Naruto Shippuuden 124 Breakdown

Hey everyone. I know this is a bit late, but circumstances have been unfavourable over the past few days and life has decided to throw me a few curve balls, not the least of which was my mac dying on me. T_T

But, enough of that. It’s on to more important matters, such as this weeks anime, which saw the near conclusion with regards to the battle between Sasuke and Deidara.

I must admit, that although it wasn’t a bad episode, it just didn’t have the same epic feel that the last one did and it seemed to drag its feet a bit as well.

Why do I think I can outrun this thing?

Why do I think I can outrun this thing?

So things pretty much pick up where they left off and not too much time is wasted in getting strait back into the battle again, with the over-sized Deidara in full pursuit of his prey. Unfortunately, this is about the only part of this episode that doesn’t dawdle and the same can’t be said for the remainder of what could have been so much more engaging and interesting had it not succumbed to monotony.

Much of the pace and excitement that had been so uplifting in the last episode is sadly absent here and you often just feel like you’re reading a very long and overly detailed book, rather than watching a great battle.

That's what happens when you eat too much cookie dough. >_>

That's what happens when you eat too much cookie dough. >_>

After a few more overdrawn monologues from our various parties involved, Deidara finally detonates his C4 Karura, effectively killing all the nearby wildlife (poor birdies!!! 😥 …) and sending Sasuke to his apparent death.

I was hoping to see a bit more visual flair involved in this jutsu, because the idea seemed so cool while reading the manga, but it was still good even though it could have been better.

Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have come out from under my rock today!!!

Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have come out from under my rock today!!!

However, it doesn’t take long for Sasuke to reappear and offer Deidara a long overdue back massage. Nothing Screams instant muscle relief like a chidori going straight through you, and you can see Deidara relax almost immediately afterward. ^ ^

Electrolite Back Massage. Gets rid of all your muscle aches by permanently removing the source. ^ ^

Electrolite Back Massage. Gets rid of all your muscle aches by permanently removing the source. ^ ^

After some more talking about how Deidara trained his eyes to resist genjutsu (and more procrastinating) Sasuke realizes he is talking to a clay sculpture and has subsequently fallen into a trap.

It’s funny how he can’t seem to escape a meager hand holding onto his foot, but alas, these things happen.

Glomp no Jutsu!!!!!! Because sometimes nothing else is good enough.

Glomp no Jutsu!!!!!! Because sometimes nothing else is good enough.

Unfortunately, this is where things hit a snag and the evil that shall be dubbed the “Flashback no Jutsu” rears it’s ugly head to torment us all.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all for a good flashback or two and the insight it gives into a character’s past can really and to the development of each individual. However, the problem comes in when said flashback is just a repeat of one we have already seen before.

And now for our extra lessons for those of you who missed my class the first time.

And now for our extra lessons for those of you who missed my class the first time.

The worst part is, it isn’t just a small recap of said flashback, it is practically the same flashback all over again. Talk about trying to fill for time. -___-

Which brings me to ask…

If any of you might be wondering why I focused more detail on the first half of the episode, the simple answer is because the second half is really just a great deal of talking.

Deidara complains about how much he loathes the Sharingan and Sasuke pretty much adopts the usual calm and collected demeanor that we all know too well. This eventually ends up infuriating our hot tempered blond and he decides that the best course of action to take is to blow himself up.

I told you farting in front of the lighter was a bad idea. -____-

I told you farting in front of the lighter was a bad idea. -____-

And so ends the great battle between two powerful shinobi. Overall, I would say it was a good fight and the best part was that they managed to fit it all into two episodes, instead of drawing it out much longer.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and for those who may have been disappointing, at least there is a lot to look forward to.

The question is, who do you think deserved this victory?

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the breakdown. Sorry if it wasn’t quite as engaging or as long as the last one, but to liven things up, I’ve decided to throw in something new.

Much in the same way we have bubble contests for the manga breakdowns, I thought of  a similar idea that we could use here.

However, instead of seeing who can come up with a great bubble, instead we’ll use an image from the most recent episode and have a caption contest.

*Insert Caption Here*

*Insert Caption Here*

The rules are simple, just type a funny or interesting caption for the image above and the best will be chosen as the winner next week. and have their name etched into the eternal awesomeness that is the anime breakdown. ^ ^

Just start your comment with “CAPTION:” to make it easier to sort through and have fun! 😉


~ by Tenrai Senshi on August 31, 2009.

28 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 124 Breakdown”


  2. 2nd ? great breakdwon i could have been first or second if i hadnt had to read it

  3. caption

    i knew it puting multiple hearts in my body like kakauzu wont work O_O

    lol i think i did it wrong


    and kids thats what happenes to you when you fight gay;s O_o

  4. 3rd O_O

  5. Cookie!!! O____O


    Forget Dojitsus >_< Chest Moves with Long tongues FTW.

    White blow up clay sold serparatly and not included.

  7. Great breakdown Tenrai. i enjoy your since of humor and you can really make a dry episode filled with talking and repeating flashbacks an awesome read.

    I look forward to your next breakdown ^_^


    GAH!!! I bit my tongue!!! OWWWWIIIEEEE!!!!!!

  9. Caption:
    WHAT!? If cats can do it, why can’t I!? You’re all racist against my way of personal hygiene! T_T

    Oh and hi guys >_>

  10. Caption:

    OMFG!!! I’m finally out of that hell-hole!! I need to eat something. Cool, white clay in this guyz hand. I… must… eat!!

    … *munch*

    … *munch*

    Oops, BOOM!!!

  11. Nice one tenrai. do enjoy ur writting style.

    Chest tampons…. fuck it’s that time of the year again

  12. Great breakdown Tenrai! I rather enjoyed the episode and found all the talking was necessary to explain how Deidara’s bomb’s worked and how Sasuke figured it all out. As for the repeat flashback…WTF! That’s all I have to say. -_-

    I think Sasuke deserved the win even though I see it more as a tie…>_> Deidara lost his cool and it was his own downfall leaving him dead and Sasuke alive.


    How the hell did Orochimaru get in there!?

  13. Caption:
    Hungry gets what Hungry wants!

  14. CAPTION:

    Good god, and here we were thinking Deidara was one of the less freakish members of Akatsuki! We were wrong it seems… oh well. Next he go *BOOM!*

  15. Caption:

    Aliens vs Naruto…
    the results aren’t pretty…

  16. @ Super. I didn’t mind the talking, but I just didn’t want to go into their discussion in detail.

    The only thing that really bogged this episode down was the flashbacks and while some were necessary, others were a bit out of place. It just seemed to break up the pace.

    Other than that, it was a good battle.

  17. @Tenrai: Agreed. I didn’t mean to sound like I was getting on you btw. I was just giving my opinion on the episode. 😉


    I wonder how much it costs to get one of those installed.

  18. CAPTION:


  19. CAPTION:

    Warning: Play-doh may cause OCD, insanity, and thoughts of suicide. Please handle with caution. Diabolical mouth and tongue sold seperately.

  20. dayumz, i never knew sasuke was that smart. >_> deidara FTEW! 😀 or maybe itachi becus itachi is always winner. 😛 who did this breakdown? ten-tenrai?! omfg, this is awesome as expected!

  21. Caption:

    I’m so happy my heart is clapping!!! ^ ^




  22. I think we ALL know that Deidara deserved the win more…..but you know Kishi, always having to make Sasugay win -_-‘

  23. CAPTION:

    Say hello, to my lil’ frien’ !!

  24. Caption:

    Bonjour, It’s been 25 years he haven’t wash me… my breath smell like shit


    CAPTION: Oh SHNAP! I should’ve used the one in my feet first! O.o

    CAPTION: That’s right… Just let it all out – it’s okay.


    CAPTION: Ooomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom!

    CAPTION: And this kids, is what it looks like when you don’t floss.

  26. By the way, it’s Sassy Uke, or Saucegay, ’cause he’s both gay man sauce and a sassy submissive. 🙂

    There should have been clay tentacles coming out to rape Gaysauce more. Gay tentacle rape – FTW. :O Fuck The What. >,<

  27. FLOOD MOAR. :O

    That, or while they were having the huge Deidara thing, it should have had more like Mokey D Luffy fighting, na? :c

    CAPTION: If he can do this, just imagine what his ass can do!


    CAPTION: Soul vore – it haz never looked so entrtaning.

    CAPTION: Do all earth shinobi have this mutation? O.o

  28. I’LL HATE THE FOLLOWING EPISODESSSSSSSS, jirayia is gonig to dieeeee NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I’ll cryyyyyy when he surely dies and nevah shows in the manga again =( saying hotty tsunade

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