s both. o_O Nah, Doflamingo just made some sense here but he’s still crazy. He just had a “moment”. 🙂 Now riddle me this? Who sets the rules, the standards, the laws, the customs, what’s taboo and what’s not in a society? The ones in power, the ones at the top, the ones in control because they are the leaders. Doflamingo made all the sense in the world [>_<] when he said whoever wins this battle will become justice. If the pirates win they will redefine justice to what they believe it is and as the rulers what they say goes. If the marines win…well it’ll all stay the same I suppose.

The reason Luffy's crew beats Blackbeard's is because Blackbeard's crew is a total sauage fest. It only makes since to apply the same logic here right? ;)

The reason Luffy's crew beats Blackbeard's is because Blackbeard's crew is a total sauage fest. It only makes since to apply the same logic here right? But the marines are ordering pizza now. O_O

Back to the battle ‘Ice Witch’ White Bay (HOTNESS!) crahses through the marine defenses with her Ice Breaker. Meanwhile, the marines don’t seem to be to worried because they have a plan! We get a cool look at Otsuru-San’s DF power and I’m guessing it’s the Laundry Laundry Fruit like Franky suggested in the comments section.

*wink* *wink* 0_-

*wink* *wink* 0_-

Up on the execution platform Sengoku is warning Garp not to do anything funny to screw up the plan. As good of a marine Garp is this is his adopted son that’s about to be executed so there is a risk of mutiny. Garp promises not to do anything as he sits there crying in regret over his sons not growing up  to be marines. Hey, parents are right when they say you need to grow up to be a marine so you don’t get executed in front of the rest of the world…that’s life.

Why change the words when it's already hillarious enough? XD

Why change the words when it's already hillarious enough? XD

Next up the plan is revealed and it’s to execute Ace before the scheduled time! Holy shit, Ace needs an angel or some kind of savior to come from the sky to rescue him now. Oh look, a flying rubber man. O_O IT’S LUFFY…and crew. Falling out of the sky after Ivankov winked the entire ship up there probably to get out of the fog or something. Sounds like an idea Luffy would come up with. -_-

The chapter ends there with most of the crew falling to their death to ice covered water below. XD Next week I hope to see some Gomu Gomu Ass Kicking and all hell break lose. Here’s this week’s demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy. 😀

Chopper PosterArtwork by Trive


Well let’s see..Shinobimadness won (“i think luffy will finally arrive…”) and Mudshovel won (“More chaos next chapter…”). Cheating bums…>_> A little more specific next time. 😛

Next cover story will feature Brook. In the main story Luffy will save the escapees from Impel Down with a Gomu Gomu No Fuusen (balloon) landing safely on the ice. Somehow the information about speeding up Ace’s execution will be leaked or found out making the pirates go in a frenzy. Luffy will try to rescue Ace but will be stopped in his tracks by a Shichibukai.


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  1. Awesome breakdown man…*cough* I mean….SUUUUPPPPEEERRR!!

    Doflamingo was bound to get something right eventually with the amount he talks right? 😛 Weird guy…
    This weeks Ffanky is disappointed in Coby. I thought he had become one of the cool people…Go out there are give Whitebeard what he has comin (A shigan to the eye (if he knows more Rokuschki))
    Otsuru’s fruit seems to be another thats not suited for the drawn out battles of this manga *sigh* It either owns or doesn’t, just like Robin, Jewelry Bonney, Trafalgar law and some others….

    Meh, i’ll talk more later

  2. Now that luffy’s in the picture, I wonder what Hancock will do…
    turn everyone else into stone…duh!

    *sigh* there isn’t much to comment about the chapter when it’s totally out of your league, is there?

    and luffy becoming a rubber parchute like Mrs. Incredible? no…I would not vouch for it…I hadn’t even thought that luffy would fall out of sky in the first place…

  3. *cough*third*cough*

  4. *splutter*fourth*splutter*

    Now I seriously need to finish off reading this manga… WHY DO THESE STUPID SEINEN MANGAS CAPTIVATE ME SO? WHY~~?? I have no inspiration to read OP now, and the story seems interesting. T.T

    Last two pages OWN.

  5. Awesomeness breakdown, Super.

    I really liked that AMV…too bad it has so little views and a four-star rating. It deserves more. I guess that’s just because it’s still very new.

  6. btw i won as well lol now if only luffy fights kuma ……

    nice breakdown …. dude , this week im not doing one 😛

  7. great breakdown i hope luffy befriends white bay and she teams up with boa for some ”awesomeness” that would make me happy. yeah i also think if luffy sees kuma he will want revenge

  8. I have a prediction.

    Luffy’s new bounty after this arc will be…..

    OVER 9000!!!!!!

  9. er i mean over 9000 billion….

    jaja yea way too much

  10. @Pickles: Indeed it does deserve more views and probably had more before it was deleted. That’s a reuploaded version of it.Starting from scratch. 😉

    @Ahsan: I understand you’re busy but I will miss your funny breakdowns. HE’S ON FIRE! XD

    @Dynamic: YOSH!!! I don’t know why I said that…>_>

    @Anyone: Who else thinks that Garp is going to pull something to help out Ace or Luffy?

  11. @Super: I think he will and if he doesn’t then all my will of D predictions will come crashing down…If that happens…Who knows what else i predicted might be wrong. I have made a few good ones recently but they could all be…Lies… T_T

  12. well one things for sure. Garp WANTS to help. He said so himself. Just that he knows what he’s up against and CAN’T do anything about it. It was kinda heartbreaking to see him cry out of frustration when he was talking to Ace. 😦

    Friggin One Piece and its sad moments….

  13. @Super: Nah, Garp isnt gonna help out. He’s just gonna laugh his @$$ off while luffy pwns everybody XD

    Also, i dont think Luffy will be stopped by a Shichibukai. I think its more likely that Akainu will try and stop him.
    If it does turn out to be a Shichibukai though, than i think it will be Donflamigo, not Kuma as
    a) Hes the only Shichibukai that he hasnt encountered or fought yet (not including mihawk because its obvious whos fighting him in the end).
    b) I believe Kumas ‘We will not see each other again’ is a forshadowing to them not ever fighting each other again. I think the most likely person to take on kuma would be Zoro as they have more of a connection and reason to fight one another (and c’mon, luffy shouldnt be allowed to beat EVERY Shichibukai)

    On a side note, does anybody else think that Sengoku the Strategist is a bit of a retard. His brilliant plan is to kill Ace a bit ahead of schedule? I mean, c’mon, why didnt he do that the minute Ace got there, or better yet, right in front of Whitebeards face (when he first arrived)?

  14. well you mayb e right but if you look luffy will go to rescue ace either he will fight the guy standing along ace ( but i think garp will fight him so who else is there who he is likely to fight ….. kuma!
    and i think croc will fight a nice battle… 😉 most prob with a shichi bukai

  15. Do you want Luffy to die Ahsan? Same to anyone suggesting he fights an Admiral. Luffy is quick and strong and all that jazz but he hasnt significantly powered up any since Shabondy. He used haki twice unconsciously thats all. He got his ass kicked by Kuma and it would be no different if he fought him before the pacifista. Proof is it exhausted the whole crew takin out that cyborg which Kuma is clearly far superior to. Luffy cant beat him. As for the admirals, they’re even further out his league. Not only would it require mastery of his haki to even touch them but then Luffy would still have to deal with their fighting abilities which he cant match. Kizaru moves everything at the speed of light, Aokiji can shatter and reappear touching him (which is instant loss against him by the way) plus he appears to be mega quick as well and Akainu is a crazy magma bastard. There is also a cripplingly obvious other reason he cant beat an admiral yet: who would be left? Luffy would be stronger than all the supernovas by a huge amount if you will allow me to make that very broad comparison.
    I agree with Super its gunna be a schibukai imo. I also agree with Gangly on it being Doflamingo because every other one isnt possible. Hancock wont fight him, Oda wont do a Moria fight with Luffy again and Kuma and Mihawk would destroy him. Also, Luffy has been messin with all of the flamingoes stuff, first Bellamy then the auction house. Even if he cast them aside strait after…He seems the type to hold a grudge…

  16. Super, you are so super for getting this out so early!

    I don’t think that Luffy’s Fussen will be big enough to cover the entire Marine battleship. Remember, it couldn’t even support Merry and that was a tiny boat by NW standards! Perhaps the parachute thing would work, especially since he’s already seen it work with the tako-balloon after the Straw Hats left Skypeia. My theory is that he’ll use his 3rd Gear to expand his entire body into a large balloon and use that cushion the fall or that one of Whitebeard’s crew will catch the falling ship with everyone in it since by now pretty much everyone would know who Luffy is.

    As for everyone’s reactions to Luffy: I think it’ll follow the Rocky Horror style:

    Ace: Luffy?
    Luffy: Ace!
    Garp: Idiot grandson!
    Sengoku: Straw Hat…
    Moria: Straw Hat?!!
    Hancock: Luffy…
    Smoker: Straw Hat!!
    Coby: Luffy!!
    Whitebeard: …
    and so on. A lot of shocked looks if nothing else! 😀

  17. it’ll get good if sengoku tells hancock to attack luffy… what would happen then? craziness..

  18. ok 2nd attempt at a post.(cant stand my PS3 when it comes to surfing the web) anyways i think we might see some warlord on warlord battles. luffy’s corner: jimbei,boa,croc(former warlord) WG corner: mihawk, moria, kuma, dofagino . assuming they fight each other who would you like to see fight each other.

  19. I wouldnt want luffy to die, however i could definetly see some humour in luffy running away from an exploding volcano AKA Akainu.

    Its interesting though, in who everybody else with luffy will fight. Obviously the vast majority will be fighting to save ace, but if you go back and look at previous chapters, i believe croc stated that he wished to fight whitebeard. Perfect oppurtunity has arisen, yes?

  20. dude franky i just said luffy will fight kuma becuz he cant fight that guy he is out of his league i pointed out they were the most near to ace( and garp who i belive might help) so since it aint that guy as i already said and you explained its kuma thats what i think lets see what oda thinks

  21. @Franky: You wrong in a prediction!? That would end your streak! 😛 Impossible!! XD *plans for Franky’s downfall* >_>

    @Pumpkin: Completely agree and I do hope Garp betrays the marines but he probably won’t now that Luffy is here. Luffy has the tact to make the impossible possible and Garp knows that. He’ll be relying on Luffy to free Ace now but in all honesty I think Garp would have tried to save Ace at the last second if Luffy hadn’t arrived.

    Indeed, look how sad he was and he was right next to Ace. He possibly couldn’t have resisted attempting to save him if it had come down to it, but now that Luffy is here there’s no need.

    @Sogeking: LOL, One Piece can never be out of our league for comments and criticism. It’s awesome but no manga is that awesome. 😉

    @Senju: Hmmm…let’s just hope Luffy doesn’t see Kuma then or get near him because Kuma can PWN a giant giant without breaking a sweat. He’d tear Luffy apart…again. -_-

    @Gangly: Lol, not only Sengoku but Otsuru-san is also a famous strategist and this is the plan they came up with? XD Not really genius but not exactly retarded either. Simple but ingenious is what it is.

    @Elisha: Now that I think about it I don’t know why I said Luffy would save them all with his small ass Gomu Gomu No Fuusen. *sigh* That probably ruined my prediction. >_<

    @Omar: Hehe, if Boa is ordered by some man to attack the only man she loves things won't go over well. Not only would she bluntly disobey Sengoku but she'd probably kill a few more marines in retaliation. XD

    @Ahsan: Hmmm…I don't know if you're agreeing with Franky or not but I also agree that Luffy couldn't stand well against Kuma. Neither do I see Sengoku helping out Luffy fight a Shichibukai in front of the entire marine force. Luffy needs a 1 on 1 battle he can win in. That for me is leading to a fight against Doflamingo. Oda has been concentrating on him the most out of all the Shichibukai, so it's a big hint that Luffy is going to be fighting him.

    @Anyone: I also think Luffy is going to take out a few weaker marines (Vice Admirals and marine foot soldiers) before moving on to a Shichibukai. He may even take out Moria in one chapter showing how much stronger he got. Lol, that's just wishful thinking though and won't happen. It'd seriously lower the value of what it is to be a Shichibukai if one gets knocked out in one chapter. Oh yeah, and what the hell is up with the last Shichibukai Blackbeard? Is he going to be joining the battle or will he stay over in Impel Down?

  22. @super well i think blackbeard is waiting to make his big announcement so he might not join the fight. when i get on an actual computer i will post my theories of what that announcement might be.

  23. Which Shuchibukai will Luffy fight? I’m with Franky and Super on that. If Luffy is going to fight a Shuchibukai, I think it will be Doflamingo. However, if he is to fight Kuma again, which I feel will most likely not happen, he won’t do it alone, or he will just get his ass handed to him…again. Whatever the case may be, I don’t really care. All I know is that it is going to be epic awesomeness.

    As for the Garp thing, I also agree with Super (what on earth is going on?). I don’t see him taking any action against the Marines. He already said: “If I could’ve, I would’ve.” So unless Luffy’s presence somehow changes that, I don’t think Garp will turn on the Marines.

    @Super: You make Vice-Admirals seem like small fries. Luffy can’t just go about knocking each of them out in one hit…he’s no Whitebeard.

    About Blackbeard, I can’t say for sure if he will be joining the fun. But what I would really like to see is Luffy and Blackbeard go mano a mano, maybe after this arc ends…or maybe even in this arc.

  24. captain p “However, if he is to fight Kuma again, which I feel will most likely not happen, he won’t do it alone, or he will just get his ass handed to him…again.”

    super “but I also agree that Luffy couldn’t stand well against Kuma. ”

    franky “Do you want Luffy to die Ahsan? Same to anyone suggesting he fights an Admiral. Luffy is quick and strong and all that jazz but he hasnt significantly powered up any since Shabondy. He used haki twice unconsciously thats all. ”

    ill say 2 things , its luffy were talking about , gear 5 any one?

  25. @Super: awesome breakdown dude.
    Finally this war looks like it’s going somewhere. It will be interesting to see who jimbei matches up against, and crocodile…
    I don’t see how luffy can take on doflamingo – maybe crocodile can since he’s made of sand…? (not sure).

    Crocodile saves the day, and super spurts coke all over his computer 😉 . we learn who is gonna fight whom.

  26. guys we havent seen luffy fight kuma, and although u can say that the pacifistas are weaker than kuma, its a different type of strength. Luffy might be weak against kizaru’s light beams, but we don’t know if kuma’s ursus shock crap can be repelled by the gomu gomu no fuusen. So i dont know if we should count kuma out.

    I think that all the strong pple that are with luffy will face off against different shichibukai, hancock will show her true colors, and luffy will just charge straight at ace beating up the weak pple… It’ll end with the three admirals getting in front of ace to block his path and luffy shitting himself… he’ll have to rethink his plan for once in his life… and after this (in two weeks) i see whitebeard liking luffy’s style and helping him break through the three admirals and as whitebeard fights with them, he summons his commanders diamond guy and phoenix mofo, and right when luffy is about to get to ace, sengoku puts a knife to ace’s neck… and in his despair, luffy goes crazy haki and even sengoku is stunned, giving luffy the time to grab ace…none of the pple die but luffy manages to run his ass off… ace’s handcuffs are taken off…and then real hell breaks loose with crazy luffy gear 3rd and 2nd together fighting…

  27. this prediction spans a total of 3-4 issues

  28. @Pickles: True, but I think we can both agree that Luffy is above Vice-Admiral level…or is he? o_0

    @Mudshovel: HA!!! You wish you Crocodile loving teme!!! 😛

    @Ahsan and Omar: I don’t know why you two believe Luffy can beat Kumu one on one right now. He took out the entire crew twice and Ursus Shock can not be reflected. It covers or goes into the body inflicting severe internal damage. I would love to see Luffy beat him but he’s just not ready now. Of course I could be completely wrong and Luffy does wind up beating Kuma in this arc but really? How could he when anything Luffy does Kuma reflects, Kuma can move at the speed of light, and not to mention his hard exterior that Zoro barely cut. Luffy hasn’t really improved at all since the last time he fought Kuma so I don’t see him pulling out any new bag of tricks that would take Kuma down.

    @Omar (again): LMAO@ “he summons his commanders diamond guy and phoenix mofo, and right when luffy is about to get to ace, sengoku puts a knife to ace’s neck” (Omar)

    That would be cruel and hilarious and I don’t know why! XD I can just see the shocked expression everyone’s face! O_O

  29. @ Super: I doubt that Kuma will even attempt to fight Luffy, so I don’t Luffy will have to bother with him.

    Hmm as far as match ups in the upcoming fight…I think Crocodile’s going to go against Aokiji. Think about it: freezing requires moisture and Crocodile’s anti-moisture so he’d be the best opponent to match up with Aokiji.

    Jinbei’s fishman karate will be at a disadvantage what with the bay being turned to ice, but he’ll still back Luffy up!

    I think that the first person that Luffy will “face” will be Hancock. Hancock will pretend to engage him and wrap him in her snake (please don’t read too deeply into that statement) and swing him over the execution platform. When the Marines yell at her for helping him, she’ll just bat her eyes at them and say her hand slipped! 😀

    Meanwhile Coby and Helmeppo will run over to Garp and scream that the Marines are going to execute Ace earlier than scheduled. Garp will just look over at Sengoku and make a remark like “So the pride of the Navy really has declined” or something like that and Sengoku will just snap at him and say he’s in enough trouble as it is for the crimes of his family.

    One thing I can be sure of: the endless onslaught of Ace’s childhood flashbacks will go into overdrive once he and Luffy see each other! One will probably feature the moment they decided to become brothers or something like that.

  30. @omar man if ace gets stabbed infront of luffy then gear 3 + haki madnsess = doom for any one ( what is kuma then super :P)

  31. Kuma is a demon. Every single attack he does is so powerful, he never gives ground or yields, he moves at light speed and has a near perfect defense as a result of that movement + his deflecting paws + his super hard metal. Saying his strength is different to the pacifistas is completly right, hes a million times stronger. He can do anything they can as well as having one of the strongest of all devil fruits (Its actually in my personal top 5) which he hss great mastery over. He could even remove any pain he felt which wouldn’t heal wounds but would make him comparable to a zombie. I think anyone beating him is truly comparable to Zoro beating Mihawk.

  32. nu uh nu uh gear 3 + crzy haki = kuma’s doom

  33. gear 3 + crazy haki = slow as hell, no benefit of the two together and aweful side effects ^^

  34. Wow look at the novel writing go!
    Great break down Supa Dupa.
    To me this was a good chapter.
    Now that my main man Luffy is their I wonder how Boa will play of the fact that she is on his side.
    Like if she is the only one between him and Trace. (Yes I use his English name.) *Hide where no one that read OP will go. Under Cookie bed*
    But back to the point I don’t think the other spectacular five going like the idea of her betraying them.
    Oooh with if my favorite bible holding, air pulsing, hat wearing bear fight Boa. Man that would be a good match. No it would be a great match.
    Yeah I hope that happen now.
    But with my luck it is a better chance of Supa and Dro giving up their “secret” relationship.

  35. Yeah looking at my post.
    My novel power are getting stronger.
    Soon I’ll be over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. @super… i actually contradicted myself… well not really… i was just pointing out that luffy might have what it takes to beat kuma…but the point of my prediction is that luffy is gonna ignore everyone except ace and just run straight to him and then when the three admirals are distracted he’ll get there and sengoku will put the knife to ace’s neck…not as in he kills him, but as in he just threatens to kill if he moves any further…and thats when luffy’s king’s disposition kicks in… giving him time to get ace back

  37. no guys… king’s disposition + gomu gomu no gigant jet shell = everyone dies

  38. aw, thats a kute teddy bear 😛

  39. @Super: Do you think Luffy will be taught to master Haki (by boa)? Or do you think he will just naturally learn it himself, only to pull it out when needed in battle?
    I’m hoping it’s the former, since the latter would ba a little cheap.

  40. lluffy wont “learn” from anyone he will expereince and teach himself

  41. I agree with omar i dont think luffy is going up against anyone since he doesnt have time for that. he will just burst in, grab ace, burst out. As for the rest of the team i think ivankov will do something funny but i dunno what xD maybe adress Whitebeard with newgate-chan or sumthin. And wb is prolly gonna laugh his azz of over luffy 😛

  42. which one of these announcements by blackbeard seem likely

    1.(after WB dies if he does) I’m the new pirate king.

    2.i have one piece!

    3. the secret of the void century(i think thats right the one robin wants to know.)

  43. LOL…I Won at the prediction contest…eat that chuck norris…
    this chapter was epic…im hoping luffy and his crew land on the moby dick so that luffy and whitebeard could have a quick moment to get to know each other since they are there for the same person…then he’ll notice luffy’s hat or Shanks’ if you’ve been following since the beginng..lol
    i think its gonna be interesting to see the reactions of the shibukai since theres jinbei and crocodile there who both are uber pwners. an interesting match up would be crocodile vs atleast a vice admiral…
    speaking of which who would win in a match up
    crocodile vs akoji(ice admiral guy)?
    my money is on crocodile…

  44. Hmm thats a good match up Shinobi. I would say since Croc can drain all moisture he could just make Aokiji cease to exist right? But thats only if he gets his hand on the admiral. All of Aokijis ice attacks would probably hit him though right? If thats the case i would give it to Aokiji since Croc is really not great at defending when he can be hit…

    What does everyone think Hancocks role in the next few issues will be? If she helps Luffy she’ll be condemning her whole country to the marines but she will clearly want to help Luffy. Maybe we’ll get a romantic double Kings disposition that whipes all the witnesses out ^^

  45. Hahahahahahaaa, my computer crashed because it’s a piece of s**t so now I’m forced to got to the computer lab to keep up with everything. XD *really crying on the inside* So forgive me if I reply to your comments late or breakdown never come out. -_-

    @Mudshovel: I think he’ll have to be taught by someone to master Haki. He may be able to conjure it up at will at some point but there’s no way he’ll master it without some help. He doesn’t even know he has it right now. I could see Shanks or Boa teaching him.

    @Shinobi: Aokiji vs. Crocodile my money is on Aokiji. Not only is Aokiji faster than Crocodile but he’s an admiral. Crocodile’s biggest advantage is that he can suck the moisture out of Aokiji (actually that’s an advantage against anyone). Crocodile has to touch his opponent first though. He can’t suck the moisture out of Aokiji if Aokiji is to quick for him. Aokiji can extend his ice powers to freeze Crocodile and his sand…did I mention Aokiji’s an admiral? o_0

  46. @super: O.o ur computer couldnt handle the awesomeness?? 😛
    why wouldnt whitebeard teach luffy too handle haki (if hes able too) if luffy would save ace, whitebeard would kind of owe luffy that.
    @franky: im pretty sure boa will try everything in her power too help luffy but i think she will try to not be to obvious since she doesnt want her schichibukai state to be revoked, however if luffy gets into a life threatening situation im sure boa would help him,… or garp… yep im sure garp is a good guy and he wouldnt let his own grandson die. Would he?

  47. I’ll go right out there and say. Its kinda like the pink elephant in the room at this point. I think that Ace isn’t going to be rescued and he will be executed. This is the scenario that I picture: What if he gets kills, then Luffy goes Ape-crazy with his King Haki causing the whole battle to notice and come to a halt. After which, the Marines commanders start seeming him in relation to the next Gold Roger. This leads to someone else grabbing Luffy for his own sake and spiriting him out of there whether its Whitebeard or a surprise Shanks grab and snatch. I personally don’t see Luffy doing a ton of fighting especially with any of the higher ups like the Admirals or Shiki because, honestly, at this point I don’t think he’s anywhere on par in his regular state with any of Whitebeards top commanders like Phoenix or Diamond Man or even Kuma or DoFlamingo. DoFlamingo’s comments makes me just think that he’s just likes the chaos going on. Say this scenario happens. I think he’d turn against the Marines and just go crazy wiping everyone in sight regardless. Also, I’m still really curious about what Kuma said to the Dark King about Luffy back a ways before he smacked him to Boa’s island because I think that might play a part in the future as well. Because of that encounter between Luffy and Kuma, we know that Kuma has already toed the company line and isn’t afraid to do what he wants and doesn’t always follow the Marine policy.

    I’m not sure if our guest appearances are over either in this battle. I still think Garp might do some (stupid) thing yet. Wouldn’t be surprised by a Shanks visit like I mentioned previously.

    PS: DoFlamingo is now personally one of my favorite characters just cause I think the guy’s hilarious and totally nuts while still being slightly insightful. What a great combo.

  48. @super&franky: although akoji maybe faster than crocodile, doesn’t mean crocdile wouldn’t expect such from an admiral. it would most likely be a match up like ac vs smoke how neither of them could really get a heads up… then again crocodile is a true pirate with the dangerously shiny posionous hook he has there…and it only takes a scratch to slow him down…hm….im hoping u guys are getting the picture….lol…im kidding…it mostly would be like the ace vs smoker fight…

  49. luffy will kuma’s ass kings disposition…….. fuckin gears………..gum gum……X_X

  50. NOOOEESS ZEKKS!!! You think Ace is going to die AND you’re a Doflamingo fan!!?? O_O Lol, you’re on the wrong side of the fence here! XD

    Lol, it’s true that Luffy lost to Crocodile twice before defeating him, he lost to Kuma twice, and that it took his entire crew to bring down Moria. Now, I think it’s time for Luffy to take on a Shichibukai and win the first time around. That’s why I’m so adamant about him taking on Doflamingo. That’s the only battle I’d like to see highlighted and then he can save Ace and get the Arc done with.

    @Fear: LOL! Yeah that was probably it. An overdose of awesomeness straight to the CPU and it fried. >_<

    @Franky: I think Boa will contiune to fight the pirates and any marine that gets in her way but will not lay a hand on Luffy…unless it’s sexual…>_> First though, I want to see her love struck reaction when she sees Luffy again after worrying so much about him. XD

    Oh yeah, and wouldn’t she get love sick again if she’s away from Luffy for to long? A hint that she may join Luffy on his crew? o_0

    @Shinobi: Indeed, two powers that negate one another to the point of it being a tie could happen. Though, I still do see Aokiji winning the fight in the end because of his superior speed. Crocodile is strong and all but he lost to a Luffy who didn’t even know Soru back then. -_-

    @Anyone: Let’s see…my prediction for who’s fighting who!

    Marco vs. Kizaru
    Jaws vs. Mihawk
    Luffy vs. Doflamigo
    Whitebeard vs. Akainu
    Ivankov vs. Moria
    Crocodile vs. Aokiji
    Jimbei vs. Boa
    Buggy vs. Smoker (LMAO)

    P.S. Nice pic you got there Pumpkin! 😀

  51. Don’t you think Luffy should fight with Kuma?
    Doflamingo might be a bit rowdy but I don’t think Luffy should be wasting his time…there is no way you can win against a character like doflamingo (his behaviour…it doesn’t look like he will lose yet)

    and @zekks: I am on that fanclub too 🙂

  52. kills doflamingo

    die you op hater X_X

    luffy will fight and kill kuma

  53. To be honest i hope Luffy is the only one with a ‘real’ fight. I dont want this arc to be any longer now, i just want all the straw hats back and them to go to fishman island when Ace is safe. If everyone matches up for fights it will take forever! At the same time, Luffy hasnt beaten a proper main enemy since the thousand shadows Moria and even that involved the whole crew so it was more like Lucci was the last one which was so long ago. He needs to kick at least one important ass then grab Ace and have everyone run away while Whitebeard gets killed.


    1: It will make Luffy forever hold a grudge against the World Government, which will add more spice to the series. Possibly lead Luffy to destroying the world Govt.

    2. A main character MUST die soon

    3. Will cause Luffy to snap at the lose of his brother, more ass kickings to follow

    4. What does Ace do really?

  55. what does ace do really?
    he fights fucking batlles with the man made of darkness to protect luffy

  56. meh ace wont die, in my oppinion that would be too much of a change in OP all of a sudden
    @everyone stop thinking luffy can take down or kill kuma or doflamingo.
    Kuma destroys the whole strawhat crew without braking a sweat
    and Doflamingo cuts a freaking giant giants leg and takes on wbs crew.
    I think Luffy is just gonna charge through and get ace and try to get to wb’s ship somehow.

  57. i dont think luffy should go against donflamingo just yet. he does have the highest known bounty for the moment(excluding whitebeard etc,) which is a way to show his potenial. also donflamingo doesn’t seem like the type that would fight someone head on like luffy. i see somenone else fighting him or just later on. i can picture luffy running up to ace and see his’ gramps chillin there like sorry but i cant help you unless you beat me…lol that kinda senerio. its gonna be interesting to see how everything turns out tho so’ll ill be patient for another 2 days….
    anyone notice that op is the first to come out now? before it was the last…hope it keeps up

  58. @Mudshovel:

    3 Reasons why Ace can’t die:

    1. He has to carry on Whitebeard’s legacy after Whitebeard dies!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen that’s the main character that’s going to die here. 😉

    2. Luffy has to grow and surpass Ace in battle and he can’t do that if Ace is dead.

    3. Ace is to awesome of a character and is the last one alive with the blood of Gol D. Roger in him. >_<

    @Franky: I agree, that's the only battle I really want to see highlighted and then Oda can move on. In all honesty I don't care who Luffy fights as long as his opponent is strong, important, and Luffy wins.

    @Fear: But that would be boooriiinggg! T_T And as Franky said Luffy hasn't won a major 1 on 1 battle since the defeat of Lucci.

    @Shinobi: Doflamingo may have such a high bounty thanks to the atrocities he committed as a pirate not necessarily because of strength. Remember the only reason Kidd's bounty was higher than Luffy's is because the terrible acts he committed as a pirate against civilians.

    As you and Fear have pointed out he is definitely strong and I agree…but so is LUFFY!!!! 😀

  59. Hehehehe I LIKE PIE!!!
    But any who I am really liking OP right now. It keeping me more on my seat then the other Manger Like *cough* Naruto *cough* Or bottle of bleach. I do say this though if some gay emo beat a buff black guy I am done with that manga all together.

  60. @mudshovel Ace isnt gonna die. Its not because hes awesome or anything, its just that out of all of the ‘good’ characters that we have met, him and whitebeard have the best potential to turn into bad guys. I think that would add an interesting twist to the story

    @anyone I dont see why ppl think that croc is gonna help fight against the marines. go back to ch 540 and look at what he says. hes gunning to take out whitebeard.

  61. can someone plz explain to me why half of the pple on this forum (ok thats an exaggeration) have forgotten that ice is the solid state of water, and is in fact “wet”. Why would croc be able to suck up the moisture in ice, and not in water… do u guys not remember his weakness?… my conclusion…aokiji would own him…

  62. @gangly: yea White beard really cacnt use his power too destroy croc, its not like you can cause a earthquake through Sand Maybe Croc know this.

  63. @Omar: Crocs is the only devils fruit that counters its weakness. Since Aokiji is ice, the very fact that his ice attacks would hit Croc (if they would) means that Crocs powers of absolute dryness can absorb them. He can suck up water…I cant find the link but in his second fight with Luffy (when he turned Mizu Luffy) he absorbs the water spat at him in his hand.

    @lelulalilo: You couldn’t send a quake through fire either but he still smacked Ace around. He must have haki…Or kairoseke on the spear…

  64. i thought croc could suck up moisture of any kind. isnt ice a solid?

  65. Suck moisture out like in Luffys case kinda dried him out, Water is his weakness so I cant see him sucking water from Ice which kinda sounds difficult I dont think Croc and AOkiji are DF opposites.

  66. whatever happens there is no way in the world croc can bring down whitebeard. and if he even tries it jimbei is going to pwn him. and before you even say 1 thing about his dang ability to “suck” jimbei still has fishman karate which seems almost like haki.

  67. @gangly i dont think ace or whitebeard will ever be evil. however i do think ace will be an obstacle luffy will have to overcome for title of pirate king

  68. also another thoght occured to me. croc wont have alot of extra sand to back him up as he did in the desert.

  69. @senju: croc is Logia so he could create as much as he wanted, Like number 3 he creates all that wax but I dont think he logia. The admirals even Ace they are logia so they create a Abundance of power or in crocs case sand.

  70. @lelula Remember how Crocodile could break down even solid materials that you wouldn’t think would have moisture in them like the walls and ceiling of ID? How much more likely is it that he’s able to suck moisture out of ice? I think that his advantage over Aokiji will come as a surprise, like Usopp’s prior negativeness was the perfect defense against Perona’s Hollows.

  71. @elisha2kings: Walls and cielings cause its like stone with little moisture content, Ice which is Frozen water. Ice when Im thinking about it does it have a moisture content cause its frozen water that sounds so stupid too ask even. But what would you get if you sucked moisture out of Ice. And how much moisture could he absorb hes sand and that was his weakness. I dont think Croc and Aokiji are the proper match up.
    Croc would go well against Kuma I would think.

  72. hmm now crocs powers are coming back to me. yeah him and ao kiji will definitely make a good fight.

    But what if akainu fights croc? if he hits croc with that much heat would it turn croc into glass?

  73. @lelu kuma would pwn croc till he cried he could blast him across the ocen or take all of oars(oz) junior’s pain and put it into croc. kuma is powerful and isnt even a logia type.

  74. again aokiji would own croc simply becausae wat4er is his weakeness… you cant dry out something thats made only of water… because he is like infinitely ice../water and therefore… no matter how much he sucks, more ice will come, and he’ll get moist and then he can get his ass kicked.

  75. Crocs power is ABSOLUTE dryness. He can completely absorb water and effectively make it disappear. Assuming Aokiji doesn’t have haki, if his ice attacks can hit Croc i.e. the moisture/water content of the ice works on Croc like regular water then Aokiji will also be ‘hit’ by Crocs dryness attack. Even though water is his weakness, he can naturally counter it as well. I said this already but it just went in circles a bit since then.
    With further thought, Aokiji couldn’t hit Croc unless he melted a little (which he doesn’t do) since it is in fact liquids that dry him out. This means Croc has the advantage if their dfs crossed since his could still get rid of the ice.
    There is, of course, that weakness Iva-san talked about which i dont think is about water…That seems quite important.

    @Senju: Most logias dont seem effected by temperature (i think its all of them but i will play safe regardless) Aokiji doesn’t melt, Akainu doesn’t cool/solidify. So i doubt he would be turned to glass.
    I actually don’t think logias are the most powerful dfs at all. Whitebeards can ‘destroy the world’, Marco is completely invincible, Hancock, Kuma and Doflamingo have crazy powers too. Logias over rated…

  76. @cyborg not to mention luffy is also strong.

    but it would be funny if croc turned to glass.:)

  77. is it true that there is not going to be any one piece this week 😦

  78. BAH!!! It’s true no One Piece this week which would explain why I couldn’t find any spoilers. Ain’t that a bitch and Luffy just arrived! -_-


    *cries in the corner and starts experiencing One Piece withdrawals* @_@

  79. WHAT!!!!
    Why must he always take one when something awesome is about to go down!!! (we all know why, but still…)

    *Starts twitching uncontrollably*

  80. no…..NO…..NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

    NOOOO…..NOOOOOOO!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    No….*twitch*…One Piece….this week?!!!?!?!?!?!?


    *takes out a shotgun and plots to take Oda hostage and force him to write a 100-page chapter in order to make up for all the breaks and short chapters.*

    (whos with me?!)

  81. I’m with you!!! *pulls out pitch fork and torch* @_@ I hope these can make it through customs…>_>

    While we’re over there let’s get a sneak peek at the new move ‘Strong World’ and cruise around in his limosuine. 😀

  82. im with you guys…i was really excited about this next chapter but because of this treachery Oda im coming for you…

    *begins grabing clothes, yens, and a fake passport and ticket*
    im ready to go super and pumpkin…lol

  83. *Dresses in a full ninja outfit and joins the group from the shadows* Im coming too. Nothing spells out ‘stop skipping weeks out Oda you bastard’ like a kunai to the eye! ^^

  84. takes his black robes with red flames on it , its time i showed oda the power of the ultimate sharingan + santoruou , zorashi returns

  85. is it just me or is next week gona go by excruciatingly slow…

    *puts down shotgun, takes a deep breath and begins the search for Oda*

    anybody knows Oda’s house number? I cant tell! Everything’s in Japanese!!!!!

  86. @pumpkin: is that enel as your pic? everyone seems to be updating there pics now…i guess its myturn too…lol

  87. omfg is Oda gonna skip One Piece after every week he road a chapter.
    *searches for first flight to Japan while loading up on guns*

  88. Now let’s not kill Oda folks. If he’s dead there’s no more One Piece and if there’s no more One Piece the world will end…this much is obvious. @_@ It’s the oldest manga on our blog so let’s just cut of Oda’s left hand as a warning to never do this again. 😀

    It’s going to be a long…long…long week. T_T

  89. @ super: we gotta be careful of which arm we cut off as well…dont want to stop him from doing that either…

    well since no one could have predicted that there wouldn’t be a chapter this week im gonna make one for next week, althought to be fair my prediction for supposedly this week could count if im right…lol

    since luffy and the rest of those escapees have the attention of everyone i think its gonna shift to them now. it might show everyones confused look on there faces like who the hell are they sort like that filler/arch episode where they just came back from skypia…i think that sengoku guy might want garp stop luffy…

  90. meh it would be kool if the strawhats appear from the other ships since luffy has now shown up, but i guess that wont happen since theres still some cover stories that we have to get through.
    Now i think Whitebeard is really getting into action and going all out on ppl as soon as he realizes that the WG is going off schedule.

  91. You know what would really suck! If next week was Golden week… I think I would cry. AHHHH!!!

    Well might as well watch some One Piece movies until then. My favorite one is the 4th one. Dead End Adventure. Its really amazing.

  92. @Shinobi: But…if we just cut off his left hand he’ll be alright right!? @_@

    @Fear: Indeed, but the question is how in the world is Whitebeard going to find out the change of plans? It may be leaked to him, he may find a marine and force out the information, or the government will just be big-headed enough to announce it out loud. That’s what I think at least.

    @Pumpkin: YOSH!!! Movie 4 was great but wait until you see movie 6 ‘Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island’. The animation is totally different but it’s beautiful in its own way. It makes everything more vibrant and it makes for great action scenes not to mention the compelling story line.

  93. Hehehe I heard about that, sucks for you 😛

  94. @super: I saw the 6th one. It was the first one I saw and my second favorite. The animation is awesome. But man Dead End Adventure blew me away. I’d say the worst movie was the mecha-island one….crappy villain, crappy story, and overall kinda boring. I also heard the thrid one wasnt too great but o well.

  95. @ cookie: Quality versus quantity, my dear! 😉

    @ pumpkin: YES! I absolutely loved the OP 4th movie because it was the one of the few that had kickass side characters (Shuraiya remains my favorite filler OP char to date!) and actually felt like a pirate movie. the darker colors, the fight scenes, the battling ships had all that classical piratey feel.

    @ super: I liked the 6th OP movie, but it was just too dark and the SHs felt a little OOC for me. sanji being petty about food, zoro just acting like a doofus, usopp being bitchy to nami…it just felt wrong. it’s only saving grace was luffy angst and the absolutely scary villain! the filler characters also weren’t very interesting besides toothbrush-mustache pirate.

    Also have you noticed that the OP movies seem to have a bit foreshadowing in them: in the 2nd movie, nami’s in a wedding dress and is kidnapped by a rival pirate who wants to marry her and in the thriller bark arc she’s kidnapped by absalam who wants to marry her and puts her in a gorgeous wedding dress, in the 6th movie, luffy loses his nakama and suffers a breakdown as a result and then in the Shaboady Arc, the SHs are all vanished and he suffers a breakdown afterward, in the 7th movie, luffy faces a technological genius? Could that be foreshadowing for a future arc featuring VegaPunk? Hmm…

  96. @Pumpkin: Yeah, it’s a hit and miss with these movies.

    @Elisha: Good catch indeed that is a lot of foreshadoiwing. Also in the 7th movie Luffy activated Gear 2nd for an instant. 😉

  97. hey op has movies >_> y didnt i know that , ay one with the most zoro fighting?

  98. Hmm what we really need to do is cut his feet…That way Oda can spend his life at a desk drawing new issues.

  99. @ahsan: yeah there actually is one with the story revolving around zoro’s past… im not sure but i think its movie 5. heres a link for the movie…its a pretty good movie..

  100. I’m all for kidnapping Oda and all, but the nut house people have come to take me away…again! Sigh…this is what happens when we have to live without One Piece for an entire week. I would advise that you not cut off his joy stick, though, because then, he’d have no more inspiration to draw the female characters the way we know and are used to. And I’m sure a lot of us would not like that (I’m not looking at you, Super…promise =P).

  101. @shinobi: Im definitely gona watch the 5th movie soon as I heard it begins directly from where the wth one left off.

    @elisha: I also liked the fact that they included Navarone (G-8) in the 4th movie. The movie definitely had a more “piratey” feel and I loved the plot twists.

    @captainpickles: I already tried to go to Japan, kidnap Oda, and force him to write a 100-page chapter but I couldnt read the house numbers! Everything’s in Japanese! Ugh. I’ll be sure to break you outta the nuthouse. Im gathering Nakama to help me in my second scheme to kidnap Oda.

    *reloads shotgun and begins the search*

  102. Lol, I think we’re all just a little f**king crazy without One Piece around. XD This is bad for Oda’s health really. He should never stop publishing One Piece to take a break even on Golden Week or else he’ll have a crazy mob after him who can’t find his house because they can’t read Japanese! >_<

    But God help him if we see him walking down on the streets… God help this poor man and his joystick! @_@

  103. @super: Be my Nakama!

    We’re not Crazy! We’re all just going thru One Piece withdrawal mode….

    *gomu gomu nooooooo *twitch, twitch* santoryuu….*twitch*, seis fleur…arm point…*twitch*…strong right, collier shoot, YOHOOOHOHOHOHOHO…*twitch, twitch,* *fedal position*

    At least tomorrow we’ll get to see an episode….

  104. LMFAO!!! XD Hell yeah I’ll be your nakama and thank goodness for episodes!

    And for you it’d be like, “I AM GOD!” *twitch* *twitch* @_@

    *Somersaults into scene and strikes pose*
    Yosh! Enel, Luffy and Franky! Lets go force Oda to draw loads with electricution and extending punches! If we wait for Ahsan im sure we’ll have a Zoro on the team too ^^

    Now pointing any fingers but….Word on the street is the lack of one piece was Cookies fault… >_>

  106. @Franky: LOL! XD

    Gomu Gomu No ‘Kick Oda’s Ass’!!! 😀

    Shhhhh…if you mention that name here you might summon her…>_>

  107. Crocodile here – large and in charge. Thinking – you guys will need a hole dug to get to china no? (then move onto Japan, i doubt super can get back in through customs after what happened last time). While u guys are off playing who can break oda’s legs first, i think i’ll get some ramen, i hear it’s awesome.

    Lol, true true…>_> Oi Mudshovel can you hop on chat real quick?


  108. Whoa, hey guys! Let’s not get violent here!

    Oda, as incredible a writer/artist as he is, is only human. Out of all the mangakas publishing their work, he deserves a break every now and then to R&R and make sure that his story stays fresh. I’d rather have to wait an extra week or even 2 weeks rather than have OP degenerate into a cliche-ridden plotless piece of drivel.

    And c’mon, the guy is now the proud and exhausted father of a beautiful baby girl and the happy husband of a gorgeous babe, so stop with the moaning and griping and just be a little patient, a’right?

  109. I feel like I’ve just been put in my place. I will concede Elisha and leave Oda alone. Oh yeah, and congratulations to him and his beautiful family! ^^

    *hides blueprints to Oda’s house behind his back*…>_>

  110. *Clicks right hand back in place and walks away grumbling*

  111. *continues tunneling to get some ramen*

  112. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    onemanga.com says that they are skipping it again this week ‘plz say it anit so’

    *if true, with the rope around his head smurf kicks the chair from under his feet and kill himself*

  113. I was JUST about to agree with elisha but then I read on Onemanga that he’s taking ANOTHER break.

    This is HORRIBLE. I dont think my little heart can take it.

    I think its time for me to “judge” Oda. As soon as I can lock on to him with my mantra.

  114. ……
    This is too much….

    *Coup de vent!!!*

  115. DON’T PANIC! One Piece IS appearing this week. The information in OneManga is false. Check Arlong Park forums:


  116. *stops concentrating mantra*

    *sigh* well thats a relief! Thank you Oda for not takin a 2-week break!!! Everythin is back on schedule. XD

  117. GAH!! Don’t scare me like that! T_T

  118. Damn! When i read smurfclassic’s comment i was just about to throw a chair out the window!!!
    Nice save though Elisha, property damage has been averted … for now >_>
    *will wait 4 days before next attempt XD*

  119. *looks at elisha comment and dicideds to wait5 days before kicking chair from under legs*

    *wishes someone could brong some food im hungry standing on the chair*

  120. hancock is amazingly sexy in the newest one piece episode when she has the cute little smile or when she is shy and trying not to look at luffy in the eyes. lol

    next one piece episode shows: luffy on the boat feed buy hancock +nami and franky ont there island’s

    !!!!!!!need a one piece blog!!!!!!!

  121. the spoilers for both one piece new manga and the spoilers for the bleach is out

  122. Let’s talk about how Luffy’s gang landed.

    (They were struck by a sudden incoming wave, and the wave froze while they were on it. At this time they heard the news that Ace was about to be executed, so they wanted to get down from the Ice quickly. After a short argument the ice shattered and they fell)

    After they fell into the sea, the DF users were rescued by Jinbei.

    Luffy : Ace!! I’m coming to save you!

    Ace : Luffy !!

    Crocodile attacked WB with his hook while saying “It’s been a long time since we met – Whitebeard”
    His attack was stopped by a drenched Luffy

    Crocodile : Why did you stop me? Is our agreement no longer in effect?

    Luffy : This guy must be Whitebeard, someone that Ace likes a lot, so I will not allow you to attack him.

    The attention is turned towards Luffy at this point, everyone made a comment (Enemies, Admirals, Shichibukai and Smoker all said something about Luffy)

    Whitebeard : So you came to save your brother ~~ That strawhat belongs to Shanks ~~ (He thought about Shanks, how he lost his left arm, stuff like that)

    Luffy : I know you wanna become the Pirate King but I’m the one who will be Pirate King!!

    Whitebeard : A brat who likes to boast

    Whitebeard : don’t get in my way idiot!!

    Luffy : I will save Ace with my own way!!

    A scene with Ivankov and Buggy looking shock (He’s arguing with Whitebeard…)

    Kizaru : Can I give all of them the death penalty?

    Sengoku : of course.



    There’s also an appearence by Hancock : Luffy! Your safety is better than everything else. It seems like a very touching scene.

    Akainu : is that the grandson of the Hero Garp or Son of Dragon…
    I must kill them all here… wait

    Smoker : Why are those guys together with Crocodile?

    The shadow guy who was once defeated : Straw~~~~ Hat~~~~!!
    Hancock is coming Luffy! More than anything else, she wants you to be safe. From her feelings of nervousness

    Akainu – So you’re Dragon’s kid eh?
    It’s without question that I’ll kill you here.

    Smoker – What kind of deal had to transpire for you and Crocodile to meet in a place like this…?

    The shadow Guy who was attacked before (TN: Moria…?) – STRAAAAAAW—- HAAAA- T!

  123. points:

    *luffy’s protect withberad from crocadile
    *hancock goes towards luffy because aparently his safty is her mostly important thing ( BTW id its true i tottally called it a few weeks go)
    *smoker says why is he with crocadile
    *akainu + kizaru :both mention that they have to kill him.
    *Geko moria: angry over his loss (lol) would love it if in two weeks moria meets up with luffy to fight and luffy says that he’s already beat him and he’s not intrested and there’s a shock from the other warlords, ace and whitebeard. (give me chills just thinking about it)


    Looking at this, Sengoku said to Garp “Why is it always your family?”

    Kizaru : Never thought we’ll meet again so soon

    Aokiji : He brought along some strong guys with him

    Mihawk : He is truly a controversial guy

    Doflamingo : So this is the problematic rookie Strawhat?

    It seem like Luffy’s group manage to overhear the marine’s battleplan through a den den mushi while on board the marine ship

  125. GAH!! The spoilers are everywhere!!!! O_O

    *closes eyes and jumps off a cliff into the sea of nothingness* >_<

  126. lolz, well atleast that proves there will be a chappy this week =D

  127. @super: im with you on the spoilers here…can’t stand looking at them since i’ve already waited *cough* a week…lol
    is there anyway we could have a spoiler section for all of them instead of putting them here. that way the comments/spoiler wouldn’t get to us directly or indirectly unless we wanted it to.

    *it wouldn’t matter to me about those naruto and bleach, but i would rather wait for one piece than see the spoilers. i guess thats why one piece is such awesomeness

  128. lol shinobi meantally blocking out the extra week he had to wait.

    lol i sometime like to read spoilers but i think that reading perdiction are alot more fun because u get to see how other people think its going to work out.

  129. perdiction = one piece will come out today or tomorrow morning

  130. one piece is now out i guess i was wrong about morning more like midday

  131. amazing chapter, to read go to http://read.mangashare.com/One-Piece/chapter-557/page002.html

  132. Amazing chapter! Thanks smurf for pointing out it was released.
    YOSH! looks like another prediction on mine may come true. The guys on the front cover have two elbows so they belong to the same tribe as scratchman apoo, the musical guy in the supernovas! i mentioned a while ago that Brooke might get some of his musical powers from his homeland ^^
    i will save the proper stuff for the next breakdown though….


    Awesome chapter!!! I loved how Luffy and the others land in the water where Diamond Jaws upchucked that giant block of ice from. That is what happened right…? >_>

    I guess now we know how the information about Ace’s rescheduled execution will be leaked to the rest of the pirates. Luffy’s going to tell Whitebeard presumably since he’s right next to him.

    Crocodile went straight after Whitebeard and I was like WTF but the old man didn’t even make a move thx to Luffy’s speed. Now Luffy is competing with Whitebeard!!! XD GAH, so much to say but I’ll save it for the next breakdown I guess. I wonder when it’s coming out! O_O

  134. Give a mention to Hancock’s kawaiiness for me would you Super 😉 And for yourself…

  135. @crborg: i remember u sayong it but i dentied it, and didnt notice that they had two elbows so thanks for pointing that out and it looks your perdiction has gone from 40% to 75% 🙂

    @super: yea i thinks that wat happened with them falling in the water but at the same time i would have thought that aokiji’s frezing would have gone deeper that 3rd division command diamond jaws.

    still cant believe one piece isnt out on onemanga or mangahelpers yet

  136. At the end of chapter 558 Luffy used “Giant Rifle” in gear third. Then White-beard tells his first in commader Marco, “I won’t forgive you if you let him die”. What do you all think of this comment? Does this show the great difference in strength between Luffy and White-beard.

  137. @Azimund: I think Whitebeard is much stronger than Luffy. You can see that in how easily Whitebeard took down a giant compared to Luffy who had to go into Gear Third to do it. If you really want your comment to be addressed and seen by others though comment in the latest breakdown comment section. Welcome to WRA btw. 😀


  138. Can someone explain who this diamond guy is and why he is so important and strong?

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