Naruto Spoiler 462 Confirmed + 461 Discussion: Sasuke’s Tantrum @_@

Naruto 462 spoiler video by Itachi21x.

Hey folks! Seeing as Cookie’s gone to conquer Japan and force Kishimoto to submit to her evil plans for the manga for the weekend, she’s left me in charge of this week’s breakdown. This probably means that it will be filled with mountains of useless satire, OP bashing (some >.<) and fangirl drool. If you don’t like it, then rest assured that throwing your computer out the window is not the best way of showing your displeasure at me. Unless you live on the first floor. 8D

But let us get on with the breakdown!:

This chapter is brought to you by Masashi Kishimoto, The Troll. imseriousplz

The chapter begins in the Land of Snow and Stormtroopers, somewhere near the Kagecon. Sasuke is shown rushing blindly at the manly, sexy, SHIRTLESS Raikage and his two guards. Juugo tries to stop him, but the emo princess is too enraged to listen or care. He really does have a one track mind.

Sasuke pulls out his katana and attempts to strike. Raikage pulls out his super serious face and… does nothing. >_> Instead, Darui uses the force a water technique and stops him in mid-blow. This is an interesting combination though: first he uses a water wall to literally smash Sasuke in mid-air, then he uses lightning to fry him. Since Sasuke is completely wet, he has no way of deflecting the attack. Both Darui and Shi are definitely more than your average jounin.

Kids, today's lesson will show us why you should NEVER make toast in the bathtub. Or charge at a man who makes his own doors with HULK SMASH.

Kids, today's lesson will show us why you should NEVER make toast in the bathtub. Or charge at a man who makes his own doors with HULK SMASH.

Sasuke skids back to where he’d started from. Silly Darui. Sasuke’s a PikachUchiha! Lightning doesn’t work on him. Juugo’s going: ‘Show off >(‘. Sasuke looks pissed. His own lightsaber katana is fully charged; there will be blood. D8

Darui and Shi comment on Sasuke’s powers. Darui says that there’s no way Sasuke doesn’t have lightning affinity. Shi comments that he also has a fire affinity and that they should be on the look out for his Katon. This is meant mostly for Darui, and I’m guessing it’s because the guy has a water affinity, against which fire is weaker. Did anyone else notice that the Raikage is wearing a Pro-Wrestling belt? 8D

Team Taka is wondering how the Kumo nins got intel on Sasuke. The readers are wondering how Team Taka can be so thick. Everyone knows it’s on his Facebook profile! >_< Karin notices that the Raikage is, well, the Raikage. Juugo tells Sasuke that the Raikage has six-packs on his six-packs. It won’t be easy getting through that. The emo princess ignores this.

The leftover fodder!samurai requests backup. Maybe he should mention that cool masks and lightsabers just aren’t going to cut it with these foreigners. >_>

It all comes down to the props... >.<

Sasuke kicked our asses. Help plz. >.<

Shi decides to take action. He forms a couple of handseals and releases the force a blinding light. Raikage then smashes Sasuke into the ground. The guy loves doing that. 8D

Juugo is adorable panicking, but Sasuke tells him that they’re just being genjutsued. He seems confident. Until the genjutsu breaks, of course, and the Raikage really is above him, about to use HULK SMASH NO JUTSU together with Darui who is a part-time butcher. Karin panics.



Sadly Luckily Sasuke’s ass is saved by Juugo and Suigetsu. Aw, they really do love him, even if he’s a jerk. ^^ Zabuza’s sword breaks after getting hit by the Raikage’s fist! D8 Suigetsu’s mad. He spent three days in a staring contest with a carny to win it.

So considering that the Tsuchikage looks like Gimli, maybe Kishimoto’ll introduce some elves who can fix the sword? This is all speculation, mind you… >_> <_<

Suigetsu comments that the only reason his hands are still intact is because they’re made of water. The Raikage is just that awesome. Juugo wonders if the sword broke because of their skirmish with the eight-tails earlier. The Raikage notices them talking about his brother. I can see painful emotions surfacing. Probably accompanied by more smashing. >_<  Sasuke tells Suigetsu that he doesn’t need any help. Suigetsu: “Ungrateful little *itch! >(”

Darui tells Shi to look for more Sasukito members. Shi says that he won’t be able to participate in the battle then. 😦 Darui tells him to just do it. Karin’s screwed. She decides to hide her chakra and leave searching for Danzou later. Smart woman. ^^ Juugo says that he’ll take care of Shi, since he’s the only one that can find Karin and stop them from finding Danzou.

Meanwhile in the Kagecon meeting hall, Ao tells everyone that Danzou doesn’t have his sharingan activated. Danzo tries to appear innocent and fails miserably. Everyone knows he’s the shady guy.

"Would I lie to you? D8" "Shut up bitch, I don't trust you. >("

"Would I lie to you? D8" "Shut up bitch, I don't trust you. >("

Danzo counters by accusing Ao of theft of the Byakugan. Filthy hypocrite. >( Ao’s just trying to keep up with the trends. 8D

Gaara: *looks sexy* Because I’m worth it, girl! 8D fabulousplz

Ao tells Danzo that he’s not easy to kill. Danzo’s even more pissed now. He’d been planning on it. >( Mizukage the Hot Mamacita says something interesting here: she thinks that Danzo’s eye is connected to the way that the Fourth Mizukage was controlled before. I can see the old debate surfacing up again. What do you think Kishi’s implying here:

Mifune’s angry at being manipulated. He says that ninjutsu is forbidden in the Kagecon (or whatever you might specify as ‘here’), and that he would’ve probably chosen Danzo anyway. The Hokage must be feeling pretty stupid right now. -_-

Danzo then tells them that he was doing it all for the ‘Greater Good’, as every super-villain does. He assures them that he simply wants to unite the shinobi world, and that standing around and arguing wouldn’t have reached any solution, but for the destruction of the shinobi world by Akatsuki. He will use whatever means necessary to reach this. In my opinion, he’s just another pawn in Madara’s plan, whether he’s aware of that or not.

Gimli thinks this is total BS. At his age, he knows that dreams like that take time to come to fruition. He tells Danzo not to rush things. I find myself wondering how old is Danzo compared to the Tsuchikage here. O_O Danzo says that the ends satisfy the means. Yup, definite evil-villain vibe here.

Gaara has a mini-flashback OMG CUTE BB GAARA. He says that if Danzo decides to bring peace like that, then there is no peace (which is confusing), since the only thing left without trust and sharing is fear. He thinks that people should be more like Naruto and always think about feeling Sasuke others. Tsuchikage thinks Gaara is being juvenile. Stupid Gimli. >( The old man believes that he is better than Gaara simply because he’s older and has been a Kage longer than him. He practically insults the Kazekage, much to Kankuro’s rage, telling him to ask him for tips on running a village.

Gaara retorts (in a very cool manner *.*) that the only thing he’s wondering about is “When did the Kages throw themselves away.”

Now is it just me, or is Gaara in a philosophical mood at the moment?

- Gaara: Ok, I has a question. - Tsuchikage: Ok :D  - Gaara: When did you start sucking?

- Gaara: Ok, I has a question. - Tsuchikage: Ok 😀 - Gaara: When did you start sucking?

Kurotsuchi thinks the Tsuchikage is PWNED. Tsuchikage tells her to shove it. Temari is worried, however. Even though Konoha and Suna are allies, Sasuke is now equal to being an enemy. Of course, they don’t know about the plan to kill Sasukito that’s being hatched in Konoha itself. I’m beginning to wonder if the one to save Sasuke’s ass from the Raikage might be Team Sexy, aka Gaara. SAY IT ISN’T SO! D8

Kurotsuchi decides to go and help out Raikage in beating up Sasuke. Things are beginning to look grim for Team Taka. Danzo’s bodyguards want to go too, but Ao says no. Fuu and Torune are angry. >( Danzo acts smart and tells them to behave. Looks like it really is a bad day for Danzo. >_>

Meanwhile in another part of Kagecon: HOLY TRANSFORMATIONS, BATMAN! O_O Juugo turns into a complete monster, intent on destroying both his target, his allies, and part of the country at the same time. Suigetsu thinks it might be a good idea to get out of the way. ILU Suigetsu. ^^

Raikage wants to introduce them to a world of pain. Good luck! ^^

And now time for the winner of last week’s BUBBLE CONTEST:

This made me ROFL for some reason. CONGRATS eatencookie!... even though you chose the bubbles... >_> ^^

This made me ROFL for some reason. CONGRATS eatencookie!... even though you chose the bubbles... >_> ^^

And here we have this week’s BUBBLE CONTEST:

... Just think of Suigetsu's face, and the inspiration'll come. 8D

... Just think of Suigetsu's face, and the inspiration'll come. 8D

So now let’s hear your predictions: Who will win in the Raikage battle now that more and more people seem to be getting involved? And what’s Madara’s part in all of this? Why would he spend his time explaining to Naruto that Sasuke is totally not redeemable right now, when he could be hatching evil plots? There are too many things happening at the same time… -_-

The Thick Plottens O_O

P.S.: Can Kumo adopt me? Now? *.*


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  1. FIRST!!!!

  2. nice breakdown

  3. Second to post as a newbie on this site! Ha, I’m good! Well, a good breakdown, you really know how to add sarcastic comments. As for the chapter, I also believe the Raikage is gonna win, but you never know. My favorite part: “Juugo – awessome mode”. 😀

  4. Um, normally I don’t do this but I can’t resist with a pic like that!

    Entry # 1: Juugo Smash!
    Entry # 2: And IiiiiIII will alwaaaaays loove yooOOooouu!!!
    Entry # 3: You think it’s hard out here for a pimp??!
    Entry # 4: A 20% discount at Abercombie & Fitch???!!
    Entry # 5: Why was there bacon in the soap??!
    Entry # 6: This. is. TAKA!
    Entry # 7: My name is Juugo, you killed my…aw screw it, DIE!!!
    Entry # 8: Go Packers!
    Entry # 9: Who’s the ****er that put a Kick Me sign on my back?
    Entry # 10: Damn it Kishimoto, one more stupid plot twist involving Madara and I swear I’ll…!

    Sorry I got a little carried away! ^^;

  5. third i think?!!

  6. Bubble:

    “Eyes off my ass Sasuke!”

  7. BUBBLE:

    Juugo: Where’s the f*cker who said next week is goldenweek!!!!!

  8. 6th?

  9. Nice breakdown, especially the captions.

  10. bubble:

    1-” you wont catch me in that pokeball of yours”
    2-“youll need a bigger pokeball for me”
    3-“muhahahahahaha now i will eat you”
    4-“its my turn to be evil now ”
    5-“sasuke will play with zetsu ill play with you!”
    6-“WTF you mo***Fu*** kishi such a lame chap”
    7-“curse you kishi , where is hinata *drool*”
    8-“check out my poof , im emiting smoke .. beeat that cookie!”
    9-“give my pretzels back, yahhhhhh”
    10-“youll need to beat me to catch me in a pokeball”
    11-“yaaa… i get some screen time”
    12-“ill kill you and rip . oh wait what my dialauge again”
    13-“give me cookie!!!now!!!”
    14-“Beware ive been manhandled O_o”
    15-“stop doing that suigetsu it hurts ah stop ” O_o
    16-“ill kill you kishi …. no wait it was ill kill you ? raikaage? gahh”
    17-“my power level is above 9000!!!”
    18-“ill absorb you no wait i mean ill absorve you no its absorb ?…”
    19-“if you touch sasuke again i swear ill rape you” O_o
    20″You bastaard you bbroke suigetsu’s sword now what will i take…. no wait i mean ill kill you!!!!”

    hmmm it appear i like this bubble so i made so many entries after exactly 4 posts lol ill do my best :d

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    ” im not yamato my face just looks like his”

  12. Cool breakdown.


    Alright, fine, but make it qui…wait, you didn’t say surprise?

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    Jugo: “I swear Ahsan, if you make another pokeman reference ur ass is mine!”

  14. BUBBLE
    1. Juugo: “Level 2 curse mark was supposed to cure my constipation.”
    2. Juugo: “Yes suigetsu and sasuke, those flame looking things are shit, i shat on you!”

  15. BUBBLE
    sorry guys…..its just burritos they make me feel funny

  16. gr8 breakdown dynamic 🙂 i was laughing my ass off the whole time 😀
    hmm my predictions for next week r, a bit more fighting but its mostly gonna be talking between mardar and naruto and the other 2 also some more info on sakura and that whole shibang 🙂

  17. BUBBLE


  18. BUBBLE:

    Juugo: “Sasuke and Suigetsu!? Those are the secret ingredients!? Ha! I accept your puny Iron Chef challenge and might I add an extra ingredient of Samurai!?”

    Sorry, I would comment more but I just got back home and must be off to the One Piece Breakdown. Just had to get that bubble off my chest. Great job Dynamic! ^^

  19. Lol at above. XD

    Where’s super? T.T And Mud? TT_TT And COOKI- oh yeah. She’s trampling on the secret OP manuscript stash. >_>

    Wow, so after last week had something like 10 bubble entries, next week we’ll be having a top 20? O_o KEEP ‘EM COMING! 8D It’ll be cookie’s job to sift through them anyway… MWAHAHAHA… oh *uck it.

  20. Oh, super’s appeared! ^^

    Well, if anyone feels like it, how about another debate?… please don’t make it a duel one… =_=

    Personally, I’m most curious about who’ll save Sasuke’s ass from Team Manly United. It seems unlikely for it to be Naruto at the moment, and I seem to be leaning towards Gaara. (SAY IT ISN’T SO! D8)

    What d’you think?

  21. @Dynamic: Eh? Who says Sasuke needs to be rescued at all? Hehe, I’ll get back to you on that. 😛 Someone needs to defend Sasuke around here or else it’s no fun. 😉

  22. Nice breakdown and can’t wait for Sasgay to get beaten to a pulp.

  23. Dynamic, you have officially become one of my new favorite people ^_^ VERY good breakdown. 🙂 *extends hand for a high five that dynamic will hopefully return :P*

    Ok, so i added Sasuke to my facebook friends and now i kind of wish i hadn’t…all of his damn status alerts are about how lonely he is and how close he is to committing suicide…then there’s the days when he posts “My Chemical Romance” lyrics (yuck) and worst of all is his profile pic…

    I mean, CMON!!!! We don’t need to see that! What happens in Otogakure, STAYS in Otogakure…geez, get a room.

    BTW, i went to ‘Kagecon’ last year. It SUCKED!! The highlight of the evening was the Kage’s entrances…the Tsuchikage donned a beard and walked around with an axe, the Hokage (Tsunade at the time) walked around with a bow and arrow, Gaara walked around on his knees and complained about everything, the Mizukage talked about how the ring of power should belong to man once again, and the Raikage chased Gaara around the whole time saying “It’s my job to protect you”. Bleh, it was awful.

    Now, as for the bubble contest. *shakes fist at cookie but then changes fist into an open hand to give her a handshake* Well, you deserved it.

    Ok, so now to talk about the actual manga…

    Now,i have two observations that may startle you, does anyone think that Juugo’s curse seal form looks like ‘Viewtiful Joe’? That or (this creeps me out more) Goldar from Power Rangers (you remember Goldar right? Gold gargoyle that flew around, ring a bell?)


    Juugo: Henshin a go-go, baby!


    Juugo: I am king Goldar, the ruler of the universe!! AHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    (super awesomeness points go to whoever gets where this is from)

    Dyanamic…you have my admiration, my gratitude for making me smile, *in Gimli voice* and my axe. 😛

  24. @dro: *returns high five* Yay! Someone liked it! 8DD My hands nearly fell off yesterday after spending three hours typing non-stop. D8

    … it’s been at least five years since I’d last watched Power Rangers DX Need to catch up again. >_> THREE CHEERS FOR GOLDAR!!… *has absolutely no idea what she just said/implied*

    GOD WHY DID I CLICK ON THAT LINK? WHY???! O_O What happens in Otogakure gets BURNED for blasphemy against nature! D8 And Sasukito really needs to stop the suicidal flow on his facebook profile. *nods* Someone might just take the initiative and make his wish come true *crosses fingers* Please let it be Team Manly United… *.*

    Oh, and you forgot Danzo, who’d visited the Kagecon last year as a guest. he just sat in a corner muttering about ‘His precious…’ Creeped me out, that did. O_o

  25. BUBBLE:
    Juugo: STONE COLD STEVE AUISTIN wants to drink some beer !!!

  26. sasuke is stupid running head on with a kage and 2 ninja obviousley of joinin level this fight shouldent last to long, well i hope it doesent otherwise its going to get frustrating.

  27. @chromer91 not only are they joinin , they are some of the best joinin from their village. If it wasn’t for Suigetso the fight would have already ended.

  28. BUBBLE:

    Horny get what horny want!

  29. BUBBLE


    The second one comes from me imagining the holes on his back as… oh well you got it.

  30. BUBBLE

    Juugo: You thought sasuke was an evil ass emo?!……….. Bitch Please!

  31. BUBBLE

    Juugo:SEE!? LOOK AT THIS! This is the shit that happens to you when your around sasukes emo ass to long.

  32. Nice breakdown BTW Dynamic.

    Now i want a good Debate Dammit! >_<

  33. Hey there, missed you all. Like i said in my last post, raikage should have held back a little before rushing into the fight arena….at least sized up his abilities with that of sasuke’s….assuming kumogakure got enough intel on sasuke to know that the mangekyou sharingan is one hell of a doujutsu. Juugo on the other hand i kinda fear for, though his quest might be made a little easier with sasuke fending off raikage and suigetsu putting his freaky water moves and nature to use against darui. This would be an absolute cracker.

  34. @marksman: Hmm… a good debate, huh? Well, how about “What sort of power did Itachi bestow on Naruto and why?”

    Hey! I’m just trying to vary the topics here. -_-

    If you want another more simple debate, then how about Raikage versus Killerbee? Bro versus bro? We already had the Uchihas pinned against each other, so why not another pair of siblings. >_<

  35. alright guys, snap out of it. Enough with the bubbles, let’s get serious.

  36. @total: The most interesting direction this fight might take now is if everyone had someone fitting to fight, like you said.

    Juugo’s up against Shi, and it’s hard to tell who’d win seeing as we don’t know Shi’s moves very well. He has an affinity for lightning, and the fact that his first choice of technique was a genjutsu should be a clue too, although that might’ve been because of the situation. Juugo did panic though. He might find it hard to beat an illusion specialist (though I can’t imagine Juugo panicked when looking like THAT >_<).

    If Suigetsu takes on Darui, they'll have a pretty much equal fight, as far as I know both their abilities. E.g. they both work as part-time butchers, although Suigetsu's cleaver is now broken. They both have water affinities (… I think =_=) and we don't know much about their moves.

    Now the hardest fight for me to imagine is Sasuke versus the Raikage. IMHO, the Raikage has the upper hand. He's incredibly powerful, and Sasuke is, at the moment, overcome with rage and acting like an idiot. Who knows? *shrugs*

    But if Kurotsuchi comes along to help Team Manly United… then there really is no telling what might happen. Team Taka definitely need more allies if they want to win, it's only logical. Though I have a feeling in my gut that Kishi's going to ignore all sanity AGAIN and create a completely random outcome.

    Oh well. We'll see.

    @marksman: See the above post? Here's your debate. 8D

  37. @damientrance: Sorry there’s not very much to debate on there. Itachi’s powers to naruto are speculated to be counters to sasuke’s unavoidable mangekyou techniques(possibly madara too), and also a genjutsu counter, given itachi who’s fought against naruto has seen naruto’s one weakness is in genjutsu.

    raikage vs killerbee has been decided long ago. The raikage was strong enough that he did not need the 8 tails and gave it to his younger brother… he is the only one, along with sasuke, to have deflected the 8 tails. Hope i’ve fed your anxiety.

  38. wow debates start as total arrives .. hehe

    ok i got one for you total who will eventually become the hokage will danzo be it or will tsunade come back to life or will kakashi become the hokage….?

    another one …. do you think this is the meeting kishi talked about in the interview that team kakashi will collide with madara , one will die and one will be made unable to fight if so then who will die and become unable to fight and y?


  39. another thing did you read my replyto your post in the last naruto manga breakdown ,,…. do you think eye of the moon has a relation with that statue with so many eyes …

  40. @damientrance: I think we’ll find there’s a lot we don’t know about sasuke now. The raikage is strong, i give him that, but sasuke himself is also very strong….strong enough to dismiss suigetsu’s and juugo’s attempt to save him. Also given that sasuke suffered techniques from the raikage, darui and shi without responding with ninjutsu makes me believe he is not being cocky, but thinking of what and how to catch them off guard. I think the raikage would be in for a big surprise, even though the raikage definitely should be able to match sasuke stride for stride for most of the battle.

  41. sorry for the triple post guys but i just read the breakdown(hmm just got some free time >_<) and id say *thumbs up* awesome job dynamic really great you made me lmao at many ocassions lol

  42. i agree with total though ihate this sasuke cant die here… and he himself sad thathe has to try that thing whatever it is … i think raikage will pwn him but “that thing” will save his sorry ass >_< ( y cant cocky gay's die in naruto ……. y to the cool guys die …..jiraya……kakashi,,,….minato…….

  43. @total: Okay, okay! Sheesh, I usually take a very simple view on these things– Kishimoto’s no genius/mathematician/scientist/tactician. He’ll just use something simple, or complicated in ways that only he can twist. The readers don’t have to keel over and die trying to understand why some character’s acting the way he is.

    Oh, wait, sorry about that. I have a huge ego. O_O -_-”

    Then how about the discussion I mentioned above? Who d’you think is going to appear in the battle between Taka and Manly United and whose side will they be on?

    We already know that Kurotsuchi’s left the Kagecon to join the Raikage’s team. While Danzo’s bodyguards weren’t allowed to go, they seemed keen enough to attempt slipping past Ao on the first chance they get.

    Gaara’s team is still pondering on what they should do. I have a bad feeling about this. Something’s telling me that Gaara might just intervene and try to defend Sasuke because he’s Naruto’s “precious person”.

    And what of the Mizukage? If Ao’s staying behind to watch over Danzo and his bodyguards, then what will she and the remaining team member do?

    Then there’s Naruto, Yamato and Kakashi, currently faced with Madara. Will they end up in the battle too?

    In short, this might just develop into a full-out war. Or it might subside as a skirmish. What d’you think?

  44. @ahsan: Nice questions…i have really missed your contributions. Well to get to it, between danzo and tsunade, i think everything about danzo would come public when tsunade awakes. Then there would be no need for danzo’s tongue seals on root members. I smell a civil war in konoha when she wakes from her comatose, ANBU would definitely get busy with root. A civil war could result, one large enough to through konoha into chaos, given that tsunade, who had been warned by jiraiya to be weary of root, would be absolutely livid at how easily she was played a fool. The consequences could be absolutely abysmal, atrocious and calamitous.

    Then about the moon’s eye plan, what i wrote yesterday was a phase of it. I somehow reckon it could have a little something to do with the moon the sage of the six parts created. Using chibaku tensei, it is reported the original sage of the six parts sealed something inside, which is speculated have the origin of the uchiha’s sharingan. Another thing worth noting is madara has reportedly grown very strong during the full moon. When he attacked konoha with the kyuubi for instance, and when he also attempted to take down hashirama, even though both where laughable attempts.

    About the meeting between kakashi, yamato and madara in the kishi interview, you’ll have to refer me to the page so at least i can develop an inference on that subject.

  45. @total

    hmm ya you maybe right but since naruto who save konoha will be with tsunade it will be whole f konoa v.s root but we still dont know what root can do ….. but a side which has ninja like naruto kakasi yamato tsunade gai shikamaru neji etc vctory eventually will be thiers

    eye of the moon is really confusing … i seriously dont get it much but i can understand what you just said madara is more power full during full moon that sounds like a horror movie dialuge .. we will have to kill him when there is no moon X_X


    here is the page

  46. @ahsan: Sorry, about the statue, the Gedo Mazo means “God statue”, and given how that’s the statue that holds 7 bijuu, it definitely corresponds. Possibly there could be a relationship between the sealing statue, Gedo Mazo, and the moon, in the sense that it could possibly aid in fusing madara with a body. The question madara has been seeking an answer to is “who is strong enough, after pain’s demise, to sync with the statue and control the fusing process”? He’s starting to suggest sasuke, saying he’ll become more powerful than nagato. But we’ll see.

    @damientrance: Good questions as well. About the raikage-sasuke battle, it is well open, even though, in my opinion, sasuke has the edge because he is confident he can handle all three of them by insisting he doesn’t need help, plus he hasn’t rushed off using ninjutsu about on raikage and co. That shows he is starting to size up the battle and be magnanimous about it. We’ll see what happens. About gaara saving sasuke, that’s a possibility, given gaara now believes in naruto, and know’s naruto once sought to protect sasuke and sakura-chan, seeing how important they were to him. Gaara now know’s, given naruto’s intervention, what it means to have people you love and protect. That possibly explains his confusion on the sasuke subject. Mizukage on the other hand is relishing a battle against danzo, given she has now seen him a precarious character and want’s to understand his agenda, especially why that led him to hypnotize the 4th mizukage. Obviously danzo is getting a little impatient with the mist village holding him on a tight leash, and something just might spring up. What troubles me is the abilities of the nins, fu and torune, he carries. With fu suggesting one of them goes down there to get the sharingan, root might just be more than an organization. We’ll wait and see.

  47. @ahsan: Yeah, i know they’ve met, i’m asking for the page where kishi said they’ll meet.

  48. 4. Naruto will collide with Pain; Kakashi’s team will collide with Tobi. There will be big turnaround on Tobi v. Kakashi’s team.
    Naruto v. Pain will be fights of the “beasts”. Be prepared, during this fight there will be deaths from Naruto’s team.

    ->Naruto has already faced off against Pein. So it is just the Madara fight to come. Maybe in the land of Iron?

    8. There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight.

    -> Well if this weeks spoiler is correct then Yamato, Naruto and Kakashi will be facing off against him. Turn around for them may be the arrival of the Rookie 9.

    i was refering to the interview btw lol

    this one was also on ira … and most of it has come true .. well i must be off now 3 00 am >_< i have to get up early tommorow byez total …. start coming at the chat as well… great to see you again btw before you vanished you told me that the last time you had vanished you were writing an article for natgeo you said youd show it to me…but hen you vanished X_X lol

  49. *Bubble*
    “Ever heard of a four letter word? It’s called RAPE!!!”

  50. The problem with trying to debate the Raikage vs Sasuke is that we know almost nothing in terms of the Raikage’s jutsu. Sure he’s uber strong, but we don’t know what he’s capable of. As for Shi vs Juugo, isn’t Sasuke able to calm Juugo down when he starts going curse seal by using genjutsu? I dunno, it’s just a thought…but it might show that Juugo is susceptible to genjutsu.

    @totalitarianhypnosis: well its good to see you back ^_^. There is one thing that you said that i found interesting…
    “…sasuke has the edge because he is confident he can handle all three of them by insisting he doesn’t need help…” I chalk that up to him being Sasuke and thinking he’s superior to everyone else. Keep in mind that Sasuke was the one that thought that he could defeat back when he was 13. (and we all know how that turned out :P)

    @Dynamicentrance: Gaara stepping in to save Sasuke would be cool and all, but i think that the Raikage might just have a change of heart for some reason and actually listen to what Naruto said…I don’t know why i think this, maybe it was the look back the Raikage gave when he was walking away.

    Ok, now i wanted to bring this up because the new chapter helped me think that my theory was ever more plausible. IMO Tobi (aka Madara Uchiha) is Shisui Uchiha. No matter how many times he says he’s Madara Uchiha, I’m not gonna believe him until we see his face. So, Shisui was known as the master of the body fliker technique (interesting that Tobi’s main jutsu is a teleportation jutsu also) and he had a mind control Dojutsu which Ao experienced first hand, both in battle and when he saw someone controlling the 4th Mizukage’s actions.

    We know that Kisame was closest to Tobi when he was still part of the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist but the more I think about this the more I think that Kisame called Tobi “Mizukage” because he knew that Tobi was the one pulling the 4th Mizukage’s strings using his mind controlling eye (keep in mind, because I think that Tobi = Shisui I say that this is one of his jutsu) not neccesarilly because he was the actual Mizukage (that or Tobi was a past Mizukage who wanted to remain in power by contolling the next Mizukage).

    Here’s some more thoughts of mine regarding this:
    Shisui adopted Madara’s views of the Uchiha clan and even considers himself to be Madara Uchiha.

    If Tobi is actually Shisui like I say, that would explain a bit more about the Uchiha massacre. Sure he told Sasuke that Itachi was forced to do it by the Konoha council (except the 3rd Hokage) to avoid war, but what’s not to say that he lied to Sasuke and that he controlled Itachi’s actions using his mind controlling Dojutsu? If Shisui has adopted Madara’s ideals like I think he has, he may have seen Itachi as the perfect way to get revenge on the Uchiha clan.

    Sorry about throwing this out of nowhere bu this last chapter just made me think more about this theory of mine…please, let me know what you think. ^_^

  51. I’m seeing ghosts! Is that really Total?

    @Totalitarian: Welcome back to Awesomeness, hope you had a good holiday. 🙂

  52. @ dro lol i thought the same thing about shisui and tobi, but danzo also has shisui arm and shoulder so did tobi get his arm replaced somehow? and where did it say shisui could teleport

    as for what tobi said about itachi i believe some of it was BS.

    the stuff i know he wasnt lieing about= itachi planting amaterasu in sasuke/pushing sasuke to the edge to rid him of the curse mark/founding of the village and defeat by the first hokage this isnt all didnt want 2 type 2 much

    what i know for a fact he was lying about was the nine tailed fox attack on the village 16 years ago. he WAS the one behind it. itachi said so and so did the 4th hokage who was there. so i cant accept all of what he said as truth because he told a major lie to sasuke.

    also what if tobi is madara’s younger brother and he worked with danzou and they both got one of shisui’s eys for themselves.

    about danzou’s bodyguards does anyone think fu looks like he could be ino’s older brother or uncle and torune looks like sai’s older brother or father.

    I was also wondering about the sharingan. why cant it see through fog but can see chakra underground?

  53. I think that i am going to chalk sasuke’s dismissal of Suigetsu’s aid up to his attitude he has had this attitude many times in the face of an a opponent and gotten knocked down a peg or two.

    I believe that Jugo will be even more susceptible to genjutsu in this state as it appears to severely lower his mental capacity.

    I also think that under circumstances where sasuke couldn’t use the Mangekyou Sharingan, I would probably lean a little more to the Raikage side; but as it is I think that I am leaning more to sasuke’s side.

  54. @Total: Seems like everyone else is doing it so…Ahem…WELCOME BACK DUDE!!! 😀

    “Then about the moon’s eye plan, what i wrote yesterday was a phase of it. I somehow reckon it could have a little something to do with the moon the sage of the six parts created. Using chibaku tensei, it is reported the original sage of the six parts sealed something inside, which is speculated have the origin of the uchiha’s sharingan. Another thing worth noting is madara has reportedly grown very strong during the full moon. When he attacked konoha with the kyuubi for instance, and when he also attempted to take down hashirama, even though both where laughable attempts.” (Totalitarian)

    I completely agree with the Moon’s Eye Plan having something to do with the moon the Sage of 6 Paths created. As for what’s trapped in there…the secret origin of the sharingan is a possibility but I was thinking more along the lines of something alive and powerful. Something like a Bijuu but much much more powerful.

    I just noticed the night of the Kyuubi attack and the time Madara fought Hashirama were both during the full moon. Also the night Itachi and Madara slayed the Uchiha clan there was also a full moon I believe. Maybe it was just to set an eerie tone or perhaps there’s a connection between Madara, the sharingan, and the moon.

    @Dynamic: Alright where were we? Raikage vs. Killer Bee? Yes, as Dro said it’s hard to determine because we know very little about the Raikage’s array of jutsu, attack, and defense. We do know he’s immensely powerful, extremely fast, and the Kage of his village. His greatest downfall though is his hot-hotheadedness and temper. Those emotions can very well be his downfall in battle against an opponent such as Sasuke who usually keeps himself in check. Right now Sasuke’s being just as hot-headed and foolhardy as the Raikage rushing into battle like that.

    Unless his killing intent helps Sasuke get stronger I have a feeling Sasuke will lose this battle. If he composes himself though and starts thinking rationally and level headed like his old stoic Uchiha self then he’ll gain the advantage in this battle. As far as I can tell Sasuke and the Raikage are evenly matched as they have yet to truly face off 1 on 1.

    @Dro: Hmmm…I’ll just give my thoughts but I can definitely see it happening. Just a little something…

    1. If Shisui is truly Madara (that means Madara is really dead) then Shisui would have succeeded in fooling Jiraiya, Danzou, and Itachi. Possibly Minato to if he believed Madara was still alive which I believe he did. All S class ninja who truly believed there was an actual guy who could live over a century and after being “killed” by the 1st Hokage. It takes strong belief to believe such a thing and these ninja are no fools. I can’t see Shisui tricking all of them.

    2. Shisui had his right eye taken by Danzou so where did he get his right eye sharingan from if he is Tobi/Madara?

    3. Shisui’s body flicker is just really fast motion. It’s a comparatively low level technique he was extremely good at. Tobi/Madara’s teleportation is a space/time jutsu much further advanced than body flicker.

    But to improve your theory even more. Shisui had his right arm taken by Danzou and if you notice Madara blocked Suigetsu’s sword with his right arm no weapons. It was as if it was comprised of metal. A metallic arm to replace the one Danzou stole? @_o


    Juugo: “Alright, who’s ready for the greatest piggy back ride experience of their life!?”

  55. cmon now people im not a sauke hater or supporter but the fact is that the raikage is stronger then his little bro, so i rly cant say that sasuke has the advantage, especially team wise. suigetsu and karin arent very useful right now because suigetsu blade broke and karin can truly fight at that level. I rly think juugo will be the deciding favctro in this battle because we never saw his full power unleashed and it could be enough to get team hawk a chance to escape, and team raikage mus tbe good if they hang out with this lunatic.

    and i would rly like to see one of danzo’s aids sai’s dad. showing off some advanced drawing jutsu’s and junk. that mite explain why he has so many containers on his body and stuff.

  56. I don’t think anyone else has pointed this out, but I found it very interesting.

    Looks like Danzou is after Sasuke’s Sharingan.

  57. @super well for arguments sake also is shisui’s left eye was stolen by danzou doesnt mean danzou had to put it in his own left eye socket. also where is all this other info on shisui the only thing i know about him is what ao said and that he was itachi’s best friend

  58. keep up the good work that was a real awesome breakdown!

    Bubble: Ouch! Who put those plates at my back? Screw you kishi!

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    “It’s Morphin’ Time!!”

  60. bulbasaur i choose you, quick vine whip….. wait how the hell did u get into my poke ball. :O

  61. @pickles: I noticed that too, although I think it might just mean ‘collecting Sasuke’. I’ve noticed how everyone seems to refer to the Uchiha as ‘The Sharingan’. Knowing Kishi, he’s either done this to give us a clue, or confuse us entirely. In any case, both theories are plausible.

    … I wish people would stop trying to get to Sasuke. -_- It’s getting annoying now.

  62. @Senju07: the info from his teleportation comes from here:

    The translations show it just as ‘Shisui of the Mirage’, but
    in Naruto episode 129 they say “Shunshin no Shisui” which literally means Body-Flicker Shisui.

    The info about his ‘Mind controlling Eye’ comes from chapter 459 when Ao uses Byakugan on Danzo. He says, “Apparently his right eye…was stolen from Uchiha Shisui and implanted. Shisui had the power…to get into his opponent’s mind and control them…” (thats Onemanga translation btw). That’s where the info from Shisui comes from.

    Also, Tobi wasn’t being completely honest with Sasuke because of him saying that the attack by the fox was a natural occurence, when (as you said) Minato said otherwise. Therefore I can safely say that I don’t think he told Sasuke the truth. 🙂


    True, fooling Jiraiya, Danzo, and possibly Minato would be quite the feat but I don’t think it’s impossible. Btw im curious…did you notice Danzo’s reaction to when he read Sai’s message about Madara Uchiha being alive and well? It’s like it’s was old news to him. That or that he knows something more specific O__o. Itachi on the other hand would be quite the person to fool. I mean Itachi planned out the Uchiha massacre with Tobi (aka Madara aka Shisui :P) according to him that is. So yes, tricking Itachi would be quite tough to achieve. Maybe the spirit of Madara Uchiha is in Shisui’s body (remember Itachi told Sasuke during their fight that just because people have a certain perception of reality it doesn’t make it true). Maybe Itachi met with Shisui and they came up with a plan to become the only Uchiha left, but since Itachi couldn’t bear to kill Sasuke he had a change of heart and made it his goal in life to make Sasuke more powerful than Madara so that he could eventually kill him (i just thought of something else here, but I’ll keep it to myself unless you guys really want to hear it). Yes there’s alot of ‘maybes’ but keep in mind, this is just a theory of mine right now, there are a few facts to help me back this up…but not enough to make this reality.

    Just because Danzo’s right eye socket is the one with Shisui’s eye, it doesn’t mean that it HAD to be Shisui’s right eye…it could’ve been his left eye. I dunno the inner workings of an eye, but i think that they both have the same exact plugs (lol). If the nerves and whatnot ARE opposite just turn the eye upside down, sure everything’ll b upside down but I’m pretty sure you’d get used to it. (LMAO that would explain why he has that eye covered all the time :P)

    I thought of this too super, and it had me stumped for a while…but then I got to thinking, what if Shisui’s ‘Shunshin’ was never actually a ‘Body Flicker’ and has always been a Space/Time jutsu? It’s like the difference between a regular ‘Bunshin’ (Clone technique) and a ‘Kage Bunshin’ (Shadow Clone Technique). Similar in theory, but different in effectiveness. The Uchihas called it a Body Flicker, but that could just be their interpretation of his technique. Rin even called Minato’s Hiraishin a ‘Shunshin’ too, and she was his student. 🙂

    (btw thank you super for pointing out the ‘blocking Zabuza’s sword’ thing, I completely forgot about that ^__^)

    @pickles/dynamic: When i see that i think it more as Danzo wanting to return the secrets of the Sharingan to Konoha by capturing Sasuke, not neccesarilly that he wants the Sharingan for himself.

    @ people thinking about Moon’s Eye Plan: Tobi (aka Madara) said that if Sasuke can’t be controlled he’s of no use, so I don’t think that he’s trying to make Sasuke fuse with the statue. When he talked about ‘Eye of the Moon Plan’ he said it was time to step out of the shadows…maybe it’s finally got something to do with Akatsuki’s original plans of overtaking the ninja world by being hired as mercenaries and becoming the one true power? Maybe using the tailed beasts as a sacrifice to call upon something more powerful like super said.

  63. @Dro: When Rin said Minato performed the body flicker, it was because he did in fact use a body flicker. Minato was an expert at that as well as flying thunder god. I like your theory but this is the one area i have doubts in. If anything, a super fast body flicker could be mistaken for space/time jutsu but not the other way around. Besides the sharingan isnt that easy to fool, they would have seen the chakra disappear are reappear right? As i said, i do like your idea though and i agree with all your other points (except for flipping the eye 😛 i dont think you’d need to anyway.)

  64. @Dynamic: Ahhh finally got round to finishing the bleach breakdown, guess i can comment now…
    Nice one, made me LMAO with the facebook comment.

    Sasuke will kick a bit of ass here imo. he’s got an ace up his sleeve, i can tell (remember he mentioned something about ‘wanting to try a new trick i learned’) perhaps it can kill a kage? idk, but he seems way to relaxed atm, so i doubt he’s in trouble.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Raikage get a bit of an assbeating. We all know that Sasuke has gone emo and nothing will be changing that anytime soon, so why not just sit back and watch them brawl. Although we know next to nothing about any of raikage’s abilities, i do find i thard to believe that Sasuke will be killed easily seeing as how he has the MS techs to back him up.

    as for the whole Shisui is madara theory *copy and paste supertrek’s comment* yea – he pretty much summed it up. Except i think it would be a little lame if he had a metal arm – what is this FMA O_o?

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  66. @dro thanx for the link to the old chapter i havent read any of the regular naruto manga yet but apparently i need to so im going 2 go do that now.

    oh when i read a bit of what tobi was telling sasuke one of the things he said to sasuke was that itachi transferred ALL his eye techs to sasuke so should sasuke have susanoo maybe thats his new trick or a version of it.

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  69. If the Gedo Mazo is something so incredible I wonder what all those Rings are for?? If they are something which links them too the Gedo Mazo and Gives them some power or something. Then I hope it resurrects Pain, Nagato, Itachi, Hidan, Kakuza and Orochimaru, Thats if their bodys still have the ring on.

  70. thats quite a theory ^^

  71. Now that Nagato is dead who is going to control and summon the Gedo Mazo. Wasn’t it linked somehow to the rinnegan ???

  72. @CyborgFranky: No, he actually used Hiraishin in that situation, remember he used the seal he placed on the enemy…
    On the bottom most row second and third panels you see the seal placed on the enemy’s ninja sandal. If it were just regular Body Flicker he wouldn’t need a seal. 🙂

    @lelulalilo: When the Akatsuki members are in the process of removing a tailed beast from its host they would stand on Gedo Mazo’s fingers. The rings helped the members sync up with the statue. Also remember after a member of Akatsuki died would be sent out to collect their ring. The only person that still had their ring after they left was Orochimaru, it was on his old hand. And Kisame (I think it was Kisame) said that it took longer without Orochimaru.

  73. @dynamic- By any chance, would you be Gabzilla from Deviantart?

    Man, I just wan Sasuke to die now, he’s just so annoying. -__-

    Juugo: Meow…

  74. Bubble:Behold The True Form Of EMO!!!

  75. hey i just had another thought does anyone think that naruto will learn the 4ths body flicker and ftg tech to counter madara’s movements i dont know who would teach these abilites to him but it would be interesting

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    Juugo: Ok! Witch one of you bastard killed tiny?! O_o

  78. bubble:

    Juugo: How much do you think it change down there!!!

  79. @ Drosensei: Yea I understand what your saying about the Sync, Though the rings purpose must have more ability then just the Sync. It could be like Captain Planet how the have powers but in this case they have bijuu powers. I dont think that most rings were recovered for example Hidan got blown up and buried, Kakuza got slice and diced I dont assume they got his ring, Orochimaru’s is still on his cut off hand, their was a ring on Yahiko’s Hand, Im not sure if there was a ring on Nagato but Konan would of had she could put the ring on Nagato if she knew its true powers which most likely she does, Diedara blew him self too pieces so its somewhere, Sasori lost his ring but Im not sure if Tobi was in sync even with out that ring, Itachis ring that he had on I always assumed because of that ring he could cast genjutsu with that finger of his but Im not so sure also his ring wasnt seen removed just like his eyes so its unknown. Im sure those rings have more too do with something than just a Sync.

  80. @Dro: Lol, she does call the 4th’s FTG a Body Flicker! XD Now I’m more confused than ever. Maybe she just made a novice mistake or perhaps generalizing the fast movement justu (Body Flicker) to describe the 4th’s Hiraishin. Bah, I don’t even know anymore. -_-

    @Mudshovel: I believe the ace up Sasuke’s sleeve might just be Susano’o as Senju has pointed out. It’s an ultimate defense (as far as we know) and is the last eye technique he has yet to try out since Itachi transferred all 3 to him. He used both Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi on Killer Bee.

    @Lelulalilo: Meh…I don’t know much about the rings and you do point out a good point in showing that many of the rings have either gone missing or are possibly destroyed. I don’t know if the rings are for syncing with the Gedo Mazo…I thought they were just customary wear (like the robes) for when you joined Akatsuki. Gah, if all those Akatsuki members come back I’m strangling Kishi with my bare hands! ><

  81. hello guys im back lol ok hell fuckin no that emo gay cant have the susano’o only the great itachi uchiha possesed the true power of the ms and only he will . gay’s dont get susan’o X_X

  82. We’re all forgetting the reason why Killerbee wasn’t effected by Tsukuyomi was because he had the 8 tails to disturb his chakra. Last time i checked, the Raikage didnt have a tailed beast living within him. So that’s definitely a disadvantage to the Raikage. So while hes hit with that, Juugo and/or Suigetsu just have to keep the other two jonins occupied before they snap Raikage out of Tsukuyomi, even though it literally lasts a second or so in reality.

    Don’t get me wrong, I HATE what Sasuke is turning into. It’s annoying and i wish i was there to punch him across the face. He’s seriously one of my fave characters (Naruto first…believe it! lol) but at the rate this is going with him becoming more and more engrossed with revenge and emo-ness, im really disliking him.

  83. The seal on the Stone nin wasn’t the ftg seal. it was a marking seal to confirm the guy’s position, as said in the anime in the kakshi aiden episode.

  84. Bubble : Hop on for your piggy back rides…..

  85. sasugay needs to die already -__-

  86. i agree fully marks sasugay needs to die kill him X_X

  87. Great Breakdown!!!

    Did anyone notice that when white zetsu dissed Sasuke he reappeared outside in the snow reunited with black zetsu while he was talking with tobi? After making plans he then seperated again. Where’s black zetsu? I think he has the power to materialize out of anything so he’s residing in sasuke’s body getting him to be evil and reckless. Meanwhile, instead of helping sasuke out, madera is talking to naruto’s team… Why? I have a theory…but I want to hear what you guys think.

    Juugo: “I smell peanut butter!”

  88. interesting obsevation visionary. And even though the black kage snapped zetsus kneck and supposedly killed him we all know zetsu is not dead.

    And the last chapter showed nothing on naruto, yamato and kakashis predeciment. Darn you kishi. How long do you think kakashi will manage to survive this time. He manged three manga chapters against god realm pain -_-.

  89. This is old, however i have evidence for the “Danzo getting sharingan after shisui’s death” theory.

    “At some point after his death, Shisui’s remains were taken and used by ANBU Root leader Danzou. Shisui’s right arm and eye were implanted into Danzou for his own purposes.”

    I got that info from….
    Under Shisui’s “Click For Quick-Spoilers:” part.

    Under Danzo’s “Click For Quick-Spoilers:” part, it also mentions that Orochimaru had something to do with the transplants.
    I guess it makes sense for him to get involved since Orochimaru wanted sharingan.
    So maybe Orochimaru has abilities to make transplants work on the dead. I wouldn’t put it past Orochimaru of all people, afterall he uses forbidden jutsu and carries out crazy tests.

    I dont get why Orochimaru wouldn’t transplant Shisui’s sharingan on himself though. Maybe Danzo was a voluntary test subject?

  90. yes i think so too danzo was a test . and marks please dont say that lets hope since kishi forgot to draw his scar X_X he forgets to kill him as well X_X

  91. I’m baaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaack *in creepy voice* @_@

    Well I am back, caught up with this weeks manga, exhausted and just too lazy to go to sleep…. The cookie way of living 😉

    First things first, brilliant breakdown, Dynamic. I knew I could count on you to pull through with it. Not to mention make my crack up laughing ^^ Now about the differences between here and Japan…. A LOOOOOOOOOOONG way to travel in one little boat >.>
    Still is shock at winning the bubble, but woooo!!! ^^ teehehe

    Now to the manga…
    Is it just me or does Juugo have actual vents on his back? I can understand the “gas” problems and blowing some steam but really now… This is just taking it to the extreme ^^”

    Danzou… HAHAHAHA!!! On lockdown! >=D Pity it also means there is going to be distrust on every shinobi in Konoha. I hope he feels like an idiot right about now.

    I am going to point out one of my theories right now. Madara knows that Sasuke isn’t strong enough to take on any of the kages (oh you know it’s true -_-“) So he would use Sasuke’s lust for power to convince his to sync with the Gedo Mazo, which would work for Madara’s own benefit. I am also under the impression, that like Danzou, Madara is Sharingan hunting.

    Also to point this out about the Shisui = Madara theory… Jezz way to keep the theory of Madara loving to be a cross dressing/ child-like/ ancient (kinda cancel each other out, don’t they?) injured douchebag/ male theory alive.Well to my point, Shisui could never trap Itachi in a genjutsu. Itachi was to powerful for Shisui to over power him in a genjutsu. Also the Uchiha clan found his body, so it would be near impossible to fool them with a fake. Not to mention where would they get a fake one? o_O Grave diggers… Blast them all!!! O_O

  92. @cookie: She’s baaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaack! O_O

    Well, at least you didn’t notice that the post lacked OP bashing… yet. >_> Darn it, I was so focused on getting it up on time that I failed on totally burying the OP fans’ pride. T.T

    Ah well! And here’s to keeping Madara the ancient creepy git that he’s always been!

  93. k i have a question. assuming tobi really isnt shisui which i dont think he is shisui’s body was found because he was murdered before the rest of his clan was. somehow danzo got one of his eyes and other parts, Where is shisui’s other eye?

    also on the strengths of the kages i think sasuke would pwn the kazekage(gaara) and the tsuchikage. one is to old to fight and probably uses earth manipulation(probably) the other gaara is not that strong and was defeated while he had a beast inside of him by deidara who was then defeated by sasuke. though one of the reasons gaara lost was because he was protecting the village.

  94. to all supporters of the tobi=shisui theory…stop dreaming…if shisui was still alive… itachi would never have gotten his mangekyou… i think that kakashi got his because he decided to blame himself for the death of obito, his best friend at the time… so… yea…shisui died long ago

  95. i just wanted to say also..this is the best frickin site ever, thanks to all u writers and shit…. just given props to all of u… im not gonna b able to come on too often anymore as college semester is starting… but thanks to manga, anime and WRA i’ve had the most unproductive summer ever, watching one piece, and bleach for the first time…. thats alot of time wasted… lol

  96. @ Senju I personally think Gaara is stronger now than when he had the Ichibi. The fact he remained Kazekage after the incident shows that he has retained the strength he had. Actually they said that Gaara was elected as Kazakage so the elders could keep an eye on the tailed beast. Now the Ichibi is gone but Gaara is stil the Kazakage. That shows that his skill have remained sharp.

    Gaara is a born killer, an extremely talented shinobi and the son of the Kazakage so he even has the linage of a great ninja-not the type to be taken lightly.

    Also Gaara has Fuuton and Doton. Raiton loses to Fuuton and Doton can be used to defend from the Katon. I actually am more interested in seeing Gaara fight again than watching Raikage and Sasuke have it out. Gaara’s fights are always bad ass.

  97. @red i believe gaara is still strongest in his village at the moment but that not saying alot. kakashi noted that because naruto has had the nine-tails inside of him naruto’s amount of his regular chakra is 4 times that of his. gaara is still strong because of have a tailed beast inside of him but the beast he gone so he doesnt have that extra strength he had against deidara. his sand manipulating jutsu will have to be more precise cause he doesnt have that extra chakra pool to pull from anymore.
    can gaara really use wind manipulation?

    but yeah gaara fights are always baddass. im hoping between now and when he was revived that he has learned some awesome new jutsu seeing how he is the kazekage and he has access to all learnable jutsu in the village that are for the kazekage like forbidden jutsu.

    also i want to see him sand coffin the emo

  98. @Senju So do I! LOL And I’m pretty sure that some of Gaara’s jutsus are wind style techniques.

  99. @Cookie: Don’t forget that a Kage Bushin can easily fake out a sharingan. It’s been done many times against opponents like Sasuke, Itachi, and Kakashi. Even the Byakugan can’t tell the difference between a real body and it’s Kage Bushin.

    @Omar: You’re welcome and thx for the compliments. We here at WRA are proud to waste your time as long as you enjoy our writing and keep coming back for more. ^^

    I know how you feel to. This college semester is hella busy for me. Hehe, but I have no class on Fridays! YOSH!!! 😀

    @Senju: I think the Bijuu was holding Gaara back. Are you sure about the 1 tails giving extra chakra to Gaara’s regular chakra pool? That just may be the Kyuubi’s benefit to Naruto. The 1 tails benefit to Gaara was the automatic sand shield. Unfortunately it took away Gaara’s sleep and slowly descended him into insanity.

    Now that makes Gaara irrational, crazed, sleepless, and temperamental. All of which are not good qualities to have for for a fight. Now he can sleep! Now tell me who doesn’t perform better after catching up on a couple years of sleep loss? 😉

  100. I would like to point out to whoever said it, Itachi getting the MS from ‘killing’ Shusui isnt proof the guy died. Wouldn’t Itachi feel exactly the same if he thought Shusui had died. As for his death, a simple kage bushin acting dead could work. Or an induced death state like Haku did to Zabuza. Or Shusui could have implanted the thoughts into the police forces head using his dojutsu. There are so many plausible ways he could have faked it.

    @Dro: I never noticed that in the manga! I just thought they added it for the anime. Confused now…

    @Redcopywheel: I dont remember Gaara ever using nature manipulation. Though going by my track record at the moment, im probably wrong. -_-

  101. The rinnigan cant tell the difference between real ppl and kage bushins either super.

    I have a feeling you just dont like the sharingan because it kicks utter and complete ass XD

  102. i do have to agree with you about gaara though supertrek

  103. BUBBLE:

    Juugo: I KILL U BONO!!!!!!!! MY SHIT WILL BE ABOVE 9000 KURIX!!!!11!!!one!!!1!1!!eleven!!!!

  104. @Marks: Meh, it’s not because of a personal vendetta against the sharingan that I pointed that out. I was just showing Cookie one of the many ways Shisui could have faked his death against his own clan even though they had the sharingan. Yes, they recovered a body I was just pointing out it could have a been a Kage Bushin.


  106. @salamiyo: Hehe. You mean Courics, from that episode about Randy ?

  107. But I absolutely HATE LOVE the sharingan Marks! It’s such a gifted tool and NOT cheap at all! ^_^

  108. mifune has a lot of self control guys, i mean damn if i found out that danzo did that i would be majorly pissed and do somthing about it

  109. I’m hoping for a more controlled fight here than the one’s that have been happening lately. They have all just seem to be more along the line of *Talk-throw strong jutsu at each other-talk-throw stronger jutsu at each other- talk- throw strongest jutsu at each other *more important character wins*
    I am hoping for a fight like the old ones were it was more strategy based they were more interesting.

  110. @red,senju: gaaras nature type is wind but that was because he had shukaku in him now that he doesnt have him we r not sure what his nature type is

  111. Hey guys, sorry i have not commented in a while. Just had a bad weekend and I haven’t had much time to breathe.

    Anyway, I wonder what the flames are above the 6 crests/spines on Juugou’s back. O_O

  112. I FOUND IT ! This is the proof of my theory that Gaara has the Fuuton

  113. @red: that is because he is in the form of shukaku but now that he doesnt have him in him he probably doesnt have wind nature anymore

  114. @tayish
    That’s like saying that Naruto has Katon when he is in Kyubi mode. I’ve never heard that the Bijuu give their chakra nature type to the host (at least it doesn’t say so in the manga)?!

    If Shikaku was the only source of Gaara’s power than he would not be able to manipulate sand anymore and his sand jug is still with him:

    The only thing Gaara has lost is the immence chakra reserve. At least that’ my opinion 🙂

  115. LOL another spelling error. It’s immense not *immence*

  116. @red
    u could be true and i could be absolutely wrong but my point is the only time we see wind manipulation from gaara is when he is in shukaku form not when he is in human form,, in the box where they r talking abt his affinity they say wind(shukaku) and if u look at his moves he cant use the wind one anymore because he has n shukaku in him, so i still stand by my theory 🙂

  117. @tayish Naruto Wikia is a bit unreliable as a source, but yes that supports your theory.

    This is starting to look like a good discussion. I’l dig in for some more info about my theory, because I ain’t letting my theory down that easily. You have the last word for now tayish 🙂

  118. @red
    true it is a bit unreliable but thats only source i have to back me up haha, ok ill be waitting

  119. Bubble: :how do ya like my second form LERRROOOOOOYYYY!!! JJJACKSON!

  120. I would support tayish on this idea but not because of the Naru wiki stuff. When Gaara was in ‘Shukaku mode’ he was effectively possesed. He experienced no cloak like Naruto since he was the ichibi host and the tales couldn’t build up. We know Shukaku has the wind affinity from his battle with Naruto and Gamabunta. So i would say it is more the Shukaku using wind manipulation than Gaara himself.
    Gaara didn’t use any elemental attacks at all in his fight with Deidara. Since shape and nature together make the strongest jutsu, you would think Gaara would have if he could…

  121. @peediwee: don’t you mean “Leroy JENKINS”


    Juugo: Suigetsu, I know I’m hot and all but I’d appreciate it if you stopped staring at my ass like that.


    Juugo: *sigh* I hate doing this, it ruins all my good shirts.

  122. @Red,Tayish
    I would think Gaara’s Sand manipulation is more like Force powers moving it, He can shape it into anyform and even compact it. He moves the sand with his Will i didnt really think he moved it with nature manipulation, though it could be earth/wind style manipulation.

    Shukaka abilitys are unique and Garra having those traits still would hold true because once a Bijuu is extracted you die and as far as we know Garra is the Only Jinchurikin too survive so even with out Shukaka he might still have his powers but in a weaker form, Garra and Shukaka were practically merging anyway.

  123. ummm… just to say gaara can still manipulate sand because kishi made it so.

  124. Kakashi will last………1 chapter. Jking, why doesn’t he impale Madara/Tobi/Whatever! when he doesn’t expect it. And wouldn’t it be cool if Yamato’s Wood-Style Jutsu supresses Madara/Tobi/Whatever!’s chakra so he can’t teleport. Why doesn’t Kishimoto bring back Kakashi’s glory days like when he was fighting Zabuza and Hidan/Kakuzu. He should make Kakashi learn some new badass jutsu that DOESN’T NEED A SHARINGAN to use. Kakashi is too reliant on his chakra-draining SHARINGAN.

  125. @Franky
    aha that was my exact point but i couldnt form it as well as u did so thank u for that

  126. @lelulalilo
    u could be right, but in the series i may be wrong we havent seen anybody that could do something by”will” there is always some kind of technique behind it

  127. @Quagmire: Hey, that’s my theory…the one I stole from Dark! You can’t steal the theory that I stole for myself! >_<

    Btw, I'm talking about Yamato's wood justsu suppressing Madara's chakra. 🙂

  128. i want to see kakashi X_X

  129. @quagmires i agrree kishi should die or he should make kakashi learn some awesomeness new jutsu

  130. gaara <33

  131. @Quagmires: If Kakashi learnt anything new or had too learn it would be cool if he used his Sharigan and a few Shadow clones too help himself create 4 differant types of rasengans with his 4 nature elements, That or he does some cool combination jutsu.

  132. actually…gaaras sand manipulation is a kekkei genkai ability like the sharingan… he uses it after they save him to shake hands with naruto

  133. BUBBLE:

    J: I PITY the FOOL !!

  134. @debito89: Dunno where you heard that from. Gaara’s sand ability comes from the Shukaku he once had. He was able to use it after he lost it simply because Kishi wanted to hint to the readers that he had retained some of the ability.

  135. bubble

    suigest : angels sang out in emaculat chorus down from the heavens descended CHUCK NORRIS

    saskue : u stole that from some where

    Jugo: round house kick time

  136. @tayish and Franky There ain’t enough info to tip the scales in my favor right now. I must sau I’ma bit disappointed, because if I continue it will be just pointless speculation. Oh well I’l just have to wait then 🙂

  137. Welll kakashi has plenty teckniques that he can use that does require his sharingan. He just uses it like there is no tomoror T_T.

    Im pretty Sure His Silver wolf chidori seeing as tho its a long range attack doesnt need his sharingan.

    Kishi likes kakashi but not that much to the point to give him some awesome jistu that wouldnt need his sharingan and would utterly pwn anyone without side effects of him laying in the bed and out of the manga for a month.

  138. @super yeah im not sure as to whether or not shukaku added chakra to gaara’s but when gaara went full shukaku he was using more powerful jutsu so the shukaku would have to have more chakra than the host. of course it might not have added much ckakra as the 1-tailed beast is supposedly the weakest of the nine.(not counting the zero tail because it was in a movie).

    @everyone i think kakshi has enough jutsu right now. the way he uses them is not good considering his chakra pool(maybe he should tke some chakrazyte the the natural way to male chakra enhancement.) the lightning clone he used against pain used up half his chakra and after that he literally killed himself by MS overdose.

    yeah he probably needs new less chakra required justsu.

    also he says he cant make as many shadow clones as naruto so he cant train like naruto. all that tme whining about it he could have just started with one clone and kept working until he could make more.

  139. does any think it weird that sasuke started with fire manipulation and now he mainly uses only lightning. i dont think he through one fireball deidara’s way.

  140. hi total, thought u were gone totally oO i really missed ya endless comments xD
    well i just wanna point that out:
    we know theres a connection between some uchiha danzo etc.
    at first theres madara (1), then we got shisui (2), itachi (3) and sasuke (4), the missing one is danzou (?).
    at first we dont know if “i, uchiha madara” IS uchiha madara oO
    a list of events:
    1 hashirama vs madara
    2 the 4th mizukage manipulated
    3 kyuubi attack on konoha
    4 the founding of akatsuki
    5 annihilation of uchiha
    6 itachis movements to madara.
    lets figure out:
    madara attacked hashirama with the kyuubi. hashirama won, we dont know how and why madara survived.
    i pointed this out 2nd cuz we dunno when it happened, before kyuubi or after, but yagura the former mizukage (4th) was manipulated by the sharingan. to be honest i really dont think this was danzou, besides it must’ve happened before shisui died, so that means yagura was manipulated by shisui. so what is his role in this game?
    we dunno but we can predict! 😀
    well my theory is… shisui was madaras real apprentice. how could itachi get to know that madaras alive and how did he know where he is? the answer: shisui, maybe shisui was in akatsuki too, thats why he had to kill shisui and maybe shisui told the plans to itachi, so itachi killed shisui and made this trade with madara oO
    well i actually dunno how mdara managed this 2nd attack on konoha.
    the true unknown constant is danzou, we know nothing about him.

  141. @salamiyo yeah that is weird that shisui was killed a bit before the rest of the clan.

  142. I know this may have been said previously but…just thought I’d point out a few things. Precisely, the number of absolutely stupid comments made this chapter. And, based on the information that I am slowly getting in on the spoilers, it appears that this next chapter won’t be much better. Here is what I found:

    #1: Suigetsu makes the oh-so-obvious assertion that the Kumo Jonin have intelligence on Sasuke from “somewhere.”

    #2: Sasuke and Juugo identifying the obvious: that they are fighting Kumo Jonin

    #3: Sasuke commenting that fighting Kumo Jonin won’t be easy

    #4: Juugo commenting that “something is coming” in the blinding genjutsu attack by the Kumo Jonin

    #5: Juugo commenting that the reason Suigetsu’s sword broke was the crack obtained from the battle with the 8-tails – made in front of the Raikage, the 8-tails’ brother

    #6: Sasuke’s “I don’t need your help” comment to his teammates late in the battle

    #7: Danzo’s comment that he didn’t realize that there was “another Byakugan” in existence – and his underlings’ stupidity in knowing this.

    To hell with the Sharingan debate. We just need to debate the stupidity of this chapter. Grrrrr

  143. BRAVOOOOOOO PENNY i think ur ma super hero i’ll worship u in ma homemade altar wid ur tsunade pic in it gonna sacrifice sasugay so u almighty godess don’t kill me mwahahahahahah

    *Goes nuts* =D

  144. NARUTO 462 RAW PICS
    CLICK Images to Enlarge

    by: Ohana (serenity85 – NF)

    by: Ohana (serenity85 – NF)

    by: Ohana (serenity85 – NF)

    by: Ohana (serenity85 – NF)

    by: ShiningN – NF

    just translated the naruto and madara’s talk, could be some minor mistakes but it’s pretty much it.

    page changes to naruto

    naruto: lies … that’s nonsense
    yamato: that can’t be

    tobi: to talk about sasuke we cant avoid talking about itachi
    kakashi: enough with the jokes that tale (killing of the relatives) i can’t believe it

    tobi: no it’s not a lie
    that was the truth about itachi ( the killing of his relatives was an order from the authorities of konoha )
    that guy did it for the sake of sasuke and konoha

    kakashi: what do you mean
    if that would be true and if sasuke knows it
    why is he helping akatsuki!? if he wanted to continue with itachi’s will he should’ve come back to konoha

    tobi: as sasuke’s teacher and as his friends you are absolutely mistaken about his true feelings and what he plans to do

    naruto: you made sasuke that way!?
    tobi: no you’re wrong

    tobi: sasuke made that choice himself
    yamato , kakashi: !!

    tobi: it was a gamble for me too… was he going to follow itachis will or take revenge on konoha….
    he chose revenge, he became a member of akatsuki and his actual objective is….
    revenge on konoha for what they did to itachi

    naruto: why… why… that guy… why has it come to this.. why go for revenge
    tobi: can’t be helped it’s in the blood… uchiha’s fate of hatred it’s like curse that goes on everlastingly

    naruto: fate of hatred… curse…
    tobi: that’s right … long ago the one called rokudo senin ancestor of all shinobis…the curse of hatred came from him

    kakashi: rokudou senin you say… that’s just a simple myht…the mutation of the rinnengan

    tobi: myth has a base of truth i’ll tell the tale.. to lead peace was rokudou dream when that time came rokudou seinin would entrust power and will
    to his sons
    the elder brother would be gifted with his eyes(gan) power of the chakra and energy of the soul(mind) , power is needed to understand peace
    the younger brother would be gifted with his flesh .. power of the soul(mind) and energy of the body, love is needed to understand peace
    in the end when rokudou was in his death bed he had no other choice but to pick a sucessor and that decission made the curse of hatred live forever

    naruto: what do you mean

    tobi: the elder brother was entrusted with the power and the younger with the love
    rokudou thought the most appropiate would be the younger brother so he chose him
    naturally the elder brother thought he would be the one and instead of understanding the hatred consumed him and the dispute with his
    younger brother started
    the elder brother called his descendants uchiha
    the younger brother called his senju
    with this the battle to be first hokage started with uchiha madara and senju hashirama… it was fate
    you (naruto) , we will meet again, the will of fire of senju lies inside you
    even now i can see the first hokage inside you., he’s not dead he lives that’s my aspiration to have as a rival the man i hate the most
    senju and uchiha will of fire and hatred …naruto and sasuke

  145. I TOLD YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!
    i said about a month or two i made a big debate sayin naruto is a senju and if youve read the spoilers, it looks like madara has said he is, so everybody who said i was wrong is deserved a big TOLD YOU SO!!!!

  146. @pazownz

    Madara said that Naruto inherited the first’s “Will of Fire”. That does not specifically mean he is a senju, so I wouldn’t jump to conclusions and throw it in everyone’s faces just yet, but he does have the right heart.

    In the same vein, it doesn’t mean you are necessarily wrong either. We will just have to wait and see.

  147. id say a sasugay v.s naruto is sure and i want kakashi v.s madara ksihi *glares*

  148. @everyone well i think i see where tobi’s next part true part BS story is going.

    He is going to use some facts/BS to make naruto think he is of the senju clan.

    tobi has made sasuke want to kill all senju members. so tobi will then say that naruto is a senju and naruto will think he is so sasuke in anger will not listen to naruto even less.

    tobi is probably going to do that because he doesnt want naruto to change sasuke back to being good and betray tobi like naruto did with pain.

  149. k i see a part i should have added a name.

    tobi has made sasuke want to kill all senju members. so tobi will then say to sasuke that naruto is a senju and naruto will say he is so sasuke in anger will not listen to naruto even less.

  150. @pazownz

    the so called “will of fire” burns in every shinobi in konoha, its the love for the village and a will of protection every1 in it, Asuma when he had a conversation wid shakamaru explained what was the “will of fire”, and it was stated that him “shikamaru” had it!! so is shikamaru a senju, hmmmmm not rlly no =)

    Just stating that is rarely unlikely for naruto being a senju but it wud be awesome non the less =D

  151. @Senju07

    I don’t see why Madara would need to go through those kinds of lengths to get rid of Naruto.

    As far as I recall, he wanted to capture Naruto for the Nine-tails, not make Sasuke hate in enough to kill him. Madara seems to be very carefree when it comes to giving out such information, but it may be his way of disheartening Naruto to make him give up on Sasuke.

    I think he realizes that Naruto is the one person who could take Sasuke from him, like he changed Nagato, so he is trying to break Naruto’s will and make it seem like Sasuke is a lost cause.

    Everyone else has given up on Sasuke… I think Madara wants Naruto to do the same, so that he has his power to himself without any more risk of losing control of it.

  152. @tenrai thats kinda what i meant tobi is just trying to drive a bigger wedge between the two so there is no chance of a change of hearts from sasuke.and by making sasuke think naruto is senju sasuke will hate him. i dont think tobi will let sasuke kill naruto as tobi needs the kyuubi.

    on that naruto why doesnt naruto just kill himself.permanently killing the kyuubi and thus 100% dissrupt tobi’s plan.(i know this would be extremely lame manga story developing wise but it would be effective none the less.)

  153. @tenrai also he has alrady made sasuke hate senju so it would be wise now to start working on naruto with a story to make him give up on sasuke like you said.

  154. Ok I do live! I’m like the lock ness monster because I appear faster than u can c and disapear faster than u can respond >__<! Kishi is a very good auther I don't believe if hated anyone more than sasuke in a story that I have read. U know what would be funny if sasuke was sent on a mission like itachis to get into akaski(spelling error to the max!) and so he has to gain the trust of mandara which then fails epicly and then I forgot what else to say and the story ends with me kicking a puppy at super because it's not Tuesday yet XD!!!!!!! Hahaha i'm crazy right now c ya my peeps tell next month! deathcon reporting in

  155. That guy just lost it…

  156. Um red dude I’m not a guy!!! >_< I'm a girl, *starts ranting about why every thinks I'm a guy* why do ppl always think a guy only likes manga gahhhh!!!

    ummm could be something to do with your screen name , not that others think only guys read manga.

  157. lmao, deathconnie is a guy 😛

  158. lulz

  159. BUBBLE:

    Juugo: I, Deathcon4, am a girl dammit!

  160. haha, does deathcon gets mad whenever we think she’s a guy? >__<

  161. gah, wtf happened to my long paragraph about naruto?!?! why does wordpress do that to me? >_<

  162. @supertrek89: :/. Sorry. I didn’t you had a patent on it. Don’t sue me. Jking. But that was one great idea and I didn’t remember WHO had the idea.

    @Senju07: Oh hell. If Sasuke thinks Naruto is senju *cut throat*. That’s just a freaky idea.

  163. *catches abused puppy and takes it to animal shelter* 0_0

    @Death: I don’t even know what to say except…yes, you are a girl and a very cute one at that…>_>

    *Achoo* 😉

    @Penny: LMAO!!! Too true! XD

    @Candy: Yeah it does that sometimes. The best thing to do is always copy your comment before posting it. That’s what I do and whenever wordpress tries to screw my comment over I just edit it back in. For you who can’t edit comments just post it in parts.

    @Quagmire: I think Dark is the one that should do the suing to both of us. To bad he ain’t here! XD

  164. The story with Rokudou is strange how could he have 2 sons and one of his sons get his eyes and then become Uchiha with Sharigan eyes and he is full of Hate because of his brother Senju. It doesnt make sense, Also because Byakugan is a Decendent of the Sharigan and Also Nagato was born with Rinnegan later down the Track in the Timeline.

    I rekon its Fake, If true thats one F***** plot twist.

  165. so now we are gonna start getting into the real big part of naruto and it will either be awesome beyond belief (that’s what I’m hoping for) or it could contain so many plot shifts that it makes me mistrust all manga believing them to be cruel and scary children of the devil.(not really going for that one)

  166. I can already predict wats gunna happen:

    Naruto and Sasuke will have a big fight, Naruto will end up winning and turning Sasuke good again. Then they’ll team up and kill Madara xD. Oh Yeah and Kakashi will die, from either Madara or Sasuke (before he turns good).

    I dont understand why the older son got Sharigan and the younger son got ….. nothing. xD

  167. I don’t think that the younger son got nothing I think that his gift is just a little less obvious.
    I mean that the Sharigan is supposed to be something that when you encounter it alone your best and probably only option is to run, but the Senju were so good that they could fight the users of the Sharigan on even ground.

  168. @ anyone since when does sasuke hate senju? we dont know any senju except for tsunade.

    @ i hope that madaras younger bro plays a bigger part in this. and why did he die anyway? so many questions about the past i rly dont care too much about the future right now.

  169. @Fuuton: It was right here.

    Sasuke basically hates the entire village because of what his brother sacrificed himself for. The Senju are apart of that village. Even though we don’t know exactly who is Senju their legacy clearly lives on in the people.

  170. Hmmmm seems like 442 is goin to be an awesome chap can’t wait :)! Mud my name is fine the way it is >_<!!! U know It super! I'm one hot babe LOL 😉 tho that's why my chat name is goddess of WRA!!! U know it's weird when naruto fought neji in the chunnining exams, naruto exclaimed fate did not control him but it seems it does…..or maybe that is what kishi wants us to think….maybe naruto IS going to break that chain of hate cause if he dousnt it will never end I guess? Hmmmm ug like the saying goes "the past can come back haunt us" that quote seems to fit this story. Everything that happened in the past, has caused the future to become disordered and hatefull. Damn it's a recorded 3 post in one day! Woot I'm proud of my self!

  171. @super o myb damn i actually thought he just wanted the elders dead… wtf now i understand y nobody likes him anymore; will naruto actually have to kill this douche to stop his stupid revenge trip?

  172. @2cool2live: yes, it was the seal to be able to transport himself to the enemy ninja’s position. Hiraishin had 2 ways of being used…either by the special Kunai with the seal on it or the seal he put on different enemies. Here…”Yondaime first needs to mark his destination with a shiki (rite) first, he can then activate the jutsu to come to the mark. He can apply this to a weapon such as a kunai, and when thrown or used, he can instantly travel to it. He can also apply the mark to a touched area, such as his opponent or some other surrounding feature. No matter where the opponent goes, Yondaime can travel to the mark to kill them.” That’s from the description of the jutsu.

  173. @deathcon4 I don’t think I can apologize enough for my mistake *jumps through the window*

    *survives fall* But in my defense i must say that there are a lot less girls reading manga than there are boys and your screen name can be interpreted that you are a girl. But nevertheless my mistake and I am sorry 🙂

  174. @redcopywheel no prob lol dont go jumping out windows i was playing with ya ;).

  175. Im not to sure about that discription drO myself. Not that im disagreeing with you but sometime those sites and wikipedia completly contradict the manga. Ill look into it myself because for some reason in the manga and in the anime just recently the fourth didnt use his kunia he just put his has together and did some type of hand sign and then disaapeard.

    However i do remember the Kunai that he gave kakashi allowed him to instantly teleport to him when it sinced danger but that doesnt mean he could only use it in that situation. I could be wrong and i have a feeling i am. So could someone please go to the manga or anime and explain this to me with links to it instead of going to wiki because wiki has screwd me over so many times >_<.

  176. Hey people, isn’t everyone forgetting something? Why does Sasuke has kiubii like chakra?

  177. @Fart i think that was just a illustration for us to see how dark sasuke’s chakra has become because of his hated

  178. Hmm…did it ever mention in the manga whether Madara’s brother died? for all we know, this bastard could have been blind and not dead. And considering he was all for Madara’s ideas, it wouldnt surprise me if he took back his eyes from the dying madara. idk, just a theory

  179. @ debito well madara’s bro cold have gotten one shisui’s eyes(just a thought).

  180. Man I can’t wait for that next chapter. To see Sasuke and his little gang get beat down is a good dream for me.

  181. @debito and senju thats wat i have been wonderin to. the only problem is that he wold hve to get away from his evil bro with no eyes… but the reason i feel that tobi cant b shusui is because he knew how to put amatersu (srry cant spell) out even tho some one else ignited it upon him so that had to be from prior knowledge that someone form itachi generation wouldn’t / may not have been able to know

  182. BUBBLE:

    Juugo: I am JUUGO !! Hear me ROAR !!
    (Reference to Rugrats’ Reptar.)

  183. BUBBLE:

    “Ima Chargin Up Mah Firebawl!”
    (WoW Video Reference….someone did Leeroy Jenkins xD)

  184. new chaps out and damn it took foreverr =D

  185. Naruto and Sasuke: polar opposites…

    I am really lovin’ this progression. Another battle between them is pretty much now set in stone. Except next time, it will be a fight to the death.

    That chapter was great, in my book.

  186. That figure in Sasuke’s genjutsu looked very much like the Eight tails. Kinda wierd when you think about it.

    Anyway, it seems that Madara has foreseen Naruto and Sasuke’s battle, but I wonder if he is going to happen or if he’s going to try and capture Naruto now.

    His motives seem very hard to pinpoint at this point in time, in fact we don’t actually know hat he is after anymore. Is he trying to destroy Konoha? Does he want to rule the world?

    He seems to be playing all the sides against each other right now, but I wonder what he aims to achieve in doing so.

  187. this week’s chapter was the best one in a long time. We finally find out what we’ve been speculating since last year, the fact that naruto is in fact sanjuu at heart and the fact that sasuke is uchiha then that means one of two things are going to happen,

    1. My first speculation is the inevitable fight between sasuke and naruto just as tradition implies Senjuu vs Uchiha and Naruto by the time this fight will ocure will probably achive a level of power far beyond that of sasuke, who knows , I just want to see just how much both of them are going to progress by then.

    2. The second prediction i have is that Sasuke played Madara all along and he in fact has no desire to destroy konoha just Danzou and probably the elders, and that Sasuke is in secret following his brothers wishes to bring down madara, and by the final fight between naruto and sasuke both of them are gonna fight together against madara.

    I think that by the end of this arc we’re gonna be really surprised at how much the story is gonna change, a lot of secrets are gonna be reveled and probably new alliances are gonna be born, like a trio between suna konoha and the hidden rain, who knows but one thing, i can actualy bet is gonna happen is that danzou’s seat as hokage is gonna be taken away from him, either by a miraculos recovery from tsunade or a realection form the jonins in kakashi’s favor. I personaly can’t wait to see just how much we’ll get to see by the end of 09′ in manga and anime as well.

  188. Whoa! That was one of the best manga releases for a while now, Juugo is Awesome.

    Ok So Rikudo had 2 sons rah rah rah.. What I dont get is how can Rinnegan turn into Sharigan Unless somewhere down the track Rinnagen cross juices with some Byakugan, They do say Sharigan is a Offshoot of Byakugan. So the Hyuuga clan must knows secrets like the ones Tobi is confessing.

  189. I’ve just noticed something from that last chapter…

    If you look there, the figure in Sasuke’s genjutsu looks the same as the figure standing behind him in the last chapter, or the “dark chakra” so to speak.

    You can tell because it has the same eyes (big, very round and white) and the same hands (look at where he is holding the Kumo nin).

    It also does NOT look like the Kyuubi, so I guess that rules out Sasuke having that unless he had an extreme make-over.

  190. Yea judging by his face on the top picture he had like maybe a pointy nose but in the picture below his face is kinda squary well is nose and chin are unique looking, Also whats around his face looks too me like one of those Pharoh hats or something like the Blue haired scientist from bleach I forget his name now. but yea looks differant.

    That dude even says something like could it be genjutsu but it is possibly a tsukyomi because you see sasuke holding his left eye, what it is could possibly be his inner Hate manifesting.

  191. I really Hope sasuke Sharigan copys Raikages jutsu with his body surrounded with Raiton chakra that way Sasuke is fully fully leveled up with lighting techniques.


  192. YOSH!!! Awesome chapter indeed! Raikage is kicking ass and taking names! XD I wonder why Juugo went to fight him though…I thought he was supposed to be taking on Shi or Darui…meh. He learned his lesson now. 😉

    Here’s the dilemma for Naruto. He said himself he doesn’t let destiny control him but if he fights Sasuke again he’ll just be going along with it. Naruto is Senju and Sasuke is Uchiha. They’re destined rivals and for years Naruto has unwittingly gone along with fate. The thing that separates Naruto from the rest of the bunch though is that Naruto is willing to change fate. Even after he fights Sasuke again (I hope ><) Naruto will try to befriend Sasuke instead of killing him. Thus, he'll have effectively changed the fate of the rivalry. Instead of there being a death there will be a partnership.

    @Tenrai: Now don't jump to conclusions. 😉

    That was a genjutsu he used on Shi and what appeared behind Sasuke before was a chakra manifestation not genjutsu. Two completely different things and shouldn't be assoiciated with one another. Not to mention the two figures look very much different as Lelulalilo has pointed out. It's true they have the same hands and eyes but the overall composition of the faces are different. Meh, maybe he did have an extreme makeover. XD

  193. @Super: I think when Juugo gets to that state, he just goes into an uncontrolled frenzy and attacks anything he sees. Besides, it was the Raikage that attacked first, before he even moved.

  194. nice chapter. Tobi isn’t as stupid as we thought 😛 , plus we learnt some new things – but we all ready knew naruto was senju yeah? that was the obvious thing learnt, pretty interesting though that senju and uchiha were formed at the beginning…

  195. @supertrek89

    I am not jumping to conclusions, I am just pointing out an observation. If you ask me, assuming that the chakra was the Kyuubi is just as much jumping to a conclusion as anything.

    A bijuu can only be sealed into a persons body at birth. Hence why both Naruto and Gaara were firstborns when they received theirs. Sasuke was born a few months before Naruto, so he could not have had any of the Kyuubi’s chakra in him, and giving it to him any later, his body would not adapt.

    I still see it as a manifestation of Sasuke’s darkness, perhaps even having something to do with the power of the evil brother who his clan descended from.

    Even the Kyuubi mentioned that his chakra was more sinister than even his own and I think that may be a reference to the darkness inside him. I also think the Kyuubi would be able to tell if Sasuke contained any such chakra.

  196. @Tenrai: Haha, indeed true enough for the most part. 🙂 I wouldn’t assume though that the Bijuu can only be placed in it’s host’s body at birth. We’ve only seen Naruto and Gaara but there are 7 other Jinchuuriki we know little to nothing about of how they came to obtain their Bijuu.

    I can understand where your observation comes from Tenrai. After all it was just an observation of mine that the manifestation that appeared behind Sasuke looked like the Kyuubi hence I came up with the theory. We’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

  197. BUBBLE:

    Guys, i had some super hot indian food earlier, so unless u want to end up stinking like danzi, GET AWAY FROM BEHIND MY FUCKIN ASS!!!

  198. So, the Kyuubi type thing could be a reflection of Sauske’s ‘thoughts’ or ‘images in his own mind’ rather than an actual biju. So it could just be something that’s scaring the crap out of other people through genjutsu.

    Or maybe it really is a biju, and that would be interesting. We might be getting a glimpse of where a biju is formed through hatred. Which might make sense if there is an analogy here between what war is today and what it means in the naruto universe. Point being: If hatred brings violence, bigger weapons, and war then maybe Sauske really is developing his own biju through that hatred.

    Other than that, my feeling is that Madara is wrong. Something was done to Sasuke to make him the way he is It wasn’t fated or destined. Madara shaped events. I do like Itachi, but I can hear the Naruto in me saying that Itachi should have found a way to ‘not’ kill those people. Itachi should have found a way to fight for peace, and not continue the cycle of revenge.

    Remember when Yahiko and Nagato were friends. I think we all saw that the Akatsuki were heading towards peace. Again, this is kind of a yin-yang situation. Perhaps it was almost too good to be true that Yahiko and Nagato met up and became friends. That pairing would have brought peace. But, Yahiko was killed, and Nagato (who believed that ‘might’ was the key to peace) survived. And Nagato became one of the most powerful proponents of ‘peace’, but without Yahiko to balance it out.

    Naruto and Sasuke need to be friends again in some way for balance and peace to be achieved. I believe that this is the ‘curse’ that needs to be broken. The thing that they are up against is history (which is why most people are pissed at danzo and the elders), and that burden is f-ing huge. If Naruto knew half the things Sasuke knew, then he’d be pissed too. The avatar of history here is Madara – who probably has to be killed. Madara has realized all of these things about what drives the people he manipulates, but still intends to create war and hatred.

    I believe there can be an understanding between Naruto and Sasuke. And we might see a good version of the Akatsuki pop up again.

  199. What kishimoto is doing is centering the main plot onSasuke and Naruto, but I think that’s a stupid mistake, cause he left the Hokages on hold and Sakura’s and Shikamaru’s plot against Sasuke on the mud.

    Amd i think that Sakura is going to get killed by Sasuke and Naruto will flip.

  200. BUBBLE: Connnvoyyyyy!

    (see for reference) o.O

  201. theres a hole in the plot…way at the beginning, in the chuunin exam, kakashi said that the sharingan had its origin from the byakugan….either its a hole in the plot or kakashi was informed incorrectly….but if the sage of the six paths was the one to start ninjutsu, and his immediate successor had sharingan, where does the byakugan come into the picture?

  202. @ omar101990 if u asked yourself that question then the answer is right in front of u, Madara said thet after time the brothers’s blood tainted over time so maybe the byakugan was born before the sharingan.

    And about this senju vs uchiha fight , it all makes me think about itachi maybe danzou before ordering itachi too kill his clan knew about this, and yet maybe itachi knew as well from madara so then 2 questions come to mind:

    1st Itachi always said he’d be rid of the clan’s curse, could he have been refering to this particular story madara just shared with naruto, yamato and kakashi, and is so why didn’t itachi try to kill madara, doing so sasuke might have had a different life a life not fill’ed with so much pain.

    2nd I know Itachi loved his brother very very musch but at the expence of being the ast uchiha along with madara, why didn’t itachi kill sasuke if he knew that would end the blood-feud.

  203. itachi didnt feel he had the power to defeat madara, i think he refers to that when fighting sasuke, and the for ur second point, itachis love for his brother is what drives him to do everything…so its not like…why didnt he just kill sasuke, because that very thought contradicts his mindset

  204. i don’t understand how naruto can be a senju. Maybe the 4th mother was a senju but still that would be a LONG shot. Maybe what mandara was trying to say is that naruto has the heart of the senju (their way of thinking) but is not actually a senju.

  205. So say Minato was the pinnacle of the Senju clan which had a strong life force and pyshical energy and he was happy go lucky Hokage and has the will of Fire, This is one side of narutos gifts and traits. Though Now Kushina who comes from the Whirlpool Country is a unknown ninja clan could be something special though Kushina is that whirlpool who had come too cool the will of fire ultimately changing the Will out comes naruto something else with a differant destiny than original senju.

    I was looking for the link though cant find it its the manga where itachi forces a crow down narutos throat and gives hima power but he also says something about bringing in Sasuke I believe now Itachi planned for this also he knew what madara knew this is a counter, And yea sasuke’s goal after Danzou is Madara.

  206. @Gavin: That is a very interesting perspective you have there.

    @Eugen: I think you already answered the second question for yourself. “I know that Itachi loved his brother very very much…”

  207. Well if Minato’s dad wasnt an actual senju whose name he just cast away, Naruto isnt a real senju. >_> If this isnt the case, Minato’s dad wasnt a senju, then you could just as easily call anyone else in the village a senju. IFFF Minato was a senju, isnt it lame that his fated battle was just the dregs of another? He had to deal with a recycled enemy rather than getting a fresh one to tear into…Just saying, fated battle against two different opponents? I think not Madara Uchiha….Minato imo = not a senju

  208. @lelul it is manga 403 if you havent found it yet

  209. @Superfreak17: What do u mean? Konoha was founded by Uchiha and Senju, there for every ninja that decends/is born is either from the Senju clan or the uchiha clan. Since the 4th wasn’t an uchiha he must have been, at the very least, part senju.

  210. The plot is playing to exactly what Itachi said to Naruto before he transferred some of his power to Naruto. What is Naruto going to do? Judging from the way Naruto operates, it will not play out as expected. It is going to be awesome to see what power Itachi gave to Naruto.

    The other thing that is interesting is what bloodline limit does Naruto have. Has there been any hints on this?

  211. @mud what about the hyuuga,inuzuka,aburame,akimichi,and nara clans they are not senju yet they are part of the village.

  212. @senju: Yes true other clans have formed. but the original founders of Konoha were Uchiha and senju. but in that being said – what do we know of senju? we know that the 1st could use mokuton jutsu, yet nobody else in the clan could – his brother specialised with suiton. What i mean is that more clans could have formed – what;s to say that they aren’t from the original senju clan but moved off to specialise with certain abilities and hence create a new clan, they were no longer at war, and had formed a village, so they had safety in numbers.

  213. Madara said Uchiha are all destined to live lives of hatred, but Itachi choose peace when he killed his clan to prevent a war.

    And I dont know about you guys, but i really hope we SOMEHOW see what happened between the 1st and Madara in the valley of the end. I love this Uchiha vs Senju thing. Maybe kishi will start a prequel after Naruto is done. xD

  214. @Fanboi: A great many things could be gained from a prequel… it would be PURE AWESOMENESS.

  215. Just something about Uchiha Madara my impression of what happened with him and his Bro if there was a prequel they both fought agaisnt a strong friend of theres and barely made it out alive kinda like the Legendary sannin thus they both achieved Mangekyo Sharigan. And his brother didnt die but gave his eyes up becoming a chakra sensing type of ninja too the point where he could see chakra all around him came across his brother after the battle with Hashirama Senju and saved his brother by fusion no jutsu and became ultimate Sharigan and later saving and Absorning Obito to prolong his life becoming Tobi with a funny sense of humour and thats why when he also teleports too you he knows where you are cause he can sense your chakra just like where he knew exactly where Naruto was, Some Fiction but possible.

  216. For those who read Claymore the new manga is out.

  217. Sarutobi isn’t Senju in his last name. :O Nor is Asuma Sarutobi, but don’t they all, like Tsunade (maybe her last name is Senju?) have roots in the Senju thingy?

    Since when does Kyuubi have katon?? And I get the feeling he’s going to end up pulling something where he finds out how to mix water and wind chakra, and make ice – thereby ending up using Haku’s ice mirrors and beating the shit out of Sasuke if that time were to ever come. Ironic huh, considering he was said to have defeated Zabuza. I imagine Naruto will end up using a kage bunshin to do it or something. X) Diverted concentrations and stuff after all.

  218. @Supertrek: “Thus, he’ll have effectively changed the fate of the rivalry. Instead of there being a death there will be a partnership.”

    Supposedly Hashirama never killed Madara, so Naruto would never fully kill Sasuke either?

    @Eugen: “2nd I know Itachi loved his brother very very musch but at the expence of being the ast uchiha along with madara, why didn’t itachi kill sasuke if he knew that would end the blood-feud.”

    Because if Itachi killed Sasuke, wouldn’t it just inspire more hatred? Besides, love was supposed to prevail, not murder again from another attempt to protect peace.

  219. I get the feeling that Naruto is going to end up sacrificing himself in order to attempt saving everyone and Sasuke. And maybe to try and take out Sasuke’s hatred. Especially seeing as how fast Naruto can heal, it’s very possible Sasuke could keep hitting Naruto and Naruto could take it.

    I learned recently – well, more that it was pointed out, that venting can also be a problem as much as an alleviator, because sometimes it acts like a drug, and you keep doing it and it just keeps getting stronger and stronger. That’s a lot like Sasuke is now. My opinion that he’s obsessed over revenge still obviously stands. <:c

  220. I was reading one of the comments, and I couldn’t help but get the feeling that if Sakura dies, Naruto indeed will end up getting with the old Hyuuga heiress, na? Because if Sharingan was made from Rinnegan and Byakugan… But that would mean Nagato was supposed to get with Hinata, and Hashirama got with…? Who did Hashirama get involved with? Are we going to see destiny play out in a certain way or is Naruto going to understand and fight back? Or is he going to fight back only against what needs to be changed?

  221. It’s odd how some people think dogma is what fuels war – it isn’t really, and that’s been proved throughout history – I don’t have the facts, but I know someone who does. XD And either way, it appears both sons had a dogma – a belief. One believed in love the other believed in might.

  222. the first hokage is overrated. Sarutobi was considered the most powerful Hokage of them all when he was young. And when he became a bag of dust he was still able to kick Tobirama’s and Hashirama’s assess (Second and First Hokage). We all know that Nagato would have owned the Third, even if he was still young. So maybe ninja 80 years ago considered him to be strong, but compared to the ninja in the manga today, he’s a pile of moose poo. This also means Madara couldn’t have been too tough either.

  223. @ kisuzachi you say the 1st is overrated, this is presumed from the fight he had with the 3rd along side his brother, but don’t forget that was a reincarnation jutsu orochimaru made so thet might mean that both the 1st and 2nd hokages weren’t at full streinght and they both were controled by orochi.

    I know anime isn’t that strong of a guidline in this blog, but after tobi and deidara caught the sanbi,Deidara said to Tobi that they were only lucky to have caught the bijuu that fast because it didn’t have a host to control it, and maybe it’s the same for the 1st and 2nd hokage, without the use of there own brains they were only as strong as orochi let them to be or better iet only as strong as orochimaru thought they were, maybe they were a lot stronger just that oro didn’t know how to make use of all there jutsu, just a hunch but I really don’t think the 3rd would have had any chance at his hage against 2 of konoha’s founding fathers and 2 o the best nin in that time, maybe when sarutobi was younger he might have had a shoot of meeting them head-on but not when he was that old.

    The same goes to Naruto, until he will be able to fully control the fox his power will never be complete, and i hope he found out how to control it in the pain vs naruto fight trough the sage-kyuubi eyes.

  224. @anyone Sasuke must be a comlpete idiot charging in with a chidori while the raikages lightning cloak cancles out raiton moves… damn hes either about to whip out some gengutus or get smashed to bits like when he fought killer bee.

    @the suju debate i truly beleive naruto could be senju one because it seems like we really dont know enough about who is senju to know who isnt a senju and we dont know narutos dads last name or if the senju keep ther elast names hidden for political reasons. just a thought

  225. i still think naruto will learn to conrtoll the 9 tails via killer bee hopefully naruto has to defete bee before he gives him that oppertunity though, that would be a cool fight also would earn the raikages respect and might be enough to withdraw sasuke from being killed

  226. @fuuton you mean minato namikaze thouht that was his last name

  227. @mudshovel: Not necessarily, people could’ve migrated to Konoha once it was founded…I mean look at Kushina Uzumaki…she wasn’t originally from Konoha yet she was Naruto’s mom…what’s to say that Minato wasn’t the son of two people from another country who moved to Konoha and had Minato there?

    @ kisuzachi: I believe that Kishi said in an interview that the strongest of all the Ninjas who are dead was the 4th…and that the 3rd Hokage was second (third?) on the list.

  228. In all honesty the current generation is supposed to pass the previous one, so it only makes sense that the current ninjas could outdo the ones of old. I wouldn’t say the 1st is overrated though. Not much is known about him but he did beat a fully powered Madara.

    @Demon: That is true but Hashirama did try to kill Madara. Somehow Madara lived though after his supposed death. Maybe Hasharima and Madara set it up to fake Madara’s death to try to end the feud. Then Madara waited for Hasharima to die so he could reappear and pass the feud on to the next generations.

  229. @holydemony: The Kyuubi doesnt have Katon though I really cant believe it couldnt use any element it desires its the bringer of destruction though its red chakra itself burns flesh like fire.

    @Eugen: I agree the 1st and 2nd hokages didnt have a will of their own to defeat the 2rd so they werent at full power.
    Naruto also having kyuubi eyes is so unique we dont know how strong he could become if he could control it.

    @anyone: Hasirama could use the mokuton though his brother couldnt use it its even said that he practically never used it. Even Tsunada is the 1st’s grand daughter and she is Senju she cant use mokuton, So being Senju doesnt actually mean you have that ability it could mean that they possess a abilty too fuse nature ablity together perfect example will be naruto fusing water and wind not for Ice but for Whirpool jutsu thats as powerfull as they come it would rip wood apart, even have the ability too supress chakra imagin small whirlpools wrapping around a opponent supressing a chakra like the mokuton does.
    The power of Senju is Love, Naruto has that power because he changes those forsaken ambitions.

    Naruto is the pinnacle and the hope of the Senju clan aswell as Sasuke being the pinnacle of the Uchiha clan he will have the Ultimate Sharigan he is the strongest of all because Itachi knew his heart too be full of love but through fate his heart was easily coloured by hatred sasuke is pure of heart its all Zen he will get past his own hatred and realise good.

  230. @kisuzaki dont talk down on hashirama senju he is my favorite character along with itachi. he pwned madara at full strength and the kyuubi at the same time an lived. name 1 person who has done the same. no one has. the only other person to fight madara and the kyuubi at the same time was minato namikaze. madara was just a shell of his former self and minato couldnt handle it. he had to sacrafice himself just to take care of the kyuubi. he didnt even touch madara. as for the third being the strongest hokage i doubt it. heres how i think the hokages are ranked hashirama,minato, and 2nd/3rd hokage tied for third place. the reason sarutobi was strong was because his group was trained by both the 1st abd 2nd hokage (heres lref. manga 122 p.15 ) on that note who do you think the other ppl are in the group my guess is the 2 advisors and if so are they strong 2?

  231. @Senju: Well mokuton does supress Kyuubi chakra so the first had a big advantage. Minato has been sited as the strongest hokage by many characters and even kishi himself. Minato ‘sacrificed himself’ in order to beat the fox for good and give his son a weapon. Since neither man killed Madara i would easily say the better is Minato and not the first.
    If Sarutobi was trained by those hokage isnt that just another reason for him to be better? New generation surpasses the old. As for people saying ‘maybe the reanimated hokage weren’t at full strength’ it isnt really anything to counter the original point made by Kizuzachi. I will simply say maybe they were.

    @Lelulalilo: Mokuton is a bloodline limit in itself. The fact it was compared to Haku’s ice shows they are the of the same sort. If the bloodline limit was to mix chakra natures then Yamato would be running around with ice and steam and lava and any other combination natures. Haku wouldn’t have been special at all…
    Making whirlpools seems more like a single jutsu than a nature anyway. Ice and wind have to be used together inside the body which would come out as ice anyway

  232. @franky (senju07 closes eyes/ears lalalala i cant hear anything that makes the 1st not the strongest naruto character) no but seriously i wont except whos better until they have an actual fight but that will never happen so im going to move on to something more important. did anybody checkout naruto manga 122 p.15 . does anybody else think those other 2 kids are the advisors. if they are i wonder if they can fight also.

  233. can someone plz tell me how to make links in my post so i can show manga pages of stuff i find out.

  234. oh i just came across this look at this name closely sarutobi anything unusual? the last 4 letters are tobi could it be that tobi is really a sarutobi clan member with a transplanted eye (possibly shisui’ other eye).

  235. @Senju: “oh i just came across this look at this name closely sarutobi anything unusual? the last 4 letters are tobi could it be that tobi is really a sarutobi clan member with a transplanted eye (possibly shisui’ other eye).”

    Nice catch.

    “@franky (senju07 closes eyes/ears lalalala i cant hear anything that makes the 1st not the strongest naruto character) no but seriously i wont except whos better until they have an actual fight but that will never happen so im going to move on to something more important.”

    Like a child, na? 😦

  236. @holy that was me joking around. of course the fourth is the strongest(just because kishi said so.)

  237. who ever knows how to make links to manga pages please tell me how on the next breakdown of naruto manga 462 because i have alot to point out in the manga and alot of stuff to say but im just going to wait till the next breakdown.

  238. @Dro: Yea tru clans could have migrated etc etc – but then why is it that we hear of the original nin of konoha as part of the senju clan, yet now nobody in the village is refered to as? Personally i think that senju blood has mixed with all the other clans (except uchiha) and thus they are no longer considered a clan, as much as they are the village 😉 .
    Plus i mean Naruto Senju just doesn’t sound as cool 😛

  239. @Senju: A lot of discussion about you recently. o_0

    If you want to copy a link it’s quite easy. You know where you type in web addresses such as (,, That is where the web links appear that you want to copy and paste when citing a manga page. Go to a manga page and go up to the address box. Copy the web address and paste it here.

    Voila! ^^

  240. @super thxs 4 the info(might be hard 2 copy/paste on my ps3). yeah its saturday and ive been doing nothing all day.

  241. Juugo: i can haz cheezeburger?

  242. guys… i’m a bit torn here…i dont know why i expect samurais to retaliate becuz of sasuke’s murders… and although i think it’d b awesome to see the samurai leaders in action…i kindof dont want kishi to make the story into ninja vs. samurai… do u think that’ll happen? cuz b4 like 4 weeks ago, we didnt even know there were any fighters other than ninjas in the naruto world…

  243. I’ve notived a lot of people are confused about the Sharingan, and whether it derived from the Byuakugan or the Rinnegan, etc.

    This is how I see it…

    Madara said thet the Sage of the Six Paths gave his oldest son the power of the “eyes”. Now that does not necessarily mean that it was when the Sharingan was born.

    Eventually, the decendants of that son became the Uchiha clan, but that does not mean they started out with the Sharingan. The Hyuuga claim that the Sharingan descended from the Byuakugan, which would mean it evovled from it.

    Perhaps that is, in fact, the case. Over time, decendants of the oldest brother were born and as time passes, perhaps their power changed over time. Perhaps the hatred that Madara spoke of is what slowly corrupted their power and created the Sharingan as it is today.

    Remember, the first brother was not born hateful. His idea of creating peace was through power, not hatred, so he was not necessarily evil. His father simply did not see his way as the right way.

    The hatred itself came from the time when his younger brother was chosen to their father’s succesor, instead of himself, which also marked the day when that hatred would curse him and his decendants. I think over time, that hatred manifested in the form of the Sharingan as a symbol and mark of their curse.

  244. @mudshovel: i forgot that =S… If what you’re saying is true and naruto is a senju because a senju 150 years ago f%5·ed his great grandma then thats lame because he would be as senju as every one in the village…The manga could have been called CHOUJI and it wouldn’t matter because it would still be senju vs uchiha.

  245. @Supafreak: “@mudshovel: i forgot that =S… If what you’re saying is true and naruto is a senju because a senju 150 years ago f%5·ed his great grandma then thats lame because he would be as senju as every one in the village…The manga could have been called CHOUJI and it wouldn’t matter because it would still be senju vs uchiha.”

    Lol. Chouji actually does have spirals on his cheeks, similar to Naruto. Wonder if that means anything. 🙂

  246. @supafreak:
    firstly the senju blood would be from his fathers side since his mother was from the whirlpool country.
    secondly it is the greatest of the senju vs the greatest of the uchiha (of there generation)
    thirdly it is also the chain of hatred vs the will of fire.
    If you think it’s lame that’s your prerogative. I think it’s an awesome set up by kishi as we all knew naruto would take on sasuke again, however this time it is on an even greater scale – the key to peace in the ninja world – strength vs love.

  247. @ everyone about this older son eye tech, i actually think it was something along the line of what Tenrai said, it’s possible that the firs generation born from the older brother’s descendents were the hyuuga’s and thus we have the theory of the sharingan acutaly being born from the byakugan, on the other hand there can be another explination and that of two separate clans born fron the descendents of the elder brother one of them being the hyuuga an the other being the uchiha.

    As we all know the hyuuga are secretiv but paceful at heart , take hinata for example, while the uchiha were always concern with revenge and coup d’etat tentatives, so just as i read above the eldr brother was indeed not bent on revange ,it was only passed down to the uchiha probably.

  248. @mudshovel: Yeah i know the senju blood would be from his father (i think i said that on my first post). I don’t think it’s lame that at the end is senju vs uchiha/naruto vs sasuke (i think we all can agree that will be awesomeness) what i think is lame is that naruto is just as senju as everyone else in the village. It would be “cooler” if lets say minato namikaze was a senju and naruto being his son would be 50% senju.

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