Updated W/ Spoiler Vids. Bleach Manga 371: Hallowed Be Thy Name. Breakdown + Discussion

Bleach Manga 372 spoiler video by Itachi21x.

G’day all.

Well we return to a bleach flashback chapter this week. I can hear you all starting to sigh now, but I for one generally liked this chapter as it raises a few questions that will be expressed as polls later. Plus I mean Barragan is about to die (again) the least Tite could do was leave him one final chapter… (Don’t worry I’m sure the animators will extend it to a filler arc just for him >_< ).

Before Tite kicks of the flashback, we resume with Barragan on repetition. With his brain and body slowly decaying (I think that’s the right word for it) he somehow still remembers his past. We see Barragan sitting on a throne on a raised platform as king, it seems I was wrong, here I thought he’d just gotten that crown from a pawn shop…

Barragan thinking: * I knew they were lying when they said this cloak didn't make me look fat...*

Barragan thinking: * I knew they were lying when they said this cloak didn't make me look fat...*

Barragan rambles to himself about the absurbity of having an army only to protect from invaders. We pan around to Barragan’s view to see one of his minions getting sliced in half.

Barragan thinking: *Good their attention is diverted, now who can i blame for that smell...*

Barragan thinking: *Good their attention is diverted, now who can i blame that smell on...*

Barragan sums it up with ‘meh’ as Aizen, Gin and Tosen shunpo near him. A hollow objects to this rather rude entrance but before it can do anything Tosen decides that slicing its face in half is for the best. We then learn that Barragan was the former ruler of Hueco Mundo and Aizen wants to have a little chat.

Try the new 'Aizen and co 3000' dusterbuster, it cleans my house with only one shunpo

Try the new 'Aizen and co dusterbuster 3000', it cleans my house with only one shunpo

I would like your opinion on when you think Aizen is doing this, is it straight after the escape from Soul Society or is it before hand? Keep in mind that some Menos Grande beamed Aizen and co too Hueco Mundo during there escape and also that Aizen has his glasses on (he didn’t remove them that I know of until he was revealed as the bad dude). I realise it’s a little fragile but I think it was before his escape, I mean what genius plots a coup with out the support of a rivalling power for aide?

Barragan somehow concluded that they aren’t hollows, humans or shinigami perhaps? It would seem that brains aren’t needed to rule Hueco Mundo.  I had to lol at what followed as Barrgan admits he was just about to cut his army into two groups and have them battle to the death, too bad Aizen interrupted his boredom stopping him from doing so.

Aizen: *why isn't he complementing my hair cut...?*

Aizen: *why isn't he complementing my hair cut...?*

Bleach then delves into philosophy, as Tosen points out that he is sitting in a field, while Barragan rebuts that he is the end and the beginning and his palace reflects as much. Thankfully Aizen Shuts Tosen up then asks Barragan to examine his sword. Barragan seems to want to shout WTF dude!?

Overcompensating - the tv industry is built on it :P

Overcompensating - the tv industry is built on it 😛

Aizen then gets fully into his ‘yearn for power’ speech, and then asks the king/god of Hueco Mundo to give him his loyalty and in return he will grant him power, power of an even greater view. I had to sigh at this speech, I mean you walk up to a king and say “you look like you could use more power – pledge fealty to me and you just might get some more and get this… it’s got a great view”!

You know you want to...

You know you want to...

Barragan replied as expected – maniacal laughter, what could anyone offer a king? A rant from Barragan begins about how awesome he is and that he has the greatest view. He then orders his army to attack Aizen and co, obviously not realising that he was under Aizen’s illusionary abilities. Barragan’s view then snaps back to reality (Aizen ends the technique) just as Tosen and Gin finish making kebabs of all of his minions.

Honestly, when does Aizen ever get his hands dirty?

Honestly, when does Aizen ever get his hands dirty?

Aizen mocks Barragan, showing him the limits to his ‘view’ while the king shakes in anger. Some further mocking continues before Barragan yells for silence, probably the last order he ever makes as king, since we all know how that went.

After remembering his humiliating past Barragan is enraged and as a last ditch effort to get revenge, before decaying away, he throws his axe at Aizen. Aizen spares only a glance as the weapon shatters before reaching him, and thus the destruction of Barragan.

I've only got one chance... I've got to knock him out!

I've only got one chance... I've got to knock him out!

Hacchi begins to talk about how mad his surmising skill is and that he finally obtained the answer he was after. That in the end Barragan was another speck in the sands of creation and forever fleeing father time. Soi Fon is still perspiring and looks exhausted (damn those runs are killers >_>) while Harribel and Stark on the other hand couldn’t care less.

Hacchi: *why has everyone gone so quiet?*

Hacchi: *why has everyone gone so quiet?*

It would appear that the Stark Vs Love and Rose battle could be next as we are left with the final dialogue from him. “Espada aren’t the sentimental types, fighting for revenge isn’t our style” (pffft look at what he’s wearing and he’s talking about style!!!!!!).

I swear they were just watching the Barragan battle unfold

I swear they were just watching the Barragan battle unfold

Well that’s all for the breakdown this week, sorry for the delay, now it’s time for the extras.

In the hope of getting a bit more discussion going in the comments section, I’ve decided to add in a random poll each week. In this weeks poll I would like to know which active Captain of the Gotei 13 you would like to see dead and why (comments) and all juvenile reasons are accepted, encouraged you might say 😛 .

Here is this weeks Bubble contest. I was originally going to make to make it just thought bubbles, but yeah… do what you will. Huge thanks goes to Tenrai who editied this for me, cheers Tenrai.

and... it begins!

and... it begins!

Top 10 Bubbles.

After shifting through the list numerous times, i finally narrowed it down to ten, then longer again to work out the placings. THAT’S WHY IT TOOK SO LONG! uhhhh by that i mean, nicely done all, i hope the entries are just as mad this week.

10th – Dynamicentrance

B: I cannot die! I am invincible! For I, am DARTH VA- no, wait… UCHIHA MA- damn. Where was I again?

9th – Cyborg Franky

Hacci: Take my strong hand!
Barragan: Thats not even appropriate yet!

8th – Pumpkinbread21

Hacchi: Say it!….SAY IT!!!!


7th – Redcopywheel

Barragan: Who’s the wise guy who sent me a grenade for a Birthday present…
Barragan: And why the hell was there WRA written on the card?!?

6th – Dro Sensei

Barragan: GAH!! Damn Goku!
Barragan2: My scouter blew half my face off ’cause his power level is over 9000!!!!!

5th – Supertrek

Hacchi: “I warned you didn’t I!?” Barragan: “You didn’t tell me the ’surprise in the eye’ would blow half my f**king skull off!!!”

4th – Alec

Hacchi: I said i don’t want your girl scout cookies!
Barragan: You will buy them, buy them, BUY THEM!!!!

3rd – Pumpkinbread21

Barragan: DAMN YOU KUBO! I told you I wanted to cover my left eye not have it blown to pieces!!!

Barragan: That style is all the rage in Naruto! Why can’t you be more like Kishimoto!!

2nd – Noom

Barragan: Thats right ladies and gentleman
Barragan: MJ is back from the dead

Finally this weeks winner.



Nice one MrTukkajumala

Nice one MrTukkajumala




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  1. First!!!

  2. wow, twice in one week. Great breakdown by the way.

  3. My thoughts. Aizen probably went before Rukia’s execution because Las Noches was nothing but empty land, and that castle couldn’t be built in a few months. And now we know why Aizen has so many Hollows, they were probably originally Barragan’s subjects, but since their God-King swore ‘loyalty’ to Aizen, they followed. What surprised me was we didn’t see Charlotte Cuulhourne, Poww, Avirama, Findor, Ggio Vega and Nirrge, considering they had such devotion to Barragan.

    Now I think we can all agree that Barragan is/was stronger than Ulquiorra. And apparently Barragan was a Vasto Lorde, as he had a human form (without the muscles, blood, and skin). Also, after he released, he went straight back to his hollow form (difference being the crown’s size), but when most other arrancars release, they only get a fraction of their hollow form, but usually lose most of their human appearance. I’d say Ulquiorra was an Adjchas, he didn’t have a human appearance upon releasing (wings and horns), so maybe he was a bat themed hollow before becoming an arrancar (take Grimmjow for example, he was a panther, but when he became an arrancar, his release fused his panther form with his human form, creating a hybrid like we saw in Ulquiorra’s release).

    My theory on Ulquiorra’s Segunda Etapa:
    Okay, we all know when an arrancar releases, they gain a part (except Barragan) of their Hollow form. Segunda Etapa completely changed Ulquiorra’s appearance, so my theory is that Segunda Etapa improves on the Arrancar’s original Hollow form (like evolution), so if Barragan had learned Segunda Etapa, his appearance would change drastically (because his release was just the average resurrecion) because he has already gained his full Hollow appearance.

    Also…….DIE OMAEDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 3rd!!!

  5. 4th nice breakdwon

  6. … 5th. -_- Damn, I’m always late.

  7. your late dynamic … i think i was 60 something comments late to the naruto breakdown… I WIN 😛

  8. Well everyone, i think you all know which captain i want dead… it’s gotta be Toshirou. I highly doubt he will die, but everything about him just plain up annoys me, from his conceited attitude to the fact that they centred a movie around him (damn that’s 90mins i ain’t getting back).
    Well i’ll keep hopeing that he’ll be dismembered before having his bowls removed… (there’s a reason i said juvenile reasons were encouraged 😛 )
    well what’s your juvenile reason? 😉

  9. Lol at Barragan overcompensating with the battleaxe. He’s just trying to be more like Gimli! >_>

    It’s all the trend in mangas now, making old guys look like dwarves from LOTR.

    Oh, and before I overdo it, here’s a small BUBBLE:

    Aizen: And if I could take some of your time in pointing out the fine craftsmanship on the handle-

    Barragan: Look, I told you to *uck off. I’m tired of these Shinigami Scouts and their weapons. The last one here made me buy this stupid battleaxe.

  10. BUBBLE:

    Aizen: I’ll ask you once more. Be my Nakama!

    Barragan: Ok only if you show me your panties….YOHOHOHOHO!!!!

  11. Awesome breakdown! Bleach ones are always awesome.

  12. Awesome breakdown! I’m so happy I made the top ten this time 🙂

    Aizen: I warn you…If you don’t put my name on The Good Kids list…
    Barragan: For the last time: I’m not Santa.

  13. @mudshovel: Hmm…sry but im gonna disagree about killing off toshiro. Obviously he is pretty much out of his league, can be seriously overrated and just cant quite seem to pull off the getting pissed off every time someone makes fun of his height as well as Edward Elric does.


    He’s young and still very capable of becoming one of the badass characters later on should they ever have a time jump. probably not. Anyways, why kill someone who is rather useful opposed to someone who isnt useful at all *cough*omaeda*cough*

    and no, being a punching bag does not qualify as being useful. But sadly, i fear they will kill old yama-ji because it’s painful to a great deal of the characters and it will show how truly powerful Aizen and co are. ok well thats my rant! let the HATE mail of defending toshiro begin lol

  14. Ok so If you ask me. The only reason Barragan became the king of Hueco Mundo was because Stark has the very laid back attitude and didnt want the position. But now that Azien came and his powers were revealed, he was appointed the number 1 spot

  15. Aizen had his glasses while talking to Barragan … I thought he took them off and crushed them in Soul Society before going up the beam of light to Hueco Mundo ?

    And … if Barragan was King of Hueco Mundo, where was the Primera, Stark, who is supposedly stronger than him ?

  16. my guess as to where stark was while barragan was king is where some of the other espada were. like grimjow he was probably a lower class menos at the time.

    as for who id like to see die omaeda is as good choice as i can think of just because the other captains are way more awesome than him.

    @debito as for for aizen and co being powerful, well i believe aizen and gin are super badass but as for tousen,meh unless aizen gave him a boost in power and a different bankai(dont thhink this is possible)then i think he is useless. kenpachi tore his ass up and almost killed him. well i guess if as soon as he activated his bankai went for a deathblow he would be badass. did i just cancel out my own arguement?

  17. BUBBLE:
    Aizen: Here Boss, I fetched your stick!
    Barra: Already!?Damn it, I should have thrown it in the sea..

  18. BUBBLE:
    Aizen: …then i used this Zanpakuto to trick everyone into believing that….
    Barra: that kid with the glasses needs to get laid and shut up.

  19. YOSH! Great breakdown Mudshovel sorry I’m late but I had to move everything back up to college, unpack, shop, set the net up, etc… -_-

    Anyway, I to believe that Aizen visited all of the Espada well before he turned his back on Soul Society. I wonder if Aizen will do a flashback chapter for all 3 top Espadas or was Barragan a special case because he was “king”. I think it’s more like self proclaimed king rather than appointed.

    As for the captain that I want to see go if it HAD to be somebody…

    Yamatato because he’s old and enjoyed his time in life…and death… o_0

    If not him then Mayuri because he’s f**king crazy. @_@


    Aizen: “Watch my Byakuya impersonation…Bankai!”

    Barrangar: “Good, now why don’t you do a Hitler impersonation and shoot yourself in the head?”

  20. Cool breakdown, Mud


    Aizen: Yes, it will be as long as this if you follow me.
    Barragan: Where do I sign up?

  21. BUBBLE:

    Aizen: Join me and I’ll give you, the almighty king of Hueco Mundo, more power…Wait that doesn’t even make sense. Who wrote this script!

    Barragan: Yeaaaaa this flashback IS pretty much pointless…and yes this is my happy face.

  22. @Debito89: I’m just saying who i’d like to see die. Persoanlly i dislike Toshirou, always have, always will, i know he almost certainly won’t be killed off by Tite, still one can dream.

    @BB: yeah i think that is probably the case aswell, it just seems pointless if it was just to insult him further.

    @Senju: But doesn’t it take quite some time to develop in to full espada? I don’t think that Aizen and co where there that long ago (probably 50yrs at most) before the rescue rukia arc. Stark is shown as a lazy guy just like Shunsui – i think that the lure of the crown didn’t appeal to him so he just sat down and waited.

    @Super: Yeah you’re right, it’s probably self appointent, but still one would have to be pretty damn strong to be king and even more so to stay as.
    The old man huh? yeah that is highly possible, though my poll was more directed at biased hate than what will happen 😛
    (lol, nice bubble super).

  23. I found this chapter to be rather enjopyable, and nice breakdown Muds!

    1. Aizen: Look at my huge sword.
    2. Baragan: Hmm, they all say the same thing, but really, there not that big, kinda small actually, except for Kenpachi, he has a big sword, one that I could just let pierce me all night long… but i digress.

  24. BUBBLE: (just cause i can 😉 )

    Aizen thinking: *Now that he’s in my illusion i’ll get him good!*
    Barragan thinking: *WTS! why the hell is he dropping his pants?*

  25. Oh crap, are these thought bubbles? XD


    Aizen’s (thought): “I wonder if he’ll accept this sword and take up on the offer to join my army…”

    Barragan’s (thought): “I wonder what part of his body I should cut off first with his own sword…”

  26. @Super: LOL – read above the bubble contest – i said they were meant to be just thought bubbles but then decided ‘meh’ do what you want with the bubbles

  27. bubble

    aizen: dude check this out i got this baby on super sale…. for a buck ….. its sharp as hell
    barragen: ya right just put it along with the other tra.. i mean gifts you bring …

    lol what a lame ass buble i just cant get into bleach bubbles lol

  28. @mudshovel: i figured as much lol just thought id rant for the hell of it though cuz i normally dnt have time to post.

    @Senju: it’s also been a while since they left Soul Society so im sure Tousen has gotten quite a bit stronger. I mean, he easily chopped off Grimjows arm and espada have the top of the line armored skin…cutting it is no easy task. Plus, you got to figure he has his killing intent as opposed to Komamura and Hisagi, who don’t want to kill him and rather persuade him to stop acting the way he is.
    idk i also didnt say who would kill old yama-ji lol

  29. BUBBLE:
    Aizen : Go on i know u like this sword come on take it..
    Bragan : Man i love it but i’ll have to pass , m totally broke , even this crown is a fake.

  30. Doesn’t anyone remember that the espadas dont go from 1 to 10 but from 0 to 9?? So the “king” wasn’t even second best but actually third.

    Aizen: So as you can see i used my cool sword…….
    Baragan: So boring. Wait i have no eyes i can sleep and he won’t even know!!!

  31. You have to feel sorry for Barragan 😛

    …Or not…

    Maybe Stark just had more potential than Barragan, so when the Hogyoku was used, Stark became stronger. (Well providing the Hogyoku uncovers hidden potential)

  32. I think Aizen definitely had his talk with Barragan BEFORE rukia’s execution. I think it happened 150-50 years befor Rukia’s execution. The Turn Back the Pendulum arc happened 100 years ago when Aizen had been experimenting with turning Shinigami into hollows, so knowing Aizen, he HAD to have a backup plan, namely, “Run my ass off to Hueco Mundo and let the Privaro Espada save my ass”.

    I think Tousen was holding back in his fight with Kenpachi. He could have killed Kenny at the very start. And remember when he cut off Grimmjow’s arm T^T? He Shunpoed (ignore the spelling of that :)) so quickly Grimmjow didn’t even see him until Tosen slashed his arm off, slashing it so quickly that Grimmjow felt the pain when the whole arm went off (as opposed to feeling the pain WHILE his arm is BEING cut off). Grimmjow is at least a Captain-level Espada, as he defeated Ichigo (who defeated Byakuya, and Byakuya is the 3rd strongest Captain, according to his battle data) without breaking a sweat. Now if Tosen could cut off Grimmjow’s arm so quickly and easily, he either was holding back against Kenpachi OR he trained his ass off.

    Captain I’d like to see die…..Yamamoto. I hate that old B*STARD. He’s always barking orders at people, he’s old, he doesn’t want us to see his bankai, he’s old, he’s always slowing down Ichigo and friends and did i mention he’s old? (PS. I TOTALLY agree Mud, I hate Hitsugaya too. For some reason, people think he can beat Grimmjow. Plus he’s annoying :P.)

  33. Barragan had to be pretty bad-ass to become God-King of Hueco Mundo and EVEN MORE bad-ass to Remain God-King 😛

  34. I’d have to agree that Kaname, Sosuke and Gin meets Barragan, before the Rukia execution.

  35. i strongly disagree kisu , kenpachi can kik tousens ass anytime he even used his bankai on him and he had killing intent how can you say he was holding off you are underestimating the awesomeness ken-chan XD XD

  36. Kenpachi killed Noitra with one sword swing. You say Tousen was holding back… Kenpachi didn’t even had his eye-patch off.

    If it ever came to a real fight( not the surprise attack Tousen used to cut off Grimjaw’s arm) Grimjaw would have destroyed Tousen.

  37. kenpachi will fuck tousen O_o i think ive started a debate havent i?

  38. Well he beat him up pretty well last time…. So Kenpachi owns all!!! 😀
    Awesome breakdown btw, Mud. Hey Barragan still has time to pull though >.> It could happen lol

  39. lol i agree with ahsan kenpachi still had his eye patch on and he cant even use bankai. also i think grimmjow let his arm get cut off because he feared if he retaliated in any way the two strong people aizen or gin would kick his ass.

  40. any one else eager to see gin’s bankai i bet its awesome.

  41. Gin is psycho! I’ll be more than satisfied just to see him fight. Personally he’s my favorite character in bleach. You just don’t know what exactly is going on in that guys head. I think he’s likely to betray Aizen. He is just too badass to be bossed around by anybody.

    By the way that would be one sick plot twist- Ichimaru betraying Aizen. Does it seem cool to you?

  42. BUUBLE:
    Aizen *thought* I’ve been standing still for 15 minutes and he still hasn’t said anything?!?!
    Barraagan: ZZzzZzZZZZ

  43. BUBBLE:
    Aizen: It’s name is Kyoka Suigetsu.
    Barragan: And I am Not Giving A Fuck. Pleased to meet you.

  44. BUBBLE:
    Aizen:…Mirror Flower Water Moon.
    Barragan: Are you gay or something?!?

  45. lol i also think gin is to badass to be bossed around by anyone if it wasnt for aizen’s stupid ability he wouldnt be the one in charge

  46. Well, I’m not gonna debate this, I hate Tousen, he cut off my favorite character’s arm. I just wanted to see what you guys thought, personally, I think Tousen was either holding back, or he got a super special awesome power-up. For all we know, he could be a Vizard by now lol.

  47. @Kisu: I agree. If Tousen really wanted to kill Kenpachi he could have just stabbed him through the neck but he didn’t. The reason why Kenpachi won, besides his awesome strength, is because he didn’t rely on his senses but his instinct. Even while getting cut up he showed no fear something Tousen highly encourages one to have in every battle. In other words Tousen’s ability would work great on other captains who rely on their 5 senses but Kenpachi is f**king crazy! He doesn’t need his 5 senses to do battle and he doesn’t care if you cut him up! >_<

    To me Tousen is one of the best captains out there. To bad he became a traitor. -_- I WILL debate this! 😀

    @Senju: Besides Aizen's crazy ability he also has insane strength. He took out captains Komamaru and Toshiro in one hit.

  48. Mud sorry im so late here but the breakdown was amazing like always! >_<

    @Super: I think it would come down to battle types against Tousen *sigh* For instance Byakuya could just flood the darkness with his death cherry blossoms and even Toshiro could probably freeze everything. Ichigo would just be left stranded though. I think Tousens alright as a character but his talks of wielding a sword for peace are so cliché.

    @Whoever: I dont see how Gins zanpaktou is really that useful…His bankai will just be a big let down imo. He is still a bad ass though

  49. @hamslam1: Yea i know the whole 0 – 9 thing – but that was the lamest shit ever and a cheap move by Tite, until i see how strong Yami is, i still consider him 10.

    @Kisu: Hmmm, I’m not really sure how strong Tosen is, but i believe that there is a high probability that he was masking his skill and power in SS. However as shown before, his BanKai isn’t very effective against Kenpachi but probably would be against others (i wonder how Komamura’s BanKai will be effected?

    @Redcopywheel: Agreed dude, never know what’s going on with Gin – maybe he could be a double agent?

    @cookie: why thank you, i secretly knew Barragan was a fighter, in the anime you will see him live for another arc while telling his story of how he got to the top 😛

    @Super: There’s a reason Tosen didn’t kill kenpachi with that one shot straight up, otherwise this would be real life, not manga 😛

    @Franky: Cheers dude, bout time u got here ;). Gin shikai is making his sword extend extremly fast at massive lengths. He was said to be one of the most promissing in his class – graduating the academy after only a year i think (correct me if i’m wrong). Personaly i think his BanKai will be mad, he will transform into Goku and get his extendable staff – i mean that thing could extend to the moon 😉

  50. Yeah mudshovel i would agree with that. We have no idea how strong he is and it was pretty cheap. All of the other arrancar have these awesome changes and he just grew really lame. I really would like for Aizen to die! He’s the laziest of all and completely useless! Look at my sword follow my sword you are getting sleepy! I really do hope Gin betrays him, until he does something fighting wise instead of using his groupies i will just keep thanking the same way

  51. @mudshovel damn i rlly though ma bubble entry diserved to be on top 10 =( NOT GONIG TO TRY BUBLY ENTRING EVAH AGAIN O.O *shakes fists*

    anyways random chapter tired of reading bleach i like the fighting but i like some GOOD and NEEDED information!!!

    anyways ACKLIKXX IS BACK FROM THE HOLLIDAYS and its safe to say BACK to old fashioned randomness and stupidity as its max so… beware and caution before reading ma and supah’s POSTTTTTTSSSSS

  52. @acklikxx: Sorry dude, but as i said it took me awhile to determine the bubbles… i had to omit some good ones as well as ur’s… but if it’s any consolation u were in the top 12. No need to give up, i think it took me over a month to get in to the top bubbles at IRA – keep at it and u will get there.

    @EVERYONE: WTS – tell me who u want dead and WHY dammit >_< . i said juvenile reasons are encouraged … U hate Soi Fon because she's got a stuck up bitchy attitude …. u hate Unohana because she doesn't really do anything except ride a stingray … u hate Mayuri cause he's a fucking weirdo … TELL ME!!

  53. @ mudshovel
    Kill Yamamoto. This will truly make the manga more interesting.Like so: At the very end Yamamoto sacrifices himself to save Ukitake and now they have to elect a new captain-comander.That’s why I want the old man dead.(he was really cool but fuck it, he should burn LOL).

    Now there is another discusion: Who will be the next captain comander if Yamamoto dies? I bet it will be Ukitake.

  54. ukitake gots a an illness i wudn’t bet on him to be appointed

    but i’d think YOURICHI (i know i spelled it WRONG!) just CUZ!

    I’d like to see omaeada dead just cuz he’s even annoying than than FUCK he’s the 1st fatas* in the world >.>

  55. @acklikxx Yes Ukitake is ill but who if not him! Shunsui is too laid back and Youroichi is an assassin not a general. Ukitake may be ill but is one of the oldest captains , very powerful and respected. He has all the qualities to become the captain-comander.

  56. @Mud, Komamaura’s Bankai follows his movements, so it’ll be blind, deaf, mute and smell-less (u get the idea) too. I don’t think it can move on its own, so Komamura is screwed. Maybeit’s Shuhei that beats him, remember we haven’t seen his Shikai’s special ability yet. Maybe he even has a Bankai hidden somewhere…..

    Gin is a mystery. I don’t think the Shikai he shows us is his real Shikai. Remember what Isshin told Grand Fisher? A Captain-level Shinigami can change the size/length of their Zanpakuto at will. So maybe that’s what Gin is doing. And if it IS his real Shikai, there has to be other abilities, something he hasn’t showed yet. Like in the Bleach video games, he puts his sword in the ground and a bunch of blades pop out, like Kimimaro’s “Dance of the Seedling Fern/Bracken Dance” (or this could be video game bull). Oh yeah, there’s something I noticed about his sword. It can move like a snake when he extends it, and not just extend straight http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/75/17/ (bottom right panel) and http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/177/03/ (bottom right panel).

    Captain I’d like to see die…..tie between Yamamoto and Soi Fon. Yamamoto is just an old bastard that loves to bark orders and Soi Fon is just a stuck up b*tch :P. I enjoyed seeing Barragan kick her ass. Now all I wanna see is Aizen beating up that old man (and yes ppl, Aizen CAN beat him) according to their battle data, Aizen is tied with him. I think Aizen was hiding most of his powers so as not to raise suspicion about himself (in only a hundred years some guy surpasses Shunsui, Ukitake, Unohana AND the Captain Commander…that would look VERY suspicious).

    Next Captain Commander……I say Shunsui or Ukitake.

    Bleach is WAY unrealistic. All the Espada above Aaroniero are Captain-level, some are even stronger than Captains, and yet not even 1 Shinigami has died? So far A LOT of Arrancars have died, six being Espadas (Aaroniero, Nnoitra, Zommari, Szayel, Barragan, Ulquiorra, Allon, Apache, Mila-Rose, Sun-Sun, Avirama, Findor, Charlotte, Findor, Ggio, Poww, Nirgge, Tesla, Szayel’s 8 Fraccion, Grimmjow’s 5 Fraccion, Dordonii, Cirruci, Loly and Melony, Grand Fisher, i don’t remember anymore :P). Tite has to make at least 1 Shinigami die :(.

  57. Stop hatin’ on Soi Fon people!! She rocks! Just kill Toshiro instead >_>
    The captain i would like to die would be Ukitake but only if he did it from his illness because i think it would actually encourage development of characters personalities not just battle development. Yama-jii could also kick the bucket for all i care. He moans way too much and cant pull it off like Soi Fon >_> oh and his eyes are like a lame version of Fujis if anyone reads prince of tennis…

    Next captain commander…I think Byakuya could do it.

    right, i got in the top ten twice in a row ^^ now to get a podium spot.

    Aizen: Swear allegiance and your fantasy becomes reality…
    Barragan: Really?…I have always wanted to go running with Soi Fon….

    Aizen: *Thought* …So thats the theory behind turning you human and unlocking untold power
    Barragan: ..You said you had something to explain, but held that pose for over an hour. Strange guy.

  58. @Franky: Na, i think Gin looks more like Fuji. (wish i could pull off Tezuka’s ‘Tezuka Zone’)

    @Kisu: But correct me if i’m wrong – i was under the impression that Tosen BanKai (creates the black sphere thing) making u unable to see within or out. therefore couldn’t dog man’s BanKai destroy it from the outside? plus Tosen wouldn’t be able to feel it / sense it coming … just a theory, i’d have to read that part again to confirm…

  59. Next captain to take over could be Byakuya. Shusui is to lazy and Ukitake is to sick and is even put off from his regular captain duties at times because of his illness. He can’t risk not showing up at a captain’s meeting if he’s the Captain Commander and he’s sick in bed. -_-

    @Mudshovel: I do believe that Tousen’s bankai disrupts the 5 senses but I’ll have to check for myself. Bleach WIKI FTW!!! XD

    @Franky: But he’s a blind swordsman…you can’t get more awesome than that! 😛

  60. @Super Tousen can get more awesome. I’ll definitely have a better opinion about him as soon as I see him stop running his mouth and actually kick some ass

  61. tousen’s bankai “destroys” sight olfact earing just those

  62. BUBBLE:

    Aizen: Can you believe people at WRA are actually debating whether I arrived before or after Rukia’s execution? Don’t those people have anything better to do. I mean if you ask me-

    Barragan: Silence! I’m entering the BUBBLE CONTEST. Quit bothering me.

  63. about Tousen’s Bankai, it cancels all senses (including the ability to sense reiatsu) except the senses of taste and of touch, so the enemy can feel themselves being cut to pieces http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/146/13/

  64. Damn…reading back that far I remember how sad Tousen’s past was and now I even have sympathy for the dude. T_T If you all keep reading like I did you’ll get to the eventual flashback of his past. GO TOUSEN!!! Gin can kiss my ass! >_<

  65. @kiz well as to the fox guy fighting tousen. the fox guy would prob win. tousen’s bankai takes all senses away from the opponets not himself. so even if the fox was blind deaf couldnt sense reaitsu and couldnt smell how does all this impede motion? it doesnt the fox can still move so his bankai would still move though with him not being able to see his bankai might also hit himself.

    also to appease mud 🙂 i would want the cpt. commander to die because he thinks he is always right about everything and disregards ichigo as just a substitute shinagami but i dont want him to die until he has revealed his bankai as it is the oldest and most powerful of fire type zanpakuto.

  66. hey! my smiley face turned into an actual smiley face thats crazy. so thats how everyone does it

  67. BUBBLE:

    Aizen: And now, I will hypnotize you with my zanpakuto.

    Barragan: yawn.. I knew hypnosis was a load of sh!t, speaking of sh!t, i’ve seem to have soiled myself.

  68. BUBBLE
    Aizen: Its not about size but what you can do with it…
    Barragan: Really? Soi Fon started screaming pretty quickly after i got mine out.

  69. HOLY SMOKES!!!! Bleach is out and it was awesome!!! 0_0

    I wonder what Stark’s power is now!!! ><


  70. Ooh, I wanna play ‘bubble’ too!! 😀

    Bubble 1: See this shit? I’m gonna shove it up you’re ass!
    Bubble 2: That is… if you can find it…

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