YOSH! One Piece 556 Spoilers Confirmed + 555 Chapter Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! $_$

-One Piece Spolier Below-

caption-553660-20090412171635Artwork by Metalb2

Spoiler script for video down in comments section below. Spolier by Naruto1piece4. Pssssst…Luffy’s back!!!! ^^

-One Piece Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome to another One Piece Manga Breakdown and what a chapter we have this time! Oda must’ve gotten my rant…or maybe it was the broken leg from the swing of a metal bat that convinced him…>_> Anyway, 19 pages FTW!!! 😀 *buries evidence in the back of neighbor’s yard* @_@

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Oh Oh Oh! Who wants to hate Spandam even more than they already do now!? I SURE DO!!! How you say can one conceivably hate this scum bag more than one already does? Easy, just watch this week’s AMV by Junicookie! ^^ Her account was deleted from youtube AGAIN (>_<) so I uploaded this onto another site to share with you all…shhhhh…>_> This week’s badass pic by Kitewing.

Now on to the breakdown!

The girl you idiots look at the GIRL!!! Not whatever the senile old man is holding up the pa- OH, is that lightning!? 0_0

The girl you idiots look at the GIRL!!! Not whatever the senile old man is holding up on the pa- WHOA, is that lightning!? 0_0

Nami…*drools* That’s all I really have to say about this cover page. I mean it’s pretty obvious what knowledge she can gain from being there, so take a quick look as she struts in those tiny shorts with those long legs of hers while her well endowed breasts try to break free from that thin-thin shirt… Alright moving on what do you-…HEY!!! Stop looking dammit we’re moving on! >_<

Greeeen Giant! ^^

Greeeen Giant! ^^

Giants, giants, and a bigger giant! That’s what all this is really about. SIZE! Who’s bigger than who eh? Even giants like to compare size it seems. Now don’t get your mind in the gutter I’m talking about penises height here! Oars Jr. is the main target as every marine within range takes it upon her/himself to shoot the big ass moving target that can’t speak properly and who’s even special among giants. I’m feeling sentimental for the big guy already…T_T Well, time to make a movie out of this and rake in some big bucks! What? They made a movie already…Green Mile!? F**k… >_<

Ummm....fuck can't think of a caption! >_<

Ummm....fuck can't think of a caption! >_<

Oars manages to destroy the marine battleship that was blocking the entrance into the Bay and damn does it look amazing. 0_0 That’s how you take out a battleship! The pirates are encouraged and surge forward while the marines are told to pull back a little and strengthen defenses in the bay area. Whitebeard shows a little concern for Oars safety but after Oars says “Pwease” with those big ol’ puppy dog eyes of his how could Whitebeard  possibly refuse his request to continue fighting? It’s downright impossible so Whitebeard tells them to clean house and protect the big guy.

Penis > vagina...no that souds gay... penis > child bearing...yes!

Penis > vagina...no that souds gay... penis > child bearing...yes!

The Shichibukai finally jump in and up first it’s the sexy queen of Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock! Blowing out heart arrows from a giant heart bubble she instantly turns a group of pirates into stone. Some pirates weren’t turned to stone instantly but when hit they begun to shatter anyway. Inside of their bodies turned to stone? Meh, either way you’re still f**ked. Boa even attacks a marine and we all know it’s on purpose because she’s looking right dead at him as she kicks at his shattering arm. XD Why is she attacking the marines? Well because she’s not their ally she just agreed to help them out to keep up the peace treaty and she can get away with it because…she’s…BEAUTIFUL!!! O_O

A hat as Oar's valuable treasure given to by someone he really cares for...sounds so familiar...o_0

The hat is Oar's valuable treasure given to him in the past by someone he really cares about...sounds so familiar...o_0

Next up is Barthalomew Kuma delivering a giant Ursus Shock and getting a direct hit on Oars Jr… Ursus Shock, the same attack Kuma used at Thriller Bark causing that huge explosion attempting to kill everyone at the end. Damn, this dude is strong but so is Oars Jr. as he remains conscious. It goes into a flashback of Ace making a hat for Oars Jr. in order to protect him from the natural environment. We wouldn’t want pretty Oars Jr, to get scalp damage now would we? -_- The marines continue to pound into Oars Jr. (ewwww) and he decides that  before he goes down he’ll take at least one Shichibukai with him. Oh look, it’s that asshole Doflamingo!

Foot fetish + Pink feathery coat + Insanity = Doflamingo. I hate this guy. -_-

Foot fetish + Pink feathery coat + Insanity = Doflamingo. I hate this guy. -_-

Oars Jr. strikes and he strikes hard trying to crush Doflamingo’s pretty pink feather coat. Unfortunately for Oars Jr. he’s fighting a Shichibukai and they like to keep their clothes clean, unwrinkled, and especially uncrushed. Just look how trendy Mihawk is… Oh yeah, and they’re strong as F**K. ^^ Appearing above Oars Jr’s. head Doflamingo laughs maniacally and enjoys cutting Oars Jr’s. leg off…without a sword…WTF!? What hell is this dude’s power!? There are some theories out there and I just want to know what you all think on which is most likely…or offer up your own opinions.

Hehehe, I made Moria seem like more of an asshole than he already is. Next up, Crocodile...>_>

Hehehe, I made Moria seem like more of an asshole than he already is. Next up, Crocodile...>_>

Oars Jr. now can be promoted up in the world of pirates in my eyes. No, not because he fought hard but because he lost a leg and now can get one of those awesome peg legs! That automatically makes you a pirate I wonder though how many poor trees it’ll take to create. O_o As Oars Jr. loses balance Moria creates a sword out of his shadow and spears it through his gut. Of course the weak bastard would finish him off. -_- The chapter ends with Oars Jr. reaching out for his nakama as he falls into unconsciousness.

Pretty good chapter but still no Luffy, Ivankov, and Crocodile! Hell, I even want to see Buggy’s smug face! >< What do you all want to see next chapter?

That ends this week’s breakdown. Here’s this week’s demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy!:D

Oars Poster


Dammit I was sooo close! If only Luffy had arrived! >_< Nami will obviously be on the next cover and this time Luffy will make an appearance! The marines are going to start pushing back now that Oars is down and the Shichibukai will go into the full swing of things.


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  1. first…wait thats not it…no its bono… haha its been a while since i was first…
    great breakdown there super…im kinda mad that oar jr had to get skewerd and then his arse handed to him by that fruitcake flamingo…lol but ill admit he is one dangerous guy…im hoping we see more flashback..lol jk but seriously more of boa fighting would be a plus…for my prediction i think luffy will finally arrive to the fighting next chapter

  2. 2nd

  3. Third!

  4. 3rd

    great breakdown

    well time to get some anger out.I HATE DOFAGMINGO i hated him since before i knew him. this chapter did nothing for me liking him. i hope trace breaks free and burns him to death slowly. or whitebeard to take dofagmingo’s head and shove it up somewhere he would undoubtedly like unfortunately.

    also just because i like to argue. what if garp’s son also luffy’s dad ate a mythical zoan storm manipulating dragon df when he was a baby and that gave garp the idea to name him dragon.

    and since the intro to mythical beast zoan df i am going to start looking at famous creatures like dragons and phoenixes to c what others might make an appearance

  5. 4th i mean pickles grabbed it while i was typing

  6. So close to first…

    Cool breakdown, Super.

    We finally got to see a little Shuchibukai action, anda little more of Don Flamingo’s powers. Now, I really wanna know what kind of DF ability he has.

  7. I have to go soon and can’t comment much but ty everyone. I changed the first poll up a little and took out the Tendon Tendon Fruit option…because it was dumb. -_- I made the String String and Puppet Puppet Fruit as separate options for variety reasons. Well that’s all I have time to say. See you all laterz! XD

  8. Great breakdown Super! *extends hand for handshake*

  9. SUUUUPPPPPEEEERRRRR!!! Nice breakdown man. The captions really did make me laugh hard!

    Firstly, anyone notice that Hancocks attack even turned the cannon balls to stone? Thats just ridiculous! She’s crazy strong!! Also seems like wano country is like feudal japan which i think might be a little interesting for Zoro and Brook.

    Doflamingos powers are, for me, confirmed as not haki. I understood the theory that he was controling people kinda like haki does but in the frame with the severed leg, his fingers are bent in the way he does when he manipulates people. So whatever cut Oars leg is what controls people and i just dont think haki can do that. String string/ wire wire fruit for me.

  10. Nice one super.
    Don’t think i didn’t catch ur plans to disrespect crocodile… NO DICE! Yeah that was pretty sad, almost felt bad that the giant was skewered… nice hat though.
    Mmmmmm Boa Hancock glad to see she’s back in view XD
    Fuck – luffy and crew better show up soon, cause it seems like it’s about to go downhill from here for the WB pirates.

    Flamingos power is most likely a DF – it would be kinda lame if it was just Haki – probably the smile smile im a douche fruit >_> .

    More chaos next chapter – that about sums it up XD.

  11. Finally! I was getting spoiled by your early breakdowns in the past! 😀

    Anyways, I’m guessing (and this is totally stolen from other OP forums that I frequent) that Doflamingo has a String/Wire fruit power that can invisibly grab onto people and turn them into puppets while also able to slice through anything. They would also make the ultimate garroting device. Hmm, Doflamingo probably moonlit as an assassin before becoming a Shichibukai! XD Anyways it’s easy to see why he has one of the biggest known bounties in OP! I’m also guessing that Doflamingo will be the opponent of Inazuma since Inazuma can cut through anything with his scissor powers, including whatever Doflamingo uses to slice/control people. Actually something’s bothering me about Doflamingo: if he does have the power to control people with his DF, why didn’t he just take control of Oars Jr and use him to destroy his own allies? Meh, probably just for drama’s sake or Doflamingo felt like letting the battle go on much longer for his amusement.

    Hancock-sama! ❤ ❤ ❤ Talk about fanservice! And Nami finally gets her own cover arc! I just hope she gets actual upgrades instead of becoming a cross-dresser or gaining 200 lbs!

    And poor Ace! This is turning into a real Trauma Conga Line: first he gets beaten by one of his own men after recklessly chasing after him against the wishes of his captain and nakama, he gets captured and sparks a war between his beloved captain and the WG, his true identity is revealed in front of the entire world so that everyone will now know him as the son of Roger the Pirate King rather than the Second Commander of Whitebeard, his beloved little brother is still (as far as Ace knows) fighting for his life in ID and probably getting tortured by Magellan, his captain and friends are all fighting against the WG's strongest forces on his behalf, and NOW one of his friends just got taken down right in front of him!! How much more trauma is Oda going to put this poor guy through?

  12. some other things i was thinking on is what if all this trauma causes ace to unleash alot of haki and frees himself from those cuffs. cause i think those r sea stone cuffs and they only supress df abilities if im not mistaken.

    and is anyone else wondering what sengoku’s abilities are or if he has any at all. cause if he didnt have any df powers and couldnt use haki that would be completely lame lettting him rank above the 3 admirals.

  13. @Elisha: I too think Doflamingos powers are string or wire related as i said. As for why he didnt take over Oars, maybe theres a limit to the wires strength. Consider Oars a hugh block of cheese if you will. While wire would cut through it the cheese wouldn’t be able to hang from it. Sorry, a bit random i know >_>

    @Senju: I think Sengoku has a crazy power. Since Whitebeard has met him before and that was presumably at sea as well as the fact that he is happy to stand right next to the enemies objective, he cant just be a pencil pusher. His title ‘Sengoku the Budda’ makes me think he has a real omnipotent, god-like power. Maybe related to taking away peoples will to fight?
    Also, about Ace freeing himself. First dont you think Ace doing that after all these people came to help would be quite lame? Second, dont you think Oda continually giving more characters haki would be even more lame?

  14. Finally made it back on here!

    @Senju: HEY, I hate Doflamingo too!!! Let’s think of the many ways he can die and how horrible! I say burnt to death by Ace and slowly for what he did to Oars. Unfortunately he’ll be featured on a future cover page as the world’s crispiest man because Oda can’t kill off any major characters. -_-

    @Franky: I’m just wondering when Boa will pull out the King’s Disposition. Her stone attacks will pale in comparison to that and yes she is strong as hell. As for what Doflamingo’s powers are you’re probably right. I got the String String Fruit idea from you. Puppet Puppet Fruit may not require strings just in case anyone is wondering what’s the difference.

    @Mudshovel: Insult Crocodile!? *GASP* I’d never…>_>

    And yeah, where the hell is Luffy!? I know this is all happening in fast pace but how long does it take you to sail through some fog!? >_<

    @Anyone: Does anyone think Mihawk has a DF ability? We have never seen him in the water and all we know of his power is that he's a remarkable swordsman. He'd be the only Shichibukai without a DF (if Doflamingo doesn't have one that is).

  15. @Super: I never thought I could hate Spandam any more than I did before reading the breakdown. Well, that has changed.

    @Senju: Sengoku would probably have some crazy power, but I’d prefer if he didn’t, really. I’d like if he were like Spandam (without the women abuse). And I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to be the case.

    I’m sticking with the WTF WTF Fruit for Doflamingo, because that’s all I can say when I see his powers. If he had something like a String String DF ability, however, I think the “strings” would be immaterial.


    I believe we’ll be seeing more of Luffy, or at least we’ll be taken away from the battle over at Marineford, next chapter. We’ve seen almost everyone significant in action, already: all the Shuckubukai present, the division commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates that we previously knew of, Jose and Marco (excluding Ace), the Admirals, and we even were introduced to a new face…with two horns. I think Oda will switch it up, a bit. At least, I hope so.

  16. @Super: I find it hard to believe that hawk eyes has a DF, y? Well to me it seems that a swordsman would want to become to best with their own skills (why i don’t think Zoro will get a DF) and a DF would seem like cheating. I think he’s just got Haki (at the most) and for the rest he’s just a badass, assbeating champ.
    hehe, i don’t think i can lose this prediction contest unless of course it flashes over to the prisoners boat with buggy 😉

  17. @Pickles: Glad I could help you hate that bastard more than you already did before. ^^

    I too hope Oda moves the story to Luffy now. As cool as the other pirates are they won’t matter to me after this battle is over. Unless they fight with the Straw Hat Crew in the future or ally with them for some reason.

    As for Sengoku’s power. I have a strange sensation it’s a DF and a very powerful one at that. He was a former admiral and the 3 current admirals we’ve seen in action all have Logia type DF.

    @Mudshovel: Agreed about Mihawk. I just don’t see him with a DF power either. He’s just super strong and skilled like Zoro…and Sanji. 😛

    Lol, I hope you lose the prediction contest! 😛

  18. like zoro is ok …. but sanji ……

    ahem so i wasnt here becuz my net wasnt opening asny wordpress sites lol
    well im back now ^_^ oh and i hate daflamingo ^_^ very much ^_^

  19. prediction

    we will see wb’s and marines fight in the beginign and then luffy makes a dynamic entry with gum gum bazooka or something like that he will fight kuma

  20. am i the only one who thinks Doflamingo is kinda kool,…?
    lolz oars gives his life for ace because he made him a strawhat, riiiight =P
    Meh Kuma keeps impressing me more lol, is there an end to his power!?

    As for luffy if he isnt gonna show up next chap i think he met his father or sumthin cus its taking way to long >_>

  21. Darn it Dynamic… What did I tell you to do!? You gave them time to receive false hope.. Now to tear that away…

    Hi guys 😀

  22. @cyborg well haki is the most effective way to fight people with logia df abilites as it can make them solid and prone to injury. and luffy the main character has one of the strongest haki in the world. i was just thinking since ace is the son of the pirate king that he must also have haki as whitebeard himself could never defeat gold roger.or maybe roger had some sort of crazy powerful df ability. if roger did have a fruit ability now that he is dead his fruit would appear again somewhere for someone to find wouldnt it?

  23. @Fear: Lol, yes…you are the only one who likes that bastard… -_-

    @Cookie: Your “Hi guys” does nothing to tear away our love and hope for One Piece. I hope that’s all you’ll attempt because any further action will be futile and in vain. 😛

    @Senju: Luffy doesn’t have “one of the strongest haki in the world”. He has THE strongest Haki in the world; King’s Disposition. To bad he can’t control the damn thing and has no desire to right now. >_<

  24. Hey everyone! ^^
    I dont think Mihawk has a df because it probably would have been shown at his intro like Doflamingos ‘power’ (which really cant be haki) and even Kuma had his gloves on. It would also soil his title a little since he would be the worlds best df and sword combo instead…Lame -_- Oh and Don Kreigs justification for Mihawks strength was a df so that makes me believe even more that he hasnt got one.

    @Super: I really want to see some kings disposition too. I wonder how much of it she has mastered since she even said its not on full lock yet.

    This battles developing too much for me!! T_T Whitebeard vs WG is real cool and all, and the dfs are great but seriously, i want to see the crew again. Its already been like a year right? And when we saw last they just got an ass kickin. But every week this fight shifts…First Whitebeard lead, then WG!! Ahh, dont swap back. Just kill the beardless fake and move to the new world. I wanna see fishman island damn it! T_T

  25. Lol, now there is no more discussion on the One Piece section. Either Oda has lost all our interest (which I highly doubt) or everything that needs to be discussed has been discussed. XD

    Maybe I should start doing a bubble contest…>_>

    @Franky: If Fishman Island is underwater how is Luffy or any other DF user supposed to walk around the place…or swim? Maybe it’s covered in a giant bubble…

  26. @Super: If he was one of the Admirals, then that changes things a little. Now I’m sure he has some insane power, but I would have still preferred if he didn’t.

    As for the Mihawk thing, I’m with Mud. It would be disappointing for me if he did have a DF ability. I believe as a swordsman he should rely solely on skill. However, I don’t mind hake…or demons buried in his subconscious (Zoro’s Asura comes to mind).

  27. @supertrek: or, quoting from http://boards.fansub.tv/?showtopic=7934&st=0&#entry237186 ,
    maybe its ’cause its just so great no one wants to hurt its greatness.

  28. Or maybe it’s because no one is arguing what Luffy’s powers are really like =P

  29. @Sogeking: LOLZ, long time no see dude! 😀

    Haha, One Piece is just to great for people to touch it. They fear they might ruin its greatness if they do. XD That’s an interesting forum you posted there btw. Maybe I should do a post on what makes One Piece so unpopular with Westerners. -_-

    @Pickles: Lol, didn’t we go over this already? 😉 Well…it did generate a lot of posts but, lol, we picked that topic to the bare bone and back. XD

    @Anyone: Anyone see the latest One Piece episode? Mmmmmmm…Boa Hancock was practically nude throughout 3/4 of the ep! @_@

  30. You’re some kind of sadist Super! 😛 She was crying for most of it…

    @Everyone: Is Oars really going to join the likes of Miss Monday, Bellamy and Nero in that small space for less major characters to die? Moria will totally jack his corpse if he does…Then again, Pell took an atom bomb point blank in Alabaster and Kalifa had lightning go through her chest and they both lived -_-

  31. @ supertrek Why is OP so unpopular among Westerners, you may ask? Two words: 4kids Entertainment. They completely destroyed the series and made it out to be a childish stupid series filled with criminally-bad puns. If there’s a special hell for destroyers of art and literature, I hope they roast in it!

    @ cyborg I seriously doubt that Oda will break from his convention of having people survive the impossible. I’m not even too sure that Bellamy himself is dead since Doflamingo dropped a few hints that he was just kicking him out of his crew and leaving him crippled or something like that. Oars Jr. is definitely Mostly Dead ™ and will join the after-battle party! He has to!

  32. what would u guys prefer to see… whitebeard’s crew winning on its own based on crazy strength, luffy joining in and kicking everyone’s ass, or dragon finally making an appearance and killing an admiral or something..??? or all of the above?..idk im dying to see the revolutionaries… we’ve only heard of them but havent seen any of them

  33. Whatever way i look at it, the world government has to win this fight for the sake of the story. As an organisation, its the main thing standing between Luffy and his dream. If they take a beating now, even if the fight is really close, it will ruin the flow of the manga. Think about it, all the admirals and schibukai getting beat and then coming back to have close fights with the straw hat crew…Sounds pretty lame to me.
    The only way i see this ending is with someone grabbing Ace against his will and dragging him out there.

  34. @Super: I was just jokiiiing…*secretly puts gloves back on* *clears throat*

    @Franky: You know, that is one thing I really don’t understand about the One Piece world. Characters suffer some of the world punishment and injuries you can think of, yet they survive.

    @Elisha: I remember watching One Piece on Cartoon Network and thinking it wasn’t all that bad. Then again, I was much more of a child, back then…

    @Omar: I didn’t even have to see the third option before I picked the second.

  35. @Elisha: Hahahaha, damn 4Kids!!!! DAMN THEM!!!! >_<

    I myself haven't seen the One Piece 4kids version (Thank God) but nevertheless I too was ignorant of this great manga in the past. I think the majority of westerner's mentality against One Piece is that it's "childish", has "bad animation", or it's just "stupid". Unfortunately most make this judgment before even picking up the manga or watching the show to give a proper analysis. I too was like that and I trashed talk about One Piece until one day I picked it up to see what all the hype was about and BAM!!!! It's f**king awesome! XD

    I living in America know the mentality set against One Piece and for some reason it's generally bad. People go with the flow and diss it because that's what others are doing. They don't pick it up because they're afraid of what other might say or think. It's pretty dumb if you ask me when others let this great manga pass them by just because of other people's bias and unjustified opinions. Bah, I digress. All I know is that One Piece deserves more recognition in both the United States and Europe. It should be up there with Naruto!

    @Omar: I have to agree with Pickles on this. I think we’re all waiting for Luffy’s entrance and some Gomu Gomu Ass Kicking! 😉

    @Franky: The World Government losing this battle doesn’t necessarily spell disaster for their forces. If you think about it when is it considered the World Government’s loss? If Ace is freed and escapes to safety. It’s all about Ace. If Ace lives then the pirates win. If Ace dies then the WG wins. It doesn’t matter how many losses one side takes. In fact, the pirates could suffer the most losses but if they use those sacrifices to get Ace out of there victory goes to them. It’s all about strategy and planning…or just a foolhardy rush in and get Ace battle plan. >_>

    I agree that the WG can’t suffer heavy losses here or else the flow of the manga could be knocked off balance a little. It would be kinda lame if the admirals lost here but then came back to have close battles with the Straw Hats. On the other hand you also have to remember these are New World crews (mainly Whitebeard’s) and they’re much stronger and experienced than the Straw Hats. If they beat or even tie with an Admiral or Shichibukai it doesn’t mean the Straw Hats could do the same.

    I’m just pointing out that just because they lose (the WG) it doesn’t essentially mean the story is off key. I think they HAVE to lose in fact because we all know Ace isn’t going to die. If Ace doesn’t die then the pirates are the victors. Even if the WG hauls Ace off to execute him another day I’d say the pirates are still the victors for saving and extending Ace’s life.

    @Pickles: HEY!!! What are you doing with those gloves and the clearing of the throat!? o_0

    That’s the one fault I find with One Piece. Constantly characters living from the impossible. Even minor characters I could care less for. -_-

  36. Nice breakdown. A little too much swearing for my taste though.

    @super: dude. Wiper got zapped like three times including a full-blown judgment straight from Enel himself. If that wasn’t enough for him to be dead he used Reject dial three times where any normal person wouldve disintegrated if used once. WTH!!!

    And dont even get me started on Pell. The birdman from Alabasta who got nuked in the face and survived with minor wounds. huh?

    When Enel got defeated he fell into water! He’s a DF user so he shouldve drowned but somehow he survived. Conviniently off screen!

    Mr. 3 got the water sucked out of him and then eaten by a giant crocdile. Survived.

    The Blond Skypiea Girl’s dad got “judged” by Enel and was supposed to die. Yet he came outta nowhere alive and well.

    Anymore bogus survivals? I cant think of any. That’s the only thing that bugs me about One Piece. I dont even care about the fact that almost noone dies. I HATE the fact when characters survive impossible situations with no explanation whatsoever.

    Other then that….ONE PIECE IS 99.9999999% perfect and 150% awesomeness!!!!!

  37. >_>
    Too much swearing…got it! ^^ I take suggestions from readers btw of what you all would like to see more or less of. Hell, I'll take any suggestions to expand the influence of One Piece throughout the entire WORLD!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!! @_@

    BTW, for all those who didn’t know there’s a new trailer out for the upcoming One Piece movie.

  38. @Video: Is the main enemy the guy who was said to escape Impel down? The flying pirate, Golden Lion i think….Thats kinda cool if its him. I have only ever watched one of the One Piece films, maybe i should watch some more when i get the time.

    @Super: Sorry, i meant it strictly from a battle sense. I know talking about ‘victory’ is always a hazy subject, and you’re right, if Ace is free then the World Government looses but if they are defeated in fights then its gunna be weird for them to turn up against the straw hats later. For instance, Mihawk is Zoros ultimate goal. If he is shown to be defeated, even if it isnt by a swordsman, it will seem strange that he would still be what Zoro strives for…Or it would to me at least.

    @Pumpkin: Kalifa and Kumadori from CP9 and also Spandam living was a little stretch. Brogy, the giant who ‘lost’ the duel on Little Garden too, as well as Koza and Chaka living after what they went through in Alabaster.

    @Elisha: You’re right, even their deaths aren’t confirmed. The four guards who drank the weird water so they could kill Crocodile really did die though

  39. @super i though when luffy used the king’s disposition that boa said he posesses the king’s disposition like herself and that she thought she was the only one to have it. as for the last episode you said it right when you said mmmmmmmmmmm. though imagine that scene with A1 steak sauce mmmmmm.

    @everyone does anyone else see dragon showing up. I mean his entire goal is to see the collapse of the WG and it wouldnt suprise me if he saw this as an oppritunity to finish them off. well except for those old noble guys(not the bubble heads the other ones) but i think luffy’s group will fight them because one of them was holding a sword.

  40. the spoilers shows luffy at the end falling from the sky with the rest of them thank god it about time for them to arrive.

  41. bit dissapointed with the new trailer casue i thought that shiki was a marnie hot shot gone missing, and that the SH’s would have a big face of against them, but luffy has a fight with him and even garp thinks that he amazingly strong so i think its going to be a good fight.

    two episodes ago on the one piece anime it showed luffy in the air and poison coming towards him and he moved in the air to avoid it, does anyone think that could be the first stage of the other cp9’s move were they can jump though the air?


    coverstory: Nami's weather report final episode
    Weatheria's weather science

    pirate: Captain Oars!!
    pirate: Damn those Shichibukai!
    Moria: Kishishishi! This is how you kill, the smart way!
    Hancock: There are really huge men out there in the outside world…

    Oars: Ace…gun…..
    flashback: Oars: I…like dis!!
    Ace: Oars!!
    Moria: Kishishishsishi!!!
    DoFlamingo: Heh heh heh!! This is great!!
    ???: What do you find so funny, DoFlamingo!!

    The giant marine with the iron mask: You let your guard down, Whitebeard!! You have no time to mope!
    Whitebeard catches the giant's axe, and crushes it.
    He then grabs the giant's face, and slams him down into the ground.
    Then, he uses the gura-gura fruit power on him from his hand, shattering the mask and the giant falls unconcious.

    marine: Vice Admiral Rons!!
    marine: Even a giant is taken down easily!?
    Whitebeard: Walk over Oars, and march foward!!!
    pirates: Yeeeaaahhhh!!!!

    Scene changes to Coby. He's running through the town.

    Coby: Ha..hah…. Impossible! It's impossible!! I'm too scared to do anything!!
    People so powerful are all going down bleeding!!
    Helmeppo: Wait, Coby.
    They see Akainu stopping other marines also abandoning their post, and hide from him.

    Akainu: Go back to the warzone!
    Marine: Please… please let us go…!! I'm afraid to die… My legs starts shaking when I think of my family! Please..!!
    Coby: Admiral Akainu…!? Why is he here…!
    Akainu: If you truely love your family… do not live and burden them with your shame!!
    Marine: Gyaaaa!!!!
    Akainu finishes off the marine with his power.
    another marine: Admiral Sakazuki! We're ready for the operation!

    Marine: It's the Icy Witch "Whitey Bay"!
    Bay: It's a child's play, to break through this ice!
    Marine: Our frontline has been breached in two sections of the bay!
    (It shows the two sections, one breached by Oars and other by Bay)
    They're going to flood in now, Fleet Admiral Sengoku!
    Sengoku: It's not a problem.

    Sengoku?: Otsuru-san, we're going ahead with the plan…
    pirate: She washed us…
    pirate: And dried us…
    Otsuru: It's right about time. Send out orders to all soldiers and fleet!!

    scene changes to Ace
    Ace: …. Old man….
    Sengoku: What have you come for, Garp? You have a problem with our plan?
    Garp: ….no… he's a pirate… there's no room for sympathy…
    Sengoku: Well then,
    Garp: QUIET!! There should be no problem… for me to just stay here.

    flashback to Luffy and Ace in childhood
    Ace: Don't hit Luffy, damn geezer!
    Garp: There's no sympathy for criminals.. but family is different!
    Ace: !

    Garp: What am I supposed to do….!!!
    Garp looks very conflicted
    Garp: Ace… why didn't you live as I told you to!!
    flashback to Garp's past: You guys are gonna grow up to be a great marine! You got that!?
    Ace: Old man…!!!
    Sengoku: If you start something up now, I won't go easy even on you Garp!
    Garp: Humph!! If I could, I would have already!!

    Scene changes to Coby
    Coby whispering: Helmeppo-san…. did you hear that? the plan!
    Helmeppo: Yeah.
    Coby: They're gonna execute Ace-san early, ignoring the execution time! But if they did that…!!!
    Helmeppo: Yeah, I know, but…. huh?
    Coby: eh?
    Helmeppo: Something's falling from the sky.

    ?: That's why I said, you overdid it!!
    Croc: It's because of this guy's wink.
    Ivankov: Oh you dare blame it on me, Croc!?
    ?: Whatever, you know we're gonna be killed by this fall!! There's ice below us!!
    Marines notice something in the sky
    Marine: Look, what is that…. something's falling from the sky!
    Ace notices also
    Ace: …… what?

    Luffy and co are falling from the sky
    Luffy: AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! … Oh yeah, I'm rubber, II'll be fine.
    Mr.3: Oh you better not survive this just yourself!! Do something!!
    Buggy: I know we shouldn't have listened to your idea, Strawhat!! Damn you!!
    Ivankov: Nooo!!! I don't want to die like this!! Someone stop usssss!!!!


  43. i said it luffy would make an entry in the last pages 😛

  44. sweet if luffy shows up then he will have had a hand in destroying all 3 marine places maniford,impel down, and the other 1

  45. enies lobi that is ^_^ luffy will fight kuma my prediction will be true

  46. @ahsan thxs for that quick refresher of the name i couldnt remeber it right off the bat.

  47. After this release, DoFlamingo might just become my new favorite character (without boobs) in OP.

    My curiousity has also increased towards the other D. member that seems to be now missing from this family reunion. I really want to see Dragon again and get more of what his deal is and what powers he has.

  48. @Super: Well im going to through a theory out. Once again in my boredom i decided to re-read OP, the end of thriller Bark when they are departing/Brook joins the crew.
    Theory – Lola’s mother is one of the pirate kings in new world.

    When Lola gives Nami the biblicard (think that’s what it’s called) we hear that Lola’s mama is an ‘incredible pirate’ and that they came from new world. Now seeing as how they aren’t that strong i thought it was quite weird that they could make it through new world – unless of course that her mother or relative is a strong influential pirate, then they would be left alone more than usual.

    now i realise that isn’t alot to base my theory on but i remmeber when the marines were talking about the 4 kings of new world – a silouete of a pirate was shown that looked similar to Lola (plus shanks and whitebeard) though i can’t remember the chapter…

    (hopes like hell that super hasn’t thought of this b4 >_<)

  49. One Piece is out early this week!

    Have a look.


  50. I’m loving Luffy’s dynamic entrance!

    So, the Marines plan on going against the schedule, and carrying on with Ace’s execution before the time originally set, and Garp is no longer sure he wants to go through with it since Ace is family. This certainly makes the theories of Roger and Garp being related seem more likely. Of course, there is still the possibility that Garp just sees Ace as family, despite the fact that he is adopted.

    And holy crap…the way Whitebeard owned that vice admiral…ouch!

  51. YOSH! YOSH!!!
    They’re here! Maito Gai couldn’t have pulled it off better! Finally crocodile, luffy and Jimbei are in the fight. awesome!
    Dammit oda! 2pages short again (not really but i’ll complain anyway) XD

  52. great episode and if they want to make the next episode even better they should have dragon show up and stop them from falling to the ground with his power (i think he is a logia type wind wind friut)

  53. Luffy’s back?
    and Doflamingo can actually think?

    never loved one piece more 🙂

  54. Hmm, wasnt a great issue but i guess the standard has been so high ever since they broke into Impel Down. I knew they would execute Ace before hand or rather i thought it would be stupid if they didnt. Is this Garps will of D kickin in now? His inherited will?
    Oh and it looks like Tsuru has some sorta clothes clothes fruit to turn everything into laundry….

  55. Sheesh, looks like everyone got here before me. >_<

    Pretty awesome chapter because YOSH LUFFY IS HERE!!!! Plus they’re speeding up the deadline for Ace’s execution! Didn’t see that coming but Franky did…I think Franky has inside sources close to Oda…>_>

    That’s an interesting theory Mudshovel. I for one would love to see a female Yonkou. 😉

    Three things I noticed in this chapter.

    1. Coby is a little bitch.

    2. Seems like Akainu likes to roast marines in his spare time. XD

    3. Never try to surprise Whitebard from behind…Ace and the giant have both learned the error of their ways. 😉

    Honorable mention to ‘Ice Witch’ White Bay for looking so damn hot! @_@

  56. pretty good chappy team awesomeness is finally back =D
    I still think dragon is on the watch somewhere,.. he prolly figured luffy would come and mayb he somehow knows ivankov is there too

  57. This thought just struck me. What Doflamingo is able to make use of the powers of the person he has control over at any point in time. That would make him tonnes more dangerous.

    Plus, the fact that he was able to take control of one of Whitebeard’s division commanders without a hitch suggests that he could control almost anyone, regardless of strength. I certainly hope I am wrong, because that seems a little cheap to me. I just hope there is some catch to his power.



    Seriously. They ended the chapter on the best part. Now we gotta wait again! AHHHHHH!!!!!!

  59. Next ONEPIECE manga Luffy grabs all corners of the pirate ship and comes down like a parachute, well thats what i think will happen.

  60. who’s admiral sakazuki?

  61. Admiral Sakazuki is Akainu. He was formerly known as Vice Admiral Sakazuki.

  62. one piece is out at onemanga!!! it was an awesome chapter…thank god i didn’t see those damn spoilers!!
    im already waiting for next weeks chapter…and it gonna be EPIC!!!!

  63. Yeah Sakazuki is Akainu’s real name just like Aokiji is Kuzan and Kizaru is Borcallino

  64. guys…. i started reading the manga at amazon lily cuz there were no anime episodes left…would u suggest that i should read the manga from the beginning…like is it much better than the anime?

  65. Even in the subbed version, quite a few things are cut out plus the way the manga flows is different to so when i read it, i noticed a lot more than when i watched the anime. It takes a loooong time though lol

  66. Oars!!!

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